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Make Me Feel Lightweight

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Minho is so hot.

It’s the first thing Jisung thinks upon seeing him across the boxing gym, shirtless and sweaty and going to absolute town on the bag. The rattle of the chains the bag hangs from echoes throughout the open space, and Jisung leans up against a rack of free weights to admire his tattooed boyfriend.

The determined angle of his brows, and his jaw set into almost a snarl, is so unbelievably sexy, and he looks almost rabid as he hits the bag over and over, his strikes sharp and fierce. Jisung hopes to admire from afar for a little bit longer but his plans are foiled by one of the trainers in the ring whistling to get Minho’s attention.

Minho stops the swinging of the bag effortlessly with one hand, looking up at the trainer and then following the direction he points his thumb in to spot Jisung, Minho’s confused frown instantly shifting into a beaming smile.

“Hey baby,” he calls, opening his arms up for Jisung to move into, which he happily does, not minding the slick of Minho’s skin from sweat. As Jisung pulls back from the hug, Minho doesn’t let him get more than an arms length away, holding him by the shoulders and letting his eyes scan up and down Jisung’s body. “You look so good,” he murmurs.

Jisung doesn’t think he’s wearing anything particularly special; just a black pleated skirt, fishnet tights disappearing into combat bots, and a white crew neck tucked in. Still, Minho marvelled over Jisung when he once wore a literal belted garbage bag to an Anything But Clothes party a few months back, so it shouldn’t surprise him that Minho is amazed by even his simplest of outfits.

Jisung quirks an eyebrow, offering Minho a coy smile and letting one finger trail down his chest, paying special attention to the Jason Voorhees mask inked onto his left pec. “I could say the same for you,” he flirts, pleased with the way it makes Minho’s cheeks flush even more than they already were.

“I’m nearly finished up,” Minho explains, unwrapping his knuckles, and it’s only then that Jisung notices how the tape has frayed a little bit and left Minho’s knuckles scraped and bleeding. “Just need to stretch a little and shower. Can you wait up?”

Jisung nods, and without offering any other response, lifts one of Minho’s hands to his mouth and runs his tongue up his middle finger, holding eye contact.

They’re tucked into the corner of the gym, but it’s still risky to do this. Jisung can’t find it in himself to care much, though, when Minho’s breath catches and his eyes go wide as Jisung moves to kiss along his bloody knuckles.

“Sung,” he murmurs, a low warning. Jisung isn’t deterred at all, letting his tongue run along the wounds, gazing up at Minho from under his lashes the entire time, before taking Minho’s index and middle fingers into his mouth and sucking.

Minho stands completely still, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, letting Jisung do whatever he wants to. It sends a heady rush of power to Jisung’s head, and he decides to be extra shameless and use his free hand to reach down and cup Minho through his shorts. He smirks when he finds him half hard.

Jisung pulls his mouth off with a pop, feeling the string of spit connecting them break and smack against his chin, leaving a wet streak. Minho stands completely dumb-struck. Jisung grins, smacking Minho on the butt once and then skipping away. “Go shower, babe!” he calls, grinning over his shoulder as he heads towards the exit, wiping at his chin.

He waits just outside the gym, leaned against the wall next to the door, idly scrolling through his phone until Minho eventually merges, smelling of body wash with his hair damp. Jisung pulls him in by his t-shirt, kissing him for just long enough for Minho to want more, which he clearly does, pushing his body against Jisung’s to press him into the wall, Jisung turning away as soon as he does it.

Minho whines, dropping his forehead onto Jisung’s shoulder and groaning.

“Sungie, come on,” he says, sounding petulant. It only works to make Jisung chuckle.

“Wait until we’re home, baby,” he soothes, reaching up to scratch at Minho’s scalp, enjoying the groan he lets out against Jisung’s neck in response.

He’s eventually able to push Minho back far enough to shift away from the wall, Minho following after him like a lost puppy to the car, opening Jisung’s door for him like the gentleman he is. Jisung offers him a brief kiss on the cheek in thanks, relishing in the blush that crawls across Minho’s cheeks.

Minho gets into the drivers side, shifting the car into drive and pulling away from the curb, and once the car is in gear, he rests one hand on Jisung’s thigh, digging his fingers into the soft skin and squeezing.

