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Love, Marriage and trouble with Ainsworth

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They had planned to keep their wedding day a secret from everyone and only tell them after the fact. Yet, while they were eating breakfast with aunt, father and Marian they were so excited that they just blurted it out. Everyone was in shock and there were smiles from all round.

‘Can we come? We could be your witnesses. Then we could go out for a meal to celebrate your wedding day.’ Marian squealed. She didn’t understand how they could make such a huge decision since they had only known each other for a short time but they seemed to be happy. So, she was happy for them.

Anne looked at Ann for the okay to say yes. Ann was smiling so widely that no one missed her answer. ‘Yes, of course, we would be delighted. Thanks for offering. We really hadn’t thought this out. Yes, we can celebrate at the Halifax Inn. Something special between us. Okay!!! Marian looked disappointed she had wanted to invite Thomas Beech. Even though he was Anne’s new gardener she had fallen hard and fast for him. She said he had a nice face.

‘What’s up, Marian.’ Anne said. ‘You want to invite Thomas. I am right. Aren’t I?’

‘Well, yeah, kinda.’

Anne looked at Ann for her to say it was okay. ‘Of course, you can, Marian.’ Ann said. ‘This is a family celebration and he is family. Isn’t he?’

‘Yes, he is family. Thanks. I will let him know.’

‘You had better be quick about it Marian.’ Anne said. Before Marian could ask why…

‘And when is this going to take place?’ Her Aunt inquired.

‘Hopefully today with a bit of luck some time after lunch. If the registry office is free by then. I have to call and make inquiries. I will let you know. So, yes, Marian you need to get a wiggle on.’

Then they were alone. Everyone had gone to find something to wear. They needed to be organised just in case.

‘Hey, what happened to our secret, Anne?’

‘I think we both were too excited to keep it mum. Weren’t we? How the heck are we going to be able to keep any secrets while we live here.’

‘i don’t know.’ They wandered up to their room. Anne found her phone and call the council chambers.

‘Halifax council, Maria here. How can I help you?’

‘Hello, can I speak to someone in the registry department? Anne said. ‘My wife and I want to get married today.’

‘Just one moment I will put your through to them.’


‘Registrar, Vere speaking. What can I do for you?’

‘I was just wondering how busy you were today. My wife and I want to get married. Is there a chance we can book our wedding for this afternoon?’

‘Just one moment I will see what is available.’ Anne suddenly realise who she was talking to. She had thought the voice sounded familiar.

‘Hey, sorry for interrupting. Are you Vere Cameron? The voice sounds strangely like her.’

‘I am she. Why?’ Vere said cautiously. She wasn’t sure who she was talking to. While the voice sounded familiar she didn’t know who it was.

‘Don’t you recognise the infamous Anne Lister when you’re talking to her.’

‘Good grief. No!! Sorry, Anne. Who are you planning to marry?’

‘Anne Walker of Crow Nest. Is it possible that we can do that?’

‘Little Anne Walker. Is she the one who swooned over you years ago? Didn’t you call her a scrawny teenager?’ Ann had heard all this and she was stunned until Anne answered Vere. Then she was all smiles again.

‘Yes, I guess so. I don’t know why now because you should see her now. The ugly duckling that she was has grown into the most beautiful swan you could ever imagine.’

‘Goodness!; Vere said. ‘ I can’t wait to meet her. You do realise I will be conducting the service for you. We have a free hour from 2pm. Is that okay?’

‘Just wait while I ask Ann.’ She turned to face Ann who was blushing so much you would have thought she had been in the sun for hours without protection.

‘Ann, are you okay? Oh shite, you heard everything we said. Sorry.’

‘That’ okay. And yes, 2pm will be fine.’

‘Yes, I heard that. I will book you in. See you at 2pm, Anne. Who else will be with you?’

‘Father, Aunt Anne, Marian and Thomas Beech. I think Marian is in love with him. She keeps telling me he has a nice face. Whatever that means?’

