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When a Super meets a Luthor

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It is just another sunny day in National City. There is a slight breeze in the air as Kara walks from her favorite coffee shop towards Catco. It’s in that moment that her day, her world, begins to change, but she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t have the slightest idea just how much it would change in the next 12 hours. It is in that moment that she gets the unexpected call.


“Clark! It’s good to hear from you.”


“I need you Kara. Now.”


That’s all it takes. Finally. She is being summoned to help her cousin, instead of him being called to rescue her.


“On my way,” she says sternly. Kara turned quickly into an alleyway, making sure the coast is clear before quickly disposing of her coffee and stashing her clothes, taking off into the sky towards the East Coast, towards Metropolis.


She landed a few minutes later, on Clark’s balcony. She lets herself in to find Clark pacing his apartment, talking on the phone. When he sees Kara, he nods at her.


“Lois, she is here. I have to go. I’ll call you as soon as I know anything… I love you too.”


“Clark, what’s going on?” She asks as soon as he hangs up the phone. Her forehead crinkles in worry as she can see how concerned he is.


He looks at her, a hint of fear in his eyes. “It’s Lex, I’ve received intel that he has something big planned.”


Kara nods. Lex Luthor. She has heard the stories. Seen the news. He has been a major nemesis of her cousin for a while now. She remembers being in high school and seeing the news talk about Lex and Superman. Specifically, Lex’s never-ending campaign about how aliens shouldn’t be Earth’s saviors.


“What can I do?” She asks.


“We need to start patrolling the city, attempting to find him as quickly as possible. We need to look for any lead lined buildings.”


Kara nods again. They both take to the sky, dividing up the city. Kara does several sweeps, using her x-ray vision to search for any places lined with lead. They find a few potential places to investigate, but two hours later and none of them have panned out. They return to Clark’s apartment to regroup.


“What now?” Kara asked as they make their way inside.


Clark lets out an exasperated breath. “I don’t know.”


It’s in that moment that they both feel it. The slight change in their senses, as if they are suddenly muted. Their eyes dart up to look at each other, confirming that the other also feels it. They rush back out to the balcony, looking up to the sky. Kara’s mouth falls open.


“Is… is the sun turning… red?”


Clark gulps. “He wouldn’t… he couldn’t… I mean… how is this even…”


Kara looks back at Clark who has taken a few steps back in shock. “How can we stop him without powers?” he mutters out, more to himself than to Kara.


Kara reaches out and puts a reassuring arm on Clark. “It isn’t fully red yet. We still have time, even if we aren’t at full strength. Think Clark, where would Lex go to watch this? You know him. He would want to watch this. Where would he be?”


Clark’s jaw tightens for a moment as he looks down and away from the dimming sun. After a few seconds, his eyes go wide as he looks back at Kara. “Luthorcorp. Downtown.”


Kara nods and they take off into the sky. Kara can feel it, her powers draining little by little as they fly across the city. She knows they only have seconds before the sun is completely red and their powers are gone.


“Kara, we aren’t going to make it,” Clark says, glancing up at the sun.


Kara grits her teeth. “I can make it Clark, just trust me, ok?” She knows. He knows it too. She is slightly faster than he is. He nods.


“Good luck.”


She nods as she uses some extra force to shoot off ahead of Clark. A few seconds later, she zeroes in on the building and sees him. Lex, standing with a smug expression, looking out the giant wall of windows. Kara notices too, a woman, sitting tied to a chair. Kara wastes no time as she flies through the top story windows of Luthorcorp, tackling Lex to the ground, immediately knocking him unconscious, making sure to avoid the woman in the chair. Once Lex it taking care of, she makes her way over to the woman and begins freeing her.


“Are you ok?” she asks. Kara finally sees the woman fully. She has long dark hair and forest green eyes. She is quite stunning despite having just been held captive by a maniac.


The woman goes wide eyed. “Ye… yes.”


Kara feels the full effects now, of the sun turning red. If she had gotten here a few second later, she would have literally been falling through the window. “Good. Why was Lex keeping you hostage?”


The woman frowns. “You… you don’t know who I am?”


Kara shakes her head. “My cousin usually protects this particular city,” she says with a bright smile.


The woman can’t help but smirk a little, though it quickly fades. “I’m Lena… Lena Luthor.”


Kara’s smile fades into a frown. “Oh… well, holding you hostage wasn’t very brotherly of him.”


Lena isn’t sure how to take the comment, so she instead focuses on the issue at hand. “I can fix it. The sun.” She says as she nods out the window to the sky.


