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Your occasional slip of a word had turned into an incoherent babble, and as she twisted her digits inside of you you let a curse word slip, momentarily forgetting your place.

All at once, everything was gone; her nimble fingers extracted from your core and her supportive hand removed from your side. You stuttered in the bucking of your hips as your eyes shot open- you had been so close-
“Wanda-'' you gasped, irate and confused at the complete loss of contact, but she just clucked her tongue in disapproval.

“That's not my name," she started, and as you hung your head with a whine she lifted your chin back up, clearly expecting an apology.

A whimper, and then a quiet "I'm sorry Mommy," paired with such puppy dog eyes that she couldn't help but crack a small smile even as you squirmed on her lap.

"There we go." She licked her fingers obscenely as you attempted to grind into her lap, panting and gasping while searching for the friction that you had lost moments before for seemingly no good reason. When she had removed her now glistening fingers from in between her lips she brought then up to yours, tracing your cupid's bow with her thumb. Almost immediately you opened your mouth and she inserted her fingers for you to suck. Tasting yourself, you moaned, and saw the green almost completely leave her eyes as her pupils dilated even further.  

"Are you my good girl?" You whimpered and nodded in reply, splaying your hands on her sides as her long fingers reached the back of your throat. "Okay, well the last time I checked, good girls don't curse, especially not in front of their Mommies." You froze. Fuck. That's why your orgasm, so close you could taste it, had been ripped away. 

You instantly attempted a response, but seeing as Wanda's fingers were still in your mouth it came out garbled and nonsensical. You whimpered and she removed her fingers from between your lips, a string of spit still connecting them as you immediately began apologizing. 

"Mommy please I'm so sorry I'll be good I'll be so good for you just let me be good please please please Mommy," At this point you had buried your face into her neck, inhaling her scent and nosing through her auburn hair as you repeatedly made your apologies.  

She lifted your head from the juncture of her neck and shoulder where you had begun to suckle on her skin with a groan and then cut you off with a finger to your lips,  saying, “Alright detka, you’ve made your point."

You nodded in concession and darted your tongue out to lick her finger, while resuming your slow grind onto her lap. She bit her lip before speaking. 

"Okay milaya, here's the deal. You can either beg me to come, or beg me to stop." Your eyes widened. You had been at Wanda's mercy in both of those situations before, and they both ended with your ability to walk going out the window. 

But after a moment the burning ache that had turned into a raging bonfire low in your belly and the fact that you were smearing arousal onto the exposed flesh below her scarlett pajama shirt every time your hips made contact made your decision for you. 

"What's it going to be malysh? To you want to be edged all night?" You didn't move. Her voice deepened to a growl. "Or cum so many times you can't feel your legs." Your body betrayed you and your hips twitched as a whimper slipped past your swollen lips. 

Her eyes flashed and before you could speak she had her lips pressed against yours, hot and insistent, and her long, nimble fingers were probing through your heat, teasing just the tiniest bit before they slipped back in with ease and you whined into her mouth. 

She circled your clit until you thought you were going to explode, and then she abruptly thrust two fingers into you to the knuckle, curling them in a 'come hither' motion. Your hips rocked as you let out broken moans and cries, gripping her shirt in your fists. She moved up to your neck and licked a stripe from your collarbone to your ear. 

As she moved her thumb to your clit she murmured encouragement in your ear, steadying the erratic bouncing of your hips with her hand. 

"Look at you, so good for me, riding my fingers so pretty." She sat back a bit and looked at you; mouth open, gasping and gripping her shirt, a sheen of sweat on your chest and your hair a bit rumpled from before, and she thought that you had never looked so beautiful. 

"Detka look at me," You forced your eyes to meet her green ones. "Cum for me malysh. Cum for Mommy."

 The world paused, on the precipice of pleasure, and then Wanda threw you over the edge. You let out strangled moans and gasps and you fell into her shoulder, twitching and stuttering as you ground slowly into the digits still inside you. She murmured breathlessly in your ear. 

"Look at you, so good for me, you did so good for Mommy, so pretty when you cum, you can do it again for me, can't you detka? You can keep going for Mommy, right?" 

As you returned to awareness you realized that her the fingers inside you and on your sensitive clit had started to move again, and you whimpered. 

"Mommy, too much, I don't- I can't-"

Wanda interrupted you almost immediately, grabbing your china and angling your face towards hers. "Y/N what color are you right now. What color detka."

You looked at her through hooded eyes just as her fingers shifted and hit the right spot and you stuttered out "Green- I'm, oh, god, green mhm, yes-" 

Satisfied with your answer Wanda proceeded to resume her movement, and as she brought you to a quick second orgasm, (two out of at least five), she thought that there was no place she'd rather be.