‘Oh, okay!! Take care, bye.’

Anne sat her phone back down on the nightstand. She leaned over and kissed Ann on her forehead.

‘What was all that about? Scrawny teenager. Hey Anne, I was besotted with you even then. I couldn’t go a day without thinking about you and sometimes without seeing you. You would walk around your estate so fast. I would wonder how you were able to be so strong, so brave.’

Oops, Anne thought. How is it that one person can seem so shy yet be so open about her feelings. She wondered how she would make amends to what was said in the past. As if reading her mind Ann said. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. I heard your reply. I was blushing because you said I had been an ugly duckling and now I am a beautiful swan. I think the bird analogy is a bit strong but its still nice that you see me that way.’

‘Oh!! I didn’t think you were you listening.’

‘Hey, I’m just here. I couldn’t avoid it if I tried.’ Ann scowled. She didn’t mean to be angry but, she was. She never thought Anne would keep such secrets from her. After all her words stung a little.

‘Are you alright, Ann.’ Anne mutters more to herself but hoping Ann will hear.

‘Not really. If, we want this to work out we need to communicate more not just how we feel about each other but how we viewed each other in the past. than just assuming we both know.’  This comment takes Anne by surprise. She wonders how she is going to explain what Vere said over the phone. She exhales silently then begins to explain to Ann why she felt that why then and this way now.

‘Well……you were always so…..slim, so….frag….ile. It’s still hard for me to see you any differently than what I did then. Only I am beginning to understand you better than what I did.’

’How is that?’ Ann said so softly she didn’t think Anne heard her.

‘When you were a teenager I was nearly thirty. I only saw you as a kid. You see the age difference is there but it doesn’t affect us as much now as it did then. I think we are both more mature now and you are an adult with a beauty that is beyond compare.’ Ann smiled. She just beginning to understand what Anne was saying. Is it possible that their age difference would be a burden in the future as it could have been in the past if they had began this relationship sooner.

‘Anne, what about the future? How will you feel when I am only 48 and you are already 60? How will you see us then? I would like to think that you will be a very young 60 but a lot can happen between now and then.’

‘You are very observant, darling. I am sure we will find a way to navigate this situation if and when it happens. What I would love to say is I think we will grow together. We will learn each others’ wants and needs as we grow more into this relationship.’

‘Anne, I really hope so because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I think you are amazing.’

‘Why, thank you, Ann. I think you are adorable.’ Anne said. ‘Now, let’s tell the others what is happening. We have time to get ready to do. Have you thought about what you are going to wear?’ They walked downstairs and into the sitting room. Marian and Aunt Anne seemed to be ready to leave. They were both dressed in their Sunday best. Anne was surprised. Marian had given Aunt Anne a small bottle of bubbles to blow at the brides. She looked quite pleased with herself. Anne was stunned because she never imagined that her sister and her Aunt would be so happy to join in their celebration. Father was dressed in his best suit for the occasion.

Anne was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt and purple tie. Ann wore her favourite blue dress. They looked beautiful.  

She had wondered if Ann had wanted to invite a cousin or two along but didn’t want to force Ann to do something that would probably result in more rejection from her tribe. Only Marian did mention it.

‘Is anyone from your family going to be there, Ann?’

‘I hadn’t thought about inviting anyone because I know what would happen. Too many of my tribe want to control my life and this would just give them a reason to throw mud in my face.’

‘What about your cousin, Catherine? Doesn’t she know about us, Ann?’

‘I guess she does, darling.’ Ann said. ‘Should I call her to see if she want to come?’

‘Yes!’ They all chorused. So she did and when Catherine agreed to come Ann was elated. She would have one member of her family there. She warned Catherine not to tell anyone. Only she knew Catherine couldn’t keep mum when she was excited. So, the fall out could be inevitable but she hoped nothing bad would come from it.

They had planned to meet Catherine close to 2pm at the Halifax Council Chambers. When they arrived in Anne’s car they never expected anyone else to be with Catherine. Only it seemed that she had brought someone with her.

