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One Moment Changes Everything

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It had been four months since Kara Danvers saw her best friend, Lena Luthor; her best friend who she was also hopelessly in love with. Four months Kara had spent trying to find Lena but to no avail. Each time she searched for the raven-haired woman’s heartbeat she heard nothing at all. For the first month, Kara feared the worst; she feared Lena was dead but given the circumstances leading to her disappearance Kara couldn’t help but believe her friend had found a way to mask her heartbeat so Kara couldn’t find her. See, prior to her disappearance, Kara had confessed her secret to Lena. Kara told the youngest Luthor that she was actually Kara Zor-El, better known on Earth as Supergirl. Thankfully, Lena had taken the news well and swore it didn’t change anything between them but less than twenty-four hours later, Lena was gone, only leaving behind a note and a heartbroken Kryptonian.

Kara was a shadow of her former self ever since Lena disappeared. Everyone was worried about her. She had stopped showing up to work at CatCo, but James was able to put her on a leave of absence so she didn’t lose her job. She had also stopped being Supergirl, leaving J’onn to assume her form so National City’s population didn’t know their hero had just stopped being their hero. Kara also wasn’t talking to Alex, Maggie, J’onn, James, Winn or even Eliza. For all intents and purposes, Kara had secluded herself from everyone and everything, with only one exception, Lena. The only time Kara would leave her apartment was when she’d take her daily flight to search for Lena. Kara was determined to find her friend, no matter how long it took and she was also adamant that she would not return to being Supergirl until Lena was found because despite what Lena’s letter had said, Kara couldn’t help but think that her alter ego was at least part of why Lena left and if giving up Supergirl was what it took to get Lena back, then she’d give up being Supergirl, because all Kara wanted was her best friend and the woman she loved more than life itself back.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Kara wanted nothing more than to find Lena and bring her home. This was supposed to be the year Lena finally didn’t have to spend a single holiday working the day away or being ignored by her family and Kara was determined to make sure Lena still got a happy holiday season but she had to find her first. In the past four months, she had searched every corner of the earth to no avail, but she still had hope.

Just as she was about to don her super suit for her daily flight to search for Lena, her cell phone began to ring. Kara knew the only people calling would be her family and friends but on the off-chance Lena had finally decided to reach out Kara looked at the screen. To her disappointment, it was Eliza calling so, leaving her phone where it sat on her coffee table, Kara donned her super suit and flew out her window to begin her daily search for Lena.


Kara had been in the air for less than a minute when she honed in on her adoptive mother calling out for her.

“Kara, sweetheart, I know you can hear me. I know you don’t want to see or speak to any of us right now because you’re hurting but I need you to come home to Midvale immediately. I promise this isn’t a ploy to get you to talk to me or your sister. Please Kara, come home,” Eliza begged.

Choosing to ignore her mother’s pleas, Kara continued her flight, which coincidentally took her closer to Midvale that day. Several minutes passed in silence before Kara once again heard Eliza call out to her.

“Kara, please stop ignoring me. I need you to come home right now. I promise this isn’t a joke or a lie to get you to come home but I need to talk to you and it has to do with Lena so please come home so we can talk,” Eliza begged.

Kara’s ears perked up at the mention of Lena and hearing her mother’s tone she knew she wasn’t lying so she immediately changed course to head directly to the Danvers home in Midvale, California, right along the coast. What could Eliza possibly have to tell me about Lena? Is it possible she somehow found her? Or has she heard some terrible news about her? Oh Rao, I need to get to Midvale and find out. Please Rao, don’t let Eliza have bad news for me. I don’t think I’d survive if something bad happened to Lena.


Kara landed quietly in the secluded backyard of her childhood home on Earth mere minutes later. Her adoptive mother had heard her land though and rushed out into the backyard to greet her daughter.

“Kara, I’m so glad you came,” Eliza said relieved as she pulled Kara into a hug.

“You said it was about Lena so of course I came; you know I’ve been looking for her every day since she disappeared. So, what is it you have to tell me about Lena,” Kara asked clearly impatient to be filled in.

“We need to have a conversation first. I know I’m not making much sense but I need to verify some facts from you before I tell you because I don’t want to give you false hope. So please, Kara, can we sit on the deck and talk for a few minutes first?”

“If it’s truly necessary then yes but let me change out of my suit first,” Kara said as she moved behind a large tree and used her super speed to change back into her regular clothing before moving to the deck and taking a seat next to Eliza.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about, Eliza?”

“Kara, I know this is a sore subject for you but what do you remember of your time as a prisoner with Cadmus?”

“I remember everything, how could I not? Is there something specific you’re wondering about?”

“Yes. Do you remember if they ever took any of your blood or hair or any other DNA sample?”

“Yes, they did,” Kara grit out as she remembered exactly when it happened.


Flashback – Six Months Ago

“Kara Danvers, or should I say Supergirl, we finally formally meet,” a middle-aged woman, Kara, who was dressed as Kara not Supergirl, had seen once before said.

“I know you. I’ve seen you before, in Lena’s office. What’s your connection to her?”

“Ah yes, I should be asking you the same question. What were you doing in my daughter’s office?”

“Y…your daughter? You’re Lillian Luthor, Lex and Lena’s mother,” Kara said in slight disbelief as the puzzle pieces of who was behind Cadmus also started to come together.

“Correct you are. Now tell me, why were you in my daughter’s office?”

“You spent years telling Lena she wasn’t good enough, that she wasn’t a ‘real’ Luthor, that she didn’t matter so you lost your right to know why I was in her office. So, tell me why am I here? What do you want from me?”

“What? You’re not going to ask how I know you’re Supergirl when you’re not even wearing that hideous blue suit and red cape,” Lillian asked with a sneer.

“No, I’m not. Your son had files on my cousin and I imagine those files extended to me as well. So, why am I here, Lillian? What do you want from me?”

“It’s rather simple really. I want your blood but no needle can penetrate your skin so you are going to wear this helmet, which will absorb the radiation from when you use your powers, and will ultimately cause you to temporarily lose your powers so that I may collect what I need from you.”

“And why would I willingly wear that helmet?”

“I thought you’d resist so look at this,” Lillian said as she held a tablet with a live feed up to the bars of Kara’s cage for her to watch. “As we speak I have three snipers directed at your sister, Dr. Alex Danvers. Either wear the helmet voluntarily or I give the order to shoot and as you can see, my snipers are tracking your sister with each step she takes. So, what will it be? Will you wear the helmet or will you be telling dear old mom that another member of her family has died because of you?”

“Don’t you ever speak about Jeremiah again! He was killed in the line of duty and was an honorable man,” Kara seethed.

“Yes, but he was only an agent of the DEO, and yes of course I know about the DEO, because they found out about you so really who’s fault is it that he’s dead? Oh well, I guess you’ll be telling Eliza that you got her daughter killed as well. Ta…” Lillian bated Kara.

“STOP! Don’t give the order. I…I’ll wear the helmet, just don’t hurt Alex,” Kara said defeated.

“Very well,” Lillian said before speaking into an inner ear communications device. “Stand down and return to base. We have what we truly wanted.” Turning her focus back on Kara, as the cage door opened, she added, “Now you, come forward and place the helmet on your head then use your heat vision to trigger the helmet and your loss of powers.”

Obeying the order, Kara stepped out of her cage, placed the helmet on her head and used her heat vision until she felt herself solar flare and collapse from doing so. Lillian immediately had one of her goons pick Kara up and take her to the lab. As soon as they had Kara strapped to the table, Lillian immediately took four vials of Kara’s blood while Kara was helpless to stop her. Once done, Kara was thrown back in her cage until she was recused.

End Flashback – Present


“She never came to my cage again after she got what she wanted. I sat there for I don’t even know how many hours until Lena showed up with Alex and the DEO to rescue me but she didn’t know about the DEO yet so she thought it was the FBI that helped her rescue me. She had made Lillian believe she believed in the ‘Luthor cause’ but instead of giving Lillian what she needed, she gave her a fake that Lillian believed to be the real thing. As soon as Lillian showed her the Cadmus facility, Lena called Alex and they assembled a strike team to rescue me but Lena refused to be left out and insisted she come too. In the end, it was Lena who unlocked my cage and helped me walk out of that facility. That was also the day everyone saw what I had been trying to tell them since becoming Lena’s friend; they finally saw that Lena was good and could be trusted. After that we were closer than ever and two months later I finally worked up the courage to tell her who I really am and well you know the cliff notes version of what happened after that,” Kara said sadly.

“Oh, Kara, honey I do not blame you for or anything that happened with Jeremiah but Kara, do you know if Lillian also had any of Lena’s DNA?”

“Yes, she did. Once I recovered from the solar flare, I was finally ready to talk about what happened and Lena told me exactly how she got Lilian to reveal the location of Cadmus. Lillian took some of her blood to add it to the database of profiles that were permitted access to the facility. Lena was surprised Lillian added her to it so quickly and that move never did make sense to me,” Kara admitted.

“It seems then that the news I have to share is in fact legitimate. Come on inside there’s something you need to see,” Eliza said as she led her confused daughter into the house just as the sound of the early stages of an infant beginning to cry met Kara’s ears.

“Eliza, you know I have super hearing, right?”

“Of course I know that.”

“Then can you explain why I’m hearing the beginnings of an infant crying coming from the living room?”

“I should have known you’d pick up on her presence before I said anything. I’m actually surprised you didn’t hear her heartbeat first,” Eliza said as they walked towards the living room.

“Lena’s heartbeat is the only one I listen for these days. I keep hoping the time will come where she slips up and I can catch it and find my way to her,” Kara sadly admitted.

“Oh honey, I know these last few months have been hard for you but I have faith that you will find Lena, especially now,” Eliza said as they entered the living room and Eliza went straight to a bassinet where she bent down and picked up an infant who was in fact beginning to cry. “Shh, it’s okay sweetie, Nana is here, Nana’s here,” Eliza cooed at the infant.

“Eliza, why are you holding a baby and why did you just call yourself Nana,” Kara asked firmly.

“Sweetheart, there’s a letter on the coffee table; you need to read it then I will answer any questions to the best of my ability,” Eliza said pleadingly.

Hearing the pleading nature to her adoptive mother’s voice and the look in her eyes, Kara did as asked and retrieved a regular sized envelope from the coffee table. Looking at it, it was addressed to, “My Shining Star.” Immediately, Kara gasped because “my shining star” was what Jeremiah always called her and only Jeremiah called her that. Looking at the writing closer, she also realized it was Jeremiah’s handwriting. How is this possible? Jeremiah has been dead for eight years but that’s definitely his handwriting. Maybe I should read the letter and see if it answers any of my ever-increasing number of questions.

Opening the envelope, a very confused Kara, found a letter and quickly began to read it.

To my Shining Star,

I know this is hard to believe but it is me Kara, it’s Jeremiah, it’s Dad. I didn’t die in Peru like everyone thought. I was gravely wounded but Cadmus had been tracking our movements and they found me. For the past eight years, I’ve been a prisoner of Cadmus, forced to work for them to keep you, Alex and your mom safe. Cadmus is run by Lillian Luthor, although I know you already know that. She threatened to reveal who you really are and I cannot let that happen so I have done what she has asked for me. When you were captured she conveniently had sent me to another Cadmus facility in Nevada so I was not there to protect you but I am so glad that Lena is not like her mother and led the charge to rescue you. But, your capture and Lena’s decision to find you herself have led to the reason for this letter.

Six months ago, Lillian collected four vials of your blood and two of Lena’s. She also had several vials of Lex’s blood. She made me re-create the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix and I finished it seven months ago. After escaping police custody, Lillian used the matrix to attempt to create a child using your blood and Lex’s. However, for some reason it was unsuccessful. After two failed attempts, Lillian decided to use Lena’s blood to see if it would be successful and it was. It was Lillian’s plan for this child to possess your powers but the intellect of a Luthor so she could raise the child to be the ultimate weapon against you and Clark.

Kara, the matrix has a gestation period of six months and a week ago, the child created using your blood and Lena’s was born. I have included the DNA report showing you and Lena are both the biological parents of this child as well. I could not allow my first grandchild, I hope you do not mind me calling your child my grandchild by the way, to be raised by Lillian and used against you. You and Lena deserve the chance to raise your child. I have seen the news and seen what wonderful things you two have accomplished together and I know you will both teach your child to be the very best of the both of you.

I finally found my chance to take your child last night but I wasn’t sure where you, Lena or even Alex lived exactly so I brought your child, your daughter, to your mother. Kara, Lillian and Cadmus will come for your daughter but I know that together you and Lena, with the help of Alex and the DEO, can and will keep her safe. For now, I am on the run from Cadmus but if the day comes when you are able to defeat Lillian for good, I will come straight home to you all.

I love you Kara, and I know you and Lena will do right by your child.


“Oh my Rao!”

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“Oh my Rao!”

“Kara? Honey, are you alright,” Eliza asked as she watched her daughter read and reread the letter as tears began to stream down her face.

“I…I…I have a da…daughter. L…Lena and I have a daughter,” Kara stammered out in disbelief.

“You do. I reviewed the DNA report Jeremiah included and it does match you and Lena. Right before I called you I had asked J’onn to come and he took a cheek swab from this little one and he is running our own DNA test at the DEO since they have both yours and Lena’s DNA on file. He’s running the test himself and won’t say anything to Alex or anyone else either. It’s fully up to you how to handle this Kara,” Eliza assured her daughter.

“O…okay, thank you for doing that. Um…can I…can I hold her,” Kara asked nervously.

“Of course you can hold her! Kara, she’s your daughter; yours and Lena’s so you never need anyone’s permission to hold her. Hold your arms just like mine are now though and be sure to support her head; yes, just like that,” Eliza said as she closed the distance and carefully transferred the newborn into Kara’s waiting arms.

Hold her daughter for the first time, Kara burst into tears once more. Kara thought she had lost her family when Krypton exploded but she found a new family with the Danvers and her last surviving biological relative, Kal-El aka Clark Kent/Superman. The one thing Kara never thought she’d have after witnessing her home planet’s destruction though was a family of her own. She had always wanted children but knew it would be impossible for her to have a child with a human so as she gazed at the face of her daughter, who she somehow got lucky enough to share with the woman who was her best friend and love of her life, she couldn’t help crying tears of pure joy. Taking in every detail of her little face, Kara immediately saw similarities between herself, Lena and their daughter. Looking at her daughter there was no doubt in her mind that she was in fact her daughter. She had Lena’s raven colored hair and her chin and lips but she had Kara’s nose and ears and when she opened her eyes and looked at Kara she had Kara’s blue eyes. Holding her daughter for the first time, Kara knew that she’d die for her daughter and she instantly loved her more than anything.


“She’s so so beautiful; she looks like the perfect mix and me and Lena. She perfect,” Kara said after a few minutes of silently crying, eyes never leaving her daughter. When her daughter quickly wrapped her index finger up in her tiny hand though, the tears started to intensify all over again as she was once again overcome with emotion.

“She is perfect and does look just like you both. I know we’re not genetically related but she reminds me of Alex when she was a baby.”

“How so,” Kara asked perplexed but still not taking her eyes of her little girl.

“She takes in everything around her and you can tell she listens when we speak and Alex was the same way, always inquisitive from day one,” Eliza said with a warm smile.

“Mhmm well she has the youngest member of Krypton’s Science Guild and certified genius Lena Luthor as her mothers, so naturally she’s already an intelligent little girl,” Kara said as she smiled at her daughter.

“True. I know this isn’t how any of us would have planned for you to become a mother but I did always want to be a grandmother and have grandchildren to spoil. I know I made some assumptions by calling myself her Nana but if you’d let me, I’d really like to be her Nana,” Eliza said, emotion clear in her voice which finally prompted Kara to take her eyes of her daughter so she could look at her adoptive mother.

“I know I’ve never called you and Jeremiah ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ but that’s not because I don’t think of you as my parents. On Krypton, when a child becomes an orphan the whole community takes care of the child; there is no foster care or adoption, no second families, no one to ever even consider calling your parents again because we believe you only bestow those titles to your two natural parents, meaning the two people who raised you from birth, whether that be a mom and dad, two dads or two moms. You and Jeremiah are my parents too, I do believe that, but I just have conflicting feelings about using those names again because it’s not something we ever did on Krypton. I spent thirteen years on Krypton and no matter how many years I spend on Earth some things just aren’t unlearned. So, I may not call you ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ but that doesn’t make you any less my parents or any less her grandparents. She’s being raised on Earth and I have no doubt she will want to call you Nana,” Kara said with a soft smile as she returned her gaze to her daughter who was snuggling comfortably against her chest, ear against Kara’s heart; her mother’s heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

“Sometimes I forget how much I still don’t know about Krypton, even after all these years. I never knew there was a cultural reason for why you never called us ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. But Kara, it doesn’t matter what you call us because no matter what we both love you just as much as we would if you were biologically ours. I am honored to be her Nana and Alex and Maggie will be thrilled to be her Aunties I am sure. But honey, what are you going to do about Lena?”

“I have to find her, now more than ever. She may never want to see me again but she deserves to know she has a daughter, that we have a daughter. I just don’t know what I’d say to her,” Kara said as she visibly deflated the second she placed her sleeping daughter in her bassinet and sunk into the cushion of the nearby couch.

“What do you mean?”

“I told her my secret and she said she was fine with it and it didn’t change anything between us but then she disappeared without a trace less than twenty-four hours later leaving only a letter behind that did nothing but confuse me more,” Kara said frustrated.

“I know you don’t want to share the contents of the letter with anyone but is it possible her family found out that she knew about you and they threatened her or you and that made her disappear thinking it was the only way to keep you both safe?”

“I don’t know,” Kara mumbled in reply.

“We both know that as much as Lillian can’t stand Lena she would do anything to keep a Kryptonian away from her daughter. And Lex, well he may be in prison but after how his relationship with Clark ended I think it’s a safe bet that he’d find a way from prison to try and keep you from Lena if he got wind that she knew the truth.”

“I don’t know,” Kara mumbled again.

“Kara, I’m just saying give Lena the benefit of the doubt. I know I wasn’t supportive of your friendship in the beginning and I certainly wasn’t supportive when I realized you had romantic feelings for her but after getting to know her and see you together it was clear as day that she felt the same way about you as you did her. So, just give her the benefit of the doubt until you’re able to find her and talk to her, okay,” Eliza implored her daughter.

“It’s hard to continue doing that after four months though,” Kara said sadly.

“If you no longer are giving her the benefit of the doubt, if you’re giving up on her, why do you still take daily flights to look for her?”

“I have not given up on her! I’ll never give up on her,” Kara whisper shouted so as not to disturb her daughter although it was still clear how passionate Kara felt about not giving up on Lena. “I can never give up on her because she’s the love of my life,” Kara sadly added after a moment.

“I know, a mother always knows. I also know that on Krypton you only love once and when you find your person to love, and they love you back, nothing will ever be able to separate you forever, not even death, and that is how I know you will find Lena one day because she loves you back even if she’s not ready to admit it,” Eliza said confidently.

“I hope you’re right. Until that day comes though, I am going to be the best mother I can be to this little one.

“And you will be a fantastic mother. Have you thought of a name for her?”

“I haven’t even begun to think of names. Lena should be here to pick out a name for our daughter together,” Kara said sadly.

“I know sweetie but she’s not and we don’t know how long it will take you to find her so I think you’re going to have to name this little one yourself.


Kara sat in silence for a several minutes after that just looking at her daughter and trying to think of any possible names. After about five minutes she remembered Lena once being asked once if she would continue the Luthor tradition of naming your children with “L” names. She also remembered clearly how Lena responded that if she was ever blessed with a child she would like to continue the tradition because it was created by her paternal great grandfather, who believed in America truly being a melting pot where anyone of any race, religion, creed, culture, ethnicity, etc. should be welcomed and treated equally. He had passed two years after her father took her in after her biological mother passed, but in the two years she knew him, he had instilled in her the importance of everyone being treated the same no matter where they came from, who they were, what they looked like or believed in, etc. and her father continued to instill those beliefs in her until his untimely passing. So, despite the terrible things her brother and adoptive mother had done, Lena wanted any children she had to have “L” names to honor the men who helped shape her into the open minded, welcoming, loving, kindhearted person she was. With this knowledge in mind, Kara looked closely at her daughter for another moment before a smile spread across her face as the perfect name came to her.

“Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers-Zor-El is her true full name but she will be known as Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers, Elle for short, to the world,” Kara said confidently.

“It’s a beautiful name but why that particular name and nickname,” Eliza asked curiously.

“Lena wanted to continue the ‘L’ name tradition because her great grandfather started it, and he was the exact opposite of Lex and helped Lena become who she is. Her father shared her great grandfather’s beliefs but her grandfather, Lex and Lillian did not. So, she thought continuing the tradition of ‘L’ names would be a way to honor her great grandfather and father. We’ll call her Elle for short though because it’s sounds just like ‘El’ so it’s a way to keep my family name active in her life. Kieran is her middle name because that’s Lena’s middle name. I know she already has an ‘L’ name which is form Lena too but I want her to have a piece of her other mother in case I can’t find her. As for keeping ‘Luthor’ in her last name, it’s her name too and she will carry it proudly and show the world that Lena Luthor is not the only Luthor who is good.”

“It is a beautiful name full of meaningful elements. I think it’s very fitting,” Eliza said approvingly.



Later that day, Kara was giving Elle a bottle before she and Eliza sat down for dinner when she heard J’onn land in the backyard. Mere seconds later she could hear Eliza greeting the man before he entered the living room and hesitantly approached Kara.

Tearing her eyes away from her eagerly feeding daughter, Kara looked J’onn in the eyes and said, “I take it from the look on your face that your independent DNA test confirms that she is mine and Lena’s daughter?”

“It did. I brought a copy of the results as well in case you wished to review them,” J’onn said as he placed an envelope, presumably containing the results, on the coffee table in front of Kara.

“Thank you for running the test for Eliza but I really didn’t need it. One look at her confirmed she’s mine and Lena’s,” Kara said lovingly as she looked at her daughter.

“She does look like you and Lena. I know you do not wish to speak with any of us right now and I will continue to respect that while you deal with Lena’s disappearance in your own way. I will not tell anyone about your daughter as it is up to you to determine when to tell anyone. However, with your permission I would like to conduct my own routine flights searching for Lena. Before you object, I know you have declined my request to do this before but circumstances have changed and I want to help ensure your daughter has the opportunity to know both her parents,” J’onn said with nothing but sincerity.

“I have declined your offer in the past because I have been determined to find Lena myself but circumstances have changed and Elle deserves to know her other mother just as much as Lena deserves to know her daughter. So, yes, you have my blessing to conduct your own flights searching for Lena.”

“Thank you. I will begin my flights today then and Elle is a beautiful name, Kara.”

“Her name is actually Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers-Zor-El but to the world she will simply be known as Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers or Elle for short,” Kara said proudly.

“That is a wonderful name. I won’t keep you any longer so I think I will take my first flight looking for Lena now. And Kara,” J’onn asked just before he left the room, “I know this hasn’t happened how you’d have imagined it but congratulations on becoming a mother; Elle is very lucky to have you and Lena as her parents.”

“Thank you J’onn, for everything and for not telling anyone about this. I will tell Alex and everyone when I’m ready but if possible, I want to find Lena first; she deserves to know before anyone else.”

With an understanding nod, J’onn left the Danvers’ home and began his first of many flights looking for Lena.



One Month Later

After dinner that first night, Kara had asked Eliza if it would be alright if she and Elle stayed with her for a while as she acclimated to being a mother while also still finding time to search for Lena. Eliza had agreed immediately and Kara and Elle had been staying with Eliza ever since.

For the most part, living with Eliza was perfect. Kara always had someone there who was willing and able to help her with her daughter and Eliza was more than willing to watch Elle while Kara flew around the world searching for Lena. The only thing causing tension between the pair was the fact that Kara still had not told Alex or anyone else about Elle’s existence for Kara was still determined that Lena learn the news first. Kara knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret for much longer though because Alex and Maggie were making the two hour drive down from National City to visit the following week. Still believing Kara to be holed up in her apartment alone and refusing to see anyone, Kara knew her sister and her girlfriend would be shocked to find not only Kara at the home, but Elle too. It was with those thoughts running through her head that had Kara distracted during her daily flight searching for Lena.

With thoughts of how she was going to handle Alex and Maggie’s visit and tell them the truth, Kara was so distracted that she didn’t realize she had flown to Ireland, the country where Lena was born, despite her plan to only cover search Canada that day. She was so caught up in her thoughts about telling Alex and Maggie the truth and the possibility that one or both would never forgive her for not telling them sooner that she didn’t notice a once regularly heard melody in her ears. As she flew closer to the town of Kells, which was located just outside of Dublin, the sound became clearer and drew Kara out of her thoughts. When she got her head on straight after a moment and truly listened to the sound she immediately knew what it was; it was the unmistakable sound of Lena’s heartbeat.

Chapter Text

Oh my Rao! Oh my Rao! Oh my Rao! I can hear it; I can hear Lena’s heartbeat! It’s definitely coming from Kells, now I just have to get to her location and find her. Rao, for the first time in five months, I’m finally going to see Lena again and I can finally tell her about our daughter.

Zeroing in on Lena’s heartbeat, Kara made a beeline for the location. A few seconds later, she landed outside a cottage. Trying to take stock of the situation, Kara went to use her super hearing when she instead saw the front door opening and quickly hid behind a tree so as not to give herself away. Expecting to see Lena leaving the cottage, Kara was surprised to see what looked like a doctor leaving with some sort of medical equipment.

She had been so focused on getting to Lena that she didn’t take the time to listen for other heartbeats in the vicinity and now she was more confused than ever. As soon as the doctor was gone, Kara listened for Lena’s heartbeat once more but suddenly was unable to find it. Deciding to use her x-ray vision to verify Lena was still inside, Kara attempted to scan the cottage but quickly learned that the home was lined with lead so she could not see in. Hmm Lena knows I can’t see through lead so that’s encouraging that this is Lena’s home and not just a location she was visiting. Why was a doctor here though, and what was that equipment she had. Is Lena sick? Is that why she left? No, don’t go to worst case scenario Kara; hear Lena out first. Ugh okay, time to buck up and just knock on the door and tell Lena about Elle and hopefully get some answers about why she left.


Gathering her courage, Kara, who was still wearing her super suit, walked up the front path to the door and knocked firmly, three times. After receiving no answer for a couple minutes Kara was about to turn around and leave when she heard feet shuffling near the door and mere seconds later it slowly opened to reveal a very shocked and clearly pregnant Lena Luthor.

“K…Kara wh…what are you doing here? How did you find me?”

“I…I’ve been looking for you every day since you disappeared. I get it if you don’t want me in your life now that you know but I had know you were okay and I had to tell…never mind, it’s not fair of me to come in and disrupt or destroy your clearly newfound happiness,” Kara seethed growing more upset by the second seeing the apparent proof that she actually did mean nothing to Lena after all while also realizing giving Lena the benefit of the doubt seemed to have been misplaced.

Knowing she needed to get out of there immediately so that Lena didn’t see her succumb to the tears wanting to fall, Kara quickly turned around and left, ignoring Lena’s pleas for her to come back and let her explain. She heard Lena coming after her but knew she wouldn’t survive hearing the woman she was in love with tell her how she met someone and was happy to be having a child with them. So, Kara did the only thing she could think of, she took to the sky and flew away until she could drown out Lena’s sobbing pleas for her to come back and let her explain.

Settling on an outcropping of rocks along the southern most coast of Ireland, Kara allowed the tears to flow as she began to mourn the loss of the love of her life. At least I know she’s okay. She clearly found someone she could be happy with and Rao, she’s pregnant! Elle is going to have a baby brother or sister and Lena doesn’t even know she has a five week old daughter waiting to meet her back in Midvale. I know I have to tell her but I can’t face her again not after knowing she’s with someone else and building a family of her own with them. I’m not strong enough to see Lena happy with another family, happy without me. Ugh I need to tell her, but how do I tell her without having to face her again?

After remaining in her thoughts for a few more moments, Kara knew what she needed to do. Knowing she couldn’t, and wouldn’t, keep Elle’s existence a secret from Lena, Kara wrote her a letter explaining the situation and included the small picture of herself and Elle she had brought to show Lena; the picture that candidly captured the first time Kara held their daughter.

Returning to Lena’s home to leave the letter, Kara took a final look at the house and tried to find closure in the image before her but her heart still belonged to Lena despite knowing the raven haired beauty had moved on from her. Placing the letter in Lena’s mailbox after a moment, Kara left Ireland and returned to her daughter in Midvale.



By the time Kara returned to Midvale, she was sobbing and feeling the gravity of every hope and dream she just lost after only taking one look at Lena, the woman she had spent five months searching for and who, no matter how much she didn’t reciprocate the feelings, was and always would be the love of her life. Landing in the backyard, Kara wanted nothing more than to get to her daughter and hold her close but she knew Elle would pick up on her distress and she didn’t want that for her so she stayed in the backyard and collapsed on the ground, tears still freely flowing.

Kara had been outside for several minutes when Eliza happened to look out the back window and see her daughter on the ground clearly sobbing. Eliza ran to her daughter without a second thought and sat next to her on the ground before pulling her close, arms wrapped around the visibly upset Kryptonian.

“Kara, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“I…I f…found her. I fo…found L…Le…Lena,” Kara choked out.

“That’s great! Where is she then and why are you crying?”

“Wh…when I found her sh…she…she’s pregnant. That mu…must be why she le…left; she kn…knew she was pre…pregnant and left to be h…happy with the fa…father or m…met so…someone ne…new ri..right after sh…she left.”

“Honey, I’m so sorry. What did Lena say when you talked to her though about her situation and what did she say when you told her about Elle? Is she coming back to be with her first born?”

“We…we didn’t talk,” Kara admitted as she tried to compose herself.

“What do you mean you didn’t talk,” Eliza asked clearly confused.

“I…I was just so hurt when I saw her and saw she was clearly pregnant and I just shutdown. It hurt so much seeing her pregnant and clearly happy with someone else when she’s the love of my life and I thought…I thought she felt the same but obviously, I was wrong,” Kara said dejectedly.

“I’m not taking sides but did you ever consider there’s another explanation? I’ve seen how she always looked at you and nothing will be able to convince me she’s not in love with you too.”

“If she is, she has a funny way of showing it. She’s pregnant with someone else’s kid, Eliza. How could she be in love with me yet get pregnant by someone else?”

“We both know there are possible explanations. You may not be ready to address this situation with her but you need to go back to wherever you found her and talk to her about Elle at least. And how did you even find her?”

“I was lost in my thoughts about Alex and Maggie visiting next week and before I knew it I was flying over Ireland, close to where I knew Lena was born. I don’t know how to explain it but I guess I subconsciously wanted to feel closer to Lena because she’s who would normally talk through situations with me. Anyway, I was flying over Ireland when I suddenly picked up her heartbeat and I followed it to a cottage Kells. When I got there a doctor left with some medical machine and then when I tried to listen to Lena’s heartbeat again it was suddenly gone. I tried to use my e-ray vision to see in the house and confirm that Lena was still inside but it was lined with lead so I decided to knock on the door. Lena answered eventually and I started to tell her but then I said never mind and fled,” Kara admitted.

“Oh Kara…,”

“It hurt so much seeing her pregnant and knowing she was happy with someone else and carrying their baby. And then I realized there was no good explanation for her abandoning me so I had to get out of there. She called after me and begged me to let her explain but I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t let her see me break down and succumb to the tears,” Kara said as fresh tears threatened to fall.

“Honey, I understand that you’re heartbroken right now but you can’t keep Elle a secret from Lena, it’s not right.”

“I know, that’s why I wrote her a letter and left it in her mailbox before coming back here. I knew I had to tell her but I couldn’t face her again knowing I’d lost her so I told her in the only way I could. I even left her that picture I took with me to show her. The ball is in her court now but I just really need to see my daughter,” Kara said before making her way into the house and upstairs to what had become Elle’s nursery where she stayed while she sat next to the crib and watched her daughter sleep.



Meanwhile, back in in Ireland, Lena was sitting in her living room alone, crying her eyes out over Kara’s surprise visit and quick departure. I never should have left. I should have stayed and talked to her and found out where she stood even after finding out what I found out. God, she looked utterly heartbroken when she saw me and realized I’m pregnant and of course she assumed that meant I was with someone else. Why couldn’t she just let me explain? How do I fix this? Can I even fix it?

Lena was lost in her thoughts for a long time until she heard the distinct sound of her mail carrier’s truck coming to a stop in front of her mailbox followed by the distinctive creaking noise of the mailbox being opened and closed. Once she was sure the mailman had left, she gathered the strength to go check her mail, knowing she needed to get up and walk around because it was in the best interest of her child. When she returned with her mail she mundanely looked through it until she reached the final item, a simple white envelope with only “Sunshine” written on the front in none other than Kara Danvers’ handwriting. Kara left a letter? Why couldn’t she just talk to me instead? Beggars can’t be choosers though; maybe this letter will give me some clarity on how to try to fix things with her.

Taking a deep breath, Lena steadied her shaking hands, opened the letter and began reading, then rereading the letter not believing what she was reading while simultaneously knowing it was true.

