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Afire Love

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(Twelve hours ago before summary) 

Just like in the last few days, Senna was checking the rooms of their guests, before getting into bed, once again in pure joy due to the arrival of her brother but especially the Team Avatar. It probably meant regular for them based on their journey all over the Earth Kingdom as Bolin told, but, for her, their accepting her offer was significant as they were going to be her first guests. Therefore, she was looking forward to showing them everywhere, making them comfortable during their stay. 

"Checking again?" Hearing a familiar sound behind, Senna startled, instantly looked back as asking staff to pick up sheets inside of the last room. 

"You scared me, dad!" Senna proclaimed relieved. Taichi repeated his question. She surlily rolled her eyes, yet her face quickly softened. She exhaled a breath. 

"I just want to make sure everything is perfect." 

Taichi approached with a compassionate smile, wrapped her up from shoulder with a hand, led her out of the room, making an effort to appease her with words. 

"Stop worrying herself too much. Everything is already perfect." 

Accompanying his daughter till her chamber, Taichi joyfully smirked soon turned into laughter as seeing his little daughter, still for him, willingly attentive for people except for her family and Fire Nation citizens.

"I'm so happy to see you finally having friends, darling." Taichi intimately squeezed his hand on her shoulder with the same face of happiness. 

Senna looked up protested, sullenly objected as them not being her friends due to their strict friendship within each other for years but her voice nothing more than muttering, since she wasn't so sure either. That was how all her relationships evolved. She, first, got on well, then with suspicion of betrayal, she drifted herself away, acting aloof and finally lost everybody since she was afraid of stabbing behind the back, like dramatically experienced before...

With a tear falling from her cheek at almost dawn, Senna slowly opened her eyes. She blankly looked up to the ceiling, couldn't move for a while, even couldn't open the bedside light right beside her. She just stayed the same. 

Just like in the last seven years she'd had the same nightmare. What she'd lived through seven years ago. The same scene all over again without ceasing and changing even in the smallest detail that was enough to crumble her heart into pieces. 

Senna lifted her hands, looked up to them all in dark as if filled with blood and caught the scent of it.

This can't be real. 

Senna couldn't endure to see more. She had to get rid of it. Get rid of all her conscientiously burdens, everything…

Rapidly standing up without even considering turning on any light, Senna totteringly ran to the bathroom, leaned down to the sink. She began to wash her hands with tears closing her sight. She speedily teared them away and continued, but the blood never poured out. It was still in her hands, enraging her. She began rubbing more harsh soon turned into galling carelessly just wishing all gone. 


Senna ceased washing. Her shouting turned into lamentation, putting hands on both sides of the sink. She was anguishing, deeply, from her spirit which had accepted no recovery or treatment yet she desperately wished to. If she could, she'd forget that night, everything related to it...and just moved on.

She lifted her head, looked at the mirror, viewed the miserable weak and messy woman. Tears flowing from eyes turning red as well as her face, body trembling. 

"Look at the legendary princess." Senna muttered with sobbing. Her eyes slipped down to her hands begging from inside that the blood was gone but her hands were still full of it. She felt the bottom and exhaustion. 

Senna turned back crouched to the ground, with leaning back to the bathroom cabinets, letting the tears go loudly this time. She closed her eyes, exclaimed with mumbling still uselessly galling her hands. 

"Please go away..."  

Minutes passed and Senna had no intention to do anything if hadn't sensed a firm pressure inside of her heart. She lamentingly leaned down little on the ground, her hand was on the breast slightly groaned. She thrashed about to move forward yet the pain didn't let. It was severe like someone now pressing violently on all over her breast with a great deal of strength. 

Since this had never happened to her before, without any experience, she firmly closed her eyes and this time vainly begged it to be gone with muttering. 

As she'd expected it didn't work but now she could feel something. Hazard and dread...

The ancient dragons.  

She could now be able to figure out everything. The rage and fear inside of her belonged to the ancient dragons due to the spiritual connection she had with the Dragon's fire. 

Senna easily comprehended they were in danger.

"I have to go." She muttered. With a recently obtained priority, she temporarily forgot all the blood, pain, endeavored to go to the dressing room. Changing her pajamas into a suit, she finally dared to look down at her hands owing to the first lights of the dawn falling into the room. She looked down hesitantly but just viewed a few scratches on her hands and palms. 

