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The Thief

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“What do you have there, buddy?” Kara crouches over to her cat and looks at the leaf that he brought at her doorstep. “Is this a gift for me? That’s so sweet of you! Come here!” She said as she picks up Streaky and brings him inside the house.


It has been 2 months since she had him from an adoption center. At first, he was not really enjoying her company. He would be away from her, won’t look at her, and would just ignore her completely. Kara was a bit sad at the beginning of those months but it was all worth it when little by little, the cat started to grow on her. It started with him going at the back of her computer when she was writing an article, from sitting down beside her when she was down for a good movie when the night comes. Then it was Streaky on her lap, and then sleeping on the bed with her, then now, it was gifts.


Streaky got home after a quick stroll around her garden and brought her a leaf as a gift, and Kara swore that her heart swelled with joy. She knew that Streaky and her were off to a good start.


“I like your gifts, and I will surely enjoy all the things that you would bring for me.” She said as she placed him down his play mat and started to walk towards the kitchen. She really needed to get started with her food or she’ll be grumpy all day. While starting to prep her meal, which is spaghetti and meat balls, she heard a car stop by the road. Looking at the window, she sees that it was her new neighbor.


It had been 2 months as well when her new neighbor came, same day when Streaky came, but Kara still didn’t have the chance to say hello to her.




It was a woman.


And Kara always had a weakness for beautiful women.


Beautiful women with long black hair, gorgeous eyes, and killer high heels.




She was a mess so she didn’t bother to introduce herself over. She was sure she would make a complete fool out of herself.


Kara hears a faint meow from behind her and sees that Streaky was looking at her.


“I was not being a creep.”




“I swear! Look, I’m just preparing food. It’s not my fault she’s really pretty.”




“I am not crushing over our new neighbor.” She rolls her eyes at her cat and she would have sworn that Streaky did the same thing and left her. Insinuating that it was the end of their discussion.


“I liked it better when you didn’t care about what I do.” She mumbles to herself but hears Streaky meow one last time.


“Ugh. Cats.”




The next day, it looked like a piece of paper. Nothing important was written on it, but it seemed to be a grocery list.


“Streak, where did you get this?” The cat just placed it on her feet and started to circle around Kara. She picked the paper up and eyed Streaky with a reprimanding look. “You do know that it’s not a good thing when you take things without permission right?” Streaky just gives her a deadpan look.


“Fine. I’ll take it, thanks buddy. I really appreciate the gifts.” She said as she petted him and after he was satisfied with the pets, he walked away.


The following day, it looks like Streaky had brought her a pen.


“Seriously?” She sighed as Streaky left her the pen and walked away.


The following days had not been any better. Streaky started to bring small garden gnomes, branches, a pair of gloves, a pony tail, and they were all coming at an alarming rate and Kara knew that she needed to put a stop to this.


“Streaky! For the love of! You are not supposed to break into other people’s houses!” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be mad or to laugh. Streaky had a great sense of humor but being a little thief was not a good thing. “You have got to stop doing this. Where do you get all these anyway?” She knew that the cat wouldn’t answer her so she needed to find it out on her own.


When Streaky went inside the house, that’s when Kara started to do her investigation. She looked at the pile of things her cat brought her and decided she needed to do a quick stroll around the area to find out where those were coming from. She made sure to lock her doors so Streaky wouldn’t escape and she can go with her spy work.


Her job as an investigative journalist made it easy for her to find clues. Alex told her that normally, cats don’t like change so if they were getting things, they were probably getting it from one place only. That was easier because for the life of her, Kara didn’t know how she would face her neighbors if ever Streaky had got one item from each of them. Thank God for Alex.


Kara then started to look for a garden that would probably have a missing garden gnome that looks exactly like the one that she was holding. After a few minutes of strolling, she was able to locate the house. She really didn’t even think about looking here in the first place because to her horror…


…it was her new neighbor’s house.


“Streaky!” She grumbled under her breath. She loved her cat alright, but that cat was about to get the scolding of his life.


“Of all the places, why did it have to be this house.” She said as she marched towards her house and thought of a way to bring the old things back. She saw her cat laying down on the couch looking at her with a where have you been look.


“I came looking for the place where you have been stealing.” She answers her cat. Seriously, since when did she start talking to a cat. Streaky eyes her with an it’s about time you figured it out.

“How am I supposed to bring it over?” She whisper-yells. This really isn’t normal. If only Alex can see her. Streaky just give her a long stare and lays down in the couch again. That meant that the conversation was over and she needs to figure it out on her own.


“Okay, Kara. You can definitely do this. It’s just easy. Go over there and say sorry for you cat being the little thief that he is.”




“No, Streak. I won’t ask for her number.” No. Kara wasn’t really thinking about that. She can’t do that. The stolen things were enough damage and had given her a bad rep already. She doesn’t want being a rambling mess be added to that damage.




“I’ll bring her things over tomorrow. End of discussion.” She eyes Streaky as she heads toward her room to finish the article that she had been doing.


She doesn’t bring the stolen things over the following day.






Kara yells as her cat places his new stolen item of the day.


A calculator.