Kara is reminded of the more pressing issue in that moment. “Oh! Right. Yes. That’d be really great. Thank you.”


Lena jumps up from the chair and she makes her way over to a wall that turns out to be fake, having a secret door. Lena opens the panel and puts her hand on the scanner, opening a secret elevator.


“Coming, Supergirl?” She asks with a smile. Kara smiles widely as she follows Lena into the elevator. Kara isn’t sure why, but for some reason, she doesn’t second guess that Lena is telling the truth. She feels it in her bones. Lena is a good person and nothing like her brother.


As the elevator descends, Lena glances at Supergirl a few times. Kara notices.


After the third time, she finally turns and looks at Lena directly. “Yes?”


Lena mirrors her, turning to face her. She has an apprehensive look on her face. “It’s just… you took me at my word, about fixing the sun, even though I’m a Luthor.”


Kara stares back at Lena, trying to understand the underlying question that Lena didn’t quite ask. A few more seconds go by before Kara finally says, “You know, it wasn’t too long ago that I finally revealed myself. I’ve been on Earth for quite a while. But now that I’m picking up the superhero mantle like my cousin. I find that I want to do all that I can to separate myself from him. To show the world that I’m not just like my cousin. That I’m different.” When Lena doesn’t say anything, but raises an eyebrow silently asking Kara to continue, she does. “I don’t want people judging me based on the actions of my family. So, I can imagine others might feel the same way.”


Kara leaves it at that, as she feels the elevator starting to slow down. Lena half-smiles at her, which Kara considers a win. As the elevator dings, it opens in a sub-basement level and Lena rushes over to a computer screen and she begins typing away. As she does, she also explains to Kara what she is doing.


“Lex used Luthorcorp satellites and Luthorcorp technology. I should be able to hack into the systems and override his programming from down here.”


Kara nods and then stands back and lets Lena work in silence. It’s a few minutes before Lena makes a sound. “I’m in!” she exclaims excitedly. “Now all I have to do is punch in the new code and send it to the other satellites… and… done!”


She turns around to see Kara beaming at her. “You’re brilliant,” Kara says without thinking.


Lena blushes. “Well, someone has to fix the messes my brother makes.”


Kara steps forward, more boldly now. “No, Lena, It’s more than that. I can see it. You have a good heart. You’re amazing. You are a force to be reckoned with that I’m sure will do so much good for this planet.”


Lena is taken aback by the superhero’s praises, so accustomed to being lumped in with the rest of her family. “I’m… thank you… but I wouldn’t let your cousin hear you say that.”


Kara smirks. “My cousin doesn’t always know best.”


Lena chuckles at that, picking up on the underlying tension that clearly exists between the two heroes.


Kara lets out a small sigh. “Speaking of, I should probably be getting back to check on him, make sure he has recovered and update him on the Lex situation.”


Lena nods in agreement. “Right. And I can call the authorities and make sure they know exactly where to find him.”


Kara hesitates. “Well, maybe I should stay, just until the police arrive for your brother. We wouldn’t want him waking up and getting any crazy ideas about taking you hostage again.” She offers Lena a shy smile.


Lena returns her smile. “I’d like that.”


They two return to the elevator and make their way back up to the office to find a still unconscious Lex. Kara can already feel her powers starting to return, as the red sun begins to fade back to yellow. She gives Lena a gracious smile as she walks over to Lex and starts to tie him up. Meanwhile, Lena calls the authorities, who arrive a few minutes later.


As some of the officers escort Lex off the premises, some stay behind to take Lena’s statement. Lena nor Kara miss the glare Lex gives Lena, nor the look he gives Kara. He has never met Supergirl before, but he is not at all happy that she is the one that stopped him or that she is the one that rescued Lena. Once Lex is gone, Kara waits a few minutes before she can get Lena’s attention. Once she does, she gives Lena a knowing nod and smile before stepping through the still broken windows, and taking off into the sky, back to Clark’s apartment. The few minutes she is in the air though, she can’t stop thinking about Lena and how brave she was. After the police took Lex away, as the lead detectives started to take her statement, Kara learned that Lena had actually been wearing a wire the entire time she was working with Lex these past few weeks. And that she will be integral in the case against Lex as a witness in his trial. Lena really is something else, standing up to her own family like that.


Kara touches down to find Clark and Lois both at his place. She updates Clark on what happened, and how Lena saved the day by undoing what her brother did.


“She is still a Luthor, Kara, you can’t trust her,” is all he says when she finishes telling the story.