Ann looked on in horror as she realised who it was.

‘Why can’t Catherine keep her mouth shut. I told her not to tell anyone and here she is with someone in tow. It looks like it is. Oh fuck. It is her. Why? What can we do now?’ Aunt Anne looked shocked when Ann spoke but she could understand how she was feeling. This was Ann and Anne’s special day and she didn’t want one of Ann’s tribe spoiling it.

‘Hey, let’s go around the block. You call Catherine to tell her it’s off. If you don’t want this other person to be there then we can’t have Catherine there. Sad as it is. She should have done what you asked her.’ Aunt Anne was furious. She certainly didn’t want anyone spoiling their day especially not Mrs Priestley. Ann called Catherine. When Catherine answered the phone she moved away from Eliza who seemed distracted as they went around the block for a second time.

‘We have changed our minds. We’re not getting married today? We think it might be too soon.’

‘You’re mad because Eliza is here. I didn’t tell her. I don’t know how she guessed what was going on.’ Catherine said so only Ann could hear. ..I was standing her waiting for you and she pounced on me. She must have thought I was up to something. I don’t know why she thinks that because as you can see I only have on what you have see me wearing at home. What do you want me to do about her?’

‘Nothing for the moment. We are taking a spin around the block  again.. We have twenty minutes before we need to be inside. Oh darn!! Why us, why now? All I want to do is marry Anne and live with her. Why does she need to poke her bloody nose in where its not wanted.’

‘Ann, give me the phone.’ Anne said as she pulled into the car park near the council chambers.’ Ann hands her phone to Anne.

‘Hi Catherine, Anne here, would you hand your phone to Eliza. I want to talk to her.’

‘Eliza, Anne Lister wants to talk to you. Here take this.’

‘Why should I talk to her. I am only her to convince Ann that she is doing the wrong thing.’

‘Sorry Anne, it seems Eliza doesn’t want to talk to you.’ Catherine said.

‘Now, what do we do?’ Anne said directing her comment to Ann.

‘I don’t know.’ Anne said softly. This was going to be a good day. Then Marian spoke up. She suggested they park somewhere out of sight and walk in the back door.’

‘What about Aunt Anne with her bad knee? Ann said.

‘I will be fine. I can rest when this is over. We are going someone nice to eat later. Aren’t we?’

‘Yes, Aunt. We are.’ Ann said. Aunt Anne nodded.

‘I can rest then. Okay!’

They drove around the block again. It seemed that Catherine and Eliza were in the middle of a heated argument. No one could make out what was being said but in Ann’s eyes it didn’t look good for her. Ann called Catherine again.

‘Just say its Delia. She is calling to see where you are. Then just answer no or yes to the next question or three I ask you.’

It’s my sister, Delia. She wants to know where I am.’ Catherine tells Eliza. Then she tells Ann where she is to keep up the rouse. Then Ann asks her a couple of questions.

‘Were you arguing about us?’


‘Is she going to leave?’


‘Why is she asking questions now?’ Eliza said

‘She just wants to know if I will be home later and if I have anything else I need to do today.’

‘Okay!!’ Eliza says as if she believes her. Catherine has an inkling she doesn’t but she says.’Okay.’ With more questions from Ann and more yes and no answers from Catherine, they decide their next move. Anne calls the registry office and talks to Vere.

‘Registry office, Vere speaking. How can I help you?’

‘Hi, Vere, Anne Lister speaking. We have a slight problem. One of Ann’s tribe is making life hard for Ann. She doesn’t want her to marry me. I really don’t know what to do.’

‘You could postpone your wedding but I am sure you don’t want to do that. Or you could change venues and since I am conducting your wedding we could have it anywhere you wish. It’s up to you. I am available now since I was going home when I had married you and Ann.’

‘Brilliant, excellent. Just give me a minute to talk to Ann. Can you hold while I do that?’

