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Arcana Short Story

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The first thing you remember is Asra pulling you to his chest looking relieved. You flinched and tried to pull away, you didn't know him at the time, and nothing around you was familiar. You were scared, and cold. You needed to get not cold. These weren't coherent thoughts, as you didn’t yet know words, but rather feelings.

"Fonyx are you alright?" The white haired man said. You just looked at him blankly. Although you would shortly come to understand that 'Fonyx' was your name.

It didn't take Asra long to figure out you had lost your memories. He'd wrapped his scarf around you and spoke soothingly to you, you were less cold and that's when you decided he was alright. He took you home to the shop, which you obviously didn't remember either, but it felt familiar and safe and you let him guide you upstairs, where he helped you into some of your own clothes.


You still knew some things, like how to walk and how to eat. But speech and writing and magic were completely lost on you.

He taught you words first (Your favorite word is still bitch, Asra is still upset Faust taught it to you), then he taught you to read and write. You caught on to most things quickly, you'd learned them before (even if you don't remember).

Marble was elated to have you back, she'd been quite lonely without you. You first met her (post memory loss) in the shop.

You'd been there for two weeks, Asra ran the shop, since you clearly couldn't do it yourself. It was a weekday morning so it wasn't very busy, you were seated on the floor of the shop, staring intently at Faust, Asra told you what animal she was but you forgot, and you were too embarrassed to ask. Asra was doing something with plants and twine at the counter but that didn't interest you right then.

There was suddenly a loud whine and scratching at the door. It scared you and you stood up quickly, your apprehensive gaze locked on the door. Asra however, looked surprised and rushed to open the door. You squeaked when a small fluffy animal burst into the shop, ran a few laps around the room and nearly crashed into the counter.

It finally skidded to a stop right in front of you. You didn't know what it was. Asra crouched to pet it and smiled up at you, "This is your familiar, she's a fox from way up north" he told you. You know the word familiar, he'd said it before when he was telling you about Faust. The soft thing was safe then.

You sank back to the floor and reached a tentative hand out to her. She licked you and made an odd chuffing noise, you couldn't help a little giggle. She wiggled away from Asra and crawled into your lap. You ran your hand down her back and scratched under her chin.

You looked back at Asra excitedly and said "Who?" lifting up the soft creature. Asra grinned.

"Her name is Marble," he laughed.

"Mm-" you paused, nervously chewing your lip.

Asra’s eyebrows raised and he said "Go on,"

"M-ine?" You asked, smiling hopefully.

Asra smiled back "That's right, yours!"


In a few years you were a functional person, though you were still figuring out social skills. You were doing quite well in relearning magic, everyone around assumed you to be Asra's apprentice and eventually you decided this was true, no matter how many times he insisted to you that he was restoring your past skills.


(Asra P.O.V. I guess)

Asra jerked violently awake, sitting up and putting his head in his hands. He didn’t have nightmares often, but when he did it was always the same one.

It begins with The Fight, from the first signs of upset in Fonyx’s posture to slamming the shop door on his way out, but then the scene changes and he’s at the Lazaret. Fonyx stands across from him, clothes rippling in the wind. Without warning they crumble into ash and flurry away before Asra can do anything.

Then he wakes.

He sighed heavily as he looked over at Fonyx, who remained unaware of his distress. They slept peacefully with Marble cuddled against their belly and Faust coiled around their arm. They were drooling a little.

Asra reached out with a shaky hand and brushed Foynx’s curly hair out of their face. He settled back down, carefully wrapping his arms around Fonyx. He received a disgruntled noise and a kick from Marble.

“Sorry,” Asra mumbled, giving the fox some scritches under her chin. She snuggled in and seemed to forgive him for his transgression. Asra kissed the back of Fonyx’s neck and buried his face in their shoulder. Insisting to himself that Fonyx was alright, and that his nightmare meant nothing.