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Good night, dear moonlight

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   Nighttime is always magical. Encounters and farewells were often happened during these times, and Chikage's encounter with you were one of the example. In the case of Chikage, the moon brings a lot of nostalgic yet dark memories from his past, but he always found you by the end of the road, standing and looked up to the sky.

   At first, he thought that you were lost or something, when he was walking to the dorms after practicing of the day. So, like a proper man he is, he rushes to you because the streets are so quiet and there's no people around. You only look from the corner of your eyes, didn't budge to ever run away.

   Chikage then greets you, after rearranging his breathing, "Hey, it's late already. Should you come home?"

   The wind blows, the silence you gave him. It's surely making him worry that a person like you to wander here. The first thing he thought is getting you something warm. The vending machine by the station should have warm drinks.

   "Let's sit down first. I'll buy you something to drink," the blue-eyed man tries to offer you

   You didn't say, only to shake your head. Right, a stranger offering a drink surely is suspicious enough. Chikage then looks up, following to where you look. The moon is full tonight, it glows a very bright white. The moonlight sure was a good contrast with the street lights of Veludo Way.

   A soft, almost hushed voice then cracks the silence, "Don't you think that the moon is always lonely up there..."

   Chikage immediately turns to you, as he heard you speak for the first time.

   You looks down, didn't try to look at him, "It was the same as I am..."

   He tries to understand, you were lonely and you always come to see the moon, no matter what day it is. The mood is not getting any better, so the offering a drink option is a good ice-breaker.

  "There's a drink vending machine over there, do you want something?" He then offers again

   Chikage is surely persistent, huh. You lets out a sigh, and finally you turns to him.

   You answered, shortly. "Milk tea."

   Noting mentally, he makes his way to the vending machine he saw when running towards the place where you stand. When he insert coins to make a purchase of the milk tea available in this vending machine, he makes sure that you stayed where you are.


   The milk tea drops to the space below the machine, and immediately he takes it and rushes back to you. He normally wouldn't worry strangers, but why this time is different? You see him coming back to you, his footsteps echoes through the silent of the night.

   You takes the bottle, and opens it. You drink it, and pauses to properly taste of the convenient milk tea he bought you.

   Your somehow cold exterior blurs off, as you said, "Thank you. I feel better now. What is your name?"

   "Chikage. Just call me that," he introduces

   This tall man who found you wondering, perhaps fate is meddling with the fact you need a company. You then turns around, and starts walking away from him.

   you smiled, unknown to him, as you bid him a goodbye, "We'll meet next time. Good night, Chikage."

   In the late night, Chikage is dumbfounded of why he fell in love with the person he just met, as you slowly walking away, until he can't see you on the distance. How stupid he is to not even ask of what is your name.

   Chikage, the newly-joined actor of Mankai Company's Spring Troupe, isn't fond of anything tasted sweet. But, here he was, purchasing the same milk tea he bought you the night before. A sip of the drink he tries, almost gagging of how sweet it tasted.

   But, on the end it tasted slightly bitter... or is it his imagination? The sun already set and soon the moon would rise. It's odd for him for walking out every night and found you still watching the moon, sometimes you sit on a bench with that same bottled milk tea, sometimes on cold nights you would just be there without anything warm.

   Chikage drapes his coat on your shoulders, as you see him meets you again for tonight.

   "The spring air is still cold, you should get yourself warmed."

   "Chikage, why you even bother meet me after that night? I guess, you're different than everyone else...?" putting aside your drink, you find him was already sits beside you

   Chikage chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. "The moon attracts me, that's what people told me."

   The same as you, huh.

   The moon is a mysterious thing, honestly.

   Without realizing, you smiled and the green-haired man was awestruck by the visible smile. All of this time you would only remained almost expressionless, and now you smiled at him. That means you acknowledges him as a companion?

