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Lan Xichen mewled as he was slammed against the nearest wall, kissed to an inch of his life, while hot and possessive hands caressed his lustful body, loving him as he deserved.

The kiss, however, was the complete opposite of sweet, it was all tongue and teeth, filled with passion.

He had truly angered his A-Jue this time, but he had no other choice. Now his body was going to pay the price... and he was going to love it.


Earlier that day he had discovered his lovely husband needed to get proof against a certain CEO, guilty of harassment, rape and murder of young omegas employed in his company, in particular in a famous mall. The first had happened many years before, but to this moment there was no real, actual proof he was the criminal. Yet, it was so obvious. The victims had all been found dead or had disappeared without a trace, and no one was left to testimony for the injustice they had been subjected to.

The old alpha had the best workers and lawyers under him, he had his shoulders covered in any case. And anyway, almost everyone was too terrified of him to speak against him.

The police could do nothing to them, but they could. They were the underworld vigilantes, the ones that brought justice where the corrupted laws couldn't or wouldn't. They were the Crows, the ones that lingered in death.

The world they lived in was horrible and unjust, especially for the weakest and most targeted people of their society, omegas.

Lan Xichen was an omega, too, but he had been brought up as a fierce man that could very well defend himself both from the brutal strength of an alpha and from the pheromones that could bend omegas to the alpha's will.

When he was younger he had passed bad moments, many had tried to take advantage of him... now it rarely happened, not only because they were intimidated by his tall stature and big muscles, but also because he was now mated with Nie Mingjue, the current leader of the guild. He was a big, tall alpha with large hands and overpowering strength.... and with a fat knot.

Ah, how he loved him. He took care of him as much as he needed, he scented and spoiled him all day and he filled him with sperm by night. If he hadn't been taking the contraceptive pill every day since they first mated, he would have gotten pregnant over and over again. A-Jue was an attentive lover.

However, they needed definitive proof that the man was guilty, before it nothing could be done, they had their principles. They didn't want to execute someone that had been framed, so they had to work hard, even harder than the police to get their solid proofs. Even this time, his alpha forbid everyone of them to do something before they knew exactly what was going on there.

Not even when the last young omega to die by his hands was a childhood friend of his that he loved deeply. Shen-di... he had seen him the last time a month before. He had gotten this new job and then disappeared like all the others. His parents had called him, knowing he lived in the same city their son had disappeared in and told him Yan Shen had problems with the boss. He had harassed him more than once before he disappeared, but even if they tried to sue him, no one, not the police, not even the lawyer they had paid was doing something, simply because that old man was too rich and important. Then, almost two weeks before his body had been found. They made it look like an accident, but he didn't buy it. His best friend had been murdered in the same city he lived in, the same he and his mate tried to keep safe.

It was time for Lan Xichen to take this matter into his hands. If A-Jue couldn't prove he was guilty with their usual ways, he just had to do it on his own, without telling him. He didn't want him to be in a vulnerable position, but... he was more than strong enough and he had been observing his mate for so long. He knew what to do, he was sure he could get something from him, proofs or even be able to kill the man after catching him red-handed. Yes, he could totally do this. Yan Shen would be avenged by his own hands.

"A-Jue, I'm going back home for a couple of days since we don't have anything planned." he informed his mate, then kissed his rough cheek lovingly, inhaling his intoxicating scent until it reached the bottom of his lungs. He needed it as a encouragement for the disgust he was sure he would feel later on.

His mate gripped his shirt and shifted so he could kiss directly his lips, pulling him deeper. His tongue pried his lips open and with a moan they started exploring each other mouth until their boners were hard and aching in their tight trousers.

"Fine, just be careful, my love. You know I wouldn't survive if anything happened to you." he purred against his lips as soon as they parted.

"I know, be careful, too. I'm just going home, there's nothing to worry about." he told him with a smile, never showing his true intentions.

His mate only hummed softly and let him go, but only after patting his butt like the pervert he was.

"See you!"