Dear Sunshine,

I know I shouldn’t be calling you “Sunshine” anymore knowing there’s no chance for us to be an us but you will always be my sunshine, Sunshine. I wish you had felt safe and secure enough in our friendship to tell me that you were seeing someone let alone that you’re pregnant. I poured my heart and soul out to you five months ago and I thought you had done the same but then you were gone like you’d never existed less than twenty-four hours later. If you didn’t mean what you said that night, I wish you wouldn’t have said anything at all. I’m hurt you disappeared, I’m hurt you seemingly didn’t mean anything you said to me after I told you my deepest and most closely held secret, I’m just hurt Lena.

I’ve been looking for you every single day since you disappeared but you somehow hid your heartbeat from me until today. Today, I happened to find your heartbeat when I searched for it like I do every day and of course I followed it to you. I came here to find out why you left less than twenty-four hours after telling me, me being Supergirl changed nothing between us. I got my answer to that question but now I’m just hurt. I know this letter just seems like another Kara Danvers ramble but there is a point to it. Getting answers about why you left and wanting to make sure you were okay, weren’t the only reasons I have been wanting to find you. A month ago, my life changed forever. One moment changed everything Lena, and without you knowing it, it changed everything for you too.

After you disappeared, I stopped being Supergirl and I stopped going into CatCo. I stopped talking to everyone and only left my apartment for my daily flights to look for you. I mostly spent those first four months flying around looking for you or crying in my apartment over losing you without knowing why. Then a month ago, Eliza called me just as I was leaving for my daily flight to look for you. I ignored the call but while I was mid-flight when I heard Eliza calling out for me. When I didn’t immediately come, she tried again and told me it had to do with you so I sped to Midvale. Eliza met me the second I landed and she started asking me about my time as a prisoner at Cadmus. Specifically, she wanted to know if I remembered if Lillian or any of her lackeys took my blood or another form of DNA, which they did. She then asked if I knew if they had taken any of your DNA, which again they had. Eliza then told me that that lined up with what she had been told and then she took me inside. I know I should have told you this in person but after seeing the proof that you found happiness with someone else I just couldn’t face you again, it hurt too much so please forgive me for telling you this way.

Anyway, when Eliza took me inside I heard a noise or rather I heard a baby beginning to cry. I was so confused as to why Eliza had a baby in a bassinet in her living room but then she handed me a letter from Jeremiah. He’s been believed dead for eight years but it was his hand writing and he used his nickname for me. It turns out that Cadmus has had him for the past eight years but Lillian had him away from their facility when the kidnapped me. It turns out that Lillian made Jeremiah build Krypton’s Birthing Matrix. He was successful in building it and long story short, Lillian used my DNA and your DNA to create a child she planned to use as the ultimate weapon against me, Clark and probably other aliens too. A week after she was born from the matrix, Jeremiah had a chance to take her and escape Cadmus, so he did and brought the baby to Eliza’s since he wasn’t sure of our exact addresses. We have a daughter Lena; you and I have a daughter and she’s perfect.

I know this is a lot to take in but Jeremiah gave us a DNA test he ran and J’onn ran one as well last month and she is ours Lena. I’ve been more determined than ever to find you this past month because our daughter deserves to know both her parents. I included a picture of her and I with this letter. Rao, she’s amazing, Lena, and she’s so much like us. Her name is Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers-Zor-El but publically her name is Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers for obvious reasons and we call her Elle for short. I know you wanted to continue the “L” name tradition so that’s why I chose Lorelei and there’s an “el” in there like the “El” in Zor-El so that’s why we call her Elle and it’s a way to have both of us represented in her first name. I also wanted her to have something that was solely from you other than part of her last name and I’ve always loved your middle name so I thought it would be nice for our daughter to have it as hers too. I wanted to name her with you but she needed a name and I had no way of knowing when or if I’d find you again so I hope you’re not too upset that I named her without you.

I won’t force you to do anything or be in our lives; I understand that you’re starting your own family with someone you must love greatly to be carrying their child, but should you wish to be in Elle’s life all you have to do is show up. But, if you do choose to show up one day know that you must be entering her life with the intention to stay in it because I will not allow anyone in Elle’s life if they plan on leaving her. I hope, for her sake, that you choose to be in her life, even if it means not being in mine. The ball is now in your court Lena, as they would say.

If I never see you again, I just want to let you know that no matter how much it hurts, all I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy and I’m glad you found your happiness. I may not be the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine. I’m sorry for rambling again but now you know everything. I love you Lena.

Love Always,

“Oh my God.”

Chapter Text

In the twenty hours that had passed since Kara returned to Midvale, she had not left her daughter’s side. If Elle was sound asleep in her crib, Kara was sitting on the floor watching her sleep or dozing in the glider chair she moved closer to the crib. If Elle was awake, Kara was holding her close and speaking to her in Kryptonese.

Eliza didn’t know what to do to help her daughter, so she watched and listened. She was able to figure out that Kara was telling Elle about Krypton and telling her how much she loved her when she spoke in Kryptonese. The only time Eliza saw Kara more than a few feet from Elle was during the time she would have normally been flying around looking for Lena. During that time, Kara sat in the backyard looking at the coastline crying. Watching her youngest daughter crying in the backyard made Eliza remember that J’onn was also flying around each day looking for Lena. Knowing there was no point in him doing that now, she decided to send him a message.


Eliza to J’onn: J’onn, you can stop your daily flights searching for Lena. Kara found her yesterday and it did not go well. Thank you for all your help though and please don’t mention any of this to anyone; Kara still hasn’t told Alex about any of this.

J’onn to Eliza: It is no longer as simple as that Eliza. I located a hysterical Lena Luthor outside of Kara’s apartment this morning. She was crying and loudly banging on the door begging Kara to let her in, to let her see them. When I arrived, she showed me a picture of Kara and Elle and asked me if I could let her in the apartment to see them. She was desperate Eliza. All she kept saying was that she needed to see her family and she needed to explain because Kara got it all wrong. I told her where Kara and Elle are but she asked for my help with something before going to Midvale.

Eliza to J’onn: She came home? Lena came back and less than a day after Kara found her at that? That has to be a good sign, doesn’t it? But what on earth could Lena have needed to ask for your help with before coming here?

J’onn to Eliza: I do not believe it is my place to say. I believe Lena needs to be the one to explain. All I will say is that I sent Alex, Winn and Maggie, who was at the DEO visiting Alex, off on a wild goose chase as you say, so she would not be able to figure anything out. Lena should be arriving at your home in approximately one minute. Please let me know how Kara is after they talk; I may not say it much but I love her as if she were my own and it pains me knowing she is emotional distress right now; I can feel her distress even from here in National City.

Eliza to J’onn: Lena will be here in less than a minute?! J’onn how on Earth, is she getting here that quickly?


Before receiving a response from J’onn, Eliza heard the distinct sound of a vehicle coming up her long driveway. Having a feeling who it was, Eliza only hoped that Kara was distracted enough outside that she didn’t pick up on the sound. Sure enough, when Eliza reached the front of her house, she saw Lena getting out of J’onn’s car. So that’s how she got here so quickly from National City, J’onn gave her his damn flying car, that’s not really a car, to use. Take a deep breath Eliza and remember that things may not be how Kara observed them to be. God, please don’t let things be how Kara observed them to be; please don’t let me be wrong about Lena’s feelings towards Kara.

With a final deep breath, Eliza opened the front door and greeted Lena before the woman even had the chance to knock.

“Lena, how are you,” Eliza asked in her normal sweet motherly tone.

“I’ve been better but why are you being nice to me still after everything,” a red, puffy eyed Lena asked.

“I’d like to think I know you Lena, and because of that I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt still even though my daughter is currently in the backyard crying her eyes out thinking the worst,” Eliza said as she watched Lena’s expression turn to a pained one the moment she mentioned Kara.

“Eliza, I swear what Kara thinks isn’t right at all! I was stupid, so so stupid when I left. I didn’t leave because of her or because I was seeing someone else or because I knew I was pregnant. I left because I got scared, and knew I couldn’t handle Kara rejecting me after she knew why I was scared so I ran before I gave her the chance to reject me and even though I knew I should go back, especially after I realized I was pregnant, I just wasn’t able to work up the courage to come back until…until she found me and left me this letter. This letter changed everything and I want to be mad that she told me all this in a letter and not to my face but I only left her with a letter and given what she saw I can imagine that it hurt too much to face me. I know I’m not making a lot of sense but I’m not sure what Kara has or hasn’t told you, and it’s not my place to tell you, but please Eliza can I see her? Can I see them,” Lena begged.

“It’s up to Kara if you see Elle but come in and I’ll go get her. I can’t promise you your conversation will go well though Lena; Kara’s extremely hurt. I know she told you you’re the love of her life and for Kryptonians, they only get one of those so she’s grieving the loss of the future full of love she imagined, so be gentle with her, please.”

“I’m going to make this right, Eliza. I told you what Kara thinks isn’t right; she’s got so much wrong and I just need her to listen to me and understand.”

“I hope she does then because seeing her like this is killing me and I don’t know how to bring her out of this alone,” Eliza quietly admitted.

“Isn’t Alex here helping you so you’re not handling this alone,” Lena asked confused.

“Alex doesn’t know.”

“What do you mean Alex doesn’t know?”

“Lena, when you disappeared Kara stopped being Kara. She stopped being Supergirl. She stopped talking to all of us. If we went to her apartment we could knock on the door for hours and she wouldn’t let us in and when we tried to use the spare keys we had, we discovered she had changed the locks. The only time she left her apartment was through her window to fly around each day looking for you. She didn’t start being Kara again until a month ago. When she learned about Elle she started to become Kara again but also not quite Kara because she was still missing you and worried about you. J’onn and I are the only people she’s talked too and that only started happening once we all knew about Elle. She’s just not herself without you and losing you, well it’s killing her,” Eliza said sadly.

“I never should have left. I hate myself for leaving, especially after finding out about Elle. God, I’ve missed so much already and then this, well fuck, I should have come back the second I found out and had J’onn run the test. I’ll never forgive myself for leaving and all the pain and turmoil I’ve caused but I need to talk to Kara; she needs to know the truth.”

“What truth do I need to know, Lena,” a red eyed, defeated looking Kara asked sadly.

“Can we talk, just you and me, please,” Lena asked.

“I’ll go check on Elle while you two talk,” Eliza said before heading towards the stairs but not before stopping next to Kara and whispering in her ear, “Kara, listen to her; something tells me there’s been a major misunderstanding between you both.”


Once Eliza was gone, Kara simply walked into the living room and sat on the couch, knees brought to her chest almost as if she was bracing to protect herself. Realizing Kara wasn’t going to invite her to join her, Lena quietly moved to a chair across from the Kryptonian.


“No, let me speak first, please,” Kara desperately asked as she looked at Lena with pleading eyes.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what truth you think I need to know but Lena, these are the facts I do know. Seven months ago, I was taken prisoner by Cadmus. Your mother, Lillian, took my blood then you saved me but in doing so she got your blood too. Then, unbeknownst to us, Lillian had Jeremiah, my own father, recreate Krypton’s birthing matrix. Lilian then used that, and our blood, to create our daughter who was born five weeks ago. Jeremiah refused to let Lillian and Cadmus raise our child and raise her to be a weapon against me, and likely all aliens, so he somehow got her out and brought her here, not knowing where we lived exactly, and now he’s on the run from Cadmus and Lillian. While all of that was going on, five months ago, two months after you rescued me from Cadmus, I finally worked up the courage to tell you who I am. You came over for dinner and you could tell something was bugging me and I told you and we were both crying but then you said…you said that it didn’t change anything between us. Then…then you know what happened and the next morning I woke up to find you were gone and only left behind a letter, a letter that left me completely heartbroken and so confused. I then spent every day looking for you, if only to know you were okay, but I could never find your heartbeat. Why were you hiding your heartbeat from me? How were you hiding it? Did I do something to make you want to hide from me? Did I do something to scare you? I mean why else would you hide your heartbeat from me and line your home with lead? If you want to be in Elle’s life, we need to be able to co-parent successfully, and we can’t do that if I don’t know what I did to drive you away. I told you I loved you. You were told all about how soulmates work on Krypton and I told you that you were mine, that you were the love of my life and I’d only ever be gifted one by Rao and yet you still threw me away like I meant nothing despite everything you said so please Lena just tell me what I did to make you fear me so much that you did everything in your power to make sure I could never find you. Please just tell me what I did and how to fix it…please just tell me Lena. I know you don’t feel the same way about me, that much is clear, but just tell me what I did that was so bad I had to lose my best friend,” Kara begged as the tear fell furiously down her cheeks.

Lena was crying as she listened to Kara’s tear filled plea, her heart breaking as she realized how devastating her choices were to Kara. She had never meant for things to out like this when she left. She freaked out that morning and convinced herself if she stayed she’d end up destroying Kara just as Lex almost destroyed Clark, the man he loved. God, what have I done? I never should have left. I should have trusted her and her love for me enough to tell her my fears, to tell her about the message. I should have leaned on her for support and worked through my fears together with her. God, I’ve made her think that she did something wrong when it was all me and my fears. And she thinks I moved on without her, that I moved on with someone else. God, I’m a horrible person. How do I fix this?

“You can talk now Lena,” Kara said after she composed herself a few minutes later and saw that Lena was crying as well and appeared deep in thought.

“Kar…Kara I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I am, for everything. You did nothing wrong; everything that’s happened has happened because of me and my fears. I know I need to explain several things but I need to say a few things first. I mean it when I say you did nothing wrong. Kara, when you told me your secret the only thing it did was confirm that you trusted me as much as you said you did and it only made my love for you grow. God, Kara, you have no idea how much I truly love you. I never saw a healthy romantic relationship until I met you and saw Alex and Maggie together and Eliza and J’onn. It took me far too long to realize what my feelings for you actually were but when I did I knew I’d never love another the way I love you. I know I’m not Kryptonian, and things on Earth are different, but Kara, I know you are my soulmate, that you are the love of my life too and that I’ll never have another,” Lena said with tears still streaming down her face, her tone nothing but genuine which confused Kara beyond belief.

“If you feel as strongly for me as I feel for you then how could you go be with someone else? How could you have a child with someone else?”

Sighing loudly Lena said, “Kara I want to tell you everything but to do that we have to first start with the night you told me who you really are…the night you told me you’re Supergirl. Will you give me the chance to tell you everything,” Lena asked with pleading eyes.

“Yes…I just need to know the truth. I just need the whole truth, no matter how painful it may be for me,” Kara said as Lena nodded her head and prepared to tell Kara the whole truth.

Chapter Text

Flashback – Five Months Ago


Lena nervously walked up to the door of Kara’s apartment before knocking three times. She knew she shouldn’t be nervous logically because Kara was her best friend but ever since she helped the government rescue Kara, she felt like Kara had been avoiding her. She still didn’t know why her mother kidnapped her best friend but she had long ago stopped trying to understand why Lillian Luthor does anything. As she waited for Kara to answer the door, Lena couldn’t help but get lost in her thoughts. Pull it together Lena, it’s just Kara your best friend. Your best friend who also happens to be the woman you’re in love with and who you’re 99.9% sure is the love of your life but still it’s just Kara. Yes, things have been different since Cadmus but surely that’s just because it was traumatic for Kara and she wasn’t ready to really talk about it. But, she did extend the invitation for tonight so that has to mean something, right?


Lena was so caught up in her thoughts though that she didn’t even register that Kara had answered the door until she heard her speak.


“H…Hey Lena.”


“Hello Kara, thank you for inviting me over,” Lena said as she entered the apartment and made her way to the couch, Kara quickly following.


“Of course! I just…what I mean is…I just missed you,” Kara finally settled on.


“I missed you too Kara,” Lena said with a smile, finding the blonde, who had just been stumbling over her words oddly adorable. “If I’m being honest though, it does feel like you’ve been avoiding me since everything happened with Cadmus and my…and Lillian. I still don’t get why she took you, you’re not even an alien,” Lena confessed after a moment.


“Um….well…I’m sorry Lena, it was never my intention to avoid you,” Kara said seriously but with nervousness clear in her tone.


“Then why have I barely seen you since then,” Lena asked and then after a moment of silence added quietly, “it’s because I’m a Luthor isn’t it?”


“Lena, no! Never,” Kara quickly said, reaching for Lena’s hands immediately. “You are Lena Luthor, yes, but you are not the same as your family. You are the exact opposite of them; you always have been. God, Lena, you have no idea how much you mean to me do you?”


“If I mean so much to you, then why have I barely seen you since my mo…since Lillian kidnapped you and we rescued you,” Lena asked clearly not believing Kara’s earlier words.


“I’ve been trying to build the courage to tell you something…I know you came over for dinner but can I take you somewhere? Somewhere I’ve never taken another person,” Kara asked nervously.


“Kara, why do we need to go somewhere? Why can’t you just tell me what’s on your mind?”


“Because this is something that I need to show you for you to fully understand. I only have one ask before we go,” Kara said, still visibly nervous.


“Kara, why are you so nervous? It’s just me and you never need to be nervous around me, let alone nervous to tell me something.”


“This particular something will change everything one way or the other though so again, Lena, I only have one ask before we go.”


“What’s the ask?”


“That you trust me and don’t freak out until we’ve arrived and I’ve had a chance to fully explain. If after that you never want to see or speak to me again I will bring you straight back home and leave National City forever so that you never have to worry about seeing me again,” Kara said seriously as tears pooled in her eyes threatening to spill over.


“That’s three asks, not one Darling,” Lena said with a playful smirk in an attempt to break the nervous tension before turning serious. “Kara, I trust you with my life. I know we’ve only known each other for a year but you are the most important person in my life and I can’t imagine my life without you in it now so I will agree to all of your asks without hesitation; but I need you to understand that nothing you tell me or show me could ever make me never want to see or speak to you again,” Lena said seriously.


“I know you believe that Lena, but what I’m about to do and what I’m about to show you and tell you will change our future forever. I just hope your words remain true once you know everything because after tonight you will know everything about me, the real me that it is, and not even Alex knows everything you’re about to learn. Before we go though, I need you to put this on,” Kara said as she moved to grab a heavy winter coat and hold it open for Lena to put on.


“Kara, you do realize it’s June and we live in Southern California where we certainly never need parkas like that,” Lena asked teasingly even as she allowed Kara to help her put the coat on.


“I know but trust me, you’ll be thanking me in a minute. Please remember that you’re the most important person in my life and I’d never do anything to intentionally hurt you,” Kara said desperately before super speeding to change into her super suit before picking Lena up bridal style and flying out the open window of her apartment without giving Lena a chance to react.


“Kara! Oh my God! Oh my God, we’re flying! Oh my God, you’re flying! Oh my God you’re her! You’re Supergirl…you’re Supergirl and now it makes sense why Lillian took you,” Lena exclaimed as Kara flew them to their destination.


“Lena, I promise I will explain everything once we reach our destination just please don’t hate me; I don’t know if I’d survive if you hated me,” Kara said in a pleading tone as they quickly approached their final destination.


Lena was silent for the remainder of the flight, completely lost in her thoughts. Kara is Supergirl. Holy hell, the woman I’m completely and hopelessly in love with is Supergirl! Wait….oh no that’s why she’s been avoiding me. She didn’t know how to tell me that she was kidnapped because Lillian knew her secret. Oh no, Kara’s been nervous to tell me something and she was just practically begging me not to hate her…she was afraid I wouldn’t accept her for who she truly is fuck! How do I make it clear to her that I love her more than anything and this changes nothing. Was she afraid I’d react poorly because I’m a Luthor? No that can’t be it because in her apartment she was just telling me how I’m not them so why was she so nervous to tell me? Did someone in her past react poorly maybe? Or was she afraid I’d be upset because she didn’t tell me sooner? When we land wherever it is she’s taking me I have to make sure she knows that I’m not angry and that this changes nothing; if anything it makes me love her more.


Before Lena could continue her inner monologue, she was brought back to the present as she felt Kara lightly touch down on what look and felt suspiciously like snow and ice. Taking in the view around her Lena understood why Kara had made her wear the parka. Realizing then that Kara was no longer right next to her, Lena looked around at what she could only describe as walls of ice, making her think they were in the Artic possibly, when she noticed Kara hoisting a large golden object and pushing it into one of the walls of ice. She then watched as the object opened a door into the wall.


“Lena, welcome to the Fortress of Solitude. It’s the only piece of my home on Earth. While it looks like a normal glacier on the outside, this is all make of Kryptonian crystals that are incredibly strong. I know you have a million questions, Lena, and may hate me already, but please come inside so I can explain everything,” Kara said as she extended a hand for Lena to take.


Lena took the offered hand without hesitation and let herself be led inside.



Once inside, they only made it a few steps before being greeted by a floating robot, or at least that what Lena thought it was.


“Kara Zor-El welcome back. You have brought a non-Kryptonian with you; how should she be treated?”


“Kelex, this is Lena Luthor. Please disengage Kal-El’s so called ‘Luthor Protocols’. Lena is not her family and she is extremely important to me. Please treat her as you would treat me.”


“As you wish. Luthor Protocols are disengaged and shall never be engaged whenever Lena Luthor is here.”


“Thank you Kelex.”


“Of course, I am here to serve you Kara Zor-El,” Kelex said with what could only be described as a small bow. “How may I serve you today?”


“I am here to tell Lena everything. Please have my mother’s hologram ready to disclose everything once we arrive in the room. First, I need time to speak to Lena privately. When we are ready we will meet you in the hologram room, Kelex.”


“As you wish,” Kelex said before leaving as quickly as he had appeared.


“Kara, can you please tell me what is going on? Where are we?”


“Lena, I will explain everything but this will be a long conversation and I know you will have questions so will you please come with me to a more hospitable room? Oh, and you don’t have to continue wearing that parka, it’s temperature controlled to sixty-eight degrees in here.”


“Okay. Lead the way.”



Lena followed Kara through the structure until they reached a series of rooms that looked like the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment. Kara led them to a sitting area that had two couches that were positioned across from each other with a coffee table in between them and a single armchair on each end of the table. Lena took a seat on one couch hoping Kara would see that as an invitation to sit next to her but much to her chagrin, Kara didn’t take the hint and instead took a seat on the second couch.


Lena watched as Kara nervously fiddled with the hem of her cape for several minutes before she finally spoke.


“Before I explain, I need you to understand that I am still the same Kara you’ve known for the past year; I’m still me, I swear. I also need you know that I was always planning to tell you, I just wasn’t sure when the right moment was and then I realized there were no perfect moments. I always trusted you so my not telling you sooner was not because I don’t trust you, but rather because I was afraid. I was afraid of how you would react. I was afraid you knowing would put you in even more danger. I was afraid, and because I was afraid I was a coward and didn’t tell you. But then I was taken by Cadmus and you put your life on the line to find out Cadmus’ location and save me and you were so confused as to why your mother…why Lillian took me. You may not have said it but I could tell when you rescued me that you thought she took non-Supergirl me because I was close to you when the truth was she took me because she knew I’m Supergirl and needed my blood for reason. In that moment, I knew the time to tell you had come and I’ve spent the past two months trying to figure out how to tell you. You are a scientist, you need facts and proof, so I thought the best way to tell you would be by bringing you here where you can see everything for yourself. Once I figured out how to tell you it took me some more time to gather the courage to actually tell you and well now we’re here now,” Kara said as she gestured to the room they were in.


“Kara,” Lena began before Kara shook her head and interrupted her.


“Lena, please let me explain everything first. Just please, I need to get it all out, or at least the cliff notes version but I promise to answer any and all questions. It’s been slowly killing me keeping this from you,” Kara pleaded.


“Okay, I’ll listen to everything you have to say; I promise.”


“Thank you,” Kara said before taking a deep breath and looking Lena straight in the eyes. “My name is Kara Zor-El of the royal and honorable House of El. My parents are Alura Zor-El and Zor-El. I hail from the planet Krypton. When I was thirteen my planet was dying and it could not be saved. My parents placed me in a pod and set the coordinates for Earth. My newborn cousin, Kal-El, was also placed in a pod destined for Earth by his parents, my aunt and uncle. I was charged with taking care of Kal-El. However, not long after we launched Krypton exploded and my pod was knocked off course. I spent twenty years in the Phantom Zone where time literally stands still, meaning that during those twenty years I did not age physically or genetically. After twenty years, my pod somehow escaped the Phantom Zone and proceeded to its original destination, Earth. When I arrived, Kal-El had grown up and was twenty years old while I was still thirteen. He had also recently revealed himself to the world as Superman. I failed in my mission to take care of him and in a role reversal, he also failed to take care of me. Instead of taking me in himself, he quite literally dropped me off in the Danvers’ backyard. Drs. Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers though took me in and raised me as their own child from day one. Alex however, was not as immediately welcoming as her parents. Almost as soon as I landed on Earth, my powers kicked in. I have all the same powers as Ka-El, but I am stronger and faster than him. We derive our powers from Earth’s yellow sun. Since Krypton had a red sun, we did not have powers on our home planet. Kal-El did not help me learn how to control my powers or anything though. As soon as I was safely on the Danvers’ lawn he took off and I did not see or hear from him again until seven months ago. Thankfully, Eliza and Jeremiah had been the ones to help him learn to control his powers so they were able to help me but it was still an adjustment being on Earth. They enrolled me in Midvale High School with Alex immediately but Earth was new to me so I acted weird compared to the other kids so I was heavily bullied. Alex, who, as you know, is two years older than me, was extremely popular and her friends were some of my worst bullies. Her best friend, Vicki Donahue was the worst, and sometimes she’d get Alex to join in. Eliza and Jeremiah had created a bracelet to emulate Krypton’s red sun to make it easier for me to control my powers, until I learned to do it myself, but that meant that I was essentially rendered human, not that being human is a bad thing because it’s not it. Anyway, one day, Vicki caught me watching a girl in my class who was nice to me. I had a crush on this particular girl and didn’t think that was a big deal. On Krypton, same sex coupling was very common. Love truly was love on Krypton so I assumed it was the same on Earth but I should have known it wasn’t when I didn’t see nearly as many same sex couples as I did on Krypton. Anyway, later that day, I decided to ask my crush if she’d like to go on a date to the movies with me. When I asked, she laughed at me and called me horrendous derogatory names and then Vicki, Alex and their friends showed up seemingly out of nowhere. My crush was Vicki’s stepsister and she didn’t take kindly to the school freak, her words, asking her sister out. She and her friends began calling me derogatory names as well and Vicki urged Alex to join in to prove she wasn’t a freak like her new sister so Alex did. It didn’t stop at name calling though. Vicki and her friends ended up beating me up quite severely and even broke my arm which was possible due to the red sun bracelet being on my wrist. They didn’t stop beating me up until something clicked in Alex and she jumped in front of me and started fighting her own friends to protect me. Once they all left, after telling Alex she was dead to them, she got me home as fast as she could and the second our house was within sight she began shouting for Eliza and Jeremiah who were thankfully both home. They had outfitted their home lab to have a yellow sun-bed for me in case I was ever injured so after a few hours under the yellow sun of the bed I was all healed up and that was when Alex finally became welcoming towards me and we talked everything out and ultimately ended up as close as we are. Not long after the incident with Vicki though, we celebrated the one year anniversary of my landing on Earth, we call it my Earth birthday. Alex and I were sitting on the roof stargazing when she said she wished she could see them closer so I offered to fly her up to get a better view. I took off my red sun bracelet, and immediately felt my full powers return, and took Alex for a little night flying to see the stars. I thought we had gone unnoticed, but I was wrong. Eliza and Jeremiah had always told me how important it was to hide my powers but I didn’t understand why it was important until the day after Alex and I went flying. That day, we were eating dinner when there was a knock on the door. Two government agents had come and they worked for the DEO, the Department of Extranormal Operations. I should probably also mention that when you helped Alex and the ‘FBI’ rescue me you were actually helping the DEO and Alex is a DEO Agent; they simply use the FBI as a cover since the DEO is a clandestine operation. Anyway, the DEO had come to take me, claiming it was unsafe to have an alien among the masses because I couldn’t be trusted to control my powers and they also didn’t want me becoming a hero like Kal-El who they couldn’t control. The DEO had apparently been trying to recruit Eliza and Jeremiah for years because of their Kryptonian research but they always refused, until that night at least. That night, Jeremiah offered a trade. He offered to work for the DEO so long as they, and the government at-large, promised to never again attempt to remove me from our home. The DEO Director at the time, Hank Henshaw, agreed. Once Jeremiah was working for the DEO we barely saw him. He had been working with the DEO for about a month when they went on a mission to Peru searching for a Martian. They found the Martian, and Jeremiah tried to help him, but Hank Henshaw wanted the Martian killed on sight. There was a scuffle and Jeremiah was presumed dead. During the scuffle between Jeremiah and Hank Henshaw, Hank went over a cliff and the Martian, who tried to save Jeremiah, assumed Henshaw’s identity since he could shape-shift. For clarity purposes, the man you know as J’onn J’onzz is the Martian I speak of. He assumed Henshaw’s identity and position as Director of the DEO until his true identity was discovered last year. As for Jeremiah, we believed him to be dead for eight years until left Elle on Eliza’s doorstep. Apparently, he did not die in Peru but rather Cadmus found him, healed him and forced him to work for them all these years. To the best of my knowledge Jeremiah is still on the run from Lillian and Cadmus. I blamed myself for what happened to Jeremiah since it was my decision to go flying with Alex that put everything in motion so I vowed to never use my powers ever again and I didn’t for years but, when I was twenty that changed. I was working as Cat Grant’s assistant then and I was at a work function with her when a breaking news report came on showing that a direct flight from National City to Geneva was experiencing some sort of trouble and losing altitude fast and was expected to crash in the heart of National City. Alex was on that flight, so I left the function and for the first time in nearly a decade I used my powers to save my sister. It wasn’t easy having gone so long without using my powers but I did it and by the next morning Cat had dubbed me ‘Supergirl’ and it stuck. After saving Alex, and everyone else on that flight, I wanted to do more to help people, so I did. Alex was so upset with me for using my powers but I kept helping where I could. One night, I had just stopped an armed robbery and was flying home when I was shot with several green darts. I had no idea what they were at the time but I remember by blood feeling like it was boiling and thinking I was going to die. My powers were instantly gone too and I felt myself falling from the sky as I blacked out. When I woke up, I was in a facility I didn’t recognize but J’onn was there. At the time, I thought he was Hank Henshaw, the man who took Jeremiah from our family though. He told me about the DEO and then told me he believed I already knew Agent Danvers and sure enough there was Alex. Alex and I didn’t speak for a month after that because I felt so betrayed. Eventually, we talked it out and I started working with the DEO to keep National City safe. Then seven months ago Cadmus captured me. You know most of what happened while I was held by Cadmus but you should also know that Lillian revealed during that time that she knows who I am. Up until that point I didn’t know she knew who I really was. She also knows that Superman and Clark Kent are one in the same. Lex knows about Clark and I as well. I don’t believe either of them know that my true name is Kara Zor-El or that Clark’s is Kal-El though but they know we’re cousins. I know telling Kal-El’s secret is not my place, but you already knew that Clark Kent is my cousin so you would have figured out the truth on your own anyway. Everything I’ve told you as Kara Danvers is true. Our relationship is completely real and authentic and based on the truth; the only thing I kept from you was my true name, alter ego and what planet I come from. I’m still just Kara. I will happily answer any questions you have now or whenever you have them. I promise you Lena, that I will be one hundred percent honest with you going forward and I am so sorry for not telling you sooner,” Kara finished her explanation with tears welling in her eyes.


Lena remained silent for several minutes as she processed everything Kara had just told her. She’s been through so much. God, we are more alike than I thought. She lost her parents and was abandoned by her cousin just as I lost my mother and for all intents and purposes was abandoned by the Luthor’s once it was clear I didn’t agree with their agenda. I didn’t think it was possible to fall even more in love with her but hearing her story I can honestly say I have. She lost everything and even after being relentlessly bullied, remind me to give Alex Danvers a piece of mind about that when I see her, she still uses her powers to protect the citizens of this planet. And knowing what happened to Jeremiah after the DEO found out who she was I get why she’d be hesitant to share her secret. Plus, she lost so much already that confiding in someone about her past is probably extremely difficult and scary. If she’ll let me I’ll spend the rest of my life making sure she knows just how loved she is for exactly who she is…and OH MY GOD she said she had a crush on a girl and same sex couples were normal on Krypton so OH MY GOD I may have a real shot with her romantically. This is fantastic!


“L…Lena,” a crying and clearly petrified Kara began. “I…I un…understand if you ha…hate me now but I…I wanted you t…to kn…know the truth about wh…who I am.”


“Kara, no,” Lena rushed to say, immediately jogged from her thoughts at the sound of Kara’s sobs and words. “Darling, no, I don’t hate you; I could never hate you. Kara, I was just thinking about how amazing you are and how similar our stories are as far as familial loss and abandonment goes. I’m in awe of you,” Lena said as she moved to the second couch so she could sit next to Kara and hold her hands. “You fight to protect the citizens of this planet despite being treated cruelly by some when you arrived. You are simply amazing, Kara Zor-El and this truth changes absolute nothing between us, I promise.”


“Y…you’re not mad at me for not telling you sooner,” Kara asked in disbelief.


“No, I’m not. We’ve known each other for a year, which isn’t really that long, even though it feels like I’ve known you my whole life, so I’d say telling me within a year is actually pretty quickly. I know you didn’t keep the truth from me to hurt me or because of my last name. I understand why you waited until now to tell me Kara, I really do. I’m just so happy that you felt comfortable enough telling me, that you trusted me enough to tell me and honestly, if you didn’t know Lex was my brother when we met I probably would have waited to tell you as long as possible due to the same fears I think you had about telling me your truth.”


