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The Hot Springs Incident

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It was late evening in Japan, the early June weather still apparent even as the temperature gradually dropped, the sky darkening from purple to black – the fading grains of amber disappearing beyond the horizon alongside the falling sun.

''Hn... hate how this place is up on a hill...''

The low murmur went unanswered, not that it was aimed at anyone. Walking alone up the rugged mountain path was a young man by the name of Yukino, a second-year high school student who had opted to take a break from his usual studies with a trip to the onsens not far from his house. It wasn't an uncommon thing for him; he'd been going to various onsens or hot springs since he was young, just because he liked the feeling. Nothing complicated about it; he just enjoyed it.

And although he went alone he wasn't too bothered by it; he liked the peace and quiet that came with it. Other patrons at onsens were also polite enough to not intrude if he made it clear he wasn't up for a casual chat, though when he was he found himself meeting interesting people – businessmen taking a break, older women who were lamenting their workaholic husbands, the like. While he rarely saw them again, the brief chats he had were always interesting; perhaps what made visiting onsens so enticing to him even if subconsciously.

The young man slowed his pace as he finally neared the top of the mountain path, the ground plateauing out and the onsen building up ahead, resting just past a traditional torii gate, albeit with a few banners and other modern aesthetics attached to it.

He passed under the gate without delay and made his way inside, spotting a familiar brunette girl manning the front counter. The owner's niece, if he remembered right. Or maybe it was his step-daughter, he couldn't remember. Either way she shrunk back at the sight of him, intimidated even when he wasn't doing anything – though granted he had something of a permanent scowl, so she probably thought he was an angry customer.

''H-Hello?'' The young woman squeaked out, shifting.

Yukino just rolled his eyes, taking out his money and buying a slot for a few hours, speaking only as needed – partly to not scare the poor girl further, and partly because he couldn't be bothered reassuring her he wasn't actually mad or anything. Thus with slight nervousness the unnamed young woman took his money and typed something away into her computer, glancing up at him a couple of times before hastily looking away.

''...o-okay, sir. Please go ahead.'' She said demurely, not meeting his eyes as she handed him his locker key. ''I h-hope you enjoy our services...''

Yukino grunted a thanks, walking past the desk into the narrow hallway beyond. It was quiet, the only noise coming from the residents who were staying overnight in the hotel-esque section, but when he reached the male changing rooms down the hall he found nobody inside. The dark brown wood and smooth grey stone was tinted dark by the lack of light, only a few lamps hanging from some overhead beams, giving the room a softer glow to it than modern lighting would. He could appreciate that.

Swiftly the teenager stripped out of his casual clothes and left them in his locker, making his way into the adjoined shower room – rinsing himself clean under the hot spray of water. Once he was washed thoroughly he turned the shower off and swiped up a fluffy white towel, wrapping it around his waist as he departed the changing rooms, and stepped out into the onsen proper.

''Mm...'' The young man hummed, relaxing as a wave of warm air brushed over his body.

The onsen was shaped in a vague oval shape, with wooden flooring lining the area around the bath itself; a reed wall surrounding the area on two sides and with windowless walls on the other two sides, hiding the onsen from prying eyes and assuring privacy. Something that allowed him to relax completely; blowing out a soft breath and easing himself down into the hot, steaming waters, leaning his back against the rim and just drifting off.

For nearly five full minutes he had peace and quiet, until he heard muted voices coming from the female changing rooms – several of them higher-pitched than the usual older women who visited the onsen. He tried to ignore the sound but general curiosity made him keep an eye open, watching the changing room door, waiting.

He was rewarded for his patience a minute later as the door opened. From it came out a very curvy young woman around his age, her blonde hair tied up into a ponytail and a white towel draped over her front, hiding most of her nude body but failing to cover her wide hips or the side of her plump breasts. From out behind her came another curvy girl with lush red hair, her purple eyes embarrassed as she looked back at one of the other girls still in the changing room, her own towel held in a tight grip in front of her bust – falling straight down and only covering part of her front, leaving him with plenty of creamy flesh to admire.

The other two girls inside stepped out just a few seconds later. One, a short girl with a flat chest and black hair, and the other with orange hair and a much more filled-out frame – the former pushing the latter from behind. The orange-haired girl held her towel to her front whilst the black-haired one had no reservation, only holding it in her off-hand as she cheekily pushed her friend out first, her smooth body laid completely bare to him, any details hidden only by the distance between them.

Then a second after that the blonde girl noticed him, her cheeks tinting a light pink. The other girls all noticed him looking at them too, and with a flustered squeak the black-haired girl covered herself with her towel, shooting him a dirty look.

''Hey.'' Yukino greeted them flatly, raising a hand and waving.

The girls reciprocated a greeting of their own, relaxing somewhat when he shut his eyes and tipped his head back, giving them the privacy to enter the onsen itself. However despite his calm exterior Yukino wasn't a fool – he knew who those girls were. Eli Ayase, Nishikino Maki, Kosaka Honoka and Yazawa Nico. Members of the popular idol group Muse.

Many of his classmates would be jumping up-and-down for an opportunity like this, male and female alike. Even some of his friends were fans of Muse. Frankly, however, he was indifferent to them. He found their music alright and he would definitely admit they were all cute, but he had enough courtesy to keep to himself – not that he would have much to ask of them, anyway.

Though, that didn't mean he couldn't 'admire' them from a distance.

Which Yukino did. Tilting his head slightly to the side he peered across the onsen, admiring the four girls as they sat – none of them wearing any towels. Nico had her knees tucked up to her chest, Honoka and Eli were relaxed and leaning back casually, whilst Maki was somewhere in-between, with one arm over her bust but otherwise relaxing. And as he admired the four of them he soon realised they were checking him out too; Eli in particular looking him over intently.

His cheeks coloured slightly and he shut his eyes again, pushing them out of his mind. 'Just ignore them, just ignore them...'

He still had his own towel wrapped around his waist, mostly to prevent any 'accidents'. And he was glad for that, one of his hand subtly shifting and holding his towel down more intently. While he had seen plenty of women naked thanks to going to the onsen so much, it was rare for girls around his age to also go to the unisex onsen; as such the sight of the four Muse girls was much more of a turn-on than older women would be.

