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The dawn to a new era , let blood and passion reign.

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Be the prince running from the guards.


Fuck , fuck , fuck , shit shit , shiiiittttt, you look around and pant heavily. You grab onto your shirt tightly , both your hands and your clothes are stained red. You're bleeding profusely and it's not stopping .You hold onto your sword as firmly you can as you run through the thicket.

You can hear the guards shouting as you try to run further into the woods. The wounds you have sustained are serious and they're beginning to worsen the ger you run. You are starting to feel lightheaded, your vision blurring, your pace starts to slow down, you feel like you're about to pass out, your body has lost far too much blood and is unable to go on.

You drags yourself as far as you can. You gasp for air, you feel weak, vulnerable, your whole body is shaking, the guards sound closer than ever. You hold onto your sword and prepare to defend yourself to your last breath.


Be the Hunter eying his prey.


Your name is Jake English and you're a hunter that lives in the woods. Most people would rather live in the kingdoms or villages but you'd rather live in the wild untamed lands of the wilderness. You enjoy the thrill of hunting and slaying your prey.

Normally today you would be at you shack having the day off but you've spotted a large wild boar, it's hide and flesh looks valuable to sell in the market. You sneak upon it, aim your bow but it's head lifts up and it runs off. Dammit, huh ? You see a man emerge from the shadows clinging onto the tree and breathing heavily.

“ Hey , you scared off my prey. ” You exclaim.

“ Who are you ? ” The man says.

You notice greatly deal of blood dripping off him. “ W-wait a-are you bleeding ?! ”

“ Don't c-come any clo- ugh ! ” An arrow is shot through his abdomen , exacerbating his injuries.

Oh god,  as you look at him in shock as well a horror. He falls onto you.

“ Hey , answer me what was that ? ” He doesn't answer, he seems on the brink of passing out.

“ Hang on hang on. Use this, I'll take you t- ”

“ You there ! ” You are interrupted by man shouting at you after putting your thick fur coat onto him, his attire alludes to the fact that he is a royal guard.

“ You there , hunter, stay away ! This does not concern you so leave now ! ”

“ Uhm , whoever you are I think this fella has been punished enough wouldn't you say. ”

The guards replies, “ I take you're loyalty lies far from the righteous side , your head shall be delivered to my Lord as well. ” You dread as he pull out his sword

“ Sorry, mate. ” You aim your bow at him and shoot.

You try to keep the man awake “ You still alive ? Hey , are you listening ?! ” The man opens his eyes he stares at you.

“ Can you walk ? ” You ask. He's quiet.

“ Don't fret it's no far from- , Woah !? ” The man passes out onto you. What did I get myself into.... .

“ I think he went this way ! ” You hear the guards shouting. “ Hey you there ! ”

You immediately pick him up. “ Hang on ” You whisper.

“ Hey, stop !!! ”

“ Gadzooks ! ” The guard fires an arrow at you , it grazes past your right cheek .

You continue running. You set the man down in a bush and hide with him. “ You still with me , chap ? ” You whisper. He nods and you pick him up once again and continue fleeing to your shack.

You arrive minutes later , you clear your table and place the man on top. The wounds he has sustained are very serious and if not properly treated he could die. You clean the wound as thoroughly as you can. “ Pheww , cleaned. Okay chap , you better not die on me or this will be and irritating squander of string. ” You start sewing up his wounds. Whatever he did must've been really bad for them to wanna do this, you thought while sewing.

You finish patching up his wounds, then carry  him onto your bed. You sigh and sitting close to it. You look at him sleeping soundly. You caress his cheek , it smooth as silk. He must be high class to have a fit body and smooth sk- ..... He turns around , his body facing upwards. You look at him dazzled by his beauty. You sigh and pull you hand back.

Among anything that could've bloody happened , it had to be this of all thing. He could be a criminal for all it worth. You think for a second. He could be a criminal.......... !!!! What have I done !!!!! You look at him again sleeping peacefully. Though he doesn't look much like a wrong doer, doesn't mean he isn't. You shake your head. I don't think he's a criminal. After all the clothing he wore was considerably more expensive than most wares.

You get off the bed and pick up the sword the man carried. It's a well crafted sword. It even has an insignia on it. You find it familiar. You place it outside, you return to the room and look at him closely , come to think of it you've seen his face before but you can't put your finger on it.