‘Yes, not a problem, go ahead.’ Ann had been listening intently to the conversation. She had no idea where she would like to get married then she thought of the chaumiere. There was a nice spot right there. Would that be fine. She told Anne and Anne relaid the message to Vere who said she would meet them at the hall. She knew where it was even though she hadn’t been there. Hey, everyone in Halifax knew where Shibden Hall was.

Ann called Catherine and told her they were going home. If she wanted to come she can. She told her to tell Eliza that she has changed her mind but not to smile when she said it..

‘Eliza, the wedding is off. You can go home. I’m going home too. See you later.’

‘Okay.’ Eliza said. Only she didn’t believe her. She decided to leave her car where it was and get an uber so they could follow Catherine to where she was going.

Half an hour later just as they were walking down to the chaumiere who should appear in an uber. Yes, Eliza Priestley. She paid the driver and stepped out of the vehicle. She walked directly to Ann and tried to convince Ann that she was doing the wrong thing by marrying Anne Lister.

‘If you marry Anne Lister your life will be hell. She will dump you the first chance she gets. She will take all your wealth and leave you with nothing.’ Eliza screamed so all could hear. Her aunt was hurt by Eliza’s words. Anne’s father was about to speak up for his daughter when Anne spoke up.

‘You neither know me or understand me, Eliza. I thought you did. I foolishly imagined that you would be happy for us.’

‘Never!’ Eliza bellowed. ‘She proposed to by a Reverend Ainsworth. Only she turned him down. Why because she thought he was good enough. Now, she hitching herself to your wagon. Her future looks grim.’

Ann didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Then Anne walked up and was standing next to her.

‘If you don’t mind, Eliza. This is none of your business. How do you dare to taint and spoil our day. Please leave or else I will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.’

‘You can do that but I will say you brainwashed Ann into marrying you. I will tell the tribe that you cajoled her into thinking she is gay.’ Ann was listening and couldn’t believe what her cousin’s wife was saying.

‘Eliza, no one cajole me into thinking I am gay or brainwashed me into marrying Anne. This is what I want. What I have always wanted. I have been in love with Anne since I first met her when I was 15 no 14. So quit telling me how to live my life and who I should love.’ WOW!! Anne thought. She never imagined Ann would stand up to her family as she was doing just now. Only Eliza wouldn’t leave. She just stood her ground. Anne wondered if she should call her bluff and call the police. She didn’t want to get too many people involved in this situation. She could see Ann was starting to panic. She didn’t want her to have a panic attack.

She wrapped her arms around her and tried to calm her. Catherine stood on the other side. Marian joined in. They could see she was on the verge of a panic attack. Anne knew this was the only way to calm her down. It was working until Eliza brought religion into the conversation.’You will go to hell for this. Marriage in the eyes of the church is only between a man and a woman. God will smite you.’

‘No more than he will smite you for being such a hypocrite, Eliza. When was the last time you went to church? What has their relationship got to do with your sense of religious conviction? Hell, why are you here anyway? I don’ t imagine it is in Ann’s best interest. Is it?’ Marian said.

‘Yes, it is.’

‘I think not. She has told us that her tribe wanted her to marry a Reverend Ainsworth.’

Yes, a good man of the cloth.’

‘No, a rouge who only wanted to marry her for her money.’ Anne said. She wanted to say more but she thought Ann wasn’t at her best right now. So, she left it at that.

Only Eliza was still standing there. She hadn’t moved and Anne could feel Ann collapsing. It wasn’t good to put her through this.

‘Catherine, Marian please take Ann inside. Just give her lots of hugs and tell her everything will be fine.’

‘Tell me please, Anne.’

‘Sorry, babe. Please go with Catherine and Marian. Everything will be fine. I will deal with this. Okay!! I am going to protect you from your tribe.’ Anne gave Ann a warm hug and kissed her on her lips. Eliza huffed. ‘That wasn’t necessary.’

‘What wasn’t necessary?’ Anne inquired. She knew what Eliza was going to say but she wanted her to say it.