Suddenly he heard the sound of sloshing water. He ignored it, eyes remaining shut and expression placid even as the sound drew closer and closer, one of the girls approaching him. Only when the sloshing slowed and a warm body slid down to his right did Yukino open his eyes, tilting his head slightly to the right and meeting the amused eyes of Eli. The blonde was right there, well within arms reach of him and fully naked.

'...she's pretty stacked.' The young man couldn't help but note. He hadn't realised Eli was so busty.

Eli's words however drew his gaze back onto her face. ''I'm Eli.''

''Yukino.'' He replied without missing a beat, feigning disinterest – curiosity briefly overwhelming his hormonal arousal. ''What do you want?''

The blonde giggled. It was a pretty sound. ''Just curious, is all. Are you here all by yourself?''

''Yeah. There a problem with that?''

''Hm... I suppose not.'' Eli hummed in mock-thoughtfulness, a finger to her chin – unfazed by his rough tone. ''I just found it strange. Although...''

He raised a brow. ''Although...?''

Eli's smile turned into a coy smirk, and to his embarrassment she tickled a finger up his bare chest. ''Well, it's so late nobody will come by here, right?''

Her tone planted an erotic idea in his mind, one he eagerly grew interested in – barely succeeding in playing it cool. ''No, they won't.''

Eli shifted, her left breast pushing against his biceps in the process. ''Then if something was to happen between a couple girls and a cute guy, then nobody would know?''

It became acutely clear what Eli was implying, and Yukino was definitely interested – tempting him to slide his right arm around Eli's side, feeling her wet, smooth skin against his arm. ''What did you have in mind?''

The blonde just smiled, leaning her head in closer and brushing her lips against his. Yukino however wasn't one for playing games, and with a burst of lust he mashed his lips against Eli's – coaxing out a soft, surprised moan from the idol as their lips meshed together. He held onto her side more firmly, all but pulling her naked body against his, loving the feeling of her warm skin against his own; the feeling of flesh touching flesh novel in its own right.

Briefly their lips popped apart, a hot breath exhaled from their parted lips – tempting him to immediately mash his lips back against Eli's. The idol smiled into the kiss, a deep, pleased sound curling out of her throat and tempting him to slip his right hand around to her breast; grabbing her tit. It felt soft and doughy beneath his fingers, her nipple soft as he ran a finger over it and squeezed out a cute moan from the idol, her lips pushing against his more in an attempt to suppress it.

''Mmph~'' Eli shuddered and pulled back from the kiss. ''Bad boy~''

Yukino replied by diving in and kissing her again. Eli giggled into the kiss, her lips soft against his own as he shifted slightly – and then slid his lips off of hers and moved them down to her neck. Her giggle escalated into a girlish squeal, a laugh escaping her as he kissed her neck; and with equal swiftness her laugh melted into a moan when he sucked on her sensitive flesh, his tongue lashing out and licking at her neck. He got off on the boldness just as much as she did, the mere act of doing it turning him on and feeding his hormonal lust.

Growing more bold the young man kissed down her neck, shifting his arm down to her lower back and pulling her closer. Eli didn't resist, her breathing fast and deep as she shifted one leg over his – and then straddled him. Just having a naked girl on his lap was a new, exciting thing for the teenager, but he refused to screw things up by acting like a drooling pervert. Instead he boldly buried his face into Eli's generous chest, pressing his lips up against her breastbone and loving the soft flesh that jiggled and pushed against his face.

''Ohh~'' Eli moaned erotically, one hand holding onto his head. ''Y-You're good at his...''

Yukino replied by kissing at her breast, not pointing out that he hadn't done this before – he was just going with what he thought would work. Privately he was relieved it did.

''Mm...'' The young man kissed his way along her right breast until he found her nipple; grabbing her right tit and guiding said nipple into his mouth, sucking on it.

Eli mewled at his lewd suck, tempting him to pop his lips off her nipple and kiss her jaw – luring her down into a slow, arousing kiss. Only when their lips drifted apart did he speak.

''Your friends gonna join us?'' Yukino murmured, looking past Eli's nude frame – noticing Honoka, Maki and Nico watching them with bright blushes and rapt attention.

Eli giggled prettily, looking over her shoulders and beckoning her friends over – and then without missing a beat she dove back in and kissed him once more, her lips meshing with his. The young man kissed her back wholeheartedly, addicted to the feeling of kissing her. In the background though he could hear the sloshing of water as the other girls approached, tempting him to slide one hand down and grab Eli's butt, lifting her slightly. She took the hint and slid off of his lap, making some room.

Yukino's lustful eyes fixated themselves on Honoka first. The orange-haired girl flushed at his look and gave him a shy but eager smile, crawling the remaining few feet on her hands-and-knees, leaning over his lap and bringing her lips in close. He did her the favour of grasping the back of her head and pulling the idol in close, shuddering in arousal as he mashed his lips on hers, the kiss a touch rough yet ever so exciting.

''Mm...'' Honoka exhaled as their lips drifted apart, a shiver of lust curling through him as he watched her tongue slip out, licking her lips as if committing the kiss to memory.

He was distracted however as the shortest girl of the group nudged Honoka aside, blushing but a look of stubborn embarrassment on her face. Nico didn't waste time with a flirting or a seductive look, instead leaning over his lap and mashing her lips against his in a rough, flustered kiss. Her small lips lacked the skill and sultriness that Eli's had but still felt erotic – and Yukino boldly reciprocated by grabbing Nico's perky ass.

Predictably the short girl squeaked, startled – and he took the chance to shove his tongue into her mouth. Her squeak melted into an unsure moan, her eyes fluttering shut as she pushed her tongue back against his. The tongue war lasted all of a few heated seconds before he 'won', his tongue pushing hers back and freely exploring her mouth, tracing the top of her teeth before teasing the underside of her tongue with the tip of his own.

''A-Ahh~'' Nico moaned dumbly into his mouth, shivering.

Burning lungs finally forced Yukino back, a mutual exhale punctuating the end of the kiss. Panting lightly he soaked in Nico's flushed, flustered visage, his gaze drifting south towards her small, near-flat breasts and smooth slit. He was almost tempted to touch her between her legs – but a gentle hand on his cheek drew his attention first over to Maki. The red-haired girl's cheeks burned the same hue as her hair as she eased herself down on his left, sitting on her hip and with legs folded demurely, her wet hand extended and holding his cheek.

