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Afire Love

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The Princess woke up early in the morning, completely used to a few hours of sleep. After preparation and taking the necessary files with her, she went down. She wonderingly looked around, waiting to come across Detective Mako to apologize, but instead, she saw a stranger waiting next to the car. He greeted her bowing. She returned his greeting and curiously asked the detective.

"He couldn't come." Senna rose a brow, successively asked the reason disappointed. 

"Unfortunately I don't know, Your Highness." She didn't respond to him and got in the car disappointed. After yesterday, today's schedule was much less busy. Just three meetings: two of which in the morning and at noon lunch with King Wu. 

Then, she supposed she could have some time to explore the city. Even if not having thought about where to go, she was still excited that she could have almost half a day for the Republic City, which was enough to make her grin and forget all stress. 

The first two meetings began and resulted too quickly that the Princess could spare even more time than she computed till the lunch. However, she ordered the chauffeur to drive to the police station. 

Deep down inside, she still pondered Detective Mako, aggravated for not coming today. After calling her kid, did he really act like a 5-year-old boy? With this, she couldn't help tittering cynically, shaking her head, but shortly she noticed the eyes of the chauffeur from the rearview mirror and the guardian right beside her, instantly solidified her stance looking outside of the car's window. 

Reaching the station, with the warden’s help Senna went up to the precinct where Beifong's room was. 

Not having seen him, Senna calmly walked into the precinct to the middle table left side of the hallway with a plaque of his name. Due to the tidiness, she easily comprehended that he wasn't here. She evaluated all the options inside of her mind but instead of wasting more time, she decided to ask the Chief. She first told her new guardian to wait, then walked to the Beifong's room and knocked on the door. After approval, Senna went in. Beifong looked at her with confusion, asked the reason for her presence, as her nature, in case of the possible unexpected occasions to take place. 

She closed the door behind her responded by crossing her arms with inquiringly asking questions. 

"You tell me, Lin. Why did you change my guardian?" Her voice was full of strict seriousness as if it were important. 

"Because Mako couldn't come to work today since he got ill." She found this conversation ridiculous but Senna continued with a risen brow and unsmiling face. 

"He was fine yesterday?" Senna crossed her arms. 

Fine enough to debate with me. 

"He was out till dawn looking for you." Senna rolled her eyes exhaling. 


Even if estimating the reason, probably not losing his job she assumed, she still felt the content of being called by him, a total stranger. However, she ceased the thoughts and considered requesting his address but didn't due to the absurdity of it. Moreover, she could find it by herself, but still, she had a question. One last ambiguity.

Senna approached her, desperately asked, and hoped she was right. 

"How did you find out about the attack?" 

Lin grumpily leaned back on her seat pointed to the telephone with her brows. 

"The owner of the shop called when I was about to leave the office." Senna rolled her eyes. 

So good. He was telling the truth.   

After distant thanking and short farewell, she went out. She quickly ordered the warden to find his house address and walked down to the car, waited impatiently. With having received a small paper she gave it to the chauffeur, ordered him to drive the address on the paper. 

Having come home at dawn and a few hours of lounging, Mako woke up and realized he couldn't even move as trying to get up. His immunity system had become weaker since Kuvira's attack that he wasn't surprised, figuring out he caught an ailment. With Bolin's insistence, he called the station and let them know about his state. Now, he was at home, under the quilt, languished, pouting angrily due to the princess's nonsense spoiled behaviors, yet he was sure she wouldn't care at all and even maybe think he deserved it.

 Mako tried to keep himself busy in his off but ill day with reading the files he borrowed from the station about the princess. He, once again, admired her: her services, the charities, and battles she had joined so far for her nation. However, couldn't stop the sentiment of frustration due to the person he had been occupying with in the last few days, especially yesterday. In some pages, he couldn't pile her with the character written in the papers yet still curiously kept reading. 

After finishing the files, he hardly lied down, closing his eyes to sleep, but the door was knocked. 

He opened his eyes, waiting it to stop, yet with another sound of knob, he rolled his eyes, hardly got up, with leaning wall he walked till outdoor questioning who might be at this hour since he was almost sure everyone having a chance to come here was in his or her own life rush now, and except Bolin no one knew about his state and he couldn't come home at this hour. However, if that was him, regardless of his statement now, he would be sure of giving him a good scolding. 

