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Cold Night

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Victoria Grantz closed her notebook and quietly thanked the last passenger she was due to interrogate that night. She tried to keep a cordial smile as he turned around to go back into the train, despite the obvious mistrust in his eyes. Can you blame him? She thought, this case has dragged on for far too long.


She sighed and looked around. Night had fallen not too long ago, but a chilly wind had already risen. She needed to go back to the small office they usually gave her as an accommodation soon, the biting night breeze was already making her shiver.


Maybe you wouldn’t be so cold if you were wearing your regular uniform, idiot, she berated herself on her way back, instead of these stockings you wear in hopes the conductor will notice you. She had to have to, surely. She gave them to Victoria herself, after all. The thought of her encounter weeks ago sent a shiver up her spine, this time not due to the cold.

She didn’t remember how the topic was initially brought up. She did remember being invited back to the conductor’s living quarters on the train, after her regular patrol was finished. Victoria had tried to keep her expectations in check – there was a very real possibility that the meaningful stares, the lingering touches she and the conductor had shared were all in her head. A friendly hangout, maybe some commiseration, she told herself, we are after all two of the few women working here. She did remember chatting with the conductor – Andrea Kreiss, that tall, pale, stern woman – while sitting on her bed sharing a bottle of wine, and she did remember the way Andrea had offered to massage Victoria’s shoulders. For your hard work, sheriff, and Victoria had bashfully accepted.


She would ashamedly admit to herself that perhaps she had been a bit too focused on the sensation of Andrea’s strong hands digging into her tense muscles –and, maybe, too focused on biting back any embarrassing noises that had threatened to come out– to remember the flow of the conversation. She believed it had started with the conductor pointing out the black leggings the sheriff wore, perhaps, though it could not be proven, followed by a comment on the shapeliness of her legs. And maybe Victoria had replied asking Andrea questions about her uniform in return. And maybe that conversation had turned into what clothes they liked to wear. And maybe that conversation had turned into what clothes they liked to wear.


It had definitely been Andrea who brought up lingerie first, lamenting how difficult it proved to find it for a woman her size. Victoria’s thoughts at that moment had been divided between imagining the conductor in lingerie and imagining the conductor pushing her to lay down on her stomach, giving her a full back massage instead of just a shoulder rub. That’s why she had been startled when Andrea asked her if she enjoyed wearing lingerie, and she had stammered out that she had never tried, and that she feared it wouldn’t suit a woman like her anyways.


Unfortunately, Andrea had decided to press what she meant by that. There were many things Victoria could have had answered, you know, a sheriff. A practical person. An active person, but when she looked down at her body, uncrossing the legs she had subconsciously crossed, the truth had decided to come out in a whisper. You know… not really womanly. She had turned around to look at Andrea then, whose gaze had softened at that. She understands.


What she did remember, vividly, –and how could she ever forget?– was what had happened next. Andrea slightly leaning forward, the feather-light touch of her hands moving from her shoulders down her sides, finally resting on each side of her legs, confidently but slowly enough to give Victoria time to react, to protest if she wanted to.


She hadn’t.


She had watched in disbelief as Andrea lightly pulled up her skirt, revealing more of her black-covered thighs. And, as if the situation couldn’t get any more surreal, the conductor spoke up, barely above a whisper,




Victoria had blinked and looked down again, trying to see whatever it was Andrea was trying to show her. It’s just my legs, but they had stopped feeling like just her legs with the way Andrea was tracing a single gloved finger over one thigh.


“You have lovely legs, Miss Grantz. Did you know that?”


“I…” She cleared her throat “I did not.”


“That’s a damn shame.” Andrea had moved both her hands down to the knees, then on the inner sides of them, slightly spreading Victoria’s legs. Then she had resumed idly tracing her fingers, this time on her inner thighs, slowly, slowly upwards, until–


She stopped at the edge of Victoria’s skirt, moving her hands back down, then on her outer thighs again. Victoria’s legs had twitched at that.


Womanly is definitely a word I’d use to describe them… Shapely, too” Victoria didn’t know if her imagination had tricked her, or if she had felt the conductor give a slight squeeze at that. “And… lovely, of course. And wouldn’t they look even lovelier in lace, Miss Grantz?”


Victoria had opened her mouth to reply –either an answer to Andrea’s question, or a just Victoria, please–, but no words came out. All she could do was tap her fingers against the edges of the bed she was gripping for dear life and shakily nod. Andrea seemed satisfied by that reply, sliding her hands up Victoria’s body again until one of them rested against her chest.


“May I?”


Victoria might have not known what that implied, but she had nodded her head so quickly in response that she had felt a brief pang of embarrassment.


Andrea knew Victoria was not a talkative woman, despite her profession, but she had really wanted an explicit confirmation for this. “Miss Grantz,” she repeated, “may I see?”.


“Y-yes.” She breathed. “Yes.”


Still from behind her, Andrea had unbuttoned Victoria’s shirt all the way down, methodically revealing her freckled skin. Then, more gently than Victoria had thought the conductor capable of, she turned the smaller woman around to face her.


It was then that Victoria had become hyper-aware of the situation – facing the conductor on her bed, skirt riding up, shirt completely opened, revealing the way her body had flushed from excitement. She hadn’t dared to look down to check if said excitement was visible through her skirt, but she had prayed that if it were, the conductor would be kind enough to ignore it.


Andrea’s hands hadn’t lingered for long on Victoria’s stomach, soon settling themselves against the plain beige cups of Victoria’s bra.


“Quite simple.”


“I… think of it as practical.”


