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Blake still hadn't told her, but she was worried about it okay? What if Yang decided she didn't want to be her partner anymore? What if she hated her? Sure they were long past their Beacon days, but still...


"Weiss..." Blake was hesitant as they sat in a rather nice looking restaurant for lower Mantle. "I really don't want to talk about it."


"Too bad, I already bought you your disgusting looking fish... Thing. So now you have to tell me." Weiss said simply. "But also, if you're worried about something I want to help." She smiled sincerely.


Blake returned a small smile, the two of them always had a problem expressing their emotions, more than the rest of their team at least.


"Alright, but you can't laugh." Blake leaned forward, looking Weiss dead in the eyes.


"I make no promises." Weiss said, leaning back in her booth. "Now tell me."


Blake sighed. "Back when we were getting assigned partners in Beacon the rules were, the first person you saw when you landed, you were partners with."


"Yes, I remember, Ruby literally ran into me." Weiss groaned at the memory.


"Yeah but you wouldn't have it any other way now." Blake said with a grin.




"Anyway, I sort of cheated?" Blake said looking at the table. "First I saw Pyrrah, but she was already with Jaune, then I saw you and, no offense, I didn't want to be your partner at the time." Blake said apologetically, to which Weiss just nodded, understanding their start... Wasn't exactly the best. "I basically saw everyone, staying in the shadows so they couldn't see me, and evaluating how well we would work together."


Weiss nodded. "That's actually pretty smart, you were able to choose your partner, more than the rest of us at least. But why did you choose Yang of all people?" Weiss asked, confused.


"Honestly I don't know." Blake chuckled, swirling the straw in her drink. "She was so irritating the night before, interrupting my reading, but the way she fought..." Blake stared off, remembering their meeting. "She used every inch of her being, she was so strong and practically decimated every Ursa with a single hit." Blake smiled. "I thought if she could attract attention, I could sneak in behind the fight. It would be a perfect team up."


"Blake," Weiss snapped her fingers. "Blake stop fantasizing." Weiss called bringing Blake back to look at her. "So you fell madly in love at first sight, got it, but what are you worried about?"


Blake's face immediately flushed. "I did not!" She said indignantly, Weiss just stared deadpan at her. "A-Anyway, Yang always says how lucky we were to find each other. What if she finds out it wasn't luck? That I wanted Pyrrah, or found basically the rest of our class before choosing her?" Blake sighed. "What if she hates me for it?"


"Are you an idiot?" Blake snapped her head up at the insult. "You really think after everything we've been through, that you two have been through, she's going to be mad that you chose her instead of finding her at random?" Weiss looked at her like she was a fool, maybe she was. "Besides she's also madly in love with you." Weiss stated simply, causing Blake to redden even more.


Luckily she was saved from that humiliation by their food arriving. They ate mostly in quiet. The fish, Blake thought, wasn't actually too bad despite them not being near any major water sources. It didn't compare to what they had at the menagerie, but it was better than the fish sticks at Beacon.


"You really think it'll be okay?" Blake asked quietly after finishing her food.


"I'd bet my inheritance on it." Weiss said proudly.


"Didn't your dad already take that away?" Blake asked with a quirked brow.


"That! Is beside the point." She huffed.


Blake just laughed. Talking to Weiss really did make her feel better. Maybe it would be okay.



"So are you guys, like, dating? You're like always together." Neon asked, standing in front of their table.


They had almost immediately regretted accepting team FNKI's invite, they thought there would be a lot of fun dancing and loud music, which there was, but they hadn't anticipated Neon's voice cutting through it all so easily.


"No, we aren't." Yang gritted out, clenching her fists under the table, something Blake easily noted. Somehow Neon might have gotten even more annoying since the Vytal Tournament.


"Hey Neon, can you go get us one of those?" Blake pointed the drink in her hand, it looked horrid, like a sugar crash waiting to happen. 


Neon Immediately brightened up. "OMG! You wanna try one of these? You know, I'm the one who came up with it, the bartender actually-"


"Yes, I'd love to try one." Blake said, forcing out a smile as Neon quickly darted off, leaving a rainbow trail behind her.


"Wanna get out of here before she comes back and I clock her?" Yang asked, only half joking.


"I'd love to." Blake said simply. 


Yang grabbed her hand, dodging and weaving past drunk people having the time of their lives. They finally made it out the backdoor, the cold air hitting them like a brick wall.


Yang watched Blake immediately shiver, her outfit wasn't exactly built for cold weather after all. Yang shrugged off her bomber jacket, handing it over to Blake.


"But then you'll be cold." 


"Don't worry about it, my semblance keeps me naturally warm." Yang said with a cocked grin, helping Blake into the jacket before she could refuse.


"Thank you." Blake smiled. The jacket really was warm, and it smelled like Yang, she sort of just wanted to snuggle up in it. "Do you have anywhere you want to go?" Blake asked before her thoughts could wander too far.


Yang shook her head, "Not really, I just don't want to go back to the dorms yet." 


"Me neither." 