Mako hardly opened the door, when Senna was about to leave thinking he wasn't at home or available. With risen brows, he independently muttered her name weakly but immediately corrected with the way how "He should call her." He tried to bow with a sulking face, that Senna easily predicted he was angry at her, yet she didn't care since his skin was pale and lighter than normal she could observe. 

She nervously raised a hand gave obviously an tense smile and slightly shook it, trying to soften him.

"Hey...May I come in?" Mako stammered with changing face invited her in. He showed the way with a hand, as the other one was holding and leaning to our door trying to stand still. She, before sitting, turned him and he attempted to walk to ask her why she had come but for a second he staggered, not being able to find his balance. When he was about to fall, Senna, in panic, quickly went under his shoulders. She held his body strongly wrapping him from back with her arms. 

"You don't look good, detective." Senna warmly looked up at his eyes half open. With their almost compound bodies, she felt heat, automatically touched his skin. "Wait." She suddenly pulled him back with him grouching to be slow, put her hand on his forehead.  

"You're hot!" He subtly smiled, opened his eyes fully looking down at her eyes. 

"I'm." Senna gazed at him worriedly. 

"You have a fever idiot!...Where is your room?" She wished to help him since feeling responsible for his state right now not considering his resistant nature.

He pointed forward yet tore her arms away and tried to stand telling her he was fine but toddled again. Senna rolled eyes, lunged at him and went under his shoulders again. She positioned his left arm on her shoulders wrapped his belly and carefully carried him to his bed. Mako mandatorily accepted her help. He closed his eyes and let her, just accorded her steps.

With him fully leaning down at her, Senna hardly carried him till his bedroom. She lied him down, yet to find his balance again Mako held her from the belly, automatically pulled her in and made her fall on his body. 

Senna lifted her head. She found her hands on his chest and herself in a close position that she could easily kiss him. Mako already left her. However, Senna couldn't move, felt her increasing heartbeats and warmth just like the dinner night. She blankly looked at his face. He wasn't almost at himself but could sense her hands on his breast. He opened his eyes and put on a cunning smile making a contact with her eyes. 

"I'm hot, aren't I Your Highness?" 

Senna quickly pulled herself back scowling at him. She picked up her stance. 

"You...I'll be right back." Senna walked briskly into the small house, easily found the bathroom. She filled the first basin she'd grabbed with water and took a few towels from the shelf. 

Mako probably couldn't talk to the princess like that if he’d had his mind all together but now he could hardly think yet freezing. He pulled up the quilt as much as he could to be warm himself but didn't work. As last resort, he took a deep breath to heat himself but her strict and angry voice stopped him, brought him around. He opened his eyes, blankly made an eye contact. 

"Hey! Stop! Would you like to kill yourself!?" 

Senna quickly put the wares on the ground quickly unveiled the quilt from his body but this only caused him to shout at her grumpily. 

"What are you doing!? I'm freezing!" Senna sat on the edge of the bed and rapidly held his arms, rolling eyes. 

"Stay put, detective. I'm helping you." He scowled, stumped her with his eyes right into hers emphasizing the words one by one. 

"I don't need your help, princess." 

Senna ignored him and her hands went down to his upper pajamas and took them off. 

"What are you do-" Mako blushed, since, now, he was shirtless in front of the her. 

"Helping you. Just wait a few minutes then you'll thank me." Senna dipped towels into the water basin, pulled them out, and squeezed little. "You really must work on your body detective unless you couldn't make those muscles, right?" She, with cynical tone, asked to create a distraction, giggling to see his all turned-red face causing him to stammer.

"N-No, I-I mean I just-” She speedily put the towel on his forehead arms and breast. 

“Fuck!” He proclaimed but realized the princess's eyes on him with risen brows. He muttered a few more slangs, trying not to be heard and slightly move but Senna held his body put with restraining herself from laughing with pondering. 

As the Fire Nation Princess and future Fire Lord, she got used to waiting some manners from the person towards her as she usually attained, yet this man had none. He without any drawbacks spoke with her freely. Beyond that, he almost never refrained from going against her, which not only enraged her or driving her crazy but also sometimes amused her with pleasure. 