Andrea had hummed at that, sliding her thumbs under the cups, looking up at Victoria’s face to gauge her reaction. Then she once again surprised Victoria with how carefully she had moved the cups upwards, resting them near her collarbones, and with how delicately she had cupped Victoria’s breasts with her hands.


And, god, were the conductor’s hands large, and did the leather of her gloves feel incredible against her bare skin. Victoria had become keenly aware of the way Andrea was softly fondling her breasts, and she had only barely managed to keep her composure as the conductor had begun describing her body back to her in a deep, low tone.


“Almost a handful… Feels wonderful to hold, and the perfect size for you, if you ask me. Perky, too” Maddeningly, her thumbs had begun tracing circles around her areolas, not coming quite close enough to touch her nipples. Despite their neglect, said nipples had stood then fully hard, prompting the conductor to briefly smile. “Very, very responsive too, by the looks of it. This dark pink color is gorgeous, and the freckles are adorable...”


She had taken that moment to look up at Victoria’s face again, struck by the sight of the sheriff flushed a deep red, her eyes tightly shut and her blonde eyelashes fluttering, her plump lips opened in an oh shape. Very responsive indeed, she thought to herself, growing giddy at the idea of playing with the smaller woman’s body.


“...You look all woman to me, Miss Grantz.”


That had snapped Victoria out of it, who had looked to the side in embarrassment, trying to play off her reaction from moments ago.


“Your body looks perfect for lace, I would ask you to reconsider.”




Before she pulled her hands back, Andrea had brushed her thumbs over Victoria’s nipples as a goodbye, too suddenly for Victoria to be able to bite back the whine that escaped her – to Andrea’s delight.


As if nothing had happened, Andrea had placed Victoria’s bra back into place, patiently buttoning up her shirt while Victoria had attempted to compose herself. She had used these moments to take in the sight of Andrea without her coat – in the past, she had given the figure hiding underneath a few passing thoughts, but now that they were in such close proximity, it was impossible to not notice just how broad her shoulders were. Or the way her breasts seemed to completely fill her shirt, the buttons and fabric around her chest straining to their limit, chest heaving with every breath she took.


She had briefly considered whether Andrea would enjoy having her chest played with as much as she did. She could – god, she could probably use both hands to hold just one of her breasts, and wrap her lips around the nipple, and there would still be so much


Victoria had silently berated herself for not regaining her composure. She had moved her gaze back up again, landing on Andrea’s thin lips, covered in ruby red lipstick, and really, would it be so bad to lean forward and –


She had been startled out of that train of thought when Andrea patted her hip to indicate she was done, and it was at that moment that Victoria had noticed, with no lack of embarrassment, that at some point she had moved to be fully on Andrea’s lap. And that her excitement was definitely visible then, full erection impossible to hide. Fortunately – or unfortunately –, Andrea had decided not to comment on it.


“It’s getting late, Miss Grantz, you should get some good sleep for tomorrow’s shift.” Victoria almost couldn’t believe how casually Andrea had talked to her, as if she hadn’t just been playing with the blonde’s body like it was her own. “It was lovely” She likes that word “to spend some alone time with you, however. I enjoy our conversation. Please consider what I told you.”


In a haze, Victoria had nodded, getting up from the bed and muttering a goodbye to Andrea, leaving on shaky legs as Andrea, splayed on the bed and beginning to light up a cigarette, had watched her leave. Blessedly, the walk from Andrea’s living quarters to the small office they kept for Victoria was a very short one, and Victoria knew there were no people out and about this late to see her in this sorry state.


One, maybe two weeks later, shortly after the current case had begun, Victoria had one day found a present neatly folded on her bed. For your hard work, a note said, and the memories those words brought back made her swallow.


Thigh highs. Most of them looked plain enough – an unassuming black, almost identical to the leggings she normally wore. But the fabric changed near the top, right above where her skirt’s hemline would be, turning into an intricate black mesh lace.


Furthermore, the present had contained a garter belt – a belt of black lace in a floral pattern, with two triangles on the front and two on the back of an almost fishnet pattern, each of them ending in a satin bow where a belt began. The thigh highs had four corresponding clasps.


She had looked around, as if to make sure no one was watching her, then giddily tried the present on. They fit like a glove. She had adjusted the straps, so that they were perfectly taut against her thighs.


She had turned around to look at the mirror. Even with her clashing plain underwear, she had briefly felt she looked… beautiful. The shape of her legs shouldn’t have been any different than in her regular uniform, not really, yet still… It wasn’t a feeling she was used to. She had turned to look at her backside, gliding her hands over the curve of her ass, pulling at the belts, imagining it was the conductor’s hands instead.


She could not stop thinking about the present until next time she was back in town. There she had, for the first time, timidly visited a lingerie store, buying a matching set of panties and a bralette – both black with lilac lace. The bralette had no cups at all, only black mesh that perfectly wrapped around her shape, doing nothing to hide her nipples. Her uniform would, thankfully.


That had been the first day she wore everything under her uniform – which soon turned into wearing it every time she knew she would meet Andrea, thinking about their first encounter every time she talked with the woman.



Today was one of those days, as evidenced by the cold breeze biting her upper thighs. She sped up her walking pace, slowing down again when she spotted Andrea by the entrance to the train, smoking a cigarette. She turned her gaze at Victoria, and they nodded at each other in greeting.


“Good evening, conductor.”


“Miss Grantz.” She looked Victoria up and down, turning her piercing red gaze back to her face. “You’re shivering. Heading back for the night?”


“Yes… Well, I do still need to go over today’s case files, but at least I-” She stopped, cursing under her breath. Andrea looked at her quizzically. “It’s nothing. I forgot to light up my fireplace before leaving.” She sighed. She really was looking forward to a warm room. “It’s no matter. I’ll light it up as soon as I get there.”