The next day was spent preparing in a private apartment for the evening that was coming.

Lan Xichen had ordered some of his underlings to trail in secret the old alpha and that was why he knew the man every Wednesday he spent the night at the bar at the last floor of his mall, to get drunk like no tomorrow. That would be the best moment to record him as he spilled the beans, because naturally men loved to brag while drunk, especially if there was a cute omega with an arousing scent nearby. And even if he didn't talk and only tried to do something to him, he would cut his throat right there.

He and his most trusted men had already prepared everything. They asked the help of a coworker of one of the last victims, whom immediately said yes, because he knew that otherwise he could be the next to disappear.

They made a mask and copied the omega's scent, adding a tiny bit of heat pheromones that would for sure gain the old man's interest. He was going to put it before starting to work or during the whole way there he would risk to get attacked by random alphas.

When everything was ready, he washed with the scent concealing soap, put on the waiter's clothes and a mask long enough to cover his bounding bite. He programmed a long message to send his mate, with the details of where he was going, when and why, then he made so that if every five minutes he didn't tap his smartwatch, the message would be sent. Just in case he was going to have troubles.

The weather was chilly, the wind was cold and made his long, ink-like hair fly behind him. His coat at least kept him warm enough. When he went out it was already night and the moon was shining upon him with its tender light. It was almost comforting.

He walked alone in the street that was going to bring him to the infamous mall.

His mind went back to the last words Shen-di had told him.

"I'm too busy, now, I have just gotten a new job! See you next time, Huan-ge!"

His blood started to boil again.

If he managed to get his hands on that filthy piece of garbage... he was going to rip him apart.

He clenched his hand around the small twin charm he always kept by his side, the same they gave each other as a present as kids.

That was the last thing he had of him.

Soon later he had arrived there.

He gazed at the tall skyscraper and entered through the worker's door.

He performed his act flawlessly and soon later, he was covered in that disgusting unfamiliar scent and was carrying a tray full of food, as his face covered by the mask showed a polite smile.

Lan Xichen started hearing filthy laughs and words from the table the old alpha occupied, as expected.

Ah, if his A-Jue heard him talk like that about him, he would have ripped his genitals to force him eat them as he died from blood loss.

He had to hold back a laughter at the thought. His mate wouldn't be happy at all when he heard what he had done. But he had to, for his best friend.

He pulled out all his acting abilities to seem an innocent and cute omega, smiling softly in front of him.

Even if everything inside him was yelling to cut the throat of his murderer, he still kept his calm and when the old alpha decided to slap his ass, he only let out a little scream for the fear.

"Come sit beside me, dear, let's have drinks!" he encouraged him, patting the couch beside him.

"S-sir, I-I can't, I'm working now!" he squealed, but soon later the guards pushed him down and closed the heavy curtains that would separate him from the rest of the hall.

Being so thick, they would even block a little the sounds...

Ah, this was a good moment to start the recording. He clicked on the little device inside the sleeve of his shirt and waited for him to reveal everything

"Ah, sweet boy, you look like you know me." he snorted, eyeing lewdly at him.

"Of course I know you, sir, you're Jin Guangshan, you're the boss here... but I really need to go back to work." he answered, looking anxiously at the door where other people were waiting for him. He tried to look very scared and not to let his bloodlust out. That was the most difficult part.

Shen-di had probably died like this, separated from his coworkers and...

Why in the world this despicable man hadn't been caught yet?!

"Don't worry, don't worry, the lady here knows that when I bring here a waiter, they will be excused from work. Have a drink, kiddo!" he told him, pouring wine for him.

"I can't drink, sir, please... let me go, my family is waiting for me at home..." he pleaded, trying to get away, but before he could do anything a hand grabbed his wrist, holding it tightly. Suddenly Jin Guangshan didn't seem anymore that intoxicated by the wine. What the heck?

"You're not going anywhere..." he growled, as he reached out to his face. He instinctively flinched and bent back. Suddenly all the guards took out their guns and pointed them on him. "Lan Xichen. Or should I call you "Zewu-jun"?"

