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beauty of the beast (the night at last has ceased)

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Zootopia Police Department, Precinct One
23:47; the night of Lionheart’s arrest.

After giving their statements, an exhausted Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps shared a meal at the police station cafeteria. Despite being tired and achy, Judy was smiling. “So, where exactly do you live, Mister Wilde?” Her tone was teasing, but it was a genuine question. “I’ll give you a lift.”

He chuckled nervously, ears falling flat. “Er, yes, Madam Hopps, that is…quite the question.”

Judy’s ears dropped. “Nick – you’re not – ”

“I camp with Finnick,” he rushed, holding up a paw. Judy let out a relieved breath. Not entirely homeless, then. “But I’m not sure where he is, at the moment…” He cut himself off to yawn. Judy eyed his long tongue, then caught herself in the act and ripped her gaze away. “Unlike some, I did not have a handy plastic bag on me for my phone.”

She didn’t have the strength to be really energic, at the moment, but this was still… groaning, Judy rubbed her paws over her face. “I’m so sorry, Nick, I really should’ve warned you. You can borrow my phone to call him, if you want.”

He cast a look at a nearby clock. “He’ll ‘bite my face off’,” – the latter being said in an impression of Finnick – “if I call him now. I’ll… find a place. I know a few.”

Judy cracked a smile at his rather striking impression. It didn’t last, though, as she instead gnawed on her lip. After all they’d just been through, it really didn’t sit right with her to just… leave him to his own devices, even if they would be seeing each other the next morning, at the press conference.

An idea sparked. “Or,” she said brightly, ears popping up in her excitement, “you could… stay the night at my place! My bed’s big enough for two.”

Nick blinked. After a moment he shook his head and leaned back in his chair with a smug smile. “My, my. How forward of you, Carrots. I mean, I know you’re a rabbit, but… not even dinner, first?”

…on second thought, yes, her proposal did sound like that, didn’t it? “No! No, no… I didn’t mean…” She groaned, pulling her ears down over her face to hide her blush.

Just the thought of it – Nick, with his teeth and his tongue – how large mustn’t he be, being taller than her? And his voice, it sure could growl, couldn’t it? That Finnick impression had really been…


No, that was her heat speaking – horrid timing, as always, she really just wanted to get rid of the damn thing – she really didn’t have time to… to be horny and needy after a fox she’d just met, no matter how much she really wanted him to rail her.

Muffled by her ears, she grumbled, “I can sleep on the floor.”

After a moment’s silence, Nick chuckled. “Your fluff must be getting to me. Sure, Carrots, I’ll stay the night.” When Judy sprung up to stare at him, he grinned. “Lucky you. Before dinner, even.”

She couldn’t help but giggle. “Lucky me,” she agreed.

Nick had no idea how much she meant it.


“Now, don’t you fall asleep on me, Nicholas Wilde,” Judy said, shooting a glare his way as she turned the keys to the car. “I’m not taking this trip on – on – ” She yawned. “Sorry, on my own.”

Nick barked a laugh, slamming the door shut on his side. “What, you don’t believe in me? For shame, Carrots.”

After trying, and failing, to come up with a witty retort, Judy shook her head with a grin.

It wasn’t a very long drive to her apartment, though it was long enough for her to zone in on one thing in particular: Nick’s scent. It was something she’d noticed during the last few hours, of course, but now, sitting in the peace of the car… and Judy in heat, nonetheless…

She shifted, swallowing. Eyes on the road, Jude the Dude, one-track-mind and all that. Come on.

Her instincts were running on overdrive, though, with Nick’s close proximity and how wild, pardon the pun, he smelled.

God, she really just wanted his paw on her throat, fucking her into the mattress… not even any paw. His.

Nick cleared his throat. “You know, uh, Carrots… we don’t. Have to. You could just… drop me off here, pretty sure I know that hyena – oh, no, was someone else. Still! We don’t… you know. If you’re uncomfortable.”

Judy could just about die.

Of course, Nick was a fox. If she could smell him, he was sure to be able to smell her, er… growing problem. With burning cheeks and her ears draped down over her back, she began to stutter. “No, no, it’s – just, uhm.” She coughed. “I’m. In, uh. I’m in heat. At the moment! Which just… makes things…” She forced a laugh, casting him a quick glance to find his ears pinned back. “Ahem. Awkward.”

The silence grew strained and uncomfortable to the point where Judy almost considered dropping Nick off and going to throw herself off a bridge.

“I don’t. I don’t mind,” Nick said. Judy cast him a glance, but he was stubbornly looking out the window. “It’s not… weird. Or anything.”

“Good!” Judy squeaked. “Good, good. Good. Uhm.”


Silence. They turned the last corner.

