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Forever Yours

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Song: Heal - Tom Odell

4:15 am


Maureen and Dickie followed the nurse to Elliot's hospital room. "Thank you Shelly. We appreciate all the help you are giving our dad." Maureen said as she tried as hard as she could to offer a small smile as the nurse walked away.

"How should we?" Dickie was lost in his thoughts and unable to move any closer to the door. If he saw his dad everything would become real. "Who should go first?"

"Would you like to go in first? I need to call dad's boss. Also Don Cragen needs to know right away. Omg, how are we going to tell Olivia? They just reunited. I don't want to scare anyone but we thought mom had started to recover. We lost her." Maureen sobbed uncontrollably and put her hands on the wall for support to keep herself from falling on the ground. Six months felt like yesterday.

Dickie walked up behind Maureen. He laid his hand on her right shoulder and rubbed her back. "We can wait a few hours to call. Everyone will understand . Breathe. Maybe it will help if we see dad together. The unknown is always scarier."


Maureen and Dickie walked to Elliot's door. They stood there neither wanting to be the first one to go in. The room was dark. The curtains were closed and the room lights were off. There was only a small dimmed light coming from behind Elliot's bed.

Dickie took a step as he looked at the ground . "One, two, three" he whispered to himself. Dickie paused as he closed his eyes. "Four, five, six." He took six steps in the room. He turned around and saw Maureen at the door. "Maureen?" he pleaded.

"I can't. It's too hard. I will stand here." Maureen whispered.

Dickie turned back around and for the first time he saw his dad. Elliot Stabler was more than his dad. He was Dickie's hero. The one person's opinion who mattered the most to him. He told his dad when he was six that he was superman because he saved people. In this moment he felt like that six year old boy seeing his dad so vulnerable.

When Dickie looked at him in the bed he looked peaceful. As if for the first time in six months his dad was somewhere away from all the pain he carried. "Dammit", Dickie said as his voice walked next to his bed and sat in the chair pushing it to face his dad. "You are Elliot fuckin Stabler. You don't give up or quit. Dad, stay with us. Please."

Maureen walked in the hallway. Her left hand was shaking again. She didn't think she had the strength to go through this again. Losing one parent is hard. Losing both parents in six months is unbearable. She was the oldest. She couldn't break down. She had to focus on what she was feeling . She would focus on what she could control. She looked at her watch.

4:47 am.

Maureen should start making some walked back into the family waiting room. An hour later she had finished all her calls. Kathleen texted that she and Eli would be coming in the next hour. Maureen covered herself with her jacket and closed her eyes for a few minutes.

5:00 am

"Maureen. The doctor will be here in a few minutes to give us an update." Dickie said as he walked in the room.

"Ok," Maureen yawned as she opened her eyes. "I couldn't sleep anyways. I'm going to have some coffee. Would you like some?" Maureen walked towards the vending machines and ordered herself a cappuccino.

"Sure, plain black coffee." Dickie said as followed her. "I hope the doctor can give us some answers about what is going on."

"Agree, not knowing is what makes me the most anxious." Maureen said as she handed Dickie his coffee. "I talked to dad's boss Ayanna Bell earlier. She is going to look into what caused dad's car accident and see if there was any foul play."

"Good. We all know dad made enemies over the years. Now working in organized crime doesn't help. They just put away Richard Wheatley and his kids. I still don't understand why the crazy ex wife got away with the hit out on our mom. They all deserve to rot in hell for the pain they caused us." Dickie left hand clenched into a fist.

"Honestly with how dad was yesterday. I don't know." Maureen paused.

"What? What are you thinking?" Dickie said as he glared at his sister.

"We have to think of all possibilities. Dad would never intentionally commit suicide. However since mom died he hasn't been himself. He feels responsible for her death. He feels his job as a cop caused Wheatley's to retaliate. It was his mission to catch mom's murderer. Now they have been caught." Maureen stepped closer to Dickie.

"Dad is lost. He has survivor's remorse. He is in so much pain. He drowns it with work and drinking. Mom's birthday and visiting her grave. I think it made everything come to the surface. I truly hope I'm wrong ." Maureen said as she looked at Dickie.

"You're wrong. We need to go back. Dad's doctor is coming any minute." Dickie turned quickly and stormed out of the room.

"Ok," Maureen sighed. She walked to her chair and picked up her belongings. She paused and looked out the window amazed how beautiful it was right before the sun rose in the morning .


As Maureen walked in the hallway she saw Kathleen and Eli talking to Dickie. Good, she thought . She was glad they were there.

"Mo," Eli said as he walked up to Maureen.

"Hey, did you eat breakfast? How are you feeling?" Maureen asked as she gave Eli a hug.

"Stop smothering me. I'm ok. I had a banana." Eli said as he shrugged . "Can I see dad?"

"Yes, let's go see dad. The doctor is coming any minute with an update." Maureen put her hand on Eli's back as they walked to the room.

"Kathleen," Maureen said as she walked up to her sister and gave her a hug.

"Hey, mo." Kathleen said as she took off her coat.

"You and Eli should go spend some time with dad. I'm going to the nurses station to see how much longer it will be before the dr comes." Maureen was partly telling the truth . She wanted to know how much longer the doctor would be. But she also wasn't ready to see her dad.

"Maureen, the dr. on his way up now. I would make sure everyone in the room when he comes. So if anyone has any questions he can answer them." Shelly the nurse said as she walked up to Maureen at the nurses station.


7:08 am

"Hi, everyone. My name is Jason Thompson. I am your dad's neurologist." The doctor said as he walked into Elliot's hospital room.

"Hi doc." Dickie said and walked over shaking his hand.

"Do we know what could be wrong?" Maureen asked as she moved from the door entrance to the middle of the room.

"Your dad has a severe concussion with some bleeding on the brain. He also has three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder which we reset and bruising all over his body. It worries me that he still hasn't regained consciousness since he was admitted to the hospital. We will be monitoring him closely over the next forty eight hours. Dr. Thompson replied.