   "If we ended up together like what tales told, I wouldn't be so surprised," you says, amusedly

   So, what do you really wanted? Waiting for a miracle to occur on the night? Chikage once thought that such thing are impossible, but maybe after meeting you he starts to reconsider.

  Yet in the end you remained a very mysterious person.

   "Chikage, you're a theater actor, right? I want to watch you act," you ask, putting your face on your palm, intently look at him

   Snapping from his thought, he nods. "Yes. My troupe is about to have an opening day of our new performance three days from now. Maybe tomorrow night I'll bring you a ticket for it."

   Swinging your feet, you arise from the garden bench. you shrugs off the coat he gave you and hands it to him. I guess the encounter ends right now? For real, he don't want you to go.

   Thinking that you might not return tomorrow night, he immediately ask, "Hey, can I know your name?"

   That smile is so serene and mysterious. Yet you still replied to his question. "_____."

   Perhaps, is this his karma for being so mysterious and being a liar before? You were beyond mysterious and he wants to discover more of you. He stands up, and gently cups your face in his hands. You didn't bother him, not even a single blush shows up on your almost too-plain face.

   "For what purpose do I come here every night for you? To watch the moon together... I can't believe I gotta taste my own medicine for your treatment like this," Chikage tells, he sounds really conflicted

   He likes you? That's a strange way to confess.

   "I treat you like how I treat other people. I know it's not as beautiful as you thought, but I don't want necessary things to happen..."

   Gritting his teeth, Chikage had enough of this mental torture. Every night he goes back to the dorm after meeting you, he felt empty and lonely and sad, longing for you to be in his embrace. In his sleep, your face is the one who haunts his dreams.

   "What if, you called this coincidence an unnecessary thing? The fact that I might fall in love with you.."

   Your eyes widens. "Chikage..."

   "I'm not gonna lie here, but I have feelings for you!" the bespectacled man confesses to you

   His confession, carried by the cold spring air, successfully makes you blushed. The waning moon watches over the two of you, continue to shine over. Chikage makes sure that he would remember of your blushed face under the moonlight, so beautiful yet fleeting.

   He was this close to kissing you, but that would be painful for the afterward.

   Chikage then compliments you, "_____, you look so beautiful under the moonlight. That's what I thought after meeting you."

   "You sure that you weren't in your actor mode saying that?" you jokingly ask him

   He grins, taking that joke-intended question. "Don't worry. I have refrain myself from lying."

   "If you impressed me on your performance later, I would let you kiss me," you challenges him

   Chikage loves good challenges. Though most of them are unnecessary, but coming from you he was beyond thrilled.

   "Sure. Challenge's accepted."

  That fleeting kiss the two of you shared secretively, the night after the opening day performance, was tasted sweet yet bitter. Chikage was not that fond of the sweet taste of the milk tea you usually drink before, but now he's learning that it actually tasted better from your lips.

  This is a new page for him, and you. The two of you had gone through days doubting of people reaching out to you and hesitating of do they deserve your trust or no. But the moon, as magical as it told, bringing the two of you together. 

  The night might felt cold in this weather, but now it's warmer, as Chikage continues to meet you every night. Meeting you gives him a new kind of courage to face the days ahead, and to finally how a romantical love actually is.

   "See you tomorrow night, Chikage. Thanks for this amazing date," you thanked him

   He then grabs your wrist, gently of course, hoping that he wants to meet you during daytime too. You stopped on your tracks, turning to him.

   "Let's meet during daytime too. I want to take our relationship seriously."

   Under the pale moonlight, you still smiles at him. Perhaps, a meeting under the sunshine wouldn't be too bad.

   "Sure, I don't mind. Maybe this weekend?"

   Right, a mysterious fairytale-like love had started on the quiet nights on Veludo Way. Both you and Chikage would look forward of how this would continue, while striving for a happy ending. Just like the silent prayers the two of you said by the dead of the night, you wished that this meeting under the moonlight wouldn't end...