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"Jihyo I need your help!" Sana screamed at her bestfriend through the phone. She paces back in forth in her room not knowing where to begin.

"Please don't tell me the kitchen is burning"
Jihyo says jokingly, yet also in a worried tone, recalling the day that squirrel had almost burned down their dorm room (Sana decided to put foil in a microwave). She had to pause their meeting and rush to the dorms to make sure that Sana is alive and not crispy fried.

"That was a one time thing!" Sana whines at Jihyo's remark.

"Alright, what do you want?" Jihyo gives in deciding to help the poor blonde.

She said in a quick manner, so quickly that eminem would be threatened by how fast she said it.

"Could you repeat that please" Jihyo says with a confused tone.

"I may or may not have invited Tzuyu to a sleepover" Sana repeated, this time more clearly.

"Did she say yes or no? come on dear I need details" Jihyo grunts, losing her patience.

The blonde lowers her phone from her ear and checks for a response.

She said yes.

Sana jumps up and down from excitement, almost tripping. She throws herself on the bed squeeling and kicking her feet in the air, forgetting about her bestfriend on the other line.

"Sana!" Jihyo calls out, regaining Sana's attention.

Oh right.

"Jihyo she said yes!"

A cheer could be heard coming from the other side of the line, Jihyo was clapping and hyping her bestfriend.

"So why do you need help?"

"What do I wear?"

Jihyo facepalms at her bestfriends question. Sana is an honor student yet she fails to solve problems that require common sense, at least that's what Jihyo thinks.

"Sana what did you invite her to?" Jihyo asks firmly, trying knock some sense into the girl.

"A sleepover. Jihyo I just told you this minutes ago and you already forgot?"

Jihyo furrows her eyebrows,resisting the urge to slam her head against the table.

"A sleepover where?" She continues.

"At our dorm room?" Sana answers slowly, not really knowing where the conversation is going.

"Now combine the two things that you said"

Jihyo swears that she just might disown Sana if she doesn't get the hint.

"A sleepover at our dorm room"

"Do you get the hint now?"


Sana whines as Jihyo ends the phone call. She tries to call her again but the latter isn't picking up. Instead, she gets a text from Jihyo telling her 'you wear pajamas dumbass'.

'I know but I have to look extra pretty'

It's about 4pm and Sana has about 30 minutes to mentally prepare herself for the coming of Chou Tzuyu. It's a lot harder because she'll be all by herself. Knowing Jihyo, she purposely used her 'president of the student council' card as an excuse to leave the two alone.

I'll be staying at Nayeon room for the night, Goodluck! -Jihyo

'What to cook....' Sana thinks as she stares at the fridge, trying to figure out something she can make for her and her crush.

"Aha! I still have left over macaroni, that'll do" As she was about to grab the ingredients she hears the doorbell ring.

She closes the fridge and walks towards the door. She opens it and sees none other than Chou Tzuyu.


"I'm a bit early, I hope you don't mind" Tzuyu smiles from ear to ear showing off her dimples and Sana swears that her face is as pink as her room. It's the same smile that she gave when she first met her.

Tzuyu was always a charmer, although she is quite awkward but it's a part of her charm. Sana first met Tzuyu when she was at the dance room getting ready for practice. She never thought that she'll be crushing hard.


"Do you think we should change the steps for this one or no?" Momo asks for advice.

Sana finished tying her shoelaces and stood up, looking at Momo who's demonstrating the choreography. "I think it's fine, plus it matches the beat well, I don't think there's a need to change it"

A few minutes past they heard the door open. They turn their heads towards the door and Momo saw her favourite athlete while Sana saw a goddess in the form of a human.

"Tzuyu!" Momo ran up to Tzuyu and gave her a big hug.

Momo grabs Tzuyu's arm and pulls her to Sana. She turns to Sana and says "Sana meet Tzuyu"

"Nice to meet you unnie"Tzuyu smiles, showing her dimples. Sana is mesmerized, because to her that is an angel, Chou Tzuyu is an angel. It's been seconds and she feels like she's already got a crush on the freshman.

"Sana do me a favor, could you help Tzuyu go set up the stage that we'll be rehearsing on?"
Momo says.