“Of course I trust you! I’d trust you with my life and those of everyone I hold dear. You’re my best friend Lee and you’re the woman I….,” Kara trailed off not quite ready to make that admission.


“I’m the woman you what,” Lena asked hopefully.


Blushing Kara said, “I’ll get to that but I need to show you something else first, is that okay?”


“Okay, lead the way Supergirl,” Lena said teasingly with a smirk causing Kara’s blush to deepen.



Moments later, Kara was leading Lena into a room where Kelex was waiting causing Lena to believe this must be the hologram room Kara and Kelex mentioned when they had first arrived.


“Kelex, please activate the hologram and then please leave us to discuss matters in private.”


“Of course, Kara Zor-El. Activating the hologram AI now. Should you further require my assistance simply call for me,” Kelex said as he flew away just as hologram of a woman who looked quite similar to Kara appeared in hologram form.


“Kara dear, it is so good to see you. Is this your Lena you’ve told me so much about,” the hologram asked.


Blushing once more Kara said, “hi Mom. Yes, this is Lena. Lena, I’d like you to meet my mother, Alura Zor-El. My mother passed when Krypton was destroyed but this hologram AI unit was something she designed. It’s programed to essentially interact with me how my mother would and answer any questions I have and things of that nature.”


“That’s fascinating. Mrs. Zor-El, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m Lena Luthor.”


“The pleasure is all mine Lena. Kara dear, you said she was beautiful but seeing her in person your words do not do her justice. You have chosen well my darling girl.”


Kara’s been talking about me to her mom, well her mom’s hologram but still, she’s been talking about me? And she called me beautiful? But what does she mean by ‘you have chosen well’?


“Mom, you’re embarrassing me,” a furiously blushing Kara muttered.


“My apologies, dear one.”


“Mom, can you explain to Lena what soulmates are on Krypton?”


Soulmates? Why on earth would Kara want her mother to explain Krypton soulmates to me? Unless…no is it possible Kara has feelings for me too? It sounded like she was going to confess feelings earlier now this; is it possible that my feelings truly are reciprocated?


“Of course. Lena, on Krypton we believe that everyone has a soulmate, one true love, by the grace of our God, Rao. Soulmates are not always necessarily of the same species, but it is rare for them to be of different species, but should soulmates wish to procreate, without the assistance of the birthing matrix, we found they would need to be of the same species. When soulmates meet, they feel an instant connection and feel the need to be around each other all the time. Soulmates will have a deep desire to be there for each other no matter what and in any capacity. They also fall in love at first sight but it may take some time for the soulmates to realize their feelings are actually love. You only get one soulmate, one shot at true love in our culture. Once you’ve met your soulmate you will never love another. Soulmates are destined to be together but sometimes it takes one soulmate longer than the other to realize they love their soulmate so sometimes it does take an extended period of time for soulmates to unite. The love soulmates share though, is the deepest most unconditional love there is. To signify that love, when one soulmate chooses to propose marriage to the other, they present them with two unique engagement bracelets, one for each soulmate, which they make themselves. Kara’s father and I are soulmates that took some time to join together. I did not realize my feelings were that of love immediately and that error caused me to spend several years away from Zor-El. When I finally realized my feelings for him were that of love, and we united, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was my soulmate and we would be together until the day death parted us until we would once again be reunited in Rao’s light. I just pray to Rao, that my darling daughter and her beautiful soulmate do not spend any more years apart as Zor-El and I did before uniting.”


“Thank you, Mom, I will call on you again when I wish to talk. I love you.”


“I understand. I will shut down in five seconds but know dear one, that I love you always,” Alura’s hologram said as she began to shimmer out of existence until it was only Kara and Lena in the room.




“Kara, why did you want your mother to explain soulmates to me,” Lena asked after a few moments while trying not to get her hopes up.


Gathering her courage Kara said, “because, you Lena Kieran Luthor, are the woman I love; the woman I am in love with and who I know is my soulmate. I know Rao is not a God known to this planet but I know Rao, by his grace, has sent you to me as my soulmate, my one true love. I have been in love with you since the moment I first saw you and you told me you hoped that would not be the last time we spoke.”


Crying tears of joy Lena said, “y…you love me?”


“I am in love with you. You are my soulmate Lena, of nothing have I ever been more certain my entire life. I used to wonder why Rao allowed me to escape the Phantom Zone and I continued to ask that question for years until I met you. When I met you, I understood. I may not have been destined to take care of Kal-El but I was destined to meet you because you’re my soulmate,” Kara said sincerely with tears in her own eyes.


Lena stood speechless as she let Kara’s words sink in. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Kara loves me! Kara’s in love with me and said I’m her soulmate. God, how did I get so lucky to not only get to know this incredible woman but be loved by her?


“I…It’s okay if…if you don’t feel the same. I’d wait an eternity for you if I had too and if you never feel that way about me I…I will lea…learn to be okay wi…with that and just be your best friend.”


“What? God, Kara, sometimes you are really oblivious,” Lena said with a slight chuckle through her tears.


Seeing Kara look at her with her head tilted in confusement, almost like a confused puppy would, Lena continued to explain.


“Kara, I thought I was being obvious about my feelings towards you. You are the only person I have ever told security and my assistant to see right in anytime they arrive at my office building. I filled your office with flowers after you wrote that article vindicating me. I bought CatCo. for you when it looked like Cat was going to sell to Morgan Edge and you’d lose your job. I always bring you as my date to galas, ceremonies and other events. I smile like a school girl with a crush every time I see you. I always seek physical touch with you. I kiss you on your cheek. I cuddle with you and when we stay at each other’s apartments I always share a bed with you and we inevitably cuddle during the night. Why do you think that is?”


“I…I thought it was because I’m your best friend,” Kara said as she slowly started to connect the dots and realize how oblivious she truly was.


“I did all those things, and will continue to do things like that, because I’m in love with you too,” Lena said as a huge smile spread across her face.


“You are?”


“I am. I felt drawn to you the moment we met and ever since I’ve craved being close to you. In hindsight, it was love at first sight but I didn’t realize it right away.”


“When did you realize it,” Kara asked with eyes full of love.


“I started to realize it when you came to my office and said you flew there on a bus,” Lena said with a playful smirk.  “I guess I know for sure now that that was a cover but I fully realized I loved you before your article that vindicated me when National City had seemingly turned on me and branded me ‘just another Luthor’. You came to see me and you told me that my last name may be Luthor but I would never be like them and that you would remind me of that every day if you had too. Ever since that day I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I’m in love with you and based on what you mother’s hologram said about soulmates I think it’s safe to say that I’m yours just as much as much as you are mine,” Lena said before deciding to go for it and close the distance crash her lips together with Kara’s.


The kiss was everything Lena imagined her first kiss with Kara would be and so much more. Tongues dueled for dominance as hands began to wander. Lena could not get enough of Kara but eventually she had to pull back for air which elicited an adorable whine from Kara as she attempted to chase her lips.


“Darling, you may not need to breath as often as me I take it but I’m still human and need air,” Lena husked with a slight chuckle.


“I’m sorry, I just have been dreaming of this moment for what feels like forever and I don’t want it to end,” Kara said before stealing a chaste kiss.


“Then let’s not let the moment end,” Lena said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.


“What did you have in mind, Sunshine?”


“Sunshine,” Lena asked confused.


“The yellow sun may give me my powers but you are the true light of my life, my true sunshine,” Kara said lovingly.


“Kara, take me home…now,” Lena said seductively, yet forcefully, as she kissed Kara once more.


“Yes Ma’am,” Kara eagerly said before helping Lena back into her parka and quickly leaving the Fortress behind them as they headed home.



The second their feet touched down in Kara’s apartment, the heroine rejoined her lips with Lena’s. Tongues danced together, each exploring the other’s mouth while remaining flush against each other. When they broke for air, Kara lifted Lena up, who immediately wrapped her legs around Kara’s waist before the pair rejoined their lips. As they continued to kiss passionately, Lena surprisingly conceded the duel for control and let the Kryptonian take control as she walked them towards her bed. Pulling back from the kiss when they reached the edge of the bed, Lena watched as Kara looked at her with more love, lust and adoration than she had ever seen in another person’s eyes before she found herself being gently placed on the bed.


When Lena reached up to pull Kara down on top of her, Kara stepped back and shook her head “no” confusing Lena.


“Don’t worry, love, I just need to grab my red sunlight bracelet. I don’t want to have to hold back and wearing that bracelet is the only way to ensure I don’t have too. I’ll only be a moment,” Kara said as she quickly leaned in to peck Lena’s lips before leaving to retrieve her bracelet.


By the time Kara returned, less than thirty seconds later, Lena was lying seductively on Kara’s bed, naked as the day she was born.


“Oh Rao, you’re beautiful, so beautiful,” Kara said as she stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing Lena naked in her bed lying against the pillows, knees bent slightly as she languidly ran the fingers of her left hand up and down her torso, making sure to tease a nipple on each pass.


“As sexy as you look in your suit, you are far too overdressed for the occasion Darling,” Len husked as she raked her eyes over Kara’s form causing her to visibly swallow the lump in her throat.


In the blink of an eye, Kara used her super speed to remove her suit leaving her completely naked, minus the red sun bracelet on her wrist. Then, knowing her advances were welcomed, Lena made a “come hither” motion that immediately had Kara crawling onto the bed until she hovered over Lena.


Lena wasted no time pulling Kara flush on top of her as they kissed with all the passion that had been brewing for a year. Lena couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips at the feeling of Kara’s erect nipples brushing against her own. Taking advantage of the moan, Kara began to trail kisses down the column of Lena’s neck and across her collarbones before moving further south to place kisses around Lena’s breasts before taking a pert nipple between her lips and tugging on it gently causing filthy moans to leave Lena’s lips.


Lena placed a hand gently on the back of Kara’s head to guide her in her ministrations. Completely lost in her pleasure, Lena didn’t notice Kara move her right hand down until it came in contact with her center.


“Lena, you’re soaked already,” Kara said in amazement.


“It’s what you do to me,” Lena panted.


Lena subconsciously spread her legs further as Kara reconnected their lips and began running her hand through Lena’s wetness, making sure to tease her entrance on each pass. When Kara moved her focus to circling Lena’s clit, Lena broke their kiss as she threw her head back against the pillows as she let out a loud moan that only spurred Kara to quacking her small tight circles around the bundle of nerves.


“Fuck Kara,” Lena moaned as she felt herself rushing towards release.


“I want to taste you Lee,” Kara said hungrily.


“Please do,” Lena moaned.


Smiling at her lover, Kara quickly moved down the bed until she could settle her face between Lena’s perfectly sculpted thighs. Making sure to make eye contact with Lena, Kara held the raven-haired beauty’s legs open as she took her first taste of her lover. Moaning at the heavenly taste of her love, Kara swiped her tongue up and down Lena’s slit several times before finally sucking the erect bundle of nerves gently into her mouth as she moved her middle finger to Lena’s entrance.


Receiving a nod of approval from Lena, Kara slowly pushed inside pulsing tight walls. Continuing her ministrations on Lena’s clit, Kara set a steady pace thrusting her finger in and out of impossibly tight walls.


“Rao, you feel so good and you’re so tight. Do you think you can take another?”


“Oh! Fuck, yes, give me another,” Lena moaned causing Kara to add a second finger.


Reconnecting their lips once more, Kara picked up her pace causing Lena’s moans to increase in volume as she felt herself growing even more aroused. Feeling Lena’s walls tighten around her fingers, Kara picked up her pace once more while sucking a nipple into her mouth once more, determined to make Lena cum.


Lena felt her walls beginning to clench around Kara’s skilled fingers far sooner than she’d have liked as she wanted this feeling to last forever. Feeling Kara curl her fingers on each inward thrust while sucking on her nipple, Lena knew it would only be a matter of seconds before she came despite her best efforts to make this last.


“Fuck, Kara! I’m going to cum!”


“Cum for me Sunshine; I want to feel you cum around my fingers,” Kara husked before sucking Lena’s nipple back in her mouth.


Kara thrust once, twice, thrice more, when on a particularly rough thrust, where her fingers curled perfectly brushing against Lena’s g-spot, Lena clamped down on Kara’s fingers as she came hard.




“Cum for me baby. Oh Rao,” Kara exclaimed as she helped Lena through her high and felt her lover’s release coat her nimble fingers.


When Lena had fully come down from her high, Kara sweetly kissed her lips before slowly withdrawing her fingers and bringing them to her own lips to suck clean causing a filthy moan of her own to be heard.




After sucking her fingers clean, Kara moved back up Lena’s body before lowering herself to kiss Lena chastely. Lena had other ideas though as she held Kara close to her body, not even leaving an inch of space between them as she hungrily reconnected their lips and kissed Kara passionately. While they continued to kiss, Lena subconsciously bucked her hips up into Kara’s when she felt something that definitely had not been there before. Pulling back out of curiosity, Lena looked at Kara perplexed before turning her gaze to their bodies when she saw what she had felt moments earlier.


“Kara,” Lena asked not sure what to make of her discovery.


“I should have warned you but I didn’t think it would happen since we’re not on Krypton,” Kara said, face colored with a light blush, as she moved to lay on her side next to Lena so she could look at her while she explained. “Remember how I told you earlier that same sex couples were normal on Krypton?”


“Yes, which I think is wonderful by the way.”


“It was; it was so wonderful and beautiful and normal. It was so normal, in fact, that our biology is designed so that or reproductive organs can transform, into those belonging to either gender to ensure that every couple, regardless if they are two women, two men or a man and woman, can produce biological children together. We don’t know why our reproductive organs shift when they do but it is believed the change is triggered by extreme pleasure and arousal. After the birthing matrix was created though, this feature of our anatomy became less predominately used as many couples turned to the matrix for reproduction due to its shorter gestational period and lack of complications for the mother who would have carried the pregnancy to term otherwise. When we engage in sexual intercourse with our soulmates though, our anatomy will still change depending on who our soulmate is. Since we’re both women, my anatomy changes to male reproductive organs. We never knew how it was decided how would transform in same sex relationships but we ultimately believe that Rao made this decision for us. I really didn’t think this would happen, Lena, and we don’t have to do anything with it if you don’t want too. Watching you cum just now and knowing I caused you to cum that hard was more than enough to satisfy me.”


“Kara, I may not have known about this part of you but I love every part of you so if you’re comfortable with it, we are definitely putting this to use,” Lena said with a seductive smirk playing at her lips.


“Yeah? You really want too,” Kara asked hopefully.


“Mhmm, I want to experience every part of you. I’ve had your mouth and your fingers so of course I want your…do you have a different name for it on Krypton,” Lena asked not wanting to use the wrong term.


“I appreciate you asking, but know we just called it a penis or cock or member on Krypton too,” Kara said before smirking and adding, “are you sure you can handle all of me?”


“Oh honey, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Lena said before flipping them so that Kara was on her back while she hovered over her. “I love you with or without powers but being able to catch you by surprising and top you is definitely nice,” Lena said before kissing Kara sounding while using one hand to gather the pre-cum on Kara’s tip so she could easily stroke the thick eight inch cock.


“Oh Rao, that feels amazing,” Kara said as she bucked her hips into Lena’s hand.


“Mhmm, wait until you’re inside me.”


Feeling Kara’s dick twitch at that comment, Lena could no longer wait to feel her love deep inside her. Joining their lips together in a sweet kiss, Lena lined Kara up with her entrance, after swiping the head through her wetness, and slowly began to sink all the way down on Kara’s length.


“Fuck, Kara! You’re so big. Fuck!”


“You feel so good, Lena! So so good!”


Having adjusted to Kara’s size, Lena began to move up and down Kara’s cock at a fast pace. Feeling her lover inside her spurred something deep inside Lena that made her want nothing more than to make Kara cum. Kara’s hands quickly found her hips to help her as she continued her fast pace; pulling up until only the tip was inside before slamming back down until Kara was balls deep in her once more.


Lena continued her pace for several minutes before placing her hands behind her and arching her back backwards as she continued to move up and down Kara’s cock. After admiring the sight of Lena arched backwards, Kara began to buck her hips up to meet Lena’s thrusts causing them both to scream each other’s names.


Lena could feel that she was close to tumbling over the edge once more, but knew she needed something more to fully push her over that edge. Before she said anything though, Kara seemed to sense what she needed because she began to rub rough, tight circles around her clit. Squeezing Kara’s cock more and more with each thrust, Lena knew she was moments away from exploding and given how she could feel Kara thickening and pulsing inside her she knew the blonde was close too.


“Yes! Kara, right there. God, I’m going to cum! Shit baby make cum all over your cock!”


“Oh Rao, oh Rao! I’m going to cum too!”


And with just a handful more thrusts, Lena clamped down on Kara’s length as she squirted her release, covering Kara’s cock, thighs and stomach in her cum. Mere seconds after Lena began to squirt, Kara pushed in as deep as she could before unloading spurt after spurt after spurt of thick cum, completely painting Lena’s walls white.




When the couple came down from their highs, Kara helped Lena ease off her so she could settle next to her in the bad. As soon as Lena was settled, Kara left and came back moments later with a washcloth and proceeded to clean Lena and herself up. After discarding of the washcloth, Kara retrieved their phones from their respective bags and plugged them into the chargers before looking from Lena to her wrist as if trying to decide if she could or should take the bracelet off. Seeing the question clear as day on Kara’s face, Lena answered for her.


“Kara, I understand why you wore the bracelet while we made love, which was amazing by the way, both times, but you don’t have to hide from me. I love all of you so if you’re more comfortable with the bracelet off please feel free to take it off but if you want to keep it on that’s okay too.”


“I usually wear it when we sleep in the same bed so I know I won’t accidently squeeze you too tight while we cuddle,” Kara admitted.


“Kara, I know you’d never hurt me, red sun bracelet on or not, so please, Darling, do whatever makes you most comfortable.”


“I think I’ll leave it on tonight but I want to work on feeling comfortable not wearing it when we’re together. Is that okay?”


“That’s more than okay. Now please come back to bed, I really want to cuddle with the girl that I love,” Lena said as she opened her arms for Kara to join her.


“I’d really love to cuddle with the girl I love too,” Kara said as she rejoined Lena in bed.


“Today has been the best day,” Lena said after a moment.




“Yeah. I finally got the girl I love, who will always be the only girl I’ll ever love. So, today is the best day ever because it’s the first day of our happy ending. I love you so much Kara.”


“This really is the beginning of our happy ending, isn’t it? I love you too Lena,” Kara said before kissing Lena for a final time that night before they fell asleep in each other’s arms dreaming of their future.



Lena woke before Kara the next morning and immediately reached for her phone to check the time. When she looked at her phone though, instead of noticing the time she noticed a text notification from an unknown number. Opening the message, Lena immediately grew scared and knew her happy ending was coming crashing down around her.


Unknown Number to Lena Luthor: I hope you had fun with your Kryptonian lover, Lena, because if you stay with her, today will be her last day on this planet. I have pure Kryptonite and you know I will use it. If you want your precious Kara to survive the day, leave and make sure she can’t find you and don’t say a word to her about leaving. One day, you will thank me for this Lena. You are a Luthor and you will never be meant to be with a Super. -Mother


Oh God, how does Lillian know about Kara and I already?! Fuck! God, Kara was afraid to tell me the truth because she didn’t want to put me in more danger and yet it’s me putting her in more danger. I can’t be the reason she gets hurt or worse killed. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I don’t want to break her heart but I can’t have her follow me. I need to leave and I need to leave now to keep her safe. Ugh but I can’t tell her to her face or else I know I’ll break and tell her the truth and if I tell her the truth Lillian will find out and use the kryptonite on her, so how do I do this? A letter, yes, a letter will have to do. God, Kara, I hope one day you do find me and that by then I’ve figured out a way to take my mother down so we can get back to our happy ending.


Knowing what she had to do, Lena quietly got out of bed, suddenly thankful that Kara kept the red sun bracelet on so she didn’t wake due to her super hearing. Finding a pen and paper Lena penned a letter that she knew she had to write even though it would break both hers and Kara’s hearts. Once she was finished writing, she left the letter on Kara’s nightstand and gently kissed Kara’s forehead before leaving the apartment and disappearing from National City within the hour.


End Flashback

Chapter Text

“Y…you left because Lillian threatened me?”


“Yes,” Lena admitted sadly. “In hindsight, I know I handled the situation completely wrong but in that moment, I was so afraid that she’d actually kill you with her stockpiles of Kryptonite or some other weapon we don’t even know about, that I ran and left a note that didn’t give you answers and had to of been extremely confusing for you.”


“I wish you would have trusted me enough to confide in me. We could have fought Lillian together instead of you leaving me alone only for you to immediately move on with someone else,” Kara said bitterly.


“Kara, I didn’t move on; I never moved on and I never will!”


“You have a really funny way of showing it, Lena,” Kara seethed. “I’m literally looking at the proof that you did move on,” Kara said dejectedly a moment later as she gestured to Lena’s baby bump.


“Kara, have you not been listening to anything I’ve been saying,” Lena asked beginning to grow frustrated with the Super.


“Yes, I listened to every word and I’m trying very hard to not think about what you said.”


“Why is that, Kara? Why don’t you want to think about what I said,” Lena asked curiously.


“Because if I do I’ll just get angry!”




“Because I love you,” Kara exclaimed as angry tears began to fall. “I’m still in love with you, Lena, and everything you’ve said says you loved me then and seems to also say you may still be in love with me but then I look at you and I see the proof that your words can’t be true. If you were in love with me you would not have been able to be with someone else, let alone carry another person’s child. It hurts Lena; it hurts so much knowing my soulmate doesn’t want me like I want them. It hurts that you told me you were in love with me then left me to wake up alone with nothing but a note waiting for me. It hurts knowing you chose to run instead of trust me to fight Lillian with you. And it hurts so damn much knowing that we share a child together and yet we will never get to be the family I’d hoped we’d become as soon as you knew about Elle,” Kara admitted more dejectedly than before.


“Without knowing why I left you were still hoping we’d be a family once you told me about Elle,” Lena asked surprised.


“Of course I was! Lena, I know you’re my soulmate and I love you more than you’ll ever know so of course I was holding out hope that you, me and our daughter could be a family. I was hoping against hope that when I found you we could talk about why you left and why you left me a note that since said, ‘Dear Kara, I love you more than life itself and last night was singlehandedly the best night of my life but this morning is the worst morning of my life, for I have to leave you. I wish there was another way but I don’t see one. I promise this has nothing to do with who you are and everything to do with who I am. I love you for exactly who you are Kara. I will love you until my last breath and I hope that one day we can be together again. In the meantime, please don’t come looking for me because you won’t be able to find me. I love you Kara Zor-El. Forever Yours, Lena.’ But then I did find you only to discover you’re carrying someone else’s child and looking at you I’d say you got pregnant almost immediately after you left me. So, how do you propose I remain being hopeful given those facts,” Kara asked as fresh tears of anguish fell.


“Kara, please let me explain,” Lena begged.


“No, I need to get this all out. You say you’ve never moved on but it’s clear you did. Do you have any idea how much it pains me to see the love of my life, my soulmate, pregnant with another’s child? It kills me Lena. Every time I look at you, I see the life we could have had had you stayed and trusted me enough to fight against Lillian instead of you going into hiding. From the moment I found out about our daughter, I’ve been picturing the life we’d have after I found you. I pictured finding you and us baring our souls to each other as we worked through you leaving me. Then I saw us buying a house together, maybe in the nice neighborhood that overlooks National City or even building our dream home somewhere, where we’d raise Elle together as wives. I even pictured us expanding our family to give Elle a brother or sister. I saw our wedding, the perfect mix of Kryptonian and human traditions. I saw us growing old and grey as we watched our grandkids and eventually great-grandkids run around our yard. I pictured it all because I believed in our love so much that I knew we’d overcome you leaving me with time and honesty on both our parts. I believed in our love so much that I even had these made,” Kara said sadly as she pulled out two Kryptonian engagement bracelets from her pocket.


“Kara, are those what I think they are,” Lena asked shakily, almost afraid to hear the answer.


“They are. I was so convinced you’d come back to me, because we’re soulmates and I believed in our love that much, that I began working on these the same day you left. They took three months to finish and I had hoped to talk through our issues then place one on your wrist and remind you that my love is eternal. I’ve been carrying them around ever since I finished them so I’d have a constant physical reminder of our everlasting love. I guess the joke is on me because now I’m just the holder of two useless bracelets; I’m just the girl who held onto the remnants of the woman she loves thinking she’d come back to her only to learn she’s with another,” Kara said as she sadly looked at the bracelets she had painstakingly made once more.


“Kara, please let me fully explain,” Lena begged needing to speak the truth so she could try to salvage her relationship with the woman she loved.


“I spent four months searching for you before I learned of our daughter. After that, I spent the past month telling her stories of her other momma and how much we loved each other and reassuring her that our family would be reunited before she knew it. Then, after a total of five months searching for you, after five months of me wondering what I did to drive you away, what I did to scare you off, I find you only to have my world come crashing down again at the sight of you pregnant with another’s child. I know we have to talk about Elle and how to move forward, provided you want to be in her life that is, but I need to understand. I need to understand what I did wrong to drive you into the arms of another at the first sign of trouble from your family and I need to understand why you felt the need to run after getting Lillian’s message in the first place instead of simply talking to me about it so I could decide if I still wanted to pursue a relationship with you. I need to understand Lena,” Kara pleaded as her tears fell.


Crying herself from hearing the pure pain in the blonde’s voice Lena said, “Kara, you have it all wrong. Ever since you told me you loved me, were in love with me, I’ve been picturing our future too. I pictured you proposing to me with a Kryptonian engagement bracelet after your mother’s hologram told me about them. I pictured being married in accordance with your traditions. I pictured us having children together somehow. I pictured waking up to you every morning and going to sleep by your side every night. I pictured it all, Kara, and I still picture it. This pregnancy doesn’t change anything; we can still have everything we dreamed of having.”


“No, we can’t. I want nothing more than to be a family with our daughter but I will not be a home-wrecker; I will not deprive your unborn child of having his or her parents stay together. We can figure out a way to co-parent Elle but I won’t breakup your new family, Lena, I won’t do it,” Kara said firmly.


“Kara, you’re not hearing me; we can still have everything we dreamed of having together.”


“No, we can’t, not now; not when you have a new family.”


“I DON’T HAVE A NEW FAMILY,” Lena yelled finally reaching her breaking point with Kara, ever the noble Kryptonian trying to do the honorable thing, not understanding what she was trying to say.


“Of course you have a new family, Lena, you are literally carrying someone else’s child,” Kara said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.


“No Kara, I don’t. God, I love you Kara, but you are so oblivious sometimes,” Lena said exasperatedly.


“I’m not oblivious! Not this time at least. The truth behind my words is literally sitting right in front of me.”


“Yes, the truth is right in front of you but you don’t want to see it apparently,” Lena said sadly with frustration also clear in her voice.


“And what truth, pray tell, is in front of me that I don’t want to see,” Kara challenged her.


“The fact that this baby is just as much yours as it is mine. I didn’t move on, Kara, because I can’t move on from you; you’re my soulmate and I love you. This baby is yours, Kara; this baby is ours.”

Chapter Text

“Wh…what,” Kara asked in disbelief.


“This baby is ours, Kara,” Lena said with a cautiously happy smile as her hands went to rest on her bump.


“But that’s not possible. You were with me in the fortress and my mother’s hologram said soulmates who are different species would need to use the birthing matrix to have biological children.”


“I know what she said but Kara, this baby is yours. Look into my eyes and see the truth behind my words, Kara. This baby was made from our love. You are the only person I’ve been with in the past year Kara. This baby is ours and if you still don’t believe me there are DNA test results in my hand bag. J’onn found me calling out for you at your apartment in National City and long story short, I had him perform a DNA test on the baby, to confirm what I already knew, since he had both of our DNA on file,” Lena implored Kara to believe her.


Kara looked Lena in the eyes the entire time she spoke and she did not see a hint of deception in her words and she knew Lena wouldn’t lie about having J’onn run a DNA test, but she also knew her mother’s hologram said it wasn’t possible for them to conceive naturally. In her heart, she knew Lena wasn’t lying to her but she had no idea how this was possible. As she continued to study Lena even after she stopped speaking though, she saw something that caught her attention.


“Lena, what’s that on your wrist,” Kara asked gesturing to a bracelet on Lena’s wrist.


“Oh, um I didn’t realize I was pregnant at first because like you said your mother’s hologram told us it wasn’t possible so I thought my missed periods were because of stress and worry over my mother and her threat on your life. But then, last month I noticed a slight bump on my stomach. I had been eating more so I passed it off on weight gain due to eating more. Then two weeks ago, I woke up floating above my bed and I couldn’t really deny it anymore. I don’t know anything about a half-Kryptonian, half-human pregnancy but it appears that at least some of your powers have been inherited by our child and since they and I are connected by their umbilical cord they appear to have also manifested in me. I remembered you wore a red sun bracelet when we, you know, so I thought maybe if I could replicate that, it would suppress the manifestation of powers in both our child and myself without harming them. I finished the bracelet a few days ago and so far, it seems to be working,” Lena explained.


“The red sun bracelet…oh my God,” Kara exclaimed as realization washed over her.


“What is it Kara?”


“Is it safe for you if I fly you to the fortress? I think I may have a theory for how this is possible,” Kara said as her eyes drifted to Lena’s bump.


“So, you believe me,” Lena asked hopefully.


“I believe you. You can’t lie to me and I haven’t seen any sign of deception in your eyes since you walked through that door, even if I didn’t want to admit that at first because of my own anger and pain about you having left me.”


Smiling her first true smile in months, Lena said, “you have no idea how happy that makes me to hear that Kara. And yes, to answer your question, it’s safe for you to fly me to the fortress but um when can I meet our daughter? I know we still have so much to discuss but all I’ve been thinking about since reading your letter is getting home to you and our daughter so we could be a family again along with our newest addition so when can I meet her? When can I meet Elle?”


“She’s napping right now but if you’d like to see her before we go to the fortress you can. I’ve been telling her stories about her other mommy since the day I met her and I swear that sometimes when I tell her about you she’s looking around searching for you so I know she’ll be so happy to see you when she wakes,” Kara said, the smile never falling from her face while she talked about their daughter.


“I’d really like to check in on her before we go. For the past five weeks I’ve had this feeling that someone or something was calling me home but I thought it was just my subconscious trying to get through to me that I needed to come home to you and face my mother’s threats with you by my side but now, knowing our daughter is five weeks old, I think she was somehow calling out to me.”


“That actually makes sense. She was a week old before Jeremiah was able to get her here but the entire week leading up to me learning of her existence, I felt a similar pull but I could never figure out where I was being pulled to or who I was being pulled towards but the feeling stopped when I met Elle and held her for the first time.”


“I guess our daughter has been hoping since the day she was born that she’d be able to be with us,” Lena mused.


“I guess so. Come on Lee, Elle’s in her nursery if you still want to check in on her before we go; I know I want too. I swear it has been nearly impossible for me to allow Elle out of my sight for any period of time. When I came to find you, I was a basket case being away from our little girl for just a few hours,” Kara said with a chuckle as she led Lena upstairs to the nursery.




When they reached the nursery, Lena immediately noticed that their daughter’s full first name, Lorelei, was painted on the door in gold glitter paint just above the House of El crest. Lena couldn’t help but trace the letters of her daughter’s name and the House of El crest below it, a small smile forming on her face.


“Eliza let me turn this room into her nursery so I wanted it to be the best nursery it could be. We didn’t decorate nurseries on Krypton, so I may have gone overboard, but I just wanted our little girl to have the best. We may not have chosen to bring her into this world but she’s here now and she’s ours and, Lena, I can’t imagine my life without her now,” Kara admitted, the love she had for their daughter clear in her voice.


“El Mayarah,” Lena whispered as she finished tracing the House of El crest on their daughter’s door after listening to Kara’s words.


“You remembered that,” Kara asked pleasantly surprised.


“Of course I remember; it is your house crest and family motto after all. I know we’re not in a good place right now but I still believe we’re stronger together and that strength will help us get through this rough patch; I know it,” Lena said confidently while Kara hummed, clearly deep in thought as she led Lena further into the nursery.


As soon as they stepped into the room though, Lena had to cover her mouth to stifle her gasp as she took in the room. She didn’t know what she expected it to look like but it certainly wasn’t this. The walls were painted beautifully; they depicted a futuristic city with flying cars soaring through the sky. For a moment, Lena was confused as to why the cityscape seemed to be bathed in red light instead of yellow when it suddenly hit Lena what the walls really depicted.


“Is…is this Krypton,” Lena asked.


“Yes. It’s the City of Argo, which is where I grew up. Elle is half-Kryptonian but will never get to truly experience Krypton so I wanted to give her something to represent that part of her heritage; so I painted Argo as it looked to me from the balcony outside my bedroom. I hope that’s alright,” Kara said nervously.


“It’s more than alright; this is perfect in fact. Kara, you are such a talented artist and our daughter is so lucky to have you as her Jeju because not every parent would go to these lengths to create something so beautiful for their child,” Lena said with nothing but love and adoration for the blonde in her voice.


