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The dawn to a new era , let blood and passion reign.

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Be Karkat once again in the hours in the past.


You walked into the castle. The servants all whispers to each other as they see you. You make your way to the throne room. You knock on the door.


You peek inside. You see Eridan arguing with someone. They are large and tall, covered in armour and brandishing a cape with a spiked collar. They have a pair of scars across their face.

They seem enraged and yell at Eridan constantly. Eridan tries to reason with the man. He then smack Eridan across his face. Eridan falls to the ground with a painful bruise on his cheek. He seems to have a black eye as well. 

“ Don't you dare speak back to me boy. ”

The man grabs him by the collar and snarls at him bearing his large gold fanged teeth.

“ You are such brat, maybe I should punish you right now. ”

He growls.

Eridan shakes his head frightened.

“ No, no, no, father please I beg of you. ”

“ If you really wwant to be my successor but you must provve it ! Find that Strider and kill him if it's the last thing you do ! ”

He lets him go but suddenly grabs his scarf.

“ Actually, scratch that. I need to let off some steam right noww. ”

You see Eridan dread as he tries to run but his father grabs his scarf pulling him back.

You hide behind the door. You quickly run out of here.


You pant as you reached outside. Maybe you should do something else first.



Be Past Eridan at that time.


You are currently Eridan Ampora and you don't like what you have to do next, no you despise on what is about to happen.

Your father, King Dualscar pulls you towards him. You cough as you plead with him. 

He snarls at you and says.

“ This is all on you, if you had done a better job at disposing them. I wouldn't be this riled up now- ”

He pulls down his pants. His dick spring out and pulls your face to it. It's huge, it's so bi-

Howw is it going to fit, wwill it hurt, please stop, please, please stop.

You start to tear up.

“ Stop bein such a wimp and suck it, you brat. ”

He smacks you again. It's hurts, so much, so fuckin much. Tears roll down your cheek.

You start to lick it. You go from the base to the tip. You suck on the sides. Then continue licking it.

He snarls again. You sit up and suck on the tip. Your tongue goes under the foreskin. You hate this. You hate this. You hate this. You hate this so vvery much. 

You push it into you as you continue to suck. You bob your head slightly. It's too big to fit in your mouth.

It's too big. It's too big.

He forcefully pushes your head down. It fills your mouth and reaches down into your throat. It hurt, it hurts so much. You want to get it out of your mouth but if you do he'll hit you again.

You are gagging on it. It's so deep, you start crying even more. 

“ Stop cryin you baby and start suckin. ”

You look at them start bobbing your head. It's slow and painful and you do it. He grabs you head. You shiver.

No, no, no ,no, please no. 

“ Tch, you're too sloww, brat. I havve to do evverythin myself don't I. ”

He grabs your hair as he viciously bobs your head on it. He does it so fast it hurts. He continues to angrily force you head to suck it faster and faster. 

His pace quicken. It gets stiffer. It goes in deeper.

Oh no, oh no, no, oh no, not again, please not again.

You grab onto the throne. Your nail dig into the steel. You try to push him away and it out of your mouth but he keeps you close to him. He fiercely forces your head down making it deepen into your throat. He ejaculates into you. It's goes down your throat as it fill you up. It fills you from your throat all the way, filling every nook and cranny of your mouth.

You push yourself away and fall to the floor. When you're about to spit it out he grabs you by the mouth and squeezes your filled cheeks. It's leaks out of your mouth

“ Swallow it or you are licking it off the floor. ”

He commands. You do as you're told. He lets go. You fall.

You cough and gag. You hate this. You hate this. You hate him. You pant heavily. You feel so dirty. You look to the ground as he gets up.

He snarls.

“ You really are such a whore. I take it you learned your lesson, slut. Now-”

He pulls your hair to face him.

“Get it done, Eridan. Find the Striders and execute them or I'll punish you again. ”

He lets go. You cough more. 

He leaves the room. You grip onto the carpet. Feferi comes into the room. She helps you up as she sees you in the state you are in. You hug her then get up. She caresses your swollen cheeks.

You stand up rubbing your cheek. You pushes her away.

“ ---Eridan w)(at are you doing ? Your father just hurt you again. You need to rest and recover. ”

“ I'll go and givve out the orders to hunt down the Striders. I'll lead them myself. ” You get up and brush yourself. 

“ ---Eridan, no, don't you're injured. ---Eridan no please don't push yourself. ---Eridan ---Eridan ---ERIDAN ! ”

She calls for you to stay put. You walk out of the room. 

As you do, you see Sollux by the door. He looks concerned.

“ Maybe you 2hould liisten to her command. You just got 'puniished' by your father. IIt'2 better iif you rest fiir2t before doiing anythiing beforehand. ”

You look at him then turn away. You walk down the hall. Feferi goes after you and stands by the door next to Sollux.


Be the past Karkat an hour later.


