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Geillis had the right idea to move out of the way, pressing herself into the suede covered wall, as Claire stumbled forward and flung her thin arms around Jamie’s neck easily, thanks to the knife point stilettos she wore. As if they had a mind of their own, Jamie’s hands settled on Claire’s tapered waist, keeping her warm, solid body pressed against his.

“Will ye be safe if I leave ye two, Claire?” Geillis spoke up asking her best friend and then focusing on Jamie. “How much have ye had to drink?”

“I stopped counting after the sixth.” Jamie answered truthfully, grimacing slightly.

Claire tapped her hands against Jamie’s broad shoulders, peering at her best friend. “We’ll be fine, Geillie.” She assured her. “Jamie and I can share a taxi or something, can’t we?”

“Aye.” Jamie agreed, squeezing Claire’s waist in his palms. The satin material of her dress bunched up under his hands, making them slip and slide along her hips.

“Promise?” Geillis said. “I think Mary’s still at the bar if ye need her, or give me a ring.” Jamie just caught the playful smirk Geillis sent Claire. “But I’m sure ye’ll be fine, lass. Or maybe even better than fine.”

“Oh, shush!” Claire clicked her tongue. “Now go away.”

“I’m going, I’m going!” Geillis giggled, poking just her head just through the gap between the door and the doorframe to send Claire an air kiss. She shouted a cheeky “Have fun ye two!” before Jamie and Claire were eventually left alone at last.

Claire smiled softly at him, those large bambi eyes of hers, glazed over ever so slightly. She pressed the open toe heel of her shoe to the front of his right dress shoe, applying pressure, before pulling away out of Jamie’s grasp.

“Sorry,” Claire mumbled. “I didn’t mean to be so… forward, I guess. I get a little, perhaps handsy is the right word, when I’m a few sheets to the wind.”

“It’s all right, Sassenach.” Jamie assured her. “I don’t mind. I like having ye close by.”

She said nothing else; because Jamie had shocked her into silence or because her tongue had grown so heavy and thick in her mouth from the alcohol she’d consumed, that it was impossible for her to form words.

Jamie used the period of silence to look at her properly for the first time all night.

How had he missed her?

How had he missed that it was his Sassenach?

The cream satin dress she wore was short - hitting just above mid thigh and certainly shorter than Jamie had ever seen Claire in before. It clung to the soft curves she had, highlighting her delicate collar bone structure, and toned, mile long legs. Claire had styled her hair into those 1940’s curls that Jamie was coming to love – all voluminous and thick, scraped all to one side, to leave the other side of her neck bare and mouthwateringly untouched.


That lilt in her voice, caused Jamie to pick his eyes off the ground, from where they’d been studying her perfectly painted purple toes.

“Aye?” It could have been the cigarette he’d smoked only minutes ago (which, with every second the alcohol dissipated from his bloody system, he was beginning to regret) or the tension building in both his body and the cloakroom, but Jamie found his voice sounded husky and low to his own ears.

She licked her lips. “Kiss me.”

He breathed in deeply and quickly, his chest skimming Claire’s with how close they had migrated back to one another. It was almost like watching himself from above, as Jamie reached out a finger and stroked down her butter soft cheek. “Why should I kiss ye?”

Claire’s eyes fluttered shut, her lips parting enticingly. “Because I want you too. Because I can’t stop thinking about you, picturing you, touching you. I want you to touch me.”

“Are ye sure that’s what ye want, Sassenach?”

“Yes,” she said breathily. “I want it so bad.”

Jamie pressed his lips as close to her ear as he would allow himself, gripping her waist to hold Claire in place. Everything inside of him screamed to take her earlobe into his hot, wet mouth and suck. His cock laid heavy and pulsing against his inner thigh, begging to be let free from the confinements of those bloody jeans he’d decided to wear.

But not quite yet…


Jamie hadn’t been this close to his Sassenach in a week or so, other than only hours before at the football match. He’d never been able to catch her alone. She’d tried her hardest to evade him, constantly slipping through his hands.

But not this time…

He’d wanted to play along with her game but Jamie had her right where he wanted her, and he was determined to get answers.

“Ye ken what I want so bad, Sassenach?” He whispered into her ear. “I want ye to stop avoiding me.”

Claire bit down on her bottom lip, opening her eyes slowly.

They were almost nose-to-nose; Jamie could have bit down on her bottom lip for her, if he felt so inclined.

“Tell me the truth, Sassenach. Have ye been avoiding me?”

She nodded.

