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The midday sun was beating down on Garp as he woke up, and it took him a minute or two to figure out he was on the shore of an island, which really wasn’t where he should be. No, he was supposed to be on his ship, and he had been, but there’d been a storm, sudden but terrifying, as was common on the Grand Line. They’d been fine, they were used to it, but then… he must’ve fallen asleep.


Well, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d gone overboard because he fell asleep at an inopportune time, surely Bogard would come looking for him soon.

Judging by the jungle behind him and the general area they’d been in, this was probably Jaya. Great! Garp could have some fun messing up Mock Town, and nobody would be able to say anything about him being careless if he awaited his crew with a few pirates taken into custody.

With that flawless plan in mind, Garp casually strolled along the coast, figuring he’d reach the town eventually regardless of which direction he went in.

A shiver ran down his spine just a few minutes in though, and Garp almost couldn’t believe his luck as his observation haki picked up on the two overwhelming presences not much further along the coast.

Really? Both of them at once? It was rare enough to find either of them, especially outside of the New World, but together? What an incredible stroke of luck. Garp hadn’t seen them both in the same place since the God Valley incident a few years ago.

He hurried up his steps, any thoughts of finding his crew or messing with the small fry at Mock Town wiped from his mind as he prepared himself for the most epic three-way fight of his life.

There was no way he could’ve prepared himself for the actual scene he stumbled upon.

No fight was taking place, not even teasing banter, or anything like that. Perhaps Garp wouldn’t have been surprised to see them have a friendly drinking party, either, but this…

Whitebeard had spread out his coat on the ground to sit more comfortably while he had Gol D. Roger in his lap, who was sucking a hickey onto his collarbone and shamelessly grinding their hips together.

While Garp’s brain was desperately trying to reconcile this scene with everything else he knew about these two men, his dick had already decided it was the hottest thing he’d ever laid eyes on, and that disconnect immobilized him, for once at a loss for words or any other reaction. Jumping on them with fists coated in haki just suddenly didn’t feel like the appropriate way to make his presence known anymore.

Time seemed to pass more slowly than usual as Garp watched in a trance. He just couldn’t tear his eyes away from the hypnotic movement. Both of them were still fully clothed, and Garp found himself thinking it was kind of a shame, it would be more fascinating if he could see more

“Are you just gonna keep standing there?”

Newgate’s words shook Garp out of his stupor, and he blinked, desperately trying to figure out something smart to answer the question, something that would resolve this situation somehow, but it was severely hindered by the fact that he wasn’t sure how he wanted to resolve it.

“What, you mind having an audience? I think I could put on a great show, just for the record.” Roger grinned, clearly confident about his statement, then turned to face Garp. “Though if you want, you can join in, too. Since you’re clearly into it.”

Yes, damn, Garp was hard just from watching, but that eyebrow waggle was totally unnecessary. Even he wasn’t entirely sure yet why this was turning him on so much. Damn pirates for being so casual and careless about everything. But now Garp was thinking about it. What was stopping him from saying yes and having the time of his life with two of the hottest men he’d ever seen?

Whitebeard rolled his eyes. “What, you think just because it’s Garp he’s not gonna have a stick up his ass about this like every other marine?”

“Who knows, but I could definitely stick something better up his ass!”

The laughter that followed was just a little too loud and drawn-out for Garp to believe either of the pirates was quite sober right now, and honestly, he was a little jealous. Alcohol would really help deal with this situation.

“So, what’s it gonna be,” Newgate asked, sounding genuinely curious. Interested, maybe, but not really invested quite yet. Roger, though, Roger was looking directly at Garp, just like he would right before a fight, challenge clear in his eyes. Garp’s mouth suddenly felt very dry.

He shouldn’t. He was a married man. Yeah, he’d only married his wife because he’d impregnated her on accident, and they’d agreed either of them could have some fun on the side, it was only practical with how little Garp was home. But this probably wasn’t the kind of side fun she’d had in mind when she agreed.

He took a step forward.