Giving into his hormonal desires the teen wrapped his left arm around Maki's slim side, leaning over and kissing her too. It was a hungry kiss and one that left the idol moaning uncertainly, inexperienced but slowly coming around to the kiss. Seconds passed and their lips still smacked together, undisturbed even as Eli teasingly began to run her hands over his chest, feeling him up. Nico however went lower and grabbed his towel, pulling it off of his waist.

''W-Woah...'' The short idol whispered as she saw his fully-erect cock, the water failing to hide it – nor did the sloshing of water mute the words she whispered to Honoka. ''Are all guys that big...?''

''I-I don't think so...''

Yukino shivered at the whispered words, breaking off the kiss with Maki – his arousal only growing as he savoured the breathless look on the redhead's face, her lips parted into a small 'o' as she panted. Unable to resist he slid his hand down further, tracing the base of her spine before copping a feel of her ass – relishing the cute squeak that Maki made, her hot cheeks burning darker. When he pulled her closer however she didn't resist, blushing as he held her against his side.

A sharp shudder lanced through him however as Eli cheekily buried her face into his neck, her breath hot against his flesh a moment before she smooched it. He groaned, pleasure spiking within his shaft as Nico boldly grabbed his dick and jerked it, the water forcibly slowing her movements but making it no less pleasurable. Yukino relished the novel sensation, panting as Eli continued to kiss at his neck, his attention torn between the four beautiful girls.

Eli smooched her way up the back of his ear, whispering into it a moment later. ''Sit on the edge for us, will you~?''

Yukino agreed with only slight hesitation, his hand leaving Maki's ass as he shifted upright, taking a seat on the edge of the onsen. Eli shifted in front of him with a sultry expression, her position giving him a generous look down her cleavage – and at her cooed words Honoka joined her, sitting right next to her. Eli was the one to make the first move, her lithe fingers curling around his cock and stroking him off, the slow bobs of her wrist coaxing out a low groan from his throat.

Then Maki stood up. His eyes were drawn to her immediately, watching the clear water fall off of her smooth, plump chest and creamy thighs, the burning red shade on her cheeks only accentuating her beauty. She eased herself down next to him, his gaze drawn to her curvy rear and tempting him to lay a hand on it – sliding his hand up her back and around to her left breast, groping it. She wasn't as big as Eli but just as soft, his fingers sinking into her tit and coaxing out an embarrassed moan from the redhead.

''Hey- Mmph~'' Maki's soft words were cut short as he leaned over and kissed her, his lips mashing against hers in a deep, searing kiss.

He made out with Maki even as Eli leaned in close, her breath warm against his cock – and he moaned as the idol took the tip into her mouth. Intimately he felt her soft, kissable lips slide off the head of his cock and engulf it, punctuating the movement with a slow wet suck. The sensation was a new one and he couldn't hope to contain his voice, a shudder lancing through him as he broke off the kiss and looked down at Eli.

The blonde smirked playfully, and his lust only grew as Honoka shyly shifted as close as she could – kissing the base of his cock. The two pairs of lips felt so soft and hot against his cock he throbbed against them, a stifled moan passing his lips; his attention shifting only when a naked girl sat to his right – Nico. She covered her demure chest with one arm, pouting at him as she tried to hide her own nudity from him.

''Pay attention to me too you perv- Mmph~!?'' Nico's words were cut short as he obliged; diving in and giving her a deep kiss.

Nico melted into the surprise kiss after a moment, whimpering embarrassedly and wrapping one arm around him, deepening the kiss – the smacking of their meshing lips joined by the kisses attending to his cock. Growing bolder Yukino slipped his right hand down and around Nico's waist before slipping it between her slim thighs, cupping her pussy. She was soft and smooth, the mere sensation of him touching her coaxing out a cute gasp from Nico, her thighs shutting around his hand.

''N-No...'' Nico mewled into his mouth, yet made no move to actually push him away – betraying her bubbling desire.

With that in mind the young man gleefully played with her pussy, rubbing her folds side-to-side or in small circles, his movements inexperienced but eager. Yukino took it further, his lips breaking away from Nico's lips and then leaned down, taking her left nipple into his mouth – his lips pursing around the nub and tugging on it as he sucked, coaxing out a cute gasp from the idol, one hand grasping at his head.

He sucked a few more times before her nipple sprung back out of his mouth, tempting him to lean back up and mash his lips against Nico's – shivering when she boldly bit his bottom lip. Yukino repaid her by pushing his fingers against her delicate pussy, feeling his way about blindly until finally he slid two fingers inside of her sex, his digits becoming engulfed by the searing warmth of her insides.

''H-Hah...'' Nico shuddered in arousal, her open-mouthed moan muffled as he reconnected their lips in a sloppy kiss.

A wet suck around his dick made him moan, breaking off the kiss and looking down. Eli looked up at him with a mouth full of dick, her cheek bulging out erotically as she sucked half of his cock off – leaving the bottom half for Honoka to demurely kiss and smooch. The orange-haired girl flushed at his gaze, and in a moment of lewd boldness she leaned down further and took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on it too; the rush of subsequent pleasure making him groan loudly.

Maki was quick to muffle his voice, cupping his cheek and pulling him back into a hot make-out session, their lips smacking and smooching together. Yukino kissed her back feverishly, pressure mounting within his throbbing cock as the two beautiful girls sucked and kissed it – his body working on auto-pilot as he pushed his fingers inside of Nico's pussy, her inner walls squeezing his fingers, the fleshy heat a novel and exciting sensation.

''A-Ah...'' Maki moaned against his lips as he slid his hand down and cupped her pussy too, his index finger finding a little nub and tempting him to stroke it. ''M-Mn~''

Another kiss silenced her moan, and with a stifled grin Yukino buried two fingers inside of Maki's pussy. She gripped his digits with her hot insides, an arousing moan dripping out of her mouth – a shudder soon lancing through her bare body as he pushed his tongue against her lips. Hesitantly Maki parted her lips, her own tongue pushing back against his, clearly inexperienced and unsure. Thus with ease he pushed his tongue into her mouth with little resistance, their wet appendages pushing and wrestling together.