“Tell me why?” He asked.

“Because…” Claire swallowed audibly. “I haven’t lied to you, I have been busy with work. It’s just…”

Like Jamie’s, the alcohol was loosening Claire’s tongue.

“Just…” she repeated, staring down at her shoes, eyes hooded. “I feel vulnerable around you, and I haven’t felt like that in years.”

“Is that such a bad thing?”

When Claire didn’t answer straight away, Jamie chucked his index finger under her chin, tilting her head up to look at him. “I asked ye a question, Claire. Is that such a bad thing?”

She shook her head slowly from side to side, never once tearing her eyes away from his.

“So, if it’s not so bad.” Jamie continued. “Then, ye need to stop running from me and just feel it, don’t ye?”

A bob of her head.

Jamie finger travelled to caress the soft, feminine curve of her jawline. “I want to hear ye say it, Sassenach.”

The words left her mouth, covered in sugar. “I need to stop running from you and just feel it.”

“Too fucking right ye do.” Jamie bit out, and then he was grabbing the back of her head and laying his lips on hers. Claire moaned into the kiss almost instantaneously, allowing Jamie’s tongue to sweep inside her mouth. She tasted fruity, probably one of the cocktails she’d been sipping on all night, highly addictive with a sugar rush kick.

“Jamie… fuck …” She muttered, tipping her head back as far as it would go, still supported by his hand, as Jamie trailed his lips down her neck. The chamomile vanilla concoction Claire usually wore was still apparent on her skin, as Jamie got closer to the pulse point behind her ear. He supposed the yeasty beer in the air had overtaken the delicate scent but now he’d found it again. Jamie wanted to burrow his nose into her skin and breathe it in forever.

He sucked just beneath her ear, bringing the blood to the surface and then smoothing away the sharp sting with the flat of his tongue. Claire shivered, goosebumps erupting over her chest at Jamie’s undivided attention.

The hand not cupping the back of Claire’s neck, travelling until it settled just underneath her breast. Jamie could feel the weight of it sitting in the skin beneath his thumb and forefinger.

It had been quite some time since Jamie had last lain with a woman. And even more time since he’d lain with a woman and cared more about her pleasure than he did his own. But Jamie wanted to please his Sassenach, to make her feel good, to hear his name tumble out of her lips, helpless and needy.

Did this feel as good to her as it did to him?

Did her skin feel as hot and tight as his did, like at any moment, his heart would beat right out of his chest?

A smaller, softer hand touched the back of Jamie’s, lifting it up and placing it over her breast in silent permission.


Through the thin material of her dress, Jamie could feel Claire’s nipple standing out, pressing into the center of his palm. He couldn’t help himself; pinching her through the satin to elicit a response, and smiling into her neck, when Claire let out a throaty whimper.

Of its own accord, one of Claire’s legs hitched up, wrapping around Jamie’s waist in an attempt to get closer and closer and closer to him. He was about to lend her a hand, reach down and palm her plump arse; when Jamie’s whole world went spinning and he found his back hitting the carpeted floor with such force it expelled any of the air he did have left inside his lungs. Which, to be honest, after kissing his Sassenach, wasn’t very much in the first place.

“My God, are you okay?” Claire giggled, legs either side of him as she straddled his covered cock. Her hands lay flat on both sides of his head, as she bent over, making her hair swing away from her shoulder and creating a curtain for just the two of them.

“I…I think so.” Jamie’s hands perched on her hips to ground himself, brow furrowed. “What the fuck happened?”

A callous-free thumb smoothed over his brow. “Well, I think I tripped, and brought you down with me.”

“Ye think?”

A coy smile and then Claire was bumping her hips backwards and sliding her kiss swollen lips against his. “Mhm.”

She was solid above him, leaning forward more to gift Jamie more of a view of her cleavage.

“Please, Jamie,” she panted, hand creeping up until it reached a bare patch of skin underneath his shirt above his belt. “Please, touch me.”

Tracing what was soon becoming a familiar path; Jamie cupped both of her breasts this time, listening for a kitten-like whimper to leave her lips. The tips of his long fingers skimmed past the material, reaching the swell of her bare skin.

Jamie was unsure where his newfound confidence was coming from. Was it an after effect of the drink, or did it have more to do with the bonny lass in his lap? Whichever one, Jamie was more than content to go with the flow for the time being – allowing his fingers to dip under the neckline of her dress and then stop to gauge Claire’s reaction.