"Sure" Sana walks towards the door and looks back. "Let's go?" Tzuyu follows her.

They walk along the hallway side by side, just silence between them. "So, what club are you in?" Sana asks eyeing the brunnete with curious eyes.

"Sports club" Tzuyu answers. Sana can't tell if she doesn't like her or if she's just not a people person, she decides to go with the latter.

"I hope that didn't come off as rude" Tzuyu smiles softly "You look very pretty by the way" she looks at Sana in the most sincere way.

And for Sana it's like time suddenly slowed down. Once Sana realized that she's been staring for awhile, She turned her head, looking at anything else except Tzuyu.

"No it wasn't rude, I'm assuming you're a shy type?"


"Well we can be good friends if that's fine with you" Sana opens the gymnasium door for the both of them.

"I'd love that"


Since that day the two has always been together, considering how both of them have free time at the same time. Because of this friendship their two friend groups have now merged into one. Chaotic is all what they can say. At this point it's normal for them to see Chaeyoung trying to choke Dahyun because she broke one of her expensive art materials, Momo also almost choking because of how fast she's eating, Nayeon and Mina having a debate on the question "is water wet?" Jeongyeon laughing her ass of because of Dubchaeng, and Jihyo making sure that no one dies under her watch. A normal day for them.

But since the day they started being friends, Sana knows that she's developing feelings for Tzuyu. With how caring she is as a person and how she's always looking after her, It didn't take that much for Sana to completely fall for her.



"The earlier the better!" Sana blurts out, bringing herself back to the present.

Sana gestures Tzuyu to come in. She takes off the latters coat and hangs it on the rack.
Tzuyu walks up to the counter and puts down the plastic bags that she's been holding. Sana notices and asks "What's that?"

"Food" Tzuyu replies as she throws the plastic bag in the trash.

"You didn't have to, I was going to cook anyway" Sana pouts and crosses her arms.

"And have you burn down the dorm? Yeah i dont think so" Tzuyu smirks. Jihyo told Tzuyu about the incident to warn her that it is a red flag to let Sana cook.

"I'm so going to kill Jihyo"

Tzuyu laughs at the squirrels misfortune, besides it's not rare to see Tzuyu tease Sana.

Whenever the group gathered they could all notice that Tzuyu's main target for teasing was Sana. Tzuyu purposely teases her just for the sake of it. Sometimes she even gives Sana's cheek a little pinch or a boop on the nose. Sana can't even decide on whether she enjoys the teasing or not because when she is being teased, Tzuyu's whole attention is on her. She's smiling and laughing because of her, and to her that's all that matters because Tzuyu deserves the world. It didn't take long for the group to suspect that Sana had something for Tzuyu.

'So Tzuyu huh' Jihyo nudges Sana.

'You're so whipped' Nayeon says as she takes a sip of her boba.

'Oh so when it's us that tease you we get a smack, but if it's Tzuyu you get shy. What kind of sorcery is thi-' Dahyun was unable to finish the sentence as Sana shoves a whole piece of bread in her mouth.


"Can I change in your room first? I've been dying to change out of my uniform already" Tzuyu opens her bag and takes out her clothes.

"Oh yeah sure" Sana says as she starts to put plates on the table.


Sana realizes that it's Tzuyu's first time entering her room. It's not a big deal but the thought makes her shiver although she's not sure why. 'It's fine' she thinks 'It's not like I have something to hide.'

Her eyes widen and she realizes that her whole dignity is thrown out the window. 'OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO HIDE THE PICTURES' Sana panicks, afraid that Tzuyu might be weirded out after seeing her collection of Tzuyu pictures that she keeps on her desk (She calls it her inspiration). Not knowing what to do she decides to play it off, hoping that Tzuyu would pay attention to her walls or anything else except her desk.

Tzuyu comes out of Sana's room wearing her pajamas and for some reason she still looks amazing. She sees a very flustered Sana fidgeting with her fingers.

"Is something wrong?"

"No! Everything's fine hehe...." Sana smiles uncomfortably. "Come on let's eat already, I'm starving" She says trying to change the topic.