Jisung smirks to himself. Minho’s obvious when he’s horny and wanting.

His fingers inch up Jisung’s thigh until they’re able to tuck just under the hem of his skirt, his fingers playing in the holes of the fishnets, only taking his hand away when needing to change gears.

It isn’t long until they’re in the lot of their building, Minho pulling into his spot and killing the engine before dragging Jisung across the console to kiss him, open-mouthed and tongue first and messy. Jisung laughs, mockingly, into the kiss, causing Minho to pull away with a pout.

“So desperate,” Jisung murmurs, teasing. Minho groans and pulls him in again, only for Jisung to dodge his mouth and press a short kiss to his jaw instead. “Let’s go inside, baby.”

Minho easily complies, hurrying out of the driver's seat and dashing around to Jisung’s side to hold out a hand and help him out of his seat, pulling him in close to wrap an arm around his waist as they make their way to the elevator. Jisung feels Minho’s hand slip down to his ass, just gently cupping it, possessive.

They ride up to their floor in silence, Jisung catching Minho stealing glances on the way, grinning to himself over how whipped his boyfriend is.

If he’s completely honest with himself, he’s not any less whipped, he’s just far better at hiding it. That is, until, anything remotely related to Minho is brought up in conversation, because then Jisung could spend hours bragging about his boyfriend.

Minho guides Jisung out of the elevator with his arm around his waist once they reach their floor, Jisung going easily enough, smiling to himself over how urgent Minho is about getting to their apartment, shoving Jisung back against the door once they’re locked inside.

He kisses down Jisung’s neck, hands roaming under his skirt and squeezing, biting down on Jisung’s shoulder and pulling a moan out of him.

Jisung feels his control slipping, which he can’t allow, so he shoves Minho back to flip their positions, pressing his boyfriend back into the door and placing a hand high around his throat, his thumb pressing just above the tattooed bouquet of asters and marigolds.

“Calm down, baby,” Jisung murmurs, leaning in to kiss Minho gently on the mouth, ignoring his whine when he pulls away.

“You’re so hot,” Minho breathes, tugging desperately at Jisung’s crewneck, trying to get him in as close as possible. Jisung continues to toy with him, letting Minho yank their hips together but pulling his chest back, keeping his hand around Minho’s neck to hold him back against the door. Minho whimpers, closing his eyes and pushing his crotch against Jisung’s, cock already hard.

“Get on your knees,” Jisung commands, not even waiting for a response before shoving Minho down. There’s barely any space for him backed against the door, but he shifts to have his knees bracket Jisung’s boot-clad feet, placing his hands on Jisung’s thighs and looking up, waiting for direction.

Jisung quirks an eyebrow and smirks down at him. “What? Have you forgotten what you’re supposed to do when you’re down there?”

Minho audibly swallows, nodding briefly before turning his focus forward, inching his hands up Jisung’s thighs to push his skirt up to his waist. He then shifts forward and presses his mouth to Jisung’s crotch, licking over him through the fishnets and underwear. Jisung lets out a shaky breath, bracing himself against the door with one hand while the other finds purchase in Minho’s hair.

Their eyes lock when Minho looks up from beneath his lashes, letting his tongue run all the way up Jisung’s length, getting the fabric wet. He then carefully latches his teeth into the net of Jisung’s tights, careful not to accidentally bite down on anything he definitely shouldn’t, and pulls. Only, his plans to tease are foiled by the material tearing, Minho’s eyes going wide in shock as he lets go.

“I’m sor-” Minho starts, but Jisung cuts him off.

“You ruined them,” he growls. Minho looks ready to apologize once more, but Jisung cuts him off again by pressing the toe of his boot into Minho’s crotch. Minho hisses between his teeth, dropping his forehead to Jisung’s hip and breathing heavily.

“This OK?” Jisung murmurs, gently carding his fingers through Minho’s hair. Minho just nods, whimpering while pushing his hips forward so Jisung’s boot presses harder against his cock.

Jisung smirks. “Good boy,” he says, pushing his toes down against Minho’s cock and reveling in his pathetic whimper. “Now, suck me off.”