However, she didn't have much time. Without even pondering to communicate to the island first, she reached the back garden of the palace where a few airships resided just in case of sudden attacks. Not to be realized, she chose one of the hot air balloons, set going with fire. 

Landing near to the ancient dragon's caves in a few hours, she hurriedly climbed the stairs of the caves thinking of calling the dragons, not only because it would make things easier for her in any possible attack, but because she thought they should be now out depending on her feeling of danger, agitating her that something might be wrong. 

She sat in the middle of their caves, crossed legs with closed eyes. She composed a small flame to show them her presence, took a deep breath. Since having the Dragon's fire, she'd always tried to teach herself to communicate with dragons thanks to her grandfather's assistance that even just composing a flame was enough for that. 

However, after waiting a few minutes no one came out. She endeavor to feel their inner fire, then conveyed fire streams inside of the caves, still, nothing occurred that understood they were gone. 

But where?  

She now was sure that something was wrong. She worriedly tried to call them here from inside, as standing up and moving a few steps forward to the edge, looked down at the other side of the island. She viewed enemy ships some of which were already here and others coming. She quickly jet-stepped up to air then down to the ground. Standing in front of the Sun Warriors, Senna repulsed the first group of soldiers with fire streams and wheels yet she viewed the Red Lotus flags from the other ships.

Now, she comprehended everything: Red Lotus was invading the Sun Warrior Island. 

She tried to calm herself down and firstly asked about citizens to the leader of the warriors. 

"We hardly achieved to take all the citizens to the secret bunker." 

"Dragons?" He couldn't answer. The tension on her face increased. She shouted making the leader jump with fear. 

"I said dragons!" He rapidly answered her with bated breath. 

"After the first Red Lotus ships came they flew away that we couldn't understand Your Highness. I'm so  sorry." 

"That's okay." With turning a calm tone and face, Senna patted his shoulder to appease him, asked the ammunition. He explicated the previous soldiers suddenly coming before her to the island injured almost half of the soldiers and citizens. She hopelessly looked up the sky hoping to see the dragons but there was none. She exhaled dismally. 

"Did you communicate with the Capital?" She asked while glancing at the sea to locate the distance of the ship from the continent. 

"They are attacking speedily subsequent. Thus, we couldn't reach the com-center tower."

Senna nodded trying to ponder an urgent plan in a few minutes. Almost nothing came up on her mind but she knew two things for sure: 

First, she had to communicate with the Capital to evacuate the citizens, and come back here to fight. 

As second she had a minimum of an hour to do that as she computed. 

"I'll reach to the headquarter to make a contact with Capital. Till I come back,  you have to resist then you could go to the secret bunker and wait for the unit of evacuation." She simply explicated to him that made the leader instantly object. 

"But Your Highness we can't leave your side!" 

"I could handle with them. I've been doing this for three years." He could just nod to the princess. 

All the villagers were in the safe bunker which was built years ago in every Fire Nation Islands in case of any attacks, and the city was far away from the shore with a hill in front of it. Senna, now, was the only one jetting along with the village like a madwoman. It took her twenty minutes to reach the communication center. She closed the door in rush and grab the radio on the right side of the table. 

"Is anyone copy?" She repeated a few more times as trying to regulate her breath after jetting almost twenty kilometers. She finally found an answer from a soldier.

"Bring the General of the forces. I'm Princess Senna and I'm calling from The Sun Warrior Island." With the soldier's approval, Senna began waiting for the general, that now she was slightly hearing sounds but endeavored not to care. 

In ten minutes, the General came to the radio in rush, just knowing what the soldier told. 

 "Senna? When did you go there and why? The team Avatar was about to cross the border doors of the Fire Nation. You need to come ba-" She didn't let her dad finish. 

"I can't...Red Lotus is attacking and invading the island. The villagers are safe in the bunker and the Sun Warriors took necessary precautions but the dragons are gone. I don't know where and can't call them. I don't think the Warriors could resist long, since the opponent is too many. At least three times more than ours. Also with half of the soldiers and citizens were injured. I think I could handle it, but still, we need a unit for evacuation." 

Right after her father's approval, she suddenly tell him to be quiet in panic, since having heard steps walking around the center. She hid behind the door waited for the enemy with two fire dagger in each of her hands. 

The enemy went inside, closed the door. Senna silently approached him. In a matter of time, She held his collar, with pushing back, caged him between the door and herself putting a dagger close to his neck without any chance to see his face. 

"Who are yo-" However, as soon as she viewed him, she instantly pulled herself back from the enemy, not able to finish the sentence because of the familiar face she saw. 

