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We Met When We Were Younger

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"Skiff look! We did it! We escaped!"

The young prince laughed, the two sharks cheering happily. They danced around in a circle, celebrating their success before hugging. Siren let go, swimming up to take in the sight.

"Who ever thought the outside would be so pretty! I wonder why mom never let me go out here!"

Skiff smiled, holding his spear close as he watched Siren.

"Woah look out!-"

Skiff swam up quickly, pulling Siren away from a large fish that tried to eat him. Siren just laughed, looking around curiously. His eyes widened as he noticed something.

"Woah... Skiff, look at that.."

The guard in training looked over, gasping.

There, sitting on a rock at the sea floor, was a small mer, no older than 12, with golden scales that shimmered like a shooting star on a cloudy night. The mer had short brown hair and skin that was the shade of iced coffee.

The fish looked up, tilting their head as they smiled at Siren.

Siren could feel his face heat up as he swam behind Skiff. Skiff laughed and pulled Siren out from behind him, pushing him down towards the stranger with a thumbs up.

"Uh.. uhm- hi- I'm- uh- I'm Siren."

"I'm Kappa."

"Your- uh- your scales are pretty-"

Kappa chuckled, grabbing something out of his bag before handing it to the shark.

"Here, I shed some of my scales recently, so you can have one if you want!"

"That- sounds weird but alright!-"

Siren took the scale, watching it shimmer in the sunlight.

"You're very pretty, Siren."

Siren blushed, looking up at Kappa again. He looked back at Skiff, seeing him hide behind a large coral plant. Siren puffed his cheeks out, looking down at his fin.

"W- well- uh- uhm- you're pretty too!"

Kappa smiled and laughed, taking Siren's hand in his own.

"Are you from around here?"

"Uh- im a prince, of the uh- I live over there."

He pointed at the hole in the rock wall that led to the kingdom.

"You live in the wall?-"

"No dumb-dumb! There's a cave in there! We live in the cave!"

"Ooohhh, like a secret kingdom!"

Siren nodded, the red growing on his face as Kappa kissed his hand.

"Well, nice to meet you, prince Siren."

"I- uh- do- do you belong to ny kingdom?-"

Kappa shook his head, let go of Siren as he rummaged through his bag.

"Nope. I'm the beacon, so I just kinda poofed here!"

"The beacon? You're the one that makes the things happen?"

"The prophecies?"


"Oh, yeah! I fulfill prophecies! I'm surprised I didn't get pulled towards your kingdom."

Siren shrugged, sitting down next to Kappa. He watched curiously as the mer pulled an axolotl from his bag. The axolotl arped, swimming onto Kappa's head.

"Oooh whats that?"

"He's my pet!"

"Does he have a name?"


Siren leaned up, petting the axolotl happily. Kappa poked the prince's chest, making him flinch and sit back down.

"Why'd you do that?-"

"I dunno, your skin feel tough."

"It is, sharks have tough skin."

Kappa grabbed Siren's arm, running his hands along it. He hummed happily, not noticing Siren blushing.

"Who's your friend hiding over there, siren?"

"Oh! That's Skiff! He's protecting me since we aren't supposed to be outside."

"You're not supposed to be outside?- it's really dangerous out here. You should go back home."

Siren frowned, getting startled as Kappa stood up and grabbed his hand, pulling him along.

"But I don't wanna go back home! I like it out here! And you're super duper cool!"

Kappa smiled, swimming over to Skiff to pull him along as well. He brought the two back to the crack in the cave wall, pushing the both inside. Siren whined, hugging onto Kappa.

"I don't wanna go back home!!"

"You gotta go home. You gotta go home with your family and stuff. You're a prince. You gotta go home to your kingdom."

"Can you come with me???"

"Nope. But we'll meet again when I have to fulfill your prophecy."

Kappa pushed Siren off gently, smiling sadly.


Siren looked back at Kappa, frowning.



Kappa swam over, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll meet you in the future, prince Siren."

Skiff grabbed onto Siren, pulling him into the cave as he just stood there, trying to process waht happened.

Queen Susca swam over to the pups, scolding them as she ushered them inside.

Siren looked down at the Golden scale in his hand, sighing before looking up at his mom with a smile.

"Mom! Guess what I saw out there!"