Repeating the only possible treatment she could think of a few more times, each she controlled his body temperature from his forehead not realizing, due to brooding, she had been watched by Mako, who was, now, feeling contented and liking the idea that she was worried about him. 

His temperature, skin tone and look in his eyes were getting better, he was revitalizing. She controlled his temperature one last time, designated it normal. She put all the towels down and picked up his hair. She didn't know how to react as much as he yet tried her best to look natural. 

"That's it! How do you feel?" Senna smiled with her eyes shining to his. 

"Better." He answered hoping to look normal. He couldn't turn away his eyes away from hers. They made prolonged eye contact that Senna was the first one looking away. 

Pulling himself together, he attempted to stand up, Senna softly put his hands on his naked breast stopped him. 

"You should stay put. I'll go prepare something. Wait for me and don't veil yourself with the quilt." He could just nod since now all his attention was on her hands.

As soon as she left, Mako hardly but silently stood up looked over the room. Picking up the room little, he hid the files about her in the drawer. Then, lying back with closed eyes, waited for her with contentment. 

She found the kitchen and searched every cupboard to find ingredients to make a soup but depending on her wretched cookery abilities she decided It was better if she wouldn't. Therefore, she tried to find herbal weeds to make at least some tea. She eventually found some lindane, mint powder, and lemon. She quickly heated the water with her fire blended ingredients together and made a tea for him and herself. Putting them on the tray, she walked throughout his room. 

Hearing footsteps, he opened his eyes, saw her with two cups on a tray. He couldn't help himself elatedly smiling, softly declared trying to lift himself. 

"You needn't have done this. I'm fine." Senna quickly put the tray on his bedside table and lunged to his bed leaning down. 

"Let me help you."  Her hands moved on his bare body, back and head as Mako's heart beat faster with her touches. He looked at her face to figure out what she was thinking but her face was like as usual even too usual but for a second he could swear he saw little flushing. 

Senna slowly lifted his body. Their face came close again. She hardly resisted turning to him this time but sensed his eyes on her and heartbeats. Mako looked at her closely, especially at her eyes as if memorizing. She sat down on the side of the bed still holding him, pulled him a little into her body fragilely from his back to erect the pillow. 

Mako automatically smelled her scent for few seconds unwittingly smiling with closed eyes, liking it. It was just like the day they met but this was closer and more intense. Senna pulled him back endeavoring to hide her tension. 

"You're good." She said appeasingly, about to pat his shoulder but then gave up. She moved to the tray and put it between them.

"I made your herbal tea from what I found in your kitchen, but I'm sure this is gonna make you better." She took one of the cups and reach out to him. 

"I'm already feeling much better. Thanks." With his grateful eyes, she cynically chuckled. 

"I told you you'll thank me." Mako nervously took a sip from his tea, pondering what she was talking about since not recalling before she checked his temperature. However, with a sudden flashback, they all came back. He remembered each of the exact second and especially sentences he told the princess but just one of them spin around in his mind again and again. 

"I'm hot, aren't I, Your Highness?"

While he was in grabbling with his thoughts, Senna slowly took a few sips from her tea, regularly glanced at him, not minding to wait. 

His face suddenly turned red that Senna feared his temperature rose again. Quickly putting the tray on the bedside table and then on her forehead, she checked the temperature. Mako came to his senses now looking up at her hand, which she attempted to explain yet Mako didn't let. 

"I'm sorry Uh...everything...I said... especially the one...whatever you needn't have had to do this." Senna objected, seeing the reason for his blushing that amused her. 

"No, I had to. I talked to Lin and found out you looked for me all night." She slightly smiled trying hard not to blush but she couldn't. "Which means I'm the reason for your ailment and fever." He couldn't answer back. He was impressed. He never thought she would see it in that way. Now she was the same woman as in the files he read. Thoughtful and delicate. He kept listening to her. "Also I found out that you didn't tell Beifong about that night." She recounted a little embarrassed, making contact with his eyes. 

"I told you." He crossed his arms with a risen brow. She began explaining herself accordingly using her hands. 

"I know and I had no reason not to believe you but I chose not to believe you and acted like...I mean it was partly about being someone around me but still, I think little...bitchy." Mako left a wide laugh. 