They were pirates. Not the kind that Garp despised, that threatened and killed innocent civilians daily without remorse and showed Garp he’d made the right choice when joining the navy even if the institution wasn’t without its flaws. But pirates nonetheless. Dangerous pirates with the power to topple the world if the winds blew in their favour.

He took another step forward.

Garp could get in huge trouble for this. Fraternizing with the enemy was a crime, and the higher-ups already weren’t super happy with Garp’s actions concerning these two, especially Roger.

Another step.

Letting his guard down could prove to be fatal. One of them he could probably defend himself against no matter what, but both at once was just a little too much, especially if he let himself get distracted.

One more step, and now he was standing right next to them as they looked at him expectantly.

He could still turn back. He could just leave and wait for Bogard, or coat his fist in armament haki and turn this into the fight he’d expected it to be. He could just say no.

“Fuck me,” he said instead, because Garp was never one to listen to his brain all that much. His gut tended to be more trustworthy anyway. And if this particular decision was made by something a little below his gut, whatever.

Nobody would ever have to know.

Roger grinned like he’d just won one of their skirmishes, and immediately reached out to pull Garp closer, one hand already groping his ass. The grip was firm and purposeful, but not rough, and Garp couldn’t wait to feel those hands all over his body.

Meanwhile Newgate started by pulling Garp’s coat off his shoulders, the pristine white fabric landing right next to his equally white coat. Garp’s of course had ‘Justice’ emblazoned on it, whereas Whitebeard’s showed his Jolly Roger, but both symbols were facing the ground right now, hiding their differences as the lines between friend and foe started to blur.

Garp didn’t dwell on it. He was way too horny right now.

It felt way too natural to fall on his knees beside them and let Roger smash their lips together. The kiss was rough and demanding, and Garp could feel his head starting to spin, from more than just the alcohol he tasted on Roger’s tongue as it was shoved down his throat. It was dizzying, and Garp really appreciated the large hand on his hip that steadied him so he could use whatever remaining brainpower he still had to kiss back.

Couldn’t let Roger win that easily. His efforts were rewarded with a deep groan from Roger, a sound that went straight to his already leaking cock.

There was no way he would last long. Roger had moved on from groping Garp’s ass to feeling his abs, but Garp couldn’t even focus on that because Newgate snuck his second hand between Garp’s legs, cupping his crotch. It was all too much at once and yet the friction wasn’t enough.

Garp rutted forward without thinking, grinding hard against that hand until his vision turned white. The obscene moan he let out as he came was only partially swallowed by Roger’s mouth, but Garp appreciated him moving away a little. He really needed to catch his breath.

Fuck, it had been way too long since he last got off, and this definitely counted as one of the best orgasms he ever had, holy shit.

“Well, that was fast,” Roger noted with a grin. Both of the pirates started laughing again, and Garp could feel a blush rising to his face as he realized he’d come in his pants after like a minute like he was some sort of hormonal teenager, a phase in his life he’d thankfully left behind quite some time ago.

“Been pent up, huh,” Newgate joined in on the teasing, “your work been keeping you so busy you can’t even have some fun on the side now and then? Must be miserable.”

Garp huffed in annoyance, reminded that he was the only one here who actually had a job instead of being a useless parasite to society. “Shut up,” he growled at Newgate, “whose fault do you think that is?”

It was only met with more laughter. “Mine,” Newgate easily admitted, actually sounding smug about it.

“Pretty sure I’ve been causing way more trouble lately, Eddy,” Roger intercepted, as if this were something to brag about.

“You wish,” Newgate retorted.

The truth was, it was kind of both of their fault and yet not really directly because of either of them. Garp had enough free time and certainly enough willing partners, the problem was that they were all boring. Garp hated nothing more than people who’d just agree to whatever he said or wanted, and ever since people started calling him the hero of the marines, just about everyone he met fell into that category. At this point he’d been seriously considering asking Sengoku or Tsuru to just bend him over one of their desks and fuck/peg him, awkward consequences be damned.

These two, though, were promising to be very fun, without any risk of his everyday life becoming super awkward.

While they were busy glaring at each other as if that would decide who was the more notorious pirate, Garp pulled open his belt and took off his pants and underwear. It was getting uncomfortable with his cum in there, and this encounter was far from over, they’d barely had any fun yet. He pulled off his uniform shirt as well, leaving him entirely naked, before drawing the pirates’ attention back to him.

