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A Saucy Consultation

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Will entered Hannibal's office for his consultation. He was wearing a dark button-up shirt he had ironed the evening before with slacks, and had combed his hair. He was a lure. He had never liked the scrutiny, the attention, so he had never taken the time to choose the clothes that would fit him best. But to catch Hannibal's eye, he had to be eye candy with a sharp mind. He had already caught it, of course, but he needed to hook him even deeper and reel him in. He felt powerful in those tighter clothes that perfectly hung his frame, like he finally had control over his own life. He was slowly starting to take the dominant position in his relationship with Hannibal.

Even though he was supposed to be his psychiatrist, there were no true power dynamics between them. Only that weird blend of hate and affection, and that fascination he had for the serial killer he knew Hannibal to be. He hated himself for not exactly understanding where he stood, and made up for it by helping Jack. He would catch the Chesapeake Ripper, he would get his revenge, he would make him pay for Abigail and Beverly's deaths. He kept reminding himself of Hannibal's crimes, hoping to provoke real resentment within himself. The rage he felt was somehow always tainted by something else he desperately tried to ignore.

"Hello, Will," Hannibal greeted him with a polite smile

"Dr Lecter."

"Would you care for a glass of red wine ?"


Will sat down in his chair while Hannibal opened a bottle and poured its contents in two glasses. He took his, and gulped a few sips as his psychiatrist settled down.

"What would you like to talk about, Will ?"

He stayed silent for a while, looking at his nemesis, or who he tried to convince himself was his nemesis. Hannibal was in yet another one of his three-piece suits, as clean and handsome as ever. Still, now that he knew the true nature of that man, Will thought he looked predatory. His gaze was sharp and penetrative, always focused on Will, like a snake who was patiently waiting to strike. Motionless, concentrated, he emanated a certain charisma and a powerful aura. The profiler didn't feel intimidated by that, not anymore. On the contrary, he admired such composure and control over oneself… And Will was just beginning to taste his own.

"I don't know, what would you like to talk about, Dr Lecter ?"

"This hour is for you, Will, not for me. I very much enjoy our conversations, and was simply wondering if you felt like a certain subject needed to be addressed."

"Well, we can just talk. I don't have anything particular in mind."

Will took a sip of his wine, staring at him over his glass. Hannibal's traits began contracting themselves in an expression of distaste, very subtly, but enough for him to notice. He didn't mention it.

"Or maybe we could talk about where we stand with each other," Will said.

"You told Alana we knew where we stand with each other. Is that not the case ?"

"We both know it isn't."

"Where do you think we do ?"

Hannibal's lip involuntarily curled with disgust even though he'd spoken with a neutral tone of voice. Will frowned, wondering what was eliciting that reaction. He was debating wether or not he should ask, or how to answer the question Hannibal had asked him, when the latter suddenly spoke in a voice tinged with contempt :

"Will, did you bring your leftover salad in my office ?"

"What ?"

"It reeks of ranch sauce, and don't tell me it comes from your clothes, I would not believe you."

"Oh, right, it's yesterday's lunch, I must have forgotten it in my bag before coming here."

"Would you please remove it from my office right away ?"

"Rude, Dr Lecter."

"One could argue it is rude to bring an old ranch salad to your appointment, thus making my office stink. I really must ask you to at least leave it at the door."


Will put his wine down, and darkly smirked at the doctor. Hannibal clenched his fingers around the stem of his glass and slightly opened his mouth, stunned. He was curious to see how far he could push, if Hannibal would break first, if he would win that battle. It was a matter of honor, and frankly… he was curious what would happen. He had left the serial killer at a temporary loss of words, which was in itself already a victory.

"I'll ask you again. Put that vile salad away."

The warning in his voice would be enough to make anyone back down at this point. But Will wasn't just anyone, he was probably the only person that was safe from the Chesapeake Ripper. He sat back, his bratty smile never leaving his face.