"Bitchy? I don't think a princess should use words like that." Senna joined him blushing. She quickly took the tea from the bedside table, then took a sip to hide her face.

"Do I look like an ordinary princess?" Mako automatically answered. 

"Totally not." They made prolonged eye contact. Her laughing turned into a slight smile. She reached out her hand. 

"Truce than?" He shook it softly not breaking the contact and felt the warmth strolling in his veins even if his body temperature was higher than hers. "By the way, I have answers for all your questions."  Senna looked down to her cup  feeling in need to change the topic and Mako remembered their conversation.  "Listening?" 

"First of all your apology is accepted. In that day I might have exaggerated things little too." She slightly giggled. 

"You totally did. Raping hah?" Mako smiled at her, relieved to hear that which didn't last long. 

"And now, I'm thinking to review my acceptance of your apology, detective." Senna looked at him with a risen brow with a strict tone of voice. He rapidly held her hands. 

"No, Don't think much, please." She pointed his hands rolling eyes. Looking down their hands, he rapidly pulled them back remembering her saying. He attempted to explain himself yet she didn't give him a chance. 

"Secondly I'd love to explore the city with you but maybe next time." She distinctly explicated and Mako couldn't help himself asking the reason. 

"I still have meetings and tomorrow is my last day here." She didn't mention her failing tour plan today or having missed the meeting with King Wu directly because of him. Actually till now even she didn't recall and care about those and that was strange. 

"I get it. Maybe next time." Mako answered to sound cool at least normal but knew that what he'd told before he already lost this chance. 

Long-last silence fell over the room. Senna unwillingly thought it was because of her devastating capacity of having a normal conversation as having no friends and spending her days with just joining political meetings or fire-bending practices. She began playing with the quilt while his eyes were on her, waiting for him to bring about something.  

As if noticing this, Mako began speaking about things in Republic City. They had a chat till finishing their tea. 

"Let's lie you down." Senna put the tray on his bedside table stood up and leaned down to help him. A few heaps of her hair fell on Mako's face and he smelled the same scent, again and again, wishing he could smell it all day. Senna nonreactively lied him down picked up his hair and cover his half body with a quilt and stood up. "You sleep here." She calmly turned back to leave but it was stopped by him holding her wrist that she didn't expect. 

"Leaving?" He asked with obvious disappointment in his tone. 

"I-Uh...There is nothing left to do here. I'm sure you'll be well till tomorrow." To this unexpected question, Senna tried her best to answer him properly. 

"Can you stay a little bit?" He weakly asked and attempted to pull her in. Senna let him do that sat on the edge of the bed. She fragilely closed his eyes with her fingers and tried not to make more deal than it should be. He was just ill and needed someone, that was all. 

"I'm here." She muttered putting her hand on his forehead to check his fever. He didn't leave her hand till sleeping, which didn't take long due to almost not sleeping last night.

Senna didn't leave his side for a while. She watched him, hesitantly fondled his hair than his face afraid of waking him up. She never became so close with a man or let any touch her in her life but in the last few days he'd been continuously breaking her rules and with irritation, she also felt content. However, with sudden questioning of her presence here, she rapidly stood up. She shouldn't be here shouldn't be doing or thinking this or trust him. She should be joining meetings or practice. He was just like the others. He must be...

 Mako woke up at almost midnight. He couldn't comprehend why he slept that long but shortly realized he was feeling well. At least he could gladly state there was no ailment. He remembered saying to the princess to wait for him. With a desire to want her around him regardless of everything, the words just ejaculated from his mouth. He wondered if she was still here. He rapidly got up, stood in front of the mirror half-naked. He suddenly recalled he was like that towards her all day. Moreover, she paid a compliment to his muscles. He looked at himself again and couldn't help himself blushing again like a kid. 

Mako put on his upper pajamas and picked up his hair. He went inside but except Bolin oversleeping on the couch, as working with political files, he couldn't find anyone. He unpleasantly woke his brother up warning him to sleep in his room not to have backache tomorrow even knowing he wouldn't listen. 

He came back to his room and on his bedside table, he found a note. He took it with lightning speed and read with a radiant smile. 

Tomorrow morning at 08.30 in front of the hotel.

There is some tea left. Don't forget to drink it, put on your clothes and sleep properly, detective.