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Desired Outcomes

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The sound of clicking keyboard keys was the only sound in Nanami’s small office. At least it was until Gojo opened the door of said office and entered, disrupting the progress Nanami was making on those reports and the peace of his workspace. Gojo slammed a medium-sized cardboard box down on the desktop next to the keyboard. The standing sorcerer theatrically sighed and stretched long arms overhead and even pretended to stretch out his back. As if one measly box could have inconvenienced him.

“Is there something you need, Gojo,” Nanami tried to resume typing, but he never liked multitasking. He believed at least one thing will always suffer. “I have two more reports and a recommendation to file and it’s 4:30. On a Friday no less.”

Gojo put his hands into his pockets and leaned down to put his head next to Nanami’s, breathing in his ear.

“ ‘A second-grade in addition to three third-grade curses were exorcised from a courthouse under restoration. The curses in question were attracted to a cursed object, one antique hand-bell, which had been unearthed and consequently unsealed during construction.’, must you always write so eloquently? It makes the rest of us look bad.” The exaggerated pronunciation of ‘eloquently’ was a jab, a childish and weak one. “Just say you exercised their asses and move on.”

“I hope you are not actually putting ‘asses’ in your formal reports,” the idea didn’t actually shock Nanami. In fact, he believed Gojo would do exactly that, not for a lack of professionalism but to simply piss off whatever higher up had to read and approve it.

“I am of the opinion that things around here should include more asses and less eloquence.” Gojo was now fiddling with Nanami’s tie in front of him, twisting and rolling the spotted material between long fingers. Nanami stopped typing.

“Fine. I surrender. What’s in the box?” He could feel Gojo smiling next to him even if he refused to face the expression.

“It’s not my box.”

“Why is it on my desk.”

“I thought you’d be happy to see me but if it’s the box’s attention you want--”

“Then don’t tell me.” Nanami resumed typing at a slower pace. Playing games with Gojo was making his work suffer and it was infuriating.

“Could you be any less fun? It’s Megumi’s box.”

“So it has even less reason to be in my office than you.” He said with a complete lack of inflection.

“You wound me Nanami. Truly hurtful. I should report you to HR for Cruelty to Senseis.”

“The only thing experiencing cruelty here is my report and my patience.” Gojo released the tie with an exasperated huff and shoved the box a few inches to the side making room for himself. He jumped up to sit on the desk making the entire surface shake, feet still scraping the floor. One hundred and ninety centimeters tall, twenty-eight years old and he still acted like a child.

“Since you asked so nicely I’ll tell you. This isn’t just Megumi’s box. It’s his last box,” that part rang out a little sadder than the rest. Was it already April? Megumi must have been moving into his dorm and out of Gojo’s home. “And it is the exact reason you and your mission-overnight-bag will be joining me tonight.” The sadness was gone and the intolerably sexy grin was back on his face.

Nanami’s hands stilled over the keyboard. He blinked a few times, processing the implication behind Gojo’s words. If that really was Fushiguro-kun’s last box that meant Gojo’s home would be empty for the first time in years. No children, no stifling moans or touches, no fear of traumatizing Gojo’s future students. Nanami quickly ran through the scenario a few times in his mind, the faintest twitch between his legs shook the idea into clear light. He still had reports and it had been a very long week. He had been looking forward to his mystery novel and a glass of brandy since Tuesday.


“Nanami! You must be joking!” Pouty hands slithered into crossed arms. A protruding lower lip pointed at him.

“You should finish moving Fushiguro-kun in. I’m sure he needs,” Nanami glanced at the label on the cardboard, “his toiletries.”

“Well, I guess he’ll be needing these more than me. C’mon, Nanami it’s practically an omen.” Gojo dug around in the box, pulled out a rolled up sting of condoms and let gravity unfurl the long strand. Gojo waved the roll of probably nine condoms gently in front of Nanami’s face. He grabbed them from Gojo and stood. His office door was still open and if anyone saw Gojo swinging around a freshman’s personal, very personal, belongings in his office it wouldn’t matter if Megumi was practically Gojo’s son.

“What is wrong with you?”

“What? I bought them for him. Actually, he was just as mortified at seeming them as you are! Someone should turn the color of your cheeks into a paint option. Maybe, I’ll repaint Megumi’s room with it.” He held a hand up to his chin pondering paint selections. “Actually, I’m very fond of sage at the moment. What do you think?”

Nanami refolded the roll of condoms and dropped them into the box. “I think, this is one of your stranger attempts to get me into bed and that you should leave now.” Seriously, his own kid’s condoms as a flirting method.

