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domestic pleasures

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You never considered yourself lucky, especially in a new town that looked beautiful when the sunset toned the streets. You were a broke college student, desperately trying to make ends meet with groceries, bills and books. It was stressful to find some work in a town full of people who minded their business, except a family of four.

You hardly saw them until Wanda came knocking on your door, offering you meals that she made for her family. Wanda knew from the many nights she saw you from your window that you never ate a full course meal.

Her flower wasn’t nurturing the right way, and she hated it. Wanda didn’t like seeing her flower work too hard. But she did love the choice of outfits you wore.

An oversized shirt that always curves over your bum, giving Wanda a perfect view of your laced panties. She loved watching you, admiring you from afar. You were oblivious to her gestures, just like she wanted you to be.

When she saw you one night taking small bites of her lasagna, she swore that she heard a moan escape from your lips. It captivated her to continue to bring you food so she can listen to those pretty little moans of yours.

Over time, her motherly instincts switch on. She monitored your eating pattern, especially when you were in the middle of your finals. She watched you take scoops of cookie dough ice cream into your mouth and chugging energy drinks into your system.

You were hurting her flower, and she didn’t like it one bit. Wanda then decided she would take matters into her hand. When Wanda asked you out of the blue to come over to fix her printer, a ready-made meal was waiting for you.

It was a small fish dish with tons of vegetables. You weren't a fan of vegetables; half of them weren't your favourite either. You tried to pass the offer but, Wanda was very persuaded. She insisted you stay and eat with her, as a token of thanks for fixing her printer.

You didn’t want to be rude so, you sat with her, watching her cut up her potion. Wanda noticed that you hardly touched your greens, which made her angry. She didn’t show it, as she didn’t want to scare off her flower.

Wanda simply got up from her seat and accidentally brushed your shoulder, apologising straight after. She bent her body towards you, allowing you full access to her chest. You gulped in pleasure at how beautifully shaped her tits were.
“If you eat your greens, you can touch,” Wanda whispered, biting your earlobe. She watched as you gripped your thigh, smirking at how easy it was to persuade you to do something.

You sat there and, Wanda made sure you ate every vegetable on your plate. Each time you ate a vegetable, she kissed your neck, praising you for obeying.

“You can do it. We don’t want to see what happens when you don’t listen, sweetheart.” She mumbled against your skin, making you squirm in your seat.

Wanda slowly started to suck on your neck, feeding into you like you were her dinner. She heard a little whimper come from your lips and licked the mark she created.

“One more, sweetheart.” She praised, brushing her thumb against your cheek. She tangled her hands through your hair, pulling it slightly as she saw you fiddle with the last vegetable.

You quickly ate the last vegetable, looking up at Wanda for praise. She sent a sweet kiss to your lips, humming words that made you feel warm inside.

You instantly felt your body respond to her touches. She was seated next to you, and you felt lost. You didn’t know what came over yourself when Wanda pulled you onto her lap. You instantly snuggled into her, letting your face buried between her chest, as she brushed her fingers up and down your back.

You lightly kissed her breasts, smiling at how big and comfy they were. Wanda smirked and bounced them up, causing you to moan.

“Since you ate all your greens and study real hard today, you get to have some dessert. How does that sound?” Wanda whispered into your ear, seeing you nod almost immediately.

“You are so responsive to my orders, aren’t you?”

You nodded, feeling a blush appear.

“Such a good little flower.” She cooed, pulling you off her and pushing you down onto the floor. She opened her legs and watched your eyes widen at her movement. You saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.


“Be a good little girl and take your dessert. I’m going to make sure you taste every last drop, understood?”

“Yes, Wanda..”

Wanda tutted, “Mommy. You call me Mommy.”

“Yes, Mommy.” You whispered and slowly brought your face to her entrance. You placed your hands around her thigh, and in a straight line, you licked her core. Wanda had no time for you to tease her. She was horny enough from just seeing you obey her. She grabbed a handful of hair and forced your mouth to suck on her cunt. You moaned at the force, trying to suck on every inch of her folds.

Wanda knew you were new to this, as your technique were wonky. She arched her hips towards you, thrusting her cunt into your face making you have no access to breathe. You allowed your tongue to explore her, trying to graze every spot to please her.

Wanda moans found your ears and, you moaned against her core, sucking on it harshly like it was the last edible thing on earth. Again Wanda thrust into you, making you accidentally bite her core. Wanda moaned louder, and you continued to latch onto her bud. You knew she was getting close as her folds clenched around your tongue. She managed to pull on your hair once more and gave you no warning that she was close to an orgasm.

Wanda, in no time, thrust once more before flooding your mouth with her cum. You tried your hardest to suck on every sweetness she gave you. Your lips were attached to her core for a little longer before she moved you away, brushing her finger against your swollen lip.

“You gorgeous thing. Those plumped lips are so useful to me. You were so good, sweetheart. You made Mommy feel so good.” She whispered, pulling you up by your shirt.

“You did so well, darling.” She hummed, allowing you to rest your head in her chest. Wanda watched as you gave her light kisses to her chest, grinning at how easily it was for you to be a submissive.


Wanda slowly moved your face away for her, causing a little whimper to escape your lips. Wanda only grinned at her flower, loving how needy you were for her.

“Go get some rest, darling. Those essays won’t write themselves.”

You nodded and slowly got off her lap, “Yes, Mommy.”