"Really, Dr Lecter ? Make me."

Hannibal almost lost his cool there. Will clearly saw the split second where he intended to seize the bag, but instead he just took a deep breath.

"Now, Will, what's to be done about you ?"

He slowly got up and walked towards him, dangerously looming over Will who was still comfortably seated in his chair. The profiler just looked up at him, unimpressed. Hannibal made a move to grab Will's satchel, but the latter was quicker and held it to his chest.

"You'll have to take it from me."

"What game are you playing, Will ?"


A sudden change took place in the depths of his eyes. A dark radiance lit up in them, and it was at that moment that he seemed to decide to let go and to lower himself into Will's little game. That's exactly what Will wanted, for him to lose his composure and actually fight him instead of hiding behind intricate metaphors. He was grateful for having forgotten his old salad in his bag. Hannibal reached forward in an attempt to get the bag, but Will was ready, and he kicked him in the chest with his right foot. The doctor staggered back, shocked, new anger and something entirely other shining in his eyes, and lunged again as Will left his chair. Hannibal tried to sweep his legs, but he dodged the technique and punched him in the jaw. Hannibal responded in kind and punched him in the face as well, then reached for the satchel by its strap. They struggled for the bag, staring at each other, Hannibal's face contacted by a snarl.

Then, Will let his instincts go free as he sensed that Hannibal was making no real effort to hurt him. He headbutted him and sent him to the ground with a sweep, threw the bag across the room, straddled him around the waist and began to rain down blows on him. He could finally have his sweet revenge and fulfill his fantasises… But after three blows without meeting any resistance from his victim, he realized that this was exactly what Hannibal wanted. Will had resisted so much against the release of his inner darkness... He looked into Hannibal's eyes, and saw pure pride. Will stilled, amazed by that reaction. He didn't know if he really wanted to keep hitting him, and kill him. He had often fantasized about how he would kill Hannibal, but at that moment, all murderous intent fled him. Hannibal's gaze was loving and smug, as if the outcome of their fight had always been the one he intended. It probably was, in fact.

Will tentatively stroked the bruise that was already forming on Hannibal's left cheek, smeared the blood that was running down from his nose. His fingers parted the cannibal's lips, and that was it, he was lost for good. Hannibal looked serene in all that blood, but his eyes were lust and fire. He closed his teeth around Will's thumb and nibbled on it, reluctant at letting it go when the other pulled his hand away with a gasp. Will hesitated a bit, then quickly lowered his face and crashed their mouths together, eliciting a growl from Hannibal. He moaned into the kiss, framing the psychiatrist's face with his hands, internally screaming at how good it felt. He hadn't realized how much he had wanted to do that until he had beaten up Hannibal on the floor. He pushed his tongue into his mouth, still straddling his body, and Hannibal's hands came up to stroke his sides.

Suddenly, Hannibal flipped them, and Will's back hit the floor hard. With a grin, the killer got up and took his suit jacket off, and strengthened his clothes. He easily crossed the office and retrieved the satchel, opened it and took a plastic container out. Then, Will was on him, tackling him to the ladder with a fierce grunt, but Hannibal was quick to reverse the situation by pinning his assalliant's shoulders to the wooden bars. The tupperware clattered on the floor but Will didn't budge, wondering what his next move would be. Clearly, they weren't fighting like before anymore. Hannibal leaned in and breathed near his neck, holding him in place, then spoke in a hoarse voice :

"Oh, Will, the things you do to me… You skirt the line of tenderness and violence, always unsure which one you should use with me. Both are delicious, Will. You hit me, you kiss me… Tell me, what would you have me do ?"

Hannibal's body gave off heat waves that struck Will as heavily sensual. The pressure of his palms on his shoulders, his heavy breathing, the look of sheer hunger in his eyes, the traces of blood on his flushed face, his tousled hair, his stance of control… It was all so overwhelming that Will felt his mind go blank. Like a deer caught in headlights, he was about to get hit. His mouth went dry as Hannibal gently kissed his throat and started to nip at his pulse point and suck marks in the tender flesh. A small sound escaped him, and Hannibal's teeth and lips made their way lower, to the base of his throat and his collarbones, then he let go of Will's shoulders to circle his waist and pull him close.