''Mm... ah... ho- ahh...'' Maki's hot mumbles and exhales only aroused him more.

The kiss lasted all of a few more seconds before he broke it off, panting lightly and looking back at Nico – kissing her on the cheek but no more. Instead he turned his full attention onto the two nude girls attending to his cock, his shaft pulsating within Eli's warm mouth as she slid her lips up-and-down his shaft, her tongue flush against the underside of his cock. Honoka however was finally tired of just getting the base and pushed her cheek against Eli's, prompting the blonde to slide her lips up and off of his cock, leaving it wet and sticky.

Then together both of them began to 'fight' for his cock. Their lips, soft and wet with saliva and smooched and pressed against his cock, kissing and sucking it in uneven synchrony. Tongues extended from their mouths too and slid over the underside of along the top of his tip, discarding whatever embarrassment they felt in favour of acting as sexy as they could for him, hoping to make him peak.

And it worked. ''Hah, crap, I'm... o-ohh!''

With a tight, throaty groan Yukino finally orgasmed, hips bucking as he blew his load. Thick milky ropes splattered across Eli's face first, streaking up across her cheek and forcing the blonde to close one eye with a startled moan. More cum erupted and first spurted onto Honoka's soft lips, only to shoot a much larger rope a second later, getting splattered across her kissable lips and coaxing her mouth in his milky white load.

''Hah, haah...'' Yukino gasped in fresh air, chest heaving under Nico's wandering fingers, feeling him up even as he recovered.

''W-Wow...'' Honoka mumbled, tentatively licking her lips and swallowing his load.

Eli was much less reserved; giggling as she ran a finger over her face and popped his sticky load into her mouth, sucking it off and swallowing it – looking him right in the eyes as she did so. Then in a moment of boldness she took his hypersensitive cock back into her mouth, her pinkish lips sliding all the way down his cock until they touched the very base, her lips pursed around his meat, and then slurped all the way back up to the tip – cleaning his cock in a single pleasurable instant, his moan of bliss making the girls giggle.

''I'm first!'' Nico greedily called out, tugging his fingers out of her sex.

Yukino didn't get a word in edgeways – not that he wanted to, a breathless grin of lust on his face as the petite idol swung one leg over his and straddled him. He pulled his fingers out of Maki's pussy too, idly noting how wet his digits were, but he pushed the thought from his mind quickly. Perhaps because of his own hormones he couldn't resist the urge to touch Nico all over, running his hands up over her perky ass and along her back, the mere act of feeling her flesh beneath his fingertips turning him on.

Doubly so when she grabbed his dick, her lips meeting his in a rough, almost demanding kiss. He kissed her back wholeheartedly, their lips meshing together as he felt his dick press against her smooth, wet folds, slipping along it several times. In response he grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, grinding her on his cock and making Nico mewl into his mouth, her cheeks aflame as she did something so lewd right in front of her friends.

''I'm putting it in.'' Yukino murmured between kisses, groping her ass.

Nico squirmed slightly. ''G-Go on then, do it.''

The young man gleefully did so, nudging her hand off and grabbing his cock once more, helping guide the tip of his cock down along her slit – until finally he sunk inside of her pussy, claiming both of their first times. Instantly they moaned in unison, a wave of pleasure rushing through Yukino as wet flesh pressed down on the tip of his cock; more of his shaft rapidly becoming swallowed up as Nico pushed her hips down, taking him in deeper into her sex.

More and more slid inside until finally the tip hit something deep inside of her, his cock fully buried inside of her. The sensation was so raw it left him briefly paralysed with pleasure, his muscles tensing and relaxing as he relished the feeling of being inside Nico – his gaze running over Nico's nude body from her small chest down to her wet folds, his cock buried deep inside of her. He took a lustful sort of pride in being the first guy to be balls-deep inside the idol.

''Does it hurt?'' Honoka asked with worry, one hand on his knee as she looked around at Nico.

Nico's cheeks burned, but she shook her head regardless. ''N-Not really... i-it just feels... kinda big in me though...''

The idol mumbled the last of the words, too embarrassed to speak louder. Yukino would've taken the words as a compliment, but he had to admit she was being truthful – his smile tight as he felt her inner walls clamp around his cock. She was tighter than he had been expecting; tight in a good way, but it still left him feeling like there was very little room to move about. Though that didn't stop him from grabbing her perky ass and lifting her up slightly, and then pulling her back down.

''Mm!'' Nico gripped his shoulders tight, nails pricking his skin. ''O-Ohh...''

Nico took the hint, lifting her hips on her own as she began to ride him – her pussy squeezing him tight as she tensed her muscles. The idol moved slowly at first, perhaps a bit wary of doing it too fast and hurting herself, but as she slid along his cock with nothing but a heavy exhale and throaty groan she got more confident, embracing his shaft with her honeyed walls and leaning more against him, arching her back as she moved.

Holding her ass Yukino helped her move, making out with her lustfully even as he bucked his own hips up, driving himself balls-deep inside of Nico. Peripherally he was aware of Maki and Eli on either side of him, Honoka still washing her face, but his focus remained fully on Nico – boldly sliding one hand up and grabbing at her breast in the heat of the moment. She was small but that didn't stop him from groping her, his thumb pressing down on her nipple and rolling it about.

''Hah, haah...'' Nico broke off the kiss and tipped her head back, panting and moaning.

Shifting his hands to her lower back Yukino began to thrust up more vigorously, relishing the hot smack of his pelvis against hers, his cock burying itself in deep. Every second inside her searing warmth felt heavenly, made extra pleasurable in the moment he pulled partway out only to slam back in. Doubly so when Nico matched his movements, moans tumbling out of her kissable lips as she smacked herself down, working her lithe hips through the pleasure.

And in a burst of boldness Yukino buried his face down into her neck, kissing at her smooth flesh. The idol cried out and clutched onto his head with one hand, moans spilling out of her mouth as she desperately kept riding him, the wet smacks of their clapping flesh only heightening her pleasure – left sensitive by his passionate fingering. His own prior orgasm had left Yukino sensitive too, the enveloping heat around his dick rapidly bringing him to his limit.