“It’ll take a while.” Andrea finished her cigarette, turned around to enter the train. “Come into my living quarters when you’re done lighting the fireplace, yes?” Victoria blinked, taken aback by the bold suggestion. “My fireplace has been lit for a while. You can go over your files there. And by the time you come back, your room will be warm. No?”


“Ah… Yes. Yes, of course” Relax, idiot. She’s just being nice. “That’s very kind of you, c… Miss Kreiss.”


Andrea turned around at that, shooting Victoria a slight smile. “It’s nothing, sweetheart. And...” And if the cold hadn’t stiffened Victoria’s leg muscles, that sultry-voiced sweetheart would have. “...It’s just Andrea.”


And with that she disappeared into the train, leaving behind a dumbfounded Victoria. Did that- No. She had to be that way with everyone. Right?


She shook her head and went back to her small office, lighting up the fireplace before gathering yet again all the files she needed to go through, heart pounding in her chest all the short way to Andrea’s room.


There she was, still fully dressed but for her shoes, splayed on the sofa, seemingly doing nothing but relax and watch Victoria enter the room. She removed her own shoes and settled her papers on the high table at the edge of the room. As Andrea had promised, the room was pleasantly warm, Victoria sighing in contentment as she felt the cold leave her bones.


There was a chair to the side of the table, but Victoria had begun reading the files as she had laid them down, hands resting on the table. She’d rather make this quick, rather than abuse the conductor’s hospitality.



She didn’t dare turn around to confirm, but, if she had to trust her instinct, was the conductor… staring at her backside?


Is she? It wasn’t a particularly impressive ass, Victoria didn’t think, but still… Maybe it looks nicer than I thought in this skirt. Or maybe…


Oh, for fuck’s sake. It was then that she noticed the curve of her lower back, seemingly having at some point subconsciously decided to stick her ass out for the conductor to see. Jesus Christ, what are you, Grantz, a bitch in heat? Have some dignity.


It almost felt more embarrassing to correct her posture now, however, as if it would confirm that she was indeed posing on purpose instead of that just being her natural resting position. So she kept reading like that, trying her best to concentrate, even when she heard rustling movement behind her.


If her breath hitched when a hand rested on the small of her back, that was not anybody’s business. Andrea’s towering figure was near her as she inquired about the case.


Victoria tried – god, did she try – to hide her stutter as she went over the suspects list for the conductor to hear, moving papers, pointing at pictures.


“Hm… I see. Very interesting. Let me have a look.” And at that she came closer – but not to Victoria’s side as she had been expecting.


For a moment, Victoria thought she must have imagined it when she felt a firm pair of hands grasp her hips from behind – for support, of course, as Andrea needed to keep her balance while she leaned her whole body over Victoria’s back, reading the papers from above her head.


Victoria had to press her hands harder into the table for balance, as not only had the conductor settled herself behind her, but she was beginning to fully rest her body weight on Victoria’s back. And, fuck – Victoria couldn’t see, but she definitely could feel Andrea’s ample breasts resting on her back. And how would it feel to hold them – To bury her face between them –


Focus, idiot. She knew she was blushing, but she still forced herself to ignore her growing erection and to focus. But she couldn’t, because Andrea was idly rubbing circles against her hips. In between that firm, insistent massage, and the way she felt Andrea’s breath ghost over her neck, Andrea’s lips finally barely brushing her nape – She failed to bite back the high-pitched whine that escaped her.


They both stopped at that, the air suddenly becoming tense. And then she felt it – Andrea’s lips against her neck, curving up into a smile.


Oh. Oh, god.


It began with soft, chaste kisses to her nape – just barely enough to leave a faint lipstick mark. That was enough to have Victoria’s breath turn irregular, but then the kisses became open-mouthed as the conductor worked her lips against Victoria’s neck, not sucking yet.


“A-ah… Oh…”


Slowly, methodically, letting Victoria’s skin rise up in goosebumps wherever she touched, the conductor slid one of her hands under the hem of Victoria’s skirt, beginning to firmly massage her inner thigh. The other moved up her shirt, beginning to unbutton it, and Victoria couldn’t help but to think back to weeks ago. This time however, the conductor revealed her skin even slower, having to unbutton her shirt with one hand.


When she was done, she glided her hand up and down Victoria’s torso – stopping again when she noticed the thin fabric of her bralette. Victoria could swear that at that moment Andrea’s smile against her neck widened, turning into something almost dangerous.


And at that moment, with one hand working her thighs open and the other one caressing the lace hugging her chest, Andrea decided to finally bite down on Victoria’s neck. A broken, drawn-out moan filled the air of the room. Victoria desperately wanted to bring a hand up to her lips to hide the embarrassing noises escaping her, but she felt her hands on the table were the only thing keeping her upright, working against her weakened legs and against the conductor’s thick, powerful body resting on her back.


“Oh, Victoria…” Victoria, her name on the conductor’s lips did things to her body she didn’t care to admit. She slowly let her hand drag over the delicate fabric hugging Victoria’s chest. “For me?” Victoria nodded, jerkily. “Ah, I’m so lucky… Such a good girl, you are.” Victoria whined at those words, which did not escape Andrea’s notice.


Victoria’s breath hitched when Andrea’s hand slid underneath the cups. Her other hand had begun caressing the lace of her thigh highs, as well. “These, too… I knew you were wearing them, just for me. Others may not notice the difference, but I do… even if it’s only because of your demeanor.” Before Victoria could begin to wonder what she meant by that, Andrea’s fingers began feeling how taut the straps were, pulled one, released it to slap against the blonde’s skin.


