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Play Fighting

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Vil let out a long sigh, the woman on the other end of the phone talking endlessly. He removed the device from his ear for a moment, “I’ll be back soon, take five.” He instructed, then turned to leave, talking to his manager, obviously frustrated.

The moment he was out of sight, MC and Epel immediately sat, both thankful for the interruption.

Epel let out a long sigh, “Ahh, my legs hurt. I don’t know how I’m going to do anything after this.” He wined and began massaging his shins.

Picking up the water bottle, MC nodded, “He’s like a drill sergeant.”

It was Epel’s turn to nod. “I don’t know how all of this is supposed to help with Magicshift. I feel like I’m doing ballet again.”

“Mm,” MC hummed, setting the water bottle between their legs. “He said something about grace and reflexes in the beginning, but I don’t really remember. I wasn’t really paying attention.” They admitted.

“Yeah,” Epel agreed, looking a bit sheepish having not paid attention either. “Thanks for joining though! I can’t imagine having to go through this alone.”

“Don’t mention it,” they offered, “I could use the exercise anyway.”

The two sat in silence for a moment listening to the electric wirring of the fan across the ballroom. MC rested their head against the wall looking up at the ornate ceiling, while Epel picked his nails.

“Hey, do you think I’d ever get super buff.” Epel asked, looking over.

MC rolled their head to look at him, and thought for a moment, “I mean yeah, but how buff? Like Jack or like toned?”

“Like Jack!” He answered, “The full thing, big arms, big chest!” He began flexing as if to illustrate his point.

MC shrugged, “Maybe. I think you should focus more on getting strong, rather than looking strong though.”

Immediately Epel sat up to attention, his brow furrowed, “I am strong!”

The look on his face... he was pouting. MC couldn’t help but chuckle at him.

“I am!” He bit.

“Sure, yeah.” MC agreed, which only made it worse because now he was really pouting. They covered their mouth and forced out a short cough, but the corners of their mouth couldn’t help but twitch back into a grin.

Epel took matters into his own hands then, and attacked, pushing MC. “Say it!” He whined, grabbing their shoulders to pull them away from the wall. MC huffed and moved forward pushing him back. Of course it wasn’t done there, it had only just started. Epel got up onto his haunches to lunge, but MC put their arms out to catch him.

“Oh my god, you’re so dramatic!” MC laughed as they pushed him off them. Epel came forward again, coming to his knees in the same lunge, this time with enough force to knock them both back, Epel doing his best to stay on top.

“And you’re mean!” He huffed, clearly more frustrated than actually angry. MC knocked him off of them, taking the moment to quickly get up and put their hand on his chest to keep him down. Immediately he pushed their hand away causing MC to topple forward, where Epel took the upper hand again. He quickly straddled them, using his weight to keep them in place. They moved to knock him off but with grace that seemed more luck than skill he caught their wrists and pinned them down.

Now... Epel wasn’t heavy. It wouldn’t take much to actually throw him off but looking up, it was clear to see he was over joyed... so MC stayed.

“Ha! I won!” He cheered.

“Yeah, you did.” MC laughed, “Congratulations.”

Epel was giggling above them, very pleased with himself. “Say it!”

“Say what?” MC huffed, “Oh Epel, you’re so strong! I’m sure Jack would run, tail between his legs if you were to ever so much as look in his direction!” They cooed, before chuckling, “Was that good for you?”

Epel took it in stride, “Yes.”

There was a beat of silence, where neither of them moved. It was just a second where they were both waiting for the other to do something. Before it could either evolve or devolve there was a pointed cough coming from the door. They both turned to see that Vil had returned, his arms crossed.

Epel immediately scurried back, his face painted bright red, “I— uh—“

MC was more slow to sit up, somewhat upset by the interruption.

“Really?” Vil bit, “Both of you, out. I’m done with you two.”

Again Epel was quick to stand, embarrassed. “It wasn’t— you know— I—“

“I don’t want to hear it. Out.” Vil pointed to the door. The two of them followed command, leaving the room. “And prefect— back to your own dorm!” Vil called after them.