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forgotten messes

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She sighed as she smelled the Cajun’s scent waft into her nose as she breezed past her. A soft humming had alerted her of the younger blonde’s presence after she’d almost floated into the room minutes ago. Her eyes moved up from the plant she was tending to as she heard the record player in the corner of the earthy-smelling greenhouse. The beginning notes of ‘Rhiannon’ swam happily through the room, soon accompanied by the sweet vibrations of Misty’s humming.

Cordelia’s eyes fell on Misty as she began spinning around the room, her shawl flying around her body along with her skirt. Her eyes moved over every part of the Cajun’s body; the way her golden blonde curls bounced as she spun, the way her smile lit up her face, the soft pink flowing to her cheeks as Cordelia could feel the joy radiating from her body. The older blonde felt her lips curl into a smile, as she lovingly stared at the girl whom she’d grown so much closer to in the two weeks that she had been back from hell.

She rolled her eyes as she saw Misty stumble slightly on the hem of her flowing, deep green skirt, before quickly gaining back her balance and beginning spinning again. Cordelia set her attention back to the potion she was brewing and quickly lost herself in the recipe, the soft sounds of Misty’s humming and quick feet pattering on the floor making their way through into her void of concentration. The older blonde occasionally looked up at the girl dizzily spinning around the room, stopping at random plants around the confines of the greenhouse to stroke her fingers along the leaves and petals. Every time she looked up from her slowly bubbling potion, she felt a lovesick smile slip onto her features, before internally cursing herself for not being courageous enough and looking back to focus on the potion on the worktop in front of her.

She’d felt a connection with Misty since the day she’d walked into the academy and Cordelia had felt the warmth and goodness in her hands, even with the atrocities that she had been through. Cordelia felt like crying and screaming every time she thought of the vision of the poor, sweet blonde, cornered by her family and members of her church, and burned at the stake. She wanted to reach out through time and save Misty from that fate, that pain.

She had been so lost in her head that she almost jumped out of her skin when the Cajun leapt up to sit on the worktop. She then came back to reality and looked down at her potion and noticed that the once bright purple liquid had turned a sludgy brown-green and had started to bubble over the edges, getting scarily close to her hands, which were resting against the surface. She quickly yanked her hands away just as the hot liquid hit the spot her hands were in.

She let out a disgruntled huff before moving her head up to look at Misty who was biting her lower lip in attempts to stifle a laugh. Her eyes were set for too long on her lips, because she reached over and gave her a soft shove in the shoulder, before locking their eyes and setting a caring gaze on Cordelia. She thought it looked like Misty was almost studying her features, trying to extract her emotions, in exactly the same way Cordelia did when she felt the other blonde wasn’t being exactly honest.

Misty had obviously decided that there was something wrong as she reached her hand out again and made contact with the older blonde’s arm, leaving a trail of sparks as she trailed it down, all of the way to her hand and grasped it in hers. “Hey,” Misty started, slightly more serious-looking now, however, a small smile was still pasted on her lips and her foot was still happily tapping to the music flowing from the opposite corner of the room. “Are ya okay Delia?”

“Yes, I’m okay,” the older blonde answered quickly, hearing the concern in Misty’s voice she added, “I just got distracted.” Cordelia gave the Cajun’s hand a soft squeeze before letting go of her hand and looking back to the mess created by the destroyed potion. If she had left her gaze on Misty she would’ve noticed the way her face fell as the contact of their hands was gone. But she didn’t.

“I can’t believe this is the 5th time I’ve messed up this potion, maybe the universe is just trying to tell me I shouldn’t help the girls sleep.” Cordelia joked; her eyes still focused on the destroyed potion. She threw an annoyed gaze at Misty before turning to get a slightly damp cloth from the edge of the sink. “Could you help me clean this up?”

“’course,” Misty jumped off the edge of the table and made her way over to the sink, crouching down to open the drawer underneath and grabbing a clean towel. She padded back over to the table and stood behind Cordelia as she cleaned up the mess of burnt potion from the wood. The older blonde lifted the miniature cauldron off the table, a few small strings of sicky liquid still attached to the bottom and the table, stretching as it moved higher. She moved the cloth over the base of the pot, wiping away all of the excess mess. Misty had been staring at her the entire time, admiring the way the bright neon lights hit off her skin and the features of her face. Her bottom lip having been pulled in-between her teeth in Cordelia’s concentration with cleaning up the mess. However, Cordelia didn’t see the way that Misty was staring at her, in exactly the same way she had been when she was swirling around the room.