Minho whines but does as he’s told, tucking his fingers into the top of Jisung’s underwear, pulling his tights down along with them. He only gets them down to just above Jisung’s knees before diving forward and taking the head into his mouth, flicking his tongue against the tip and moaning at the taste. He keeps his focus directed up toward Jisung’s face, and only Jisung shifting his boot, so his heel presses hard against Minho’s crotch, causes him to break eye contact, his eyes closing while he mewls around Jisung’s dick.

He pulls off, taking a deep breath, clearly trying to collect himself while he grinds slowly against the bottom of Jisung’s boot.

“Did I say you could stop?” Jisung admonishes, stepping down hard on Minho’s dick. He shakes on his knees, letting his head drop and sucking in a sharp breath between his teeth. “Well?” Jisung scolds, yanking on Minho’s hair to lift his head back up. Minho cries out, but does as he’s directed, leaning forward and taking Jisung’s dick back into his mouth without pretence, sucking halfway down the shaft right away.

“Fuck, baby,” Jisung groans, his hand slipping from Minho’s hair to hold under his chin. Minho looks up at him as he bobs his head, his eyes welling up and spit slipping from the corners of his mouth. He has to squeeze his eyes shut and breathe deeply around Jisung’s cock when he rubs his boot over Minho’s crotch. He doesn’t stop, though, so Jisung offers him gentle praise, cupping his cheek and running his thumb gently over Minho’s cheekbone. “You’re so good,” he murmurs, Minho leaning slightly into Jisung’s palm, his eyes fluttering open to look up at him again.

Minho’s mouth is insane, and Jisung doesn’t know how he got lucky enough to have the God of Blowjobs on his knees for him as frequently as he does. He easily takes Jisung into his throat, swallowing around him and breathing shallowly through his nose, holding eye contact the whole time. When he pulls off to gasp for air he switches to working Jisung with his fist, tonguing at the head and licking up the underside. Jisung tries to keep his composure, but Minho’s making it impossible for him not to break if he keeps going the way he is, so Jisung pulls away, his dick falling away from Minho’s mouth and boot off his crotch.

“Wha-?” Minho starts.

“Get your dick out,” Jisung orders, and Minho scrambles to obey, lifting up slightly on his knees while he works at his fly, shoving his pants and underwear down his thighs. His dick flops up against his stomach, resting just below the tattoo of three cats. He’s hard and leaking at the tip, and Minho’s hands make an aborted little movement towards it, like he was going to reach for his cock then thought better of it.

“My perfect, obedient baby,” Jisung coos, crouching down to press a quick kiss to Minho’s mouth, standing up again when Minho tries to deepen it. Jisung steps in close again, so there’s barely enough space for Minho between Jisung and the door, then kicks him lightly in the dick.

Minho groans, dropping his head to rest just above Jisung’s dick, letting his tongue loll out and lap at the base. Jisung keeps pressure on Minho’s dick with the toe of his boot, bending it down away from his body, knowing it’ll send an ache up Minho’s spine. He’s right in his prediction, because Minho hisses, his shoulders coming up as his body tenses.

“Well, get back to it,” Jisung drawls, rubbing his toe into the head of Minho’s dick.

Minho obeys, sucking lightly at the tip, moaning as Jisung continues to press down onto his dick. He takes it so well, staying focussed on making Jisung feel good, bobbing up and down steadily, letting spit collect in his mouth so the slide is wet and messy. Jisung groans, unable to hold it in, the fingers of his supporting hand curling against the wood of the door.

Jisung can feel himself getting close, so he pulls harshly out of Minho’s mouth, laughing at him mockingly and holding his head back by his hair when Minho tries to desperately follow, his mouth open and tongue lolling out pathetically.

“Go and get on the bed,” Jisung commands, shoving Minho back so he falls against the door, stepping back to give Minho room to scramble up, not even bothering to tuck his dick back in his pants. He slips quickly out of his shoes, rushing to the bedroom and stripping his shirt off on the way, dropping it to the floor. Jisung would scold him if he didn’t love admiring his boyfriend’s body so much. Once he disappears over the threshold, Jisung works on getting out of his boots, slipping them off then pulling his fishnets and underwear all the way down, discarding them haphazardly in the foyer.

He’ll deal with picking up their mess later.

