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my beloved maid (just follow me)

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When Kaeya walks into Angel’s Share tonight, he’s met with a pleasant surprise.

Diluc is working the bar—but he usually is on Saturdays.

No, the surprise is Diluc’s outfit.

It looks like something straight out of the Dawn Winery’s maids’ closet, and Kaeya can’t help the smirk that makes its way onto his lips as he walks up to and sits down on a stool.

“What’s the special occasion?” he asks.

Diluc scowls at him. “There was a charity event.” When Kaeya stays silent, he adds, “It was for the kids!”

The kids here all hate you, Kaeya doesn’t say.

He makes a show of looking around and then turns back to Diluc and muses under an innocent guise, “I don’t see any kids here. They’re not allowed inside the tavern, you know?”

“Of course I know,” Diluc grits out. His expression is angry but his outfit is so… frilly that Kaeya can’t take him seriously. He stifles a laugh and Diluc just frowns further. “I was outside during the day, alright? Didn’t have time to change before coming here.”

Kaeya hums. He doesn’t believe that. Diluc is the boss. He can do whatever he wants. If he found the maid outfit so humiliating there is no way he wouldn’t have changed. Or just gone back to the winery altogether. The slight blush on Diluc’s cheeks tells Kaeya Diluc himself knows it’s a lie too.

Well, if Diluc wanted Kaeya to see him in the dress so bad… He’s here now. And he’ll make sure to appreciate it real good.

As much as Kaeya wants to get his hands on Diluc and grab handfuls of that fabric covering him, Diluc is unfortunately still working. Kaeya tries to get him to take a break or make Charles take over, but he’s as stubborn as ever, saying that if he’s already here for his shift he may as well stay through it.

When he hands Kaeya his drink he leans over and whispers into his ear, “The fewer breaks I take the earlier I finish. I’m closing the bar early tonight.”

Kaeya makes no more suggestions after that.

Instead he sits back and watches as Diluc mixes drinks and serves customers. There are more than usual today, and Kaeya doesn’t doubt he knows the reason why.

The thing is, Diluc pulls off the uniform really well. Like, better than the actual maids kind of well. Kaeya has never really paid attention to it before, but he’s noticing all the details now. The corset which accentuates Diluc’s waist, the short sleeves with black cuffs that show off Diluc’s arms, the ruffles down the front of the top which make Diluc look so cute.

The lace headpiece sits like a crown on top of Diluc’s head, and when Diluc turns around for the first time Kaeya realises he’s wearing his hair in a high ponytail. Kaeya has to grip his thighs immediately so he doesn’t do something stupid like jump over the bar counter and take Diluc right there in front of everyone.

How long has it been since Diluc’s worn his hair like that?

Long enough that it makes Kaeya hard just from the sight of it, apparently.

Diluc is also wearing white gloves. Kaeya thinks it’s a bit weird at first—he’s so used to seeing red and black, but then Diluc’s hand brushes against Kaeya’s and he feels how silky and smooth the fabric is and suddenly he wants nothing more than to feel it on his skin.

Kaeya can’t really see below Diluc’s waist and he thinks it’s a good thing. If just the top half is affecting him this much, he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to sit through the rest of the night if he had the whole image.


Don’t the maids wear stockings?

Kaeya downs another drink.

More people enter the tavern, and soon there’s nowhere to sit. The new patrons are literally just standing anywhere they can, most of them near the bar counter. One glance at Diluc tells Kaeya he hadn’t anticipated for it to be so busy tonight. When Kaeya catches his eye, he tilts his head by way of asking if he wants Kaeya to get Charles, but he shakes his head.

Kaeya frowns, but he trusts Diluc’s judgement. Also, he hopes it means Diluc is intending to kick everyone out soon.

He’s about to ask as much when someone bumps into him. Kaeya turns his head and finds that it’s one of the knights. He’s clearly off-duty, with a few others hanging around him. He holds a drink in his hand and points it towards Diluc.

“Here’s to Master Diluc! The prettiest person in the room.” Then he turns to the tavern at large and comments, “He’d make an awful good wife, wouldn’t he? He certainly lets me drink more than mine does.”