The blood in his veins froze over.

They knew...!!

He couldn't even shift to take the weapons he had hidden inside his clothes, because the next moment, they slammed him on the couch and blocked him in an uncomfortable and humiliating position. They cuffed his hands behind him with a plastic cable tie. If they had used handcuffs, he could have gotten free, but this thing... he could only surrender. The mask was ripped away, letting everyone see his real face.

At least, the five minutes were almost over and the message would be sent, soon.

"As you correctly said before, I am the boss here. Everyone works under me, with no exception." he scoffed. "It wasn't easy to get you, but considering how much money he's going to give me for your pretty ass, it's definitely not a loss."

His heart sunk. Someone paid him...? To get him?

"He? Who the hell is this 'he'?" he asked, hoping to make him talk enough to record him and maybe leave that as a proof for his mate to find.

"You don't need to know, yet, but I promise you'll find out real soon." the goddamn old man smirked, before turning to one of the guards. "Is the fake corpse ready?"

"Yes, sir. The burnt car has been found already, the police and firefighters are on the scene." he said with a bow.

The dread he felt in that moment couldn't be described by mere words.

"As if that's going to work." Lan Xichen scoffed. "My mate knows I'm here, he won't let you go. If you hurt me, he'll follow you to the end of this wretched world to tear you to shreds!"

He was scared, but A-Jue would never let him down. He could track down his phone or his smartwatch, he could get to him in time.

To be honest, he could fight back. He could even kill this Jin Guangshan if he wanted to, but then he would find himself dead on the floor. Was taking his life worth his sacrifice? For Shen-di...?

A terrible suspicion suddenly bloomed in his heart.

"Wait, what about Yan Shen? Did you kill him to get me?" he bitterly asked.

"Yan Shen? Who's that?" the old man looked perplexed and another guard stepped forward.

"Sir, it's the friend we took care of to lure him."

"Ah, yes, poor guy. He had the wrong friend. If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't have died like that." he sighed dejectedly, shaking his head.

Another guard came rushing in, yelling something about someone who had arrived and was waiting for him downstairs.

"Good, good. You, take him, we need to bring him to our buyer." he ordered one of the guards, that immediately picked him up and put him over his shoulder, carrying him like a sack of potatoes. "Ah, what a shame I can't taste this pretty treat before giving him away. You're the only one I haven't touched, mister buyer didn't want you to be tainted even more, he wants you only for himself." he said, as they walked through a private door and down some stairs, until they reached another floor. The old man was right in front of him and his eyes were so disgustingly lascivious he shivered.

Lan Xichen spit on his face. He wasn't sure whether or not he was going to get free, but sure as hell he was going to resist. No one could have him!

"I don't care who's out there, he won't have me!" he growled, kicking harshly the guard's stomach, who fainted with a grunt, freeing him from his hold. He fell before the door they were going to go through, and expected his back to hit the hard wood, but that's not what happened.

Someone had opened the door in that exact moment, making him fall on him, before gunshots resounded in the room.

A familiar, loved scent enveloped him and an arm sneaked around his waist.

"A-Jue!!" he cried out in relief, as the hand holding the gun dropped. Only Jin Guangshan was left alive, even if his face had become so pale he seemed already dead.

He had fallen on his butt and was now trembling like an idiot, sweating and trying to grab his phone to call for help.

"No one is coming. The buyer is in his car with a bullet on his forehead, so don't worry, no one is waiting for you." his mate growled with a voice so low that seemed to come from the depth of hell.

Knowing there would be no help, he started pleading pitifully."

"P-p-please, let me go! I have a family, my sons-"

"Your family is more than happy to have you gone. Two of your sons, Jin Guangyao and Jin Zixuan helped me arrive here and get all the proof I needed." he mocked him, before pulling out piles of documents that proved his guilt. "You kidnapped, raped, killed and sold live humans like livestock! And you even tried to do that with my mate, after killing his childhood friend. You'll die soon, shitface." he growled, as he threw on him all the papers filled with written proof of his crimes, before pulling him in an even tighter hug. "You guys, take care of him. I have already this big baby here that needs to get scolded." he ordered their underlings, before pulling him to the side.