''Hah, I'm a-about to...'' The young man rasped out, squeezing her petite rear as the pressure swelled up his cock.

Nico just gasped back, hands shaking as she cupped his cheeks and tilted his head back – and then mashed her lips against his in a deep, messy kiss, her own lips soon parting as she let out a sweet, orgasmic cry. Her inner walls smothered his cock in an instant, the tight wet embrace proving too much for the teen; and with a gasping moan of his own Yukino blew his load inside the idol, the tip pressing against her cervix as he unloaded ropes of cum deep inside of her.

Their bodies jerked and shuddered together, their orgasms dragged each others out – until with a gasp their mutual orgasms ended. Nico flopped her slim body down against his and he held onto her back, his fingers sliding over her sweaty shoulder blades and down to the small of her back, relishing the feeling of her bare flesh beneath his fingers. The feeling was made only more arousing by how Nico buried her face into his shoulder as she caught her breath, panting and shuddering.

''W-Wow...'' Nico gasped into his shoulder, shakily leaning back upright. ''Mn...''

With some effort the idol pushed herself up, mewling as his still-hard cock slowly slid out of her sloppy pussy – before finally he sprung out, leaving her empty. A trickle of cum began to leak out but Nico was still too lost in her bliss to really care, moaning as she stumbled down and sunk into the warm onsen water, melting into it.

Yukino's attention shifted over to Eli however, lust bubbling up within him as he looked the blonde over. Compared to the petite Nico, Eli was the opposite – possessing alluring curves and with a generous bust. Thus with little reluctance the teenager reached out and grabbed Eli by the waist, pulling her close and making her coo – their lips meeting in a light but messy kiss not a moment later. The vixen showed no hesitation, eagerly indulging in his warmth and running a hand over his chest, soon slipping an arm around his neck, tugging him towards the onsen.

''Mm...'' Eli breathed as she pulled back from the kiss, slowly standing up.

Curious Yukino stood up too, openly admiring Eli's naked body – and his cock throbbed with lust as the blonde put her hands on the edge of the onsen, bending over at the waist. The offer was undeniable and Yukino took it, shifting behind her without missing a beat and grabbing her waist, her skin still wet beneath his grasping hands. His gaze ran over her rear, the smooth flesh tempting him to push against it, humping her for a lustful moment.

Eli giggled, pushing her ass back against his cock. He groaned and reared his hips back, resisting the urge to grind on her rear and instead guiding his cock between her legs – and then slid inside of her. A hot, womanly moan escaped Eli and her shoulders tensed up, pleasure written across her visage as he entered her. She was wet enough that there was barely any resistance, his dick fitting inside of her snugly.

''Mm!'' And a pleasure-filled mewl was swift to escape Eli as he began to move right off of the bat – yanking his cock halfway out only to plunge back inside of her.

The slapping of flesh quickly started to echo throughout the hot springs as Yukino buried his cock inside of her, thrusting his hips back-and-forth with growing eagerness. Having sex with a woman was arousing enough but knowing it was a famous idol made it that much more lewd, his dick throbbing each time he sheathed himself within her dripping folds and felt her squeeze him. In response the young man reached up with one hand and grabbed onto her right breast, relishing how big and soft it felt in his hand.

Eli moaned at his bold touch, panting as she pushed her ass back against him – the clapping of his pelvis hitting her rear only encouraging him to bury himself in her faster, their flesh meeting with more and more frequent smacks. As he pounded the blonde Yukino spared a glance around at the other two girls he had yet to fuck, lustfully eyeing the demure Maki and in-awe Honoka – the latter looking away the moment he looked at her.

Until he held his right hand out to her. ''Come here.''

Honoka swallowed and obeyed him, rising up to her feet and walking over to him, one arm draped over her breasts shyly. He grasped that arm and tugged it aside, his hand grabbing her tit a moment later and fondling it, coaxing out a surprise whimper from Honoka – embarrassment clear on her face. His hand slid along her breast, feeling it up from the sides to the bottom, soon cupping it from below and sliding his thumb along her creamy flesh, finding her nipple and playfully flicking it about, coaxing out a mewl from Honoka.

A mewl that was soon stifled as he slid his hand around her back and pulled her closer, the water sloshing as she stumbled a step closer – and then their lips met. Honoka kissed back with surprising skill, clearly far from inexperienced, and he relished the sudden make-out session. His hand slid down to her ass and he greedily groped her rear, committing the curvy rear to memory. Only when his lungs began to burn for air did he break off the kiss, expelling a groan as he continued plunging into Eli's pussy.

''Mn...'' He leaned in, kissing Honoka's ear. ''You're so hot...''

Honoka blushed darkly at his comment, smiling shyly. ''U-Um... thanks...''

Yukino replied by kissing her ear and releasing her, returning his focus back onto Eli – though not before he brought his hand down and spanked Honoka; eliciting a sharp squeal from the idol. The sound sent a burst of cocky arousal through him and the young man rode the high, leaving Honoka to rub her butt as he grabbed Eli's waist with both hands once more, and began to slam his cock into her slick folds with renewed vigour.

''Ahh~!'' Eli buckled in pleasure. ''M-Mm, like that~''

She pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts, her rear flush against his pelvis until he bucked his hips forth, jerking her body forwards a touch until their bodies inevitably slapped together a second later. The tight wet heat smothering his cock was downright heavenly, his breathing growing tight and fast as he buried himself within Eli – his left hand sliding up and grabbing her breast again, passionately fondling and squeezing it.

The idol moaned at his touch, bowing her head and focusing solely on pushing herself back onto his cock, her breathy panting rich in his ears. Yukino tried to resist the warmth swelling within himself but knew it was a losing battle, leaving him with no chance but to pound himself into Eli, the loud smacks growing louder and louder-


-until with a girlish cry Eli finally hit her climax, buckling forwards slightly. He gripped her hips tightly and yanked her back towards him, moaning as he kept fucking her even as her inner walls spasmed around his length, the tightening warmth too much; and then with a gasp he blew his load. His thrusts grew uneven and desperate, smacking his pelvis against her ass multiple more times and spurting his load deep within her, intimately feeling her wring his load out of him.