Not just an ordinary calculator, it seems to be a high-end scientific calculator with lots of buttons and a little to big for her cat’s taste. To Streaky’s defense, he waited for 3 days before he got Kara a new item. She didn’t need to be so upset about it, but Kara didn’t need to know that. That was only for Streaky’s knowledge.


“You really need to stop doing this. This is a bad habit.” She chides him. “With all these things you’re bringing, I won’t be surprised if the next thing you bring with you would be a search warrant.” She takes the calculator from Streaky. “Or much worse, a restraining order.” She adds.


Streaky just gives her a don’t be so dramatic look. Or at least that’s what she thinks he’s telling her.


“I’m not being dramatic.” She scoffs. Actually scoffs. She is not dramatic. Streaky was being rude and ridiculous. She really didn’t know how to return the first stolen batch, and here he comes with a new catch.


Kara believes that this would be the last straw. So, while she was at it, she gathered all the stolen items in a small show box, locked the door, and walked towards her neighbor’s door. She was nervous as hell. What was she supposed to say?


“Hey, sorry about this but my cat stole these from you and I think you stole my heart.” Nope.


“Hey, I’m Kara Danvers, writer at CatCo. I just wanted to say hi and drop this over, because my cat Streaky had been going over your side of the house and took these.”


That was worse.


She decided to just go with the flow and gathered enough courage that she can to knock at her neighbor’s door.


So she knocks.


And wait. Her neighbor should be here. Her car was here if that was any indication. There was no answer so she decides that maybe her neighbor was not around. As she turned to leave, the door abruptly opens and there she sees her.


Her neighbor.


Immaculate as ever with her dark jeans, green sweater, jet black hair, and her green eyes. So, her eyes were green. That’s why they were so pretty, Kara thought. It was more gorgeous if you look at them with this short distance.


“Hi, sorry I didn’t hear you knocking.” Her neighbor said. There was no way that she was this perfect. At least for Kara. Even her voice was beautiful.


“Hi, no worries.” Whew. That was a good start. She didn’t stutter thank god. The last thing she wanted was to scare her off. Before she forgets her reason, she moves forward and brings the box by her chest. “I came here to bring these back to you, I’m Kara by the way.”


“Thank you?” The woman said in confusion. Well, Kara understood why. She came in here unannounced with a box on her hand without an explanation.


“Oh, sorry. I um—I’m sorry. Let me do that again.” She says and straightens herself out. “My name is Kara, Kara Danvers and I live just right beside you.” She points over to her humble abode. “My cat Streaky has been going over your house and had brought all of these over to mine.” She adds as she opens the box and shows her neighbor said items that were stolen by her little thief.


“Oh.” Really? How can an oh sound so good coming out of her neighbor. “So that’s where my stuff has been off to?” She giggles. “I’m just so happy it’s not racoons. I hate it when they’re racoons.” She said still giggling and takes the box from Kara’s hand.


“Thanks for bringing them over. I’m Lena by the way. “Lena Luthor.” Well, that was a good name for a good-looking lady.


“I really wish this wasn’t how I would end up introducing myself but nope, my cat begs to disagree. Really, I’m sorry if you were worried about your stuff for a while. I swear I’m not his partner in crime. I appreciated his small gifts before, I think he just wanted to step up his game or something.”


“No harm done. I think it’s good that he took some things from me. At least I get to talk to the girl next door.” Lena teases her and Kara can feel her cheeks burn.


“I’ll make sure he doesn’t do it again.”


“Really, it’s not a problem.” Lena gives her a sweet smile, still holding the box with her stuff.


“I’ll leave you to yourself, you might be busy.” Kara says as she realizes that they were still standing on Lena’s front porch.


“The company isn’t unwanted. Thanks for bringing these over, Kara. I hope this won’t be the last time I see you?” Kara beams.


“I hope not either.”




“I swear I don’t know why he keeps getting your garden gnomes.” Kara says as she puts the gnome on the box that they set up between their fences. After that day that they met, Kara and Lena made the mutual decision to put a return box for the things that Streaky would take.


Lena was doing some gardening when Kara walked over to the fence and deposited the garden gnome that was stolen.


“I’m starting to think that maybe you’re the master mind here Kara and not Streaky. He’s just an accessory to the crime.”




Streaky comes from nowhere and seems to agree with what Lena was saying.


“Sure. Side with the cat here.” She rolls her eyes and gives Streaky a glare when he decided to walk away, deeming that the two women were not worthy of his attention.


“Do you want some iced tea? I made some?” Kara says as she points over to where she was seated before.


“I wouldn’t oppose to that. It’s really hot.” They share the afternoon talking and knowing each other. Ever since Kara made the decision to bring the things over to Lena, they had become close. They would have a quick snack at their respective gardens, separated only by the fence. Talk for hours and hours until it was time to go.


It turned to have been their tradition.


She learns that Lena was the head of the R&D Department at Luthor Corp and didn’t want to be the big boss. She’d rather be the tech girl and build things. She shares that she was a writer at CatCo eventually and they share mostly the same genre of music and it makes Kara feel that she knows Lena more.


And if Kara falls hard, she was careful enough to not make it known.


