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on the training ground (where we shall dance)

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Sometimes they’re too desperate to take the time to remove their clothes first.

Sometimes, they’ll come together right there in the middle of the training hall, right where anyone could walk in and see.

“Fuck, Kaeya.”

Diluc drops his sword and runs towards Kaeya with such force it topples them both. He lifts up onto his knees so he has a height advantage then cups his hands under Kaeya’s jaw and kisses him urgently as if he won’t last another second without Kaeya’s taste on his lips.

“I wish I could fuck you.” Kaeya reaches down to grope Diluc’s ass and groans. “Gods your ass is juicy in these pants but they’re so tight I can’t take them off.”

“Good,” Diluc asserts, grinding his hips against Kaeya’s. “That’d take too long.”

The sensation not only gives Kaeya a jolt of pleasure, but fills him with an overwhelming desire to pin Diluc down and have his way with him.

He not-so-gently slams Diluc onto his back and immediately cages him in. He relishes in the slight panic of Diluc’s crimson eyes and enjoys watching his entire expression morph into one of eroticism as Kaeya starts rubbing their clothed, hard cocks together.

He captures the moan leaving Diluc’s mouth with his lips, penetrating the wet heat with his tongue and letting it dance with Diluc’s.

Diluc’s hands move up to fondle Kaeya’s chest and it makes Kaeya smirk. He always looks so blissed out playing with Kaeya’s tits—he’s obsessed. Kaeya would almost wonder whether Diluc liked them more than he liked Kaeya himself, if he didn’t feel the exact same about Diluc’s ass.

It doesn’t take long for Diluc to come. When he breaks their kiss and starts making those stuttered, broken noises, Kaeya knows he’s close.

Kaeya pauses his movements to properly appreciate the sight of Diluc coming. He’s never loud—Kaeya thinks it’s because some part of him still feels like he needs to hide it, like he’s a teenager trying to jerk off in secret—but what he lacks in sound he makes up for in his motions.

First: Diluc bites down on his bottom lip. To the point it leaves marks. Kaeya knows, because Diluc will bite him if he’s able, and it hurts. In a way that Kaeya likes, but still.

Second: His eyes flutter closed. Kaeya loves watching his lashes in particular, pretty and delicate like a butterfly’s wings.

Third: He arches his back. Diluc has always been limber. It used to piss Kaeya off when they were kids—Diluc’s flexibility always gave him an advantage. Now, Kaeya is thankful for it.

He slips his hands under Diluc then lies flat on top of him. He lifts his head so he can meet Diluc’s eyes and quips, “Well that was quick.”

Diluc shoots him a glare before letting his head drop back. He’s still catching his breath, and Kaeya’s weight on top of his chest probably doesn’t help.

Kaeya looks down and encloses his mouth around one of Diluc’s nipples. He flicks his tongue over the bud through the fabric, and Diluc bucks his hips.

“Fuck, Kae, just come already. My pants feel disgusting.”

Kaeya doesn’t listen. He continues playing with Diluc’s nipple and slowly rocks against Diluc. Now that Diluc has come and is all soft and malleable, he wants to draw this out and enjoy it a bit longer. It’s the only time he can truly convey the love and fondness he feels for Diluc without the man noticing, mind too fuzzy to read into the situation.

Unfortunately, however, it also means Diluc is only thinking about one thing in his post-orgasmic state.

He pushes Kaeya back and complains, “I can’t take it anymore, Kae, seriously.”

Kaeya relents, deciding he’s been mean enough, but when he sees that Diluc is just lying back and resting, like he’s not even going to help, he feels a spike of irritation, unable to believe the insolence.

He flips Diluc onto his stomach and presses him down. He won’t give Diluc the privilege of seeing him come.

And then he starts thrusting into Diluc’s soft behind. Who said he can’t fuck Diluc? Their pants are so tight it’s almost like they’re not there at all, and Kaeya can imagine himself fucking Diluc’s cheeks.

Diluc must be thinking similar things—he’s started moaning again and Kaeya can tell he’s trying to rut against the ground for better friction.

When Kaeya comes, he can feel the liquid slowly seep through the fabric of his pants and must agree that it feels gross. It doesn’t stop him from thrusting against Diluc as he rides out the last of his orgasm though, even as his come squelches and adds to the nastiness.

There’s a clear damp spot on Diluc’s ass when he pulls back, and it makes him laugh.

“What?” Diluc turns his head and, following Kaeya’s gaze, soon notices the patch as well. “Fuck,” he rubs it, as if it’ll do anything. “What’re we gonna do?”

“Beats me,” Kaeya shrugs. “Did you bring your jacket?”

“No. It was hot already. Did you bring yours?”

Kaeya shakes his head.

“I’m not gonna go out like this.”

“Why not?” Kaeya asks with a smirk. When Diluc glares at him he holds his hands up in surrender. “Fine, sorry. Look, the way I see it we’ve got two options.”

Diluc stares at him. Kaeya stares back.

“Well?! Out with it already!”

Kaeya holds up a finger, “Option one: we make a run for it. Maybe we’ll go fast enough that no one will notice.”

“Won’t work. People are always stopping us. If it’s not one thing it’s the other. They think we’re at their beck and call.”

“Don’t front, Luc, I know how much you love helping everyone out. Our local hero,” Kaeya flashes a charming smile, though Diluc rolls his eyes. “But fine. Option two: we stay here. Wait for our pants to dry and if it’s still too obvious then we’ll wait until night.”

Diluc seems to consider this for a moment. He hums and then turns around. He walks back to where he dropped his sword earlier, picks it up, and points it at Kaeya. Then he says,

“Alright. Last fight didn’t count anyway. Let’s go for round two.”