Behind them a sudden gunshot broke the flow of pleads of the man.

Lan Xichen was almost trembling for how relieved he was.

"A-Jue, you came just in time." he sighed, leaning against him. He was so happy to be able to breathe his scent again so soon.

"You little-! Lan Huan!! Are you stupid or what?! I'm so furious at you!!" his mate yelled when everyone had left. "You were almost sold overseas to an old man, for fuck's sake!! I told you it was too dangerous, to wait for me to find what the heck he was doing, but no! You just had to come here on your own without telling me!! I was nearby for a lucky coincidence, but what if I wasn't?!"

Lan Xichen shook for his anger. He could totally understand why he was so angry, he was almost...

"I'm sorry, A-Jue. I thought I was strong enough for this... I thought I was the hunter, but it turned out I was actually the prey." he said in self mockery, looking down. "Before everything else, could you please cut the plastic tie? My wrists are going numb."

His love pulled out a sharp knife and with one simple gesture, he cut off the thing that was tying his wrists painfully, finally letting the blood flow back to his fingers.

It hurt, but he'll get over it, soon.

A-Jue wasn't talking, so he raised his head to apologize again, but before he could say anything hot lips sealed his in a bruising kiss. He only mewled, feeling suddenly the alpha press down on him.

Soon, Lan Xichen found himself slammed against the nearest wall, kissed to an inch of his life. His large hands were everywhere, on his waist, on his lower back, on his hardening nipples or even on his raging hard-on.

He felt so loved. His alpha, his love, his lifelong mate was loving him as he desired and needed.

"W-we should go home A-Jue... I want to go back to our apartment, to our nest..." he mewled, needy. He had to get taken soon, but not in this strange place that smelt of that bastard's blood and detergents.

"Only because my puppy is asking." he hummed. He then picked him in his arms in a bridal carry and brought him to their car. He put him in the passenger's side, then went to the driver's seat and started the car. He turned the AC and the seat warmer, making soon the air warm enough for Lan Xichen to stop trembling. He hadn't noticed he was freezing until that moment, but his mate had noticed.

His heart was almost bursting for how loved he felt. It was only fair if he reciprocated in some way, right?

He pulled up his long hair in a high ponytail as his love liked, then put his hand on his crotch, palming his hard-on.

"Baby, what are you doing?" he gasped.

"I can't wait until we're home to taste your cock, I want it now~" he purred, freeing the hard length. He was so thick and long, at the start he feared about his body, but no more.

He hadn't had his treat in three days and he was already starving for him. He inhaled his alpha's musky scent that was so his . He smelt like vanilla, cinnamon and a little bit of smoke. Everyone expected from him a hard and heavy scent, but actually he smelt as if he had just walked out of a bakery. Which was, in a certain way, very true. He grew his little brother up and spoiled him to no end, making sweets almost every week for him.

Nowadays, he was the one in charge of the kitchen, the one cooking and baking almost everyday, when he wasn't busy cleaning up the mess caused by the unjust rules and foolish police.

His cock tasted just as good, that was why he immediately started licking the red tip, savouring the drop of precome that welled up over it, then trailing with his tongue down where his knot was going to swell, then back up to the tip.

"Fuck, pup. Stay low or they'll see you." he growled, but there was no need to say it, since Lan Xichen had already started sucking on the large dick joyfully, like he did when he was a child with lollipops.

After taking a deep breath he took the tasty cock down his throat, purring around it.

A-Jue emitted a throaty moan. Everything inside Lan Xichen was rejoycing. He loved to please his alpha with his pliant holes that were now used to the impressive length. He took him without gagging, now. If his mate was enjoying it, even he would love it.