Kara stares at him in disbelief. “You can’t be serious. She saved us and everyone on this planet by stopping him.”


“That doesn’t mean she didn’t do it for selfish reasons,” he spits out as he stomps off to the kitchen.


Kara glares at the back of his head and debates using her powers on him. Lois gets up from the couch and comes up to Kara. “Hey, thank you for coming and helping him.” She gives Clark a knowing look across the apartment when he finally turns around.


“Yes… thank you Kara.”


“Of course. I’m always here to help,” She says it as she looks more at Lois than at Clark. Kara has always really liked Lois. She is strong-headed, fierce, and intelligent. She is also the one person who seems to be able to get through to Clark.


“Well, with Lex in prison, hopefully things will be a little bit quieter around here,” Lois says, clearly trying to deescalate the conversation.


Kara nods as Clark makes his way over with a drink for each of them. Kara politely declines. “I should be getting back.”


After they say goodbye, Kara did intend on going straight back to National City. And she was a few minutes outside of the city on her way before she changed her mind.


Kara turns back around and goes back to Luthorcorp. She knows it is a long shot. She scans the building, looking for Lena and frowns when she doesn’t find her, though she isn’t surprised. The woman has probably gone home after such an intense day. Kara sighs to herself as her stomach gurgles very loudly. She chuckles, realizing it had been quite a while since she had eaten anything. She doesn’t have any clothes on her, but this won’t be the first time Supergirl shows up to buy food from some place. She shrugs as she scans the city looking for a Big Belly Burger.


She homes in on one a few blocks from where she is floating and zooms down, landing nearby. She walks in with a big smile as she heads up to the counter.


“Hi!” The person working the register is baffled to see Supergirl at first, but finally manages to take her order. Kara orders herself a few burgers and a large order of fries and a large shake. She hears people whispering who are seating in the restaurant, but she pays it no mind. She has gotten used to it by now. And the news has been covering what happened with Lex on repeat for the past couple of hours. Kara is handed her food and as she thanks the worker, she hears a voice ringing out clear as day right behind her.


“Fancy seeing you again,” comes the now familiar voice of Lena. Kara turns around quickly, surprise evident on her face.


“Lena!” she quips. “What are you doing here?!”


Lena smirks. “Same as you, I suppose. Good to know that Kryptonians also need to eat.”


Kara laughs. “We do indeed. Care to join me?”


Lena hesitates as she looks around. “I usually take my food to go…”


Kara takes in the stares they are getting and even some of the photos and videos now being taken, realizing exactly what this looks like to outsiders. A Super and a Luthor.


“You know, maybe that isn’t a bad idea. Mind if I join you then?”


Lena’s eyes go wide in surprise. “Uh… sure. I was just about to head back to my penthouse, it’s around the corner from here.”


“Great!” Kara waits for Lena to order her own food and once it is acquired, they leave together, making the walk down the street and around the corner to Lena’s place. They walk in relative silence, Kara very aware of how everyone they pass, whether near or far, takes notice of the fact that Supergirl is walking down the street with Lena Luthor. She feels her phone buzzing in her boot. She already knows its Clark.


As they walk up to the front of Lena’s building, Lena suddenly turns around. “You don’t have to stay. In fact, you probably shouldn’t.”


Kara frowns as her forehead crinkles. “Why not Lena?”


Lena looks down. “You know why. I’m used to what the press says about me. You don’t need the bad publicity. Especially after the incident a few weeks ago.”


Kara’s memory flashes to when she was exposed to Red Kryptonite and how she was just finally starting to get the people of National City back on her side.


“So, I get it. I really do. It would be better if this was just seen as you, escorting me home safe. You coming into my penthouse with me… the media will have a field day with that.”


Kara stares intently at Lena. “Lena, do you have someone that could come be here for you tonight?”


Caught off guard by the question, Lena barks out a laugh. “Luthor’s don’t have friends, Supergirl.”


“No one?” Kara asks, gently, sadness evident in her voice.


“I have a new business partner; he is the closest thing I have to a friend. But Jack is out of town.”


Kara half-smiles briefly as she plays with the bag of food in her hand. “Well then if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather come in and join you so that you do have someone.”


Slightly confused after giving Kara every chance to get out of this interaction, Lena asks, “but why?”


Kara looks deeply into Lena’s eyes as she responds, “Because after the day you’ve had, you shouldn’t be alone.”