Minho’s done exactly as he was told once Jisung makes it to the bedroom, laying back with his head against the pillows, his cock resting against his stomach while he clenches his fingers into the sheets, clearly working not to touch himself. Jisung maneuvers over to stand next to the bed, reaching out a hand to pet Minho's hair, loving the way he presses up into the touch, his eyes fluttering open to look up at Jisung.

“You’re so good, baby,” Jisung praises, bending down to press a brief kiss to Minho’s nose. He stands straight again, walking slowly down next to the bed, dragging his fingertips down Minho’s body. He stops at his crotch, running his fingers in circles over the head of his dick, pressing his index into the tip and admiring the little string of precum that connects his finger to the slit when he pulls back.

He moves to climb onto the bed, straddling over Minho’s hips, staying high up on his knees so he doesn’t make contact. He chuckles when Minho whines, his fingers leaving their vice grip on the sheets to instead dig into Jisung’s thighs, pleading under his breath for Jisung to do something.

Jisung smiles, leaning forward to cup Minho’s cheek, kissing his lips gently and finally giving in and slipping his tongue in when Minho opens his mouth for him.

Minho moans into the kiss, his hands slipping up Jisung’s thighs to his waist, trying to pull him down while Jisung keeps himself up on his knees, hovering over Minho’s body. Minho whimpers when he doesn’t get what he wants.

“Be patient, baby,” Jisung scolds, ducking down to suck at the side of Minho’s neck, right over his tattoo. He loves feeling him squirm beneath him, leaving a dark bruise in his wake and licking over the sore spot before shifting to the other side to leave a matching hickey.

Minho trembles. “Please, Sungie, need more,” he begs, his fingers gripping hard into Jisung’s sides. Jisung finally relents, dropping his weight down onto Minho and hitching his skirt up so their dicks slot together.

Minho sighs, dropping his head back against the pillows and rutting up into Jisung, biting his lip while his hips circle against the bed. Jisung matches his movement, trying to keep himself under control as he grinds down against Minho, the glide slick with how much Minho is leaking against his own stomach.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so wet,” Jisung whispers, pressing gentle kisses to Minho’s jawline, working his way back down his neck to bite into his shoulder. Minho jolts under him, his dick twitching against Jisung’s while he keens high in his throat.

One of Minho’s hands slips down to his ass, squeezing at Jisung’s ass cheek before slipping towards his hole and circling his fingertip gently around it.

Jisung reaches back to slap his hand away. “Greedy,” he reprimands, sitting up to inch forward on his knees to Minho’s chest. Minho’s jaw immediately drops open, his tongue coming out in expectation of Jisung’s dick. Jisung reaches under Minho’s chin to force his mouth closed, his eyebrows pinching together in confusion until Jisung lets go and moves further up Minho’s body to hover over his face.

Jisung holds his skirt up and looks down at him, and from this angle he can only properly see Minho’s eyes; they’re open wide and expectant, and Jisung is about 90% sure that his boyfriend already has his tongue out and ready.

“Pinch my leg if you can’t breathe,” Jisung instructs, then lets his hips settle. He was right in his assumption Minho was ready with his tongue out, since as soon as he sits all the way down, he feels the wet slide of it against his hole.

Minho eagerly laps at him, his hands holding tight at Jisung’s hips while he moans against his skin, kissing and sucking as Jisung’s rim like he’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. Jisung braces himself with one hand on the headboard, looking down at Minho while taking in a shaky breath. His boyfriend’s eyes are closed.

Jisung grinds down steadily, and his dick drags next to Minho’s nose, leaving a streak of precum down his face. Minho seems unbothered, continuing to tongue at Jisung’s hole, moaning against his skin.

Jisung circles his hips, and can feel the way Minho’s spit makes him wet enough for it to drip down his balls, likely making a mess of Minho’s chin and mouth. His fingers dig harshly enough into the wood of the headboard that his knuckles begin to ache, and he needs to let go and stretch out his hand briefly, deciding to settle it into Minho’s hair and pull.

Minho whines, his mouth clearly dropping open as his tongue slips away from Jisung’s hole, only to get right back to it a moment later, nipping gently at Jisung’s rim and making him choke.

Minho turns his face to bite Jisung’s cheek, sinking his teeth in hard enough that Jisung whimpers, yanking at Minho’s hair to make him let go. Minho does, but Jisung still lets go of Minho’s hair to reach behind himself and slap his dick, making him yelp.