And then in an instant the moment passed, a breath expelling itself from the young man's lips as he came down from his high. He bucked his shaking hips back and pulled out of Eli, the air warm yet not as searing hot as her creampied pussy. His legs shook from tiredness but he pushed past it, panting and fixating his lustful gaze on Honoka – the orange-haired girl blushing from a mere look, smiling tentatively back at him.

However his gaze then slid over to Maki. The redhead also blushed and looked aside, fidgeting and saying nothing. Which to choose.

He came to a decision quickly. Plastering a light grin on his lips the teenager wrapped an arm around Honoka's waist, pulling her flush against his side and kissing her full on the lips. She mewled and tentatively reciprocated, unsure and embarrassed but into it – a cute moan escaping her when he lifted his free hand and groped one of her breasts, hefting her plump tit about. It felt delightfully soft and a little heavy in his hand, enticing him to lift it about and play with it.

Then with a mutual exhale they broke off from the kiss. Grinning lightly Yukino guided Honoka over towards the edge of the onsen, easing her down onto the spot next to Maki – giving her a slight nudge until she laid back. His other hand slid over and pressed on Maki's toned stomach, pushing her back a little too. She obeyed with rosy cheeks, legs crossing over each other to hide her womanhood.

Yukino didn't mind, a grin on his lips as he got in front of Honoka, squeezing her plush thighs and opening her legs – allowing his tip to touch her folds, coaxing out a shy moan from the orange-haired girl.

''Mn... b-be gent- kya~!'' A squeal escaped Honoka as he promptly pushed inside, her wet folds parting for his girth.

The young man groaned, planting his hands on either side of Honoka and pushed himself in deep, relishing the hot flesh that swallowed him up. Only once two-thirds of his length was snugly buried within her did he stop, opting instead to pull his hips back until the tip was left inside and then eagerly plunging back in – his lower body eagerly bucking back-and-forth as he fucked Honoka with open lust.

Like a vice Honoka gripped his cock, the hot wetness driving him mad – his mind consumed by the heavenly feeling, only encouraging Yukino to keep thrusting, every little bit of friction addictive in its own right. Beneath him Honoka let him know how she felt about it as well, a string of cute moans and gasps fleeing her kissable lips, the force of his thrusts causing her tits to bounce lightly – the hypnotic up-and-down movements.

''Mm!'' Honoka buckled as his right hand landed on her tit, groping it passionately. ''Ah, that- Mm~''

Honoka's words were cut short as he leaned down, claiming her lips in a searing kiss even as he kept thrusting, his pelvis smacking against hers with the resounding slap of flesh. He shoved his dick in as deep as he could, primal lust carrying him forth and demanding he fuck the idol senseless, his cock throbbing within her at the mere thought. The reminder of who she was only accentuated his lust, breaking off the kiss and looking her in the eye as he battered her cervix with his cock.

Until he then bucked his hips back, and pulled out.

Naturally Honoka gasped, startled as she was suddenly left empty and quivering for more, her body seizing briefly from the abrupt stop. Yukino however just flashed her a grin and no more, shifted out from between her legs over to Maki – causing a rosy burn to colour the aforementioned redhead's cheeks. She uncrossed her legs hesitantly, gaze fixated onto his cock and watching as he pressed his wet cock against her folds, rubbing it along her entrance.

''Mn... j-just put it in already...!'' Maki complained, flustered.

Yukino obeyed, grabbing her hips and then pushing inside with a single strong thrust – relishing the deep, wheezing gasp that he pulled out of Maki's throat. The idol arched her back and clawed at the floor, ecstasy twisting at her face before she pursed her lips and screwed her eyes shut, whimpering in pleasure as his dick throbbed and twitched within her womanhood, the feeling undoubtedly a novel one.

He didn't give her long to adjust to the feeling, too pumped full of lust to be a gentle lover. Instead he planted both of his hands on the floor next to her and reared his hips back, careful not to slip out – and when he felt himself nearly doing so he pushed himself back in, the tip of his cock hitting her innermost parts in an instant. The burst of warmth that shot through Maki left her moaning, her erotic voice enticing him to kiss her deeply.

''Mmph~'' Maki grabbed the back of his head with one hand, holding their lips together even as he began to fuck her raw. ''Ah, a-ahh...''

Yukino relished the cute sounds that escaped her, sliding one hand down and holding her hip as he continued to thrust. She felt wet and hot around his cock, the inviting heat accompanied by arousing twitches, each shudder or spasm making her tighten around his cock, smothering his girth for a brief moment. He pressed himself down against her more, feeling her plump breasts against his own bare chest and how they bounced slightly, the movement equal parts erotic and exciting.

Breaking off the kiss Yukino buried his face into her neck, panting against it and daringly whispering into her ear. ''Your pussy feels so good, Mn...''

''D-Don't say that...'' Maki moaned in embarrassment, clawing at his back in a fit of bliss.

Grinning Yukino picked up the pace, pounding Maki so hard and fast she cried out in pleasure-

-before with a jerk of his hips, he pulled out of her.

''Hah?!'' The idol gasped in shock, her legs spasming shut on reflex. ''H-Hey!''

Chuckling Yukino stumbled back over to Honoka, aroused to see that she was touching herself subtly – her fingertips shyly playing with her clit. She stopped the moment he looked at her, bashfully hiding her face behind her hands even as he mounted her, tugging her thighs apart and pressing himself against her wet entrance – and then plunged inside.

The heat was a familiar one and Yukino lost himself in it, smacking his flesh against hers with rhythmic, passionate bucks of his hips. His cock became wet as he buried himself in her and he throbbed against her clenching inner walls, the barrage of lewd sensations only enamouring him more – enticing him to kiss her deeply, silencing Honoka's moans only temporarily. Her body still rocked from the force of his thrusts and he relished that, soon breaking off the kiss so he could watch her boobs jiggle.

''Ah, no~'' Honoka moaned, covering her breasts.

In response Yukino pinned both of her wrists to the floor, his breathing ragged as he pounded her faster – relishing how her boobs bounced more from the movement. He kept up the rapid pace, the smacking of skin echoing throughout the onsen for several seconds; before in an instant he pulled out.