It's 9pm and they just finished working on their individual projects. Sana stands up stretching her back, tired from being in the same sitting position for a few hours. Tzuyu stands up and does the same. She carefully picks up the projects that they've been working on and sets it down on the table, making sure that it doesn't break.

Tzuyu turns to Sana "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Yeah, I'm bored" Sana grabs the remote and opens netflix, searching for movies that are interesting enough to watch. Tzuyu lays herself down on the couch, waiting for Sana lay down with her (Yes, they cuddle as friends).

"This one interesting, it's called 'Friendzone'" Sana settles herself in Tzuyu's arms, someone would mistake them as a couple at this point.

"It's about bestfriends, one has feelings for the other but decides to not say anything because their whole friendship is at risk" Sana feels like the movie is talking to her, both her and the main character are afraid to get rejected.

"Uhuh" Tzuyu nods.

The movie plays and both of them are way to interested in it. It feels like the whole movie is about them, they're just friends but what if there was something more. Sana wants to take that risk, because she believes that there is a possibility of Tzuyu liking her back.

Heartbreak, hard ships and everything in between, that's what the characters had to go through to get their happy ending, an ending where they're together and happily married.

"Bravo" Tzuyu stands up and gives the movie a round of applause. Sana laughs at Tzuyu's antics, she's already used to it.

She sits back down and looks at Sana "I have a question by the way"

Sana is startled but responds anyway "Go ahead"

"Why do you have so many pictures of me" Tzuyu says straightforwardly.

Sana shuts up, unable to respond. She tries to come up of something but her mind isn't properly functioning.

"You're blushing"

Sana covers her face and whines, Tzuyu just laughs at her. "I didn't know that we're supposed to collect pictures of each other" She teases her one more time.

Sana hits her with a pillow. "Shut up" She groans.

Tzuyu was about to say something again but but Sana interrupts her. She covers her ears not wanting to hear the teasing she'll do again. "I'm not listening!"


"Well then, suit yourself" Tzuyu stands up and walks towards Sana's room. She opens the door and looks back at Sana once more. "I was going to confess but you don't want to hear it, It'll be a waste of time if you don't listen" Tzuyu says as she enters Sana's room and closes the door behind her.

Sana is frozen in place, unable to comprehend what her crush said. 'Is she teasing me? Tzuyu I hope you know that it's not nice to play with someones feelings.'

She runs towards her room and tries to open the door. "Tzuyu unlock this door now!"



She opens the door and leans by the doorway with her hands in her pocket. Sana pushes her back inside and makes her sit on the bed.

"Now spill" Sana crosses her arms while standing in front lf Tzuyu.

"If anything it's you that has something to spill" She shrugs.

Sana glares at her and for first time Tzuyu is actually scared by this. She looks down at her feet, not wanting to make eye contact with her. She sighs. "I like you, way before we became friends actually. And when I told Momo that I thought you were pretty, I didn't think that she'd introduce me to you. When you said that we can be good friends, I didn't think that It'll come to this."

"So you like me?"

Tzuyu looks at Sana and nods. Sana sits on Tzuyu's lap and hugs her, she burries her face in the crook of Tzuyu's neck. Tzuyu pats her back and hugs her with the same intensity.

"You don't need to confess, I already read your diary" Tzuyu jokes.

Sana slaps her back making Tzuyu groan. "But I'd love to hear those words from you" Tzuyu says.

Sana looks at Tzuyu and cups her cheeks with both of her hands. Tzuyu's hands travels to her waist, holding her in place.

"I like you no, I love you"

Tzuyu leans in connecting their lips, the moment they've been waiting for. Sana reciprocates and encircles her arms around Tzuyu's neck deepening the kiss. 'She tastes like strawberries' Tzuyu thinks, yet she can't get enough of it.

They pull apart but their foreheads are leaning against each other. "I love you too" Tzuyu whispers. They kiss again, but much shorter than the previous one.

"Be my girlfriend?" Tzuyu asks.

Sana pecks her lips. "Does that answer your question?"

Tzuyu smiles.

The night ends with the couple sleeping soundly on Sana's bed. Atleast Sana can now say that the girl in the pictures displayed on her desk is now her girlfriend.