Lena isn’t sure how to respond to that. She knew what her plan was before running into Supergirl. She was going to pick up her food and try to force herself to eat before drinking herself into oblivion. That was how she intended to cope with the events of the day. All Lena can do in response to Kara is nod and turn around, finally letting herself and Kara into the building.


Once inside Lena’s penthouse, they sit comfortable on either side of her couch and eat their dinner. Kara is good at making small talk. She asks Lena about Metropolis and steers clear of all things related to Lex and Luthorcorp. Of course, Kara spends a large amount of time asking Lena about food and her favorite places to eat in Metropolis. Lena doesn’t say it, but she finds it completely endearing.


“I can’t believe you haven’t been to Metropolis more. I mean, I figured you would have visited all the time with your cousin being here.”


“Yeah… it’s difficult with our schedules.” Kara looks down and away at Lena’s offhanded comment.


Lena quickly realizes that she must have hit a sore spot for the hero and tries to correct it. “Well, anytime you want to try one of them, just let me know. I’d be happy to accompany you.” Lena tenses slightly at the implications of what she just said. The implications being that Supergirl would want to come back and visit her, a Luthor, again, and actually be seen in public with her.


Kara smiles at her response, though it doesn’t quite reach her eyes, with her mind still hanging on a bit to Lena’s previous remark. “I’d love that,” she says before taking another bite of her burger.


Lena relaxes a bit after Kara’s response and the conversation carries on as they finish their food. Lena makes sure to not bring up Superman again. They talk about National City a bit and Kara also shares some things about Krypton and her birth parents. They dance around light topics of discussion, clearing feeling each other out and knowing to avoid Lex and Superman. Every so often, Kara catches Lena with a distant look in her eyes. It’s clear her mind continues to take her somewhere else.


Once they finish, Kara insists on cleaning up.


“I suppose you should be going?” Lena says in a questioning tone.


However, Kara makes a point to sit back down on the couch and finally asks Lena the question she has been wanting to ask since the moment she turned back around to return to Metropolis. “How are you doing, really, Lena?”

After an hour of casual conversation, Lena falters as she tries to put her walls back up. “I’m… I’m fine.”


Kara continues. “It’s just… I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you these past few weeks… working with your brother, while secretly working against him to undermine him. The threat of constant danger… and then today… he held you hostage as he almost killed millions of people.”


The weight of Kara’s words hit Lena like a train. She looks away from Supergirl as she tries to keep her eyes from filling up with tears. Kara waits patiently. After a few moments of silence, Lena finally says, “It… has been difficult.”


Kara’s heart hurts for the woman before her. She couldn’t imagine. She tried, earlier that day. She thoughts about if Alex would ever turn evil, not that she ever would, but if she did. Kara isn’t sure she would have it in her to do something to stop her. Not like Lena has done. Granted, Kara is currently dealing with potentially evil family members, her Aunt Astra and her husband. But Kara still has faith she can reach and reason with Astra. She isn’t like Lex, who has become completely unhinged.


“Lena, you are one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.”


The compliment surprises Lena and she looks back at Kara, confusion on her face. She is unsure how to take such words coming from someone who should, by all accounts, consider Lena her enemy because of her last name, because of her brother and his war against Superman.


“I mean it. I know what the media is going to say. Hell, I know what my cousin is going to say. I actually had to turn my phone off once I got here so he would leave me alone. But I see you. I need you to know that.”


A tear glides down Lena’s cheek as she looks away and says in a hushed tone, “All I’ve ever wanted was to be good.” She says it out loud for the first time in her life. It’s a thought that has plagued her mind for years as it became more and more clear just how terrible and corrupt her family was and how trapped she felt by that. How much she felt like she could not escape that same fate. How much she could not escape them.


Kara slowly reaches a hand out, giving Lena plenty of time to stop her. When Lena doesn’t move, Kara’s hand slowly connects with Lena’s face. She uses her thumb to gently wipe away the tear.


“You are good, Lena. Don’t let the world tell you who you are. Don’t let your family or mine do it either.”


Kara leaves her hand resting on Lena’s cheek. Lena finds herself leaning into the touch. Lena can feel her walls coming down. She can feel the weight of everything that has happened finally hitting her. Her eyes well up with tears now as a sob escapes from her throat.


Kara reacts, wrapping her arms around Lena as Lena finally lets herself break down. She cries into Kara’s neck as her arms wrap around Supergirl’s waist. Kara gentle rubs her back and whispers reassuring words into her ear.