“Why don’t you just agree you’ve both been very bad boys, and start making it up to me?”

Roger at least seemed on board with the idea, and he conspiratorially slung an arm around Garp’s shoulders. “With all my bad boy pirating experience, why don’t I show you where to find a big treasure?”

As Roger’s grin grew with another of his eyebrow waggles, Newgate only sighed. “You know, if I didn’t know Garp’s the exact same kind of idiot you are, I’d be afraid you’re turning him off beyond salvation with shit like that.”

Rude. Here Roger was talking him up – if Garp understood correctly what he meant by big treasure – and Newgate only called him stupid for it.

Roger didn’t seem bothered though. “You love my brand of idiocy,” he announced with full confidence, “and it’s not turning you off either, so I don’t see the harm.” As if to prove his point, Roger moved to open Newgate’s pants, freeing his half-hard erection.

And… yeah. Roger had been right. Not only on Newgate not being turned off, but also on his ‘treasure’ being big. Garp was by no means small himself, and he’d seen quite a large assortment of dicks over his lifetime, but nothing quite like this. Really, he should’ve expected this, given Newgate’s general size, but he’d never thought about it before. Maybe he should have.

What a glorious sight it was. Garp could feel himself salivating at the mere thought of getting his hands on that dick, even if the common sense still somewhere at the back of his head was ringing alarm bells that there was no way this could ever fit inside of him.

Garp glanced to the side, meeting Roger’s eyes and wordlessly conveying that no, he hadn’t promised too much, before both of them moved forward at the same time to get their mouths on that giant cock.

They bumped heads a little, but quickly sorted it out as Roger dragged his tongue over the tip before sucking it into his mouth, while Garp moved to the base. He could feel the veins pulsating under his tongue as their combined efforts slowly raised the cock to full hardness. It sent sparks to his own dick that was already twitching with interest again, clearly not satisfied with the one quick round before.

Garp pulled back when Roger did, and they admired their handiwork together. Newgate was flushed and definitely breathing hard, and his cock was dripping with saliva and precum. Beautiful.

He would’ve stared for longer, but clearly Newgate was wanting more than just being looked at, so he picked Garp up and turned him around to face Roger. Slight panic crept into his chest as it seemed like he would be lowered on Newgate’s huge dick – he wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, he could take it for sure, but with zero preparation and no lube? Hell no, he wasn’t that insane – but thankfully he was pulled flush against Newgate’s chest as he leaned back a little, so he was a little too far back for his ass to be in any danger. Instead, his own cock brushed against Newgate’s, and the slick friction drew a small groan from his lips.

“No need to panic,” Newgate soothingly murmured, and that deep, rumbling voice so close to his ear definitely served both to calm his nerves and turn him on beyond belief, “this will be fun enough, trust me.”

At this point, Garp couldn’t manage more than a nod, not trusting his voice not to break if he tried to speak. But Newgate wasn’t moving, so Garp was left with little choice than to divert his attention to Roger who’d gotten his own pants open in the meantime.

“I’ve taken it before, you know,” Roger bragged with a hand around his almost entirely hard dick. “Took like an hour to prep and still hurt like a bitch.”

Fuck, now Garp couldn’t help but imagine that happening. Roger, flushed and panting as Newgate’s massive cock was ever so slowly forced into him, his expression that familiar and intoxicating mix of pain and determination that he wore at the end of a great battle… That mental image would certainly serve as great jerk-off material when Garp was left without any fun options again.

“Absolutely worth it, though.” The grin on Roger’s face left no room for doubt. It shifted to something almost predatory as Roger moved closer, and Garp suddenly felt his breath hitch and his heart speed up. He instinctively tried to move away, but Newgate’s arm held him securely in place as Roger pressed himself up against Garp’s chest, slotting his dick right up against the other two.

Garp took a few shuddering breaths as his brain was trying to deal with the overwhelming feeling of being effectively trapped between the two strongest and most dangerous men in the world.