She gasped at this, her train of thought cut short, her legs twitching slightly open. Andrea made use of Victoria’s spread legs to settle one of her thick thighs in between. In between that, the bites returning to her neck and the hand who had begun fondling at her chest, Victoria finally lost her balance, resting her elbows on the table with a heavy thud, desperately trying to hold up her upper body.


She accidentally knocked over a pot of ink in the process, black liquid spreading over the conductor’s table. Andrea reacted quickly enough that no paper was ruined, but her table was stained.


Victoria began to apologize, shakily, incoherently, before Andrea shushed her.


“Don’t worry, Victoria.” Her leg was still pressed against Victoria’s crotch, both her hands now firmly holding her waist. “I know you didn’t mean to. Don’t worry about the table. It’ll be very easy to make this up to me. You want to make this up to me, right?” Victoria nodded. “Of course you do – you are a good girl.” She whined again, and was Andrea grinding against her? “But in between this and you walking around in inappropriate attire…” Her hands moved down from her waist, resting against her ass, which in their new position was firmly pressed against Andrea’s hips. “You’ve been a bad officer, haven’t you? I do have a sweet spot for you, my Victoria,” her Victoria “so I can’t stay mad at you… But I fear some punishment might be in order.”


And did the word punishment, heavy with meaning, make Victoria feel dizzy, made her cock twitch.


Finally, Andrea leaned back, Victoria immediately missing her presence. She stood up straight, her shirt still fully opened, and turned around to look at Andrea, who has messing with her suitcase. She watched her pull out a few objects from it, and take a bottle with her as she sat on the chair near the table. She patted her lap – Victoria got the message loud and clear, but she couldn’t help but to sneak a glance at Andrea’s thighs. Their size was apparent even through her coat, straining against the fabric in this sitting position, and Victoria’s mouth nearly watered at the idea of resting her face in between. She wondered if Andrea would let Victoria pleasure her like that at some point, she knew she could do a good job, she had to.


For now, though, she made it to Andrea’s side, who was looking up at her expectantly. Swallowing her pride, she leaned forward, fully resting face down on Andrea’s lap, moving into the most comfortable possible position.


Her tension was evident – Andrea ran her fingers through Victoria’s hair, down her back and up again, gently coaxing her into relaxing. Victoria took one last deep, shaky breath – and fully rested her weight down, slightly spreading her legs. I’m ready.


The first spank, even through the fabric of her skirt, knocked the wind out of her.


Both her hands shot up to cover her mouth – and Andrea struck her again in reply, open-handed.


“Hands down. I want to hear you, sweetie.”


She did as she was told, slowly. The hand still on her ass started caressing up and down in reward.


“Very good.” The hand kept going up to her shoulder blades, trying to get her once again tense muscles to relax.


At the next blow, Victoria’s head jerked towards her chin, as if trying to muffle her yelp against her neck, or against Andrea’s legs. Andrea was quick to react, free hand tangling itself in Victoria’s golden hair, lightly pulling at the scalp.


“I said -” Holy shit. “I want to hear you.


The mental image of what she must’ve looked like at that moment – splayed on Andrea’s lap, legs spread, head forced to look upwards, eyes welling with tears – made her cock so hard it hurt. Subconsciously, she began moving her hips front and back, looking for any sort of friction. Andrea’s hold on both her hair and her ass tightened, forcing her still.


“No moving, either.”


Victoria stopped immediately, Andrea’s hold on her softening – before she struck again.


This time she screamed, unable to muffle it, the end of it dragging out into a pitiful, broken moan. The first tears fell from her face as she tried taking in shaky breaths.


Andrea’s hands had resumed moving with utmost gentleness, as she decided to hook her fingers under the hemline of Victoria’s skirt and finally pull it up.


She took her time brushing both her hands over the reddened skin of Victoria’s lean thighs and her small, tight backside. She’s stronger than I’d assumed, she briefly pondered, dragging her fingers on her inner thighs, playing with the belts, before moving upwards to softly knead her ass-cheeks.


“What a sweet, obedient girl you are…” and Victoria just barely managed to bite back a sob at those words, but not to bite back the humiliating noise that shot out of her when Andrea spanked her again without a warning – and again, immediately. Victoria was positive she was dripping, and it was taking all her willpower to not begin to rut against Andrea’s legs again.


“Please– Please, Andrea, please–”




Victoria heard some rustling, then Andrea’s hands were on her again – and did she take off a glove? – slightly moving the fabric of her panties to the side.


She knew what was coming, but nothing could have prepared her for the feeling of Andrea’s single ungloved finger, covered in cold lube, pressing against her hole, rubbing it around in circles to warm it up. She reapplied lube and repeated, Victoria’s breath hitching at the sensation of Andrea’s finger pushing inside her.


It wasn’t bad. Not pleasant, not yet, but not bad. Victoria waited as Andrea patiently worked her open, trying to control her breathing again.


When she felt Victoria relax enough that she could move her finger without problem, Andrea came back with two, wiggling them in as Victoria’s breath got yet again caught in her throat. She was being generous with the lubricant, the room quiet but for Victoria’s heavy breathing as Andrea worked towards moving her fingers in and out, up and down, scissoring them.


Until one particular curl of her fingers made Victoria see white, her whole body twitching for a second, a brief Ah! escaping her. That’s all it took for Andrea to halt her ministrations. Victoria could practically hear her smiling.


She wasted no time to begin attacking that spot, curling her fingers against it, prodding, rubbing it between both fingers. It was all Victoria could do to sob, dropping her head down again, prompting Andrea to yet again entangle her one gloved hand in Victoria’s locks and pulling up, her other hand still abusing her prostate.