“Y…you c…called me her Jeju,” Kara said in total disbelief.


“Well that’s what you are, Darling. You are her Jeju, unless you want to be called something else, that is,” Lena rushed to say.


“No! No, I want to be her Jeju, I just wasn’t expecting you to know that word; not even Eliza or Alex or even Kal-El know that word,” Kara admitted.


“Oh, well I may have done some research while I was away. I know we have to talk so much more about what happened but there was never a day that I didn’t think about you, love you or want to come home to you; I just wanted to have a way to keep you safe before I did come home. I knew to create some way to protect you, I’d need to learn everything I could about Krypton and your ways first. Please don’t be mad at him, but Winn got me remote access to the DEO’s databases so I could begin my research. He didn’t say anything because I swore him to secrecy and he didn’t know where I was, but not for lack of trying. He did beg me to just come home and figure out a solution together with you, but I’m stubborn and I didn’t want you to be in danger. And if I’m really being honest, I was afraid you’d reject me after the way I left; and honestly after how you reacted when we started talking today I thought you’d reject me,” Lena quietly admitted.


“Oh Rao, that’s…that’s a lot to unpack and we will have a long discussion about it later, and I owe you a million apologies myself now, but I need you to understand one thing, there is no universe in which I’d reject you, not even after you left the way you did. I know how my earlier reaction seemed but I was hurt and angry but I’d have gotten passed it eventually. I’m not saying I’m ready to just pick up where we left off, but we will get there one day. Thank you for wanting to learn about my culture though, and especially for calling me her Jeju; hearing that word alone means more to me than you know. Now though, are you ready to see your daughter, Miss Luthor?”


“Yes,” Lena breathed out, the excitement clear in her voice.


“Lena,” Kara began as she led them to the crib, “this is our daughter Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers-Zor-El, or as she’s legally known to the world, Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers affectionately known as Elle and Elle, this is your other mommy, Lena. She’s your Mam,” Kara softly said.


“God, she’s beautiful, Kara. She’s perfect. She’s the perfect mix of us too. The night we were together I dreamed about what our future children would look like and I pictured this, I pictured her. Every feature, every detail is exactly how I pictured our first daughter,” Lena said as tears began to stream down her face.


“I haven’t told anyone this, not that there’s anyone to tell since Eliza and J’onn are the only other people to know we have a daughter, but I dreamt of our future children that night too and I pictured her too. When I saw her for the first time I couldn’t believe that the little girl I pictured was in my arms. She’s perfect and I love her more than anything,” Kara said through her own tears.


The pair continued to watch their daughter for several more minutes when something Kara said finally registered in Lena’s mind.


“You called me her Mam.”


Looking at Lena sheepishly Kara said, “I did because you are. I did some research on your cultural background too. I remember how important knowing your Irish heritage always has been to you and I wanted Elle to know it too even if you weren’t here to teach her. Plus, I know your biological mother can’t be here for this, much like my biological parents, so I thought we could at least give our daughter both of our cultures and give her that piece of the grandparents she’ll never meet in this life.”


“I really like the sound of that,” Lena said as she smiled at their sleeping daughter.


“Come on, Lena, let’s head to the fortress before neither of us are willing to leave her,” Kara began but at Lena’s affronted look she added, “if we leave now we should be back in time for her next feeding if you’d like to give her that bottle, that is.”


Lena’s eyes lit up at the prospect of giving Elle her next bottle so she eagerly said, “I’d love to give her her bottle so yes, let’s go now then, before I change my mind and refuse to leave because the idea of leaving her even for a short time is already something I don’t like.”


With a nod from Kara, the pair left their daughter peacefully sleeping in her crib, told Eliza where they were going, without explanation as to why though, and then made their way to the Fortress of Solitude to see if Kara’s still unvocalized theory about Lena’s pregnancy was correct.

Chapter Text

Knowing she was carrying extra special cargo, Kara flew slower than she normally would as they made their way to the fortress. Her slower speed also meant that Lena could more easily have a conversation with her while mid-flight.


“Kara, will you please tell me what your theory is? You mentioned the red sun bracelet but I don’t understand what that would have to do with how we conceived this baby.”


“Lena, I promise I’ll explain but I need to ask my mother’s hologram a few questions first. Can you trust me and trust that I’ll explain everything once I know for sure,” Kara asked nervously, unsure if Lena still trusted her seeing as she didn’t trust her enough to tell her about Lillian’s threatening message regardless of the reasons Lena gave for not telling her.


Seeing the hurt and fear in Kara’s eyes as she asked Lena if she trusted her broke Lena. God, I have a lot to make up for. I’m the one that left and yet she’s the one questioning herself because of a piss poor decision I made. I need to figure out a way to fix things between us sooner rather than later even though it does still sting some that she made such rash assumptions.


When Lena didn’t reply right away, Kara felt like she had been stabbed directly in her heart with a kryptonite blade as she mistook Lena’s silence for conformation that the raven-haired woman no longer trusted her. The longer Lena remained silent, the more nervous and afraid Kara grew to the point where she started nervously rambling.


“I…I get it if you…if you don’t trust me. I know I kept the…the truth about wh…who I am from you for a year and I know you…you didn’t tr…trust me enough to…to let me share th…the burden of y…your mother’s th…threat but you can tr…trust me Lena,” Kara emotionally stammered out as she began to ramble.


“What,” Lena asked in confusion not understanding why on earth Kara could think she didn’t trust her and then it clicked. In her mind my leaving means I didn’t trust her when that could not be further from the truth. Fuck, I caused so much more damage than I thought possible by leaving. I should have stayed; I see that now. God, why was I so stupid?!


“It’s okay if you don’t trust me,” Kara said sadly, “but please trust me when I say I will explain.”


“Kara, that’s not it. I trust you; I trust you more than I’ve ever trusted anyone to be honest,” Lena said firmly.


“If you trust me then why did you take so long to answer?”


“Because I was thinking about how much I fucked up by leaving. When I left, I thought I was putting you first by doing what I thought was necessary to keep you safe like how you have always put me first and kept me safe, but hearing you speak, hearing the pain and hurt in your voice, pain and hurt that I caused no less, I see how wrong I was despite my good intentions. I should have stayed and I should have told you about Lillian’s message. Most importantly though, I should have worked with you to find a solution that would keep you safe rather than abandon you in a misguided attempt to protect you and find a way out of her threat on my own. I should have given you the choice to keep me in your life or not due to Lillian’s threat. I should have remembered how true El Mayarah is, because we are stronger together and whether or not you take me back at some point, I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for my mistakes and heal our family. Our girls deserve better than I’ve given them by breaking apart our family and they deserve more than moms who make rash assumptions but I am committed to putting our family back together and truly living by your family’s motto of El Mayarah,” Lena said determinedly.


“Lena, we need to talk a lot about what happened, and how to move forward, but just as there’s no universe in which I’d reject you, there’s no universe in which I won’t eventually forgive you and be ready to try again; I’m just going to need some time.”


“I understand,” Lena said slightly dejectedly.


“Lee, please don’t look so dejected; we will find our way back to each other, it’s just going to take longer than a few hours to do so,” Kara said with a sad smile that she meant to be reassuring.


“I know but I wish it could happen instantaneously.”


“Me too,” Kara admitted before silence fell between them for a few moments before something Lena said made her smile suddenly. “Our girls, huh? Have you already found out the sex of our newest addition,” Kara asked hopefully but the sadness in her voice from possibly missing out on being present to learn their child’s sex was not lost on Lena.


“The day you found me was the day I had my first ultrasound, that’s why you could hear my heartbeat. I had reversed engineered an extra image inducer I had in my home lab and turned it into a heartbeat masker. Instead of portraying a different image of myself to the world, it sent out the sound of a different heartbeat over my own so your ears could not hear my true heartbeat but in order to properly check on our little one, and hear their heartbeat, which was also masked by the device, I had to turn it off. I know I should have had an ultrasound sooner, like as soon as I realized I was pregnant, but I needed a doctor who could be trusted and that took time.”


“I get that. I’m not angry you didn’t get a scan earlier but I am happy you got a scan. How did you know you could trust the doctor you found though and is everything okay with the baby,” Kara asked anxiously.


“When I was doing my research, I came across Dr. Diana Prince, who you may know as Wonder Woman. When she took a step back from being Wonder Woman, she went back to school and got her medical degree after getting her cosmetology license so she could more easily hide her true identity to the absolute best of her ability. Once I knew who she used to be, I knew if anyone could be trusted outside of our family and select members of the DEO it would be her. She’s a big fan of yours by the way,” Lena said with a chuckle. “Anyway, to answer your question, yes, everything is perfect with our little one. Dr. Prince was able to determine the sex but I told her I didn’t want to know until you were with me; finding that information out just seemed like something we should do together.”


“Wow, Wonder Woman is the OB taking care of my zrhemin and our unborn child,” Kara said in wonder just as she began to see the fortress on the horizon. “I’m really happy everything is okay with our little kruvuzh, Lena, and thank you for wanting to share finding out their sex with me. Could we maybe have another ultrasound today when we get home so we can find out together? I’m sure Eliza has an ultrasound machine in her lab,” Kara said clearly excited at the prospect of seeing their child for the first time.


“If you’d like to see a live image of them we can do that or you’re welcome to use your x-ray vison at any time to check up on them, I wouldn’t mind you doing that,” Lena said sincerely before adding, “I actually have the envelope with the ultrasound pictures, including one I’m told tells us our baby’s sex, in my bag back at Eliza’s so we can open that together when we get back too if you’d like.”


“I’d really like to open it when we get back and if you’re sure about me using my x-ray vision I should warn you that I will likely use it multiple times a day just to see our little one,” Kara said was a genuine Kara Danvers smile, the first Lena had seen in five long months.


“That’s quite alright with me Darling,” Lena said, rather enjoying how excited Kara was at the prospect of seeing their child whenever she liked.


“Awesome but um, I won’t use my x-ray vision until after we’ve opened the envelope to find out their sex or had Eliza do a scan and tell us because I’m afraid if I look before then I’ll be able to figure it out and I want us to find out together. For the record though, I think it’s a boy,” Kara said as she gently touched down in front of the entrance to the fortress.


“Darling we’re two women so we don’t exactly possess the genetic material to make boys.”


“But we do. I know my mother’s hologram didn’t tell you everything about the birthing matrix, and reproduction on Krypton in general, but same sex couples on Krypton were always able to have biological children of both sexes so I think there’s a good chance we could have a son or daughter in a few months, but I think we’re having a son,” Kara said confidently.


“Wanna make a wager on that,” Lena asked as Kara opened the fortress and led them inside.


“Sure. What did you have in mind?”


“If I’m right and it’s a girl, I get to pick her first name and take you on a date, but if you’re right and it’s a boy, you get to pick his first name and take me on a date when you’re ready…if that day ever comes,” Lena said nervously.


“I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to even think about going on a date with you after everything, Lena. We need to really talk about everything before I really even consider resuming our relationship as it was, but I will be ready one day; so you’ve got yourself a bet, Miss Luthor,” Kara said as they shook on it.


“Perfect. By the way, earlier you said I’m your zrhemin and you said our child was our little kruvuzh. I can tell the words are Kryptonese but what do they mean,” Lean asked curiously.


“Oh, um,” Kara began as she nervously scratched the back of her neck, “kruvuzh means miracle and I just thought it was appropriate since this pregnancy should have been impossible and zrhemin means…,” Kara began to explain just before Kelex appeared.


“Good day Kara Zor-El, Lena Zor-El and baby Zor-El; how may I be of service?”


Completely stunned by how Kelex addressed them, Kara and Lena opened and closed their mouths a few times before Kara was finally able to speak.


“Kelex, why did you address Lena as ‘Lena Zor-El’ and how did you know she is carrying my child?”


“I have been programmed to detect when any member of the royal and honorable House of El is present in the Fortress of Solitude. To carry out this directive, I am equipped with the ability to recognize when someone joins the honorable House of El as well as when someone carries a member of the next generation of the House of El within them. By my calculations your heir will be born on March 15, 2022. I am also able to tell you if you and your beloved will be welcoming the next Prince or Princess of Krypton should you wish to know.”


“We do not wish to know at this time but thank you, Kelex, for your offer. Would you please activate my mother’s hologram? Lena and I have much to discuss with her.”


“Of course, it is my honor to serve you Kara Zor-El. The hologram will be ready for your use in two minutes,” Kelex said before offering his version of a bow and flying off to activate the hologram.



“Kara, why does Kelex think I’ve joined the House of El? And why did he call our child the next Prince or Princess of Krypton,” Lena asked after a few moments of silence after Kelex left.


“I had planned to take you back here after we woke up that morning so I could show you the archive room and teach you about my family’s full history but you were just gone so I never got the chance,” Kara said sadly.


“I’m sorry for leaving like that Kara, truly I am, but can you explain now? Please?”


“I’ll show you the archives another time, because I don’t want to be away from Elle for too long, but the synopsis is that my family were royalty on Krypton. Krypton had a governmental system similar to the United Kingdom. We had a royal family led by a King, Queen, a King and Queen, two Kings or two Queens depending on who was on the thrown and whether or not they were bonded or what we call married on Earth. Then we had a governing body, like Parliament, but instead of a House of Commons and House of Lords we simply had the High Counsel which was made up of the heads of the founding families of Krypton, the Heads of our guilds and an elected representative from each of the ten quadrants of Krypton. We did not have a Prime Minister though, so everything the Prime Minister does in the UK, the reigning Monarch or Monarchs did in addition to what we traditionally see the UK’s Monarch do,” Kara explained as they began to walk towards the room where the hologram was set up.


“So, the House of El is, what exactly,” Lena asked wanting there to be no confusion about how Kara’s family were royalty.


“The House of El were Krypton’s royal family. My father, Zor-El was his father’s eldest child, and the chosen heir, so he inherited the throne after my Grandparents passed. My grandparents were bonded, so they reigned together as King and Queen. When my father ascended to the throne he had just bonded with my mother as so they became King Zor-El and Queen Alura Zor-El. As my parents only child, there was never any question that I would be their heir. On Krypton, the reigning Monarch’s eldest child is not automatically the heir; any child of the Monarch can be chosen as the heir and only the Monarch, or Monarchs if a bonded couple were on the throne, can decide who the heir is. When the reigning Monarch or Monarchs pass, their heir automatically ascends, even if a formal ceremony never takes place.”


“Wait, so does that mean…,” Lena trailed off.


“Yes, technically, I am Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton and my children are Her Royal Highness Lorelei Kieran Zor-El, Princess of Krypton and our little kruvuzh will be Her Royal Highness or His Royal Highness followed by their name. Kelex must not know about Elle so that is why he said our little kruvuzh is the next heir,” Kara nervously said.


“Wow, that is a lot to take in and process,” Lena said slowly before falling silent for several moments as the continued to walk towards the hologram room. “Kara,” Lena began breaking the silence, “I do not mean to sound insensitive but how do things work with your royal status since Krypton was destroyed?”


“The planet may have been destroyed but so long as there are Kryptonians alive and well our governing system remains in place. We believe that the people make the society so it does not matter if we are on the planet Krypton or Earth, so long as there are living Kryptonians our system remains in effect. I just haven’t had much to do as leader of my people when, prior to our children, it was only Clark and I left so the title is more honorific than anything at this point.”


“No, those titles still mean something because they are part of your life story, they are part of your legacy, a part of your culture, a part of our children’s culture, and I want to learn everything I can about that culture, including your language, so we can teach our children. If we pass down their history, culture and language maybe one day a New Krypton can be formally founded as a colony or new nation on Earth or perhaps on a new planet altogether,” Lena said sincerely.


“You really want to learn about my culture, including my language,” Kara asked as tears welled in her eyes not believing the wonderful words she just heard.


“Yes, I learned as much as I could through the DEO databases Winn got me access too but I want to learn it all; and if the time ever came to formally establish a New Krypton I would want to help with that too,” Lena said with a genuine smile as she and Kara entered the hologram room where Alura’s hologram form was already activated.


“Hello my daughter. Congratulations on your bonding. Am I correct to assume that you are here to inquire how you and your zrhemin were able to conceive a child despite being of different species?”


“Hello Mother. Yes, we have come to seek answers to that question but, Mom, why do you and Kelex both believe Lena and I are bonded? I know I referred to her as my zrhemin earlier, but I am not sure why that word slipped out,” Kara said honestly.


“My dear child, you call her that because your heart knows it is the truth; I can sense it. You bonded with your zrhemin, or as they call it on Earth, your wife, five months ago, the very night you first brought her here to meet me in fact,” Alura said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.


“I’m sorry but did you just say Kara and I are married in the eyes of Krypton and have been since the night I first came here five months ago,” Lena asked not believing what she was hearing.


“Yes, that is correct. That is the night you officially became Lena Zor-El for all eternity.”

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry but how is that possible,” Lena asked completely in a state of disbelief even though the thought of being married to Kara made her feel all sorts of positive things.


“Yes, Mom, how is that possible? I remember attending bonding ceremonies on Krypton. There was always a ceremony and then we had a huge party afterwards where everyone came to celebrate the newly bonded couple and we would pray to Rao to bless them throughout their lives together. Lena and I never had a ceremony, Mom. I had made traditional engagement bracelets for us, yes, but I could never ask her bond because she was gone; so, how could we be bonded in the eyes of Krypton?”


“My dear daughter, the bonding ceremony is something we did on Krypton to celebrate the bonding not necessarily form the actual bonding. The ceremony provided the couple with the opportunity to declare their love publicly in front of everyone they loved and held dear. The true bonding however, often occurred earlier, sometimes months or even years earlier. Have you never wondered why we do not believe in divorce and why you never saw a bonded couple split no matter how bleak things looked for them at times?”


“I always thought it was because Rao teaches us that love must be nurtured and is not something you give up on no matter how tough things get.”


“That is part of it, yes. The larger truth though, is that we don’t believe in divorce because for Kryptonians bonding happens on a cellular level, typically during extreme pleasure during intercourse or in the absence of pre-bonding intercourse during times of extreme feelings of love and adoration, often during a bonding ceremony.”


“Oh Rao, I did not sign up having the sex talk with you twenty years too late,” Kara grumbled.


Ignoring Kara, even though she found the girl’s reaction amusing, Lena asked, “Alura, can you explain how Kryptonian bonding actually occurs so we can understand?”


“My dear girl, you may call me Alura if that is what you are most comfortable with but, while this may only be a hologram of my true self before Krypton perished, I do hope you would one day be comfortable enough to call me Mom. You are bonded to my daughter; therefore, you are my daughter too,” Alura said sincerely. “To answer your question though, Kryptonians feel things more deeply than humans. If we engage in intercourse with our soulmate, especially, we feel the pleasure of that experience so deeply that when climax is achieved we quite literally share a piece of ourselves with our partner, which causes our DNA to bond with our partner’s and that is why we call it bonding. In the absence of intercourse, this can happen during times of extreme feelings of love and adoration as well but the couple would still need skin-to-skin contact for the bonding to truly occur. Once we have bonded with our partner however, there is no known way to become unbound but no couple has ever sought to become unbound either. Bonded couples may face trials and tribulations but they do not seek a way to destroy their bond and no matter how bleak things can look bonded couples always work through the issue and are stronger for it. I can see that you and Kara have bonded. Her DNA is fused with yours and somehow yours with her. I suspect your coupling may be the great bond prophesied to bring Krypton into a new age after near destruction. I also suspect that you, Lena, have noticed you have Kara’s powers under the yellow sun by now?”


“I did begin to notice I had some of her powers but I thought it was a result of the pregnancy and our child being connected directly to me via their umbilical cord,” Lena admitted.


“It was a logical assumption but no, the changes in your DNA have granted you her powers because genetically you are now part Kryptonian just as Kara has a bit of human in her now. From the biometric readings I’m getting from you both though you appear mostly Kryptonian. I do not believe you will face any decline in your abilities Kara and I believe your powers will of equal power to Kara’s, Lena. We will need to fully examine this once the baby is born. Your child will develop the same powers as you both as well but I sense something else, someone else too. I feel your bond and I can feel the child growing within you, Lena, but I also sense another DNA signature is connected to all three of you as well but I am not sure who it is.”


Blushing bashfully Kara was jogged from her thoughts and said, “Elle…it’s our daughter Elle you’re sensing.”


“I do not have a record of you already having a child nor did I sense the child the last time you were here.”


“It’s a long story but the short version is that she was created through the birthing matrix without mine or Lena’s knowledge. Five weeks ago, my adoptive father was able to get her out of the facility that took our DNA to create her and bring her home to us. She was a week old when he got Elle to me and Elle is five weeks old now so that’s why you couldn’t sense her last time we were here.”


“I see. I do wish to learn the full facts regarding this situation, but I am sure you would appreciate your reason for coming here in the first place being addressed. You are wondering how you impregnated Lena despite being born of different species, correct?”


“Yes. Mom, you said that couples, even when they are soulmates, had to use the birthing matrix to procreate when they were of different species so how is this possible? I have a theory but I’m not sure if it’s possible,” Kara said while Lena shifted nervously from foot to foot.


“What is your theory, my daughter?”


“The red sub bracelet I was wearing when Lena and I….Well, you know what we did, obviously. I didn’t want to risk hurting her because of my powers and I didn’t want to have to hold back so I wore a red sun bracelet to eliminate my powers temporarily. The bracelet always rendered me like a human even though my DNA was still Kryptonian because we don’t have our powers under red sun. When I saw Lena wearing a red sun bracelet of her own it made me think that maybe we were able to conceive because I was as close to human as I can be in that moment. Is that how this miracle happened,” Kara asked.


“I am not entirely sure. While we have never frowned upon Kryponians bonding with someone of another species, it had always been a rare occurrence and each of those pairings were never able to conceive naturally. However, of the pairings I know of, none were between two species as genetically compatible as Kryptonians and Humans. I suspect that our species’ overall compatibility, coupled with a Kryptonian’s ability to shift their reproductive organs, made this pregnancy possible but it is possible the red sun bracelet helped make this possible. Kara, forgive me for being crass but did you shift during your relations with Lena?”


Kara and Lena were both blushing furiously as they remembered their night together five months earlier. Both knew there was nothing to truly be embarrassed about but talking about their night of passion with Kara’s Mother’s hologram was not something either woman had wanted to do.


“Yes, I did,” Kara murmured softly while refusing to look her mother’s hologram in the eyes.


“There is nothing to be embarrassed about,” Alura said.


“I know that but this is not something I particularly wish to discuss with what I have left of my mother,” Kara admitted.


“I can understand that. I know you don’t want to have to discuss this but after you shifted did you engage in penetrative intercourse and climax while still engaged in penetrative intercourse?”


“Yes, to both parts of your question,” Kara mumbled with her face tomato red as she was sure she would die of embarrassment.


“Since you bonded that night, I believe it is safe to assume that you climaxed as well while Kara was penetrating you, Lena?”


As Lena’s face turned just as red as Kara’s she mumbled, “I did, yes.”


“My best guess then, is that you were able to conceive due to a combination of our species being extremely compatible and the red sun bracelet as well as the fact that you bonded, thereby fusing parts of your DNA together which likely made Lena’s womb hospitable for a half-Kryptonian child to grow although  I am not sure how human the child will actually be. It is also possible that our earlier belief regarding couples of different species being unable to conceive naturally was wrong. Before Krypton was destroyed there had only been five such couples in recorded history. Each couple chose to reside on Krypton following their bonding and none of those couples were able to conceive naturally. We never did genetic testing though as data we had at the time suggested different species may not be able to reproduce without assistance. I do apologize for our failings. The Science Guild should have exhausted all hypotheses regarding those couples’ inability to conceive naturally, especially after the matrix was able to deliver healthy children to the two couples who wished to have children that way. I am also sorry I cannot give you a concrete reason for how this is possible other than to say it is a blessing from Rao.”


“It’s okay, Mom, I knew there was a chance you wouldn’t have a definitive answer for us but your insights are helpful. Do you have any idea if we would be able to conceive again in the future without the assistance of the birthing matrix, provided we ever wished to do so, that is,” Kara asked nervously after seeing Lena’s eyes bulge at the mention of more possible future children.


“I do not know.”


“That’s alright Alura, we deeply appreciate the information you have been able to share,” Lena said sincerely. “Do you know of anything I should be doing to ensure the health of our child during the remainder of this pregnancy? I did not realize I was pregnant immediately, but once my powers began to manifest I created a red sun bracelet, like the one Kara has, and I’ve been wearing it ever since to ensure any powers, and any powers our baby may have, are dampened. Other than that, I have been following human pregnancy suggestions as far as vitamins, diet, exercise and things of that nature.”


“Have Kelex send you a suggested diet before you leave. Although, human pregnancies are similar to Kryptonian pregnancies you will need to consume approximately double what you would during a fully human pregnancy. Also, continue to wear the red sun bracelet. It is unclear if the powers manifested solely because of the change to your DNA or if they were from the child or a combination of both. We have never had a Kryptonian pregnancy off-world so there is a possibility that without the bracelet the child could access their powers in the womb which could prove dangerous if say they used heat vision while in the womb. The red sun bracelet though will ensure both yours and the baby’s safety. I would also suggest making monthly visits here to have Kelex do a checkup. I am sure you have a doctor you can trust at home, but Kelex will be able to monitor you more closely.”


“Thank you for those suggestions, Alura.”


“You are most welcome.”


“Yes, thank you, Mom. I feel like there is so much to discuss but Lena and I need to get home to our daughter and I would really like to have Kelex do a checkup, and perhaps a scan, before we leave, to put my mind at ease.”


“Of course. Congratulations again my daughters and I look forward to future visits,” Alura said before the hologram disappeared.




Once Alura’s hologram disappeared, Kara and Lena remained silent for several minutes, both deep in thought. During that time, the pair did move to sit in the small sitting area in the corner of the room but still no words were exchanged.


“Lena, I’m so sorry,” Kara said at the same time as Lena said, “Kara, I’m so sorry.”


“Sorry, you go first,” Kara said after sharing a nervous chuckle with Lena over speaking at the same time.


“Thank you. I was just trying to tell you how sorry I am for all of this. Had I not allowed my fear to control me we would still be together…well I hope we would be together, as a couple that is, and we’d be excited to be welcoming a child made from our love into this world. You may have even given me that engagement bracelet by now. Instead, I let my fear control me and it turns out I didn’t just break both our hearts but I effectively abandoned my wife and caused you to miss out on the first few months of what could very well be the only naturally conceived child we have…not to assume you’d want to have more children with me or even be with me after everything but ugh this sounded so much better in my head. What I’m trying to say is that I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done and I love you so much and hope that one day you can forgive me and we can be the family that we apparently already are in the eyes of Krypton. Not that I’m pressuring you or anything just because we’re bonded according to Kryptonian law; I just really hope one day we can truly be together again and raise our children together, under one roof,” Lena said with a hesitant smile.


“Lena, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that I didn’t know I could get you pregnant. I’m sorry that I got you pregnant without your express consent to try for a child. I’m sorry that I didn’t know we could bond when we made love. I’m sorry that I have forced you into a Kryptonian marriage unknowingly. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did when you first arrived and tried to tell me about the baby. I’m sorry I wouldn’t even let you talk; that I wouldn’t give you a chance to explain. Mostly though, I’m just sorry we’re in this situation. All I have ever wanted is to be with you, marry you and have a life and a family with you and I have those things, in name at least. The thing is, I don’t want them in name only; I want them fully and completely but I’m going to need time to heal because you really hurt me when you left, Lena. I understand why you left, and we will discuss that further later to figure out how to best handle that situation, but Lena, I need time and I don’t know when I’ll be ready to fully be with you again. I also understand that you may need time too given how I reacted when you first arrived. I also understand if you don’t want to wait for me. We can’t undo the bond, but I won’t force you to honor the sanctity of the bond either since you didn’t know you were entering into it when we did bond. If you are willing to wait for me though, I can promise you that we will have it all one day. I do love you Lena, so very much but I need time before we’re together like that again and before we start a real relationship,” Kara said with a sad but hopeful smile.


“Kara, you’re my soulmate and I’d wait an eternity for you so take as much time as you need, because no matter how long it takes, I will be here waiting for you. Your refusal to let me speak, to explain, did hurt but I understand why you reacted the way you did so I don’t need time but I completely get why you do. I abandoned you for five months so you are justifiably hurt and returning won’t automatically fix the pain I caused, I get that, but I will wait for you.”


“Okay, good because I don’t think I could handle seeing you with someone else,” Kara said emotionally before collecting herself and saying, “how about we head down to the med bay so Kelex can check you out then we can go home to our girl and you can meet her properly and we can find out if we’re having another little girl or if we are having our first son?”


“That sounds perfect,” Lena said sincerely.

Chapter Text

After Kelex gave Lena, and the baby, a clean bill of health, and he sent suggested meal plans to Kara’s tablet, Kara flew herself and Lena back to Midvale. The entire flight home Lena was excited to finally truly meet her daughter, and get to feed her, but the second the Danvers family home came into view she became nervous.


“Kara, what if she doesn’t like me? What if she knows it’s my mother who created her with our DNA and tried to hold her captive to use against you and probably all aliens? What if she knows that and hates me for simply sharing Lillian’s last name?”


“Lena, calm down; it’s all going to be okay. You felt the same pull towards Elle that I felt before meeting her and we felt that pull because she was calling out for her parents. She wants to meet you Lena, and she’s going to love you…just like I do,” Kara quietly admitted.


“It hasn’t even fully set in that I’m pregnant and now I have not only a baby on the way, but a newborn daughter and I’m terrified of messing it up…of messing them up.”


“I get that, because I’m terrified too, but we can only do our best. The important thing is that both our kids know they’re loved and I know that’s something we’ll make sure they know,” Kara said as she gently landed in the backyard.


“I know you’re right but I just really don’t want to screw this up.”


“The fact that you feel so strongly about not wanting to screw it up is what tells me you’re going to be the best Mam ever to our kids and speaking of, I can hear Elle beginning to wake up. Would you like to come with me to get her?”


“Yes,” Lena said without hesitation.





Reaching Elle’s nursery, Kara walked straight in without hesitation but Lena paused in the doorway extremely nervous. Yes, she had seen her daughter before, and Kara had introduced her to Elle, but she had never seen her awake nor had Elle been able to really be introduced to her. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she does like me then hates me after she finds out what my brother, her own uncle, did to her cousin? What if I’m not capable of being mother? God, what if I end up being like Lillian?


“Lena? Elle’s awake and I know she’d love to formally meet you,” Kara called to her, now holding a wide-awake Elle in her arms.


“Kara,” Lena choked out as tears welled in her eyes.


“Lena? What is? What’s wrong? Is everything okay with the baby,” Kara asked as she rushed to Lena’s side.


“The baby is fine. It’s just…she’s awake now. What if she really doesn’t like me? What if she does like me and then when she finds out what Lex, what her own uncle, did to her cousin she hates me for sharing his last name? What if I’m not capable of being a mother? I can’t remember my biological mother much, so all I had as an example of motherhood was Lillian and she was far from mother of the year. So how am I supposed to be able to be a good mother when I never experienced one?”


“Lena, I’ll tell you again what I told you a few minutes ago; the fact that you’re worried about being a good mother proves my point that you’ll be a great mother. I’ve only been a parent for a month but I’ll let you in on a little secret, what she really needs is love and parents who will always do their best while raising her. I already know the answer to this but can you do that, Lena? Can you love her and commit to doing your best while raising her with me?”


“Y…yes I can do that.”


“I know you can. Come sit, so you can properly meet your daughter,” Kara said leading them to a double seater glider.


“You got a double seater,” Lena asked curiously as she joined Kara on the glider.


Blushing, Kara nodded before saying, “I…yes. When I first found out about our daughter I knew I had to find you not only because I wanted to at least have a final conversation, get some closure and make sure you were okay but because our daughter deserves to have both her parents if possible and you deserved to know you had a child. I convinced myself that I’d find a way to find you so when we went shopping for Elle’s nursery I saw this and knew it’d be perfect because we could sit on it together with her.”


“You got this so we could be together with our daughter? Even though you didn’t know when you’d be able to find me,” Lena asked in slight disbelief.


“Yes. No matter what happened between us there was never a moment where I pictured raising Elle without you,” Kara said genuinely just as Elle let out a little disgruntled grunt causing Kara to chuckle and Lena to look at her daughter with wonder. “I think someone is a little impatient to properly be introduced. Elle, this is your other mommy, your mam. She’s watched over you while you slept for a bit but is very excited to fully meet you now that you’re awake,” Kara told her daughter while positioning her so she could see Lena. “And Lena, this is Elle. Would you like to hold her?”


Lena nodded her head with nervous excitement as Kara carefully transferred their daughter to her arms.


“Be sure to support her head, yes just like that,” Kara said with a smile as Lena appeared to be a natural holding their child.


“Hi Elle, I’m your Mam; that’s what we call moms in Ireland where I was born. I’m so happy to finally meet you and get to hold you. God, I’ve only just met you but I’ve loved you from the moment I read Jeju’s letter and found out about you and holding you now, God, Elle, I love you so much. I love you more than words can describe. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel this much love for one person. I can’t promise I’ll be a perfect parent but like I promised Jeju, I will always love you and do my absolute best as your mam,” a teary-eyed Lena said before placing a kiss to her daughter’s head. “Kara, she’s…she’s perfect. I can see so much of you in her but I can see me too,” Lena said reverently as she stared lovingly at her daughter’s face.