Wanda bit her lip at your tone and watched you stumble your way out of her home. She took the glass of water from the table, taking small sips as she amusingly watched you tumble and walk into things.

“Goodbye, little one.”


That night you were sorely in the zone to complete one of your essays. A temptation inside you sprung to light after you left Wanda’s that afternoon. You could still taste her in your mouth, and you craved more.

You felt lost without her near. You never depend on someone like you did with Wanda. She was turning you into something that you read in novels, and you liked it.

A little too much.


It was quarter to midnight and, you just finished a second essay. You were tired from studying and decided to take a little nap before returning to your books. However, that nap didn't exactly happen when you found yourself cradled against Wanda's chest.

You awoke and found your face buried deep in Wanda’s boobs. Unaware of how that happened, Wanda pushed your face back into her chest. She knew that you needed her touch, and just like the submissive you were, you took full advantage of it.

“You overworked yourself, sweetheart.”

You hummed, looking straight up at her. You eagerly tried to kiss her lips but, Wanda pulled back and smacked your thigh. You jumped in confusion, putting your head down as you didn’t like it when Wanda was mean.

"You naughty girl. Are you that desperate for Mommy’s lips? You want Mommy to taste whatever you are feeling in your panties.”

You let out a loud moan as Wanda harshly pressed her finger against your soaking core.

“My sweetheart. You are soaking. Did Mommy make you wet, darling?”

You sheepishly nodded and tugged on her bra as Wanda slapped your throbbing core.

“M-Mommy,” You moaned against her breasts, finding a way for you to tug on her nipple. Wanda hummed and saw how close you were getting to her nipple and slapped your core again, but with more force.

“Not yet. You must let Mommy taste you first. Is that what you want?”

You nodded quickly.

“Desperate little thing. You are such a slut, darling. Look at you, trying to hump Mommy’s fingers. How badly do you want Mommy’s fingers?”


“So badly. Please. Please.” The sounds of your begging made Wanda pinch your core. You let out a moan and squirm at the pain.

Wanda slowly pulled your panties down, watching some of your juice trails down your thigh. Wanda’s fingers managed to clean the excess. Without any warning, she stuffed her fingers straight into your mouth.

“Suck.” She demanded and, you obeyed, moaning at the taste of your sweetness.

“You ready for Mommy’s fingers? How many does my flower get?”

“As much as Mommy likes.” You moaned, and Wanda let out a chuckle at how much of a good submissive you were.

Wanda took one last look at you before taking her fingers out of your mouth and slammed them straight into your hole, hearing you cry in pain.

“Taking them so well, darling. Do you know how many fingers are inside you?” Wanda asked, her eyes darken.

You shook your head, pleading with her to go faster.


“Let’s count, Sweetheart.” Wanda whispered, and used one finger to hit one of your spots.

“How many was that, gorgeous?”


Wanda grinned and did the same again but with three fingers this time causing you to moan louder.

“F-Four?” You manage to say and Wanda shook her head.

“Would you like Four fingers inside you?” Wanda whispered into your ear, fucking your core hard.

You barely gave her a response. Wanda took that as a yes and added another finger inside you. You felt your hole stretch like never before as Wanda slammed her fingers inside you. The tears spilling in your eyes made you grip Wanda's hand.

Wanda smirked and removed your hand from hers. She laughed as she gripped your jaw, so she could see you fall apart.

"My sweet angel. You look so beautiful." Wanda whispered and gripped your jaw harder. You let your tears fall from your cheek as she thrust her fingers in and out of you. You felt your orgasm near as your folds tugged on her fingers.


Your eyes began to see stars as Wanda used some of her magic to add more harsh momentum. You had no idea of Wanda's being a witch and, Wanda loved your obliviousness.

You started to ride her fingers, feeling your high coming through. Wanda kissed your tears away, planting a small kiss on your nose before slapping your thigh to indicate that you could cum.

"Go on, darling."

You cried out in pleasure as you let yourself loose on her fingers, sobbing as Wanda helped you ride your high. Your walls still clenched around her fingers, as you didn't want her to pull out.

Wanda smirked, loving how you took her so well.

“You are so well behaved, Sweetheart... taking my four fingers very well. You are a good little slut, aren't you? So glad I found you."

You opened your mouth, and Wanda laughed at your loss for words.

"How about we run you a bath? Does my little flower need a bath?”

You nodded and hissed at the pain as Wanda took her fingers out of you. She kissed your lips and then your neck, praising you whilst she gently made her way down to your swollen core. She gently kissed your swollen bud and gave you a sweet lick before picking you up.

Out of embarrassment of crying, you buried your face in her neck and watched her carry you towards the bathroom. You still let some tears fall as you felt the pain. She gently placed you on the counter, brushing your hair out of your face as she pinches your thigh teasingly.

“My sweet darling. Look at you. You were so good with Mommy today. You are the most gorgeous thing when you are crying. Those little sobs were for me, and Mommy loved watching you fall apart.”

You felt your cheeks burn with shame as Wanda degraded you. You wiped your tears on your jumper as you heard the tap run. Wanda cooed you, peppering your face with kisses.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She chuckled and helped you into the tub. You hissed at the pain when the warm water hit your core. Wanda slowly pushed you down, leaning over to wash you.

“No more crying, sweetheart,” Wanda whispered and gently began to bath you. You nodded and stayed put and allowed Wanda to care for you.

“Thanks, Mommy.”

Wanda smiled and placed a small kiss on your cheek. “Anytime, darling.”