Judy slammed on the breaks. “Oh would you look at that we’re here great!”


Nick eyed her apartment warily. “Well, Carrots, it’s four walls and a roof, I’ll give you that.”

Judy rolled her eyes and went inside first, holding the door open for him to follow. “I can eat, sleep, and sit here. What more would a mammal want?”

Nick raised an eyebrow. “Comfort?”

“Right, like the kind you get in Finnick’s car, of course. Dumb bunny.” Judy smirked as she said it, though, removing her outer vest and hanging it on one of the two pegs there were.

“Mmh, well. This does it.” Nick put his paws on his hips and gave her a stern look. Her ears drooped a bit just at seeing it. “You’re sleeping in the bed. The mattress looks hard as stone, I don’t even want to think about the floors.”

Judy hesitated. Her bed? Just her, in her bed… Oh, but, no. Poor Nick deserved so much better than a floor. She crossed her arms. “As your hostess, I refuse.”

Nick yawned, stretching his arms above his head and nearly punching the ceiling in the process. He blinked at her for a bit, then sighed and shook his head. “I’m too tired to argue with you on this. How about we both take the bed.”

Yes. Yes!

“Fine,” said Judy, pretending to be sour despite how her stomach fluttered.

“Fine,” said Nick, and pulled his shirt over his head.

“Fine.” Judy peeled off her leggings and changed into a loose shirt.

“Fine.” Nick took the liberty of pulling back the covers of her bed and scooting in towards the wall. He shot her a grin, sultrily patting the spot next to him.

Judy’s tone went from sour to flustered at the drop of a hat. “F – fine…” She scurried into bed beside him, nose twitching. So wild

He hadn’t made any advantages yet. Then again, he hadn’t pushed her aside, either, and if he was uncomfortable, then surely he wouldn’t have suggested…

Nick rolled over onto his side to look at her, pushed up on an elbow and smirking. Judy squirmed under his scrutiny. What was he…?

“You forgot the lights.”

Yelping, Judy shot out of bed. She slammed into the light switch, then rushed back under the covers. In the dark, though, she’d miscalculated where to aim for, and as a consequence went tumbling into Nick. All fur and wild and warm and –


“I’m stronger than that, Fluff,” said Nick, amused. “Calm down. I’m not gonna bite.”

The thought, equal parts terrifying and arousing, had Judy squeaking and hiding her face in her pillow. This was tough. This was really tough.

She had never shown this much self-restraint in her whole life before, not even with that buck in college who pet her ears just the right way… and he hadn’t even been any good, she hadn’t wanted him for days beforehand. There was just something about Nick, though, that had set her teeth on edge in every bad and good way possible from the very moment they met.

Good God, Nick. Suppose he was any good in bed? Mmm, she could just imagine…

A throb went through her. She closed her eyes, shifting again. With how sensitive she was she’d already be swollen, her underwear likely at least damp if not wet… Come on, get a grip!

“You’re not exactly calming,” said Nick drily.

Judy swallowed. His not pulling away from her had to mean something… right? Sweet cheese and crackers, she couldn’t hold back anymore.

She shifted, squinting up at where his darkened silhouette could be seen. “Suddenly, I find I’m not that interested in sleeping.”

“Well, whatever else would you do on a night like this?”

Leaning up to get a better position – noses just inches apart; she heard his sharp intake of breath –Judy taunted, “Mmm… I can think of a few things.”

With how silent everything else was, Nick’s heartbeat was audible to Judy’s sensitive ears. Now that it’d picked up in speed, she noted the change, and, encouraged by his lack of complaint, she slowly crossed the last distance between them.

It was nothing like kissing a rabbit, that was for sure. His muzzle was a completely different shape, and she had to tilt her head a bit strangely to get their lips to properly slide across each other, but – but it was a kiss. A kiss with Nick.

And it felt amazing.

Nick let out a sweet little sound from the back of his throat, tilting his head slightly in return. “Judy…”

Judy pulled back, but only to move to his neck: leaning in and nuzzling the fur there, burying her nose in his wild, wild smell. Though it would pain her to have to pull away now, and despite being fairly certain she knew the answer, Judy breathed, “do you want me to stop?”

Within seconds, Nick had her pinned against the bed. Heavy. Dangerous. With a low growl emitting from his chest. If it weren’t for the powerful scent of arousal coming from him, Judy would’ve thought she’d grossly misunderstood. “Are you sure?” Nick said hoarsely.

Yes, yes, yes – Judy bared her throat, trying – and failing – to thrust against him, seeking friction, seeking pleasure. “Oh, Nick, please,” she whined, “I – can’t – ”

Nick put a huge paw on her waist, pushing her into the bed. “No, Judy, sure, you have to be sure,” he hissed. “Really sure!”