He sucked, licked and purred, bringing them both to their peaks. When his love started to fuck his throat relentlessly, they had already parked in the garage of their house. He cursed and groaned as he facefucked him as good as possible, until Lan Xichen came in his pants like an omega at his first heat and A-Jue's knot fully inflated behind his teeth, as he came down his tight throat with a growl that had little of human.

He swallowed carefully every drop of semen with a pleased hum, still with that cock inside his mouth. Luckily he could hold his breath for a long while and waited for the knot to deflate a little, before being able to pull it out and breathe again. Some drops of sperm dribbled down his mouth, but he didn't want to lose even one drop, so he dried it with his fingers and licked them lustfully, staring at his mate's burning eyes... and that seemed to awaken even more the beast inside his A-Jue.

"Baobei, you're not going to sleep tonight." he thundered, as he brought him upstairs where he had made their love nest.

"A-Jue, that man touched me earlier, I need you to cancel from my mind what happened. Will you please make me forget that shitface?" he pleaded, wrapping his hands around his head and looking at him with puppy eyes.

"That goddamn bastard, I should have made him suffer more." he almost roared in fury. His burning gaze then dropped on him, making him shiver in arousal. "You're mine, only fucking mine! You were acting strange, of course, but I never thought you would...! When I read what you went to do, I thought I was going to go crazy for the worry! Only the thought of you, dressed as a waiter, with that disgusting alpha... You'll never leave my sight ever again!"

Lan Xichen let him vent his anger while kissing sweetly his neck to soothe him.

"A-Jue, I was wrong... I'm so sorry, love, I was too hasty. I underestimated him and let my anger take my whole mind. Thank you for saving me." he apologized again, but for his alpha, this wasn't enough.

"Tch. Get naked and then present your ass to your alpha, pretty pup. I'll see if I'll accept your apology." he ordered, letting out his alpha scent, knowing it would relieve the tension from the absurd events of the night.

He obeyed without a second thought, wanting to please him and to get pleased. He ripped off those waiter clothes with that disgusting mix of strange scents and got on their large bed, on hands and knees as he asked, bending down to show him his already wet hole and hard cock still covered in the sperm of his previous orgasm.

"You're so pretty, do you know that? Open your legs a bit more..." he purred, as he knelt behind him, between his open legs.

He was waiting for his fingers to penetrate him or maybe even his cock directly, he was already wet and pliant for him.

But then, he felt hot breathe and the next moment he felt a hot muscle lick the slick dribbling down his thighs.

He mewled in surprise, but luckily that didn't stop his mate to go straight to eat him out, opening his soft hole gently, humming as he did so. He was clearly enjoying this as much as him.

Lan Xichen was gripping the sheets, even that simple touch was making him tremble. The fear and helplessness he felt earlier were suddenly melting away, leaving the place to arousal and pleasure.

"Aaah, A-Jue~ I want you to take me now, please~" he cried out, when he felt his second orgasm getting nearer and nearer.

"Come for me, love." his mate ordered and that was enough to make him get over the top and come on the sheets with a loud moan.

His knees lost all the strength and he would have collapsed on the bed, but his mate was holding him up by the ass with his large hands.

"Good boy. Now it's time for your daddy to have his fun, am I right?" he purred, before turning him on his back and picking him up in his strong arms.

"Y-yes... take me however you want, alpha~" he offered himself at him, baring his throat to show him again the bonding mark.

Fangs bit down on the tender skin, hard enough to break it and make blood trickle down his naked pecs.

He let out another throaty moan at the feeling of being marked again. A-Jue licked the bite, cleaning him before stealing another kiss from his gaping lips. He could taste his own blood in the kiss, but he didn't care.

His mate was still dressed, he had out only his hard cock that was pressing against his naked stomach, smearing precome on his skin. He was kissing him roughly, possessively, as if he wanted to devour him so he could keep him inside him every second of his life to prevent him from getting in more troubles.

Without waiting another second he lined up the cock to his not nearly prepared enough hole and started pushing it inside. He was lucky his body was accustomed to the great length, otherwise he would have split him in two with that monstrous cock. He looked down and saw the big bulge whenever he rammed it inside. Only the sight would be enough to make him come on the spot.