Up above him, she had taken a hold of her hair with one hand, lifting it away from her collarbone as if her skin felt prickly with desire and she couldn’t bear anything but Jamie touching her. Claire’s other hand rested on Jamie’s lower stomach. Using it to prop herself up and direct her movements, as her hips began to swivel.


His vision went blurry as Claire bucked her hips up - testing the movement. It shifted his hand further down into her dress, whether on purpose or by accident, Jamie didn’t know and nor did he care. All he could concentrate on was his Sassenach’s hot thighs wrapped around him, and the direct slide of her covered cunt against his hard cock.

Sober thoughts were beginning to filter into his brain, fighting for attention, against the pleasure skyrocketing through Jamie’s body. Mind at war with itself, Jamie opened his mouth to speak, to say anything.

He didn’t want it to end up like this. He’d pictured touching his Sassenach, getting his hands on her, a hundred times or even more – and none of them had involved a grubby pub carpet that hadn’t been properly cleaned since the 1970’s.

“Sassenach?” His hands formed grabby fists, holding whatever skin or dress material he could find to slow down her grinding. “Sassenach, Claire?”

“What?” Her front teeth dug into her bottom lip, hard enough to restrict the blood flow and cause the skin to turn white. “What’s… hm … wrong?”

“We’re…” Jamie closed his eyes for a second to regain his composure, physically having to stop his eyes from rolling into the back of his head at the sharp tingling in his balls. He tried again. “We’re not doing this here, on this dirty floor. Christ, Sassenach …”

“Please, Jamie.” She pleaded, hips still rocking from side to side. “I can’t bear another second without you touching me, I can’t concentrate at work, I can’t sleep without touching myself and imagining it’s you, your fingers inside of me. Please…”

Any self control Jamie thought he possessed had been snapped away at the words pouring from Claire’s mouth. But his dignity wouldn’t be quite so inclined to piss off as quickly.

He managed to grit out, “Stand up, lass.”

“What? Jamie…”

“I told ye to stand up.” He repeated.

Jamie couldn’t watch Claire stand up, for focusing on his own task. As he reached his full height, Jamie felt his knees go jelly like, as if every pint of blood in his body had drained southwards to his cock. When he did eventually take a peek at Claire, it felt like the air had expelled from his lungs again, but this time for a very different reason. Her once pristine hair was all mussed up, the curls facing in every other direction. The slinky material of her dress had helped it fall back into place, as if it had never been touched, or bunched up, or had Jamie’s hand down inside of it.

It was a far cry from Sassenach’s usual look, but Jamie thought he’d never seen her look more bonny, and it was all for him.

Two small steps were all it took, for Jamie to pin Claire up against one of the walls and then pin himself to her body. The heavy rise and fall of her chest was apparent, and Jamie suspected if they’d both been naked, he might have been able to feel her heartbeat pounding against his chest.

“Did ye mean what ye said?” He asked, this time allowing himself to lick the shell of Claire’s delicate ear. “Have ye really got yerself off imaging it was me?”

“Yes,” she whispered raggedly.

Over the top of her dress, Jamie’s hand skimmed along Claire’s natural curves, stopping only when it met the skin of her bare thigh. He gazed down, entranced, as his fingers tiptoed around the outer flesh, to graze the softer, warmer inner flesh.

Claire’s forehead pressed against his, drawing his eyes to her face for just a millisecond, before resuming the trail of his fingers. Her breath was still fruity, hitting Jamie’s upper lip, in a natural wave motion.

“Were you jealous today at the football match?” Her question was so quiet and unexpected; Jamie had to strain his ears to listen.

Jamie swallowed thickly. “Do ye want me to be jealous?”

“A little,” Claire admitted. “It would mean you want me as much as I want you.”

The tips of his fingers had reached the lacy hem of Claire’s knickers. She was hot, unmistakably so, but Jamie wanted to wait to have her full attention on him when he did apply pressure to her aching center for the first time.

A loud bubble of laughter left Jamie’s mouth before he could put a stop to it, causing a strand of his Sassenach’s hair to dance with the force of his breath.

“Och, I want ye lass, more than ye’ll ever ken.” Jamie promised. “Can’t ye feel it?”

“I can feel something.” That delicate hand of hers shimmied down between their two bodies, squeezing the shaft of his cock, which was pressing incessantly against his jeans until the thick outline was apparent.

“I didn’t exactly mean that ,” Jamie groaned. “But aye, aye I was jealous.”

Claire hummed a wet kiss against his sharp jawline. “Good.”