He did the only possible thing he could in this situation: thrusting his hips upwards to slide against theirs and leaving all three of them groaning in pleasure.

With a taste of what they could have, none of them could remain still, and it took a while to find an actual rhythm that worked for all of them, but once they got there, it was pure bliss.

Garp definitely had the best position here, being surrounded by hot, muscular bodies on both sides. He could feel Newgate’s moans vibrate in his chest. The moment he threw his head back after a particularly good thrust, Roger followed after him, sinking his teeth into the sensitive skin where Garp’s shoulder met his neck.

The air around them was filled with nothing but the slick sounds of their cocks sliding against each other, drowned out only by the litany of moans freely flowing from their mouths. Garp couldn’t tell anymore who was responsible for which noises or whose name wantonly dripped from which mouth, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Heat suddenly engulfed his cock as a hand – Newgate’s, judging by the size of it – closed itself around all three of their dicks. Garp thrust up into it blindly, all rhythm lost, and then Roger bit down onto his earlier hickey, hard. Garp saw stars as a scream tore itself from his lungs and he could feel his orgasm hit, way harder than the first one today.

Eventually, he realized the hand was gone from his dick, and instead there was a whole lot of cum on his stomach. Roger slowly moved away a little to give Garp some room as well. Cum was smeared on the shirt he’d only opened instead of taken off, and a lazy, satisfied grin adorned his face.

It was a good look on him, Garp couldn’t deny it.

With shaking legs, Garp managed to move as well, though he didn’t get very far. Every muscle in his body felt like jelly, so he decided to just lay down, resting his head on Newgate’s thigh. A very nice thigh, he had to admit. Comfy. Newgate himself just let himself fall over backwards to rest a little.

For a few minutes, it was quiet, nothing but the sounds of the jungle and their heavy breathing disrupting the silence as they came down from that incredible high.

Until there was some rustling from the vague direction Roger was in. Too lazy to lift his head, Garp decided to ignore it. Thankfully, Newgate looked for him. “What are you looking for?” So Roger was searching for something?

“Lube. I know I have it somewhere in my coat…”

“Lube?” Seriously? Roger wanted to go again? Already? Granted, he’d only come once, unlike Garp, but still.

“You said to fuck you, didn’t ya?” His grin was back to mischievous. “Haven’t done that yet.”

Well. Garp had said that, yes. Before they put him through two orgasms without actually fucking him.

“Found it,” Roger announced loudly. “Come on, Garp, you can’t possibly be out of stamina already. You’re not that old, are ya? You can have some more fun.”

It was so, so obviously meant to rile him up, the intent behind the words not hidden in the slightest, but even knowing that, Garp couldn’t help but feel a pang of annoyance. Just because his kid was an adult already didn’t mean he was old. Certainly not any older than Roger. He was right in his prime, thank you very much.

“Of course I can,” he growled back, never one to back down from Roger’s challenges. He was still too lazy to actually get up, but he spread his legs, an obvious invitation for Roger. One that he took immediately and gleefully.

As soon as it was slicked with lube, Garp could feel a rough and calloused finger prodding at his entrance, and he did his best to relax to let it in. His entire body was pretty lax right now, but it had been a while since he’d done this. He didn’t need this to be unnecessarily painful.

The first finger slipped in easily enough, but Roger didn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to add more, he took his sweet time slowly pushing it in and out at varying angles. Even once he found Garp’s prostate he didn’t switch it up, only hitting it occasionally. Bastard just wanted to leave Garp squirming, but what could he say? It worked.

Heat was slowly starting to pool in his stomach again, and he could feel his dick once again starting to harden, even if it was a little slower this time. “Get on with it,” he finally demanded when his patience ran out. This wasn’t his first time, he didn’t need the prep to be this slow and careful.

“There you go, see? Already asking for more. Not that tired after all.”

Damn Roger and his need to be right all the time. At least he was adding a second finger now and moving more quickly. Hitting Garp’s prostate way more reliably, too, because of course he’d figured out where it was a while ago.

Garp would be annoyed if he weren’t so turned on again. He could always make Roger pay for being a little shit later. Right now it was more satisfying to buck his hips towards Roger to urge him to pick up some speed.