As they started walking, Blake tried, and failed, to nonchalantly hold Yang's hand again. She kept her eyes on the concrete as she did, blushing a bit when she felt Yang's fingers intertwine with hers, giving a small squeeze.


They walked aimlessly for a while, a comfortable silence between them as they just enjoyed being near each other. So much was happening, with Salem, and the tension with the election, it was nice to just let it all go for a while.


"Why don't we sit for a few minutes?" Yang said, pointing to a bench on the sidewalk. Blake simply nodded.


Blake yelped as she sat. "Who made these out of metal?" The cold of Atlas had made the metal bench very chilly, not a great design.


Yang seemed to be contemplating something, looking off to the side, before pulling Blake close to her, a blush on her cheeks.


"My semblance will keep you warm too." She muttered, trying to reason it out.


Blake stiffened before relaxing into the touch, she really was warm. "Thank you, Yang." Blake smiled, curling into Yang's side.


They sat that way for a while, Yang's strong arm wrapped around Blake's waist, holding her close as she stared at the building in front of her. Blake tried to be as close to Yang as she could without actually crawling into her lap.


They both knew at this point, really it was painfully obvious. Their team knew, Ace Ops knew, hell Salem herself probably knew they were hopelessly in love.


"You know," Yang said, breaking the silence. "I really am lucky you're the first one I saw when we landed in Emerald Forest. I would have hated to have Weiss as a partner." She said with a laugh.


There it was again, 'luck' if they were going to take their relationship any further, she had to come clean.


Blake pulled away, sitting up straight so she could look Yang in the eye.


"Blake? What's wrong-"


"I have to say something okay?" Yang noted how serious Blake was and though it made her stomach twist with worry, she just nodded. "It wasn't luck."


"Huh?" Yang cocked her head, confused.


"I... You weren't the first person I saw. Actually I saw almost everyone else first." Blake said quietly, looking at her hands. "I hid in the shadows, evaluated each person and their fighting styles, before I found you." A small smile crept onto her face as she continued. "You were so into it, pulling the attention of every Grimm around you, and I don't know why but I was drawn to you." Blake shook her head, bringing her eyes to meet Yang's. "I'm sorry I lied."


Yang was silent for a minute, brows knitted in confusion before she burst out laughing.


"So you're telling me, you saw like, twenty other huntsmen in training's fighting styles and you decided to go with me?" She grinned at Blake's confused expression. "You, might not think it was anything special," She said sincerely. "but I'd say I was pretty lucky to land a partner who hand picked me." 


Blake opened her mouth to say something, she hadn't thought about that. "So you're not mad?"


"Why would I be? I couldn't dream of having a better partner than you, even after everything we've gone through." Yang said with a soft smile."


Blake thought about how silly she had been, of course Yang wouldn't hate her, she was too kind for something like that. Blake just leaned back into her, resting her head on Yang's shoulder.


"Hey Blake, can I ask you something?" She asks quietly after a few minutes.


Blake turns her head to look up at Yang with a smile. "Anything."


"Okay," Yang closes her eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them again, immediately met with Blake's amber eyes catching bits of light from the street lamp. "this might be weird, and definitely forget about it if you don't want to..." Yang rubbed her hands together nervously. "Can I kiss you?" 


Blake's breath hitches and she sits up straight. Finally. Finally the words are being put out there. "Please." Her voice was nothing more than a whisper.


Yang was almost shocked she actually said yes, almost. They really had been dancing around this for ages, it was bound to happen eventually, but it still surprised her.


Yang was a bit nervous, despite many rumors back at Beacon of her being a heartbreaker, she'd never actually kissed anyone. Sure she knew Blake had a few past relationships, so she was fairly certain she had kissed people before, but what if she messed up? What if Blake laughed at her?


"Hey," The simple words cut through Yang's worries as she looked Blake in the eyes. "It's okay, just go slow." Blake said with a loving smile that made Yang's heart melt.


Yang leaned in, giving a short chaste kiss, before pulling away a bit, looking at Blake, cheeks flushed. Blake gave a soft smile before taking the lead. She tilted her head, connecting their lips fully. She thought about how Yang's were so much warmer than her own, her eyes slipping closed, arms looping around Yang's neck, pulling her just a bit closer.


The blonde was still for a moment, unsure what to do, but she had always been a quick learner and followed Blake's direction. It sort of reminded her of their dance back in Beacon. Yang had been shocked how well Blake danced. Of the two of them she easily took the lead.


When Blake finally pulled away, Yang let out the breath she had been holding. Their faces were still only inches away, looking into each other's eyes.


"So? How was it?" Blake's voice was but a whisper, her thumb stroking the back of Yang's neck.


"It was amazing, you're amazing." Yang murmured, letting her head fall forward so their foreheads were resting against each other. 


"I love you, Yang." Blake said softly, before snapping back. "I-I mean-"


Yang leaned forward, giving Blake a quick, silencing kiss. "I love you too." She said with a lopsided smile. "I really am lucky you found me."


Salem could wait, the whole world could wait, all Blake wanted was to live in this moment, right here and now.