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Exploring The Seas

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The Beacon swam towards the shark prince, his evil witch companions watching curiously. Kappa collided into Siren, knocking him on the ground as he hugged him.

"Kappa- Kappa I missed you so much-"

Arp arped and swam up to the two, wiggling it's way into the hug.

Pagoon watched, pointing at Kappa as Mucku pointed at Siren.

"So THIS is the fish you've been gushing over!"

The witch and child locked eyes, laughing while repeating 'jinx' over and over in synch, trying to jinx one another.

"Kappa you're.. different."

Kappa let go, pulling on his evil witch cloak.

"Oh, yeah- I became an evil witch, do you like it? Witches only think of theirself so.. I thought it'd be nice for me."

"I like it! It's just.. Different. Evil witch suits you."

Siren smiled, watching as Kappa moved his hands up to feel Siren's muscles.

"You got stronger.. Wow.. Now you're really my type. Scarred and strong."

Siren blushed, about to say something before Pagoon cut him off.

"Yep! He's super strong now! All taught by the AMAZING warrior."

Pagoon pointed a thumb towards himself, Kappa nodding surprisingly.

"A kid taught you?"

"Yeah, master Pagoon is actually a really good fighter. He taught me how to fight from scratch, since I left the castle without any training-"

"YOU DID WHAT?! Siren!- Are you stupid?! You should be glad you survived for so long! You could've died out there!"

"Well.. I almost did. All my stuff got stolen by these mers called Reesha and Roc, I had to bite them to give the bag back. It was hard to survive but I met Pagoon and his mother and.. yeah."

Kappa nodded along as he listened, pulling Siren into a hug.

"We should find a place to stay, it's getting dark. You two can catch up on everything later."

Pagoon's mother spoke up, helping the two mers up off the ground.


"So then the monsters grabbed my mom, and she was like, 'ahhh!' and Siren was like, 'ahhh!' and I was like, 'Don't worry, I'll save you!' and then I fought all the monsters and saved my mom!"

Pagoon was telling the tale of the God Mouth, bending it a bit to sound like he did all the fighting, but Siren could care less.

Mucku and Mono were listening intently, Nethimir and Pagoon's mother were chatting, and Siren and Kappa were at the back of the cave, cuddled up close to each other.

"Seriously, Siren, I missed you so much. I was beginning to think the curse had gotten you and your people."

The shark shook his head, running his webbed fingers through Kappa's hair.

"When I was hit, my blood fought the curse off for a year, then at the God Mouth I got another few scars, so that might've added a month."

"New scars..? You got hurt again?"

"Yeah, didn't you see the scars on my face?"

"Wh- NO!- I was too busy being happy that you were back! Lemme see your scars!"

Siren tilting his head, showing The Beacon the scars on the side of his face.

"Woah... That's... Hot."

He blushed, rubbing the back of his neck while the gold-tailed fish just sat there.

"Really?- You think it's hot?-"

"You're hot in general, scars just make you more attractive, scarless shark prince that'll break the curse."

They both laughed, Siren going quiet.

"Speaking of that, can I tell you something?- In private though."

"Of course."

The two swam over to their non-biological mothers, the girls telling both of them about a cave nearby they could stay at, just for privacy. The boys nodded, swimming away hand in hand.


"So breaking the curse won't work."

"Kind.. Of?"

Siren shrugged, beginning to explain it again.

"I can't break the curse because the curse is our prophecy. Our prophecy has to be broken in order for the curse to break."

Kappa took all the information in, letting out a shaky sigh.

"So.. All your people will still get hurt.. Unless.. I kill you."


Kappa sat there for a second, eventually crashing into Siren for a hug.


He cried, holding Siren tightly.

"I'll find a way to break the prophecy, Evil Witch Kappa."

The Beacon smiled, leaning up to give Siren a kiss. Siren kissed back, yelping as he was pushed onto the sand.


"Have a fun night, boys?"

Pagoon's mother teased, Pagoon pulling Mucku along in front of the group.

"Were we that loud?-"

"Mhm, but it's alright, you two haven't seen each other in months, it's only fair you get a night to yourselves."

Siren blushed embarrassedly, Kappa and Arp swimming up ahead to catch up to Mucku and Pagoon.

"Siren! Come look!"

The shark swam up to look at whatever he was told to, tilting his head.

"It's.. A hole."

Pagoon huffed, swimming up to wrap an arm around Siren's shoulders.

"Young pupil, so naive. Listen closely."

Siren stood there, listening close. He could hear a half-hearted and playful 'heelpp!' from Kappa down in the spooky sand hole.

"Your damoiseau in distress is down there! Go save him!"

Siren laughed, nodding as he went to swim.

"Wait! Take this!"

The shark took the knife from Pagoon, swimming down into the spooky hole.

"Ahhhh! I hope some pretty shark boy saves me!"

Siren laughed, swimming up to Kappa, who was sitting in a nook in the side of the rock wall, Arp gently holding onto his tail with his mouth.

"What may be the problem, cute merperson?"

Kappa gestured to Arp.

"A terrifying creature has gotten a hold on my tail. May you be a dear and slay it?"

Siren tapped Arp with the handle of his knife, Arp swimming off Kappa's tail and up to the mers at the top of the hole.

"There, you're saved."

"Oh thank you handsome shark prince! So daring and strong!"

Kappa dramatically put an arm over his forehead as Siren brought him up to the top bridal style.

"How must I repay you, kind shark?"

Siren chuckled with a smile, tossing his knife to the side once they got to the safety of the sand.

"How about a kiss?"

"Anything for you, brave shark!"

They kissed, Mucku and Mono clapping enthusiastically while wiping a nonexistent tear.

"That was.. The most beautiful- thing I've seen-"

The five of them laughed, Siren setting Kappa down.

"What is this hole though..."

Nethimir asked, inspecting it. A low growl could be heard from within the hole, all of them swimming back a bit. The growling got louder, along with a rumbling of the ground.


They all swam away as fast as they could, Siren having to pull Pagoon along with.


After that day with the hole, they all decided to stay together and be safer while still having fun. Kappa showed Siren things about the sea that he hadn't saw before, Siren using any chance he could to show off his new strength to Kappa.

"Y'know what, Kappa?"

"Hm? What?"

"Even with how pretty the ocean is, you're still the most beautiful thing I've seen."