Will took a sharp intake of breath as the doctor slipped a leg between his, and slowly grinded his erection against his thigh. Hannibal groped his ass while using his leg for his pleasure, and encouraged Will to hump on his in turn. He did, and moaned as their movements became faster and harder. Pinned by his strong frame against the ladder, Will had never felt that aroused. Hannibal pulled away to take his pants off, his waistcoat, his shirt and his underwear, working in quick movements and carefully resting them on his chair. Then, he undressed Will too, with his help, and they started kissing again in a slow press of tongues as they stroked each other's naked body.

Hannibal let him go once more, took a step back and let his eyes roam up and down Will's body, smiling in appreciation. The profiler did the same, taking in every part of his partner's body : the muscles, the chest hair, his little tummy, his disheveled appearance and his proudly erect cock. It was big and uncut, a bead of precum seeping out of its foreskin. Hannibal took himself in hand and stroked it lazily, his eyes never leaving Will's form. Will licked his lips at the sight, and his dick gave a little jump when Hannibal started touching himself.

"I want to take you, Will. Take you whole. Do you want me to ?"

"I've never… never with a man."

"Don't worry, I will open you up for me, and you'll scream my name by the time we're done…"

Will felt himself flush, and desperately ached to jerk off right there and then… or for Hannibal to do it. He'd never pictured sex with a man, and felt quite anxious now that he was naked and vulnerable in front of this aroused predator that was standing in front of him.

"Then, uh, yes," he breathed.

He wanted to feel Hannibal inside of him, relish in that newfound intimacy, and know all of him. He had wondered where they stood with each other before, and now he knew. He ached for him in a way he had never experienced before. Hannibal let go of his dick, and came near Will again, only to lean towards a forgotten object on the ground… the one responsible for their argument. He took the lid off the salad, and wrinkled his nose at the smell. Two or three salad leaves swam in an inconceivable amount of ranch sauce. Will had prepared that salad absent-mindidly and hadn't realized he had exaggerated on the sauce until he had opened it for lunch.

"What are you doing with that ? Don't tell me you're going to throw it away, please. Not now."

"On the contrary, Will, I believe I've changed my mind. It won't go anywhere near my mouth, but it can have other uses."

Will frowned, uncomprehending, until the implications of that sentence hit him.

"No, no. No fucking way."

"Language, Will."

Hannibal grabbed his hips and walked him to his desk, where he turned him, harshly bent him over and kicked his legs apart. Will had followed without a complaint partly because Hannibal's touch drove him crazy, partly because he was desperate to come, and partly because the man's dominant side had a big effect on him, even though he didn't want to admit it to himself. The cold wood of the near empty desk pressed against his torso made him shiver, and his cock hung heavy between his legs, begging for attention. Will heard a wet sound and suddenly, some warm and sticky substance was being spread around his asshole.

"Is that…"


"Really, Hannibal ?" he weakly protested.

"Don't move, Will."

Hannibal put a hand on the small of his back to hold him in place, and started teasing his rim with the ranch sauce. This was a new sensation, Will had never even masturbated that way, and starting with ranch sauce wasn't the ideal way of doing it… Still, Hannibal probably didn't have any lube in his office, it would be unprofessional, and they certainly weren't going to do it raw for their first time. The fingers prodded at his hole, teasing the entrance and pushing the improvised lube inside, and Will moaned loudly as a slicked hand closed around his cock.


