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so move me, baby

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“Kate,” Jo pants, back snapping as Kate slides a finger through her folds, hips jerking up into the touch. She stares up at Kate, pupils blown wide, as she dips inside her, and presses her head into her pillow, a breathy moan floating from her lips.


“You like that, hm?” Kate smirks, drawing her bottom lip between her teeth teasingly. Jo looks so pretty, lying beneath her, legs spread wide, wetness dripping down her thighs.


“I need you.” Jo squirms as Kate leans down as kisses up the insides of her thighs, swirling her tongue over the sensitive skin, relishing in the strangled gasp that emanates from her girlfriend’s lips. Jo is trembling already, chest flushed deep pink.


Kate knows she shouldn’t, but she ignores Jo’s desperation and continues to nip and suck at her thighs, teeth scraping against the skin. She hums lightly, and the vibration shoots right through Jo, her hips jerking upwards.  “Don’t you fucking dare, Katherine. I need your tongue now, right now,” Jo demands, voice stern and commanding despite the arousal gripping her.


It’s almost embarrassing how worked up she is, but she’s been so stressed all day, and Kate fucking the tension out of her is just what she needs.


Kate obeys, knowing that now really isn’t the time to be challenging Jo’s authority. She’s more than happy to comply, and shifts, finally running her tongue through Jo’s folds. She can’t help the moan that she releases at the sweet taste of her girlfriend, and fuck, she’s missed this so much.


“Oh fuck, yes, harder,” Jo whines, hips grinding into Kate’s face, smearing her wetness everywhere, marking her as her own. Kate sucks the older woman’s clit into her mouth hard, bringing two fingers up to push inside her. They slide in with ease, and she curls them upwards to the spot she knows Jo loves the most.


“You taste so good, baby.” Kate presses her tongue harder against Jo’s clit, thrusting her fingers in tandem, relentless in her ministrations.


Jo feels the telltale building in her stomach, her legs shaking as Kate doubles her efforts, determined to bring her to climax. She glances down at her girlfriend, and the sight of her between her legs, fucking her so intently, sends a fresh wave of arousal through her.


“Yes, Kate, shit, you know just how I like it.” Jo’s moans are high-pitched and needy, and she can’t resist running her hand through Kate’s hair, curling her fingers around her head and holding her to her pussy. She’s so close, the pressure is building inside her and it’s verging on overwhelming.


“You’re so perfect,” Kate mumbles against her, sliding a third finger into Jo, stretching her wider. The momentary pain quickly morphs into a delicious pleasure that has Jo’s orgasm crashing over her, her hips riding Kate’s face frantically as she releases a keening moan that echoes through the room.


Kate doesn’t relent, and keeps up the speed and pressure, drawing out Jo’s orgasm for as long as she can. She laps at Jo’s folds greedily, relishing in the burst of flavours that spread across her tongue as Jo comes in her mouth, eyes screwed shut, back arched.


“Fuck, you’re so good at that.” Jo’s voice is hoarse from the pitch of her moans, and she barely manages to push herself up on her elbow to meet Kate’s gaze, eyes sparkling from the praise. The way Kate knows exactly what she needs, is so eager to please her, will never get old.


Suddenly Jo needs more, and her mind travels to a certain box in their wardrobe. They’d bought the strap-on impulsively a month ago, and have yet to use it. She supposes they’ve been waiting for the right moment, and if that isn’t now, she doesn’t know when it could possibly be.


“Will you fuck me with the strap?” Jo poses it as question, even though she isn’t asking, she’s demanding that Kate push that thick silicone into her and fuck her until she can’t walk. She flutters her eyelashes, knowing Kate can never resist it.


“Shit, yes,” Kate says eagerly, and springs up from her position on the bed to grab the box from its place tucked away in the wardrobe.


Jo waits for her, hand snaking lazily down her body, already working herself up again. She rolls a nipple between her fingertips and moans loudly, purposefully, intent on catching Kate’s attention.


It works, of course, and the younger woman snaps her head around, jaw dropping as she watches her girlfriend palm her own breast and arch upwards into the touch. She can barely concentrate on finding the strap-on, and ends up fumbling around blindly, eyes fixated on Jo as her slender fingers trail down her stomach, ending up circling her clit as a strangled sigh falls into the room.


“Stop, let me touch you,” Kate says, wishing nothing more than to replace Jo’s fingers with her own and coax her slowly to another orgasm. 