Then with shaking steps he moved back in front of Maki. He was half-tempted to just bury his twitching cock inside her, but a burst of bold mischievousness ignited itself within him, tempting him to grab Maki's thighs and lean down.

''W-What are you- ah?!'' Maki squealed as he dragged his tongue along her glistening folds.

The erotic sound encouraged Yukino to do it again, tasting her honey as he licked her folds. He ran his tongue along her folds with several quick licks before spreading her folds with two fingers, pushing his tongue inside of her and intimately feeling her slick inner walls smother his intruding tongue, his rough tongue sliding over her slippery inner walls and his nose pressing against her clit, the scent of her sex turning him on.

However as arousing as eating Maki out was, his own cock throbbed for attention – and thus after just a short minute of tongue-fucking the idol he pulled his tongue out and stood upright, his cock pressing against her wet pussy, before he promptly pushed inside of her once more. The rush of sensation that came with it briefly overwhelmed him, his orgasm so close that he couldn't hold himself back; pounding himself balls-deep in Maki with feverish passion.

''Ah~!'' Maki cried out in surprised pleasure, clawing at the ground above her head as he smacked their flesh together. ''F-Faster!''

Yukino obeyed, pushing his hips forth as hard and fast as he could, his cock burning with need as the overwhelming friction sapped away at his restraint. He wanted to pull out and go back to fucking Maki but he couldn't hold on long enough, his balls tightening and his pelvis tensing as he desperately held back his climax, dragging out his passionate, desperate thrusts for a few more seconds.

And as he hit her innermost parts one more time, Maki reached her own climax. ''A-Ahh~!''

Wet flesh pressed down on his cock, fire lanced up his shaft, and finally Yukino couldn't hold back anymore. He buried himself in deep and pressed himself into Maki, thick ropes of cum getting shot deep into her pussy as he jerked and bucked his hips, the erratic slapping of flesh lasting only a scarce few seconds before his stamina ran dry – prompting him to pull out, jerking himself off with his hand instead. The sudden change was enough of a shock to coax out more of his load, his teeth clenched as he unloaded several more thick streaks of cum up Maki's front, splattering it up her stomach and between her plump breasts.

''Mm!'' Maki shuddered at the feeling. ''Ah... i-it's so hot...''

Yukino didn't reply, panting as he stroked himself off until he had nothing more to shoot, only to push himself against her pussy and slide back in. The addictive heat made him moan and he rocked his hips back-and-forth, lightly fucking her and just riding out his climax, the tightness around his cock melting his mind.

However one look at Honoka, her fingers shyly playing with her clit once more, and he found the strength to pull out of Maki – leaving the redhead to moan by herself, her legs drifting shut as she recovered from her powerful orgasm. Yukino savoured the arousing sight but refocused swiftly on Honoka, smiling when the orange-haired girl opened her legs for him and rubbing his cock against her entrance, the slightest bit of friction sending bolts of pleasure down his cock.

He didn't put it in immediately, though. ''Beg for it.''

Honoka squeaked, cheeks burning as he proposed such a lewd idea... but perhaps owing to how downright needy she was, she didn't deny him. ''P-Put it in me, please...''

That was enough for him, lust skyrocketing as he made the idol say something so submissive – and he rewarded her swiftly by pushing inside. A hot moan of bliss fled Honoka's lips before he claimed them in a deep kiss, pressing himself against her until their pelvises were flush together, his dick throbbing within her tight, clenching inner walls. He stayed like that for a moment, relishing the closeness and making out with Honoka in the meantime.

Then he slid one hand down around to her ass, his other hand on her lower back. Honoka had barely a second to realise what he had planned before he acted upon it – and picked her up. The idol squealed in surprise and wrapped both her arms and legs around him, clutching onto him as he held her up, both of his hands gripping her ass to stop her from falling. It was a task to still hold her up, considering he wasn't the strongest person around, but lust gave him the strength to endure the strain – and then bounce her on his cock.

''Ah! Ah!'' Honoka cried out, eyes wide as he impaled her on his swollen cock. ''I-It feels- Mmph~!''

Her lewd words were cut short as he claimed her lips in a kiss, groaning into her mouth. With both hands on her rear he bounced her up-and-down, burying himself up to the hilt inside her pussy – their flesh colliding in uneven, erotic smacks. Her ass pushed itself into his hands and he lustfully squeezed it each time he hefted her back up, her plump breasts squishing against his chest as she moved up-and-down.

Water sloshed around his shins as he walked through the water, taking a step careful steps – the act of walking and fucking her at the same time exciting. The teen savoured it, distracted only slightly by making out with the idol passionately, their lips never stopping in their endless string of kisses, the smacks of their lips matching the slaps of skin between them. Soon however his arms began to strain, struggling to hold her up.

Prompting him to lift her off of his cock, twist her around – and bend her over Maki.

''H-Huh?!'' The redhead blushed at her friend's sudden closeness.

Honoka was similarly alarmed. ''Hey, this is- eek!''

A cute squeak fled her lips as he pushed back in, and any complaints Honoka held rapidly melted away as he resumed fucking her – with a vengeance. The harsh smacks of flesh resounded through the air, jerking and jiggling her body as he hit her innermost parts over and over again, roughly fucking the idol as he expended the last of his strength. Pressure rapidly climbed up his cock thanks to all his prior orgasms, his fried nerves unable to endure the clenching tightness of her quivering vagina.

His prior fingering and fucking had also clearly worn away at Honoka's stamina too. She gasped and cried out girlishly, her body jerking forwards from the force of his thrusts only for her to push herself back desperately, impaling herself upon his hard cock. Soon he couldn't resist himself, sliding his right hand up and grabbing her plump, bouncing breast whilst his other hand steadied her hip, keeping her upright as he went to town on her.

Until finally the pleasure overflowed. ''H-Hono- Mm!''

His cock touched her innermost parts, and he exploded within her – unloading thick ropes of cum into her womb directly. Honoka let out a squeal of unbridled pleasure, her insides clenching like a vice around his pulsating meat and squeezing it all out of him, ropes of cum splattering across her quivering insides and accentuating how hot and sloppy she felt, his cock buried deep inside her as he kept his pelvis flush against her ass.