Roger did seem to get the message, scissoring him open and abusing his prostate at every opportunity to overshadow any pain Garp might’ve felt. The third finger followed soon after, and Garp found himself breathing hard again, brain empty except for the stretch, the friction, the pain and the overwhelming pleasure that Roger’s fingers brought.

Until they were suddenly pulled out, and Garp finally lifted his head to figure out where they’d gone without any warning.

As it turned out, Roger had removed them so he could squirt some more lube into his hand, that he could then spread on his dick. Earlier, Garp hadn’t paid all that much attention, but now that it was about to be pushed into him, he couldn’t help but stare at Roger’s cock. While it wasn’t quite as impressive as Newgate’s, it was certainly not small, either. It was a shame he wouldn’t get a chance to taste it, but Garp swallowed in anticipation of having it up his ass.

“Get on all fours.” It was a command, not a request. Roger expected to be obeyed, and that was enough to make Garp consider denying it on principle. But he relented. Roger always got what he wanted in the end, and even though Garp prided himself on being one of the few roadblocks in his way, he could never truly stop the man.

It would be a whole new experience to just go along with his whims, but Garp couldn’t deny that he was a little excited at the prospect as he rolled over, placing himself on his hands and knees and spreading his legs a little for Roger.

The first thing he noticed was that this was putting Newgate’s cock practically directly into Garp’s face. And from the looks of it, Garp hadn’t been the only one getting excited for action again.

“What can I say?” Newgate laughed, not ashamed in the slightest of his obvious lust. “You two have been giving me a pretty nice show, I gotta admit.” He was propped up on his elbows, and Garp belatedly realized he must’ve been watching the entire time Roger prepped him. Damn, he should’ve paid more attention, then he could’ve enjoyed Newgate’s gaze in the moment.

But there was no time to think about the past as Garp felt the tip of Roger’s cock nudge at his entrance. “Ready?”

A last chance to say stop, to withdraw his consent despite him having literally asked for this, despite Roger’s obvious want to move on already. It was… unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome. For once, he actually had the power to make Roger stop, but he didn’t feel the slightest desire to actually do so.

“More than ready.”

Roger pushed in. Slowly and steadily, until he was buried to the hilt. It hurt a little, but Garp was used to much worse. It was nothing compared to the euphoria of being filled to the brim. “Fuck, Roger,” he couldn’t help but groan, even knowing the smug expression the pirate would wear.

For a moment, Roger didn’t move, but instead, Garp felt a gentle hand cupping his cheek. As Newgate guided him to his cock, Garp remembered just how strong these hands truly were. Air cracked and the earth itself rumbled and split from just a single punch. With Garp as unfocused as he was right now, there was no way he could summon his haki in time if Newgate decided to crush his skull right here and now. And yet, that hand barely applied any force, careful enough that it didn’t even come across as demanding.

A shiver ran down Garp’s spine, and he willingly opened his mouth to let Newgate’s cock slide in.

There he was, the supposed hero of the marines, one pirate’s cock buried in his ass and another in his mouth. He tried to move his hips a little to get Roger to move, but a pair of hands immediately stopped him, holding him in place without even a little wiggle room.

With how carefree and often childish he acted, it was easy to forget sometimes just how strong Roger truly was. He was a terrifying force to be reckoned with, to the point where he felt more like a natural disaster than a human. Garp had surrendered himself to that man willingly, and now he was subject to his whims.

Another shiver ran down his spine, and Garp was hyper-aware of the drop of precum that dripped from his cock as he waited in anticipation.

Finally, Roger drew back, slowly, until only the tip of his cock was still inside of Garp. And then his hips snapped forward, fast and hard with no prior warning. The force of it pushed Garp forward as well, forcing more of Newgate’s cock into his mouth. Good thing he’d always had a big mouth and no gag reflex to speak of. It meant he could freely moan and enjoy the pleasure as his vision blurred for a moment, rather than choking and coughing.

He could hear Newgate groan in pleasure, as well as a hum from Roger that definitely sounded like he was very pleased with himself.