Squeezing her eyes shut and forcing herself to think through the haze of hormones and instincts and heatNickhornyneedyNOW, Judy thought about it. Had she not been in heat, had she not neededneededneeded, had they sat down and discussed it –

God, it wasn’t even a question.

Please,” Judy said, opening her eyes. Now more used to the darkness, she found Nick’s own mossy green staring down at her. Reaching up to brush her claws through the fur on his cheek, Judy let her paw rest in the thick fluff of his chest.

But not to pull him away. She fisted her paw in it, drew him closer, whispering, “I’m sure, Nick.”

“Oh, thank God.”

Nick swept her into his arms, kissing her like he was drowning, like he’d yearned as much as her, like – like – like they’d been waiting for this, their whole lives, without knowing. This time, when Judy bucked up against him, he complied: sliding a knee between her thighs and creeping up to scratch at her ears.

She moaned into the kiss, gasping out, “sensitive, please, oh, God, again –”

He did it again, gentle but determined, and Judy felt her ears go completely limp. Nick nuzzled down her neck, the light scrape of fangs against her skin such a wondrous lighthouse through the storm of heat.

“Suddenly, I’m not interested in sleeping either,” Nick muttered. He raked his claws from the base of her ears all the way up to the tip, and she melted in his paws.

“Fancy that,” she said. “God, Nick, you smell so – good – ah!

He’d licked at her neck, one long, broad stroke – slow and teasing, as though hinting at something else that tongue of his could do. “I could just drown in you,” he murmured, nuzzling all the way down her chest, past her nipples, down to her belly. “So much soft fur… you know I have a weakness for it.”

Like Judy had a weakness for him. Goodness, he was good.

“Same to you,” she managed to gasp. “So much… red isn’t really a common rabbit colour, Nick.”

“Mmh. Do I hold a candle to the bucks of your past, honey-doe?”

Honey-doe. That was a new one, and one she… quite found she liked. “They don’t hold a candle to you,” Judy admitted. Oh, yes, she’d been with bucks before. Several times, in fact.

Thankfully, Nick didn’t seem bothered by it at all. “Good,” he growled, and kissed her again. He even tasted wild, like freedom, like rebellion, like – like, oh, like fox, damnit!

Judy gasped.

Nick had cupped her through her panties, his paw large enough to reach all of her, every little nook and cranny. “Really sensitive here, Carrots, almost like – almost like you’re happy to see me.” Despite his joking tone, the element of heat to his voice chased away any thought of him not being serious.

“Sweet cheese and crackers,” Judy groaned, pushing into his paw, wanting – needing – “Would you jus – would you – would you fuck me already?”

He barked a muffled laugh. “Greedy bunny.” He hooked his claws over the lining of her panties and pulled them down past her hips; Judy kicked her legs about until she got rid of the nuisance. “None of this popsickle for you just yet, honey-doe.”

The next groan was one of disgust. “Oh, that’s so cheesy, Nick, can’t you just – just call it a dick like everyone else!”

He laughed again, laying down between her legs.

Her ears went limp again when it became apparent what he was about to do, and thank goodness she realized, for he gave no warning before he licked her cunt from bottom to God-damn top.

Warm. Wet. Warm. Engulfed in it, soft, wet, warm.


Chuckling, Nick pried her apart with just his tongue, reaching in – and in – and –

Judy threw her head back with a groan when his thumb found her clit, and she couldn’t help it: she reached down between them and grabbed his ears, keeping him in place and securing him there by wrapping her hind paws around his neck. “God, yes, yes, yes, Nick, there – that’s – ohh, that’s it, that’s – ” She dissolved into squeaks and squeals that rapidly increased as he drove her to climax.

He lapped up all her juices, which just made her flush more, then sat up on his haunches and shot her a grin. “Pretty bunny.” Leaning up to her, he kissed her gently.

Her saltness was still on his lips; her tongue darted out to catch a longer taste.

Chuckling, he sat back. “Hmm. Kinky bunny?”

Judy laughed breathlessly. “Oh, you have no idea.” She glanced down at his very obvious boner, and, with half-lidded eyes, asked: “can I have a taste of your popsickle now, please, master?”

His ears dropped, eyes so wide the white was visible all the way around. “Okay yes I did have no idea,” he said, in one and the same breath.

Judy merely grinned at him.

Swearing, Nick fumbled with his belt-buckle. He fumbled so much that Judy took pity on him and sat up to help. He muttered a thanks, then had the pants and boxers off faster than she could blink.

Judy’s face was on fire as he revealed his unsheathed dick: red, glistening, tapered, and so much larger than that of any buck she had been with.

