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The tale of Suez Canal and Ever Given, two very different friends

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The ship was big and heavy and the canal was small.

Ever Given, that’s the ship´s name. Containers are loaded on it, many containers, all on their way to China or whatever.
There is a sand storm, the electricity fails and suddenly there´s a loud thump.
What happened?

There´s a yell cutting through the air, it is passed on from one person to another, until everyone heard it. The ship´s stuck.
The ship´s stuck? How did that happen? Wait, it´s really stuck?
Yes. It´s really stuck because some idiot built it longer than the canal is wide and a power outage and a sand storm later, we´re counting the costs.
The canal is the Suez Canal. It´s a nice canal, with a nice name.
In Egypt, too, a nice country, if you ignore the politics.
But it´s warm and now the ship is stuck in the canal.
Nobody knows what they should do, this has never happened before. Everyone´s clueless but soon it becomes clear that this causes many problems.
No ships can come in or get out and the Ever Given is really big. You can´t just get it out with a crane, since the crane looks like a toy next to the ship.
And apparently there is no real alternative to that canal for world trading, so it will be real expensive for the world´s elite.

The ship is stuck for a few days now and everyone in the western world now knows that happened.
There are memes and a lot of people make fun of capitalists, it is wild.
But that’s not important, what is important though is, that the ship and the canal are talking.
The humans don’t notice of course, they´re too wrapped up with themselves, but when a ship and a canal don’t see anyone else for days it gets boring, so they start talking.

“I´m pretty lonely, actually.”, Ever Given says. “You know, I do get around a lot, as a ship and I meet lots of different people but they are all to tiny.
And they just think about themselves and their money and never care about me or my feelings!”
“I understand that. Everyone needs me, they´re screwed without me but do they actually know me? I can´t even take a pause, there are always ships coming through”, the Suez Canal replies and sighs.
“I´m really glad you got stuck here. You really understand me and I can finally just breath without having other ships around.”
I´m glad too. It´s nice to be able to just relax.”

When the ship finally gets unstuck, they separate sadly, but they will meet again, maybe next month, maybe in another life.
But this, and I am not exaggerating when I say this, is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.