They graduated from fence snacks over to dinners on Lena’s house. Movie nights and even girl’s night out with Alex, Kelly, Nia and Winn at a bar near town. Streaky still continues to steal from Lena from time to time and Kara still returns it over to her neighbor’s house.


“We really need to stop doing this Streak. It’s not a good habit. You have got to stop bringing Lena’s things around.” She says as she took the hair brush that Streaky brought. She walks over to the fence and she finds Lena tending to her garden.


“He took your hair brush.”


“You and your cat.” Lena stands and takes the brush from Kara’s hands, smiling at her. Kara melts of course.


“I think maybe Streaky likes you.”


“I really wish he does.” Lena says as she places the hair brush to her back pocket.


“If this keeps on happening, I’m sorry but I won’t bring your things back anymore. You’re just spoiling him by letting him take those items.” Kara teases Lena and earns a giggle as a response.


“I’m not spoiling your cat, he just really likes me.” Lena says with affection in her tone, leaning over to the fence so she was near Kara. “And if that’s a reason for me to see your face even with just the stolen things being returned, I’ll take it. So long that I get to see you.” Kara was speechless with that.


See, here’s the thing.


Lena was her friend, but sometimes, she isn’t sure if Lena was outright flirting with her, or if she is just teasing her.


“I—I like seeing you too.” She says and this time, she earns Lena’s hands on hers. Even with the fence separating them, she was nervous that Lena would feel how hard her heart was beating.


“I really hope you do.” Lena whispers and looks at Kara like she was about to add something else. They were mere inches away from each other’s face and Kara was tempted to close it. Close that distance for Lena. She didn’t even know how they got to that position but she wasn’t going to complain about it. She doesn’t do it. She just can’t. The other woman seems to be waiting patiently and if Lena was disappointed with Kara’s lack of game, she doesn’t show it. So, Lena just settles with a kiss to Kara’s cheek. She gives Kara a final smile and she walks inside her house, leaving a stunned Kara behind.


Mrawww. She turns and sees Streaky eyeing her with a look that says what happened?


“I—It was—ugh. Why do I even have to explain myself to you?” She walks inside her house with Streaky following her.


Kara wasn’t able to sleep that night.


The kiss on her cheeks still lingering with her.




It continued like that. Streaky bringing over somethings from Lena’s and Kara returns it back. She ends up staying and talking for a while, and Kara would tease Lena not returning the next item that Streaky brings home and Lena just laughs at her. She knows that Lena and her were getting closer after that incident on the fence. They don’t talk about it. She just doesn’t want to make a move. So, she always leaves with a sigh when Lena bids her goodnight, but always with a kiss on her cheek.


And Kara was good with that. Every time she goes home, Streaky would give her a judging look that ends up with her defending herself from her cat’s stares with I do have game! I just can’t do it now.


She was hopeless.


A few more days pass and today, Streaky was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t worried though. She knew that he would come back when he’s hungry and he’s just probably at Lena’s place right now. She hears Streaky scratch on her door signaling that he has arrived.


Kara sighed because she knew that Streaky has something that was Lena’s again.


When she opens the door, she sees Lena standing in front of her.


“Lena?” Kara squeaks. She didn’t expect that this time, Streaky was bringing Lena herself today. She eyes her cat when she hears him purr and nudge Lena towards Kara.


“What’s exactly happening?” She asks as Lena was now almost pressed towards her, Streaky hissing when Kara attempts to distance herself respectfully.


“I have no idea. He came scratching my door and wouldn’t leave until I carry him over to your house.” This was actually the first time Lena was in her side of the fence.


“Maybe he’s tired of getting your things and took you instead.” She laughs nervously as she eyes Streaky with a scoff. Cat’s got game more than me, she mumbles.


“I’m sorry?”


“Nothing. I just—I—” Streaky was being loud this time. Come on! Don’t waste my effort here! And Kara glares at her cat as if she was getting the point.


“Okay, fine!” She says in a tired tone and Lena was looking at her more confused than ever. “Sorry about my cat, Lena. But as you know, like what I’ve said before, if Streak brings another thing of yours, I won’t be returning it anymore.” She says as she pulls Lena towards her, still with a respectful distance. She does it so Streaky would stop purring loud and turn to a hiss.


“I—Can—Would you want to go out with me sometime?”


And finally, Streaky leaves them and goes inside the house. His work was finished and Kara wasn’t sure whether she was going to thank Streaky or if she was going to kill him. (Not kill him, we love animals.) Lena smiles and snakes her hands at the back of Kara’s neck.


“I thought you’d never ask.” Lena says looking into Kara’s eyes.


“I really wanted to. For a long time now actually.” She confesses and also loops her hands over to Lena’s hips. “I guess I just didn’t have the courage.”


“Maybe next time learn a thing or two from your cat.”


“Yeah. Maybe I will.” And she moves her face towards Lena’s. “I’d say I’d like to steal a kiss from you, but I’m no thief like him, So I’ll just ask.” She hears Lena hum a response. “Can I kiss you?” And Lena doesn’t answer because she was finally closing the distance.


And if they get a new house after a year of dating and got engaged after two years, well it was all thanks to Streaky.


That little thief.