“Behave,” Jisung scolds. Minho looks up at him with apologetic eyes, nodding in understanding before fluttering his eyelids shut and getting lost in eating Jisung out again.

Jisung grabs Minho’s dick and lazily jerks him off behind his back, loving the way Minho’s hips buck up intermittently, letting out tiny whimpers whenever Jisung squeezes at the base. Jisung bears down against Minho’s face, pausing for a moment when he hears him choke, but Minho doesn’t pinch him; instead pulling Jisung down further by the hips, burying his face between his cheeks and getting everything as wet as possible, Jisung moaning and grinding against his face.

All of Jisung’s senses are overwhelmed; the sounds Minho makes against him are insanely addicting, the feeling of his tongue immaculate, and the sight of his glassy eyes when he flutters them open nearly pulling Jisung to the edge.

It’s then that Jisung realizes how close he feels, a tightness building low in his stomach, so he lifts up away from Minho’s face. Minho cries out, trying to pull Jisung back down, only for Jisung to shush him harshly and slap his cock in retaliation.

“What did I tell you about behaving?” Jisung chastises. He maneuvers back down Minho’s body, so his hips are positioned just above his hard cock, then settles down so Minho’s dick rests between his cheeks, and grinds back on it. Minho moans, gripping tight at Jisung’s waist and almost certainly leaving bruises, though Jisung can’t find it in himself to scold him for it. Jisung likes seeing the evidence of what they do together, anyways, loves wearing little cropped shirts to show off the fingertip marks etched into his waist and ribs.

Jisung watches Minho’s face as he grinds against him. “I’m gonna ride you, baby,” Jisung promises, then reaches over to the side table for the lube, sitting back on Minho’s thighs to lube up three of his fingers. He caps the lube and tosses it somewhere onto the sheets, then positions Minho’s hand so it rests just above the base of his cock, his fingers angled up.

Minho must realize, then, what Jisung is planning, as he bites his lower lip and groans. “Oh god,” he murmurs, and without being told, he curls all his fingers down except for one.

“Good boy,” Jisung praises, moving to hover above Minho’s extended finger, then lowering down slowly until it slips inside of him.

The first slide of Minho’s finger always gives him a slight ache, because while his hands are small, his fingers have a decent amount of width to them, giving Jisung an intense initial stretch. He settles into it easily enough, though, rotating his hips with his hands braced on Minho’s chest, one palm over the mask tattoo while the other rests on top of the snake intertwining its body through a skull.

Minho’s tattoos are beautiful, even if only a handful of them have any sort of meaning to him. When they first started dating Jisung would point to every single one and ask what they meant, and for the vast majority, the response he got was ‘I just think they look cool.’ He doesn’t judge, especially since Minho isn’t wrong about how his tattoos look, but for so long he’d assumed Minho was sort of an old soul, so to realize he had a ton of ink simply for the aesthetic made Jisung re-evaluate his initial impressions of Minho.

Minho is silly and spontaneous and, when in the right mood, loud and brash. The first time they truly got drunk together, Minho called over his friend Changbin, asking him to bring his tattoo gun, and Changbin subsequently had to talk Minho out of trying to get him to tattoo the words “show hole” across his knuckles, Jisung egging him on simply because they had both thought it would be hilarious.

Jisung doesn’t necessarily regret Changbin talking Minho out of it, but he still thinks it would’ve been funny to have Minho finger him with the “hole” hand.

It doesn’t take long before Jisung is riding down on three of Minho’s fingers, Minho being patient and good by staying still, Jisung offering him endless praise for being so obedient.

Except, he realizes, maybe praise isn’t the only thing Minho needs.

“Look at you, making me do all the work,” he tries, and Minho sucks in a breath and goes still. “Just a toy for me to use, aren’t you?”

Minho moans, his fingers crooking inside of Jisung, likely subconsciously. It feels incredible, but Jisung has to keep up the act because clearly it’s working. “God, can’t wait to have your big, useless cock inside me,” Jisung breathes, riding hard on Minho’s fingers. “If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t be of any use to me.”

