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beauty of the beast (the night at last has ceased)

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The shower of the guest bathroom was large enough for three Nicks to share. At first he had marveled a bit at it, but then he’d gotten busy soaping himself down and his thoughts had wandered to other things: among them, Judy’s promise of things to come.

He finished rinsing the foam out of his fur, then stepped out of the shower and into the fur-drier, which – in comparison to the showers – was slightly too small. Nonetheless, he made it work by squatting to dry his head.

Whistling to himself, he pulled on a pair of sweat-shorts and a loose singlet, then crouched on the ground and began rummaging around in his backpack in search of his toothbrush.

The door slammed open. Judy’s scent filled the room.

“Hey, Car – ”

She snarled, “I want you to mark me.”

Nick stopped elbow-deep into his backpack. He swiveled around to look at her – her tense ears, squinted eyes, hard mouth. “J – Judy – !”

She threw aside her crutches and limped over to the bed, sitting smack-dab in the middle of it. Raising her chin, she repeated. “Mark me. Prove you’re my mate.”

Hesitating, Nick straightened. “Do you… do you doubt me?”

Judy huffed. “I don’t.”

Something had happened.

“Who was it?” Nick asked softly - darkly. A growl was poorly masked by the words as he stood and stalked towards the bed. “Who hurt you?”

Keening, Judy’s ears softened, her head tilting to expose her neck. “Please, Nick, just… just mark me.”

Giving in to her demands – and his instincts – Nick crept into the bed and padded over to her, gently cupping the back of her head as he rubbed his chin and neck alongside hers. Her breath hitched; he could smell her, burning all the way through him like fireworks.

Batting at his paw, she shifted to mark him in turn. Slowly: gently, taking her time, feeling his fur out. “Nick,” she said softly, “what are we?”

He swallowed. “What do you want us to be, honey-doe?”

Her paw found his shoulder, clutching partially at the cotton strap and partially at his fur. “Whatever we can be,” she whispered. Leaning back, against his paw, she glanced up at him with an expression he couldn’t describe any other way than raw: her eyes gleaming, her brows a gentle frown – mouth downturned. “I want you, Nick. Every part of you, the good and the bad. I want you as a husband, as a mate, as a lover and a friend.” Her voice cracked when she continued, “and it scares me, because I – it’s all so unfamiliar…”

Seeing her eyes well up, Nick shifted them both to lie more comfortably – her, closer to him – his paw, on hers. “Judy…”

“I – I’ve always been one to run towards danger,” Judy said, “but now – now I – I don’t feel like myself, Nick, and maybe it’s – maybe it’s a stupid metaphor for losing myself in you, but – but I barely even know you, and yet I think I – ” Her voice cracked again, a few tears trailing through her fur. Quietly, barely audible, she breathed, “I think I love you.”

The world shattered into crystal clarity around them.

Judy,” said Nick sternly. She hiccupped, gazing at him with terrified eyes. Softening, Nick leaned down and kissed her – his wonderful, sweet little thing – kissed her gently, slowly, trying to put all his affection and wonder into it. When he pulled back, her eyes were half-lidded. “I think I love you, too.”

Her mouth fell open.

“I know that first night,” he softly said, “was just to satisfy your heat. But I would – I would repeat it a hundred times. A thousand times, if you wanted. I think I wanted you the first time I saw you. It’s like…” He chuckled quietly. “It’s like I’ve been looking for you my whole life, without knowing it.”

Judy’s eyes welled up again. She reached out towards him, her small, strong paw coming up to caress his cheek.

Continuing, Nick said, “and it – it scares me, too. Because this isn’t me, but it still… it still feels right. I think it’s the serum – I think maybe it’s affecting you, too.” He swallowed, meeting her gaze and declaring, “and I’ve decided it doesn’t matter why it is the way it is. You learn to roll with the blow, Carrots.” He marked her again, between her ears this time. “This is where my life is headed, now, and I’m not about to complain. And why would I? You’re beautiful. You’re kind. You’re brave, and honest, and righteous.”

Judy interrupted him with a kiss. A smouldering kiss, a passionate kiss – a kiss that had her knocking him over onto his back, her straddling his chest and them both panting when they split.

“Are we on the same page, now?” Nick grinned, paw resting on her hip – claws digging into her flesh as their chests rose and fell in tandem. “We both agree we want each other?” A hesitant pause. “For… for life?”

There was something about Judy’s eyes – something familiar that had his fur standing straight, both in worry and delight. Something sharp: something primal. Her muzzle scrunched in a snarl, and she leaned forward, fisting a paw in his singlet. “For life,” she hissed, and smashed their lips together.

It was barely a kiss. Much more of an attack, really – not that Nick minded; he moaned into it, letting his paw trail up to caress her ribs through her shirt. So soft, his bunny, and with a core of steel to battle it: brave, courageous, strong.

