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Forever Yours

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7:20am - 


Dr. Thompson left. Maureen got up and walked out of Elliot's room. She couldn't stand another minute in that room. It was too hard seeing her dad weak and vulnerable. She had been there every day with her dad since their mom had died. 


Maureen was the one who called, texted or saw her dad. Every day. She made sure he had a lifeline to hold onto. She did his grocery shopping when she noticed he had lost twenty pounds in the first few weeks. It started as a way to help because her dad was busy with his new job. Then it continued after Eli moved in with her because he once again spiraled. 


She knew because she always knew.


She was the oldest. It was her role to take care of everyone. Her siblings knew their dad was bad. That was the whole reason for the intervention. But no one knew how bad he got since that day . She knew every time he tried to hide how he was feeling .

She knew how that girl dying affected him. 


Jenna. Jenna Fox. She was in high school. She was an only child with no father. She was sixteen. Her mother was raped. Her mother was killed in a robbery. Jenna was alone and angry. Jenna made a horrible mistake the day she came for revenge. Her dad Elliot Stabler killed her. 


Every year she knew the anniversary of the day Jenna died . Her dad would go somewhere by himself. Every year he mourned her. Every Sunday at church he lit a candle for Jenna. He would say a silent prayer. He prayed Jenna finally found peace and was in heaven with her mom. He prayed for himself that he never have to make that gut wrenching decision again. 


She knew what leaving her did to him.  Liv. Olivia Benson. 


Maureen knew the day he left her part of his heart broke. She knew Olivia is the one person who could make him stay. She knew Olivia is someone he chose many times over everyone else. She knew he loved her. He loved her more than her mom.

As a child many times she blamed Olivia for her parents' issues. As an adult she understood. She understood because she had her own failed marriage. Her parents were kids when they married. They married because her mom became pregnant at seventeen with her.


It is both a blessing and curse to know you are the reason your parents married . Were they in love? Or was theirs a marriage started to do the right thing? Your catholic duty. They barely dated before she became pregnant. Her parents loved each other but they were comfortable. As the years passed they became more like roommates and best friends. 


Thirty seven years married. That was an accomplishment for any marriage . Maureen was married four years. She had wanted to go for counseling but he saw it as a waste of time. Her ex cheated leaving her for a coworker. He now has three kids and lives in Connecticut. While Maureen is single. She couldn't even remember the last time she had been on a date. 


Maureen sighed feeling alone and emotionally numb from everything around her. She had cried three times since her mom died. The day of her mom's funeral and once in her dad's apartment as they hugged. And she cried today. She wasn't ready to feel her pain or start grieving. 


Maureen dialed Olivia's cell phone number. "Liv, I don't know how to say this. Dad was hurt. Could you please come to the hospital today?" Maureen asked as she explained to Olivia about the accident. Fifteen minutes later Maureen walked back towards her dad's hospital room. 

"Mo, where were you?" Kathleen asked as she walked up to Maureen in the hallway.


"I needed some time alone. I also called Liv to tell her about dad. She is coming up soon." Maureen said as she turned looking out the window.


"How are you doing? You seem distant." Kathleen asked as she stepped closer to Maureen reaching out her right hand to rub Maureen's shoulder.


Maureen pulled away and walked a few steps back. "Please, don't . I'm fine."


"Have you spent any time with dad yet?" Kathleen whispered.


"No, not alone. I've been in the room a few times." Maureen said as she felt her eyes tear up. She closed her eyes, reminding herself not to break. She would not cry again today.

"Maureen, you have to see him today. What if something happens to him?" Kathleen asked as she looked down the hallway and saw Dickie and Eli standing outside of Elliot's hospital room.


"I… I already carry the guilt of losing touch with them the past few years. Not sure they ever forgave me for that. And they came back for a visit. I never saw mom before she died. Everyone else did. I.. I'm going." Maureen said as she turned walking the opposite direction of Elliot's hospital room.


"Maureen, please come back." Kathleen watched as Maureen walked quickly down the hall and turned left towards the family lobby area. She would give Maureen time and space.

"What's going on? Mo, looks upset. Is she ok?" Dickie asked as he and Eli walked up.


"No, she is in denial. She still hasn't spent any time alone with dad. And she barely grieved losing Mom. She would rather take care of all of us than focus on herself. Remember when we were kids? She has always been like our second mom. She has always been there for us. Kathleen sighed. 


"Now we will be there for her." Eli said as he looked down the hallway.


"Maureen said she called Liv and she is coming soon." Kathleen said as she grabbed a container of breath mints from her purse. She shook a few in Dickie and Eli's hand. 


"Good, we will give Maureen space until Liv gets here. She may get Maureen to open up to her or have a few ideas of how we can help. We have to get through this together." Dickie said as he reached and grabbed Eli and Kathleen's hand. After a few minutes all three walked back to Elliot's room.