“Andrea- Andrea! Please- Please I-” She interrupted herself with a yelp at a particularly harsh jab of the conductor’s fingers. “I need to – Ah!”


Her whole body felt taut as a string, her breathing becoming irregular and her vision blurry, the burning pain of getting so close to the edge so good that she had to close her eyes.


And then, with her hand still wrapped in Victoria’s hair, Andrea suddenly pulled her fingers out of the smaller woman, quickly moving her hand to the small of Victoria’s back to pin her hips still.


“Hah… Ah?” Victoria’s head felt clouded, silently crying as she was forcibly taken down from the edge. “Wha- I…” She tried to look back at Andrea, who held her head firmly in place. “Please… why…”


Andrea gave no reply at first, letting go of Victoria’s hair to wipe her tears, shushing her.


“Oh, Victoria…” She had waited for Victoria to come back from her high – and then, as she was least expecting it, spanked her again, ripping a scream from Victoria’s throat. “You didn’t forget about your punishment, did you?”


Victoria said nothing, defeated. Andrea briefly massaged her angry skin before reapplying lube and going back in. She ignored Victoria’s prostate at first, brushing tantalizingly close but focusing on stretching her open. Victoria keened when she began massaging that spot again, feeling her orgasm build up again despite knowing better. Andrea went back to lightly pulling at her scalp, delighting in the way Victoria’s whole body twitched when she did that.


This time, Andrea brought her even closer to the edge, to the point Victoria thought Andrea might have just decided to let her come as a reward for being good, her cock twitching and dripping in anticipation.


And, just as her hyperventilation came to a peak, Andrea yet again stopped, and the conductor would never admit to what the sound that came out of the blonde – a drawn out, broken mix of a cry and a stuttering moan – did to her body. Not today, she told herself, ignoring the wetness between her legs.


This time, Andrea spoke as she comforted her. “Such a sweet girl…” Victoria’s sobs slowly turned into regular breathing. “That’s it, honey. Just breathe.”


And back she went, sliding in a third finger this time, working her open before attacking her sweet spot again. Victoria knew this was another trap, but her mind was starting to go blank, and she allowed herself to get lost in the haze of pleasure, allowed her body to build up to another orgasm she wouldn’t reach, focusing only on the feeling of Andrea’s fingers idly rolling against her prostate.


When Andrea edged her again, her legs trembled violently, taking Victoria all her willpower to stop herself from grinding against the conductor.


Distantly, she could hear Andrea’s voice praising her. Praising her body for being so responsive, for making it so easy for Andrea to tell when she was on the edge.


Andrea went back in with four of her thick fingers, the stretch almost too much for Victoria to bear. But god, did she love it, the feeling of fullness impossible to escape as Andrea’s fingers continuously rubbed against her walls.


The fourth time Andrea edged her, Victoria couldn’t stop herself from going from silently crying to full-on sobbing, unable to stop. She knew she made for a pathetic sight, spread wide open, face covered in tear tracks, completely humiliated. And yet, she couldn’t stop herself from begging.


“Please, please, Andrea, plea-” She hiccuped “I ne- I need this, I need you, please, PLEASE-”


“Please what?” She was absentmindedly tracing up and down Victoria’s reddened ass cheeks and thighs, occasionally sliding her hand underneath the lacy tights.


“Please just, please let me come, please fuck me, please – Anything.” She tried to look around to look at Andrea. “I beg you.”


Andrea’s breath hitched at that. For several agonizing moments, she simply dragged her gloved hand up and down Victoria’s back, drumming her fingers, as if she really was thinking about it.


“You have been good, haven’t you? I suppose…” She wiped her hand and put her missing glove back on. “Yes, I think you’ve earned your reward. Get up.”


Victoria genuinely could not believe her legs still worked, wobbly as they were, as she stood back up again. Andrea got up to retrieve the objects she had pulled out of her suitcase. Victoria began slowly undressing, her hands the clumsiest they’d ever been.


“Leave the lingerie on. I like it on you.”


She nodded, not that Andrea was looking, and proceeded to remove her shirt and skirt. When she looked up, Andrea was wearing a harness around her hips over her coat, a strap-on attached to it.


Victoria’s jaw dropped, walking closer to Andrea, looking up at her for permission as she reached her hand out to touch the strap. Andrea did not object to it as Victoria wrapped a hand around it, feeling for its size. Ten, maybe eleven inches, the realization shook her. Her tongue peeked out to lick at her lips.


“Can I…?”


Andrea raised an eyebrow at her, genuinely unsure of what Victoria meant. In response, Victoria dropped to her knees, grasping the strap with both hands, bringing the tip to her mouth.


It was Andrea who had to hold back a gasp now, genuinely not expecting Victoria to do that. Victoria looked up at her for permission, and felt a hint of pride when she took in Andrea’s expression – mouth slightly opened, cheeks flushed and eyes clouded with what could only be arousal.


Encouraged by Andrea’s reaction, Victoria began sucking on the tip, feeling the consistency of it with her hands. Thick, too, moaning around the member when she noticed how her hands could just barely not fully wrap around it. The thought of that fucking her was sending shivers of anticipation down her spine, thinking back to how long Andrea had prepared her for.


Not stopping her ministrations, Victoria looked up when she felt movement. Almost in disbelief, she watched as Andrea unbuttoned the front of her coat and the shirt underneath, pulled her arms out, unclasped her plain black bra and threw it into a corner – then placed her arms into her shirt and coat again, only fasting the first lowest buttons so that her breasts would still peek out.


The sight made Victoria stop in her tracks, pulling away from the strap with a pop. Even from this angle, she could tell they were massive. She shakily stood up, trying to bring her hand to the conductor’s chest, but Andrea gently – but firmly – grasped her wrist.