Minho whines, then, bucking up underneath Jisung and tossing his head back. Jisung reaches behind himself to slap the inside of Minho’s thigh in retaliation, making him twitch and moan against the sheets.

Minho uses his hand not currently working inside Jisung to reach for his shirt, pulling it up so the hem comes untucked from the skirt, whining as he does so. If Jisung wasn’t so desperate himself he would probably punish Minho for being so needy without asking first, but as is, he just pulls the shirt over his head, then reaches down to the zipper on the side of the skirt.

Only, he stops when Minho’s free hand grabs at his wrist, stopping him in his movement.

“Can you keep it on, please?” Minho asks.

Jisung smirks, leaning down to kiss Minho on the nose. “Thank you for asking so nicely, baby,” he praises, Minho preening underneath him. Jisung does as Minho wishes, then pulls up and off Minho’s fingers, ignoring his desperate little whimper as he maneuvers down his legs to finally pull Minho’s jeans all the way off. It wouldn’t surprise him if Minho was so lost in his own head that he forgot he even still had them on.

Jisung doesn’t waste any time with pretense, instead crawling back up Minho’s body and reaching for the lube, slathering it messily over his dick then angling himself up to hover over him, positioning Minho’s cock right against his hole then sinking down.

They both groan as Jisung gets the base, planting his hands on Minho’s chest and dropping his chin, breathing through the stretch. Minho stays dutifully still, breathing heavily, his chest rising and falling under Jisung’s palms.

Jisung shifts his hips slightly, hissing at the dull ache, but a larger part of him loves how full Minho makes him feel. Minho’s easily the biggest guy he’s ever been with.

He starts slow, just shifting back and forth against Minho’s pelvis, his boyfriend gripping his waist tightly in an effort to stay still, his teeth gritting and brows knit while he concentrates on not moving. Jisung enjoys the view, bearing down over and over, his hips lifting up a little higher each time as he gets used to the stretch, grinning to himself over how desperate Minho looks and sounds beneath him.

“Please please please,” Minho whimpers, his muscles tensing and relaxing as he tries not to move. Jisung doesn’t let up, moving into bouncing on Minho’s lap.

“Fuck, you’re so big,” he admires. “Your dick’s the best thing about you.”

Minho’s breath hitches, his fingers squeezing desperately into Jisung’s side, his eyes squeezed shut.

“Need to fuck myself on it, otherwise I won’t come,” Jisung derides, moving steadily, his thighs starting to burn. “You have no idea how to use this thing.”

It’s a blatant lie, and both of them know it; Minho’s fucked Jisung until he saw stars, but Minho so clearly needs to be degraded right now, and Jisung isn’t one to turn down an opportunity to do so.

“If I got on my back I bet you’d just hump me like a dog in heat,” Jisung sneers. He then reaches down to grip Minho around his neck, just beneath his jaw, and force his chin up. Minho’s eyes open wide. “Tell me I’m right,” Jisung commands.

“Yes,” Minho breathes, causing Jisung to squeeze around his neck.

“I didn’t ask you a yes or no question.”

Minho sucks in a wheezing breath, Jisung easing up his grip just slightly to let Minho talk, his hips circling in his lap the entire time.

“You’re right,” Minho says.

“About?” Jisung pushes. He wants to make Minho work for it.

“You’re right about me being useless. I don’t know how to fuck.”

Jisung smiles. “Good boy,” he praises, leaning forward to kiss Minho on the lips, licking across his bottom lip then pulling it back with his teeth. Minho whines when he lets go, and that’s when Jisung decides he’ll give Minho a little mercy.

“Flip us, love,” Jisung instructs, and Minho doesn’t need to be told twice, maneuvering them so Jisung is on his back, Minho hovering over him. Jisung has to admire his ability to not slip out while he does it.

Minho tucks his face into Jisung’s neck, breath hitching as his hips move in aborted little twitches against Jisung, keeping his cock buried deep. It feels fucking good, but Jisung can’t let him know that.

“Fuck me properly, you useless mutt,” Jisung commands.

Minho, obedient as always, does as he’s told, propping himself up on his elbows and thrusting slow and deep into Jisung. He looks already close to coming, his brows drawn together in tight concentration, chewing on his bottom lip while he gazes down at Jisung, who tries to school his expression into boredom, though he’s not certain of how successful he is.