‘The kiss. I don’t want to see you do that. It’s inappropriate.’

‘Why? You wouldn’t tell a straight couple not to kiss. So why us?’

‘That’s different.’

‘No it isn’t. We are two people, two women who happened to love each other.

Who want to be together for the rest of our lives.’

‘You just want to control Ann’s fortune. Marrying her will give you access to it.’

‘So, that’s what you think. I didn’t even know about her wealth. She doesn’t like talking about money. So we don’t. I am fine. I have my own money.’

‘I still say you brainwashed her into thinking she is gay. I think Reverend Ainsworth would be a good match for her.’ Anne’s blood was boiling. She couldn’t keep it to herself any more. Eliza needed to know what Ainsworth did to Ann while his wife was still alive. Anne had recently told her.

‘That swine.’

‘You insult a man of God.’

‘No, a man of the devil because he did things to Ann that he had no right to and while his wife was in the other room. Ann thinks he rigged her car so she would die in the accident.’

‘What did he do?’ Their voices were so loud now that everyone inside could hear them. Ann was begging Marian to go outside and call Anne in. She didn’t want Eliza to know what he had done to her.

‘Ann, I am sure Anne will not say anything to embarrass you. Let’s listen for a bit more.’

‘Okay!’ Ann said. ‘please go out if it seems likely she will. I will tell you.’

Then Anne went full blown anger mode. Eliza had tuned out by this and Ann was still quietly inside listening. She had hoped it would never come to this but it did. Ann was happy that Anne was defending her but scared that Eliza wouldn’t like what Anne was saying.

‘Hey bitch, are you listening to me?’

‘Why should I? Ann made this up.’ Then Ann rose from where she was sitting and stormed out the door. How could Eliza think Ann was lying.

‘Eliza, leave now or I will call the cops.’ Ann pulled her phone from her pocket. She dialed 999 and ask for the police. Eliza realised she was serious and called for an uber to take her back into town. Ann hung up as soon as she realised Eliza was leaving. Eliza didn’t believe what she was hearing. That What Anne had told her was true.

‘What Anne told you is true. He molested me while his wife was in the other room.’

‘Whatever. You are going to regret doing this. She will get sick of you, Ann.’

‘Not going to happen.’ They both said in unison. The uber appeared and Eliza left in a huff adding I will tell all. They won’t leave you allow, Ann.’

‘I will protect her because she is my wife. I can do that for her since her tribe won’t.’

‘Anne, please.’

‘It is fact, Ann. I love you, darling. I won’t do anything that will hurt you.’

‘Thank you.’ The uber arrives and Eliza leaves. She is so mad only she doesn’t know what to do next to pry Ann from Anne’s clutches. She still thinks Anne has brainwashed her but she has no proof.

Ann and Anne were still watching the uber leave when Vere appeared.

‘Are we getting married today, Ladies?’ Vere asked wondering why Ann and Anne seem flustered. She thinks they had trouble with the person who just left. ‘Do you still want to go to the chaumiere? She asked. Then she said ‘I think it would be great to do it right here. The mood of this place needs to change. I am sure taking vows and committing to each other would help change all our moods.’

‘What do you think, Ann?’ Anne looked at her wife for an answer. Ann didn’t speak but drew her in and kiss her passionately.

‘I guess that means yes.’ Ann nods. They collect chairs from the house so everyone can sit down. Anne plays ‘sometimes when we touch’ by Dan Hill on her is her favourite song and will soon be Ann’s. It is a bit romantic and Ann tears up a little. Aunt Anne is so happy. Of course, she is prepared just in case the flood gates should open up. She was certain they would. Marian sat next to her aunt and Catherine and Jeremy sat behind them. It was a small family affair which was all Ann and Anne wanted for their wedding day.

‘We are gather to help this lovely couple create a marriage together. We wish there the best of luck with their future. We hope that from this day forward they will be bless with lots of happiness and joy. Their home will be filled with laughter. Their home will be a safe haven where they can go daily for respite from the outside world. To find love and happiness amid all the strife in the world.’ Vere said.

