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Picture Perfect (it doesn't exist)

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It wasn’t that Tyler was acting strange, Tyler always acted strange. It was one of his finest qualities in Jamie’s book. But generally it was him goofing off, messing with teammates, planning heists he will never do (Jamie hoped at least), it had morphed into something completely different.

In the 8 years of playing together and 2 years of dating, he had never seen Tyler so fake happy. Like, he’d watched the guy smile through an interview where the reporter brought up his past mistakes repeatedly (the dick), but the same smile had been on his face for nearly a week. He would answer questions with a lower voice, not booming it across the house like it wouldn’t freak the dogs out. Even in the locker room his demeanor was more closed off then regular.

Jamie broke on day 9, as he was getting the ever creeping feeling this was a conversation that ended in him having to move and he was almost getting to the point where if he didn’t rip that band off he was sure he would snap.


Tyler looked up from where he was at the table looking at a Home and Garden magazine as he was a complete nerd, and blinked. “I don’t know where your car is.”

“It’s in the garage, and don’t try and distract me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were talking.”

Jamie put his hands on his hip, hitting a rough patch scar from his surgeries and cringing at himself. Was that what Tyler was grossed out by? He frowned and shook his head. “What is going on?”

Tyler froze suspiciously in place. He put the magazine down and finally looked Jamie in the eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you ‘what do you mean’? You’ve been walking Zombie Seguin for a week. Your smile hasn’t been real all week and if you’re thinking of a way to break up with me, then just freaking do it, you fucker, cause I can’t handle five more minutes of this … not us thing.”

Tyler’s face went completely blank and he seemed to consider something for a long moment. Long enough that Jamie went to open his mouth to say something like ‘I’ll pack’ or ‘You suck’ depending on his mood, but instead Tyler held up a finger and got up and WALKED AWAY.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ASSHOLE?” Jamie screamed, and right by where Tyler had been seated Gerry lifted his head in mild concern. “Your dad is a total dick.”

There was a long eternal silence but for some reason Jamie just stood there like an idiot. He and Gerry seemed to have a silent conversation but Gerry gave up on it after about 3 minutes. He could hear the footsteps being him, which didn’t make it any less startling when he heard his name.


He turned around to find Tyler standing there with his hands in his pockets.

“Wait, are you moving out?” Jamie hadn’t meant for that break in his voice.

Tyler snorted, but his voice was low and careful. “Nobody is moving out, at least not hopefully.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t want to live five minutes more of us being a not thing either,” Tyler said, staring at his own barefeet. Jamie’s heart felt like it dropped a foot when he looked at the wall. “I couldn’t stand us being not a thing for three seconds. In fact, I want to marry you.”

Jamie’s head jerked back and Tyler was actually looking at him. He had brought out a slightly ornate platinum ring, with three stones two white and one green. Jamie looked at Tyler’s outstretched hand, back to Tyler, and back to Jamie.


Tyler rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright.” He got down on one knee and looked up at Jamie with an over the top grin. “Jamieson Randolph Benn will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my husband?”

“Fucking a right!” Jamie screamed and barely gave Tyler a moment to stand before he kissed him hard. “You are fully aware you can’t say that as my name at the wedding, right?”

“Yes, Jamie, I know, I know.” He slipped the ring onto Jamie’s finger. “I’m sorry about… this last week. I got the ring and panicked a little.”

“What, you thought I’d say no?”

Tyler blushed, Jamie’s favorite blush where he had to bring his hand up to cover it.


And he kissed his fiance.