Misty was lost in her admiration of Cordelia that she didn’t even realise that she had finished mopping up the table. The Cajun witch was still stuck in place, directly behind Cordelia as she spun around to head towards the skin, hitting directly into Misty.

The two stumbled and toppled over, the older, but smaller, witch landing on top of Misty. The Cajun instinctively wrapped her arms around Cordelia’s waist. Their bodies were flush against each other and Cordelia’s skin tingled everywhere they touched. Her arms were on either side of Misty’s head, their faces only held inches apart. Cordelia looked down into the younger witch’s eyes, seeking to find Misty’s reaction to the position they were now in. She thought she noticed a sparkle of glee and teasing flash across the ocean blues, but she dismissed it as shock.

“Are ya okay?”

“Yes,” Cordelia answered, brown eyes still staring into blue ones, “are you?”

Misty let out a soft laugh. Cordelia felt herself begin laughing too; Misty’s laugh had always been contagious, but especially now as they were stuck in this close proximity. They had been this close before, but not like this. Cordelia’s head fell to the crook of Misty’s neck and she laughed into her. She could feel Misty laughing underneath her and she could feel her hands still grasping onto her waist and lower back. She pushed herself up, still laughing, as her long hair fell from its place behind her ears and onto Misty’s face.

To Cordelia’s surprise, Misty removed one of her hands from around her waist and used it to push her hair behind her ear. The Cajun witch let out a soft giggle, “Oi, that tickles!”

Misty left her hand still resting against the side of Cordelia’s face, her thumb lightly moving across her cheekbone. She stilled above the younger witch, her body almost elated with the way Misty’s body was still flush against hers, with the way that Misty was looking so deep into her eyes. She let her eyes quickly flicker down to Misty’s lips and saw that she had her bottom lip clasped between her teeth as she just stared up at Cordelia.

“Hey,” Cordelia giggled, as the desire to kiss Misty overwhelmed her.

“Hi,” Misty laughed back, her eyes still set on Cordelia’s, their caring gaze fall every-so-often to her plump lips.

Misty continued to just stare at Cordelia, her eyes swimming with what the older witch thinks could be love, “What are you-”

Cordelia was cut off from her question as Misty leaned up and pressed her lips against Cordelia’s. Her body tensed at first, just from the surprise of it, before relaxing and kissing Misty back. She let her body completely relax, falling into a kiss that she had dreamed of having ever since she had first met Misty. She let herself fall completely onto Misty; their bodies impossibly close. Cordelia moved her hands up, so they were against Misty’s face, thumbs stroking her cheeks. One hand went behind Misty’s head and into her hair, fingers getting tangled in the messy blonde curls. Misty’s hands were also roaming, up and down Cordelia’s side with one, around the back of her neck with the other.

They only broke the kiss when they both needed air; Misty let out a soft whine as their lips parted. Cordelia giggled and simply placed her head onto Misty’s shoulder, positioned so she could have a direct line of sight to the Cajun’s face. She studied the smile on her face, wanting to memorize it, to cherish the memory forever. She wanted to remember the way she felt. She wanted to remember the way she could feel Misty’s chest rising and falling underneath her. She wanted to remember everything.

She lay there, on top of Misty, just relishing in breathing in her scent, everything about her.

Eventually, Cordelia remembered that they were lying on the floor of the greenhouse and she moved, her arms reluctantly pushing her up off the floor, away from Misty. She sat next to the Cajun witch just staring at her. Misty was staring right back at her, the same dazed look in both of their eyes. The older witch grabbed Misty’s hands and pulled her up, so they were sitting facing each other. Both of them giggled, almost awkwardly, but their chemistry and happiness to just be near each other made it not. Misty’s hands were still clasped in Cordelia’s before she pulled one away to rest it against the older witch’s face. pulling her closer again, their lips connected again and they both relished in the feeling.

Cordelia pulled away and studied Misty’s face again, eyes floating over lightly freckled skin and blue dazed eyes. “That was…” Cordelia hesitated, not knowing how to describe the magic that was their kiss, so she settled on letting out a content sigh.

“…so good.” Misty quickly finished her sentence, showing the older witch that she felt exactly the same.

Cordelia pulled Misty into a tight hug, still sat on the slightly dusty floor of the earthy greenhouse. She inhaled deeply and smelt Misty’s curls that were stroking against her face. She felt Misty giggle in her arms and pulled away slightly so that she could see her face and threw a questioning look at her.

“Did ya just smell my hair, Delia?”

Cordelia playfully pushes her shoulder before pulling her in closer to her again, “Oh, shut up!”

She knew they would have to leave soon, to go and help with dinner in the academy, but she liked it there, just sitting on the floor with Misty in her arms.