That was Noah. 

Leader of the Red Lotus.  

She'd been endeavoring to find for three years. 

Her first best friend. 

The boy she used to play, study, share everything, spend all day together. 

The one having betrayed her, changed her life permanently. 

The reason of the dreams, relations...everything. 

"Senna? Darling? What's happening!? Senna answer me!" With blurry noises Taichi heard, he desperately asked as the third time worrying more about her safety. 

Sudden coming to her senses with her father's voice, she moved to the radio, not turning her eyes from Noah and keeping one of the fire daggers in her hand towards him. 

"He is here." Senna coldly hissed. 

"Who...Are you sure?" Taichi hesitantly asked pondering everything which had took place because of Noah.  

"He is standing right towards me right now." Since what Taichi was afraid the most for his daughter now occurring, that panicked him. 

"Senna, Listen to me. I know you're furious but don't do anything! I'll sen-" She harshly turned off the radio knowing the rest of the sentence. 

"It's been so long, hasn't it?" Noah waited for the end of their conversation, now trying to sound intimate that obviously counterfeit. 

"Seven years." Senna hissed. She nervously compose a dagger to her other empty hand, but with smirking, Noah raised both hands. 

"I'm just here to talk," Senna swore to kill him years ago and now she was supposed to attack yet she just couldn't. She was furious, as he could see in the fire from her eyes, yet she couldn't even move but just look at him blankly.

"You're silent. I never thought our first confrontation was going to be like that." Noah's fake smirking turned into a compassionate smile with viewing the scratches on her hands.

"Me neither." She could hardly answer. Now all of her plans she had been flourishing for years failed. Now she had no idea what to do or say. 

You have to! He is the reason of everything, Senna! You have to do something! 

Her contemplative state, burring in thoughts,  gave him an advantage. He lunged a few step forward to her, yet a strict voice stopped him. 

"Stay back!" She automatically moved back. 

"You don't think I'd hurt you, do you?" Noah asked with real sincerity this time, but not perceived by her. 

"That is the only thing you've ever done to me." She hissed again. Her eyes filled with tears recalling that night. She held the tears, spit out everything about him inside of her mind at that moment, desperately shouting with looking right in his eyes. 

"Why did you come!? I've searched for you for years, captured most of your soldiers! Why now!?"

"I had no courage to face you...Till now. I knew you were going to feel that the dragons are in danger and come here." Except for what she heard about her state and watching her fightings secretly, he had almost no idea about how broken she could still be. With alive anguish he viewed, he attempted to approach her, wishing to hug, yet wasn't let by her walking away from the door harshly hitting his shoulder by hers. 

"Follow me." With her frigid tone, he caught her up in confusion, asking where they were going. Senna ignored him and kept walking to the inner city followed by him. She knew all his eyes were now watching her but didn't care. She achieved to keep her stance strict and still, now walking with her biggest enemy with a priority to think her next move. A plan to beat him and kill him. 

They reached one of the tea shops at the beginning of a street open due to sudden dispatch early in the morning. Senna passed over him, went to the kitchen, and put Jasmine herbs in teapot heating with fire. She walked outside with two cups of the tray to where he was sitting.  

Harshly leaving his cup to his side and other to hers, Senna sit right opposite of him, slowly took a sip from his tea as if everything was normal or the island wasn't in invasion by his group. If an outsider had seen them, he or she would have easily concluded no animosity between them, yet she was dying with rage. Rage at him and herself. She put the teacup on the saucer, looked right in the middle of his black eyes. Now she had a plan: enraging him with distracting his mind then attack just like when they were kids. 

"Today I was hoping to drink some tea and visit the ancient dragons but thanks to you I had to delay my intentions." 

Without turning his eyes away from hers,  Noah savored the amber eyes after years, sneering. "You're still exerting to sound aloof when inside of you is boiling." She flared easily as with the answer, never looking away from his eyes. 

"Cut the chase, Noah! Before any harm happens, pick up your army and leave. This is not like ransacking armory shops in the villages. You're invading one of the most precious islands, meaning an all-out war, and Fire Nation doesn't stop till burning everything on her road...I don't stop. You've seen enough to know that. I don't want to hurt those innocents who you fooled to fight for you." Regardless of her threatening statements, Noah calmly took a sip from his tea.

"I didn't fool anybody." 