Lena isn’t sure how long she cries for. She just knows that instead of drinking herself numb, this time she feels it all. All her emotions come crashing down at once. The fear, sadness, anger, helplessness. All the emotions she has kept packed away in boxes so she could do what needed to be done these past weeks. And the entire time, Supergirl is holding her, comforting her, telling her it is ok, that she will be ok. And Lena wants so badly to believe her.


When she finally has no more tears left to cry, she finds herself not wanting to pull away. She sits there, her head cradled in Supergirl’s neck, realizing that for the first time in a very long time, that she feels safe. She also noticed that, even though she isn’t crying anymore, Supergirl is continuing to attempt to sooth her. Lena almost wonders if this is just some weird dream.


She finally sniffles a little bit and lifts her head to look at the hero. Kara doesn’t let go though. So, neither does Lena. “Thank you,” Lena says.


Kara nods and half-smiles. “What do you need, Lena? How can I help you?”


It’s a weird question, for Lena. She is someone who grew up in an emotionally cold household. She learned that emotions were a sign of weakness and were to be used as a tool for manipulation. And here is someone, directly asking Lena what she needs and offering to help her, with no direct benefit to come from it that Lena could see.


This terrified Lena.




She starts to pull away from Kara, who relinquishes her hold on Lena when she notices. Lena slides away and puts some physical distance between them.


“I’m fine,” she says out loud. She doesn’t look at Supergirl as she says it though.


Kara grimaces and lets out a deep breath. “Lena. It’s ok to not be ok.”


“Do you do this for people on the regular, Supergirl?” Lena asks, trying to deflect.  The question comes out harsher than she means for it to.


Kara’s lips purse together for a moment as she takes a breath. “It’s Kara, Kara Zor El,” She says. “And no, I’ve never actually done… this before,” she says, gesturing between the two of them. “Most people just want me around because of what I can do physically,” she finishes with a somewhat bitter tone.


The answer confuses Lena, her eyebrow raised. “So why me?”


Kara bites the inside of her lip, debating what to tell Lena. “I don’t know. After I left my cousin’s today. I was a few minutes outside of Metropolis when something urged me to turn around and come check on you. I went back to Luthorcorp and scanned the building but didn’t find you. I had no idea where else you might be, and then my stomach yelled at me for neglecting it,” she says the last part with a chuckle. A small smile crosses Lena’s face briefly. “And that lead me to Big Belly Burger. Where you also happened to show up. I couldn’t believe my luck.”


Lena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Supergirl had been seeking her out. Apparently, to check on her.


“You… you were concerned about my wellbeing?”


Kara smiles and nods. “I have a sister here, on Earth, in my adopted family. Her and I did not get along at all when I first got here. But now, we are thick as thieves and have a great relationship most of the time. I thought about her and us and if I would ever have to do something against her because she had gone down a darker path… I honestly don’t know that I could do it.”


Lena scoffs. “But you’re Supergirl.”


Kara rolls her eyes. “Supergirl is… a persona. It’s what I can do. Underneath that, is a person with a lot of… insecurities and faults and imperfections. Supergirl can’t have those… but Kara can.”


Lena nods understandingly. She has a public image, one that she has never asked for, that comes with being a Luthor. She is cold hearted and calculating according to the media. She is a genius but has been forced to live in the shadow of her brother.


Kara smiles sadly as she continues. “My point is, I meant what I said earlier, about you being one of the strongest people I know, because you stood up against your own blood, your own family. And I’ve been struggling to do the same recently. And I’m not sure I could actually do it at all if it was my sister.”


Lena can tell how heavily this confession has been weighing on Kara. She reaches out and puts her hand on top of Kara’s. “Thank you, for coming back... and for everything else.”


Lena leaves the implied thank you hanging in the air.


Thank you for saving me.


Thank you for telling me I’m strong.


Thank you for comforting me.


Thank you for this entire evening.


Kara’s smile grows. “I’m glad I came back. I’m glad I found you.”


“Me too,” Lena says, smiling softly in return.


They sit in silence for a few seconds before Kara speaks again. “Would it be ok if we exchange phone numbers and keep in touch?”


Lena is once again surprised by Kara’s actions, but she can’t help herself as she feels her own walls crumbling around this wholesome, blond, ray of sunshine. “Sure, I’d like that.”


Kara smiles widely as she hands Lena her phone. Lena types in her number. Kara sends a text to Lena so she too will have her number.


“Just know, if you ever need me, you can call. I can be here in a few minutes.”


“Thank you… Kara,” Lena says it for the first time. Kara can’t deny how lovely it sounds coming from Lena.