‘I will start with you, Ann Walker. Do you, Ann Walker, take Anne Lister to be your lawful wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward in sickness and in health Forsaking all others. To love and cherish her until death do you part.’

‘I will.’

‘Now, your turn, Anne. Do you Anne Lister, take Ann Walker to be your lawful wedded wife. To have and to hold in sickness and in health from this day forward forsaking all others. To love and cherish her until death do you part.’

‘I do.’

‘Do you have vows you want to recite?’

‘We do.’ They said in unison. ‘Anne can go first.’ Ann said.

‘Since the first time you approached me and offered to buy me a drink until now I have been smitten with you. I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. To make a family with you. To go traveling and have many adventures with you. I love you, Mrs. Ann Lister.’ Ann smile was so wide. They had decided early that Ann would take Anne’s name. She was so happy. There would be no hyphenated name.

‘You turn, Ann.’ Vere said.

‘Thanks to Catherine.’ Ann turned around and smiled at her cousin.’I was able to meet my adorable wife and marry her. I never thought I would ever be able to do this. I am so grateful for all the times we will have together and the ones we have already had even thought we have only been together for a moment. I am so looking forward to traveling the world with you, to creating a safe family home with you and to loving you for the rest of my life. I love you, Mrs Anne Lister.’ They smiled at each other. Aunt Anne was crying softly and so was Marian.

They signed their certificate and thank Vere for going that extra mile for them. It was so good after the trauma Eliza had caused.

‘Vere, we are going out to celebrate our day with a meal at the local pub if you would love to come with us. It’s on the house for all you have done for us today.’

‘I would love that. Just let me call home to tell Donald and the kids.’

‘Hey, they can come too. The more the merrier.’ Ann said.

‘Are you sure?’ Vere looked at them surprised.

‘Well, I heard Donald is a good photographer and we need some good memories from today.’

‘Okay.’ Vere said as she found her husband’s number and called him. He was home with their kids. They don’t know who was more excited about eating out. Was it him or the kids? He collected his camera and they all met at the Halifax Inn. Anne had reserved the private room so they could eat and celebrate in peace. Thomas arrived a few minutes after they did and made a beeline for Marian. He couldn’t be there for the ceremony because he had to work.

‘How’s my lovely lady today?’ Thomas said. That made Marian blush. ‘I think I would love to marry you but not right now. Would you like that, Marian?’

‘Let me think about it for a moment…….Yes, yes. Yes.’ She pulled him in and gave him a passionate kiss.

‘I am glad you don’t wish to marry my niece too soon. I have to recover from this one.’ Aunt Anne said.

‘I will second that one.’ Jeremy said. ‘I think we can wait.’

They were directed to the private room by Eugenie who would be serving their meals.The room was well lit by natural light and everyone found their seats. Anne and Ann sat together with Aunt Anne to Anne’s left and Jeremy to Ann’s right. Catherine sat next to Jeremy. Marian and Thomas sat on the opposite side of the table. It was only meant to seat six but they had managed to pull over another table and chairs to accommodate all of Vere’s family, Vere and Donald were seated to the right of Marian and the kids sat next to Aunt Anne. She was good with kids and had brought along a colouring book for each of them and some colour pencils to entertain them while the adults chatted.

‘Here is the menu. What would you like to drink today? We have some wines and beers and fizzy drinks for the kids or just water.'Eugenie said. ‘What would you like?’

‘Just water for now, thanks.’ Everyone said in unison.

‘I will bring a couple of jugs of water to you in a moment. Is everything as you requested, Miss LIster?’

‘Yes, thanks, Eugenie. Excellent.’

They ordered their meals. The pub served good English food and everyone had something different. Of course, the brides had to be an exception. They both had bangers and mash. Aunt Anne had tripe in white sauce. The kids had fish and chips. Well, that’s what kids usually ask for. The rest couldn’t decide between beef with Yorkshire pudding or lamb. Anne and Ann said it was the best wedding they had ever had. Of course. It was the only wedding they’d ever had but who was listening. No one because they were thinking  what cake to get for their wedding cake.