Judy moved on from abusing his mouth and onto his neck and throat. Soft snuffling sounds came from her throat as she licked and nibbled her way through his fur. Her scent spiked and flared, sweet alluring arousal wafting from her as she let out a keening whine. She squirmed backwards until she reached his hardening cock – grinding down against it through his shorts.

A thought crossed his mind – impatient… – but it faded into the haze within seconds.

What was he wasting time for? His mate needed him – wanted him – and they were safe, warm, and comfortable. She made another needy sound, rolling her hips against him.

The flare of answering pleasure was enough to make him focus. Growling, he leapt at her, pushing her off him and onto the bed: on her back, staring up at him with wide eyes. She squeaked, then chittered, her paws running up and down his arms – dull claws digging into his fur. Her hips rose to meet his.

He’d have to remove her clothes, but he fumbled with them, lacking grace – so did she, and it was only with team effort and impatient haste from them both they managed to get off her tights and his shorts without ruining either.

She squirmed out of his grip and turned onto her stomach and knees, wiggling her ass and tail in his direction. Her arousal was obvious, clinging to the air like fine spice, her juices dripping onto the bed.

He did not wait. She was so small, his mate – he hooked his paws over her shoulders as he mounted her, shuffling closer to gently ease the tapered tip of his cock into her.

He had to be careful and slow, he knew, but – but she was making such wonderous sounds, squeaking and mewling, pressing back against him to take in all of him in one go.

Grunting, he drew back – pushed back in. And oh, did it feel good! And oh, did she feel wonderous! He was entirely lost in her, how she felt around him, her scent and her touch and her sounds – !

Their sounds of pleasure mixed and rose in volume as the pace sped up, and he could push the knot in, could finish now, but he waited – waited –

She let out a loud cry, trembling and clenching around him.

That was his clue; he shoved. And there he was, all the way in, the orgasm rolling through him with vigour. Whining, he rode it out as he emptied himself in her.

Finally, he collapsed on top of her. Too heavy for her to hold up, it ended up pushing her down into the mattress. They lay there panting for a long while, just attempting to catch their breath.

Chittering softly, she turned her head to lick at his cheek, a half-lidded, pleased smile on her muzzle. He licked her back, grooming the fur at the back of her head before he dragged his chin across her shoulders.

She twisted, wrapping her paws around his neck and pulling his muzzle down against her neck. He nuzzled it, smelling her –

Her teeth dug into his shoulder.

Nick startled. It had been gentle, rather painless, really – but a surprise, nonetheless. He blinked furiously, a long-drawn shudder rolling down his back as the haze lifted. Shifting his grip on the rabbit in his arms, Nick meekly said, “Carrots?”

Judy did not respond, instead nuzzling his cheek. Fearing the worst, Nick prodded at her face until she turned to face him, a puzzled look about her.

Worried green met savage purple.

“Yeah,” said Nick softly. “That’s what I thought. Carrots? Judy. Come back to me, honey-doe.”

Judy blinked, then blinked again. The savagery cleared from her eyes, replaced by shock. “N – Nick?” She stirred, and Nick gently helped them move into a more comfortable position without hurting either of them with his knot: still in her, and pulsating proof that what had just happened was not a dream. “What – ” Judy shook her head, rubbing her eyes. “What happened?”

Falling back on old coping mechanisms, Nick grinned. “It’s called sex, sweetheart.”

She glared at him. “Nick, this is serious! I – did we just go… savage?”

“It felt like it,” Nick admitted, unable to meet her gaze. “But I wasn’t…”

“Feral,” Judy supplied. She sighed, leaning forward and resting her forehead on his chest. “We need to tell someone about that. A doctor. Griffin.”

Nick sighed, too, and rested his chin on her head. The last thing he wanted to do was revert to a savage state in the middle of a populated street. Imagine if he hurt someone – God, no. “You’re right,” he muttered. “We can tell him tomorrow. It’s late.”

Judy nodded into his fur. “Can we shower before we sleep? I’m tired, but…”

He chuckled. The thought of dried out semen sticking to his fur was far from pleasant. “Agreed. We’ll need to wait a bit, though.”

“Right.” She yawned, shifting her head to rub her cheek into his fur. “You have really soft fur, did you know that?”

“Not as soft as yours,” said Nick softly, raking his claws down her neck. She shuddered against him, but didn’t complain. “I – I’m sorry, Fluff. I didn’t mean to… not without asking…”

Judy snorted. “Such a big guy. If I remember correctly, which I know I do, I went savage first. You just kindly followed, like the gentlemammal you are. Besides – ” She yawned again. “I’d say I was pretty eagerly consenting.”


“Was pretty hot, actually,” she casually said. “We should try something like that some other time. Needs more teeth, though.”

Nick blinked down at her, ears pricked forward in astonishment. After a moment, he let out a soft laugh. “Oh, Judy. Never change.”

She snuggled against his chest, sleep shrouding her voice as she muttered, “no promises.”

Smiling at his mate, Nick slowly pet her ears. That was fine, too – as long as he stood by her.