“It can be as strange as it needs to be. If the desired outcome is obtained the methods don’t matter to me.” Gojo put his hands on Nanami’s hips, slipping fingers through belt loops. He tugged once roughly pulling the other man between his legs. “And I am in the habit of getting my desired outcomes.”

“My only desired outcome is for you to let me finish my work.” The last bit of the sentence came out a little rough as Gojo’s hands moved from Nanami’s waist to his ass. Large hands kneading at him gently through his pants. “And maybe fill out a sexual harassment complaint.” They were definitely about to kiss in Nanami’s office. A nightmare and wet dream all in one. The positioning and sexual tension were right and Gojo was using his grip on the shorter man to pull them together.

Gojo suddenly let go of Nanami's left ass cheek and snuck the hand between them, gripping Nanami’s chin. “And I have a very important box to deliver. Plus, a Cruelty to Sensei complaint of my own to file, remember?” Nanami could beat him over the head with the paperweight on his desk; show him some real sensei cruelty. It was a short-lived but pleasant thought.

Gojo released Nanami from his grasp and hopped off the desk. Nanami’s phone started to ring. He answered trying not to sound too worked up. Gojo slung the box under one arm, against a hip. He unfurled the condoms again and waved them as he slowly walked backward out of Nanami’s office but not out of his thoughts.

The last hour of his workday passed at a snail's pace. Nanami’s thoughts constantly mulled over the promise of an empty house and a roll of condoms. In the past, anytime they wanted to be alone for a full night Gojo would have to threaten Ijichi within an inch of his life to watch the Fushiguro’s, so they could go to Nanami’s apartment. But ever since Gojo walked into the main hall practically naked in front of Nanami’s elderly neighbor, that was no longer an appealing option.

He didn’t finish his sorcerer recommendation by six. Having to go into overtime on a Friday was nothing short of infuriating and it was all Gojo’s fault. Around six-thirty, he finally got to leave. His overnight bag stared back at him from its place next to the desk as he turned off the lights and locked the door. There. Decision made. He was not going to sleep with Gojo tonight.

He loosened his tie as he passed the exterior of the dorm halls. A single window glowed with light in the first-year wing. That must be Megumi’s new dorm. Nanami cursed his traitorous mind for thinking of the bungalow a few minutes away, empty save for a very willing sorcerer.
His own apartment was just as empty and clean as he had left it that morning. Two hours later he was quite comfortable in his favorite chair and sweatpants, a glass of brandy poured and a mystery novel that he couldn’t read. He had been staring at the same page for almost ten minutes, not absorbing a single word his eyes flicked over. Nothing about this was the relaxing evening he had promised himself. He checked the time. 8:42. The next train would leave on the hour.

Damn that teacher.

He pulled a jacket over his loose t-shirt and traded his sweatpants for jeans and sneakers. Not his sexiest outfit but he doubted Gojo would mind. He quickly shoved a clean pair of boxers into his pocket. He was still annoyed he was planning on doing this. As he stepped out into the cool April evening he regretted every step that took him towards the metro and away from his novel.

Maybe this was inevitable. An unavoidable, gravitational pull that Gojo started when he brought that box into his office. Maybe it started in high school when an idiot in sunglasses slapped his ass and he didn’t beat him up on the spot. It didn’t matter because in the end, Nanami was walking up to that same idiot’s front door on their high school campus.

Gojo was right. He did always get his desired outcome. As much as Nanami loathed to admit it, maybe this was his too. The door opened quickly after three quick raps against it. Gojo looked similar to how Nanami was dressed only a few minutes before, threadbare sweatpants pooled over large bare feet. The only difference was the addition of small dark glasses rather than his usual blindfold. His smile was too big for his face.

“Nanami! I would say it's a wonderful surprise, but I’d have to be surprised for that to be true,” He stepped to the side allowing Nanami entry.

“You interrupted my workday and made me stay late, and now you have destroyed my evening.”

“I think you meant to say that I can make your evening.” As soon as the door was closed Nanami was haphazardly removing his jacket and shoes. Gojo didn’t waste any time and had hands-on Nanami’s face while his own were still trapped in their sleeves. Once free they moved to dig into Gojo’s slender waist. They pressed together desperately and Gojo prodded his tongue at Nanami’s lower lip. He opened his mouth allowing the other to deepen the kiss.

Their tongues pushed and slid against each other. Gojo moved a hand into Nanami’s hair and squeezed, keeping their mouths pressed together. Gojo pulled back first to take in a deep breath. His glasses had fogged up a bit and he licked over his own lips breaking the sting of spit that connected their mouths.