“She really is a perfect mix of us. I love that she has your hair and my eyes.”


“Me too,” Lena said as Elle began to fuss causing Lena to worry. “Did I do something wrong?”


“No, you did nothing wrong Lena; she’s just hungry,” Kara said before noticing Lena frown as her brow crinkled. “Lee, don’t beat yourself up over not knowing that she’s fussy because she’s hungry. You’ll know what each of cries and sounds mean before you know it. I thought I’d never be able to tell what she needs but without even realizing it I figured it out within a few days and you will too,” Kara reassured Lena who only nodded in return. “I’ll go get her bottle so you can feed her; if you’d still like to feed her that is.”


“I’d really like to feed her, yes,” Lena said with a small smile.


“Perfect, I’ll be right back,” Kara said before placing a kiss to Elle’s head and leaving the room.


“It’s just you and me now, Elle. I know I missed the past month of your life but I promise I won’t miss anymore. I will always be here for you and I will always love you. I’m sorry about how you were brought into this world too; no child should have to be brought into this world at the hands of Lillian Luthor. I promise I will always protect you from her and anyone else who wishes to do you harm. You, your baby brother or sister and Jeju are the most important people in my life and you always will be,” Lena said as she smiled as her daughter. “You know, I really messed things up with your jeju. I never should have left her, and I know that just like I know I will never leave her again, and I will never ever leave you or your little brother or sister. Jeju and I have a lot to discuss still but I am going to do whatever it takes to rebuild what I broke so we can be the family Jeju and I dreamed of having together. No matter what happens though, I love you and Jeju so much.”


As Lena finished speaking, Elle looked up at her with her big blue eyes, and moved her little hand to just above Lena’s heart and simply laid her little hand against Lena’s chest while never looking away from Lena’s green eyes.


“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were telling me you love me too. I didn’t think to ask your jeju about Kryptonian development but I think you may actually be trying to tell me you love me too. Is that what you’re doing Elle?”


For her part, Elle smiled at Lena, which Lena took as confirmation that Elle was trying to say she loved her which caused Lena’s tears to begin to flow once more.


“I understand, Elle, I understand. I love you so much baby girl and I will fix what I broke. I will fix our family. El Mayarah, we’re stronger together, always remember that.”


As Lena continued to sit there, holding her daughter, little did she know that a certain Kryptonian was now standing in the kitchen, preparing their daughter’s bottle, with tears of her own falling due to the sincerity she heard in Lena’s words. They had a lot to discuss, a lot to apologize for and much to work through still, but Kara had hope that together they could repair their relationship and be the family Kara always envisioned them being.


Chapter Text

After Lena finished feeding Elle and the little girl was settled on her playmate in the living room, Lena found herself sitting awkwardly in the room with Kara. It was clear they both wanted to talk but neither of them knew how to start the conversation or what to say. Looking at the time, Lena realized it was starting to get late and she had no idea when J’onn was expecting his car, that wasn’t really a car, back so she would have to head back to National City to return it even though she didn’t want to be separated from Kara or their daughter, especially after just having met her. What Lena didn’t realize though, was that Kara had picked up on her distress.


“Lena, what’s wrong? I can tell your distressed,” Kara said concerned.


“It’s just…ugh I came her in J’onn’s craftily disguised ship and I need to return it to him but I don’t want to be in National City while you and Elle are here. We need to talk more and we agreed to ask Eliza to do a scan here and to find out our newest little one’s sex and we can’t do all of that if I’m in National City,” Lena huffed, clearly frustrated.


“Lena, J’onn called Eliza to check-in while we were at the fortress. He’s not expecting his car back anytime soon, and even if he was I’d just fly you back here if you wanted to stay here, so you don’t have to return to National City right away, if you don’t want too. And honestly, I would prefer if you weren’t back in National City alone anyway. Knowing that Lillian threatened my life if you didn’t leave me concerns me, and we will have to deal with her at some point, but for now I’d feel better if you stayed her with us or if you want to return to National City then I’d prefer it if Elle and I went with you. I don’t think we should be in separate places while your mother is on the loose. Not only has she threatened my life but she wanted Elle for her own sick purposes so she’s going to come for us, it’s only a matter of time and I think we stand a better chance against her if we’re together. El Mayarah, right?”


“Kara, is the only reason you want me here because you feel an obligation to protect me and both our children from Lilian? Because if it is, you do not need to feel obligated.”


“I know I owe you a million apologies for how I reacted to seeing you again, for how I basically accused you of not only lying about loving me but for how I essentially called you a whore, even though that wasn’t my intention; but Lena, I mean it when I say I love you and I want a future with you. I know I can be oblivious, we’ve established that but I was a fucking idiot for ever even thinking for a nanosecond that you moved on. I know you and I know your heart and I should have trusted that. I will never be able to apologize enough for how I reacted but I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you and making sure you believe me when I say I love you, I want a future with you and I want you here with me and our daughter. I want you, Lena, and I want our family. So please stay here with us; I want you here and Elle wants you here too. I’m not saying we have to stay in Midvale forever, but wherever we choose to live I want us to always be in the same place; I want us to be in the same house if I’m being totally honest. So please, stay. There’s still a guest room here or you can stay in mine and Alex’s old bedroom with me if you prefer that but please stay; stay so we can work through our issues and stay so we can figure out how to deal with Lillian together, please,” Kara said with emotion thick in her voice.


“Okay,” a clearly emotional Lena breathed out just loud enough for Kara to hear.


“Okay? Yes! Rao, you have no idea how happy it makes me that you’re staying! Now that that’s settled, about the scan and finding out our baby’s sex; Eliza left for the store to get groceries for dinner while I was making Elle’s bottle but she should be back soon and we can ask her about the scan then. How does that sound?”


“It sounds perfect. Does she know about the baby being both of ours,” Lena hesitantly asked.


“No, I thought she deserved a proper explanation from me instead of a quick, ‘oh and by the way when I told you Lena and I confessed our feelings for each other I left out that we made love and made a baby from that love so congrats you’re going to be a grandma again,’ as she was on her way out,” Kara said with a nervous chuckle.


“I suppose you’re right. Do you think she’ll be upset with me for not coming back as soon as I knew I was pregnant?”


“No. I think she’ll understand you were scared, especially considering Lillian’s threat. The only way she’d be mad is if you were never planning on telling me. I know we haven’t talked about this yet but, you were planning on telling me, right,” Kara carefully asked.


“Of course! Once I realized I was pregnant I knew I had to tell you but I was afraid. If I had to compare it something, I would say I was scared so I was taking time to build up the courage to come home and tell you or take the inducer off so you could find me just like you needed a couple months after Cadmus to work up the courage to tell me who you really are. So, yes, I was always going to tell you but I can’t say when I was going to tell you because I don’t know how long it would have taken me to build up the courage but I know I was close to having it. I’m sorry if that hurts you, Kara, but I don’t want any more secrets between us.”


“No, I understand what you mean. I was terrified of you rejecting me after I told you and it took me two months to build the courage to tell you the truth because of that fear. You’ve only really known you were pregnant for two weeks so it’d be unfair of me to have expected you to come to me already to tell me when I took four times that amount of time to work up the courage to tell you who I really am.”


“I appreciate you saying that but Kara, I swear to you I would have told you sooner rather than later; I just can’t tell you exactly when I would have told you. When I saw our child on the ultrasound yesterday it really sunk in that I’m pregnant, that we’re pregnant. The second I saw our baby moving their hand almost like they were waving I knew I needed to tell you so that you could experience those moments with me. I reached for your hand when I saw our baby on that screen only to realize a half second too late that you weren’t there because you didn’t know and thanks to me masking my heartbeat you had no way to know. Kara, seeing our baby on the screen was the most magical experience of my life. I can’t wait to see your reaction the first time you see our child on the screen but, if you’d like, I’d really like to show you the ultrasound pictures. Diana put the one showing our baby’s sex in a separate envelope so there’s no chance we’d accidentally see that picture, unless you want to find out now instead of waiting for the scan that is,” Lena said as she worried her bottom lip.


“I want to see our baby on the screen and be able to see them move around but I’d really like to the pictures now. I think I’d like to wait to find out the sex until Eliza can do a scan for us though, but I really would like to see the other pictures,” Kara said with a shy smile.


“I’m a little tired from all the travel and excitement of today, so would you mind grabbing the envelope from my bag? I left it on the bench by the front door and the envelope is on top.”


“Of course. Do you need or want anything from the kitchen while I’m out there? When I found out about Elle, I read every baby book I could find but most also covered pregnancy and for some reason I found myself unable to skip those sections, so I know how important it is to stay hydrated and get plenty of fruits and vegetables, plus Kelex’s meal suggestions suggest a lot of fruits and vegetables, so I can get you anything you’d like, but I swear to Rao, Lena, if our baby loves kale more than potstickers I will treat it as an act of treason,” Kara said seriously as she stood which caused Lena to laugh, a true laugh for the first time since leaving Kara five months earlier.


“I make no promises but I’m willing to compromise and teach all our children to love kale and potstickers equally. Deal?”


“Fine,” Kara said with a dramatic huff, “but if you think you’re going to convert me to a kale lover Mrs. Zor-El you are strongly mistaken,” Kara continued not realizing what she said even when she heard Lena’s breath hitch. “L…Lena are you alright,” Kara asked, concern laced in her voice.


“I’m fine but you…you just called me…”


“I called you…oh…um…well I’m sorry, it just slipped out. It’s a Kryptonian thing, not that I didn’t mean it because Rao, I did, but when Kryptonians bond they become more affectionate in how they address their zrhemin, their wife or spouse. Often, we don’t even realize we do it. That’s part of why I called you my zrhemin at the fortress without batting an eye. If it makes you feel uncomfortable though, I will do my best to not do it until you’re ready to hear my say it,” Kara said sheepishly.


“Kar, I’m not upset you referred to me as your wife; I actually really liked it, it just caught me by surprise. I won’t ask you not to refer to me that way because I know we’re working on us so we can truly live as wives one day but the fact remains that under Kryptonian law we are wives and I don’t want to deny that. Marriage isn’t easy, if it was everyone would be married for fifty plus years, and on Earth we have a marriage vow that says ‘for better or for worse’ or sometimes it’s worded ‘in good times and bad’ and right now we’re going through one of those bad times but we’ll work through it; we’re already working through it in fact. There is a light at the end of our tunnel, Kara, and we’re already closer to that light than we were a day ago because we’re already talking about things so if you don’t want to hide that we’re already married then neither do I,” Lena said sincerely.


“I’ve never really had a romantic relationship in Earth before so I’m sorry if I don’t understand romantic relationships here but I will learn. But, if I understand correctly what you’re saying is that it’s okay that things are rocky right now because this is just a rough patch similar to what many couples go through on Earth and even though we’re working through our issues, it’s still okay to hold ourselves out publicly as married because we are, right?”


“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I take it this is not how it worked on Krypton when bonded couples had disagreements or went through a rough patch,” Lena asked curiously.


“No. On Krypton, if a bonded couple experienced marital problems, that could not be resolved with one conversation, they visited the office of family affairs to document the issue. Then they would speak to a counselor and usually the counselor would recommend a period of thirty to sixty days where the couple did not deny they were bonded but they took time away from working through life as a single unit while they thought about the issue separately and came up with steps they each believed they could take to mend the breakdown of their union. They still lived in the same home during this time but they would have separate bedrooms. When they met with their counselor at the end of that thinking period they would share their thoughts and steps they thought could be taken to fix the issue and then the counselor would help them implement those steps and send them home together as an openly bonded couple once more and they would resume truly functioning like a single unit again and would return to sharing a bedroom. The period of time thinking about things also helped the couples realize what a true gift their bond was and it made them appreciate each other and their bond more than before. It was rare, but if the issue was especially serious, a counselor would move in with the couple after the initial individual thinking period and work with them in their home until the issue was resolved. Couples also met with a counselor yearly to help ensure the strength of their bond,” Kara explained.


“So, basically, Krypton used marriage counseling regularly and that is why couples did not divorce?”




“And when you said you needed time and made it sound like you didn’t want to say we were together currently, were you trying to use the marriage counseling techniques you learned on Krypton to instill an initial period individual thinking about our issues and how to fix them so we could work on our relationship before announcing to the world we’re married and moving forward together as a single unit?”


Adverting her eyes as her cheeks turned red Kara said, “yes, that is what I was trying to do. It is the only way I know how to resolve tensions between a bonded pair. I had tried to observe how Eliza and Jeremiah worked through their disagreements but they never fought around Alex or I and I haven’t had another bonded couple on this planet I was close too to observe.”


“Kara, you don’t need to be embarrassed to tell me that you were relying on your cultural customs to save our relationship, even before you knew we were bonded. If anything, knowing that that’s what you’ve been trying to do only makes me love you more because it shows me that despite everything you never once thought about us actually not being together once you knew I hadn’t formed that bond with someone else.”


“Of course, I never thought of the possibility that we wouldn’t work things out once I knew you weren’t with another and honestly in my heart I knew you would not have been able to move on so quickly. I said it earlier, and I’ll keep saying it, but I was a fucking idiot even considering the possibility that you moved on. I was hurt and I lashed out and you didn’t deserve that; for that I am so deeply sorry, Lena.”


“I know you’re sorry, Kara, just as I know you know how sorry I am. I accept your apology and if you need forgiveness then I give it to you now and always,” Lena said sincerely.


“I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear you say you forgive me until you so freely gave me that just now. Thank you, Lena,” Kara said clearly emotional.


“You don’t need to thank me, Darling. If the offer still stands though, could our little kruvuzh and I have some water and maybe a banana or some other fruit if you have any,” Lena shyly asked after a moment.


“Wow, hearing you speak Kryponese so well is amazing, Lena! And yes! Of course! I will bring those things to you along with the ultrasound pictures,” Kara said before clearly using her super speed to go gather the requested items and pictures.





Kara was back in the living room and sitting next to Lena, with no space between them much to Lena’s enjoyment, before Lena could even process everything the Super had said before speeding off. When Lena looked at everything Kara had placed on the coffee table in front of them though, she couldn’t help but chuckle and the scene. Kara had seemingly deposited every fruit she could find on the table along with what appeared to be a freshly made kale salad.


“Kar, did you make me a kale salad in the span of less than two minutes,” Lena asked amused.


“Well, yes,” Kara said as a slight blush colored her cheeks. “You love kale and, as much as I despise the green devil, it is healthy and I want you and our baby to be healthy so if that means preparing you salads or sandwiches or anything else with this crime against food, I will do it,” Kara said as if it physical pained her to say the words which made Lena smile.


“Well, Darling, I appreciate the gesture but where did you find fresh kale and all my favorite salad toppings for this time of year?”


Looking bashful Kara said, “I really missed you when you left and it felt like I was dying without you so I flew out here one weekend when I knew Eliza was planning to be in National City, in an attempt to get me to talk to her. Eliza has always kept a beautiful garden in the side yard and since I was missing you I found myself going to the farmer’s market and purchasing everything needed to plant some of your favorites, including kale. The kale is ripe now so I thought you and our baby would enjoy a fresh kale salad with charred butternut squash, parsley, toasted pumpkin seeds and honeycrisp apples with that lemon garlic dressing you love. I also brought you bananas, strawberries, blueberries and mango slices in case you wanted more than just the salad and banana. I also brought you a few bottles of ‘L Pure Spring Water’ that you started producing when you took over Mountain Valley Spring Water so you could distribute it to nations without proper access to clean drinking water because I know you believe in drinking it yourself to show that you truly believe in the water and that it was not a publicity stunt for good PR for L-Corp.”


“Kara, how long have you been making sure to have my favorites stocked here and I’m going to guess at your apartment too,” Lena asked astonished to learn that Kara had been doing this even after she abandoned her.


“I started having your favorites at my apartment when I realized I loved you, which was before you left obviously, and I started making sure your favorites were here and at your penthouse the day you disappeared. I knew when you came back you may have preferred to go to the penthouse so I wanted to make sure if you did that, your kitchen and pantry would be fully stocked but I also knew that you enjoyed coming here with me so I decided to keep them stocked here in case you came back to me but wanted to get out of National City for a bit,” Kara sheepishly admitted.


“I love you,” was all Lena could say as happy tears welled in her eyes. God, even after abandoning her, she still went out of her way to do things for me to make coming home easier on me. I was hurt when she seemed to think I moved on as if she meant nothing to me but I can understand her pain now and I have forgiven her. More than anything though, I can see how her love for me was always there in everything she did even when she didn’t know when, or if, she’d see me again. It’s also adorable how embarrassed she gets admitting these things to me; maybe I should tell her what I did once I reached Ireland to show her she has nothing to be embarrassed about.


“I love you too, Lena, I hope you believe me when I say that.”


“I do believe you. Kara, actions do speak louder than words and your actions show how deep your love for me runs and I think it’s time I respond in kind.”


“What do you mean,” Kara asked with her signature confused head tilt.


“You may have been keeping my favorites stocked while I was away but you weren’t the only one doing something because you missed the person you loved. When I left, I had no idea where I was going to go; I just knew I needed to put as much distance between us as possible to buy time until I figured out how to permanently deal with Lillian. Ultimately, I decided to go to Kells, Ireland because that’s where my birth mother, Kieran Lucinda Daly, was born. When I turned eighteen, I learned that she had left me her family’s cottage in Kells but I never thought much of it and I never visited, that’s why I never told you about it before. I decided that cottage would be a good place to go since Lillian didn’t know about it, and neither did you, so it would buy me time. Of course, I added the lead lining, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t do that to keep you out; I really did it hoping that perhaps one day you’d fly above Kells and notice there was a lead lined home and investigate which would lead you to me. I know it sounds silly but on some level, even at the height of my fears, I was hoping you would find me. Anyway, there was this little Chinese restaurant in town that I noticed when I arrived; so I went there my first night to get potstickers because I missed you and I learned that the owners were shutting down because they had no children to take over the business and they wanted to retire. I missed you so much, Kar, and the thought of not being able to indulge in your favorite food, which was a way for me to stay connected to you, killed me so I bought the restaurant on the spot and at the prior owner’s recommendation, promoted their top employee to manage the place. You know I love my health food, but I may have had a standing seven o’clock sharp potsticker delivery every day of the week except Sundays when I made sure to solely eat fruits and vegetables to make up for the potstickers I ate the other six days of the week.”


“You ate potstickers six days a week because you missed me,” Kara asked in disbelief.


“I did and I hate to say it but they are good; but I’m blaming that on being pregnant with your child. But see, you weren’t the only one missing the person you loved.”


“Lee, I know we’re working through things, and I know I seemed hesitant to pick up where we left off, but um would it be okay if I kissed you,” Kara asked nervously while looking at Lena with nothing but love in her eyes.


“I’d really like that,” Lena said with a smile.


As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Kara cupped Lena’s cheeks and brought their lips together in a sweet yet chaste kiss that conveyed every ounce of love Kara and Lena had for each other. It may have been a simple kiss, but to Kara and Lena it was like coming up for air after being underwater for far too long, it was like coming home. Before they could even think about deepening the kiss though, they heard the excited gurgles of their daughter, causing the pair to break apart and smile at Elle who was happily gurgling as she looked at them with a smile and kicked her feet in the air.


“I think our daughter approves of us being together,” Kara said with a smile on her face.


“I think you’re right…I don’t want to ruin the moment but seeing all this food is making Mam and baby hungry, so why don’t you open the ultrasound pictures and we can look at them together while I dig into this amazing looking salad,” Lena said as she put a large forkful of the salad into her mouth before moaning at the taste. “Oh my God, Kara! This is the best version of this fall kale salad I have ever had. You are going to have to make this for me more often. It’s so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this for me even though I know you detest eating…Kara what did you just do,” Lena asked as she watched Kara take a small forkful of the salad and put into her own mouth with the second fork Lena had not noticed earlier, like it was perfectly normal for her to do, as she simultaneously opened the envelope with the ultrasound photos.


“Oh, well um…you see,” Kara began sheepishly when she realized she had been caught, “I may detest kale but, like you and potstickers, I’ve found myself somehow managing to tolerate eating small amounts of the green devil over the last five months. Eating it, even though it’s only ever a bite or two at a time, made me feel closer to you. You are right though this one did turn out quite well. I think I finally mastered charring the butternut squash just right,” Kara hummed in approval.


“Woah, woah, woah, are you, Kara Zor-El, telling me that you actually enjoyed the taste of that bite of my salad and that you’ve been making this exact salad in my absence,” Lena asked completely gobsmacked.


“It may have grown on me some and I only made it once a week or so,” Kara mumbled almost quietly enough that Lena couldn’t hear, but she did.


“Oh. My. God. You like kale. You refuse to admit it but you, my darling wife, are learning to love kale. This day just keeps getting better and better,” Lena happily exclaimed before placing a gentle kiss to the clearly embarrassed Kryptonian’s cheek.


“I plead the fifth,” Kara said defiantly even as she looked at Lena with her signature puppy dog eyes.


“Whatever you say. Let’s take a look at the first pictures of our youngest child then, shall we,” Lena asked to change the topic so Kara could leave the topic of kale behind…for now.


“Yes! Let’s look at them,” Kara excitedly said as she pulled the three photos from the envelope that was labeled “safe for viewing if you do not want to know the sex yet”. “Oh my Rao! Lena! Lena look! It’s our baby. Oh Rao, they’re so big already and they’re waving! Oh Rao, this is amazing,” Kara gushed as happy tears began to fall as she traced the details of their unborn child’s ultrasound.


“It does look like they’re waving, doesn’t it? I think they have your cheekbones,” Lena said as stared lovingly at the first ultrasound picture.


“You really think so,” Kara asked hopefully as she turned her gaze to Lena.


“I do. You can see it better in one of the other pictures. Diana got one showing their face really well.”


Turning to the second picture, Kara found the one Lena was referring too and stared at it in wonder.


“Wow, you’re right, she really did manage to capture their face really well here. If you look closely, you can see their nose really well and I think they have your nose,” Kara mused.


“You think so,” Lena asked as she looked at their child’s nose more closely.


“Yeah, I do. And look, they already have long legs like me,” Kara exclaimed as she turned to the final picture.


“It does appear that they do. God, with those legs, that will only grow longer, their kicks are bound to be frequent. I hope you’re prepared to talk to them and tell them to be nice to me when they start kicking up a storm,” Lena said seriously.


Without hesitating Kara set the pictures on an empty portion of the coffee table and slid off the couch to sit on her knees in front of Lena. Looking up at Lena, she silently asked permission, which Lena granted with a nod of her head as she untucked her blouse and pulled it up until just under her breasts, revealing her uncovered bump to Kara for the first time. Accepting Lena’s consent, Kara placed her hands on the sides of Lena’s bump and leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to it before speaking directly to their unborn child.


“Hi, our little kruvuzh. I’m Kara and I’m your jeju. I only just learned about you, and I just saw your pictures for the first time, but I’m so excited to meet you! Your mam and big sister Elle are too. But, little kruvuzh, we need to have a very serious talk. Kelex tells us you’ll be born on March 15th so that means you’re about twenty weeks along and you can hear me and Mam probably feels you moving around some and I should be able to feel you kick any day now. As much as we both want to feel you move though, you have to remember that you have long legs like me so when you move around you’re going to be kicking Mam, so please try and be gentle. Do you think you can do that my little kruvuzh,” Kara asked their child just as she felt a little kick against her right palm. “Oh my Rao! Lena! I felt them kick! I felt our baby kick,” Kara excitedly exclaimed before placing another kiss to the bump, right where she felt the baby kick before looking at Lena with happy tears pooling in both their eyes.


“I felt it too. I’ve been feeling flutters for the past week or so but that was definitely the first full kick I could feel,” Lena said as she placed her hand on top of Kara’s above where their child had kicked.


“I think that kick was your way of telling Mam and I you understood, wasn’t it little kruvuzh,” Kara asked the baby before they felt another little kick.


“Oh my god, they are responding to what you’re saying. Kar, our baby can understand us,” Lena said as her happy tears began to fall.


“It would seem so. This is amazing! They were really their first real kicks?”


“They were. I think they were waiting for their mommies to be together to showcase their new skill. I’m really happy you were here to experience their first kicks with me,” Lena said with nothing but love and adoration in her voice.


“I’m so happy we could experience it together too. Lee, I swear to you I will not miss another second of this pregnancy. If my feelings and intentions weren’t clear before I hope they’re clear now,” Kara said as she looked at Lena with the same love and adoration her own eyes held.


“Kara, are you saying, what I think you’re saying,” Lena asked as she moved her shirt back into place as Kara sat back on her knees still in front of her.


“Yes. I know we had started to broach the topic when I went to get food for you and get the pictures but you were right with the conclusion you thought about the true meaning of my words. I have a lot to learn about relationships on Earth I admit, but I will learn. I love you, Lena, and I’m all in. I always was but I was just going about fixing things the only way I knew how and I know that’s not how it works here but I’m confident we can find a middle ground between our traditions and cultures. I know we’ve only begun to talk everything out and work through things, but I don’t want to not act as a unit as we work things out, like we would have on Krypton while we initially started dealing with our problems. We’re already seeing how much just talking to each other is helping us. You’ve already forgiven me and Lena, I forgive you too. I didn’t think I would forgive you so soon but I do. I forgive you and if you need to hear me say it every day, I will,” Kara said as Lena’s eyes began to fill with fresh tears as it set in that Kara was forgiving her. Before she could say anything though, Kara took a deep breath and continued. “Lena, I want to be your zrhemin, your wife, and I honestly don’t care who knows it because I’m proud to be bonded to you and I know we’re going to be okay because we’re already having honest communication regarding everything that’s happened and we’ve both forgiven each other. I know we will continue to work through everything and even after we have gotten through this rough patch I know we will both continue to put the work in to make this union work. I know we’re doing things out of order kind of but, Lena, I’ve carried these engagement bracelets around since I finished making them and I would very much like it if you’d wear yours now. So, Lena Kieran Zor-El, will you make me the happiest wife in the universe and wear this engagement bracelet from this day forward,” Kara asked as she took the box with the bracelets out of her pocket and looked Lena in the eyes, as happy tears streamed down both their faces and presented her with the silver colored engagement bracelet, that was forged with nth metal and silver so Kara could wear it even when using her powers, and that was clearly hand crafted, with the House of El crest proudly in the center.


“Kara, in the outside pocket of my bag there’s a small box; could you get it for me please?”


Looking utterly confused Kara did as asked and retrieved the box for Lena. As soon as she handed the box to Lena, the raven haired woman opened it to reveal a matching set of handmade silver colored Kryptonian engagement bracelets, that had also been forged with nth metal and silver so they could be worn at all times, and had the Luther family crest in the center, honoring the tradition of the bracelet giver including their house crest on the bracelet to signify their betrothed joining their house. Next to the bracelets though were two engagement and wedding ring sets. The rings, like the bracelets were silver colored and forged with nth metal and silver to ensure they could be worn at all times. The wedding bands had pavé diamonds around the entirety of the band while the engagement rings each had a radiant cut, two carat, diamond with two smaller colored stones on each side of the center diamond and pavé diamonds around the remainder of the band. One ring, the one intended for Kara, had two square cut emeralds on either side of the main diamond while the other ring, meant for Lena, had two square cut sapphires on either side of the main diamond.


“L…Lena what…what are these,” Kara choked out completely shocked at what she was seeing.


“Kara Alura Zor-El, you are not the only one who made traditional Kryptonian engagement bracelets after I left. I began working on these not long after settling in Kells. I know it is tradition for the bracelet giver to include their house crest on the bracelet to signify their chosen joining their house and I wanted to honor that tradition. I, like you it seems, also chose to use nth metal mixed with silver so they could be worn at all times no matter what without fear of it being damaged. We never talked about what a wedding would look like that night, but after I made the bracelets I set out to make traditional Earth engagement and wedding bands for us as well. I know you always loved looking at the ring Jeremiah gave Eliza and I wanted you to have that too. From the moment you told me who you are, and that you loved me as much as I loved you, I envisioned us blending our two cultures together so I wanted us to have engagement and wedding rings as well as the bracelets. I know we still have things to discussion and things to work through, and that acknowledging we don’t want to hide that we’re bonded doesn’t mean we’ll magically be all coupley right away, but I would be honored to wear the engagement bracelet you made for me and I hope you would be willing to wear not only the engagement bracelet I made for you, but the engagement and wedding rings. The ring set with the emerald side stones are the ones I made for you. You always have said you loved my eyes, so I included the emeralds so you always would have a reminder of my eyes, just as I chose sapphires for my ring so I would always have a reminder of your eyes. With that said, Darling, would you wear my bracelet and rings as I will wear your bracelet and my rings, Kara,” Lena asked hopefully.


“Yes,” Kara choked out. “May I place the bracelet I made for you on your right wrist and the rings on your left ring finger?”


“Please,” Lena breathed out before Kara carefully placed the bracelet on Lena’s wrist and the rings on her finger before placing the matching bracelet she made for herself on her own wrist. “They look beautiful, Kara. May I place the bracelet I made for you on your right wrist and the rings on your left ring finger too?”


“Please do,” Kara said as she moved to sit next to her love again before Lena placed the bracelet on Kara’s right wrist, behind the bracelet Kara had made, and the rings on Kara’s left ring finger before placing the matching bracelet she made for herself on her own wrist behind the bracelet Kara had made her. “They’re perfect, Lena,” Kara said sincerely.


“They really are. I know the road ahead will not always be easy, especially as we continue to talk and work through everything but our bonding and children are the best things to ever happen to me,” Lena said with a soft smile as she gazed at Kara and then Elle lovingly.


“I couldn’t agree more. I love you, Lena Kieran Zor-El. Yes, things will not always be easy, especially right now, but no matter how hard things get as we work to move forward and leave the past behind, I will never regret the fact that you are my zrhemin, that you are my wife,” Kara said before leaning in and kissing Lena lovingly.


“You two got married?!”

Chapter Text

“A…Alex?! What are you doing here? Eliza warned me that you and Maggie were planning to visit next week and it’s not next week yet,” Kara said clearly confused while Lena looked terrified as she did not know what to expect from the older Danvers sister.


“That was the plan but I overheard J’onn on the phone with our mother a couple hours ago and he asked how you were handling having Lena with you here so I came as fast as I could to give little Luthor a piece of my mind for abandoning you for five fucking months and to make sure you were okay before I gave you a piece of mind for shutting me out for five fucking months only to get here and hear you say that you two are MARRIED?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON KARA?!”


“Alex, lower your voice and calm down or leave,” Kara seethed as she moved from the couch to pick up Elle who she knew was scared of the yelling based on the change in her heartbeat Kara was able to hear.


“LOWER MY….what the hell are you doing with a baby,” Alex implored, lowering her voice as soon as she saw the baby.


“Alex, either listen to your sister and calm down or leave. We will not have you upsetting our daughter,” Lena firmly said as she sent Alex a death glare.


“And I will not tolerate you upsetting Lena and causing her undo stress, especially when she’s five months pregnant with our second child,” Kara stated just as firmly as Lena had spoken.


Softening further after looking at Elle and seeing how anxious the infant seemed and realizing that Lena was in fact pregnant, Alex deflated and took a seat on the couch across from Kara and Lena and simply watched as the women calmed their child.


“It’s okay Elle, Jeju and Mam are here,” Kara cooed as Elle’s fear turned into cries.


“It’s okay sweetheart, Aunt Alex didn’t mean to scare you or make you upset; she’s just upset with Jeju and I,” Lena cooed as she moved impossibly closer to Kara and let Elle grip her finger in her tiny hand.


Within moments of having both her moms soothing her, Elle’s cries calmed but Kara and Lena both knew it would be best if Elle was not in the room while they talked to a clearly angry Alex.


“Lee, would you mind taking her to her nursery so she doesn’t have to be in the room while I talk to Alex?”


“I think that’s a good idea. I’ll be in the nursery while you two talk,” Lena said as she took Elle gently from Kara’s arms and left the room, clearly unsure about leaving the sisters alone, even for a few minutes.





As soon as Lena was out of the room, Alex rounded on Kara.


“How the hell do you have not one but two children with Lena fucking Luthor and why the hell didn’t you tell me about them?! And why the hell would you go and marry her after she abandoned you for the past five months causing you to literally shut everyone out of your life? You don’t have to be married to her just because you share children, Kara, which I still don’t understand how that’s even possible by the way,” Alex angrily said.


“Alex, you can be upset that I shut you out the past five months; you can even be upset that you don’t know of any of the new developments in my life but you cannot walk into this house and start screaming like you have been. My five week old daughter was peacefully playing on her play mat and was so content having Lena and I near but the second you barged in and started screaming her heartbeat changed to one telling me she was scared and she was so scared she began to cry and I will not tolerate that. I also will not tolerate you causing Lena stress while she’s pregnant. So, if you cannot speak to me calmly please leave and don’t return until you’re able to behave like an adult,” Kara said seriously.


Huffing before finally sighing and nodding her head Alex said, “fine, but can you please answer my questions. You haven’t really spoken to me in five months Kara; you even changed your locks so I couldn’t enter your apartment and that hurts. Then, because you’re my sister and I love you, I come here worried about you after learning Lena showed up after five months and I learn that your entire life has changed and I knew nothing about it! Do you have any idea how much that hurts me,” Alex asked as she willed angry and frustrated tears not to fall.