He dissolves into laughter, majority of the patrons laughing with him, but Kaeya stays dead silent. He finds it anything but funny.

And then the man addresses him. “Captain, you didn’t tell us your brother was so pretty. Did he dress up like that when you were younger too?”

Now, Kaeya is an easygoing person. He can take a joke. He definitely loves making them. But this. This makes him unbelievably angry. He won’t stand to hear anyone talk about Diluc that way.

“Well, I don’t think that’s any of your business, now is it?” He gives the man his signature grin, and suddenly everyone falls silent. Good. Kaeya wants everyone to listen to what he’s about to say. “And if you know what’s good for you, I would suggest you stop making these comments. This goes for all of you.”

He glances around the room as he makes that last statement, and relishes the way they all cower from it. Then he leans back and takes a sip of his wine, enjoying the first bit of peace and quiet he’s gotten since the tavern became filled.

Diluc is watching him, Kaeya knows he is, but he’s not going to look. He wants to stew in this display of power for just a while longer. Eventually Diluc claps his hands, breaking the silence.

“Alright everyone, I think that’s enough for tonight. Let’s clear out.”

He steps out from behind the bar and starts ushering patrons to the door. They file out efficiently, muttering quiet thanks to Diluc as they leave. None of them dare look in Kaeya’s direction, who treats his stool like a throne, smirking into his drink.

When the last person steps out Kaeya straightens up. He can see Diluc’s entire outfit now, from the cute little apron with the bow in the middle to the dainty heels on Diluc’s feet to the black stockings highlighting Diluc’s beautiful legs. He’s just about to get off his chair when Diluc stalks towards him and pushes him back down.

He drops down to his knees, and the skirt fans around him, and he looks up at Kaeya with those pretty eyes. He reaches for Kaeya’s pants and Kaeya has no complaints at all, except, “I want to touch you.”

Diluc shakes his head no.

He takes out Kaeya’s half-hard cock and licks his lips at the sight, which makes it twitch. Then he leans forward and says, “Let me blow you first,” before closing his mouth around the head.

Kaeya’s moan is unrestrained. He fists his hand in Diluc’s hair, scrunching the maid’s headpiece along with it. Diluc starts bobbing his head and Kaeya is so torn between tilting his head back and closing his eyes to enhance the sensation and keeping his eyes on Diluc so he can have the image of Diluc sucking him in a maid outfit in his mind forever.

“What— So what did I do to deserve such good treatment?” Kaeya says between breaths. He’s never going to say no to a blowjob from Diluc, though he can’t help but feel like he’s missing something. Even through his hazy mind he finds it suspicious he’s being treated to Diluc in a maid outfit and Diluc in a maid outfit with Kaeya’s cock in his mouth in one night. He’s going to fuck him after, of course he is, but he wasn’t expecting this bonus.

“You were jealous.” Diluc kisses the shaft of Kaeya’s cock. “And possessive.” He kisses the tip.

“I was protecting your honour,” Kaeya responds easily. The irony that he has Diluc on his knees now with his lips on Kaeya’s cock isn’t lost on him, but still. It’s what he was doing at the time.

Diluc grins, and he looks genuinely happy, and it makes Kaeya’s heart skip a beat. Whereas Kaeya used to see this every day in the past, it’s since become a rarity since that fateful day. He makes sure to cherish it now, and he’s so captivated he almost misses what Diluc says next.

“Your ‘smile’ probably made him wet his pants. It was terrifying.”

Kaeya protests, “I was just smiling like I always do!”

“Terrifying.” Diluc punctuates his point with a squeeze of Kaeya’s cock and he gasps. “It was fucking hot.”

And then he puts Kaeya’s cock in his mouth again. Kaeya looks up at the ceiling and counts his blessings. He got Diluc swearing too? What did he do to deserve all this? He makes a vow to work extra hard next week. He’ll even abstain from drinking, if it’ll make Diluc happy. Maybe Kaeya can use that to convince him to put on the uniform again.

Whatever it is, Kaeya is more than willing to pay back what he owes.

He comes close to the edge of orgasm embarrassingly fast but he doesn’t even feel bad about it. How can anyone expect him to last with everything that’s happened?