“Planning to christen my newly empty living room?”
Nanami shoved Gojo toward the hall using his own body to guide them both back to the bedroom. The idea of the living room was one to store away for later. Right now Nanami still had enough sense to know he would regret the rug burn in the morning. Gojo pressed in for another kiss and they blindly walked memorized paths through the house. Nanami bit Gojo’s bottom lip earning him a small grunt and tugging at his shirt.

Once they breached the doorway of the bedroom. Nanami obliged him by lifting his arms, allowing Gojo to easily pull the fabric over his head. Hungry eyes ran over his exposed chest. Gojo traced the black swirls and lines of ink on his pecs and shoulders with his fingertips. He pressed Nanami into the wall next to the doorframe.

“It's really not fair that you walk around in your tight suites, king of professionalism,” A knee came between Nanami’s thigh, the height of the other man allowing the meat of the leg to press firmly into his growing erection. “But you’ve got such a sexy secret underneath.” Gojo bent down and started ruthlessly sucking and biting at Nanami’s tattoos.

Nanami groaned, throwing his head back into the wall. The slight pain didn’t even register with how good it felt to grind down on Gojo’s thigh. He ran his rough hands over Gojo’s still-clothed back. “What should I do instead?” His voice was deep, thick with lust. “Wear oversized pajamas all day?”

Gojo undid the button and zipper of Nanami’s jeans, his fingers left fleeting touches around Nanami’s cock, trapped in his underwear. He pulled off a dark mark forming on Nanami’s chest with a harsh bite, then licked over the expanding bruise.

“There’s no need to be rude. Besides,” his large hand slipped under the edges of Nanami’s pants cupping him fully, and stroked through the fabric. “I like being the only one who gets to see it.”

Nanami slammed their mouths together. Gojo’s mouth was hot and wet as Nanami licked into it. He felt Gojo begin to rut against his hip, the hard length of his cock against Nanami’s body made his own twitch with want.

Nanami pushed down on Gojo’s shoulders making him lower down to his knees. The taller man whined when the movement stopped his grinding. “Don’t even think of complaining, you still owe me for this afternoon.”

In the downward angle, Nanami could see Gojo’s intense eyes over his glasses, filled with a hungry look. Gojo pulled down Nanami’s pants and underwear in one rough tug. The cool air on his exposed cock made him hiss. There was already a substantial amount of precome coming from the tip. Gojo pressed the pad of his thumb against it, spreading the wetness around the head before licking it off the digit.

The whole lewd scene made Nanami’s breath hitch. Their eyes met again. “What is there to complain about?,” he asked before pulling the head of Nanami’s cock between pristine lips. Nanami’s hips jolted despite his efforts to keep them still. Gojo only hummed and pulled more of the other man into his mouth before sucking hard. He hollowed out his cheeks rising up the length before descending again sucking more and more of Nanami’s dick into his mouth.

On the fourth plunge in Nanami hit the back of his throat and Gojo swallowed. Nanami bit his lip so hard he thought he might draw blood. Both hands tugged at fistfuls of white soft hair, his nails scraping gently against scalp. Gojo took this as the encouragement it was and swallowed again before starting a quicker pace. Nanami rolled his hips forward slightly to meet his mouth, every thrust made him bottom out in the other man’s throat.

Gojo started moaning around the length and slowed the motion of his own head. They had done this enough times that Nanami knew Gojo could take it so he tightened his grip in the hair and fucked more harshly into the teacher’s mouth. His lips were like a vice squeezing up his whole length on every thrust into that hot, wet mouth.

Heat pooled in the bottom of Nanami’s stomach. He wanted so badly to finish just like this. Gojo’s mouth was just like every other part of him; wicked and irresistible. Nanami also couldn’t deny that this was his favorite way to get the other sorcerer to shut up. When his hips started to move erratically he pulled Gojo off. Spit and precome clung to his chin, shiny in the low light. Gojo was palming himself through his sweatpants reminding Nanami that Gojo had once again gotten him naked and wrecked without shedding a single article of clothing.

He brought the taller man to his feet and immediately pulled at his shirt. Their mouths rejoined as exposed skin pressed together wherever possible. Gojo’s hands gripped at Nanami’s ass, pulling at the flesh under his fingers. Nanami began to push the fabric of Gojo’s sweatpants down to his thighs when he noticed the other was not wearing underwear. Of course, he wasn’t.

Between desperate kisses and bites, they managed to drop the last article of clothing around Gojo’s ankles as they walked toward the bed. When they finally reached it Gojo fell back, pulling Nanami with him. He grunted at the weight but it quickly turned into a shared moan when their cocks slid together. Nanami propped himself up on an elbow next to Gojo’s head so he could reach down to their erections. He messily spread their precome over the lengths to make the grind easier. When he fully stroked over Gojo, the man thrust up into the grip and bit at Nanami’s jaw.