“Maybe next time.” She wants full control, Victoria pondered.


Still holding Victoria’s wrist, Andrea looked down, at the way Victoria’s dick fully peeked out from the lace panties hugging her hips.


“Maybe I’ll even let you know how they feel around you, hm? Would you like that?” Victoria nodded fast enough to cause Andrea to chuckle, low and seductive.


Victoria stopped to think, her train of thought stuck in that imagery.


“Can I…?”




“Can I try to…” She swallowed. “ do that… to you now?”


Andrea stared for a second, pleasantly taken aback by Victoria’s boldness yet again. She held back a smile, tried to keep her tone firm.


“I changed my mind. Take off your bra.”


Victoria did just that, and when she looked up Andrea had settled on the couch, coat pulled up just enough to allow her to comfortably spread her legs. Victoria knelt yet again in front of her.


Andrea poured a very generous amount of lube between her hands – Oil is better, but this will have to do, she muttered, though Victoria was barely processing her words – then leaned forward to massage it on the blonde’s chest. Victoria shuddered at the sudden attention and at the sensation of leather against her skin as Andrea warmed up the still cold liquid. Then the conductor reclined back into her former position, resting her back on the couch and spreading her legs wide, pouring some more lubricant on her strap and spreading it with languid strokes – aware of the way Victoria’s eyes followed the movements, mouth slightly open.


Victoria caressed her own slicked chest, carefully studying Andrea’s face as she brushed her thumbs over her breasts and jiggled them slightly, feeling giddy over the way the conductor stared at her tits despite her seemingly bored demeanor. She likes it.


The realization emboldened Victoria, and she finally moved forward, carefully doing the best she could to place each of her breasts on either side of Andrea’s strap. Pressing with both her hands and her shoulders, she took a deep breath and began slowly sliding up and down.


She felt a bit ridiculous, truth be told – both because it was a toy, and because she couldn’t fully wrap her breasts around it –, but Andrea’s piercing red eyes were fixated on her with the most lust Victoria had seen in them so far, so she must had been doing something right. Victoria was lightly pulling on her own nipples and gasping, occasionally looking down to take the tip in her mouth, wanting to put on a good show for Andrea.


The air in the room felt heavy with both their breaths when Andrea softly ran her hand through Victoria’s locks again, before wrapping her hair around it and putting that familiar pressure back on her scalp, turning Victoria’s soft gasps into outright moans. She noticed Victoria had begun rocking her hips against nothing again, desperate for friction, yet she kept dutifully working on Andrea’s strap like it could actually get her off.


“Victoria.” Her voice, barely above a whisper, felt deeper and raspier than usual, affected by her arousal.


She lightly pulled upwards, Victoria getting the message and standing back up without hesitation.


“You’ve been good. You’ve been really, really, good.” She nodded her head towards the space on the sofa next to her. “On your hands and knees.” Victoria shuddered, climbing onto the sofa as she was told.


Andrea settled behind her, briefly fingering Victoria one last time, checking if the amount of lubricant was enough, not quite touching her prostate. Satisfied, she pulled out, brushing her fingers down until she could trace a single finger around the base of her dick. Poor thing. Rock hard and flushed, having been edged for the last hour.


She gave one last very light, almost playful spank – that nonetheless made Victoria jump – then settled her hands on Victoria’s cheeks, positioning the tip of her slicked strap. She stopped to think for a second, then leaned forward, wrapping her gloved hand against the base of Victoria’s cock and squeezing.


Then she began to enter her inch by inch, agonizingly slowly. She stopped halfway through, having brushed against something that made Victoria’s breath hitch. Tentatively, she gave a small, quick rock of her hips against that spot – and, as if on cue, a dry orgasm overtook Victoria, knocking the wind out of her and having her fall flat on her face as her arms gave out.


“Ah- hh… Ah...”


Her judgment was right, Andrea mused as Victoria breathed against the cushion, to prevent Victoria’s orgasm, as she had been close enough to the edge that she would have come just from being entered.


Andrea cooed at Victoria, moving to caress her hair, telling her what a good job she was doing as Victoria sobbed against the sofa, pushing the rest of the strap in until she was fully seated.


Victoria tried to stand on her arms again, but her strength failed her, slumping back down. She could almost not believe she had taken all of it. The stretch of it felt maddening, and the feeling of being completely filled was incredible.


The conductor briefly admired Victoria’s back, the freckles adorning it and the golden hair barely brushing her shoulders. She started fucking her in extremely slow, long strokes, pulling almost all the way out – accompanied by drawn out moan each time –, letting her get used to the feeling, watching out for signs that she might come close again.


Andrea could tell the discomfort had turned to pleasure when Victoria began to push her own hips back against Andrea. At that, Andrea grasped her hips and gave the blonde what she wanted in one, two, three powerful quick strokes that turned Victoria’s legs to jelly – and then Andrea stopped.


“My sweet Victoria, taking all of me, so obedient…” She was pulling out, Victoria whining at the sudden emptiness. Despite herself, she could feel tears of frustration welling up in her eyes again, sobbing a couple of times before calming down. It took her a while to manage to get upright again, turning to look at Andrea only to see that she had stopped to light up a cigarette. Victoria stared at her, at the way she had once again reclined back with her legs spread wide, at the slicked up strap. Andrea yet again patted her lap.


“Be a good girl and sit here, yeah? I’ve been taking such good care of you until now.”


Victoria nodded in a daze, too weak to stand so she crawled on her hands and knees to Andrea’s lap – the conductor doing a good job of hiding the shiver the sight caused her.


