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Yet the voices still permeates

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   The Lord of Crime had successfully done another crime to topple down the dirty nobles of London's society. To you, it brings satisfaction of hearing such amazing orchestra of doubts and hatred, conducted by the infamous three brothers of Moriarty. Upon the society that has threat to fell down, perhaps you would give a standing ovation.

   Right, just like your lover William. As one of the conductors, he would do his best to drive this music piece to impress you. Granted with logical and psychological knowledge, driven by him who wants justice to those above, it already makes you teared up in pure happiness.

   No wonder you started hearing people called you as William's sick lover that has mental instability. 

   You were certainly still psychologically healthy, only the image of it were ruined by those whose sight becomes narrow and dark. Because of that rumor, your family abandoned you—a bad guest to William's musical concert.

   You remembered him said, "Don't worry, darling. I'm sure that they were taken of, carefully. They won't look down at you ever again, I promise you."

  That sugary-sweet voice who comforts on the dead of the night, who dissolves on the piping-hot tea of the rising rage by his heart. You can feel it, you can hear it. From that voice, you can feel William's hand soothingly caressing your hair.

  Ah, how you felt soft piano playing from his loving nature. Maybe he had never shown this one to anyone else, only to his brothers and you. William is a very nice person, but evil at the same time.

   "William... Do they really deserved all of this..." on the dead of the night, you asked him about your family

   Gently, he tilts your head to look at him, scarlet-red eyes twinkles on the dim lighting, "Of course. I can't stand to my beloved to be this troubled. Besides, they became the same as those nobles we punished the moment they decided to not loving you anymore."

   That's right.

   The way William do regarding his feeling of love is rather scary to an extent.

   You don't know should you fear him or just pretend play dumb on all of this. 

   But, the music continues to play and no matter how covered your ears were, it still haunts you.

   Even before you ever met William, many people started to make rumors of you. You came from a not-so elite noble family here in London, and having mental instability and you can't meet much people at once, since you'll only cover your ears at them and acted so gloomy and afraid.

   They never understand what you heard.

   Rather than inner voices of someone's heart, you heard music that resembles of an orchestra. Why you're afraid? It's because the scale of the music you heard is so tremendous, as an example if you see someone with a darkened heart.

   Your parents become too fed up with your nonsense and starts to force you to show up on every big gathering events. Not only having to face crowds, you have to bear this curse that plagued onto you.

   For once, it was too scary for you.

   Until someone reaches out his hand to your curled self on the remote corner of the dance hall.

   "Are you alright, my Lady?"

   The first time a stranger ever asked that to you. Well, most people would just ignore you, but not this man. You slowly moves your head to see him for the first time. Prominent bright blonde hair, and a very rare red color on his eyes. Like a pair of the brightest ruby, he looks at you in sympathetic.

   Wait, you felt the orchestra is dying down in the distance. This is the first time you ever felt that in such a crowd like this. This man is magical, as you thought.

   "F-Forgive me, my Lord... but I'm not feeling very well..." you tries to apologize

   The red-eyed noble then nod, "You disgusted of these nobles, I can see that."

   Whipping your head up, as someone finally worded your curse correctly. Shuffling to stand up, he can finally see your paled face and once again he nods. This man can read you well, like he had found a forgotten book on the library racks.

   you then plead him, "Please, save me... I don't want to hear it anymore. It's so scary..."

   The red-eyed noble smiles, but was more of a smirk. He then introduces, "How rude am I if I turned down a lady's plead. My name is William James Moriarty, let's go somewhere quieter to calm you down."

   You surely wanted to thank him to save you from this hell that won't die down its jumbled noises. When you're with William, your surrounding is serene, you can hear the soft piano playing... His aura is just another level of odd, is this how one's loving nature is?

   Weeks passed and you start frequently stayed in the Moriarty family mansion, since it's the only place you known peace. But, this peace is somehow unsettling to you. Ever since you started to frequently stay in his mansion, the rumors of nobles died gruesomely, caused by the so-called Lord of Crime starts wafting in the air.

   Ah, it's was when the music starts to sound slightly a bit better.

   It started to synchronize better, with each instruments starts to resound in a beautiful harmony. Perhaps, William and his two brothers were the ones behind all of this change? The music slowly takes you into a dive, and it would only take time before you realizes that you're too deep in this nightmarish reality.

   "Do the sounds you heard was better now?" William asked you, on an afternoon tea

   You nods, and now you were happy with how William freed you from the curse by making it even more beautiful.

   "Yes, thank you so much, William..." this gratitude overwhelms you, tears starts budding on the corner of your eyes

   Instinctively, he stands up from his seat and kneels down beside you. William moves his hand to set your hair strands aside, and wipes the tears gently. You may be sad, but you were happy that you were loved by a man like him— more than your actual family.

   He leans in and gives a tiny kiss to your cheek before saying, "Anything for you, my beloved."

   As kind as an angel, but as evil as a devil, that is what you would describe him. When you are present by his embrace, he would be the nicest man you've ever known, yet that kindness comes with a rough evil-like edge. 

   But you don't mind. You loved him no matter what he shown to you, since he was the one who helped you on the first place. 

   The movement shifts, as it enters a new one. It becomes more intense, as you begin to see that William leaves bloody footprints. The color of his eyes becomes darker red, resembling blood itself, and yet no one had ever suspected his family as the Lord of Crime. 

   You on the other hand, decides to stay silent about it, being a spectator in this amazing concert. Music would be boring if there's no plot twist on the story and the way it would resound. London is on a verge on changing, every second you hear the music you were wrapped in pure bliss.

   Oh my, you were surely becoming like him, too.

   That night, after he decided to go down on you, becoming one together, you remembered that he was still awake after that, so you nudges him for a talk.

   "Liam... why you ever asked how I do before..."

   That thin smile he always had, once again graced you. "Don't I said it often? I see that people like you are extraordinary, being able to sense that normal people wouldn't..."

   Under the blanket that wrapped the both of you, the warmth is kind yet unsettling. Then, you felt William is shifting closer to you. Taking you into a deep kiss once again, you finally realized that all of those were meant for a purpose.

   To make you drown in this hell.

   You maybe had a stray thought of hating his idea of forever changing how the world would be, but the music he created to commence this dangerous idea is always sounded so beautiful, yet nightmarish.

   With these sounds that had permeated to your heart and mind, you hoped that you would stay alive until the curtains fall, signalling the end of the orchestra.