Hannibal didn't scold him this time, slowly dragging his palm up and down his shaft instead, which was dripping with precum and ranch sauce. He carefully inserted a finger in Will's ass, and the sensation felt uncomfortable, foreign. Then, Hannibal poured even more sauce and slicked his entrance well. The finger coated his inner walls, making room for his big cock to fill in later. He added another finger and crooked them both until they hit that bundle of nerves inside his ass, and Will whined at the feeling. His dick throbbed in Hannibal's hand, and with surgical precision, the doctor started rubbing at that sensitive spot again and again. Will felt as if he was being masturbated from the inside. Hannibal scissored him until his hole was slack enough, squeezed his other hand around the head of Will's cock one last time and let go.

The profiler, shivering on the desk, heard Hannibal softly moan as he took himself in hand, slicked himself with a big dollop of ranch sauce, and lined himself up at his hole. He slowly breached Will's rim, pushing the tip of his dick into the wet and squeezing heat, and fuck, Hannibal was so big, and he had never been penetrated before, he didn't know if he would be able to take it all… The sauce stung the inside of his ass a bit, coupled with the feeling of being impaled. The only pleasure out of this was the sheer intimacy of feeling the killer inside of him. Hannibal sunk down, taking his time, and Will hissed at the painful intrusion. Then, when he was fully inside, he started to move, gently rocking into Will with overwhelmed pants.

"You feel amazing, Will," he praised, breathing hard.

Will suddenly felt sparks of pleasure coursing through his veins when Hannibal shifted and brushed against his prostate, repeatedly. Still slow with his movements, he was penetrating Will oh so lovingly, stroking his sides, his lower back, his torso, his belly… Will moaned as the gentle assault on the inside of his ass started to feel amazing.

"Faster, please…"

Immediately, Hannibal gripped his hips and pierced him with a harsh thrust. Will loudly cursed as he sped up, moving Will's ass onto his throbbing cock. He slapped his buttocks and the other let out a surprised whine at the welcomed pain. Hannibal violently rutted into his quivering hole, bending him even further on the desk with a hand to the back of his neck, and he let out animalistic groans as Will clenched around his slick hardness.

"Hannibal !"

Will ached to touch himself, moaning wantonly as his prostate was being hit with every thrust. He took a hand off the desk and guided it to his dick, but before his fingers could reach it to relieve himself of the painful pressure of his impending orgasm, Hannibal let go of his hip and grasped his wrist, hard.

"You don't get to touch yourself until I say so, Will. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging me."

"No, please..."

He squeezed, and some bruises would surely form later on. Will liked that idea. Helpless, he could only endure the delirious pain and pleasure inflicted on his ass. Maybe Hannibal wouldn't even want to let him come, but oh, he would, wether the cannibal liked it or not. In order to accelerate the man's release, he rocked himself back onto his cock and clenched, and he heard Hannibal letting out a stunned moan so unlike him at the feeling of it. Hannibal's thrusts became more erratic, he was frantically rutting into Will as he selfishely chased his pleasure. He spilled himself inside the profiler's inner walls with a harsh groan. Still holding Will's neck down, he stayed like this for a while, covering Will's back with his torso, and gently nipped at his left shoulder. Then, he pulled out and Will turned his head to look at him.

The doctor was observing his own cum leaking out of Will's ass and down his legs with an expression of pure rapture. His hair was a mess, his face and torso were a strong shade of red, his spent cock was slowly softening on his leg and he was still panting from the effort. Will stood up, deeply satisfied of having provoked such strong emotions in his usually impassible psychiatrist. Now, it was his time to come, and he already had an idea of how he would pleasure himself. He walked towards Hannibal and slid his fingers in his chest hair, then tugged him into a kiss. Will took control of his mouth, pushing his tongue inside, then bit at his lower lip until he drew blood. Now that Hannibal had gotten what he wanted, Will would get to use him too. He broke the kiss and spoke in a harsh tone :

"You're gonna suck my dick."

Softened by his orgasm, Hannibal didn't react violently to the order. His eyes widened, and he answered with a smile :

"Under normal circumstances, I'd do it without even thinking, Will. I've longed to taste you for very long. But unfortunately, my mouth won't go near that foul ranch sauce."