You are Karkat once again. You walk around the kingdom. It's much more dull and gloomy since the last time you were here. 

You see picket of guard go into the forest along with a number of mages.

You trail after them. They go to many villages outside the castle walls and interrogate the people within.

The villagers were threatened and hurt for the help of it. You see one killed for trying to defend themselves. It pains you to see how these guards treat the folk living in those villages.

You decide on stopping them before they harm anymore of the innocent.

You go ahead towards a village. Where you encounter the guards once again. You stop them in front of a cottage.


They look at you.

“ We are ju5t doing out job leave u5 be, knight ”

One of them say.


They come at you charging their swords towards you.

You start apprehending them. You hit one of them over the head with the back of your sickle before you dodge an attack from another guard.

Magic is fired at you, you pull a guard in front of you and use him to block the blow. You knee the mage in the stomach and slice the muscle of a guards knee.

You punch a mage in the face and a guard swings their sword in your face and cuts your nose. You cut them with your sickle as another hits you in the back knee as well as over the head

You fall to the ground kneeling. You get punched right in the nose. It bleeds. He kicks you in the shin as you try get your other sickle out.

You growl at them. You get it and stab thdm square in the abdomen after. A spell graces past you. Your shoulder bleeds. You chuck your sickle at them. You get hit by a guard in the shoulder. You grab their wrist and head butt them. 

You go after the mage who cast spells onto you. You armour is magic resistant so it doesn't do much. They shoot a spell that knocks you back.

A guard runs at you and you punched 'em. You then throw your sickle at the mage behind them before stabing guard in the chest. You pulls it out as bloods pours out of the both them.

You're covered in quite a lot of it too. You knock on the door of the cottage.

You are surprised to see the rouge whom kidnapped Dave from his execution along with a young lady when the door opens

“ Who are you ?! ”

The rogue voices aiming her crossbow at you.

You see Dave in the cottage with her. 

“ DAVE ? ”

You ask. He looks at you.

“ karkat, is that you ? holy shit, what happened too you ”

He says.

“ So this is Karkat, huh... ”

The rogue says, looking at you suspiciously.


“ im sure youve got lots of questions... ”


“ hey dude it wasnt my fault. the amporas started the coup and we were powerless and overwhelmed. we couldn't do nothing we had our hand tied, our best option was to flee. I tried my best but it just wasn't enough. it's never enough. ”

You're quiet. 

“ Uhmm will yoU be coming in or ill yoU jUst stand at the door ? ”

says the young lady wearing an apron and holding a teacup.


You walk into the cottage.



Be the present young huntress in the kingdom of Derse.


You are youngest Leijon of the Leijon huntress nobles, Nepeta Leijon. You had an older sister but she got married to a noble in Prospit. 

You had just witnessed another execution of guards whom failed to execute the prince's orders.

You watched your closest friend, Equius Zahhak behead the guards. It surely must pain him to do such horrific actions.

You approach him after the event in the guards station in front of the castle walls.

“ :33 < *ac sneakily approaches her meowrail and readies herself* ”

“ D --> Nepeta, i have no time with your f001ishness. ”

“ :33 < *ac pouts and droops her ears* Equius you have b33n so busssyyy. You don't spend any time with me anymore. Can't you at least rolepurrlay with me ? ”

“ D --> Nepeta, I need to arrange a battalion to scout for the Striders. I cannot participate in your shenanigans. I will join next time, okay ? ”

“ :33 < But Equius, you said that last time and the time before. More over I hardly ever see you go home either, you shouldn't be over working yourself. I'm fine with you not spending time with me but meowrail you are risking yourself for yourr occupation. ”

He's silent.

“ D --> Nepeta, you must understand, I'm doing this for the sake of the kingdom. ”

He leaves the station.

“ :33 < *ac sighs and waves her meowrail goodbye* ”

You walk out of the station. You see snowflakes fall before your eyes. It snowing. 

You journey back home while glancing at the snowfall. You notice many kittens (kids) playing in the snow. You reminisce the times you would play with Equius in the snow along with the other noble children.

You reach back home. You live in a mansion close to Equius' household. You see one of the servants of your house chatting with a guard.

They see you approaching and bow.

“ oh, greetings m'lady. ”

“ g{o}{o}d day lady Leijon. ”

“ :33 < Hi Anna. Hi Charlz. ”

“ oh, looks like m'lady is in a bad mood. i have to go. see you later, Charlz. ”

“ see y{o}u Anna. ”

You sloppily walk into the hall and sigh.

“ m'lady what's wrong ? Did you manage to talk to Sir Zahhak ? ”

You shake your head.

“ :33 < i did but not long. ”

You go into your bedroom and lock the door behind you. You walk to the balcony. There's snow everywhere. 

“ :33 < *ac wishes everything will go back to how they used to be* ”

You feel the snow fall onto you.