“I understand that you’re hurt but none of this had anything to do with you. You are my sister, yes, but this situation was something Lena and I needed to tackle together before bringing others into it.”


“It has nothing to do with me?! Kara, you are my sister, of course it had to do with me,” Alex insisted.


“No, it didn’t. You don’t know what happened between Lena and I five months ago. You’ve made your assumptions based on your knowledge that I was planning to tell her I’m Supergirl but you don’t actually know what happened. I didn’t just tell her my secret, Alex, I confessed my feelings and she confessed hers. We went to the fortress and I fully opened myself to her and her to me. We had an amazing night and that’s when we unknowingly bonded and conceived our second child. Yes, she left but she had a good reason. She was doing what she thought she had to do to protect me and you know what? As much as I wish she had talked to me then, I actually love her more for keeping the secret to protect me because I was doing the same thing when I didn’t tell her who I really am. We’re making our peace with our past and I’m happy, Alex. For the first time ever, I’m happy and in love with my soulmate. Please tell me you can support me and my relationship even if you don’t approve of who I choose to be with,” Kara pleaded with her sister.


“Tell me about the kids Kara, then I’ll decide what my feelings are about all this,” Alex said coldly.


“Fine. A month ago, I was flying around, searching for Lena like I did every day when I heard Eliza call out for me. I ignored her until she tried again and said it had to do with Lena. When I arrived, I found out that Elle had been left here and that she was mine and Lena’s daughter. The person who brought her here included a DNA test but J’onn ran a second one to be sure. He ran it at the DEO and made sure you and our friends were not around so you wouldn’t know. The gist of it is that Lillian found a way to recreate the birthing matrix we had on Krypton and used mine and Lena’s blood to create Elle in the matrix. Since finding out I had a child my sole focus has been on her and finding Lena, because Lena deserved to know before any of the rest of you. It took a month, but I found her and when I found her I discovered she was pregnant. I made some terrible assumptions and left without giving her a chance to explain. I did however, leave her a letter telling her about Elle and less than twenty-four hours later she was here. J’onn had found her hysterical and banging on my apartment door begging me to talk to her and let her see me and our child. J’onn gave her his car so she could get here quicker after doing a DNA test on the baby because Lena thought I may need proof. She’s pregnant with my child, Alex, and when we went to the fortress earlier to find out how it was possible that’s when we learned that under Kryptonian law we are bonded, or married as you call it here. I won’t explain how it happened in detail because that’s not a conversation I think either of us really wants to have but we are married under Kryptonian law and there’s no changing that; and even if we could change it we wouldn’t. What you walked in on was the both of us essentially recommitting ourselves to our relationship and committing to continuing to work on our relationship and that pretty much covers all the important details,” Kara said rushed out in one very big breath.


“God, Kara, how can you be so stupid?! She’s a Luthor, Kara! God, she wormed her way into your inner circle, got you to reveal your secret to her, got you to fall for her and then after she learned the truth she even got access to the fortress! God, she played you just like Lex played Clark; the only difference is you not only let her into your bed but you impregnated her somehow and let her have access to the fortress, the one place full of weapons that could harm or kill you. She’s proven she’s a Luthor by acting as she has because if she truly loved you she would not have left you after you slept together. Can’t you see she did to you exactly what Lex did to your cousin?!”


“Lena is nothing like Lex! Lena is good, kind, generous, philanthropic, an already amazing mom and one of the best people I have ever had the honor of knowing let alone love. Lex is a megalomaniac psychopath who made Kal-El think he was his best friend and yes, a lover, then used the trust Kal had in him to try and kill him almost two years ago now. Lena and I know better than you what Lex did because we were there, you weren’t. When Lex turned the sun red so he could kill Kal, he held Lena captive so she would be forced to watch before Lex killed her for her perceived betrayal of the Luthor name because she refused to support and help him in his quest to kill all Kryptonians. Kal literally abandoned me with your family and yet I still came to his rescue when Lex had him within an inch of death. I knew it was a suicide mission because the sun was red and I had no powers but despite everything Kal put me through I still went, just like I would have done if it was you because that’s what family does, and do you remember what happened,” Kara scoffed. “In case you don’t, let me remind you, Alex. Lex didn’t understand why a human showed up to protect Superman but he saw my actions as a betrayal to the human race. He was going to kill Kal with a green sword, I now know was a kryptonite sword, but I jumped in front of him and Lex said, ‘I guess I get to kill two nuisances at once.’ Then Lena, brave amazing Lena, broke through her restraints she had been working on loosening and threw herself between me, as I tried to shield Kal, and declared she would always protect the world from her brother so long as she was alive. She didn’t even hesitate to jump in front of me. She was fearless and selfless in that moment. She took the hit meant for me and Kal and was gravely injured saving our lives. Lena had no connection to me at that point; she hadn’t even actually met Kara Danvers yet, and she still threw herself in front of me and allowed herself to be stabbed to save my life. That is the difference between her and Lex; Lena will always sacrifice herself to save others just like she jumped in front of a bullet for you last year when Cadmus attacked at the park, allowing herself to be shot so you weren’t hit square in the chest. Without Lena, we both would be dead right now, Alex, and yet you still doubt her, why,” Kara fiercely asked with frustrated tears in her eyes.


“Because she hurt you,” Alex murmured so quietly that Kara only heard because of her super hearing.


“And you’ve hurt me before too. I told you about the green sword Lex tried to kill me with that day. I told you how it made me feel strange when it got a little too close to me. You told me you didn’t know what it was and it must have been something Lex invented when you did know what it was. You knew it was kryptonite and you knew it could kill me and still said nothing. Then to top it all off, when I finally came out as Supergirl, after saving your life mind you, you and the DEO used kryptonite darts on me that literally made me wish I was dead, that’s how much they hurt. Getting close to it like I did that day with Lex was nothing compared to how bad it hurts when it actually come in contact with my body and you, you did that Alex. You used kryptonite on me and don’t try to say you didn’t because I checked the DEO logs after I started working with you and it showed that you were one of the agents who fired on me. Despite that though, I forgave you with time and I still love you and I don’t doubt you or your intentions towards me in the present. Doesn’t Lena deserve the same treatment? After all, Lena has never once tried to use a substance on me that can kill me and you have yet you were forgiven; so doesn’t Lena deserve to be relieved of being punished for her brother’s actions that she had no part in ever?”


“You’re my baby sister and it’s my job to protect you and that means protecting you from Lena and the Luthor’s hurting you again,” Alex said with less conviction than she had had moments earlier.


“Alex Danvers, ladies and gentlemen, ever a master at deflection who refuses to admit her own mistakes even now,” Kara said with a sigh and eye roll. “Alex, I know you want to protect me but you can’t protect me from everything and even if you could, Lena is the last person you need to protect me from. We may have our own issues but I love her, she loves me and we love the family we’re building. She’s my soulmate, Alex, so don’t make me choose between you, because I will choose her and our family every single time.”


“You don’t mean that, Kara. I’m your sister; I’m your family.”


“You may be my sister but she’s my wife and the mother of my children. I know this is hard for you because you’ve had deal with the aftermath of misdeeds by the Luthor’s especially Lex, but Lena’s not him. Before she left, you and she were becoming friends and I wish you wouldn’t throw that away without at least listening to Lena’s reasons for leaving. But Alex, mark my words if you refuse to accept Lena, then you’re also refusing to accept me and my children because Lena, our children and I are a package deal now. You don’t have to be best friends with her but you have to at least accept that she’s always going to be in my life and you have to at least be civil with her. Even if we never make our marriage official on Earth, which I hope we do just to be explicitly clear with you, we are married under Kryptonian law and you know that Kryptonians do not divorce. So, decide Alex, either accept this or walk out that door with the knowledge that you’re walking away from me and the chance to meet and know your niece and newest niece or nephew. The choice is yours Alex, but now I need to check on my family,” Kara said as she got up and began walking towards the stairs so she could check on Lena and Elle. As she reached the stairs though she paused, and without turning around or looking at Alex, she said, “I hope you choose to be accepting but if you can’t do that know that I do love you, Alex, and I always will.”


And with that Kara made her way up the stairs, only to realize Lena was sitting at the top of them, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

Chapter Text

“Lena, hey, Lena, what’s wrong? Why are you crying,” Kara said as she rushed to up the stairs and sat next to Lena on the top step.


“Did you really mean everything you said about me,” Lena quietly asked.


“Of course I did! Lena, just because we’re going through a rough patch doesn’t mean my feelings changed. Yes, it hurt when you left but I know your reasoning now and I understand it. I love you and I trust you and no matter what you and our children will always come first to me.”


“I…I don’t want to be the reason you lose your sister though but I’m also not willing to let you go no matter how selfish that makes me,” Lena croaked out.


“I am not losing anything because of you; I’m only gaining things because of you, don’t you see that? And if you not letting me go is selfish then I’m selfish too because I am not letting you go either.”


“But…I heard your disagreement with Alex, she doesn’t approve.”


“She’s stuck in the past and she’s stuck in her promise to Jeremiah before he left to work for the DEO and that’s clouding her judgment.”


“What promise did she make to Jeremiah,” Lena asked curiously.


“From the moment Kal-El abandoned me, Jeremiah and Eliza just wanted to protect me. They told me it was dangerous to reveal my powers but I didn’t understand why. Kal was literally Superman already and used his powers every day and I wanted to use mine for good too. I didn’t understand then that there were people who would want to hurt me or use me for my powers. So, when the DEO came and Jeremiah agreed to work for them to protect me he made Alex promise that she would always look out for me and protect me from anyone who could cause me harm, including the DEO. When I found out she was working for the DEO, I took it as conformation that they aimed to hurt me since they did use kryptonite to bring me in and I was livid when I found out she was one of the agents who shot me. When we finally talked about everything, after not speaking for a month, she told me she went along with the DEO using low doses of kryptonite because she thought bringing me in and getting me to work with the DEO was the best way to ensure she could help protect me from threats I’d face as Supergirl. She’s molded her entire life around protecting me, even though I don’t need her too. I think in some way, she thinks she’s protecting me now even though she’s not,” Kara said sadly.


“Why did you forgive her for being one of the agents who shot you with kryptonite though? I only just found that detail out and I want to rip her throat out for using kryptonite against you and I have half a mind to go do it now,” Lena growled.


“First, protective you is sexy, like very sexy,” Kara began while pressing a sweet kiss to Lena’s lips. “Second, I never told her until just now that I knew. I saw how she beat herself up for the kryptonite darts and I knew deep down that she thought bringing me in was the only way to keep me safe. It hurts, and probably always will, and I really hate the hypocrisy she just displayed because no matter the circumstances, I know you’d never even consider using kryptonite on me like she seemingly so easily did. However, I also know her heart and know she didn’t do it to try and seriously hurt me or kill me.”


“I guess I can understand that logic but you forgive far easier than I do, Darling, and I can’t promise I’ll forgive that action any time soon.”


“I know. You and Alex are so much alike and yet you’ve never realized it,” Kara said with a slight chuckle.


“What do you mean? I mean, I know we have a similar background with science but that’s where the similarities end.”


“But it’s not. After Lex turned the sun red, I returned to National City the next day since I had only been in Metropolis for a few days with Cat since I was her assistant by then…”


“And a few months later Supergirl revealed herself and then I moved to National City and we met again when you came to my office with Clark, with Kal-El, to interview me about the move and my reasoning for moving L-Corp to National City.”


“Yes. When I returned to National City though, Alex’s drive to protect me seemed to go into hyper drive and that hyper drive went into overdrive when I revealed myself as Supergirl. Then when we met again, and actually got to know each other, you had the same drive to protect me. You literally left me in a misguided attempt to protect me and if the roles were reversed, and Alex had gotten a text saying she had to abandon me to protect me, she’d have done the same thing even if she won’t admit it. You two are so much more alike than you’ll admit and I just know in my heart that one day she will come around and she’ll put in the work to get you guys back on the path towards friendship you were on before you left.”


When you put it that way, I suppose we are somewhat similar. However, I’m still pissed beyond belief that she took part in bullying you when you were kids and I’m furious that she used kryptonite on you herself. She calls me a Luthor, like Lex, yet between her and I, she’s the one who’s treated you like Lex treated Kal-El,” Lena huffed. “You know, the first time you, well Supergirl you, asked me to work with the DEO it was because Lillian had found Lex’s hidden armory, I knew nothing about, and had taken the kryptonite he had there. I never knew about the facility, but you asked for my help tracking Lillian down and of course I agreed. But, when you introduced me to Alex the first thing she did was jump down my throat and accuse me of being a mole for Lillian so we could learn your weaknesses and use the kryptonite against you. I forgave her for that because she didn’t know me, and I understand that people will be quick to judge because of my last name, even though it’s unfair to me; but I’ve never once even thought about using kryptonite against you, and I never would, yet she did use it against you and still she had the nerve to act all righteous like she’d never dream of doing that. If she wants to be in our lives though, I will make my best effort to forgive her but I will not forget. The only reason I haven’t kicked her ass is because I’m pregnant,” Lena said seriously.


“I know, I can see how your growing angrier the more we sit here, and I love how protective you are but I don’t think she’d ever use it against me again. I trust Alex, no matter how disappointed I am in her handling of our news. I want all of our family to be together, but if she can’t move past her own prejudices and her misguided sense of duty to protect me from any perceived threat, and therefore chooses not to accept our family, that’s her decision and it’s on her, not us. Regardless of her decision, we are a family, Lena, and we will continue to work through our problems so we can have the life we dreamed of having, okay?”


“Okay,” Lena murmured after a few moments, “but, I’d like to try talking to her myself, alone, if that’s alright.”


“I thought you might want too. I’ll go check on Elle while you talk. If you need me though just call for me and please don’t get yourself worked up too much, it’s not good for you or the baby, and I worry. And remember, you are my wife and nothing, and no one, is going to change that; I love you, Lena.”


“I promise to stay as calm as possible and I love you too,” Lena said before lightly pecking Kara’s lips and allowing the blonde to help her to her feet before parting ways; Kara to check on Elle and Lena to talk to Alex.




When Lena reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw Alex walking towards the front door clearly about to leave and knew she needed to stop her and at least try to clear the air and salvage Kara’s relationship with her sister.


“Alex, before you make the decision to walk out that door can we talk, please,” Lena called out.


Alex turned at the sound of Lena’s voice and was surprised to hear the raven haired woman wanted to speak to her but she simply nodded her head and said a soft, “okay,” before following Lena to the living room and taking a seat opposite Lena.

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From the moment Alex sat on the couch opposite Lena, it was clear the elder Danvers sister was nervous. That observation made Lena internally smirk while she maintained a cold and angry visage. That visage was quite intimidating to Alex, and made the older woman visibly gulp, much to Lena’s amusement. Good she should be nervous and uncomfortable right now. Not only did she say all those things about me but she hurt Kara and no one hurt my Kara. Hmm maybe Alex deserves to experience the Luthor wrath I grew up with to help aid her in seeing the start differences between me and megalomaniac, xenophobic, psychopathic family.


“Alex,” Lena began in her cold, emotionless CEO voice, “before I left we were becoming friends; at least I thought we were becoming friends. I had hoped that our budding friendship had gotten us past the stage of you automatically assuming I’m an evil Luthor like Lex and Lillian. I don’t know what I ever did to you for you to always think the worst of me but I suppose that’s where we’re different,” Lena mused. That’s right Lena, draw her in and make her think this won’t be as terrible a conversation for her as she initially though despite your coldness.


“Of course we’re different,” Alex exclaimed like it was obvious.


“Mhmm,” Lena hummed. “Did you know that Kara thinks we’re more alike than we’ll admit,” Lena asked but continued when she saw the confused look on Alex’s face. “She says we’re both driven to protect her and that may be true but we are also very different. When Kara told me the truth, she told me about her life after coming to Earth. Specifically, she told me about your relationship and how you passively, and at times actively, participated in her being bullied at the hands of your friends. She told me how you let your friends beat her badly before finally deciding to help her and get her home so your parents could heal her with the yellow sun bed.” That’s right draw her in and make her think this will be a calm, civilized disagreement then show her how a Luthor can cut someone down no matter how large or small this discretion and in this case it certainly is a large discretion in which Alex deserves a death by a thousand cuts like they would do on that post-apocalyptic show “The 100” Kara and I watched together.


After watching Alex gulp once more, Lena knew it was time to begin to unleash he wrath, albeit in a slightly lower voice than normal so as not to upset her daughter, but still it was time to unless her wrath just as Lillian and Lex had done for years.


“You treated Kara like she nothing more gum on the bottom of your shoe by participating in bullying her and failing to protect her. You say I’m an evil Luthor yet you, Alexandra Caroline Danvers, are the true Luthor of the bunch. You cut your sister down like Lex cut me down. Sure, he had his moments as a good brother, like you have had your moments as an acceptable sister, but you cut her down, were downright cruel towards her and you allowed her to be bullied and participated in her bullying knowing she didn’t have her powers to help protect herself,” Lena seethed, clearly scaring Alex with her tone if the fear in Alex’s eyes was any indication.


Lena chose to let Alex uncomfortable squirm in her seat for a moment or two before she delivered her next blow. When she did deliver her next blow, it was a big one and Lena was only getting started.


“I hate that you were so cruel to her when she first came here, Alex, and I hate you for being so cruel to her. Kara is the best person I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and frankly the best person you have ever had the privilege of knowing, a privilege you have proven you are not worthy of by the way, and she didn’t deserve to be treated that way by you or anyone. She has never deserved to be treated that way. She was new to this planet and had literally watched her planet, HER ENTIRE PLANET ALEX, where her parents were, where her dog Krypto was, where her friends were, where everyone and everything she knew and loved was, explode. SHE WATCHED, AT ONLY THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, AS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING SHE LOVED DIED IN AN INSTANT FIREY EXPLOSIVE DEATH and then, and then, when she came here she was abandoned by the only biological family she had left in the entire universe and instead of warmly welcoming her and making sure she knew she still had a family, that she still had people who loved and cared about her, even if you didn’t share blood, you helped your friends bully her, you bullied her, and made her feel so unwelcomed here.”


“I was a child back then Lena!”


“You were a teenager who knew the difference between right and wrong, Alex. You chose to be cruel, you chose to act like the evil Luthor’s you detest so much,” Lena said with a satisfied smirk as she watched Alex’s expression change to one of horror at being compared to Lex and Lillian.


“I am nothing like your family Lena,” Alex practically growled.


“You’re right; you’re nothing like my family my because my family is Kara and our children and your past actions most certainly have shown that you do not possess the character of a member of the House of El.


“I AM HER FAMILY,” Alex shouted, albeit at a slightly lower volume than normal seeming to match Lena’s volume almost as if she cared there was an infant in the house.


“THEN ACT LIKE IT! Being her family is a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week job Alex! You cannot pick and choose when to act like her family!”


“I am ALWAYS her family. I’m not a fucking Luthor like you who doesn’t know what family even means because you never had a real one and stop acting as if you understand Kara better than I do,” Alex seethed, clearly trying to hurt Lena with her words as Lena’s words hurt her.


“But I do understand, Alex. I’m the only person who can understand to a degree. I didn’t have a real family with the Luthors, that’s correct, but I had a real family with my birth mother and I have a real family with Kara and our children. My birth mother, Kieran, was an amazing mam. She did everything, she read to me, taught me, nurtured my interests, showed me what love is and was the best mam ever; she was a lot like Eliza actually. It was just Mam and I but that’s all we needed. Then, one day everything changed. I was four and Mam took me to the beach on coast the Muir Éireann, the Irish Sea, and we were swimming when the water got really rough. I was a kid and didn’t understand the dangers of rough water but Mam did. We got caught up in the water and I remember her practically throwing me towards this woman close to the shore who was yelling for Mam to toss me to her and I…I remember my mother telling me she loved me and would always be with me before she threw me towards the other woman. After that I remember seeing her go under the water and never resurface. I watched my mother die, Alex. I also had a mother who gave her life while giving me a chance to live, sound familiar,” Lena asked as she looked at Alex, who clearly hadn’t heard that story before and had tears welling in her eyes. “A few days later, Lionel Luthor came and told me he was my father and I’d be going home with him to live with him, his wife and their son. I just wanted my mam back but four-year-old Lena also just wanted a family again and I thought I’d get that with the man who said he was my father. I was wrong though. Lionel was gone for business most of the time but when he was home he was kind but he passed when I was still only a child. Lillian though, she made it clear she despised me and didn’t approve of Lionel brining me home. She hated my mother for having an affair with Lionel and she hated that it was my mother who was able to give Lionel a daughter like he wanted. She was cruel to me from day one and made sure I knew I would never belong in her family. Lex, meanwhile, he treated me like you treated Kara when she first came to live with you. He made me feel like an outcast, bullied me and made it clear I wasn’t truly considered his sister. Eventually he softened when he discovered I had a natural inclination for science and business but once it was clear I’d never subscribe to his beliefs he iced me out again. You may not want to see it Alex, but you are not the saint you think you are when it comes to Kara,” Lena said and she saw the emotions on Alex’s face as Lena’s words truly began to sink in.


“L…Lena…,” Alex began before being cut off by Lena who held her hand up to signal for Alex to stop speaking.


“Despite learning about what you did to Kara, what you allowed to happen to Kara; despite how much it mirrored what my own brother and so-called family did when I was new to their family, I never thought you were a bad person or automatically evil just because you treated Kara so poorly, so despicably, and allowed others to treat her that way. From what Kara told me, I thought you had left behind treating her poorly but then, just now, I learned that you didn’t just work for the DEO when they used kryptonite against Kara, you were one of the agents who actually shot her with the kryptonite darts,” Lena said, her anger becoming clear once more as she glared at Alex. “YOU USED THE ONE THING THAT CAN KILL HER, AGAINST HER, AGAINST YOUR OWN SISTER! YOU USED THE VERY THING YOU AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMED I’D USE AGAINST HER, EVEN THOUGH I NEVER ONCE HAVE EVEN ATTEMPTED TO DO SO, AND YET I’M WHO YOU THINK IS POISED TO BE A RISK TO HER?! You could have killed her,” Lena said as angry tears welled in her eyes that she willed not to fall.


“It’s not that simple, Lena! I feel terrible for using kryptonite against her but I had to obey orders; I couldn’t just disobey my commanding officer! I had a duty to my nation!”


“You had a duty to your sister! You promised Jeremiah that you would protect Kara and yet you used kryptonite against her. How do you think he’d feel knowing you used kryptonite against her,” Lena asked as she stared daggers at Alex knowing she was playing a little dirty using Jeremiah against Alex but she needed to make sure Alex actually understood what she had done.


“I thought I was protecting her by going along with the kryptonite plan. If I had not of agreed, someone else would have led the mission and they may have used a higher dose than I directed be used. WITHOUT ME CONTROLLING THINGS, THEY COULD HAVE KILLED HER, LENA! I had to protect her and the only way I knew how to do that was to accept leading the mission so I could control how much kryptonite was used and if the mission had failed they would have kept going after her Lena. I did what I thought was necessary to protect her at the time,” Alex implored Lena to believe her but instead the raven-haired woman continued her speech.


“YOU COULD HAVE MURDERED HER! Do you realize that you came within minutes of doing the one thing Lex and Lillian have never been able to do? You came within minutes of murdering a Kryptonian, Alex. You did that, not me, yet it is still me you assume to be evil and have dubious intentions with Kara,” Lena said angrily but the sadness at being lumped in with Lex and Lillian was clear in her voice.


“I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING LENA! IT WAS A NONLETHAL DOSE,” Alex insisted as her anger at being compared to Lex and Lillian became clear.


“How do you know it was a nonlethal dose though?”


“We…well I looked at the amount of Kryptonite Lex used when he turned the sun red and based on that and the information we had about its effects on Superman I did the calculations to determine what amount would be nonlethal.”


“Did you ever consider that kryptonite effects Kara and Clark differently,” Lena asked calmly.


“They’re both Kryptonian so it affects them the same way,” Alex insisted.


“But it doesn’t. Kara spent thirteen years on Krypton, Alex. Clark didn’t even spend a week on Krypton. He didn’t have the chance for the red sun and Krypton’s atmosphere to affect him like it did those who had been on the planet for years like Kara. Instead, Clark was raised on Earth fully so it is our sun and our atmosphere that affected him. It’s the opposite for Kara and it’s also why she’s stronger than Clark. kryptonite can kill Clark, yes, but it takes a larger dose to kill him because although he’s Kryptonian, he was raised on Earth so his DNA is not the same as Kara anymore because of the different atmospheres they grew up in. The small dose that isn’t lethal to Clark, can be lethal to Kara because it takes less to kill her.”


“H…How do you know that,” Alex asked suspiciously.


“When I left, I wanted to learn as much as I could and a friend helped connect me to everything they knew about Kryptonians and all it took was a comparison between Kara and Clark to see that it takes much less kryptonite to kill Kara then Clark. I love Kara and our children more than anything, Alex, and I will always protect them and that means knowing everything I possibly can about what poses a risk to them, and right now you are a risk just as much as kryptonite is.”


“Lena, I would never hurt…they’re my family! I would never intentionally hurt Kara or your children,” Alex insisted.


“But you did. You knew bullying her and allowing others to bully her would hurt her and you knew that at the very least the kryptonite darts would hurt her. You knew, Alex, you knew and did it anyways,” Lena said sadly.


“Lena…I…I…,” Alex began before Lena once again raised her hand to signal Alex to stop speaking.


“Despite your transgression with the kryptonite though, even after knowing you previously bullied and allowed her to be bullied, I still don’t automatically assume you’re evil or want to harm Kara, no matter how angry I am about what you did. I know you love your sister, Alex, and I know you want to protect her, even though you’ve done some very questionable and harmful things to her. I can understand your need to protect her because I have that same need.”


“It’s not the same, Lena.”


“You’re right; it’s not the same because she’s your sister, yes, but she’s the love of my life and my wife. You may not believe me, Alex, but Kara is my soulmate and I will do whatever it takes to keep her and our family safe, even if that means cutting you and the DEO out of our lives.”


“Lena,” Alex said as tears welled in her eyes but Lena ignored her as she continued speaking.


“Since the day I first saw Kara, I’ve gone out of my way to protect her, even before I knew her and became her friend and eventually her wife. I’ve never done anything to harm her until I left five months ago and I will always regret leaving, and not talking to her first, but I needed to protect her and that need came above anything else. I know I made a mistake not talking to her first but even though I made the wrong call that mistake still came from a place of wanting to protect Kara.”


“That makes no sense, Lena. You don’t just keep someone in the dark and use protecting them as a way to justify your secret keeping.”


“You mean like how you didn’t tell Kara you were working for the DEO in part to protect her or how Kara waited to tell me who she is to protect me,” Lena challenged and after receiving an aggravated huff from Alex she continued. “When I woke up the morning after the best night of my life, the morning after learning the truth and finally confessing my feelings for Kara as she confessed hers for me, I had a text message waiting for me from an unknown number. I will always remember what it said because reading it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Reading that message, my blood ran cold and I went straight into protective mode.”


“What did the message say that was so terrible to cause the great, fearless, Luna Luthor to run without saying anything to anyone,” Alex asked with an eye roll clearly indicating that she wasn’t buying Lena’s story fully.


“It said, ‘I hope you had fun with your Kryptonian lover, Lena, because if you stay with her, today will be her last day on this planet. I have pure kryptonite and you know I will use it. If you want your precious Kara to survive the day, leave and make sure she can’t find you and don’t say a word to her about leaving. One day, you will thank me for this Lena. You are a Luthor and you will never be meant to be with a Super.’ It was signed simply ‘Mother’. The moment I read that message, the only thing on my mind was making sure Kara was safe because I knew if Lillian had pure kryptonite she could make good on her threat. So, I did the only thing I could think to do to protect Kara, I left,” Lena said emotionally, with tears in her eyes.


“Why didn’t you just come to us so we could figure out a solution together?”


“Because I know Lillian would have expected that and I didn’t want to chance it since it was Kara’s life that would have been in danger. Alex, I didn’t know what other weapons Lillian had access to and I didn’t know exactly how much kryptonite she had so I left not wanting to take a chance that she’d hurt Kara if I stayed to try and talk things out with her or any of you. I reacted out of fear, and I will always regret that, but there wasn’t a second while I was away that I didn’t love her or want to come running home to her. I thought about so much while I was away, Alex, including everything she had told me about how you treated her when she first came to Earth and still I didn’t assume the worst of you and even right here, right now I don’t assume the worst because I know you. Make no mistake though, I won’t forgive you for what you did to Kara anytime soon and I don’t want you alone with my daughter until I’m able to feel fully comfortable with that, but I never assumed you were evil and I still don’t assume you are evil no matter how much some of your choices mirror past actions by Lillian and Lex. Yet, you…you have assumed I’m just another evil Luthor out to get a Super all because I made one mistake and you refuse to see that simply sharing a last name doesn’t automatically make me like them.”




“No, Alex. Don’t you see? That’s the difference between us, I never assumed the worst in you no matter how much your actions angered me, no matter how much they mirrored things Lex and Lillian have done, no matter how much they hurt Kara. Yet, you assumed the worst in me from day one and I have to wonder if you were only attempting to become my friend so you could keep an eye on me,” Lena said as she tried to keep the tears from falling.


“Lena I…”


“I don’t know what else I can do to prove to you that I’m not Lex, that I’m not Lillian, but I will do whatever it takes because as angry as I am at you for what you’ve done to the love of my life, you are still her sister and I don’t want her to lose you. So, tell me what to do, Alex, and I’ll do it because I will not be the reason Kara loses you. But mark my words Alex, you need to show us you only have pure intentions with Kara, me and our children too,” Lena said seriously as the tears began to fall against her will.


“What, you’re not going to offer to abandon her again to ensure she doesn’t lose me,” Alex asked with a half scoff to deflect momentarily.


“No, I’m not. Before I knew that we were married under Kryptonian law, I spent five months learning everything I could about Krypton to better understand Kara’s culture from the information available here, which is limited to say the least, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was trying to find a way to defeat Lillian so I could be with Kara again without being afraid that being with her would mean her death. But when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to overcome that fear because our child deserved to have both of us and I didn’t want to go through this miracle pregnancy without her. Then she found me and left me the letter about Elle and there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to come home to Kara and my child. Coming home to Kara, to our daughter, and getting the chance to be a family made realize that all along I was so laser focused on protecting Kara that I forgot the most important fact, the most important truth,” Lena said passionately.


“And what fact and truth did you forget,” Alex asked curiously.


“El Mayarah,” Lena said simply.


Alex sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes, not having expected that answer from Lena, before she finally looked into earnest green eyes and completely deflated before the raven haired woman.


“You really love her, don’t you?”


“More than anything,” Lena said honestly.


“Fucking hell, Kara’s right; we are similar. You were me when Kara first came to live with us until you had that epiphany at least,” Alex admitted quietly after a moment knowing the dam was about to break and she would confess everything to Lena any second.


“What do you mean?”


“I never told Kara this, although she’s probably using her super hearing right now to make sure you’re okay,” Alex said with a slight smile thinking about her sister using her super hearing to ensure Lena was okay. “When she came to live with us, Mom and Dad told me it was my job to protect her and make sure no one knew about her powers or that she was alien. They told me to do whatever was necessary to keep the secret. I always wanted a sister, Lena, and the thought of someone finding out the truth about Kara scared me. I was petrified of losing the sister I had always wanted, and I didn’t want to let my parents down, so I decided if I gave her the cold shoulder and made her hate me by taking part in her bullying and allowing others to bully her, while also making sure no one wanted to befriend her that she’d never have a reason to use her powers and therefore no one would find out who she was, what she was, and then I’d never have to worry about her being in danger or of losing her,” Alex said sadly as her tears finally began to fall.


Lena sat in silence for a few moments as she took in Alex’s words and let them sink in before speaking. I guess I’m not the only one who does the first thing they can think of when it comes to protecting Kara. I still have my reservations though.


“So instead of talking to her about your fears you did what you felt was your only option to guarantee her safety no matter how misguided and hurtful it actually was,” Lena said in understanding.


“Yes, just like you did when you left.”


“Just like I did when I left,” Lena quietly echoed.


“We’re different too though, like you said,” Alex admitted after a moment.


“I am well aware, Alex. I still don’t know what else I can do to prove to you that I’m not a danger to Kara and I’m not another evil Luthor; hell, technically my name isn’t even Luthor anymore and yet you still treat me like one,” Lena said resigned.


“I meant that you’re right, Lena. I automatically jumped to conclusions and judged you because of who you’re related too while even now you’ve told me exactly how much you detest my actions while also making it clear you know I just want to protect my sister. Your actions have always proven to have her best interests at heart from the first time you ever saw each other, when Lex turned the sun red, but whenever something goes bad I always jump to it being a Luthor’s fault, I always jump to accusing you, and that’s because of my own issues with your brother and mother and that’s not fair to you,” Alex said sincerely.


“No, it’s not but unfortunately, I’m used to it.”