Until the moment passed, and his stamina ran out. With a gasp he pulled out just in time for Honoka to collapse on top of Maki, earning an embarrassed moan from the redhead, both girls looking up at him with dazed but satisfied looks. Given who they were, he'd likely been their first fuck, and they his. He took pride in that.

Of course his thoughts quickly went elsewhere as a playful hand slipped around his waist, grabbing his cock and jerking him off.

''You're not done yet, are you~?'' Nico teased, shifting in front of him. ''I ain't satisfied with just one round; if we're gonna do this then we're gonna make the most of it~''

Finishing her words in a teasing lilt Nico took the tip of his cock into her mouth, and Yukino moaned as she deep-throated him, going to town on his cock.


''K-Kyaa! S-Slow down a bit~!''

Despite Nico's squealed words he could tell she really didn't want him to, only emboldening Yukino to pound himself into Nico's depths, her quivering pussy weeping around his cock. The fleshy smacks of his cock slamming into her rung sweetly in his ears, his body pressed down against her more petite one as he fucked her missionary, her wrists pinned to the floor and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Her wet body glistened with both sweat and water as he rammed himself into her, the idol's pussy dripping wet as his cock pistoned in and out. Every time he nearly pulled out it felt like she was trying to suck him back in, only encouraging him to bury himself back into her, hitting her innermost parts and sending jolts of fresh pleasure through both of them.

''Crap, I'm gonna cum...'' The young man groaned against her lips. ''Shit... I'm...''

Nico raked her nails across his back. ''N-Not yet! J-J-Just a little... little... bit m-more~!''

Her voice rose to a sharp squeal, trembling – and then Nico came, her stomach seizing up against his and her head throwing itself back, allowing him to bury his face in her neck and blow his load deep within her clenching womanhood.


''Hehe... you're moving so fast~''

Eli's teasing words were hardly interrupted as he fucked her breasts. The idol laid back against the ground, her wet flesh jiggling as he plunged his cock between them. She held onto the side of her breasts as he moved his hips, keeping the pressure up on his cock. The friction of his shaft sliding between her breasts was only made more inviting by the look on her face; one brimming with sensual want.

Panting Yukino kept thrusting, each buck of his hips thrusting him along her breastbone and leaving the tip to poke out from the top of her cleavage – tempting Eli to blow down on it, the ticklish sensation leaving him moaning. Eager to pay her back he grabbed her breasts and nudged her hands off, taking control and ramming himself between her boobs, his end nearing.

Until finally he blew his load, moaning as his milky seed splattered across her plump breasts and up her collarbone.

''Heheh~'' Eli giggled playfully, winking. ''Aim for my mouth next time, will you~?''

He obliged that wish a matter of minutes later, painting her face white with a thick load.


Round after round of sex was had, his body clapping against theirs until he either unloaded within them or spurted it across their skin, his hot load leaving them shuddering and squealing.

Eventually however all of them grew tired, and even his libido couldn't coax him to go another round – even laying next to them naked in the onsen was a challenge and a half, the call of sleep halfway through tempting him into a pleasant lull. Thus eventually they all got out of the hot water and departed to their respective changing rooms, and within record time Yukino changed himself back into his prior clothes.

And then proceeded to walk through the onsen around to the female changing rooms.

''You girls done changing?''

The startled shriek Yukino got in reply told him that no, they weren't, but he didn't lean back out of the ajar door – unashamedly looking in like a pervert and admiring the four idols. They were still mostly naked; Eli only had an unbuttoned white shirt on and her socks, Honoka had her socks and pretty pink panties on, emphasising her peachy butt, whilst Maki only had her purple bra and panties on and nothing else. Nico had nothing on at all, covering herself with her arms and glaring at him in embarrassment.

''Geez! Knock first!'' The aforementioned petite idol complained, uncrossing her arms a moment later – perhaps unashamed of her nudity after the last few hours.

The other girls seemed equally unbothered by his blatant voyeurism, though Maki and Honoka both bore flustered blushes regardless. Eli, however, openly invited him in with a teasing curl of the finger. ''What is it~?''

''Was wondering if I could get your numbers.'' Yukino inquired lightly, leaning against the doorway – openly staring at Nico's ass as the idol bent over, pulling her light pink underwear up her slim thighs and tugging it over her butt, adjusting it for a moment.

She shot him a flat stare right after doing so, but made no move to stop him even as she clipped her bra into place, her petite bust hidden beneath the smooth fabric.

''Sure~!'' Eli chirped, leaning forwards into her locker and withdrawing her phone – wiggling her shapely ass his way as she did so. ''Just so long as you don't go sharing it.''

''I won't.'' He promised, pulling his own phone out.

His attention shifted onto Eli as the blonde approached him, clad in nothing but an open white shirt; leaving her bust plentifully exposed. She clearly knew that, smirking at him as she gave him her number and he typed it into his phone, saving it. The others all gave their numbers out too, calling it out as he typed.

That done Yukino just went back to leaning on the door frame, openly watching them. Just seeing their formerly-exposed flesh gradually get covered up was erotic in its own way, like a reverse strip-tease. Panties pulled up over shapely rears and curvy hips, bras squishing boobs and pushing them up a touch, shirts hiding creamy flesh beneath neat buttons and skirts shielding soft-looking thighs; it was alluring in its own way. And the fact they had no problems with him watching only made it more erotic for him.

Soon however the girls were all done, and it was time to say goodbye.

''See you next time, Yukino-kun.'' Eli cooed as she approached, pecking him on the lips. ''Chat later~''

Honoka was much more subdued, kissing him on the lips more affectionately. ''L-Let's feel good together soon, o-okay?''

Nico, predictably, was more of a tsundere about it. ''D-Don't think just because you've got my number you can call me anytime, alright?! I-I'll call you first! P-Probably... when my parents aren't around...''

Maki was more demure, but a little more confident about it than before. ''Let's see each other again soon, okay? I had a lot of fun tonight.''

Four kisses, four little comments, and then with a wave and goodbye cheer the four idols left the changing rooms, leaving Yukino alone, a grin on his face.

One hell of a way to spend an evening, and he'd remember it for a long time coming.