No matter how much he talks back, Minho knows his body better than anyone else; some days Jisung thinks Minho might know how to please him better than Jisung himself does. It’s a difficult task to look uninterested when Minho pushes into him just right, his cock brushing insistently against Jisung’s prostate, while his abs gently graze Jisung’s neglected dick.

“Harder,” Jisung commands, trying not to choke on his words. “Or am I going to have to do all the work again?”

Minho whines, ducking down to mouth at Jisung’s throat while he speeds up the movement of his hips, thrusting deep and hard enough to make Jisung gasp, his nails running down Minho’s back and almost certainly leaving faint scratches.

The movement of Minho’s hips quickly shifts into uncontrolled, desperate thrusts, and he whimpers into Jisung’s neck as he pushes in deep and then goes still, biting down hard onto Jisung’s skin and making him hiss.

It takes a moment for Minho to come down from his euphoria and realize his mistake, but once he does he buries himself further into Jisung’s neck, whispering pleading apologies and choking on desperate little hiccups.

“Fuck, I couldn’t stop, I’m so, so sorry,” Minho stammers, only for Jisung to roll his eyes and turn them, getting Minho onto his back. His cock slips out, but he’s still hard, so Jisung slips him back inside, starting up a brutally paced ride. Minho cries from the overstimulation, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes and slipping down his temples onto the pillow, but he stays still while Jisung uses him to get off.

“I told you you were useless,” Jisung scoffs, bouncing in Minho’s lap. Jisung can feel the way Minho is starting to go soft inside him, so he starts to jack himself off, figuring he can continue to overstimulate Minho with his hands and mouth after he gets off. It doesn’t take Jisung much longer to come, hips twitching forward as he leaves streaks of white all over Minho’s chest, with a little bit of it staining the underside of his skirt. He breathes through the aftershocks, then pulls off Minho’s soft dick and shifts down so he can lick up the mess he’s made.

He can feel Minho’s cum leaking out while he tongues over Minho’s abs, and it makes him feel lightheaded with need.

Jisung shifts so he can get his hand between their bodies, his palm pressing hard on Minho’s soft cock, making him jolt underneath him. He drags his tongue up Minho’s abdomen, stopping at his nipple to lick around it, reveling in the sounds of his whining as he continues to roll his hand over Minho’s dick.

“Fucking love your tits,” Jisung moans, mouthing at Minho’s pec and sucking a dark hickey just above his nipple. Minho keens, arching up into Jisung’s mouth while his hips shift futilely under his hand, trying to turn away from Jisung’s touch while simultaneously pushing into the stimulation.

Jisung sucks harshly at Minho’s nipples, switching back and forth between them until they’re both red and puffy, Minho softly crying underneath him.

“Please,” Minho begs, both hands holding tightly to Jisung’s forearm that’s working between them, not pulling him away but just desperately gripping.

“What do you want, baby?” Jisung murmurs, leaning up to kiss Minho briefly on his slack mouth. He tries to kiss back, but is clearly too distracted to do so, his mouth instead falling open. Jisung licks inside, knowing it’s obscene the way he’s tonguing at Minho’s molars and not at all caring about how gross it is as it makes Minho shake beneath him.

He pulls back and Minho whines, lifting his head to try and chase Jisung’s mouth to no avail.

“Wanna come again,” Minho begs, cutting off with a sharp cry as Jisung presses down hard on his cock with the heel of his hand.

“I don’t think you deserve it,” Jisung muses, smirking to himself when Minho groans.

He doesn’t mean it; he can already feel Minho starting to get hard again, swelling up underneath his hand, but he wants to make him beg for it.

“Please,” Minho cries. “I’ll do anything.” He sounds so desperate that Jisung can’t help but coo, pressing a gentle kiss to Minho’s collarbone, while wrapping his fingers loosely around Minho’s length, giving him barely anything.

Minho shivers under him, sniffling while Jisung continues to jack him with a loose fist, sobbing when he lets go to simply run his fingertip up and down Minho’s shaft.

“Get off against my leg,” Jisung commands, removing his hand entirely from Minho cock, then shifting his thigh to rest between Minho’s legs. Minho stills for a moment, a question in his eyes, like he’s not sure if Jisung is serious. Jisung just offers him a challenging look, eyebrows raising with impatience, and Minho takes the hint.

