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Till death do us part

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Could the man that Ji Won hovered over even be equipped for really focusing on her?

"Hyun Soo-Ah, do you realize that Eun Ha truly misses you?"Ji Won referenced their girl

The very girl that she realized her better half had appreciated as though she was his justification living regardless of being in torment from concealing his actual personality

"I'm not the similar person from before...I may have failed to remember how to be a decent dad"Hyun Soo answers icily

'I don't have the right to be a parent when I'm unequipped for feeling such a human feeling.' Hyun Soo quietly thought to himself

"She would,in any case,focus on you either way."Ji Won was attempting to associate with the male through raising their little girl

"You put your profession at risk to remain by my side"Hyun Soo sees the forfeits his better half made to attempt to ensure him

When Ji Won understood her spouses real essence she had an inclination that she needed to guard him

"On the day we got hitched we took a vow, Jagiya"Ji Won gazed out the vehicle window

"Till death do us part"Hyun Soo delicately mumbled the words