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“Every time you reach a crisis I’m the first one you call”Phillip said

“This is a matter of life and death”Kathryn proclaimed

“So it’s urgent?”Phillip asked her

“I’m in a plane and a woman could die in labor”Kathryn exclaimed

“I’ll try to guide you as best I can”Phillip answers

“Hurry it up”Jack angrily said

“I take it someone’s not in a good mood”Phillip laughed

“Shut it Phillip”Jack yelled

“I put the phone on speaker”Kathryn explained

“Now I have to hear this assholes voice”Jack told Kathryn referring to Phillip

“This asshole is trying to help you”Kathryn told her colleague

“Put a lid on it”Jack says

“I’m sorry for Jacks rudeness”Kathryn apologized

“I’ve known the man a long time and that
rudeness doesn’t phase me”Phillip said

“Take it back”Jack was insulted

“Nope”Phillip slyly coaxed

“Boys please no fighting”Kathryn instigated

“He started it”Jack places blame on Phillip