One of Gojo’s hands joined his and they pulled on each other's lengths. Gojo switched hands so the one now slick with Nanami’s own precome could reach up and slip between his ass cheeks. A finger prodded roughly at his hole. Gojo sucked on Nanami’s tongue as a finger entered him. It was not enough lubrication and he was tight. It had been a bit since they last got the chance to do this. The burn felt good but when the second knuckle pressed in Nanami knew they’d have to readjust if they wanted more. And Nanami wanted a lot more. He rolled off Gojo into the middle of the bed forcing the finger to pull out with a small sting.

While Nanami readjusted and put a pillow under his hips, Gojo was already rummaging around in the bedside table for the necessary supplies. When he resettled between his legs Nanami looked up at his face. He had removed his glasses and now Nanami could watch as the most intense and beautiful eyes he’d ever seen rolled over his body. It was a very exposing yet intimate feeling that nothing has ever come close to replicating. Long, nimble fingers and hands started rubbing up the outside of his thighs, they went past the hips and rubbed all the way up his sides. The eyes bore into him as the hands repeated their exploratory journey.

Both Gojo’s vision and hands settled on his stomach, right where the core of Nanami’s cursed energy was buried inside of him. In Gojo’s eyes, it must burn bright, sending lesser waves of light across the rest of his body. There was a hum behind the touch. It vibrated against Nanami’s stomach and he could feel it in his bones, his teeth, even his eyes felt like they were shaking. Gojo’s face was calm and concentrated. This feeling was unique to moments like this with Gojo, he could bring the cursed energy between them to the surface. The first time it had happened it had been a bit frightening and Gojo had apologized profusely but now it was something Nanami found himself craving, sometimes even more than anything else they could do to each other.

The hum increased to a pulse. It thrummed in Nanami’s ears and he started to breathe harder. The power pulled from them wasn’t like channeling other cursed energy, it didn’t come from those dark, violent thoughts and Nanami had no control over it. Nanami reached up and cupped the other man’s jaw in his hand. The touch broke Gojo’s trance. The humming stopped and blue eyes met his.

“Kento, I just --”

“Don’t say anything. You don’t have to say anything.” The kiss that followed was bruising and deep but it returned them to the moment. Pulled them back into their own physical bodies.

Physical bodies that were starting to remember how much they were aching with need. When the kiss devolved into more hot breaths and desperate grinding, Nanami heard the familiar click of a plastic cap. Seconds later Gojo sat back on his heels and spread Nanami’s legs wide. A cool finger pressed back into him sinking immediately down to the second knuckle. Gojo pumped the digit a few times, eyes watching Nanami’s face.

“Another,” Nanami didn’t even have to ask because a second long, thick finger joined the first before he voiced the last syllable. Gojo moved his fingers inside Nanami with familiar precision reaching for that spot inside him. When he pressed into it, Nanami’s back arched and he could only grip on the sheets to ground himself. Gojo added a third finger and pounded with his fingers into Nanami’s prostate mercilessly.

The burn of the stretch and repeated jolts of pleasure were pushing him too quickly to the edge. The noises he was making must have tipped off Gojo as he pulled out all three fingers without warning. Nanami grunted at the loss and Gojo let out a soft chuckle. Nanami reached out and blindly felt around the sheets. Once he found what he was looking for he threw the condom at Gojo, who clapped it between his hands and laughed even more.

Nanami stoked himself lazily while he watched Gojo roll down the condom, spitting out the torn packaging from his mouth. He added more lube to his own cock before tossing the bottle away to be lost in the sheets. He lifted one of Nanami’s thighs under the knee and used his other hand to align them. Gojo pressed just the head of his cock past Nanami’s entrance. Nanami sucked in a breath, willing himself to relax. Gojo moaned low and rough as he slowly sunk in. When Gojo’s stomach was flush against the back of Nanami’s thighs, they breathed together, adjusting.

“Fuck Nanami, even after all that you’re still so tight.” Nanami shuddered when he felt Gojo throbbing inside him.

“And whose fault is that?” Both their voices were deep and thick, it was difficult to push the sarcasm through his tone. Nanami lifted his hips, grinding down further on the stiff cock inside him. He hooked his ankles behind Gojo’s back telling him to move.

“No complaints, remember?” Gojo almost pulled all the way out before slamming back in. He started a brutal pace, he was never someone to do anything slow and steady. The angle only glanced off Nanami’s prostate every few thrusts. He pulled the larger man down on top of him, digging his nails into sharp shoulder blades. Gojo held himself up on his elbows propped on either side of Nanami’s head.