Jo just smirks and continues, making a show of pressing her head into her pillow, displaying the smooth neck Kate loves so much. “Hurry up and get the strap then.” The way Jo rolls her eyes, as if she couldn’t care less whether Kate touches her, sends a flood of wetness between the younger woman’s legs, and she clenches her legs together, desperate to find friction.


Finally, Kate pulls the strap-on from its box and carries it back over to the bed. She cleans it quickly and steps into the harness, adjusting it until it fits snugly, and the base of the silicone cock brushes against her clit with every movement.


“We haven’t got all day, Kate. Fuck me now, or I’ll do it myself and make you watch as I come all over it.” Jo punctuates her threat with a teasing slide of her finger over her clit, releasing a moan that Kate can only compare to that of a porn star.


(She hates porn, it’s so unrealistic, but she must admit that Jo making such a desperate, lustful sound does a lot for her.)


“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Kate says, moving onto the bed.


Jo smirks, dipping the tip of her finger inside herself, and heat coils in her stomach. “And that’s what I’ll be screaming when I fuck myself, so hurry up.” As much as she loves teasing Kate, all she really wants is the woman pressed against her, dick nestled firmly inside her soaked pussy.


And then Kate’s pushing inside her without warning, and Jo gasps, nails digging into Kate’s forearms in crescents as she’s filled. It burns a little - it’s been a long time since she’s had another other than fingers inside of her - but it quickly morphs into an intense wave of pleasure. “Oh, fuck.”


“You take me so well, baby, look at you.” Kate thrusts steadily, eyes burning with need as she looks down at Jo. Fingers curl around her neck, and Jo smashes their lips together. It’s messy, tongues sliding against each other, teeth knocking, but it makes Jo moan into Kate’s mouth.


She pulls away and encourages Kate’s lips down to her jawline, back arching as the younger woman presses hot, open-mouthed kisses along it. She nibbles gently, teeth scraping down Jo’s neck. “I’m so full of you, you feel so good inside me.”


Jo’s hips buck upwards frantically, searching for more, and she moves her hands down to Kate’s ass, gripping the bare flesh, pulling her closer. “You’re dripping, Jo,” Kate murmurs, kissing sloppily down her chest, the skin burning beneath her mouth.


“Harder, Kate, I need you to fuck me harder.” Arousal rolls over Jo in waves, the pressure in her gut growing and growing as she demands more. She reaches up and fists her hand in Kate’s short hair, moaning lustfully as the younger woman withdraws almost completely from inside her, before slamming back inside with force. “Fuck, fuck, you’re so good at this.”


Jo pushes her hips upwards to meet Kate’s every thrust, eyes rolling into the back of her head as the dick finally presses against that spot she loves. She’s getting so close, and the feeling of being stretched and fucked by Kate is almost enough to drive her over the edge.


“Shit— Ah, I can’t—” Jo needs more, though, so she snakes her spare hand down to her clit, hips jerking as she comes into contact with the swollen bud, and she circles it desperately.


“You’re so perfect. God, I love fucking you,” Kate rasps, mouth moving to swirl at one of Jo’s nipples. She tugs it into her mouth and bites harshly, and the pain courses deliciously through Jo’s veins.


Her ministrations on her clit are uncoordinated and her fingers ache, but she’s so close that she doesn’t have it in her to care. Kate looks up at her, lips popping as she releases a wet nipple from her mouth, pupils blown wide.


“I’m so wet for you, fuck my cunt like you know I like it. Make me come, Kate. I need it, now.”


Kate doubles her efforts, abandoning Jo’s breast in favour of angling her hips upwards and pounding faster, harder, the sight of the older woman’s fingers brushing her clit only spurring her on.


Jo’s legs lock, then, head thrown back into the pillow, back snapping off the bed as stars explode behind her eyes. Her hips spasm uncontrollably, and Kate keeps thrusting through the orgasm, determined to make it last as long as she can. “That’s it, baby, fuck, come all over my cock.” She smacks Jo’s hand away from her clit and replaces it with her own, rubbing firmly.


“Kate, oh, Kate,” Jo moans, all high-pitched and breathy, hands fisting the sheets as she feels herself gush around the toy.