Victoria could not believe Andrea was doing this to her now, overwhelmed as she was, tears streaming down her face, legs weak and cock dripping. Andrea helped her position her legs on either side of the conductor’s hips, and Victoria steadily sank down, taking all of it in one go as Andrea stared at her intently.


The agonizing drag of it against her walls was incredible. Victoria could hear her own heart pounding, the slow drags of Andrea’s cigarette, as she started moving her hips in deliberate circles, trying to find the ideal angle to hit her spot. And once she found it, she shocked Andrea by beginning to move with vigor. Clumsily at first, unpracticed, but once she found her rhythm she quickly built up to a punishing pace that had the sofa shaking, each slam of her hips striking home, Andrea nearly slipping out of her a couple of times as Victoria chased her orgasm with desperation.


Andrea tried to play her surprise off, cigarette still on her lips, her position still relaxed and legs splayed, her buttons partially open to reveal her heavy, pale breasts and her fully erect nipples – and the sight made Victoria lose balance, holding onto Andrea’s broad, strong shoulders. She used the newfound support to begin riding the strap with even more vigor, unable to think about anything but for the sensation of Andrea filling her up to the core, stretching her, hitting her spot again and again and again-


The conductor took one last drag of her cigarette before discarding it, grabbing Victoria by the chin to bring her face closer and coax her mouth open, exhaling the smoke into the blonde’s mouth. Victoria opened her eyes wide, temporarily stopping as she felt a full body shiver wracking her – close, so close, she felt as she dug her nails deep into Andrea’s shoulders, pulling her hips up slowly, slamming them down again, faster-


Victoria came untouched with a warbled cry that could have been Andrea’s name or a plea for help. She felt more warm tears fall from her eyes, her vision white, hyperventilating and holding onto Andrea for dear life as she came in ropes on herself and the conductor, each spurt accompanied by a trembling moan.


The moment she came down she slumped against Andrea, who was still firmly seated in her, still shaking through her aftershocks as Andrea comfortingly ran a hand up and down her back. So good, sugar, you’re doing so good, Victoria could hear distantly.


She felt Andrea use her newfound position to bring her lips to Victoria’s ear, softly licking and nibbling. When she felt her consciousness begin to come back to her she felt a low, deep whisper – you’ve earned it, don’t you think? You can keep coming as much as you want – then felt a single leather-clad finger run up and down her cock, still hard and standing at attention, resting between both of them.


Weakly, Victoria leaned back, not as far as before, staring down at her and Andrea’s bodies in disbelief. Her legs felt like butter, but she experimentally lifted her hips – and when she brought them down, Andrea took the chance to thrust her own upwards, hitting Victoria in her deepest core, tearing a cry from her throat, delighting in the way the blonde attempted to leave scratch marks on her back.


That was all the convincing Victoria needed, gathering what was left of her strength to continue riding Andrea, less energetically than earlier, but relishing the way every languid stroke filled her completely. Andrea looked down, noticing the way Victoria’s abdominal muscles barely showed with each upwards drag of her hips, reminded of the strength hiding under her soft body.


She traced her hands over said muscles and Victoria stopped to shudder, slowly starting again as Andrea’s hands glided upwards towards the other woman’s chest, settling on her small breasts, hands completely covering them. The sensation of leather against her warm skin had Victoria gasping, but the sensation of fingers beginning to draw slow, steady circles around the areolas only to occasionally pull at her nipples nearly had her screaming, biting down on the inside of her cheek.


Andrea moved forward, finally taking the chance to fill the front of Victoria’s neck with hickeys and bite marks. She began whispering filthy nothings against her neck, too, about how she should’ve taken the opportunity to adorn her upper thighs with love bites, as well.


“High enough that your lovely tights wouldn’t cover them, and under your skirt no one could see them, but you would know, and I would know – Maybe next time, hm?”


Victoria hadn’t noticed how she had been building up to her next release until Andrea’s words, low and filthy against her neck, her gloved hands pulling, pinching then almost apologetically caressing her nipples, her thick strap filling her up to the brim – until it all broke her, her next scream raspier as she felt herself begin to lose her voice, this time her cock shooting out less than before.




Andrea shushed her through this, as Victoria tremulously leaned back upright. And when she opened her eyes, her gaze landed yet again on Andrea’s open shirt, thinking about how soft the conductor’s tits looked. She couldn’t help but to gingerly lean forward, trying to use her hands – surprisingly, Andrea didn’t move to stop her this time – to maneuver both their breasts together until Victoria was effectively rubbing her nipples against Andrea’s own.


She heard Andrea’s deep chuckle, noticed one of her hands moving to rest on Victoria’s back –


“Come on, now. Don’t be shy.”


–and then she single-handedly pushed the blonde forward, pressing their heaving chests together, Victoria gasping in surprise. She held on to the sides of Andrea’s shoulders again, looked down – remembered her chest still covered in lube, tried to move up and down, the feeling of her oversensitive tits dragging against Andrea’s bare skin making her want to sob – and when she moved, she was reminded of the hefty strap still inside her, still resting against her prostate, numbing her mind.


Weakly, with her remaining strength, she tried to once again make a pitiful attempt at riding Andrea. And the conductor must’ve taken pity on her, because soon Victoria feels Andrea firmly planting her feet on the floor and driving her own hips up and down in time with Victoria’s, but more vigorously.


“Ah- AH!”


Victoria slumped forward, weakly grinding down as best as she could, and then she felt Andrea delicately wrapping her fingers around her cock. She looked down, and the sight of their lubed up chests rubbing together – of Andrea’s pale breasts, large enough that they were fully blocking the view, large enough that Victoria’s tiny, delicate ones had been completely engulfed – as well as the rough drag of leather up and down her dick – was all it took for her next travesty of an orgasm to overwhelm her, completely milked dry as nothing came out this time, mouth opening wide into a soundless cry.