"Fuck, A-Jue! You're too big, too big!" he almost screamed, knowing he could do it without annoying anyone. They were the only two in their home and the nearest house was way too far to be able to hear his fucked out screams.

"Too big? You like this, baby, don't lie to me." his lover laughed. "You shouldn't have done that if you didn't want to be impaled on my cock, silly boy. Admit it, you were looking forward to this since the second I kissed you in that shitty building."

Lan Xichen would have wanted to shake his head or deny it, but there was no actual reason to lie so shamelessly. He loved it when his mate was so possessive, so angry and ended up venting his anger on his holes.

He bent his head even more backwards just as the other started pulling out and slamming it back inside with too much force, eliciting another loud moan. He didn't need to lean against anything, he just held him up with the fierce strength he was so famous for and brutally fucked him, making him bounce on his hips like a ragdoll. But it still wasn't enough, even though the cock stuffing his insides was so huge, he needed more pressure on his sweet spot. He leaned back to try and get the stimulation he needed and the next thrust hit his prostate dead on, causing his limbs to tremble for the jolt of pleasure that shot through his body.

His mate smirked and went on it even harder and faster, bringing him to the third orgasm of their night. He came again, this time covering Nie Mingjue's black suit in his sperm.

But he didn't stop there.

He pushed him back onto the bed on all four, pulled his ponytail and kept on going without stopping even when he started crying for oversensitivity. Not that he wanted him to stop, he loved to be taken, used as his personal cumdump and forced to come over and over again.

However, after being ravaged like that for a while, he felt something more inside him that had to come out.

"Ah- A-Jue! Wai- wait, please! Ah ah ah~ I need to go to the bathroom, I have to piss, please stop-"

"Don't hold back, baby, let it all out, you know I love it." his mate purred in his ear as he fucked him even harder, hitting his prostate and bladder at every thrust.

Those words and the constant pressure on his sweetest spots, with the pleasure given by oversensitivity pushed him again over the top, making him dirty the sheets again. When he stopped coming, however, the flow of liquid didn't stop, as he wetted himself for the pleasure numbing his mind.

Suddenly, however, his mind went to the night and he couldn't recall taking the contraceptive pill.

"A-Jue, A-Jue, I haven't taken my pill!" he exclaimed.

"Well, it's about time to knock my little baby up with my pups, don't you think so? Fuck, I want to impregnate you so bad. Let me come inside and knot you as you deserve." his mate groaned and his pace became even faster.

"Yes, please! Put your pups inside me, alpha!" he moaned, finally expressing the thought he had been scared to admit.

Soon he felt the large knot starting to inflate and his mate's pace increased even more. He was feeling so full of meat and soon he would be even full of his thick alpha sperm that would knock him up for good with all the pups he desired.

When finally the knot finished growing, locking him in place, a load of come started to fill him, pushing him over the top again. His mated alpha's come always managed to make him come hard, as if he hadn't come already enough times that evening. Probably it was so he could get pregnant more easily.

His hole was opened by the fist-like knot, avoiding any drop of sperm to dribble down from his fertile omega womb.

He dangled from the still hard cock like a ragdoll, exhausted. Today had been too hard on him... he was tired, so tired.

"Sleep, baby. I'll wash you up and put us to bed. You've been so good and you took me so well. You can rest for now, my heart. I love you so much."

Those words lulled him to sleep. The last thing he felt was his mate bringing him to their large pool in the spa room they had and washing him lovingly, with so much care.

He fell asleep as he felt so loved like never before.

His last thought was for Shen-di. His death was avenged, at last. He wouldn't have died if it wasn't for him being his friend... and he was sure he would keep this scar for the rest of his life. But at least he was alive and loved. He was with his mate and with this night of fuck he would get probably pregnant with a litter of pups.

But in any way they would keep on protecting this city from damned villains like that Jin Guangshan, saving as many people as possible... for the rest of their lives.