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My Spot

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He was on a meadow. It was sunny and calm, gentle wind carried the scent of wildflowers and herbs. So peaceful. Just him and the soft melody of nature. Then, in the distance, he saw a sheep. A white, fluffy sheep, resembling a cloud on thin legs, slowly and meticulously eating grass, the mouth moving funnily with every bite. Near the sheep, was a lamb, jumping and running around, trying to get its mother's attention, clearly in a playful mood. When it didn't work, the lamb started to push its small head into the sheep's fluffy side, trying to headbutt its mother. It was heartwarming and silly, and Steve kept looking at it with a smile until he realized that there was some pressure on his arm. Then a push, jostling him a bit. In the same rhythm as the baby lamb nudged the sheep, Steve felt someone pushing on him. It wasn't painful, but was annoying and continued, and continued, and continued -

"Mhm," Steve stirred in his sleep, the annoying nudging from his dream not going away. He opened his eyes and saw his and Tony's bedroom, bathed in a bluish glow, hinting at the upcoming sunset. And the nudging continued, aimed at his right shoulder.

Steve grunted, not liking his sleep being interrupted like this. He put his elbows under himself and pushed up, locating the source of the commotion. Tony. "Babe, what the hell -"

"My spot," Tony hissed, sounding offended and somehow looking all puffed out. Almost like a pissed off cat. Steve blinked rapidly, not understanding.

"My spot!" Tony repeated, sounding angry that Steve didn't understand something so obvious and so clearly out there.

"Okay, okay," Steve agreed, still not knowing what was going on until he realized that somehow in his sleep, he had rolled to Tony's side of the bed. It didn't matter who slept on which side, as they ended cuddled to each other anyway, but somehow it mattered today, and Steve was too sleepy to dwell on the topic longer than necessary. "Sorry," he apologized, moving to his side of the bed, and laying on his back.

As soon as he did that, the tension and urgency were gone from Tony's posture. Much to Steve's surprise, Tony followed after him and lifted the covers, just enough to wriggle underneath and lay down, spread on top of Steve, his head falling in the crook of Steve's neck. Tony let out a long, soothed breathe, taking in his husband's warmth with every inch of his skin. Yes, this finally felt right.

Steve groaned, annoyed from being woken up, but also feeling all soft and mushy inside because of how much Tony wanted to be close to him. It was this weird mix of emotions and honestly, he felt it often since he had met Tony. His husband was a whole 5'8" inches of cute and irritating, all at the same time.

"So, I can't sleep on my stomach anymore?" Steve asked, smothered with Tony's warm weight and feeling a confirming nod.

"My spot," Tony repeated, sounding as stubborn as he had when he woke Steve up. Just this time, there was some pleased note to it.

"You're a weirdo," Steve yawned, and Tony giggled. Seemed that they still had some more time to sleep and Steve rearranged his hands over one of his favorite spots on his husband's body, and entwined his fingers on the top of Tony's perky butt, holding him in place. His eyes slid close and the warm feeling was coming back, wrapping his mind in a blissful cloud of sleep.

And then his alarm went off.

Steve reached his hand to turn the alarm off, the movement accompanied by Tony's judging stare. If Tony had cat ears and tail, they would be twitching.

Well, there was no harm in canceling his morning training, right?

"Friday, please inform Natasha that I won't be joining her in the gym."

"On it, Cap," Friday confirmed.

Tony's eyes turned soft and he happily put his head down, melting into Steve once more. "Love you," Tony whispered, nuzzling his face into his husband's neck.

Steve yawned. "Love you too, ducky butt," he said, lightly patting Tony's perky butt for good measure, letting his eyelids close and almost certain that he heard Tony start to purr.

Or maybe it was just another dream.