Before they left the inn Donald took a few photos of the wedding group as well as a few photos of the bridal couple. Then when they arrived at the hall he took some more and promised he would email them to Anne later today or tomorrow.

‘What do you think?’ Anne said to Ann.’Would you like a chocolate cake or a plain cake?’

‘I’m not sure. Let’s try both.’ So they went to the baker’s to buy the cakes then they all went back to Shibden Hall to cut the cake, give speeches and celebrate. Their day.

‘Speech, speech, speech.’ Everyone screamed in unison as Anne stood up to thank everyone for coming and hoped they were having a great time.

‘I just want to thank everyone for being apart of Ann and my special day. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without Vere as our celebrant and I would never have thought that a night in the pub would lead to marriage. Hey ho, you never can tell what is just around the corner. Can you?’ Anne said. Ann blushed when she remember that she was the one who approached Anne to offer to buy her a drink. It was still a dream to her and to be here now married to the Anne Lister was just amazing.

They ate and drank well into the night. Then Vere and Donald left they had to get their kids home to bed because they had school the next day. Catherine had left earlier because Delia had been constantly calling wondering where she was. Anne and Ann were snuggled on the couch. Marian, Aunt Anne and father were watching tv.

‘I think we should go to bed before my wife falls asleep in my arms and we have to sleep here all night.’ That made Ann spring to attention. She had no thoughts of sleeping just of consummating their marriage. Although, she was very sleepy. As they climbed the stairs to their bedroom Ann says, ‘Anne, were you just going to put me to bed and then go to sleep?’

‘Hell no, woman. I could feel your body vibrating when I touched you. I knew you wanted me to take you to bed and fuck you.’

‘Oh, did you?’ Ann smiled sheepishly as Anne carried her up to their bedroom bridal fashion. When they reach their bedroom Anne closed and locked the door. She laid her wife gently on their bed and commenced to undress her slowly. Ann finds this act beautiful and also very annoying. She could feel her pulse racing and the space between her thighs was wet and very sticky. She thinks she will come and very hard but Anne keeps up this slow and steady pace.

‘Hurry up, Anne. I think I will come now. I want you to touch me.’

‘Mrs Lister, you are a very impatient woman. I will be with you soon.’ Anne smiles and Ann has to learn to wait. Yet, she is finding it hard. She was deep in thought until she realises that she feels a chill. She is naked. She looks up and Anne is leaning down to kiss her. Their lips collide with such force that it sends her back into the bed and she is shocked at how aroused that action makes her feel. She kisses back with so much passion that when they part Anne’s lips are red and swollen but she has this huge grin plastered on her face.

Then Anne’s head was between her legs. She could feel her kissing her thighs. She could feel how wet she was getting. How tight her stomach was. She couldn’t wait. She wanted Anne’s tongue on her clit. ‘Anne, please, Anne.’

‘What, Ann? What do you want?’

‘I want your tongue licking my clit. Your fingers inside me. Please, Anne.’ What was Anne to do but what Ann asked and then Ann could feel Anne’s tongue licking her clit, pumping her fingers inside her. First one and then more until Anne had four fingers inside Ann. Ann’s body was moving in time with Anne’s fingers, in and out, faster and faster. All the while licking and sucking on Ann’s clit until Ann’s body shuddered and then she came so hard, so fast.

Anne held her until her body stilled. She opened her eyes to see Anne looking down at her. ‘How was that, Mrs Ann Lister?’ Anne said.

‘Bloody amazing, Mrs Anne Lister.’ Ann said.’Oh that sounds so good when I call you Mrs Lister and you say the same to me.’

‘Does that mean you love it?’ Anne said

‘I love it nearly as much as I love you, Anne.’ Anne smiled she was still riding on a high.