She hugged Andrea, sobbing against her shoulder as the conductor pulled up a hand to comfort her.


“Good, good, you are doing so good, my lovely Victoria.” she kissed the blonde’s cheek. “One more? Your body is incredible, so sensitive, surely one more time –”


“I-I can’t – My legs, I can’t even move them…” And Andrea kissed her, for the first time properly kissed her mouth, and the feeling was over before Victoria even knew what happened, but Andrea was whispering in her ear that everything would be alright.


Through a haze she felt Andrea pull out of her, gently maneuvering her so she was laying on her stomach – the sofa completely ruined, Victoria distantly thought – pull her hips upwards, give her ass-cheeks one last encouraging massage. And she couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe that Andrea was once again pushing the tip of her strap into her, but the very moment she did Victoria knew that she wanted it, tired and overstimulated as her body was, she needed the conductor to completely ravage her, she needed to give her all she had –


– and Andrea took it, setting a punishing pace straight off the bat. This time Victoria wasn’t pushing her hips back into Andrea – she couldn’t – and the realization that Andrea was using her strength, that she was holding Victoria’s hips up and slamming them back into her strap like she weighed nothing – was enough to give Victoria what could’ve been a dry orgasm or what could’ve simply been a shiver building up to her next one.


Andrea was quick to find the perfect angle, grunting with exertion as her strap hit home with every harsh thrust, her hands gripping Victoria’s hips so hard that they both knew bruises would form.


And before she knew it, having lost track of time, Victoria came one last time, unable to use her voice, only trembling and quietly crying against the fabric of the sofa. Andrea noticed it, slowly grinding her pace to a halt, bringing one of her hands down between Victoria’s legs to overstimulate her cock as the aftershocks wracked her body, slowly dying down.


At that moment, Victoria wasn’t sure she would have been able to tell you her name if you asked. The edges of her vision were still blurry, and all she could distantly feel were her legs coming down to meet the sofa again, a faint rustle which she assumed to be Andrea removing her harness. And through the haze she felt herself being manhandled – manhandled was the wrong word, this time it was too delicate, too – loving? – and she was laying on something soft, and as she looked up she saw Andrea’s softly smiling face. She turned her head in embarrassment, burying it between Andrea’s breasts where she just realized her head was laying.


Her awareness slowly came back to her, noticing her irregular breathing steadily calming down, as well as Andrea’s hand rubbing up and down her back, drawing delicate patterns – and had she taken her gloves off?


“Good job, Victoria, you – you did incredible. God. You really are one of a kind, you know that?”


She shuddered at the praise, not knowing what to reply to that. She breathed in, face still buried in Andrea’s bosom, taking in the scent of the conductor’s earthy cologne. She was tired, so, so tired, but the realization hit her.


“Wha…” She cleared her throat, trying to find her raspy, worn out voice. “What about you?”




“You… you know… you haven’t…”


Andrea blinked, then briefly laughed, a close-mouthed hm hmm.


“It’s fine, I’ll be fine, sweetheart.” She ran her hand up to Victoria’s head, lovingly massaging her abused scalp. “I wanted this to be about you.”


Victoria didn’t have the time to ask her why before Andrea kept talking. “Next time…” She moved her other hand to wipe the last remainder of Victoria’s tears. “...Next time I’ll let you taste me, hm?” Victoria’s thoughts raced back to the very same thoughts she’d had when she had noticed the conductor’s thick thighs through her clothes earlier, those very same strong legs currently cushioning her own lean ones as her body fully laid on top of Andrea’s. The train of thought alone would’ve made Victoria hard, had she been capable of getting hard again in the foreseeable future, which she was not.


So many promises Andrea had made for next time, she thought, as if she was certain it would happen. She decided not to press it, but the idea made her giddy.


For a while they laid there, enjoying each other’s presence and body warmth, their limbs tangled. Andrea said nothing as she wrapped a strong arm around Victoria’s torso, so Victoria decided to say nothing either, just as she decided to not bring up to the stern conductor that the way she was pressing their bodies together would’ve been classified by anyone as cuddling.


Victoria was starting to drift off when Andrea attempted to sit up straight, the smaller woman grunting in protest.


“You have to be cleaned up and go back to your office, Victoria. We can’t have people seeing us come out of the same room tomorrow morning.” She was brushing Victoria’s cheek again, tenderly, and for the first time Victoria thought she detected a hint of sadness. “You know this.”


She did. She laid on the sofa as Andrea walked into her bathroom, came back with a dry towel and a different one wet with warm water. She brought back a glass of water, too, which Victoria gladly drank, thankful for the way the liquid soothed her sore throat. The blonde hummed in contentment as Andrea delicately wiped her body with the warm towel, cleaning up their fluids, then dried her with the other towel. Her touch was feather-light, and Victoria’s eyelashes fluttered closed.


The conductor buttoned up her own shirt and coat back up again, then helped Victoria put her clothes back on – you’ll get your case files back tomorrow, she grumbled –, then slid her hands under Victoria to carry her bridal style, earning a small shriek.


She decided she enjoyed this, however, as she let the conductor carry her the short way until her office, grateful that no one was wandering around this late at night. There, on the room that had been pleasantly warmed by the fireplace, Andrea carefully settled Victoria on her own bed.


“Andrea…” Victoria spoke up, as the conductor was about to leave. She turned around.




And Victoria stretched her arms out to drag Andrea down by the shoulders, cradling her face with her hands and laying a small, chaste kiss on the conductor’s cheek. “Good night.”


“G-” She was blushing, which Victoria found both funny and adorable. “Good night, Victoria”