The sight of Jo coming, hair tousled, skin flushed, sends Kate over the edge too, the base of the cock hitting her clit with every thrust. She jerks inside Jo and gasps as her whole body tingles, keeping up her pace to ride out her own orgasm.


Kate shifts backwards as the high fades away, sliding the toy from Jo’s pussy, mouth watering as she sees how slick it is with her wetness.


Jo’s legs are still trembling, chest flushed a gorgeous deep pink, and Kate can’t resist the urge to lick her clean. She presses herself down against the mattress and kisses up the older woman’s thighs, hands holding her hips down.


“Shit,” Jo mumbles, head still thrown back against the pillow, eyelids fluttering shut. Her hand snakes down to grip Kate’s hair, a soft moan escaping her lips as the younger woman moves to swipe her tongue gently through her soaked folds.


Kate hums against Jo’s pussy as the sweet taste coats her tongue and god, this might be her favourite taste in the world. Jo rotates her hips lazily with a breathy sigh, as though she could stay there forever.


But then she pushes Kate’s head away gently, though she keens at the loss. Kate looks up at her, frowning. “Are you okay?”


“I want to ride you,” Jo says simply, and fuck, if this isn’t everything Kate has ever wanted. She scrambles back eagerly, and Jo takes it as an opportunity to flip her over, one hand pressing her shoulder into the bed.


At the sight of Jo hovering over her, pupils blown wide, heady scent wrapping around her, Kate feels herself grow wetter, and she thinks she might be embarrassingly close to another orgasm.


Jo pushes herself back and straddles her then, thighs glistening with her own wetness. Kate stares up at her in awe, at the gentle curve of her lips, the smattering of freckles across her chest, her hard nipples, and god she just needs to see Jo on her dick, now.


And then she does, because Jo sinks down onto the toy, taking her with ease, releasing a low moan as she does so. The pressure of the silicone against Kate’s clit is perfect, and she jerks her hips upwards into Jo instinctively.


Kate moves her hands to grip Jo’s hips to help her shift herself up and down on the toy, mesmerised at the wetness dripping from her pussy. “You take me so well, Jo.”


Jo slams herself down, fingers trailing across her stomach and up to her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers. “Fuck, you’re so big,” she moans, her slow, deliberate thrusts driving Kate to the edge.


Kate knows Jo’s only doing it to tease her, to remain in control as she loves to be, and she wouldn’t have it any way. She moves her hips up to meet Jo’s, and then she hits that spot, because Jo almost screams.


Clearly growing desperate, Jo grinds down hard on the toy and begins frantically rocking her hips, breasts bouncing with each movement. “That’s it baby, you look so good riding my cock,” Kate says, reaching out to brush her thumb against Jo’s clit, drawing her orgasm closer and closer.


She’s closer herself, the pressure building in her stomach, toes curling as Jo’s harsh thrusts send shockwaves through her. “I’m so close, fuck.”


Kate thinks everyone in their apartment building can hear Jo’s moans, but instead of being embarrassed, she feels proud, and her urge to make her girlfriend scream increases. “Come on Jo, come for me,” she orders, pressing firmly against Jo’s clit, rubbing relentlessly.


Jo’s back snaps, her grinding uncontrollable, hips spasming, her high building and building and building until she freezes. Her ears ring, the pressure in her head overwhelming as she comes. “I’m coming, oh Kate, fuck fuck fuck, you’re so good, you fuck me so well, gods,” she cries, her words garbled, and then she actually screams.


The sound finally pushes Kate over the edge, and she reaches her peak, back arching off the bed, hips thrusting upwards as she does so. Their moans tangle together and rise throughout the room and it’s fucking hot.


Jo pulls herself off the toy and rolls over, collapsing beside Kate, boneless. “You’re so good, Kate. You fuck me like no one else,” she says, tilting her head to meet the younger woman’s eyes.


Warmth spreads from Kate’s heart at the praise, creeping downwards until her stomach flutters. Jo is so beautiful, her hair tousled, cheeks flushed. “I love you.” The words rush out before she can stop them, and shit, why did she have to go and ruin the moment?


They haven’t said it yet, and although Kate’s felt this way for months, she’s been terrified of scaring Jo off. Her stomach flips, and not in a good way, and she already begins drawing back, a lump rising in her throat.


But she needn’t have worried, because Jo just latches onto her arm and pulls her closer, a smile bright on her face. “I love you too, Kate. You’re perfect.”