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Was it worth it? No. Not for me.

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This wasn’t supposed to happen.  

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  

They both knew it was wrong. Both knew they would be destroying their lives by doing this but neither could stop themselves.  

It had started in a fight. A stupid fight. Maggie was back, assisting on a case. She had experience with caped crusaders, especially ones with a bat sign on their costume. She’d brought Kate with her.  

They were engaged.  

She hadn’t even told Alex before it was suddenly out there and it didn’t matter if Alex was with Kelly, no doubt she was still hurt.  

Kara was pissed. She was pissed off that Maggie had come back engaged and hadn’t even warned Alex beforehand. She was pissed at Kate for not mentioning it to her. She was pissed that Lena wasn’t as upset as she was.  


Lena would never forgive her for this.  

Maggie's nail’s dug into Kara’s back and Kara couldn’t help but wonder if she wished she could draw blood.  

Everything had been forgiven. They'd moved on from Lena’s betrayal. They’d moved on from all of Kara’s lies. They were doing well. Their relationship was new but Kara had never loved anyone liked she had loved Lena.  

Now here she was throwing everything away.  

Maggie bit down on her neck and Kara growled flipping her over and fucking her hard, her super speed causing Maggie’s eyes to roll back in her head.  

Kara smirked.  

They’d been left alone. Kate had gone off to do her own investigating, Lena and Alex were in L Corp’s lab, leaving Kara and Maggie in Kara’s apartment, Maggie going over files and Kara “helping”.   

It hadn’t taken long for the argument to start. Kara mentioning that she didn’t know Alex had got a new number. Maggie replied she hadn’t. Kara throwing in that maybe she should have texted said number to explain that she was now engaged. Maggie biting back that she didn’t have to explain herself to anyone.  

Kara had lost herself in the argument quickly. Throwing in that she hadn’t even told Alex about her daughter, that they’d broken up because Maggie didn’t want kids but Maggie already had one. Was she going to hide her daughter forever? Did Kate even know?  

Maggie shouting that she barely got to see her daughter due to the homophobia from the father. Jamie was staying with Maggie now but was back in Gotham at the moment, staying with Kate’s cousin. Bruce. The shouting continued. Both throwing barbs at each other.  

Maggie bringing in Lena was the last straw. She mentioned that Lena would deserve better than someone so self-righteous , that Lena would always stand behind Kara and never with her. That Kara would always find a way to hurt Lena and one day, Lena wouldn’t forgive Kara for her little betrayals.  

Maggie was right, really. Kara had three fingers in her sister's ex-fiancée and one of her friend’s current fiancée .  

There was no way that Lena would forgive her after this.  

They’d been shouting in each other's faces but Maggie’s face after spitting out that Lena would leave her. It pushed Kara over the edge.   

She’d grabbed Maggie by her hair roughly and pulled her in for a fierce kiss, it didn’t take long for Maggie to kiss her back. They’d stumbled into Kara’s bedroom, Kara roughly pulling at Maggie’s clothes, practically ripping them from the smaller woman’s body.  

Kara threw her down on the bed, naked and wanton for her. Kara wasn’t sure when her clothes had come off but by the time, she had joined Maggie in bed, her clothes were off too.  

There were so many things that they hadn’t been sure of but the pleasure out of this situation that they both felt, couldn’t be denied.  

It couldn’t be denied by the marks that Kara had left on Maggie, the marks that would litter her body, that Kate would see.  

She supposes they were stupid. Stupid to get lost in anger and pent-up desires, forbidden desires that had lingered since their first meeting, those many moons ago.  

Who could blame Maggie, who wouldn’t have a crush on Supergirl?  

It’s Alex who walks in confused. Alex whose face drops as she looks between both of them. Her sister and her ex-fiancée .  

She doesn’t say anything.  

Kara thinks that’s worse than her screaming at them. She just stands there staring at them both.  

Lena follows shortly who lets out a pained noise and Alex grabs her to keep her upright.  

Kara shoots out and is dressed in no time, begging for them to listen to her, that she’s not sure what happened. She wasn’t to lie. Wants to make up some story about red Kryptonite but she can’t. She can’t because that’s just not true.  

Maggie is dressed and out of there when Kate returns and Kate is staring at her with so much hatred that she has to look away. She threatens her. She says that is Supergirl ever steps foot in Gotham, she will make sure she has a Kryptonite Batarang just for her.  

Alex punches her soon after.   

I wish I could hurt you.  

I wish you could too.  

She leaves with Lena, Alex stating they would come back for Lena’s things tomorrow and she’s left alone.  

No scratches on her back.  

No memories of Maggie on her.  

Just the smell of Maggie’s perfume mixing with Lena’s.  

Alex leaves the DEO weeks after. With time she forgives Kara but she never forgets. She takes a job at L-Corp and the stress of the fallout ends Alex’s relationship with Kelly.  

Lena forgives her too but she never returns to Kara. She employs Alex as her head scientist. Alex continues with fieldwork as a freelance agent.  

They fall in love.  

Kara wants to be angry but she has no right to be. Not after what she did.   

She isn’t Alex’s Maid of honor at the wedding, that honor goes to Vasquez.  

She sits in the crowd and watches as her sister and ex-girlfriend marry.   

She eventually becomes an aunt.  

One day, whilst drinking in an Alien bar, a visiting Barbara Gordon asks her if it was worth it.  

She says in some ways, she had never seen her sister happier, Lena either. She wonders if that means Lena was sad when they were together. She never noticed.  

Maggie’s words echo in her head about Lena always standing behind her.  

Was it worth it for her?  


Kara is alone in a bar drinking with the only person from Gotham who will speak to her and not stab her with the nearest piece of Kryptonite .  

She had never loved anyone like she had loved Lena Luthor.  

She never would.  

The last daughter of Krypton stood alone.  

And it was her fault.