As they stand, Lena leads Kara over onto her balcony. “I figured you might want to leave in a way that is a bit more conspicuous than how you came in.” Lena smirks a little.


Kara chuckles. “You are the genius…” Kara stands there awkwardly, clearly hesitant to leave. When Lena gives her a curious look, she finally speaks again “Would it… Would it be weird if we hugged before I go?”


Lena smiles softly. “I do feel like we have established quite the friendship today. So, I suppose a hug would be alright.”


Kara beams as she goes in, gripping Lena tightly, Lena feels herself come off the ground just a slight amount. She can’t help but smile seeing this side of Kara. She knows it is a side that the world doesn’t see when she is being Supergirl. It’s unfiltered. There are no pretenses here. Just like when Lena broke down earlier. It’s a side of Lena no one else ever really sees.


As they pull away, Kara’s blue eyes look intently into Lena’s green eyes. “I mean it, I’m here whenever you need me, Lena. And now that I have your number, be prepared to be bombarded with so many cute dog videos.”


Lena laughs at Kara’s silliness. “I look forward to them.”


And with that, Kara takes off into the night sky, heading back to National City. The flight back is peaceful and serene. For Lena, the rest of the evening is spent reflecting on the day, without breaking out her scotch collection.


Neither of them knows it just yet, but today is the day that starts it all for them. It starts slowly, budding into a tentative friendship between the Super and the Luthor. As promised, Kara sends Lena dog pictures and videos. What starts out as a weekly thing becomes a daily occurrence. This leads into nightly phone calls between the two where they talk about their days. It is a few months later that Lena moves to National City and the two even begin working together as a team at the DEO while Lena continues to run the newly named Lcorp. And shortly after, Kara tells Lena about her other identity as Kara Danvers, reporter at Catco. They go on to do great things together with her sister Alex and their other friends. While the others were hesitant to work with Lena at first, Kara was insistent that Lena could be trusted and that she did in fact trust her. While it took the others some time to trust Lena, it never bothered her as long as she knew Kara trusted her.


Beyond the work, Kara and Lena’s friendship continued to bloom, eventually blossoming into something new altogether two years later. It happens after one particularly difficult fight, where Kara nearly dies. That is when it hits Lena. She goes running to Kara, first on the scene, to find her in a crater she made falling from the sky. She cradles Kara’s head in her lap, unable to do anything but cry and beg her to hang on. Kara smiles at her, her breathing tentative and intermittent.


“Lee… hey…”


“Kara, stay with me.”




“No, you can’t go!” Lena says forcible. It is in that moment it hits her, the depth of her emotions for her best friend. “Please don’t go… I love you.”


“Love… you… too…” comes out in disjointed breaths before Kara passes out. Seconds later the other DEO agents arrive, and Alex begins barking orders to get Kara back to the DEO and start treatment. Lena is left stunned, unsure how to process what is happening.


It is five whole days before Kara wakes up. She comes to slowly, opening her eyes to find herself in the med bay at the DEO. She can hear the heart monitor beeping at her, and she can feel her own hand being held by someone. When she turns her head, she finds her hand being held by both of Lena’s hands, and Lena’s head resting peacefully on top, seemingly asleep.


Kara smiles at the sight as Alex walks in. She speaks softly. “She hasn’t left your side.”


Kara looks up at her sister as she approachs. “Hi.”


Alex shakes her head. “You really scared us.”


“I know… I’m sorry.”


“You don’t have to always sacrifice yourself like that, you know. We could have found another way.”


Kara takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “There was no time.”


Alex checks a few of Kara’s vitals. “You can probably go home in another hour.” Kara nods.


“We missed you,” Alex says to her sister as she looks down at Lena. “Especially her. Something I should know?”


Kara half-smiles at her sister. “I’ll let you know when I know.”


Alex nods, understandingly. Kara reaches over and tucks a loose strand of hair behind Lena’s ear. Lena hums and starts to wake up. Alex smirks and quietly makes her way back out of the room.


“Kara, you’re awake,” Lena says, relief evident in her voice.


“I am,” Kara says with a soft smile.


Lena realizes then that she is still holding her hand and quickly releases it. Kara slowly reaches back out and takes Lena’s hand again. Lena gasps.


“I remember,” Kara says. Lena nods, speechless and unsure of what to say.


“Come lay with me?” Kara asks as she slides over, making room on the bed for Lena.


Alex comes back an hour later to find Kara and Lena curled up together on the bed, sleeping soundly. She smiles, knowing she got the answer to the question she asked her sister earlier, and decides to let them sleep, knowing that both of them need their rest.