“You shouldn’t have to be though. You were right, Lena, we were becoming friends when you left and I thought I was doing better with not automatically blaming you for things when there’s nothing to connect you to it. I don’t know, maybe that’s why it hurt me when you left. You left and didn’t say goodbye to any of us and only Kara even got a letter. You didn’t just leave Kara, you left me, you left all of us without saying anything like we didn’t matter to you at all. Then to top it off, Kara was so devastated that she shut all of us out,” Alex said as her tears fell. “Today is the first time I’ve really talked to my sister since before you left and that kills me. I didn’t even know that she was staying here for the past month because she had a child. I didn’t know my sister was a mother and instead of being angry at her for her choices and angry at you for yours I all of my anger on you and resorted to my default setting of hating Luthor’s and for that I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that treatment and you didn’t deserve me lumping you in with the Luthor’s when I was talking to, well more like talking at Kara earlier. I’m sorry Lena. You don’t need to do anything to prove yourself to me, you already did that two years ago when you saved my sister’s life and then every day since you formally met and became close. It’s me who needs to prove myself to you. I promise I’ll do better, be better towards both you and Kara. I promise I’ll remember that we’re stronger together and not do anything that could hurt any of you,” Alex said sincerely.


“I appreciate your apology, I do, and I accept it. I’m sorry too, Alex, for leaving the way I did. I should have left you all letters too or written after I got settled or something instead of completely turning my back on all of you. I promise I’ll do better and be better too. But Alex, I need you to know that while I accept your apology, I’m still hurt both because of your actions towards me but especially because of your actions towards Kara and forgiveness needs to be earned through your actions not your words alone,” Lena said genuinely.


“I appreciate that you’re willing to accept my apology and, I accept yours as well, and I swear to you, and you too Kara since I’m sure you’re listening, that I will prove myself and I will be better and I will earn your forgiveness. So, Kara, I hope you’re still willing to be my sister and Lena can we try being friends again,” Alex asked hopefully.


“No,” Lena said simply.


“No? What do you mean no? I thought…I thought…”


“Alex, we can’t just be friends again, it’s simply not possible.”


“But why? I meant what I said Lena; I promise I’ll prove myself and I won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past again.”


“I know and I can tell you’re genuine but Alex, I’m married to your sister so in my book that means we can’t just be friends now because we’re more than that, we’re sisters now too,” Lena said as a small smile grew across her lips.


“Jesus Luthor, that was cruel,” Alex exclaimed before smiling herself.


“It’s not Luthor anymore, Alex, it’s Zor-El or Danvers when we’re in public,” Lena said matter-of-factly.


“You’re taking Kara’s name only? You don’t even want to hyphenate?”


“Why would I want to keep the last name of a family that never really wanted me in the first place? I didn’t know what it was like to have a real family after my man died until Kara and I became friends and I met all of you so of course I only want her last names,” Lena said with a shrug.


“Well, as your official big sister, I think it’s my duty to tell you that I think that’s stupid. The Luthor’s hate that you aren’t like them, and they hate how close you are to Kara since they know she’s Supergirl, so what better fuck you is there than for you and Kara to hyphenate while in public and be known as Kara and Lena Luthor-Danvers while maintaining Zor-El when amongst family and friends who know the truth? I mean can you imagine Lex and Lillian’s faces when they see a Kryptonian walking the earth with their last name?!”


“Three well soon-to-be four Kryptonians actually,” Lena said with a smirk.


“I’m sorry, what?!”

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“I never thought it about it that way, but you’re right, and I should be proud of the good I’ve done with my name too, that’s what Kara always tells me and she’s right. Plus, Kara did already include Luthor as part of Elle’s last name so I guess we will be the Luther-Danvers family to those who don’t know our secret. But, you did hear right, there won’t just be one Kryptonian walking around with Luthor as part of their last name,” Lena said with a smirk.


“Oh! Right! Of course, you’re talking about Elle and the baby but that’s only three people that are at least part Kryptonian and you said four. So, who’s the fourth,” Alex asked genuinely confused.


“The fourth would be Lena,” Kara said as she entered the room with a soft smile on her face.


“K…Kara, I’m so so sorry about everything I said. Lena and I…”


“I know,” Kara said cutting her sister off. “I know it was rude to do but your assumption was correct and I may have used my super hearing to listen in the whole time. I just wanted to make sure nothing upset Lena or the baby,” Kara quietly admitted.


“It’s fine, Darling. I had a feeling you’d be listening in as well,” Lena said before reaching for Kara’s hand when the blonde sat down next to her.


“What your wife said, oh my God, that’s so strange to say but weirdly it also feels very right to say,” Alex mused before continuing. “You’re predicable Kara so I knew you’d listen but what the hell do you mean Lena will be the fourth?!”


“When Kryptonians bond we literally give a piece of ourselves to our partners. As a result, when Lena and I bonded, I gave a piece of myself to her meaning our DNA fused together. So, Lena is now part Kryptonian and always will be,” Kara said proudly as she smiled at Lena who returned the smile in kind.


“Wait, so does this mean you have Kara’s powers now too,” Alex asked curiously.


“Yes. From what we learned at the fortress, I will have all the same powers as Kara, as will our children, but please don’t tell anyone that as we would like to keep that information quiet right now.”


“What do you mean ‘from what we learned’ though, Lena? Do you not have powers yet?”


“No, I started to notice them subtly but I thought it was because I’m pregnant with a part Kryptonian child. I thought the baby’s powers were manifesting in me as a side effect of the pregnancy since they are connected to me in the womb, but we know now that that is not the case. I built my own red sun bracelet, similar to the one Kara has, so any powers couldn’t be used by the baby while I’m still carrying them but even knowing that I have the powers myself, I’ll still be wearing the bracelet just to make sure they can’t use heat vision from inside my womb or something else that could pose a risk to either of us. But, to answer your question, we won’t see the true extent of my powers or how strong they are compared to Kara’s until after our little kruvuzh born,” Lena said as she looked at her bump lovingly.


“That makes sense but what does kruvuzh mean?”


“It means miracle in Kryptonese. We were told by Alura’s hologram that we couldn’t conceive naturally because we originated from different species, but now it turns out that they made the assumption based on likely faulty information but regardless we view this child as a little miracle so Kara took to calling them little kruvuzh and I like it so it’s sticking,” Lena said simply.


“I like it,” Alex said before breaking into a wide grin when something clicked in her head, “Oh my God! I can’t wait for Lillian and Lex to find out you have Kara’s powers and are part Kryptonian now! God, their faces will be priceless when they learn that news!”


“If we have any say about it they won’t know until well after the baby is born. I don’t want Lena to be at an increased risk while pregnant and if I had it my way she and our children would never be at risk period. But the reality is they are going to come for us eventually since Elle was taken from Cadmus a week after her birth, but hopefully they hold off until the baby is born so Lena can fully defend herself if need be,” Kara said.


“No matter when they come, J’onn, me and the entire DEO will be there to help protect your family; I hope you both know that,” Alex said sincerely.


“We do know that Alex, and we appreciate it but before the DEO is allowed any access to our children, I would appreciate it if any kryptonite still held is destroyed. I don’t want there to be any chance of the DEO using kryptonite against Kara again and I definitely don’t want there to be a chance they can use it against out children,” Lena said seriously.


“I’ll speak to J’onn about it. But um speaking of Elle, two things; first when can I meet her properly and second how did she escape Cadmus exactly?”


“She fell asleep after I told her the story about how her mam has really been the superhero of this family for far longer than I have, but, if you want to stay for dinner you can meet her when she wakes up,” Kara said.


“I’d really like that but Maggie will start to worry if I’m not home at a reasonable hour. She doesn’t even know I came out here today. I just left the second I heard J’onn on the phone,” Alex admitted.


“J’onn gave me his car so I could get here as soon as possible so why don’t you fly it back to National City and pick Maggie up so you both can properly meet your niece and we can bring Maggie up to speed on everything, and then we can tell you together how it is Elle was rescued from Cadmus,” Lena suggested.


“Really? You guys are okay with Maggie finding out about all of this?”


“Yes,” Kara and Lena said at the same time.


“Alex, I never intended to hide Elle’s existence from any of you, I just wanted Lena to know about her and get to meet her first. We want Elle to know her family and if I had it my way I’d shout it from the rooftops that I’m lucky enough to call Lena my wife and the mother of my children,” Kara said sincerely before Lena leaned in and pecked her lips sweetly.


“I feel the same way. I want the world to know that I am the luckiest person in the universe for getting to be loved by Kara and be her wife and the mother of her children,” Lena said before Kara leaned in to peck Lena’s lips sweetly before they each murmured “I love you,” against the other’s lips.


“Oh God, this right here is going to take some getting used to,” Alex said in mock disgust.


“Oh please, like Kara and I haven’t had to suffer watching you and Maggie practically fuck each other in front of us before so you can handle a bit of PG-13 sappiness from us,” Lena quipped.


“Touché, Luthor, touché.”


“I thought we established that it’s Zor-El now to you and Luthor-Danvers to the world,” Lena said with a smirk.


“Yeah yeah. I’m just grateful that you didn’t throw me out on my ass for how I acted today and have acted in the past,” Alex admitted.


“Alex, we had a really good conversation about that and I accept your apology and we’re on the road to forgiveness. El Mayarah after all,” Lena said.


“Yeah stronger together but, Kar, can you forgive me one day too?”


“Yes. I heard everything you said and while I wish I knew back then that you treated me like you did in the beginning in a misguided attempt to protect me, I’m glad I know now. I forgave you for the kryptonite a long time ago but I agree with Lena that any remaining kryptonite supply needs to be destroyed. Forgiving you for your actions towards Lena though will take time. However, if Lena can forgive you one day, so can I. So, we’re going to be okay Alex, but we will have a proper conversation about everything I overheard later. To be clear though, if you ever default to accusing my wife of being another Luthor again or do anything that could harm any of us I won’t be giving you another chance,” Kara said seriously.


“It won’t happen again, I swear,” Alex said seriously.


“Good. Now, why don’t you take J’onn’s car like Lena suggested and go pick Maggie up? Eliza should be back any minute so if you leave now you’ll be back before dinner’s ready,” Kara said.


“Okay, I’ll do that,” Alex said as she stood but didn’t make any further effort to move towards the door.


“The keys are hanging on the hook by the door, Alex,” Lena said thinking that may be why Alex hadn’t moved.


“Okay, but um would it be okay if I hugged you both before I go get Maggie,” she asked nervously.


“Come here,” Kara said mere seconds before Alex closed the distance and fell into her sister’s embrace before holding an arm out for Lena to join which she immediately did.


When the trio split from their embrace several moments later, Alex simply smiled, grabbed the keys and left to fly back to National City to get Maggie.





Eliza walked through the front door about five minutes after Alex left. She had noticed J’onn’s car was gone and feared things had not gone well between Kara and Lena so she quickly set the groceries on the kitchen island and ran into the living room to console her youngest daughter. She stopped dead in her tracks though when she reached the living room and found the pair cuddling with Kara’s arm wrapped around Lena, holding the raven haired woman close to her side with her free hand resting on Lena’s baby bump as Lena had an arm snaked around Kara’s waist and her free hand resting above Kara’s on her bump. She was about to turn around and leave the room so as not to interrupt the pair’s moment but before she could do so she heard her daughter call out to her.


“Stay please. Lena and I would like to talk to you about a few things.”


“Okay, honey,” Eliza said as she moved to take a seat opposite Kara and Lena who did not move from their position. “Is everything alright,” she asked after a moment.


“Better than alright actually,” Kara said with a huge smile that was mirrored on Lena’s face.


“Well that’s good. What did you both want to talk to me about?”


Pulling Lena impossibly closer, Kara looked to Lena for permission and after receiving a nod, Lena removed her right hand from atop Kara’s left and pulled her own left hand back from its’ place on Kara’s waist so the two could hold their left hands out for Eliza to see. The couple watched as Eliza looked at their hands then quickly searched for their right hands until finally her eyes grew wide.


“You two…you two got married?! I only gone for a few hours!”


“We got married under Kryptonian law, yes, but we’ve been married for five months,” Kara said as a light blush covered both hers and Lena’s cheeks.


“But if you got married five months ago why did you leave Lena and how are you pregnant, Lena?”


“We didn’t know we were married. We didn’t realize that for Kryptonians the bond can happen without their being a ceremony like we’d have here. We only found out earlier when we went to the fortress but Kara and I have decided we’re embracing it because we want to be together and we want to be married,” Lena explained.


“But how did you learn you’re married at the fortress and why did you leave and how are you pregnant? I’m confused.”


“You really didn’t listen in to our conversation before or after we went to the fortress,” Kara asked surprised.


“After listening in to you and Alex talk about girls when you were teenagers I learned not to listen in to private conversations either of you are having, so no I didn’t listen in.”


“Oh, well…um…you see when I told Lena the truth about me we um…we confessed our feelings for each other and we…we…well we consummated that love and well with alien biology we conceived our little kruvuzh. We didn’t think it was possible to conceive because when I took Lena to the fortress that night my mother’s hologram said it would be impossible because we originated from different species. When Lena came here though she told me the baby is mine so we went to the fortress to learn how that was possible besides the obvious how it happened. The second we stepped into the fortress, Kelex greeted us as Kara, Lena and baby Zor-El and then we had my mother’s hologram explain it to us. The cliff notes version is she isn’t entirely sure how we conceived but she confirmed we bonded that night. With that bonding, I gave a part of myself to Lena, not just to conceive our child but to complete our bond,” Kara said as her blush deepened from having this conversation with her adoptive mother.


“Kruvuzh? What does that mean? I’m not familiar with that word.”


“It means miracle. Since this pregnancy was not supposed to be possible I started calling our baby little kruvuzh and we’ve decided to keep calling the baby that,” Kara said with a warm smile as she gently caressed Lena’s bump.


“I like that. Congratulations by the way. I had a feeling the baby might be both of yours but I am very happy to hear this news and I cannot wait to have another grandchild to spoil! This is fantastic news; not only do I get another grandchild but I’ve gotten another daughter officially!  But, Kara, for clarification, what do you mean when you say you gave a part of yourself to Lena to complete the bond? I’ve never heard of that in all my studies of your people.”


“Alura told us that during the bonding, you give a part of yourself to your partner and as a result your DNA fuses together. I haven’t been able to study the science of it but we did that and now genetically I’m part Kryptonian just as our children both are. Our children and I will all have the same powers as Kara but we won’t know much about the strength of mine until after I give birth because I will be continuing to wear my red sun bracelet until then and we don’t know when our children’s powers will manifest either.”


“I see. The scientist side of me is very intrigued by this and would love to learn the science behind it but the parent side of me is just incredibly happy for you both. I waited as patiently as I could for you two to get your acts together and be together and after you left Lena, I worried I’d never see this day but seeing you both now, you look so much happier than you did earlier today.”


“Thank you, Eliza. We are happy. Lena and I had some difficult conversations but we both acknowledged our wrongdoings, apologized and forgave each other. Giving each other the engagement bracelets we each made during our time apart and choosing to wear the engagement and wedding ring set Lena made each of us to honor Earth’s traditions is truly the start of our new beginning as wives and mothers I think.”


“I couldn’t agree with Kara more. Wearing the bracelets and the rings is a reminder of what we’ve been through to get to this moment and they’re a symbol of our everlasting love and commitment to be together until our last breaths,” Lena said as she looked at Kara lovingly.


“I like seeing you both like this, happy and in love, but Lena, I have to ask why did you leave?”


“When I woke up the morning after Kara and I you know, I had a text message from an unknown number. I will always remember what it said. It said, ‘I hope you had fun with your Kryptonian lover, Lena, because if you stay with her, today will be her last day on this planet. I have pure kryptonite and you know I will use it. If you want your precious Kara to survive the day, leave and make sure she can’t find you and don’t say a word to her about leaving. One day, you will thank me for this Lena. You are a Luthor and you will never be meant to be with a Super.’ It was also signed simply with ‘Mother’. “


“Oh, Lena, I am so sorry that’s what you woke too. You must have been so scared. It makes sense now, you left because you thought it was the only way to protect Kara from your family. See, Kara, I told you that was a possibility,” Eliza said.


“Wait, you thought this was a possibility,” Lena asked surprised.


“Yes, and I told Kara as much and she didn’t want to admit it at the time but I know she believed me.”


“Kara, is this true?”


“Yes,” Kara admitted quietly. “It made logical sense but I didn’t want to fully believe it was a possibility because that would mean I failed to protect you from them. I won’t fail you again Lena, and I won’t fail our children, I swear on the book of Rao that I won’t fail our family,” Kara implored Lena to believe her.


“Darling, I know; believe me baby I know. You never failed me, Kara; I failed you by leaving and not working the issue out together but I will not fail you again. We will face everything together from now until the end of time, okay?”


“Okay, I like the sound of that. I love you, Lena Zor-El,” Kara said before joining their lips is a sweet and loving kiss.


“And I love you, Kara Zor-El,” Lena murmured against Kara’s lips before joining them once more.


“Lena Zor-El does have a nice ring to it but so would Lena Danvers,” Eliza mused bringing the couple out of their moment.


“Actually, we are hyphenating,” Lena said. “Kara already gave Elle the last name of Luthor-Danvers when she wasn’t sure when or if she’d find me and when I was talking to Alex a little bit ago I said I wanted to just be Lena Danvers but she reminded me that I’m not Lillian and I’m not Lex, I’m better. She also reminded me that it would be sweet revenge to have Lillian and Lex have to live with the fact that four Kryptonians walk the planet with their last name. Plus, we are Luthor’s too and we should embrace that and show the world what good the right type of Luthor’s can do,” Lena finished as Kara nodded her head approvingly.


“Wait, you talked to Alex? When? I thought you hadn’t spoken to anyone since you left?”


“Alex actually showed up here while you were at the store, Eliza,” Kara said carefully.


“Why would she do that? She and Maggie are supposed to come next week,” Eliza said clearly confused.


“She overheard J’onn on the phone with you and drove here immediately. We had some difficult but productive talks with her and at least began to clear the air. She took J’onn’s car to fly back to National City to pick up Maggie so we could all have dinner here together,” Lena said.


“Well, I’m glad things seem to be on the right track between you girls. I noticed J’onn’s car was gone and feared something had gone wrong between you two but I didn’t notice Alex’s motorcycle in the driveway.”


“I think she parked it in the unattached garage because I didn’t hear her pull up, not that I was really listening at the time,” Kara said.


“That makes sense. Now about your last names,” Eliza said as she quickly changed topics, “I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re right Lena, and Luthor-Danvers does have a nice ring to it,” Eliza said with a smile before scrunching her brow and adding, “this may seem like I’m changing topics, and I’m not accusing anyone of anything I’m just a concerned mother and grandmother, but you’ve been gone for five months, Lena. Have you been able to get any prenatal care during that time?”


“It took me a long time to realize I was pregnant. I only fully realized it a couple weeks ago and had been spending that time building up the courage to come home and tell Kara but I have had prenatal care since finding out. Dr. Diana Prince gave me a full workup and did an ultrasound just before Kara knocked on my door in Kells and Kelex did another checkup at the fortress. Oh, and Kara came home and made me a homemade and absolutely delicious version of my favorite fall kale salad to make sure the baby and I get all the nutrients we need. So, to answer your question, I’m being well cared for,” Lena said with a smile as she lovingly squeezed Kara’s hand.


“Good, that’s good. Were you able to find out the baby’s sex when Dr. Prince did the scan?”


“I could have but I didn’t want to learn that information without Kara next to me. Diana printed the ultrasound pictures and put the one showing their sex in a separate envelope so Kara and I could open it together.”


“That’s exciting! Did you open the envelope yet,” Eliza asked hopefully.


“We opened the envelope with the ultrasound pictures that don’t reveal their sex but we were actually hoping you had an ultrasound machine in your lab here and you could give us another scan and we could learn their sex while seeing them live on the screen. We also thought you might like to be there to learn the sex of you second grandchild,” Kara said shyly.


“I’d be honored to do an anatomy scan for you. It just so happens that I do have an up-to-date ultrasound machine in my lab; I’ve kept everything up-to-date just in case the day ever came where I needed to patch you up. If you’d like we can do it now before your sister and Maggie arrive,” Eliza suggested.


“Yes, please,” Kara and Lena said in unison before getting up to follow Eliza to her home lab in the basement.

Chapter Text

“I knew keeping an exam table and all the medical equipment, even after you moved to National City and started working with the DEO some, would still come in handy one day,” Eliza said as she left Kara and Lena into her lab in the basement.


“We’re grateful for it too,” Lena said kindly as Kara nodded her head in agreement.


“Alright Lena, you can hop on the exam table while I get everything ready,” Eliza asked.


“Okay,” Lena said as she did as instructed, with Kara making sure to help her of course.


“How are you feeling about seeing our little kruvuzh live on the screen for the first time,” Lena asked Kara.


“I’m excited, so so excited! I can’t wait to see them moving around and hear their heartbeat…did you hear their heartbeat when Diana did a scan,” Kara asked suddenly realizing she didn’t know if Lena had listened to the heartbeat or not.


Blushing Lena said, “I didn’t, no. There’s a recording in the envelope with the ultrasound picture that tells us our baby’s sex but it didn’t feel right listening to that either without you. Diana said they had a strong heartbeat though.”


“Of course they have a strong heartbeat, they’re our kid,” Kara said with a huge grin.


“Well obviously,” Lena said with a playful eye roll.


“It may be selfish of me to say but I’m really glad we can share the experience of hearing their heartbeat for the first time and learning their sex together.”


“Kar, you haven’t used your super hearing to listen yet,” Lena asked surprised.


“No, you were masking them for the longest time and I’ve been a little scared to try and listen again in case I still can’t hear them,” Kara sheepishly admitted.


“Kara, I stopped that the second you left my house in Kells. I was hoping that if you could hear my heartbeat you’d come back and we could talk then I found your letter and realized how hurt you felt and the fact that we had a daughter so I came here and you know the rest.”


“You have no idea how much it means to me that I can listen for your heartbeat again and now our baby’s too. I don’t think I ever told you this but, even before I told you I love you, whenever I needed to feel grounded or calm down I’d listen to your heartbeat.”


“My heartbeat grounds and calms you,” Lena asked in disbelief.


“Every time,” Kara answered as she looked lovingly at Lena and Lena looked back at her just as lovingly.


“Alright ladies, let’s take a look at your baby. Lena, can you lift your shirt and undo your pants,” Eliza asked as soon as she had everything ready to go, effectively bringing Lena and Kara out of their moment.


“Of course,” Lena said as she did as requested before lying back again and without realizing it she reached for Kara’s hand and Kara quickly took it in hers before bringing it to her lips and kissing Lena’s knuckles.


“Lena, this will be a little cold,” Eliza said as she placed the gel on Lena’s exposed stomach. “Alright, ladies, here’s your baby,” she said after a moment as her face broke into a huge smile as she saw her second grandchild live on the screen.


“Oh my Rao! Rao, Lena, look! Look it’s our baby; oh Rao that’s our baby and they’re perfect. We did that Lena, we made this perfect little person that’s part of us. Rao, this is amazing and look they’re sucking their thumb,” Kara gushed as she bounced on her feet excitedly, intently watched the screen taking in every detail she could of their child while Lena couldn’t stop herself from watching Kara’s face as she took in their child on the screen for the first time.


As she watched Kara, Lena couldn’t help but get lost in her own happy thoughts. This is how it’s supposed to feel when pregnant and getting an ultrasound. I’m so glad she found me and that we’re officially together again because this is how I imagined things. I can’t imagine going through this without her like I did the first scan. This is perfect, she’s perfect and our family is perfect. I love our family more than anything.


“Lee,” Kara said pulling Lena from her thoughts a moment later.




“You okay? You kind of zoned out on me there.”


“I’m perfect. I was just watching you watch our little kruvuzh on the screen and I couldn’t help but think about how this is what’s supposed to be like when you’re pregnant. I loved getting to see our little one when Diana did the scan but being able to experience this with you here holding my hand is everything to me. I’m so glad you’re here with me, Kar.”


“Me too. There isn’t any place I’d rather be,” Kara said as she leaned in and softly kissed her wife.


“Not to ruin your moment but, if you both want to look back at the screen, your baby if giving us a clear view of what they are,” Eliza said, instantly drawing both women’s attention to the screen once more.


“Really,” Kara asked hopefully because as she looked at the screen she had no clue how to tell if their child was a boy or girl.


“Yes, really. Final guesses before I tell you?”


“I still say we’re having another little girl,” Lena said confidently.


“And I still think we’re having a boy,” Kara said matching Lena’s confidence.


“Ah, you disagree so this should be fun. What do you girls win if you’re right?”


Blushing Lena said, “it’s not much of a bet because I think we both win either way but, If I’m right and it’s a girl, I get to pick her first name and take Kara on a date, but if Kara’s right and it’s a boy, she gets to pick his first name and take me on a date.”


“Well Kara, I hope you pick a first name worthy of this child and take Lena out on a very nice date because congratulations mommies you’re having a boy!”


“Oh my Rao! We’re having a son! Lena, we’re having a son,” Kara exclaimed excitedly as happy tears began to fall as she leaned in and kissed Lena once more.


“You were right, Kar. God, I can’t believe we’re having a little boy,” Lena said shocked but happy to hear that they would be welcoming a son in a few months as happy tears of her own fell as she initiated a kiss herself.


“I love you Lena, and I love our son, our little kruvuzh,” Kara proclaimed before capturing Lena’s lips in a more passionate kiss before bending down next to Lena’s bump and placing a sweet kiss on the side of it, where there was no gel while whispering, “I love you, my son, and Mam and I cannot wait to meet you.”


When Kara looked up at Lena as she stood back up, a fresh set of tears began to stream down Lena’s cheeks because of how overcome she was with love for her wife at witnessing that tender moment between mother and son.


“Come here,” Lena softly requested after Kara stood back up and the blonde quickly moved to stand next to Lena’s head once more. When she reached her wife though, Lena reached up and looped her arms around Kara’s neck before applying enough pressure to let Kara know she wanted to pull her in for a kiss. Kara eagerly took the hint and leaned down and kissed her wife soundly.


“What was that for,” Kara asked after their passionate but still chaste kiss broke.


“I just love you and our children so much and seeing you being so sweet and loving with our son makes me love you even more.”


“I meant every word,” Kara said before quickly pecking Lena’s lips as Eliza returned with the pictures.


“I made copies of the ultrasound pictures for you both and a few extras as well. Would you like to hear your son’s heartbeat now?”


“Yes,” the couple said in unison.


“Alright….and here it is,” Eliza said after a moment of moving the probe into the best position, and a strong, “thump thump thump thump” could be heard clearly by all.


“Rao, I think this is my new favorite sound,” Kara said in total awe of hearing her son’s heartbeat.


“It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard,” Lena said lovingly.


“One hundred forty beats per minute, so a very strong heartbeat for this stage of his development. I don’t want you both to be alarmed though when you see his heart rate slows the closer you get to your delivery date. His heart rate will continue to decrease for the remainder of the pregnancy and will be around one hundred thirty beats per minute by the time he’s born. And before you ask Kara, I have already sent the audio file to both yours and Lena’s phones,” Eliza said as she turned off the machine and gave Lena a cloth to clean the gel from her stomach, which Kara quickly grabbed to clean the gel off for her wife herself.


Once Kara was done cleaning the gel off, and Lena’s clothes were resituated, the trio headed back upstairs to the living room. As soon as they sat down Eliza asked the question she had been dying to ask, “Kara, since you get to pick my grandson’s first name do you have anything in mind yet?”


“I do actually but I want to discuss it with Lena first and then I need to talk to someone else about it before I reveal it.”


“That’s fine, dear; I’m sure I’ll love his name no matter what it is and I can’t wait to learn what it is. I’ll leave you two to talk while I start dinner for us, your sister and Maggie,” Eliza said as she left the room and headed for the kitchen.




Once they were alone, the couple sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes while they happily looked at the ultrasounds pictures Eliza had printed for them. Eventually though, Lena couldn’t wait any longer to hear what name Kara had in mind for their son.






“What name did you have in mind for our son?”


“Oh, um, well Elle’s name is heavily connected to us and our family and I’d like our son’s name to be connected to our family too. When I was left here by Kal-El, I never thought I’d have a family again but I got another mom, dad and even a sister and then I met you and now I have everything I ever dreamed of and more. But, during my first few months here, it was rough and I didn’t talk much but Jeremiah used to take me star gazing every night and each night he’d ask me to point out where Krypton would be and then he’d ask me to tell him a story from when I lived there. Those moments helped me feel connected to him and then even after being gone for almost a decade he risked his life to make sure our little girl got to us so…so I’d really like to name our son Jeremiah,” Kara nervously admitted.


“Kara, you don’t need to be nervous about my reaction. I think Jeremiah would be an amazing name for our son and an amazing way to honor the man who not only became your second father but who risked everything to make sure Elle made her way to us safely. I take it that you want to run this past Alex first though?”


“Yeah. Things may not be perfect with her right now but I still feel like I should ask her if she’s okay with it. She’s always wanted to be a mom and she used to say she’d like to name her son after him and I don’t want her to feel like we’re stealing the name or something. She still doesn’t even know he’s alive, Lena, with us fighting I didn’t get to tell her, and then it was left that we’d tell her how Elle got us later, so I don’t know if that will change things for her but I want her to be okay with us naming our son after him to avoid further conflict between us; is that okay?”


“That’s completely okay, Darling, I understand why you want to run this past her. I love how considerate you always are, Kara. Talk to her tonight though, okay?”


“Okay. I love you.”


“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Kara had gone upstairs to get Elle not long after she and Lena discussed her wish to name their son after Jeremiah. As soon as she returned to the living room, Lena was quick to hold her arms out for their little girl, who Kara happily handed to her. The couple then cuddled on the couch, with Kara sitting with her back against the arm of the couch and her left foot on the floor while her right leg was outstretched so Lena could sit between her legs and lean her back against Kara’s chest. As soon as Lena was situated, with Elle happily cradled in her arms, Kara wrapped her arms around her girls, one hand lovingly caressing the back of Elle’s head and the other resting on Lena’s baby bump. The couple were so engrossed with interacting with their daughter that Kara didn’t even register that Alex and Maggie had arrived until the women walked into the house. Hearing the shutter of a camera, Kara’s senses kicked in and her head snapped up to find the source of the shutter.


“Alex! What the heck,” Kara exclaimed seeing her sister standing in the entryway smiling like a damn Cheshire cat as she took pictures of the young family.


“What? I come in and the first thing I see is my sister and sister-in-law cuddling on the couch with the most adorable baby in the world so what was I supposed to do other than take a picture? You two will thank me for these pictures one day when she’s a teenager and doesn’t want to be seen in public with you and you just want to remember the good old days when she loved being with you.”


“Just make sure to send those pictures to us and please do not post them anywhere, we’re not ashamed of our daughter, quite the opposite actually, but one day Lillian and Cadmus will come for her and we want to limit their ability to find her. Plus, we haven’t exactly told people and I’m pretty sure Maggie wants to kill us, or at least me, right now as it is,” Lena said as everyone directed their attention the feisty Latina who was in fact shooting death glares in the couple’s direction.


“Nice of you to notice me little Luthor, although I need a new nickname for you now,” Maggie mused. “Give Kara the baby and come here,” she then ordered after a moment.


“Maggie be nice,” Kara warned.


“Just you wait, you’re next,” Maggie retorted.


“Oh Rao, I can’t handle two pissed off sisters in one day,” Kara exaggeratedly sighed.


Lena, for her part, did as told and handed Elle to Kara before slowly approaching a still glaring Maggie. She was expecting Maggie to slap her or yell at her for disappearing but that’s not what happened when she stood in front of the older woman. No, instead Maggie dropped her glare instantly and pulled Lena in for a tight hug before whispering low enough so only Lena and Kara, thanks to her super hearing, could hear, “Alex told me everything, and I mean everything. I talked to her and made it very clear that if she ever pulls any of that shit again she won’t just be losing her sister, sister-in-law, niece and new niece or nephew but she’d lose me too. She said she knows how wrong she was and she just wants to get back to how we all used to interact and that’s why she’s acting so normal. I am sorry she put you both through all that shit but I am so happy for you.”


Pulling back from the hug though, Maggie’s demeanor changed as she still had a bone to pick with Lena.


“Now, don’t you ever do that again, Lena! You left without saying a word to us and your fucking wife didn’t tell us anything so we didn’t know if you were alive or dead; I didn’t know if you were alive or dead! I thought we had established that we’re chosen sisters. Our so-called families may have decided we weren’t good enough to truly be part of their families but we have each other and we have this crazy family we’ve all bit and family doesn’t run from family. Don’t you dare ever run away from us again. We’re stronger together, Lena, that’s a forever and always thing, you got that,” Maggie asked as she pulled back from the hug to see a crying Lena nodding her head as she composed herself once more.


“Yeah, I got that and I’m glad there are no secrets between all of us now,” Lena said as she retook her place on the couch with Kara while Maggie and Alex sat on the other couch.


“Me too. We weren’t trying to keep the truth from you, Lena. Kara didn’t even tell me; I only found out because Alex was having a freak-out about Supergirl’s safety and I knew she only acted that way when it had to do with Kara so I put two and two together,” Maggie explained.


“I know. I’m not mad; I’m just glad there are no secrets left between us. But, I’m really sorry Mags, for everything. I just…I just panicked when I read Lillian’s text and I just wanted to keep Kara safe and I let my fear win out. I won’t do it again though; I know now that I have everything I could ever need or want right here. After talking with Kara, I know we’ve both made decisions we thought were best based on our need to protect each other but we know we’re stronger together and we’re not going to let fear make us do anything to separate us again, right zhao,” Lena asked.