“I liked ye better when ye were placid with pleasure, and not plotting against me,” Jamie joked, pinching her thigh in warning.

She blinked twice, a dirty smirk growing over her lips, as she let go of his cock in protest and pushed her breasts further into Jamie’s face. “Make me placid again, then.”

With a cheeky smile about his face, Jamie pulled the gusset of Claire’s knickers to one side, and, forming a ‘v’ with his index and forefinger, parted his Sassenach.

Her lips looked too irresistible, kiss swollen and red raw, Jamie just had to let himself have another taste, letting his fingers do the work. “Is this what ye wanted? Is it?” He panted into her mouth.

Before Claire could answer or get a word in edgeways, Jamie was using the pads of his fingers to dip into her heat, finding her dripping.

“Christ, Sassenach.” His teeth took hold of her bottom lip, nipping ever so slightly. “Is this what ye wanted me to find? Ye’re absolutely soaked. Surprised ye haven’t been dripping all down yer thighs.”

Slick covering his digits; Jamie glided his way upwards without any resistance, practically searching in the dark. He knew he’d found the right place, when Claire’s hard bud met his fingers, and her hips jerked away from the wall of their own accord. Her own hand gripped his wrist tightly, fingers circling, as if wanting to direct him herself. But Claire would soon learn Jamie had the upper hand in this instance, and he wasn’t willing to let go.

A peck behind her ear, and a quick swipe of his tongue to taste the sweat beginning to build on her collarbone, as Jamie traced light circles over her clit. “Is this for me, lass?”

Claire’s head tipped back against the wall, neck extended, and so at odds with the rest of her body, which offered itself forwards for Jamie’s taking. Her eyes lay closed, peacefully, but as Jamie switched the direction of his circle, her eyelids fluttered in quick succession.

“Be a good girl and answer me, Sassenach, and then I’ll reward ye.”

Uh – yes!” Claire’s free hand twisted itself in the collar of Jamie’s shirt. If it was even possible, bringing him closer, for another bruising kiss. She opened her eyes enough to nudge their noses together, her pupils blown wider, and the amber iris darker in colour than Jamie had ever noticed it to be. “Yes, it’s for you, Mr James Fraser.”

A pained groan left Jamie’s throat.

The way his given name rolled off his Sassenach’s tongue…

In retaliation, Jamie bit down on the ball of her shoulder, not all too gently. He replaced his two fingers with his thick thumb, continuing to follow the cues of Claire’s body, and sliding back towards the entrance to her heat. Wetness pooled there, making it easy for Jamie to work a single finger inside of her.

“Jamie, more .” Claire pleaded, body wiggling from side to side.

His second finger joined his first, crooking inside of her, as they stroked her ribbed walls. Claire’s inner muscles contracted at the sensation, squeezing around Jamie’s hand, and then releasing. She moaned out her pleasure, breathing coming in a now stuttered rhythm, and hips chasing the every bend of Jamie’s fingers.

The sound of his Sassenach’s wet pleasure, leaking down until it covered Jamie’s knuckles, mixed in with her whimpers, echoed around the tiny box room. As Jamie allowed his own hips to grind against Claire’s lower stomach, giving himself some reprieve from the uncomfortable throbbing happening in his cock, he gave his mouth room to babble on, distracting himself from blowing his load in his trousers like he had done as a young teen.

“Look at ye, my lass. Riding my hand when anybody could open that door, walk right in, and see us both.”

Claire tightened around his fingers automatically. “ Jamie .”

“Shh.” Jamie pinched her tapered waist through her dress, as he pulled down the neckline of her dress, and nuzzled his face to catch a hard nipple in his mouth. “I ken ye want to, but ye can’t be too loud, Sassenach. They’ll hear us.”

Her eyes shut tightly, the delicate skin around her eyes scrunching to cause creases.

“Close?” Jamie asked, biting down on her breast softly. Claire was so slippery, Jamie’s thumb was beginning to slip and slide away from her clit with every pass.

Yes .”

That’s it , all over my fingers, Sassenach. Let it out…”

Her whole body tightened up, nails biting the skin around his wrist, but Jamie didn’t care. Not one little bit. He kept his gaze trained on Claire, watching, as her nose scrunched up and a flood of warm wetness ran over and down his fingers.

She trembled beautifully in his grasp, breath short and little aftershocks racking her body, as Jamie slowed down the movement of his hand, but didn’t stop completely.

“Ye okay?” Jamie pushed her hair back from her face.