This angle was perfect, the head of Gojo’s cock fucked into Nanami dead-on. Gojo swallowed every grunt and moan that he pulled from Nanami’s throat. He reached down and started pulling on Nanami’s cock between them adding a wicked twist of his wrist as he went over the head. The extra stimulation made Nanami clench down around Gojo who started making noises of his own that he buried into the crook of Nanami’s neck.

“Satoru, faster, fuck- go faster,” Nanami demanded. Gojo released the other man's cock and moved to support his upper body on both hands. He pounded into him faster as Nanami rocked his hips to meet each thrust, making it deeper. The slap of their skin joined the echo of their moans and breaths. It was loud, probably a lot louder than they needed to be just because they finally could be.

Gojo moaning in his ear between open mouth kisses, the relentless pounding on his prostate and the way the head of his cock brushed against lean abs on every thrust was too much for Nanami, he could feel the precome leaking down his cock. He was painfully close and desperately tried to hold out a little longer. “Ah, fuck -ah,” Gojo sounded as wrecked as he looked leaning down over Nanami; his cheeks were a bright red and his eyes were just as intense even with sweat-slicked air hanging in front of them. His lips were parted and swollen from Nanami biting at them. “Ah, I’m close, ah Kento.”

That was it. Gojo moaning out his name sent Nanami over the edge of his orgasm. He groaned out a broken version of ‘Satoru’ as he came, covering both their stomachs in an embarrassing amount of come. Gojo lost his rhythm as he fucked Nanami through his orgasm, the harsh grip around him had him coming into the condom only a few minutes later. He buried himself deep with the last throbs from his cock, biting down on Nanami’s shoulder.

He rested his forehead on Nanami’s heaving chest as they came down from the high and tried not to collapse on top of the other. Gojo pulled out as carefully as he could, both to prevent spilling the contents of the condom and out of consideration for Nanami’s oversensitive body. Despite his efforts, the man below him still tensed and hissed at the motion.

Gojo stood, and Nanami watched as wobbly knees took him out of the room. Nanami tried to stay awake until he returned, sex and Gojo’s cursed energy trick had drowsiness clawing behind his eyes. Nanami reopened his eyes when he felt weight shifting on the mattress. Gojo was wearing boxers and the shirt Nanami had arrived at, the v-neck cut exposing sharp collarbones. He ran a warm, damp cloth across his abs cleaning off the quickly cooling come and sweat. The touch gingerly ran across the lines of muscle before dipping between his legs. Precise fingers tenderly cleaned around his still sensitive cock and between his ass cheeks. Gojo made to leave the bed again, presumably to put away the washcloth but Nanami stopped him with a firm grip around his wrist. Nanami took the cloth and tossed it off the bed as he pulled Gojo into a deep kiss.

Nanami broke the kiss and sat up, damn skin and his fading afterglow were making the room a little cold. He noticed on the edge of the bed was the boxers he had shoved into his jacket pocket. “You went through my pockets. How am I supposed to feel about that?” He stood and pulled on the underwear. Gojo pulled on the waistband from his position on the bed and snapped it against Nanami’s skin.

“You’ve never come underprepared for anything in your life,” he said in a low voice. “This wasn’t spontaneous, but I’m glad you came anyway.” Gojo was holding his eyes closed, they must have started to hurt.

“You know that shirt was on the metro right?” Nanami got under the sheets and pushed the duvet back, it’d have to be cleaned in the morning but that didn’t matter right now.

“Ah, but it doesn’t smell like the metro, so I don’t care.” Gojo entangled his long legs into Nanami’s denser ones. Nanami let one arm lay between them, while the other settled on Gojo’s hip. Since his eyes were closed still, Nanami took a moment to study his face. White-blonde lashes pointed to barely visible freckles that ran across his nose and cheeks. His skin was like porcelain, too soft and pale to be real. “You’re staring. You must really think I’m pretty.” He meant it as a joke but Nanami put his free hand up and touched his thumb to pink lips.

“Yes, I do.”
Gojo opened his eyes, and the added intensity only solidified the belief in his mind. Gojo’s body started a faint glow, like a white halo made of cursed energy that outlined his body. The humming started again and when Gojo grabbed the hand touching his face Nanami felt that intense emotion again, running through them both. How could such an annoying prick be downright angelic?

Gojo winced and closed his eyes. Nanami’s own cursed energy must have been too much on the sensitive irises. It broke the connection and they were suddenly just two people again. Nanami pulled Gojo in closer, plunging his nose into white-blonde hair, arm tightening around a slim waist.

“Goodnight, Kento.”

“Goodnight, Satoru.”