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Totally fine

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Strrling have i tell you thst i live yu

Sterling Wesley:
Where are you?

On s coudh

Sterling Wesley:
Are you at Lorna’s party?

Sterling Wesley:
Is Ezequiel or Hannah with you?

Sterling Wesley:
Are you okay?

Sterling Wesley:
Okay, I’m picking you up

April had never been drunk before, but she didn’t see the big deal. She was doing fine. Having a great time dancing and- oh right, she had to text Sterling back.

Im amzinh

See. Totally fine. April went to sit on the couch again, which all of a sudden seemed to move. So when she went to sit down she fell on the floor instead. Unbothered she went to lay down. She noticed she was getting really tired, so she closed her eyes for a little.

“April? April! Wake up!” Sterling shook April in hopes of waking her up, and thankfully April opened her eyes.

“iwasnt sleeeeepin” April slurred, still incredibly drunk. She went to sit up, but the room started to spin around her, making her lay back down.

“Okay, April listen. I’m going to sit behind you and you’re going to sit up. If you fall, you’ll only fall against me. You think you can do that?”

April hummed, eyes closed, and started to move. Sterling quickly moved to sit behind April and was just in time to catch her. April’s head falling against Sterling’s chest, arms on her legs.

“youuuu’re agoodpillow” she said eyes still closed.

“I know, but we’re not going to sleep here April. You’re going to stand up now. I’m behind you, be careful.” Sterling’s voice was full of concern.

“nooooo I’m so comfyyyy” April whined

There was a harsh push in her back that made her get to action. She stood up and almost fell over right away. She was caught by Sterling’s arms.

Together they slowly made their way out the door and to the car. Once April was safely seated and buckled, Sterling gave her a bottle of water.

“Drink up”

“iiii thought I was the one givicommands”

“Not tonight babe”

April drank her water and got the intense urge to kiss the girl next to her, so she leaned in. She was met by a finger, which she took in her mouth and sucked on. Sterling’s breath hitched before pulling her hand away.

“You are very drunk April, this is a bad idea. Can I bring you home? Or do you need to go somewhere else?”

The word home actually made April sober up enough to panic a bit “no no no not home, pleaseeee not home. They’re going to hurt me. I can’t go home.”

“shhh calm down, I’ll bring you to my house. My parents are gone anyway, so no parents will know.”

April was way too drunk and tired to respond. She was so tired that her eyes kept closing and her head kept bobbing to the side. But Sterling was having none of it.
“April! Stay awake. Tell me about the party, who was there, why did you go, did you have fun.”
As April processed the questions, forcing her eyes open, Sterling put on loud music.

“uhhh I thought youuu were gonna be there, it was super super fun and I don’t know who was there. But not you and I was so sad and I missed you.” April rambled.

Sterling glanced over to the girl, smiling at how open and honest she was being. Thinking about how this could be them in a different world.

“I’m here now, so don’t be sad.”

“sterling can I sleep now?”

“No! Don’t you dare close those eyes! We are almost there. You can do it April. You’re very strong and you can stay awake for a couple more minutes.”

April was fighting to keep her eyes open but it was a losing battle. She was dangerously close to losing said battle when the car came to an abrupt stop. Sterling shook her quite violently before getting out of the car, walking to the passengers side and opening the door for April.
Together they got her out of the car and into the house.

The cold air and the realisation that she was in Sterling’s home jolted her awake, all of a sudden sleep was nowhere to be found.
All the way to Sterling’s bed April talked “Sterling I’m so lucky to have you even though I don’t have you. And I went to a party for you and now you’re here and I’m here and I want to kiss you so much. Am I gonna sleep on your bed? And you? Cause I want to cuddle and have a party and pancakes in the morning. Actually right now. I want pancakes right now. Sterling make me pancakes-“

Sterling laughed and shushed April ”You’re going to wake Blair up, and we don’t want that do we?“

When they were in Sterling’s bedroom, April started undressing. Taking off her pants and her shirt followed by her bra. Sterling’s eyes widened and she quickly turned around.

“May- uh maybe you should put a shirt on April. I’ll grab you some pajamas.“ April saw a flush creeping up Sterling’s neck and smirked. She walked up to Sterling and kissed her neck. Her hand sliding up her waist. Sterling let out a soft gasp before grabbing April’s wrist and turning around.

“You are very, very drunk April. We’re not doing this while you’re drunk.” She let go of her wrist, walked to her closet and threw some short sleeved pajamas to the drunk girl. Then she got changed into her own. Not bothering to go to the bathroom, since April was too drunk to remember anything. And besides, she had seen April very close to naked too, so it was only fair.

When they were both wearing something again, April started to look paler and greener so Sterling steered her to the toilet bowl and pushed her on her knees. Just in time before April threw up. Sterling held her hair back, rubbed softly over her back and told her it would be over soon.
April felt like it would never stop and grew more and more frustrated, until she started crying.

With nothing left in her stomach, she finally sat upright again, leaning into the kisses Sterling was pressing all over her back and arms. She turned around and was enveloped into a hug. They stayed like that for a bit before Sterling pulled away and walked to the sink. She filled a cup with some water and helped April stand up. April thankfully took the water, swished it in her mouth and spit it out.
Sterling grabbed a spare toothbrush and together they brushed their teeth.

When they were in bed, April curled up against Sterling and fell asleep in a matter of seconds.