He holds tight to Jisung’s hips while thrusting up, his cock dragging against Jisung’s skin, whimpering and moaning and so, so gorgeous while falling apart beneath him. He’s also fully hard again, dick twitching as he gets off, his fingers gripping hard enough into Jisung that he hisses and has to slap his hands to get him to ease up a bit.

Minho halts, an apology clear on his tongue before Jisung cuts him off by pressing his leg harder into Minho’s crotch, causing him to toss his head back and buck up.

“That’s it, baby boy,” Jisung praises. He can feel Minho starting to lose his rhythm, rutting desperately against Jisung’s thigh, and it isn’t much longer until he’s coming again, making a mess of Jisung’s skirt and leg.

He breathes heavily as he comes down, Jisung gingerly moving his thigh back so he doesn’t overstimulate him even more, Minho’s eyes wide open as he stares at the ceiling trying to collect himself. Jisung gives him a moment, pressing gentle kisses to his chest and neck, running his hands soothingly over Minho’s ribs.

“You did so good,” Jisung murmurs, feeling Minho’s breathing stutter under his mouth. “You’re always so good.”

It takes Minho a moment to calm down, trying to slow his breathing while Jisung whispers gentle praises into his skin. Jisung can feel the moment Minho collects himself, letting out a long exhale and lifting one hand to card his fingers through Jisung’s hair.

“Thank you,” Minho murmurs, craning his neck up to press a kiss to the top of Jisung’s head.

Jisung smiles to himself, tilting his face up to kiss Minho gently on the lips. “You’re really so amazing,” Jisung whispers right against Minho’s mouth. “You always make me feel so good.”

Minho grins, rolling them over to get Jisung underneath him and pressing kiss after kiss to his mouth, making him giggle.

“You’re okay, too, right?” Minho asks, genuine concern in his voice. Jisung just wraps his arms around Minho’s neck and pulls him into a slow kiss, letting their tongues gently brush without it getting too heated. He’s exhausted, and he can’t imagine how tired Minho must be.

“Just tired,” Jisung says after pulling back, and he yawns as if to punctuate his point. Minho chuckles, nuzzling into Jisung’s neck and staying there, breathing steadily against his skin.

They stay snuggled up together for just long enough for Jisung to start feeling sleepy, so he shifts to try and move Minho off of him, only for Minho to wrap tighter around him, groaning petulantly.

Jisung laughs. “Min, baby, we need to clean up,” he explains. Minho just huffs, burying himself even more into Jisung’s neck. “You big baby,” Jisung teases, then uses the leftover strength he has and rolls them over, leaping away from Minho and off the bed before he can grapple him back.

He makes his way to the bathroom, stripping the skirt on the way, not even needing to check to know Minho has gotten up and is following him.

Jisung feels Minho come up behind him to wrap his arms around his waist while he turns the shower on and checks the temperature. Minho presses kisses into the back of Jisung’s neck, staying latched onto his back as Jisung maneuvers into the shower and under the spray, giggling over Minho’s neediness.

He’s always cuddly, but its gets a thousand times worse post-sex.

“How are we going to get clean with you like that?” Jisung asks, gently teasing. Minho just groans, nuzzling his face into the back of Jisung’s shoulder. Jisung sighs, turning around in Minho’s hold and ignoring his whines while he pries him off, getting shampoo on his hands and turning Minho around to lather his hair. Minho’s pliant and malleable, following Jisung’s direction as he washes his hair, then grabs a clean cloth to scrub down his body.

Jisung kisses him when he’s done, directing Minho to dry off and change the sheets, shushing his complaints and patting his butt on the way out.

There’s clean sheets on the bed once Jisung finishes showering, Minho laying down on top of them, a pair of boxers pulled on and his phone in hand. He smiles when he spots Jisung in the doorway, setting his phone down on the nightstand and opening his arms for Jisung to fall into, which he does more than willingly.

He snuggles up into Minho’s chest, letting him maneuver them under the covers, listening to his steady heartbeat while they settle in for a late afternoon nap.

Jisung falls asleep to the feeling of Minho’s lips pressed to his crown, and a murmured “I love you” spoken against his hair.