“Gonna come,” he warns, and Diluc doesn’t even make fun of him for it.

No, he just pulls off Kaeya’s cock and strokes him until he spills all over Diluc’s face, painting it with his come. Some of it gets in his hair too, and when Kaeya looks he’s reminded of Diluc’s high ponytail, and feels like he’s going to get hard again.

Diluc blinks his eyes open and licks the area around his mouth clean. Kaeya immediately pulls him into his arms and kisses him, not caring for the fact he’s rubbing his own come between them.

He kisses Diluc like he’s starving for it, and finally gets his hands on Diluc’s ass.

It feels absolutely luxurious through the layers of fabric. Kaeya gets Diluc to sit on his lap so he can just knead his ass, moaning into Diluc’s mouth. Diluc starts to grind slowly against Kaeya, and when they break apart and Kaeya looks up at him, he is once again struck by his lover’s beauty. He’s suddenly overcome by it, filled with a range of emotions, and needs to rest his forehead against Diluc’s chest.

Diluc seems to understand, of course he does, and lays his hands on Kaeya’s back in a soothing gesture. Kaeya lets out a breath and brings his own hands to Diluc’s waist, feeling the ribs of the corset. He’s kind of curious as to how it feels, actually. Maybe once they’re done he can ask Diluc to put it on him.

This makes Kaeya straighten up. Who dressed Diluc then?

But never mind that. Diluc kisses him sweetly, like he’s someone who deserves to be treated with care, and Kaeya needs to change the pace quick before he does something stupid like cry.

He smiles at Diluc, tries to give him a seductive wink, then starts to lift Diluc’s skirt.

He’s absolutely delighted to find out that the stockings don’t go all the way up and instead only reach around the middle of Diluc’s thighs. He runs one hand along Diluc’s bare skin, tracing the straps of the garter with his thumb. He continues pulling the fabric back with the other, until he gets to Diluc’s hips and sees it.

Black lace.

Diluc is—

Kaeya immediately lifts up the skirt and gets his head under it. His face is very close to Diluc’s crotch but he needs to confirm it.

Diluc Ragnvindr, Darknight Hero, Uncrowned King of Mondstadt, the light of Kaeya’s life, is wearing panties.

Black. Fucking. Lace. Panties.

“We have to go.” Kaeya pushes Diluc off him and frantically tucks himself back into his pants and searches around for his sword. He picks it up and grabs Diluc’s claymore too, and starts pulling him towards the door. “We need to go now.”

“What?” Diluc resists the movement, pulling Kaeya back. It’s like a tug of war, almost comical, if Kaeya wasn’t a man on a mission right now. “Kaeya, what’s going on?”

Kaeya stops trying to leave and stares Diluc dead in the eyes. He says as calmly and as controlled as he can manage at the moment, “Diluc. You’re not going to be able to move after I’m done with you, and I don’t think you want all of Mondstadt to hear us. Unless you do, and you want Patton to find us in the morning like this, in which case we can stay right here.”

Diluc stares back blankly for a moment, and then his eyes fill with recognition. He says in a low whisper, “Is it the panties?”, and has the gall to smirk after.

Kaeya’s eyebrow twitches and he clenches his fist. Through gritted teeth he pleads, “Diluc.”

Because he doesn’t care anymore. If Diluc doesn’t move in the next minute he will take him right here, fuck him on the floor of his own tavern. He’d like to see how Diluc will go about cleaning the stains off that.

Diluc must finally understand the urgency of it all, because his eyes go a little wide and his, “Alright, fuck, okay,” comes out all breathy. He asks Kaeya to wait a second as he does a sweep of the place and makes sure everything is fine and Kaeya counts them. He counts every second Diluc takes and fully intends to make him pay for each and every one after the first.

When he comes back down the stairs Kaeya grabs his hand again and drags him out. Diluc doesn’t resist this time, though he does tell Kaeya worriedly that he didn’t lock the tavern but Kaeya doesn’t hear it. He’ll reimburse the place if it gets broken into.

The only thing he cares about right now is getting to the Dawn Winery as fast as possible.