"You can't win against me." The self-assurance hissing from her voice, the aloofness began to fade as exactly how Senna wanted, but he achieved to stay cool. 

"Don't be too harsh on me. It's been seven years since we last fought. I believe I've taught new skills to myself enough." 

Both were playing aloof against each other wondering who would fail first. However, Senna was the one. 

"Taught yourself!? My family taught you everything you know today! I showed you all this knowledge you have now! We fought together!" Her sudden shouting made Noah giggle.

"I told you you're angry." That enraged Senna to herself due to not restraining. With these acrimonious words, he was pushing her limits and she could not fall into his trap, become his victim again.  

Senna cynically chuckled leaning back to the chair. 

"I know all your, movements, skills...everything." Noah stood up putting his hands on both sides on the table leaned down to her. His smirking didn't change, even got worse but Senna could easily sense his anger that gratified her, hinting how she should play. 

"And so do I." Senna didn't sit still. Just like him, she up stood pulling the chair beside her. Unlike him, she didn't lean down yet still their eyes were still aligned with each other. 

"You know how this is going to end right? One of us has to die." Senna told the words knowing him to fail for them, and it worked.

"Then let's find out who." He rapidly attempted to push her away with a composed fire stream.

That was what Senna'd been expecting since she recounted that she knew everything about him. Therefore, speedily getting down under the table, she made him mishit and counterattacked with the same movement. With success, he harshly crashed to the wood bars in the corner of the shop crept till the entrance of the other street.

Now, she was the one chuckling shouting at him with a cynical voice.

"Like before, you're still too aggressive." 

With the time she'd gained, she jetted to the hill between the beach and the city center to carry the fight away from the downtown. With her connection to the inner fire, she could sense him coming right after her. Since he knew these places as much as her, she wasn't surprised. 

Senna reached the rapture on the top of the hill running almost ten kilometers. The rapture was huge with no house, anything, like an area. 

Bending down to the ground, Senna suddenly stopped to fall behind and this unexpected maneuver worked. Creeping on the hill, he rotated on the ground that now he was the right opposite of her.

With the triumphant smile on her face, now they were standing right towards each other on the two edges of the rapture. 

That was the day she was waiting for years. The day she could kill him, and she could speak of her plan of doing it but from inside something was still deficient. Her mind was contemplated. Even if she won, she didn't ponder yet still she tried to encourage herself for this. 

"Nice move!" Noah breathlessly stated.

Instead of an answer, she composed huge fire streams against him from the beginning of the rapture till the end. Noah first reciprocated then achieved to flee and like her endeavored to fall her behind with jet-propulsion. However, she didn't let him. The more he ran to her behind, the more she moved to the center of the rapture with her streams. Noah continued jet-propulsion that now the rapture was all surrounded by their fire as if a fire tornado. 

Senna was in the middle of rapture and with his speedy movements, she couldn't see him but her mind wasn't still there. She was still in the same thinking and persuading diffusively and his subsequent movements stopped her from using Dragon's fire to sense his place. Therefore, she made random fire lashes but one of them hit his ankle. He fell to the corner of the rapture. 

With both hands, Senna intertwined two fire streams directing to him, now lying on the ground, for several times. 

Noah could block the first a few ones till gaining his strength then redirected the oncomings to her that she easily fled. 

Then, standing right towards each other and composing fire whips, they directed to each other. Each whip united with one another. However, he was stronger and more adapted that she suddenly lost control and crept till the end of the rapture just like him. 

"So who can't win!?" Noah shouted wrapping the burning wound due to lash on his ankle with a shabby fabric he teared from his suit. 

Senna easily sensed the blood flowing away from her right arm but ignored it, stood up. 

Just like her, Noah ejected an intertwined two fire streams to Senna but she, with her palm, stopped it and easily blocked it. She jetted stepped, landed on the boulder on the edge of the rapture and didn't wait to began composing numerous fire missiles against him. 

He was struggling to run away from the missiles when the groans of soldiers were heard. Recalling the Sun Warriors, Senna worriedly looked back without thinking the opponent right towards her that gave advantage to Noah. He immediately redirected one of the fire missiles towards her. 

Realizing at the last moment, Senna attempted to absorb it, yet still, she was thrown off from the boulder. 

She found her balance near to the ground and with jetting she softly landed on the ground on the beach. She found herself in the middle of a fight that she instantly viewed the Sun Warriors striving to reach the bunker with opponents' weapons as she'd ordered and the Team Avatar. 

What were they doing here?