You yawn. Felling sleepy, you sit on the chair near the bed and fall asleep.



Be the injured prince in bed.


Hours later, you wake up to find yourself in a bed with a black haired man asleep close to you. You look around the room you're in. You can't see your sword. The man mumbles in his sleep and nuzzles his head on the chair. You look at him , he's drooling. Ew, where am you, weren't you fleeing the guards, how are you here and most of all who the fuck is this. You thought as you got yourself out from the bed . You find it hard to walk. You lift your shirt to see that your injuries had been patched up. You look for your sword. You hear a creak. The man is up, you quickly grab your sword and position yourself in a fight stance.

The man gets stands up and yawns. “ Oh you're up ! Oh, shit you're up ! ” he slips.

You look at him confused. You put your sword to his neck.“ Who are you ? ”

He looks at you frightened. “ I mean no harm , really I'm-I'm a friend ”

“ Liar. ” You say.

He replies “ I'm not , just believe me please. ” You look at him, he seems quite sincere but you shouldn't trust him.entirely. You think quietly for a short while and put your sword away.

After a while, Jake explains to you what had happened as he gets a batch of tea ready. You apologized for your behavior and thank him for patching up your wounds. He puts down the teapot and pours you a cup.

He forgives you as he introduces himself, “ I'm Jake , Jake English by the way. I'm a hunter that live in these here woods and you are ? ”

You introduce yourself. “ Oh , uhh. I'm Dirk , Dirk Strider. ”

“ Oooh now I know why you look so familiar, you're one of those princes of Derse , am I right uhh your majesty ? ” He asks.

You nod and , “ Well, ex prince now. I was supposed to be captured and executed but my father and brother saved me. They're most likely dead now. ” You sigh.

 “ Oh uhm , I'm sorry ” Jake asks. “ Well since you're the Prince of Derse right ? Can I ask you a couple things ? ”

“ Uhhm, okay. ” You reply “ Well okay, I wanna ask if it's true that the you can kill someone with a stare ? ” “ W-what ?! ” You choke on the drink. Jake is startled.

You cough then wipe the tea off your lips . “ Well I've heard about that while I was in Derse once, your uhh majesty. ”

“ Oh well uh that just a rumor, I don't think that's ever happened. Maybe they mistaken it for the time a citizen saw my face without my shades on ” You reply.

“ Oh , what happened ? Also what are shades ? ” Jake asks.

“ Well normally I'd be wearing my shades which are tinted glass that I wear to hide my eye mutation. ”

“ M-mutation ? ” Jake tilts his head like a confused puppy.

“ Yeah ,my family has an eye mutation that we hide behind our shades and veils, it's kinda self explanatory. ”

“ Oh but I think your eyes are quite lovely. ” You silently blush but then shake your head. He looks at he you worry then asks, “ Well then what happened to that citizen ? ” “ Well, uhh he died from disease but everyone thought he died because of me. “ You say rubbing your hand behind your neck.

“ O-oh uhhh ...... that explains the kill part, eh ? ” He smiles. You smile back.

“ Eehhmm, excuse me your majesty I mean sir but uhm can I ask another question ? ” He asks.

“ Hmm, go ahead. ”

“-Is it true you owned 50 tigers ? ”

“ 50 tigers ? Ohhh, another rumor and probably about the Leijion's gift. And please don't call me sir. She wanted to thank us for letting her friend into the army, though he was skilled and would've gotten there anyhow, sooo she gifted us a tiger. ”

“ Oh, I-I see.... ? ”

You look at him slightly disappointed. Then said, “ B-but I could have 50 tigers if I wanted to or really even more ” Though it would be really inconvenient.

“ Awesome ! ” Jake's eyes fills up with amazement.

You look at him and his child like glee, you smile at him as a bright red hue suffuses on your cheeks.

“ Oh, are you alright, chap ? ” He asks worryingly. 

“ Huh ? ” “ I think you're having a fever. You face turned bright red. ”

He puts the back of his hand on you forehead. “ You don't seem to have a fever, are you well sir I mean err Dirk ? ”

“ I-I'm doing fine, how about we talk more of other stuff ? ” You say smiling nervously. He agrees with a childlike grin.

You both continues chatting for quite a while.