She gasped in delight, then purred, “oh, master, what a fine popsickle.”

Nick groaned. “Please stop calling it that.”

Judy laughed. “You started it!”

“Fine, I’m sorry, is that what you wanted to hear? Now call it a dick, please.”

“Hmm. Okay. But just because you said ‘please’.”

Nigh stared at her in astonishment before he chuckled and shook his head. “Naughty bunny.”

Judy raised an eyebrow and lay down on the bed, spreading his knees. “Impatient bunny, come on over here and knot me.”

“As the queen commands,” said Nick drily, though he moved with such haste it nearly seemed like he teleported. Warmth. Heat. His wild scent, so close and near: his dick, pressed all along her lips.

“Do it,” said Judy.

Nick hummed. “What’s that?”

Judy whined. “Do it, please!”

He thrust in.

Whimpering, Judy bucked into him, eyes closed and mouth open. It stretched, it burned, and dear Lord it was everything she’d wanted. She should be wet enough for this to not be an issue at all, and it really, really wasn’t. Having always known she was a bit of a masochist, Judy was not surprised to find the slight pain of huge Nick being that little extra that’d push her over the edge.

She moaned as the orgasm hit.

“Wh – already?” Nick said. “I – I’m flattered, Carrots.”

“Keep going,” Judy gasped, wrapping her legs around his waist to try and pull him closer. “One – even two – usually isn’t enough – please, please, keep going, it feels so good – ”

“Fffuck,” Nick muttered, pushing in, in, in.Oh, my God, you’re tight…” He groaned into her ear, the muscles in his back twitching. With one paw he gathered her paws and pushed them over her head, shoving them into her pillow and keeping them there.

“And you’re big,” Judy said, unable to keep the smile out of her voice. “You can – you can move – mmh, oh, that’s – ”

He set a fast pace at Judy’s insistence. Her constant appreciative moans into his ears were probably reassuring, too. “How – how long can you go for?” she panted, after her third orgasm.

Nick grunted. “Won’t – come, before – before the knot – you gotta say… gotta say when – ”

Her fourth orgasm was already building, and it washed over her with gentle violence when he put all his weight on his knees and used his free paw to rub at her clit. She gasped, “now, now, now, please – ”

With a groan from them both, the knot slipped all the way in. Riding their respective orgasms out they lay there clinging to each other, panting and gasping for breath in-between uncontrollable little whimpers and whines.

When Judy regained full control of herself, she nudged at Nick’s cheek with her nose and gave him an affectionate lick. “Mmmh, now, that was worth it,” she muttered.

Nick gave a soft chuckle. “Think we can just sleep like this?”

“Too tired. Don’t care.”

“Great.” He snuggled down into her, resting his muzzle atop her shoulder. “As much as I hate to say it, we’ll have to talk about this, Fluff.”

“Later,” Judy muttered, already falling prey to sleep. “You’re right, but… mhh. Later.”

“Later,” Nick agreed.


Judy woke to sunlight and fox fur and a really sore nether region. There was no doubt in her mind about what they’d done; she could smell it in the air and in her fur. Most notably, though, was the fact that they were both naked and snuggled up to each other in her bed.

Rather than jump out of bed immediately like she usually did, she opted to snuggle into Nick’s warmth. He’d been right, last night: they really did have to talk. It could wait, though. Right now she was basking in the afterglow of her heat ending prematurely, which was always quite the relief for all does.

She hadn’t been able to experience that in quite a while. And was it just her, or was the overwhelming sense of relief and serenity stronger than with any buck?

Nick began to stir. Judy watched him wake from the embrace of his arms, smiling softly once he cracked his eyes open to glance around the room, clearly confused. “Morning, Slick.”

“…morning, Carrots. Strong legs on you, gotta say.”

Judy giggled. “Speak for yourself. What time is it?”

He shifted, releasing her to peek at the clock on her bedside table. “Er… just about to be eleven.”

“What!” She shot out of bed in nothing but her fur, dried semen stuck to her thighs. God, she really should have cleaned that off yesterday… Grabbing for a towel and scrub, she ran towards the showers. “Hurry your lazy tail, Nick, we’re gonna be late!”


Zootopia Police Department, Precinct One
12:16, day of the press conference

Nick could not believe his ears. Or, rather, he could, and that was why it was all so horrifying. After all this, after the things the two of them had gone through, after last night… yes, of course it was too good to be true, he’d thought it even then!

Even now the words rang through his head, every echo aching. “I thought you were different!”

“Nick, please, it’s not like that – ”

“And yes, you are different, but not like I thought! At least others are outright in their hatred, but you… you had to go and use me, trick me, deploy me like a tool, all for – all for some fame and heat relief! And here I thought… here I thought we could be something.”