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Epel had seen the second year for the first time when he was picking dandelions. He had already heard about him from his senpai – Hunt-senpai introduced him as someone interesting. Epel stopped, watching the other humming a tone while putting the flowers in a basket, the rays of the rising sun lighting up his hair. It made his locks shine as if they were gold. It took Epel’s breathe away.

”Hey! What are you looking at?” The question brought back the younger in reality. He blinked twice, feeling himself blush.

”I-I am sorry!” The younger mumbled, averting his eyes. ”It’s just-” he started, but was interrupted.

”You are from Pomefiore, right?” Ruggie asked as he neared him. As he stopped in front of Epel, he leaned closer a sniffed, making the other squeak in surprise. ”Yep, you are definitely from there. You have the same scent as them.” Hearing that, Epel felt himself blushing. Ruggie tilted his head to the side. ”What’s wrong?”

”Oh! I-it’s nothing important, really,” the younger mumbled, pushing a lock of hair behind his ear. ”It’s just no one has ever said I am like them in any way.” Epel averted his gaze, biting into his lips. ”They are much prettier than me after all.”

”They’re blind, then,” Ruggie said, crossing his arms over his chest. ”You’re too beautiful for your own good.” Epel felt his cheeks burning, and to change topic, his eyes turned towards the basket, hanging from the older’s arm.

”I’ve never eaten dandelions before. Are they any good?” He inquired, and Ruggie grinned at him.

”Just wait till tomorrow. You’ll find out.”

On that night, Leona found his right hand man (and best friend) in the dorm’s kitchen. He was standing next to the counter, humming to himself as he was preparing his usual dandelion salad – wait, two portions?

”Have you been more hungry than usual lately?” He asked, trying to keep his voice as nonchalant as possible. Hearing his voice, Ruggie jumped in the air, then turned towards Leona with a pout.

”Leona-san! Stop scaring me like that!” He complained, and Leona rolled his eyes. The hyena was really dramatic.

”Answer my question,” the older ordered, putting his hands on his hips. Ruggie sighed, then turned back towards his work – with tinted cheeks?

”I am making the other one for someone else,” he said, ducking his head down to muffle his words a bit.

”Has Ruggie-senpai found a mate for himself?” Came the question from his right, and Ruggie squeaked. ”His scent is the same when my mom cooks dinner for my dad.”

”You cannot smell others like that, Jack-kun!” Ruggie said, glaring at the first year, whose ears faltered a bit.

”Stop making the rookie feel bad,” Leona said, and Ruggie constated that his best friend was the biggest tsundere in the world – not that it surprised him.

After finishing the salads, he put the lids on the two bento boxes, and turned towards his dorm mates. The two men looked at him with anticipation. Ruggie groaned, hoping he wouldn’t regret what he was about to say in the future.

”If you want to know that much, yes, I’ve made it for someone special.”

”Stop squirming like that, Baby Potato! It is not beautiful at all!” Epel flinched, hearing the voice of his senpai beside him.

”Don’t be so harsh with him, Vil!” Rook spoke up from Vil’s other side. ”I have a feeling that today is really special for our petit Cherry Apple for some reason~”

Epel blushed, and averted his gaze. He kept one of his eyes on the entrance of the dining hall nonetheless. When he saw the person he had waited for stepping in, he jumped up from his seat with a wide smile. With Vil is indignant question of where he was going behind him, he hurried up to the older boy, stopping in front of him with a happy smile.

”Wow, someone is happy,” Ruggie said, constating to himself how adorable the other looked while smiling.

”I’m just really excited. I have never eaten something like that before,” Epel explained, then blushed, ”a-and your company is not bad at all, senpai,” Epel confessed, and Ruggie’s heart did a backflip.

Instead of answering, he grabbed the younger by the slave, and pulled him to one of the corner of the cafeteria. He could already feel the gaze of Pomefiore’s dorm leader burning holes on his back, and did not want this lunch to be ruined. When they reached their table of choice, Ruggie pulled out one of the chairs and after Epel had sat down, he pushed it back. After that, he sat down as well, and put one of the wrapped up boxes in front of the other with a fork in tow.

”Thanks for the food,” Epel said with a small bow before unwrapping the box and lifting off the lid. He picked up a forkful of the salad and meat that was mixed into it, and put it in his mouth.

”W-well?” Ruggie asked after Epel’d swallowed his bite, trying not to see too nervous. Epel looked up at him, eyes shining like diamonds that successfully took Ruggie’s breathe away once again.

”It’s really tasty, senpai!” He praised, then spoke up again. ”You’ll be a greath husband someday!”