Claire nodded, her eyes glazed over with pleasure. She placed a feather light kiss on the tip of Jamie’s nose, pulling back and sending him a satisfied smile.

“Do ye think anybody heard?”

She tilted her head to the side, studying him. “I couldn’t give a flying fuck.”

“Fair enough,” Jamie laughed low, easing his fingers out of Claire, while she hissed. He brought his left hand up to their faces, a trail of slick coating them until they shone underneath the lights as if Jamie had dipped his fingers in baby oil. Without another word, he painted Claire’s lips with both of his fingers, tracing her cupid’s bow messily.

That sharp tongue of hers stuck out, catching the tip of Jamie’s thumb and sucking it into her mouth. Jamie cupped the bottom half of her face, still wet fingers now resting on the apple of her cheek. Claire’s cheeks hollowed, closing her plush lips around the base of his thumb and allowing her tongue to swirl around and around.

“Ye’re something else entirely.” Jamie praised her, losing himself in the colour of her eyes and the long bats of her eyelashes.

As if he were in a dream, Jamie heard the door snick open breaking the moment, but if Jamie thought Claire was going to step away or even take his thumb out of her mouth, he was very much mistaken. “Claire!” A woman called out, sticking her head through the space gap between the door and the doorjamb that she had created. It took Jamie a couple of seconds to recognize her as another one of the women his Sassenach had been sitting with at the table.

“Are you getting in the taxi home with us, or are you mmhm-ing ?”

Jamie wasn’t exactly familiar with the term mmhm-ing , but he was certain he could work it out.

“Go home with ye friends, Sassenach.” Jamie said, lowering his voice so as not to be overheard. He freed his tongue from between her lips, and continued. “That way I won’t be tempted to have my wicked way with ye.”

“Don’t you want to have your wicked way with me?” Claire asked, pouting.

“Of course, Sassenach.” He kissed her cheekbone. “I thought I’d made that quite clear, but not while we're both not exactly sober, aye?”

“You’re right,” Claire agreed. She stared down at their shoe covered feet, licking her lips as if to say something and then stopping short. Jamie couldn’t help but lay his lips upon hers, groaning into the kiss as he found the tangy taste of her slick still sat on her mouth like a ripe peach.

“What? What we’re ye going to say?” Jamie asked, punctuating four quick kisses on her lips and then pulling away.

“How…how did you know I was going to say something?”

He shrugged, no real answer to give her. “I just ken ye.”

“Well, I was going to say… God, it sounds so silly.” Claire shook her head. “But you make me feel like a teenager again, all fingers and thumbs and hormones… I don’t even know if what I’m saying makes any sense. I just feel a bit juvenile asking for your phone number after the mind blowing orgasm and all.”

Jamie smirked openly. “Mind blowing ye say?”

Claire attempted to look fed up, but her ever growing smile betrayed her. “Shut up.”

He laughed, shaking his head no. “Nah, I don’t think I want to shut up. Not when it provokes ye like that and…”

A whack in his stomach shut Jamie up quite effectively.

Feigning nonchalance, Claire tried again. “You annoy me to no end.”

“Och, do I?” Jamie goaded, basking in their shared banter, a moment shared between just the two of them. He’d missed this. “I annoy ye to no end, but ye still want my number? Why, what gives? Is it the mind blowing orgasms again? Or my height? Och, I ken what it is; it’s my eyes isn’t it? It’s always the eyes.”

“Claire! Are you coming or not?” That voice called out again from behind the closed door. Somewhere in between the kissing and the flirting, Claire’s friend had politely closed the door shut. “Well, I mean I know you’re coming,” she sniggered. “but like, with us or…?”

“I’ll share a taxi with you, Mary.” Claire called back, raising her voice to be heard through the wood door. “Just give me two minutes.” Then she turned back to Jamie. “You better hurry up and give me your number, James Fraser, or so help me God.”

Laughing while he did so, Jamie fished his phone out of his pocket, handing it over to Claire and waiting as she keyed her number into his contacts list. A second later, Claire’s phone pinged with an incoming text, sounding from a tiny leather handbag on the floor that Jamie hadn’t even noticed was there.

“There, I’ve texted your number to myself.” Claire explained, fingers curling around the handbag handles. “Kiss me one last time?”

Jamie obliged her, tongue sweeping over the roof of her mouth and lingering. “Text me when ye get home safe, okay? And promise ye won’t be a stranger anymore, Sassenach?”

Her hand rested on the door handle, peering over her shoulder with kiss bitten lips and freshly fucked hair. “I promise, Jamie.”