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It was the proper way of conducting business. Nick was just doing that on a smaller scale. He didn't pay and they rarely remember to ask. Although when they did, it did cost him six times the price. As long as the amount was under a hundred and fifty, he was safe.

They were in the middle of a dirty deserted alley. It wasn't the best venue for such an occasion although he had never been with a rabbit before. If he was actually paying, he would've balked at the price. The adage of "you get what you pay for" proved true since he enjoyed her immensely.

"You were the best," he said earnestly.

"See you again."

If he knew that she was going to be that good, he would've paid but he already gave her the empty envelope. Rabbits were a rarity around here, and she was his first. Part of him wanted to give her some extra cash as a way to mend inevitably broken bridges, but his pride wouldn't allow it.

He headed home and planned for his next adventure. It was always a thrill seeing what he could get away with.

"ZPD! Open up!"

The police were here yet again. It had to happen sooner or later, someone dared to waste their time chasing after irrelevant sums of money.

He opened the door to see a rabbit dressed in a police uniform. "You got the wrong address for Live Action Role Play. I'm quite busy." He closed the door in her face.

She opened the door. "You are under arrest."

"Whatever for?" Nick asked. He knew the law well enough.

"The rape of Jackie Hopps."

"You are mistaken."

"Did you not use her services without paying? Especially since she decided to give a fox a chance."

"Isn't that fraud, officer…?"

"Officer Hopps."

"Oh, so that story wasn't a misprint. I always thought it was odd how a bunny police officer would exist. Were they that desperate for mammals? Are you related to Jackie Hopps?"

"Yes, she's my sister. And no, it's not fraud. If you con a prostitute out of their hard-earned cash. It is rape."

Nick checked his memory for any truth to her statement. "Making up laws now, are we? I know my rights. Also isn't there a conflict of interest in this case since you two are related?"

"Are you going to come willingly? I've heard enough." Judy cuffed his paws together. "Let's go."

"That's police brutality. They give a bunny some power and it goes to her head."

Judy sighed. She fetched a muzzle from her toolbelt.

"I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder dealing with muzzles. I'll be quiet."


Nick had to refrain from talking since he didn't want that to happen. Judy was crazy, it was unfathomable to think that she was related to the rabbit he was with last night. He hoped that he could clear everything up at the station.

The rabbit guided him into the station.

"I'm being wrongfully arrested," Nick said.

"What have you done, Hopps?" the buffalo said.

"Chief Bogo, this fox in front of you raped my sister last night. He did not pay for the services that she provided."

"I admit that I've committed fraud," Nick said. "Bunnies don't know the law very well. Is your department that desperate?"

"isn't this your lucky day? I'm sure you'll become quite familiar with the law after spending one year in prison," Chief Bogo said.

"It was an honest mistake!"

"Since when are foxes ever honest?"

"I think we should hear him out."

"It wasn't like that back in Tundratown or the Rainforest District or Happytown. I didn't know that Savannah Central was different."

"You've done this to others too?"

"Yep, over a hundred, and only four have complained so far. I'm sure that we can come to an amicable arrangement."

"We'll see if we can ask the judge for ten years," Chief Bogo said.

"Did you misunderstand something? I do this all the time."

"Yes, you're a sexual predator," Judy said.

"Oh." Nick's mouth opened in realization. "That does sound bad now that I think about it. You have to believe me that I do this all the time."

"And that's why you deserve ten years."

"No, no, I mean I do this all the time – like that cheap hotel I stayed in or the restaurant I dined at. Foxes don't last long in prison."

"Your best defense is that you steal from everyone?" Judy sounded aggravated.

"It looks that way? Foxes are untrustworthy and everyone thinks that they're always stealing." Nick took a deep breath. "I just don't want to die in prison. None of the foxes have ever completed their sentence to date."

"Is that true?" Judy asked.

"Does it matter?" Chief Bogo said.

"Of course, it does! How can you even say that? There's a difference between putting him away for one year and killing him!"

"Fine, I can have you transferred as his prison guard. You'll be out of my way, and you get to keep this piece of trash alive."

"Won't she disappear too?" Nick never thought that the same crime could be considered rape depending on where it happened.

"She'll receive proper equipment to keep you alive. I don't see why she cares so much."

"Look, can't we talk about an alternative penalty, like a fine? All I ever did was steal. This seems a bit excessive, don't you think?"

Nick was not able to persuade Chief Bogo or Judy Hopps

Nick spent one long year in prison with Judy keeping him alive. He did learn that she leaked their conversations to the city council, and they replaced Chief Bogo. The council wasn't too happy with his remarks.

Prison wasn't as brutal as he thought it would be. Maybe, that was due to his special security arrangement. He did learn one thing – to carefully study the law before he tried to break it and that it might vary depending on different jurisdictions.

There were plenty of rabbits within Bunnyburrow, and Judy quite a few siblings. Adventures awaited him there and the law was on his side.

Fines were the cost of doing business. Why would anyone pay more than they had to? It was simply inefficient.