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Feelings, Intersected.

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   A week after the start of the Holy Grail War here in the rebuilt city of Kansai, you still didn't understand why your Servant was acting very cold and would sometime bite to you. You knew that he's the last that survived at Kansai's uprising that happened many years ago, and that memories still plagued onto him.

   "It's obvious for a Mas— I mean, comrades to understand each other. You can trust me of course!" you tells him, when the two of you had finished your daily patrol together

   Courier looks up from his third cigarette of the day, obviously looked tired and pissed off. "Many Masters I served before were all assholes. I don't want to."

   you retort back, "B-But I'm not an asshole!"

   ' And you are a stubborn dumbass. '

   You sighs, trying to coping with his usual swearing, "Courier, you know that I can hear that too..."

   Right, magical abilities also exists in the world, and yours happened to be can hear someone's inner voice, though you refraining yourself from using it. Courier sighs again, letting out the smoke of the cigarette he inhaled. You were thinking, that smoking was his source of letting out stress or is it just a habit from his previous life? Anyway, there's no time to worry about it, since three Masters and their Servants had died in the last two days, and Courier starts taking a more careful approach in it.

   "I'm gonna make dinner then! I can't wait in silent like this! What do you want to eat, Courier?" you turns to him, as you walk to the small-spaced kitchen

   "Anything is fine."

   Speaking the truth here, you were grateful of having Courier as your Servant. The Holy Grail War is always the same here in Kansai with the very same seven summoned spirits of the famous S-ranked Akudama who brought Kansai to an uprising and gone into ruins. You were confused of why Kansai government decides used villians on this city rather than the original ones that happened hundred years ago who summoned great heroes from the distant past.

   But, you've seen that Courier isn't evil at all, look he protected you from sudden attacks by grabbing you by the waist and jumps away for protection. Maybe he was just a bit shy on expressing his feelings? Speaking of which, he puts off his cigarette and walks to the kitchen.

   "Do you need help?" Courier ask, his usual rough voice were replaced with a much relaxed one

   "Ah, I'm fine! You could just sit down, you did so much earlier!" you quickly says, trying to focus on making your dinner

   The tall Servant was now beside you, and seriously you need to suppress your wanting to scream of the sudden closeness from him. Well, cooking is also his skill, so he cannot stay put while someone is cooking for him. Making a stir-fried meat and potato, you barely can't hide your blush as Courier's hand (either the prostethic one or the real one) brushes across yours.

   "I guess it's a habit of mine, that I can't let a Master cook for their Servant," Courier says as he takes the spatula gently from your hand

   You responded with a little laugh. Courier turns out to be quite cute, as you thought. He really do his duty as a Servant for real, and that only enough for you to understand him a little bit.

   You then compliments him, "That's very sweet of you, Courier!"

   To him, you brought the comfort that perhaps he had forgotten on the second time he lived in this wretched world. He barely smile on your compliment, but deep inside he was beyond happy that he had a very kind and lovely Master like you.

   "Huh, I don't mind. Now stay put right there or else I won't serve you dinner."

   You were fast asleep, after a very dreading battle with Doctor and her Master. The two of you barely can survive from her potions and surely bring up to her title as the "assassin" of the seven, and caused some severe wounds. Your feet and abdomen had bad cuts from her scalpels and luckily Courier gets you in time before a scalpel hits your neck.

   This War is useless, as Courier thought.

   Using your mana energy, you were trying to heal yourself, by he insisted you to sleep instead of wasting too much energy for it. He could watch the fort for other Servants or familiars. It's almost 14 days since the War had started, and he saw so much from you that was different from the previous Masters he served throughout this period.

   He has vague memories of those Masters before you, and now he thought that you were the best of all.

   ' A Servant who fell in love with his Master... that would be very dumb to think about, ' he thought, as he gently moves his left hand to caress your hair

   ' Master— I mean, _____. I haven't call her with any of that until now. '

  You stirred in your sleep, and he immediately pull back his hand. You groans and slightly open your eyes, because you were feeling that he called you.

   "Did you call me, Courier...?" you mutter, moving your body to face him properly

   He just shake his head, "No, I was just watching over."

   You tug on his hand, "You need sleep more than I am..."

   Courier then said, in order to comfort you. "Sleep is not a necessary thing for Servants to do. I'm carrying my duty to look after you."

   Your gentle smile and blushed face is a perfect fit for you, as you holds onto his hand. "Please tell me if anything happen."

   You were beyond precious for him. Your hand is smaller than his, yet it's so warm. A Servant who fell in love with his Master, as he thought earlier, it's the perfect description of his mind right now. He fell in love with you, but in the end he would die again and again, his memories are becoming a blur within the years of continuous Holy Grail War.

   He don't want to let this fragile moment between you and him faded, he don't want you to be separated from him— his stubborn dumbass yet lovable Master. That night, he wished that even if he died again on this War, he wished for your happiness.

   That night, you dreamt of your first meeting with Courier after you successfully summoned him with only a simple catalyst, which is a shard of his broken prosthetic arm from his previous life. The rumors that people in this period told about him as the famous Courier is not much different rather than the people on his times.

   — Servant, Courier. My assigned class is Rider. So you're the one who summoned me?

   You remembered that you were blushing on your first time seeing him. He was more handsome than you expected, fluffy-looking dark purple hair and eyes that were similarly colored. Under the bright city light, he looks like a shadow, but you knew that he shines.

   — Y-Yes! Nice to meet you, I'm _____. That means I'm your Master?

   He looked at you as if he was mocking you. In fact, you looked so much different than the ones he served before. It was different, that he was looking for this time with you as his Master. Right, his promise. He gotta say it to you.

  — Can't you see? There's nothing that I can't deliver. I shall not fail to deliver your wish.

   People said that certain mages who summoned a Servant tend to have a similar wish with them to be granted by the Holy Grail. He found out that your wish is to find inner peace, a very rare one when people would've do anything to ever wish to the magical artifact.

   You were beyond estatic when you finally have someone staying on your flat after spending most of your adulthood alone, away from your parents. You treated him like a friend more than a servant, it was the first for him. 

   ' Maybe I do fell in love with her... Guess I don't mind with that. '

   Gently moving your hand so that he can pull his back, he once again looks on your sleeping face. Unguarded, innocent, not fitting on this harsh world. Courier then leans forward to your forehead and lightly kiss it. Maybe there would be another time that he would say that he was grateful. That you brought him the comfort he forgot that he yearned for once.

   The Holy Grail War here in Kansai, is always the same by every year but always have a different story, and that was the same for Courier. Finally he had found the meaning of how one Master and Servant gained an intersecting feeling and desire through their contract. 

   He smiled contently that night, feeling glad that he met you on this hell of a time.