"You've fingered me, jerked me off and fucked me with it, Dr Lecter. You think you get to be picky now ?" he growled in answer.

Will stepped back to fetch the salad box, which still contained a lot of leftover ranch sauce, and set it on the floor. He took hold of Hannibal's shoulders and pushed him down on his knees and forward. Hannibal caught himself by grasping his thighs, and his face went near Will's erection as he fell. Will grabbed his hair, and pushed his face against his balls. Hannibal finally complied, but made a sound of disgust as he licked him from root to tip.

"Doesn't taste good, huh ? You'll have to clean me up, Dr Lecter."

He dipped his fingers inside the container with his free hand, scooping up a good amount of ranch sauce, and made it drip on his cock. He stroked himself with it, thoroughly coating his shaft with the white and chunky substance. He laughed a bit as Hannibal wrinkled his nose and curled his lip.

"It reeks of garlic and cream."

"Put my dick in that beautiful mouth of yours, Dr Lecter. Do it."

"I'm afraid I can't do that. It tastes even worse than I thought."

Will rested his cock against Hannibal's lips, forcing his head to stay in place with the hand in his hair. He could get free if he tried to without a problem, but maybe he liked being in the submissive position. Maybe he enjoyed Will taking what he wanted at his expense. He parted tentatively his lips and frowned at the taste, but moaned quietly when Will thrust inside.

"Fuck, your mouth feels so good…"

Hannibal started moving up and down of his own accord, tonguing at the slit when he retreated and sucking hard. He hollowed his cheeks and bobbed his head, his tongue undulating against Will's shaft. His teeth raked a bit on his sensitive skin, sending a shiver to Will's spine, and Hannibal took him all in in one fluid movement.

"Shit !"

Will could feel his throat resisting and closing itself on his cock, and it was the hottest thing he'd ever experienced. He put both hands in Hannibal's hair and started using his mouth. He thrust slowly in the soft tissue, against his flat tongue, into the tightness of his throat. Hannibal gagged, and he retreated to let him breathe, but Hannibal never opened his mouth, never let go of his cock. So he continued, rutting into the wet heat, using his mouth as a simple hole for his own pleasure. Using Hannibal as a toy, getting turned on by his choking and gagging, his sounds of submission and pleasure. He could see some ranch sauce leaking out of the pretty lips that were wrapped around his girth, reddened by the abuse. He felt the pressure inside of him build up, and set a quicker and punishing pace as he used Hannibal's mouth. He pushed himself the furthest he could into his throat and came, splashing his release as Hannibal squirmed for air.

"Fuuuck," he moaned.

Then, Will released him, and realized that Hannibal looked ill. The doctor got up as fast as he could, depriving himself of his dignity as he ran to the bin under his desk. He took it and violently vomited inside it. Mortified, Will felt his face reddening. Did Hannibal hate sucking him that much ? He waited as Hannibal finished throwing up, and watched him with worry as he set the bin back down and wiped his mouth. Hannibal looked even more ashamed than Will did.

"Before you say anything, Will, I enjoyed giving you fellatio very much. It's the ranch sauce I never want to taste again. I apologize."

"Don't apologize, it's my fault, I'm sorry…"

Will felt awful, but a tiny spark of sadistic satisfaction lit up inside him as he realized how much he'd shaken Hannibal.

"Next time, let's use real lube. I didn't even get to taste you right."

"Oh, so you think there'll be a next time, Hannibal ?"

"Why wouldn't there be ?"

Will laughed and turned away. Of course there would be a next time. He had realized how much he cared for the man. This whole experience had had two outcomes : the first one was that he had finally understood which side he was on. The sex had made his feelings clear. It hadn't just been sex, not at all… He would never be able to send Hannibal to prison, and he cared about him more then he should. The second outcome was that he would never look at ranch sauce the same way ever again.