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The Submission of Spring

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As you make your way closer to the bed, the full length of her body comes into view. A goddess of efflorescent beauty - her warm skin, flawlessly decorated with the ever blooming flowers, of the one and only, Piama of Spring. You feel yourself growing wet with just a single look, as her brilliant storm blue eyes lock onto yours. She bites her bottom lip, a fierce blush painted across her cheeks. Her body completely nude, save for a sheer white robe, that looks nothing short of delicious, against the deep tones of her skin.

“Took you long enough.” She says, a playful glint to her eyes, as she narrows them. You are quite used to her prickly side by now, though - To the fierce spirit that burned ever so brightly inside of her - In fact, if only made you more attracted to her, and she knows it.

“Ah, well.. it took me a minute to find the perfect thing to wear, for such an occasion.” You reply with a smirk, slowly dropping your cloak to the ground - showing nothing but soft, exposed skin underneath it.

“Well, since you at least went with a favorite of mine, I guess I can excuse your tardiness.. this time.” She gives your a wry smirk, inviting you to play her game - to challenge her - to make her feel as alive as the flowers that painted their way across her glorious body.

“How very generous of you, Princess.” You reply, moving just a tiny bit closer to the bed. “It seems, you may be a bit over dressed, though.”

The sharpness in her eyes gleams through the night air, as they slowly trace over you. She gracefully ascends to her knees - slowly allowing the sheer fabric of her robe, to fall to the bed. Every cell in her body ablaze, as they call out for you. Every flower - vibrant - practically brimming with life, with each breath that she takes. A deep flush spilling out over every supple curve, as she lays herself back down on to the bed - parting her thighs just to enough, so that you can see exactly how wet she is for you. You take another step forward, willing her to watch your body make the achingly slow walk, over to the bed - swiftly climbing up onto your knees, when you finally reach it.

“Your desire for me, seems to be proceeding you, dear.” You say, tracing a single finger down the front of her dripping core, feeling her body shudder against you, as the tip of your finger reaches her clit.

“Do not.. do not tease me!” Piama exclaims, doing her best to keep her composure.

“Funny how you’re words don’t quite reach mouth.” You reply, giving her a smirk as you slide two fingers deep inside of her. A soft whimper escapes past her lips, as her body instantly responds to your touch. The beautiful greens and pinks that sweep their way across the ethereal landscape of Piama of Spring, growing even more brilliant with each moan - each hitched breath that gets caught within the Spring Princess’ elegant neck.

“Please.. I.. please touch me.. ” The words are soft, barely above a whisper, but still ignite a fire in you, so hot, that your warm mouth immediately finds her flushed skin. The smell of her, like sweet nectar, as you place a trail of kisses, from her abdomen, all the way up the fine lines of her collar bone. Her skin almost seeming to come more alive with each bit of contact that you give her.

“Such a good girl, being so responsive for me.”

Piama whimpers again, about to mutter something about you being unfair, before your mouth is on hers. Practically taking all of the air from her lungs as she melts breathlessly into you. Your fingers curling deep inside of her, as you bite her bottom lip, before leaving a trail of gentle bite marks, down her neck and shoulders. Allowing your warm breath to skate across her meticulously tended to flowers, as you do - causing the Spring Princess to shudder.

“Please.. do not dare to stop.. please.. I need..”

You place another firm kiss to her eager mouth, before making your way back down the length of her body. The sweet foral smell of her pheromones - the fierce flush that spreads across her perfect body - the delicious sounds that escape from her lips - all more than enough to have you dripping for her.

“You’re beautiful.. you know?” You say, completely disarmed by the physical goddess that lays splayed out before you - settling between her thighs, as she narrows her eyes at you.

“I am sure there are much more productive ways for you to be using that mouth of yours, at the moment, other than flattery.” She replies, before dropping back down to the bed dramatically.

“Ah, but can I not do both, Princess? Or is someone just a little too flustered right now, for such pleasantries?” You give her a smirk, slowly setting down lower between her thighs. She locks her eyes onto yours - a wash of storm blue on the brink of primal - strands of moonlight streaming down into her face, falling elegantly over her flushed skin. She’s panting - desperate for you, eager - wanting nothing more than for you to be drinking her in.

“Please.” She pleads again, her voice cracking with a whimper.

“As you wish.”

Before she can make another sound - save for the loud moan that passes through her lips - you take her dripping core into your warm mouth. Her sweet juices immediately dripping down to your chin - as you savor the taste of sweet Piama. Her elegant fingers tangle in your hair, as she pulls you in deeper. Her entire body writhing - moving in perfect rhythm to that of your experienced tongue. Your strong hands grasping firmly onto her hips, as you pull her down - bringing your tongue as deep inside of her as you can. Feeling the sting of her nails against your scalp, then the back of your neck - clawing at you, like the untamed spirit that resides so deep inside of her. The sweet tones of her voice, ricocheting off of the large windows of her chamber walls, as she screams your name out into the night. Warm juices dripping down your soft skin as you took her over the edge - drinking in every last drop of her - the sweet nectar of her core, intoxicating, as your tongue proves merciless - only relenting, when she falls exhausted against the bed. Her warm skin, moist - flushed - brilliant against the deep pinks of her bedding. She was beautiful - imperfectly perfect, as her breath did it’s best to steady.

“Well, you certainly taste just as good as you look, don’t you?” You ask with a smirk, slowly lifting yourself up from your place between her thighs, before lowering yourself down onto her chest. With the taste of her still on your lips, you lean down for a deep kiss, keeping her from coming back with any sort of retort. A soft moan to her breath as she breathes you in.

“You are lucky I like you.” She says with a soft laugh.

“I agree.” You reply with a chuckle, laying your head down to rest softly in the curve of her neck.

The Spring Princess places a small kiss to your temple. Her elegant fingers running smoothly through your hair, as you feel her heart beat slowly begin to settle. Your eyes close without much force, Piama’s breathing beginning to match your own - the sweet smell of her pheromones filling your senses, as you drift off, into a blissful slumber.