For a moment, nobody moved, but it was the last moment of respite Garp got. The next harsh thrust from Roger followed soon, and from there, he set an almost punishing pace as he drove into Garp over and over again.

All Garp could do was dig his hands into the ground, try to breathe through his nose, and take what he was given.

The world around him faded as everything was drowned out by the sheer sensation of pleasure. Everything he was, his justice, his strength, his pride, it had been methodically stripped away to turn him into a trembling mess of a body that was stretched open and used for someone else’s desire until his legs were trembling and his throat was raw.

His entire body shook as orgasm hit him for the third time today, without a single touch to his dick this time.

Roger’s thrusts didn’t falter for a second, fucking him through it and through the overstimulation even after it was over, until Garp could feel hot seed spilling into his ass. Tears sprung into his eyes, but just a few seconds later, cum was filling his mouth too as Newgate drove forward as well with Roger’s thrusts finally beginning to stutter, and Garp finally choked.

Both pirates pulled out almost simultaneously, leaving Garp to collapse on the floor and catch his breath.

Everything was spinning, and Garp was mildly aware of how he must’ve looked like right now, naked and fucked out and cum leaking from his mouth and ass at the same time.

He didn’t care, though. This was so worth it.

The only question was, how on earth was he ever supposed to have sex this good again?




“You think it was okay to just leave him like that?” Not that Roger was worried, Garp would be fine, but still. It had been some amazing sex, it would’ve been nice to at least ask if a repeat would ever be a possibility before they left.

Edward just shrugged. “I’m not bringing him back to my crew. He’s still a marine. He’s lucky he didn’t have a wallet on him, I had half a mind to teach him it’s a terrible idea to sleep with pirates like that and then just nod off.”

Roger laughed heartily. Oh, that would’ve been fun for sure, even if it did lower their chances for a repeat. Edward definitely had the right pirating spirit.

They reached Mock Town, and the port soon after, where their paths would once again separate until fate brought them back together. Roger could see Rayleigh approach from the Oro Jackson, but the little boy sprinting towards them from the Moby Dick reached them faster. What was his name again? Mark or something?

“Pops! You’re back,” he squealed, and Edward picked him up with a smile on his face, positioning the boy on his shoulders.

“I am! Did you protect the ship while I was gone, Marco?”

Yes, right, Marco, that was it. Edward had been barely talking about anything else the entire time before they’d gotten to the fun stuff.

“I did! But there’s a marine ship, I saw it from the bird’s nest, so we gotta be careful!”

“Hm, you’re right, very good job spotting that.”

“It’s Garp’s ship,” Rayleigh supplied, “but they’re not approaching. Garp might not be on board.”

Edward snorted. “Don’t worry, we already dealt with him. There won’t be any problems with leaving.”

“Oooohhhh, did you fight? You won easily, right, Pops?” Marco’s eyes were sparkling.

Roger couldn’t help but grin. What an innocent kid. “Oh, we absolutely destroyed him.” He let his voice drip with as much double meaning as he could muster, and from the resigned sigh from his side, Rayleigh definitely understood perfectly what happened.

It still totally escaped little Marco’s notice, though. Which was probably for the better. Edward was already glaring daggers at him. There’d probably be an actual fight if Roger somehow ruined the boy’s innocence.

What the hell was so special about the brat, anyway? He didn’t get it. But Garp had one, too, that he equally couldn’t shut up about. Or, well, used to not be able to shut up about, now that he thought about it, Roger hadn’t heard anything in a while.

Maybe he should get one of his own, to see what all the fuss was about. Settling down wasn’t for him, but orphans were a dime a dozen everywhere, it couldn’t be that hard to pick a fun one up, right?

Next time they met, he was gonna have a brat to brag about, too. It would be another fun way to compete. Roger grinned at Rayleigh as they made to leave.

“Why do I get the feeling you just had another idea that’s gonna cause a lot of trouble for me…”

“Nonsense. My idea is fantastic. You’ll love it for sure.”

Roger could already picture it. He’d find himself an orphan he could totally vibe with. Or maybe one that looked like a clown. Or both. Either way, it would be very fun.