“Right. Communication is key, especially when we’re afraid and start to panic; we’ve learned that the hard way,” Kara said before placing a sweet kiss to the base of Lena’s neck.


“And you, Little Danvers, crap you need a new nickname too but you! You shut us out without so much as an explanation,” Maggie said as she rounded on Kara. “You always tell us how we’re stronger together but then when you need strength to go on you shut us out and not just for a day or even a week but five god damn months; that’s not okay Kara. I get that you were hurting but when you’re hurting you are supposed to lean on us, your family, not close yourself off and try to handle it yourself.”


“I’m sorry, Maggie. I wasn’t in the right headspace to talk to anyone and I know some have had less than ideal opinions about Lena and no matter how hurt I was I wasn’t going to stand by and listen to people disparage her. But, like Lena and I said earlier we’ve learned from this and we’ll be better,” Kara said sincerely.


“Okay, then, I can live with that.”


“When did you learn to speak Kryptonese,” Alex suddenly asked Lena having caught her use of a Kryptonese word.


“Oh, I’m not fluent yet. Kara is fluent, obviously, and we plan for our children to be too so I want to be as well. While I was away I tried to learn everything I could, so I did pick up some words and since coming home, Kara has already taught me a few new ones. I hope to be fluent before the baby is born so I can speak Kryptonese to them and Elle both before they start speaking.”


“That’s amazing,” Alex said with a soft smile.


“It really is, Lena, but when can we be formally introduced to our niece,” Maggie asked.


“As soon as she’s awake you can be properly introduced but Maggie, you weren’t confused when I mentioned Lillian’s message. So, Alex, how much exactly did you tell her,” Lena said so Alex wouldn’t necessarily realize Maggie already told them she knew everything while also gaging whether Alex actually told Maggie everything or not.


“I know you two wanted to bring her up to speed but after our conversations I did a lot of thinking on the trip back to National City. I especially thought about everything you said to me Lena and as much as I hate accepting it, everything you said about me is correct. I did everything you said you were even right when you said my actions mirrored those taken by Lex and Lillian. That’s a really hard pill for me to swallow but it is the truth. I need to remember that the ends don’t always justify the means and that it’s not on me to protect Kara alone. We are stronger together but to truly live that moto, I needed to tell Maggie what I did; she already knew about the kryptonite darts but she didn’t know about the bullying. When I finally reached her and told her about that part of my past, the whole truth, including everything you guys told me and everything about our conversations came pouring out of me and before I knew it I had told Maggie everything. Please don’t be mad at me,” Alex said pleadingly.


Sharing a look with Kara, the couple had a conversation with their eyes before Lena answered Alex.


“We’re not mad. Honestly, it’s a relief because Kara and I have had to explain more than once today so we weren’t really looking forward to having to do it again,” Lena said sincerely causing a small smile to form on Alex’s lips.


Before anyone could say anything further, Eliza entered the room.



“Alex, Maggie! I knew I heard you coming in not too long ago. Come here,” Eliza said as she motioned for Alex and Maggie to come give her hugs which the couple did. “I was so happy when Kara and Lena said you were going to be here for dinner. But Alex, they said you had some difficult conversations earlier, so how mean were you to them before you realized you were in the wrong,” she asked her eldest daughter with a knowing look causing Alex to blush.


“I got into an argument with Kara and made some horrendous statements regarding Lena and Kara basically told me to clean up my act or leave knowing I’d lost her and the right to know my niece and unborn niece or nephew. Then Lena, made me face some hard truths about my actions but they’ve both accepted my apologies and are giving me the chance to earn their forgiveness. And before you ask, yes, I was warned they won’t be so understanding if I ever turn into a total douche again,” Alex succinctly explained.


“Good. You girls don’t need to tell me exactly what was said but if you do whatever you did again, I will know, and you will have to answer to me as well; is that clear Alexandra,” Eliza asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yes, it’s clear.”


“Good. Now, Maggie, do you know everything currently going on?”


“I do. Alex filled me in kind of told her before we left National City.”


“Well, good. Now we can have a family night without any secrets. Dinner will be ready in about half an hour but I did throw together some spinach and kale bites with feta for us to snack on until then and Kara, before you pout, this appetizer is good for your wife and unborn child which is why I made it,” Eliza said before retrieving the aforementioned appetizer.


“Actually, Eliza,” Lena began once Eliza returned, “Kara isn’t as anti-kale as she used to be. Someone made me a kale salad earlier and stole a bite from it without me having to beg her to try it,” Lena said with a mischievous lilt in her voice.


“Oh my God?! You willingly ate kale,” Alex exclaimed not having expected those words to have been uttered about her sister.


“Hey! I missed her and eating kale made me think of her and it made me feel closer to her but I’m not the only one you started eating something they usually don’t. Lena ate potstickers six days a week because she missed more,” Kara retorted.


“Oh, this is great. They’re perfect for each other,” Maggie said as she burst out laughing.


“Girls stop teasing each other and eat some spinach and kale bites,” Eliza said.


“Okay but first, Alex, Maggie, would you like to properly meet your niece,” Kara asked with a smile while Lena happily moaned at the taste of a spinach and kale bite.


“Yes,” Alex and Maggie said in unison as Kara walked over to her sister and Maggie, who were sitting on the couch across from them.


“Alex, Maggie, we’d like to introduce you to Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers-Zor-El but around family she’s simply Lorelei Kieran Zor-El and to the world she’s simply Lorelei Kieran Luthor-Danvers but we are calling her Elle for short,” Kara proudly said as she sat down next to her sister and angled Elle so Alex and Maggie could she her properly.


“Oh wow, she looks just like you guys,” Alex said as she finally got a proper look at her niece.


“She really does look like you guys. She beautiful,” Maggie said as she looked at Elle for the first time.


“She’s perfect, isn’t she,” Lena asked with a smile on her face.


“She really is,” Alex said reverently as Maggie nodded her head.


“Would you guys like to hold her,” Kara asked.


“Yes,” Alex said immediately while Maggie said, “after Alex, yes.”


Kara immediately, transferred Elle to Alex and Elle was immediately captivated by Alex and started gurgling at her. Alex began to tear up holding her niece as she realized how close she was to losing all this and how grateful she truly was that Lena and Kara were willing to forgive her. Lena and Eliza both made sure to capture the moment with their phones. After a few minutes though, Maggie became impatient and Alex reluctantly handed Elle to Maggie who instantly fell in love with the little girl and swore to teach her how to be a badass when she got older, causing everyone else to chuckle.





Alex and Maggie kept trading Elle back and forth until it was time for dinner. Once they were all seated and Lena began feeding Elle her bottle, the group dug into the chicken and broccoli alfredo with homemade garlic bread Eliza had prepared. Everyone loved dinner and conversation was flowing easily as they talked about everything pertaining to Kara and Lena when finally, a thought came to Alex’s mind.


“Kar, you said someone got Elle out of Cadmus and brought her here but you never said who. Who brought Elle here and how did they even know to bring her here,” Alex asked.


“Please don’t be upset I didn’t tell you earlier. It’s just that we were fighting earlier and I didn’t know how to tell you and I panicked a little about how to tell you but I swear I was going to tell you,” Kara said as she began to ramble.


“Darling, take a deep breath and then just tell her; it’s all going to be okay,” Lena assured the blonde.


“Kara, whoever it was just tell me; I promise I won’t get mad.”


“Alex, you may change your mind in a minute,” Kara said as she worried her bottom lip.


“Just tell me Kara.”


“It was Jeremiah; Jeremiah got Elle out of Cadmus and brought her here.”

Chapter Text

“It…it was Dad? Wh…what do you mean it was Dad,” Alex asked completely taken off guard.


“Alex…,” Eliza began before being cut off by her eldest daughter.


“No, I want to hear it from Kara. What do you mean it was Dad,” Alex asked as anger began to bubble.


“Alex,” Maggie warned.


“No, Kara, tell me,” Alex grit out.


“I didn’t see him, Alex. None of us did.”


“Then how do you know it was him, Kara? Dad’s been dead for almost a decade.”


“Because of this,” Kara said as she handed her sister the letter from Jeremiah that she had been carrying in her pocket since receiving it. “Just read it, Alex; one look at how it’s addressed was enough to tell me who it’s from.”


Alex immediately took the letter out of Kara’s hands and began looking it over, desperate to find answers in it.


“Oh, my God! Oh my God! It is from Dad, I can’t believe it,” Alex gasped as tears began to well the second she saw her father’s handwriting and that the letter was addressed to “My Shining Star”. “Only Dad ever called you his ‘shining star’ and this is his handwriting,” Alex said as she began to read the letter and the tears began to fall.


“It’s definitely from him, Alex, and we both know he’d risk his life to bring my daughter home and keep her from being subjected to a life controlled by Lillian and Cadmus,” Kara said as Lena squeezed her hand lovingly knowing her wife was growing emotional.


“It is from him, no doubt about it; this is his handwriting and he’s the only one to ever call you ‘shining star’. Plus it’s written in his syntax; I remember it from all the letters he sent while working for the DEO. I JUST can’t believe that…that after all this time we have our dad back but yet we still don’t really have him back. I can’t believe that all this time he has been right under our noses as a prisoner and we just didn’t know! We’ve faced Cadmus more times than I can count and we never even caught a hint that Dad was alive and being held by them. How did we miss this? How did I miss this,” Alex asked as she began to cry.


“Lillian and Cadmus are very good at keeping secrets, unfortunately, but Alex I promise you we will end them once and for all and make sure Lillian and every Cadmus member we can get our hands on rots in a prison they cannot escape for the rest of their lives,” Lena said as she too grew emotional.


“We’re going to get Jeremiah back, Alex, one way or another. He survived with Cadmus all this time so he will find a way to evade them until we can bring them down. He brought mine and Lena’s daughter home to us and for that I owe him everything and I will find a way to end this,” Kara implored.


“No, we will find a way to end this. We are a family and we will find a solution together,” Lena said causing Kara to nod her head in agreement as she looked at her wife with nothing but love and adoration.


“They’re right, Alex, we will find a solution together. We all want to bring your father home and we will find a way,” Eliza assured her daughter.


“I know. I know we will all work to find a solution and I know we won’t be able to act for a few months still but it’s been almost a decade, almost a decade that he’s been held prisoner and made to do Lord only knows what. I feel like we’ve failed him by not finding him before now. I mean he was being held by Cadmus when Kara was taken and we never knew, how is that,” Alex asked.


“Lillian is smart so she made sure Jeremiah wasn’t there to be found. But, I do know Lillian, I mean she is still my adoptive mother like it or not and I know how she thinks so we can use that to help defeat her,” Lena said.


“And Alex, you didn’t fail your father, sweetheart. We had no reason to believe he was still alive but the important thing is that now we know and we can fight to bring him home for good,” Eliza said.


“I just…I just wish we knew how to get in touch with him or how to bring him home without having to worry about Lillian or Cadmus,” Alex emotionally said as Maggie wrapped her arms around her in comfort.


“So do I, sweetheart. It killed me to know that he brought Elle home but wasn’t able to be here with us, but your father would do anything for his family and right now he’s doing what he thinks is best to keep us all safe and that means running. For all we know it’s possible Cadmus thinks Elle is still with him,” Eliza said in an attempt to soothe her daughter.


“As much as I hate to admit it, Lillian is smart and she’d assume Jeremiah would bring Elle to Kara but we haven’t taken Elle anywhere outside the house so it is possible she doesn’t know for sure if Elle is with us or with Jeremiah. So, for now, it is probably best to keep her away from prying eyes. Regardless though, we will figure out a solution to our Lillian and Cadmus problem. Kara and I have a family now and we don’t want our kids to always have to look over their shoulders wondering if and when Lillian and Cadmus will make a move but to defeat them we need to be at full strength and that won’t happen until after our son is born,” Lena said as she moved hers and Kara’s joined hands to her bump not having realized she just gave away their news.


“It…it’s a boy,” Alex asked in wonder as Maggie said, “you’re having a boy?”


Smiling widely and through happy tear filled eyes, Lena nodded her head as Kara said, “Lena and I are having a boy; we’re going to have a son.”


“Way to go Little Danvers! Not only did you snatch up Lena, who’s a total catch, sorry Alex, you know it’s true, but now you’re going to have not only a perfect daughter but a perfect son. Congratulations you guys,” Maggie said as she smiled widely and stood from her seat to approach the couple and hug them.


“I…I’m at a loss for words. I didn’t even know having a boy was a possibility for you guys but this is so exciting! Dad would be so excited to have a grandson. Maybe after we take care of Lillian and Cadmus, and yes I mean we because we will do it together you guys are right, Dad can come home and have the chance to be a grandfather to both his grandchildren. Hell, maybe by then I will have convinced Maggie to have a baby with me,” Alex said with sadness clear in voice at the prospect of her father not getting the chance to be a grandfather but also hope at the prospect of starting her own family.


“I’ve told you before Danvers, if you want to make me a milf you gotta put a ring on it first,” Maggie cheekily said while Eliza looked confused.


“While I welcome the prospect of more grandchildren, what exactly is a milk,” Eliza asked.


Turning beet red Alex said, “it’s um…it’s…hey why do we have to wait til I put a ring on it when Kara and Lena literally made a baby their first time together when no rings were involved?”


“We bonded during that one time so we were married when we conceived our son and we were married when we found out about Elle so technically, I did put a ring on it,” Kara said as she held up her left hand displaying her engagement and wedding rings.


“See, they put a ring on it so you want to join them in parental bliss put a ring on it Danvers,”” Maggie quipped.


“Maybe I will,” Alex quickly retorted.


“Okay, on that note, we would love nothing more than for Jeremiah to be able to come home and be part of our children’s lives. We may not have a plan yet but we will find a way to bring Lillian and Cadmus down once and for all,” Lena confidently said as Alex nodded her head in acknowledgment bringing herself back to the topic at hand.


“We will find a way to bring Jeremiah home and take down Cadmus but right now let’s celebrate the fact that Kara and Lena are happily married with an adorable daughter and soon will be welcoming a son,” Eliza said, trying to steer the conversation back to happier topics of conversation.


“I agree, we will find your Dad, baby, but right now we should celebrate all the good things going on for our family. I still can’t believe that a little boy is about to join this estrogen fest of a family,” Maggie said with a chuckle that got everyone laughing.


“Speaking of, have you guys thought of names yet,” Alex asked hopefully.


“We have and we have a first name in mind but I was hoping to get your blessing before saying anything to anyone other than Lena,” Kara admitted.


“You don’t need my approval, Kar, what is it you want to name your son,” Alex asked curiously.


“I was hoping we could talk privately because I don’t want you to feel pressured to agree or anything,” Kara said softly.


“I won’t feel pressured, I promise, just tell me what name you were thinking of.”


“We’d like to name him Jeremiah,” Kara said quickly as she worried her bottom lip and Lena squeezed her hand reassuringly. When Alex just looked at the couple slack jawed and didn’t say anything for several moments though, Kara began to nervously ramble. “I know you said if you ever had a son you wanted to name him after Jeremiah but if you’re okay with it we’d really like to name our son Jeremiah. When Kal-El abandoned me I truly thought I’d never really have a family again. And…and those first few months here especially were so hard on me but Jeremiah would star gaze with me and have me point out where Krypton would have been then he’d let me tell him all about Krypton and slowly he made me feel like I had a family again. Then now, even after years of thinking he was gone, he risked everything to bring our little girl home to us even though he knew he was putting his life at risk in doing so. And…and…,”


“Kara, breathe,” Alex said effectively ending Kara’s ramble. “You really want to name your son after Dad,” she then asked as she watched Kara and Lena smile while they said, “yes” in unison. “Okay then, you have my blessing to name your son after Dad.”


“Seriously,” Kara asked in disbelief having expected a fight or at least a little resistance from her sister.


“Yes,” Alex said simply.


“But, you were so quiet and didn’t say anything right away when I asked.”


“Because I was shocked and unbelievably touched that you’d want to honor Dad like that. Yes, I always said I wanted to name my own son after Dad but if I ever have a son I can honor Dad another way or maybe I’ll want to name a boy something completely unrelated to Dad. Hearing your reasons and seeing on your faces how much this clearly means to the both of you, I’d never stand in the way of your choice. If you want to name your son Jeremiah, you have my blessing, not that you need it, and I mean it,” Alex said sincerely as happy tears welled in her eyes.


“Eliza, are you okay,” Lena asked as she noticed the woman was tearing up.


“Oh! I’m just so happy and touched. Jeremiah would be thrilled and honored that you want to name your some after him. I’m just incredibly happy,” Eliza said emotionally.


“Mags, you’re crying too,” Alex asked surprised to see her girlfriend shedding a few tears.


“It’s just such a beautiful reason to want to honor him,” Maggie answered before adding, “I always hoped to have a family again after my parents disowned me for being gay and I found that family here with you guys but hearing how your dad went out of his way to bond with you, Kara, just warms my heart and I can’t wait to hopefully meet him one day. Your son seems to be inheriting the name of a great man.”


“Well Kara, it seems everyone in our immediate family approves so shall we name it official,” Lena asked her wife with a smile.


“Yes, we shall. In a few months, Lena and I are going to be welcoming a son, Jeremiah Matthew Zor-El or as he’ll be known to the public Jeremiah Matthew Luthor-Danvers, that is as long as you’re okay with using your biological maternal grandfather’s name for our son’s middle name,” Kara asked Lena.


Tearing up herself Lena said, “I may only have one memory of him before he passed but it’s an amazing memory. The day he showed three year old me how to look at items with a microscope is what sparked my interest in science, so yes, I’m more than okay with that.”


Looking down at their joined hands that still sat atop Lena’s baby bump, Kara said, “welcome to the family officially Jeremiah Matthew Zor-El, Mam and I cannot wait to meet you and we love you so much.”

Chapter Text

After dinner, everyone retired to the living room to relax when Kara approached Alex, knowing she and her sister still needed to have a one-on-one conversation.

“Alex, could we talk privately,” Kara carefully asked her sister.

“Oh, um, sure,” Alex nervously said as she followed Kara out onto the back patio and a pair of Adirondack chairs. “What did you want to talk about,” she asked after they both were seated.

“Your conversation with Lena earlier. I won’t berate you too much because I am choosing to believe you when you say you will be better and do better but you said something that I need clarification on,” Kara delicately said in an effort not to anger her sister.

“What is it you need clarification on?”

“When Lena asked you about using kryptonite on me you told her you had a duty to your nation. That was your first response, not that you were protecting me but that you had a duty to your nation, and I need to know where your sense of duty and loyalty truly lies, Alex. I’m sorry if asking you this hurts you but my family, and to be clear by that I mean Lena and our children first and foremost followed by you and our extended family, is my number one priority. For me, nothing comes before them and I can’t risk having people in our inner circle who aren’t loyal to our family. If you’re going to put the interests of someone or something else first before our family please tell me now. I need to know that even if you’re given an order to use someone against my family that could harm us that you won’t just do it because of a sense of duty to your country. I respect that you’re a solider at the end of the day but I’m your sister and my family is not of this world, not completely at least so sometimes your orders do directly impact us and I can’t have you close to us if you’re going to continue to follow orders blindly no matter how they affect me, Lena or our kids.”

“Kara, I know I’ve fucked up majorly but our family comes first. Back then, I still had rose colored glasses on when it came to my job but I know the government isn’t perfect and they make shitty calls sometimes. More importantly, I know how close I came to murdering you, my own sister, because I followed orders when I didn’t understand the differences in your physiology from growing up on Krypton. It was hard hearing Lena tell me that truth but I’m glad she did because it gave me the metaphorical swift kick in the ass I needed to see that the DEO’s way isn’t always the best way. Our family comes first, Kara, I promise. I also promise that should the DEO try to do anything adverse to your family, our family, I will resign. I won’t work for them if they are going to hurt you, Lena or the kids. Clark they’re more than welcome to go after though, in my opinion, he deserves it for his treatment towards you but I digress. I don’t think J’onn would let the DEO do anything that could hurt you since you’re like a daughter to him but if he gave such an order or someone higher up than him gave such an order I won’t follow it and I will resign.”

“I hear you, Alex, but I still have to ask. If somehow, we aren’t able to get all the kryptonite destroyed and you were given the order to use kryptonite on me again, or Rao forbid Lena or my children once they realize they all have powers too, what would you do,” Kara asked seriously.

“Kara, how could you even ask me that?! I just told you I’d never follow an order that could harm you, Lena or the kids and you know how much I regret my role in kryptonite being used against you.”

“Do you regret it because you know you took a gamble with my life using the dose you directed be use that could have killed me or do you regret it because you got caught or do you regret it because you know it was wrong?”

“I didn’t know the dose could be lethal to you, I swear! I didn’t even think about the possibility of it affecting you and Clark differently and I’m sorry for that. To answer your question though, I regret it for every reason you stated. At the time, I thought I was doing what was best to try and protect you but I know it was the wrong thing to do and I agree with you and Lena that all remaining kryptonite should be destroyed. But, should the day come when I’m faced with obeying orders and using kryptonite against you again I wouldn’t do it. I would disobey orders and destroy it to protect you, like I should have done last time,” Alex sincerely said.


“Kara, what else is on your mind? I can tell there’s something else you want to say.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me the real reason you bullied me and allowed your friends to bully me?”

“Telling you the truth would have only made me feel better while I know it would have caused you pain because you would have blamed yourself for being a burden when that’s not the case. I was a stupid teenager and went to an extreme that I never should have gone too. If I could do things differently, I’d have shown you sisterly love from day one and talked to you about everything instead of doing what I did.”


“I really am sorry about everything, Kara, and I swear I will be a better sister going forward.”

“I know you’re sorry and I still accept your apology. One day I will forgive you but I’m not there yet. I’m still hurt and hearing that you didn’t even consider the possibility of kryptonite affecting me differently when you already knew I was stronger because I grew up on Krypton hurts and makes me wonder if a part of you wanted me gone for good so you no longer had to feel obligated to protect me. I’m sorry if that still sounds harsh but that’s how I feel,” Kara said as a few tears fell.

“I never wanted you dead! I didn’t even think about you dying when I said what dosage should be used. You are not a burden to me Kara, and I’m sorry I’ve made you feel that way. I would be devastated if something ever happened that took you from me permanently. I can understand why you’d feel this way and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you never feel that way again.”


“I will earn yours and Lena’s forgiveness, Kara, I swear but um can I ask you something?”


“Why didn’t you tell me Dad was alive the second you found out? You’ve known for a month Kara; a month in which I’ve still been allowed to believe he was dead and that hurts,” Alex admitted with hurt clear in her voice.

“I understand why you’re hurt but not telling you had nothing to do with you. This will sound cruel, but you are not a parent, Alex, so you cannot understand what it feels like to be in my shoes. When I got here and read Jeremiah’s letter and met my daughter the only thing on my mind was keeping her safe from Lillian and Cadmus and finding Lena. You never crossed my mind, as harsh as that may sound, because my child comes first and I’m sorry that that sounds cruel but it’s reality. The fewer people that knew the better and Lena needed to know about Elle’s existence before anyone else and that wouldn’t have happened had I told you about Jeremiah first because then I would have had to tell you how I knew he was alive. I would have discussed how to tell you with Lena and Eliza but you showed up unexpectedly before I had the chance. I was going to tell you, we all were, Alex, I promise,” Kara explained and it was clear to Alex that she meant every word and she also sensed the pain Kara felt over keeping Jeremiah being alive a secret from her.

Alex was quiet for a few moments before she finally simply said, “I understand your reasoning; thank you for explaining it to me.”

“Y…you’re not mad at me,” Kara asked in disbelief.

“I want to be, I really do because you know how destroyed I was when they told us he was dead, but I made a promise to do better and part of that means listening and understanding opposing points of view instead of flying off the handle and yelling and making things about me like I tend to do. So, no, I’m not mad. I heard your explanation and I can logically understand it. As much as I may not want to admit it, if our roles were reversed I’d do the same thing I think,” Alex said thoughtfully much to Kara’s surprise.

“Thank you for understanding. Now, let’s head back in and enjoy the evening because tomorrow we need to start planning how to take down Lillian and Cadmus and how to keep Lena, Elle, baby Jeremiah and I out of their crosshairs until after Jeremiah is born.”

Walking back into the living room, the Danvers sisters found Eliza trying to get information out of Lena and Maggie who couldn’t stop laughing and shaking their heads “no” when Eliza would ask them to answer her.

“Come on girls, I may intelligent but we all know I’m not up-to-date on all the hip lingo you girls use so will you please just tell me what a milf is,” Eliza asked a still laugh Lena and Maggie.

“Mom, I don’t think you want to know what a milf is,” Alex said as she and Kara reentered the room.

Ceasing laughing immediately, Lena asked, “did you guys have a good talk?”

“We did, thank you for asking zhao,” Kara said as she took a seat next to Lena and lightly kissed her.

“Good, I’m glad. Now, Eliza, I really don’t think you want to know what that word mean,” Lena said.

“If you all won’t tell me, I’m sure Siri will,” Eliza said as she pulled out her iPhone. “Hey Siri,” Eliza asked to activate the program, “what is a milf?”

“Here is what I found for what is a milf. Milf is a slang term that is an acronym for ‘mother I’d like to fuck’,” Siri told Eliza.

“OH MY GOD! I did NOT need to know that,” Eliza exclaimed as she threw her phone away from as if that would erase what she just learned causing Kara, Lena, Alex and Maggie to laugh.

While the family enjoyed the rest of the evening together before Kara and Lena put Elle to bed for the night. What they didn’t know, and wouldn’t find out until the following day, was that a message was coming through at the fortress.

“This is an urgent message for Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton. We need your help. Please travel to the following coordinates, 139-65, within the next twenty-four hours. We need your help; you are our only hope.”

Chapter Text

Later that night, after Kara and Lena had put Elle down for the night, the couple rejoined Eliza, Alex and Maggie downstairs.


“Did Elle go down alright? You guys were up there for quite a while,” Eliza said.


“She went down easily; she’s such a good sleeper. Lena read her a story and she was out for the count before it was even finished. She loves her mam and being in her arms, that’s for sure. She literally clung to Lena’s shirt even in her sleep, it was so adorable, so we sat on the rocker together with her for a bit before putting her in her crib,” Kara said with a warm smile as she and Lena sat on the open couch and quickly cuddled together.


“I swear she understands us. While I was reading, it was like she understood what I was saying but maybe she just likes the sound of my voice, I don’t know. Either way, I just love getting to be her mam; it still doesn’t seem real that Kara and I have a daughter and are going to be welcoming a son soon,” Lena admitted with a soft smile as she thought about her little family and how lucky she truly was.


“It is real, Sunshine. This is our life now and I promise to make sure it’s the best one,” Kara said reverently while placing a kiss to Lena’s temple.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter what obstacles we have to face, you’ve already given me a life that is so much more than I ever imagined possible. Khap zhao rrip,” Lena lovingly said before tilting her head just enough so she could kiss Kara soundly.


“I love when you speak Kryptonese and I love that you want to learn my language and become fluent in it, but more than anything, other than our children, I love you,” Kara replied before rejoining their lips.


“Okay, I love you guys and I’m so happy you were able to move past your issues so quickly but I do not want to watch my baby sister and her wife being all coupley,” Alex said as she scrunched her nose in mock disgust.


“We’ve had to watch you and Maggie be all coupley for forever; so now, I guess you’re finally getting a taste of your own medicine,” Kara said before sticking her tongue out playfully at her sister.


“Alright, that’s enough girls. I’m thrilled that you both are happy but Alex and Maggie, how long do we have you both here for? When you made plans to come visit next week you were only planning to stay for the weekend so are you moving that visit up to now or do you have to head back to National City tonight,” Eliza asked.


“I text J’onn and he told me to take as much time as I needed so I was hoping you’d all be okay with me staying for at least a week. I’d really like to spend more time with you both,” Alex said to Kara and Lena. “And I’d also like the opportunity to spend more time with my niece but I know you only just returned Lena, so if you guys would like a few days or longer by yourselves that’s okay too,” she rushed to say.


“We do want to spend time together as a family but if Kara’s okay with you staying, then so am I. We can still have time just Kara, Elle and me with you here but we could also have tome together altogether too and I think it’d be good for us to spend more time together,” Lena thoughtfully said.


“I agree with Lena, but what about you Maggie?”


“My captain said I could take as much time as I needed too. I told him it was a family emergency, which technically isn’t really a lie,” Maggie said with a slight chuckle.


“It’s settled then you both are staying for at least a week. Kara and Lena are staying in your old shared bedroom so you two can take the guestroom.”


“Sounds good Mom, thanks,” Alex said with a smile.


“I’m so excited to have time with all of you girls here at the same time,” Eliza said with a huge smile on her face.





When Kara and Lena finally went to bed that night, Kara got into her old queen-sized bed and, expecting Lena to join her, stayed on the left side. A few moments later though, Kara heard Lena getting into Alex’s old bed on the other side of the room.




“Yes, Darling?”


“Why are you all the way over there in Alex’s old bed?”


“Oh, um, well…I…honestly, I wasn’t sure if you’d be comfortable sharing a bed yet. It’s only been a day and we’ve made so much progress but I didn’t want to push you too far and risk taking a step backwards in our relationship,” Lena quietly admitted.


Kara didn’t answer Lena immediately, so the raven haired woman feared she had said something wrong when all of a sudden she felt the blankets get lifted as the bed sunk. Less than a second later she felt Kara press up against her back and wrap her arm around her with her hand coming to rest on her baby bump.


“I’m always comfortable sharing a bed with you, Lee. Is this okay,” Kara asked as she placed a kiss to the nape of her neck.


“It’s perfect. Thank you letting me back into your life and wanting to be bonded to me. I love you.”


“You are the only person I’d ever want to be bonded too so thank you for wanting to be bonded to me and thank you for coming home. I love you so much Lena.”





The next morning, after she and Lena had been up four times with Elle, Kara woke up just before six. Knowing their daughter usually woke up around six for a bottle, Kara placed a kiss to the top of Lena’s head before carefully untangling herself from her wife and quietly making her way to the nursery.


“Good morning my inah, did you sleep well,” Kara cooed as she picked her wide-awake daughter up from her crib and made her way to the kitchen to prepare her bottle.


A few minutes later, as Kara was sitting on the couch in the living room feeding Elle her bottle, she heard her tablet ding in the manner it was programed to do only when a message came through to the fortress’ communication system. Kara had only heard the sound once before when she had run off to the fortress for space from Alex after the kryptonite dart incident. Alex, who had no clue where the fortress was, knew Kara likely went there to feel safe after the incident but, being Alex, she was determined to get Kara to speak to her which caused her to send a message directly to the fortress’ communication system. Hearing the unique ding now, Kara got up, with Elle, who had just finished her bottle, securely cradled in her arms, and retrieved the tablet from its charger and saw the “urgent message” notification on the screen.


“Hmm, I wonder what urgent message could possibly be coming through the fortress,” Kara mused to herself as she sat back down on the couch.


Once she was settled back on the couch with Elle, Kara opened the message and gasped when she heard the message play for her.


“This is an urgent message for Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton. We need your help. Please travel to the following coordinates, 139-65 within the next twenty-four hours. We need your help; you are our only hope.”




“Kara, is everything okay,” a sleepy Lena asked as she made her way down the stairs before rushing to sit next to Kara as soon as she saw the distraught look on her wife’s face.


“K…K…Krypton,” Kara choked out.


“What about Krypton? Did you doze off down here and have a bad dream about Krypton?”


“No,” Kara said as she composed herself. “I got a message from the fortress’ communication system.” Seeing Lena’s confused expression Kara continued, “the communication system there can accept and send messages out and if I’m not at the fortress when a message comes in it gets sent to my tablet once its verified as being legitimate.”


“And you got a message just now?”


Nodding her head Kara said, “it looks like it was delivered after we went to bed but yes.”


“What did the message say?”


“Can I…can I play it for you?”


“Of course,” Lena said as she gently squeezed Kara’s thigh to show her support as Kara hit the playback icon on the tablet’s screen.


“This is an urgent message for Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton. We need your help. Please travel to the following coordinates, 139-65 within the next twenty-four hours. We need your help you are our only hope,” the message said as it played causing Lena to look confused once it had finished.


“Who sent it? Whoever it is must somehow know that you were sent off-world and survived since they called you Queen, right?”


“Yes,” Kara said with a shaky voice.


“Do the coordinates mean anything to you?”


“Yes. They’re…they’re the coordinates for where…where we were supposed to rally and regroup in the…in the event something happened to or on Krypton and we had to get off-world. All of K…Krypton knew to meet at those coordinates. But when Krypton ex…exploded it was so sudden there just wasn’t time for anyone to get off-world; mine and Kal-El’s pods barely got off-world before the explosion because of how little time there was.”


“I’m sorry this is bringing up memories from that day, love. But, do you think it’s possible someone else escaped Krypton but for whatever reason couldn’t get to the coordinates until now and is now seeking your help?”


“Perhaps. It’s just, I recognized the voice in the message but it shouldn’t be possible; hearing her shouldn’t be possible,” Kara said with pain in her voice.


“Whose voice is it, Kar?”


“My…my aunt. It was Aunt Astra.”


“Aunt Astra as in your mother’s twin sister who was always like a second mother to you, Aunty Astra?”


“Yes,” Kara replied shakily.


“So, to be clear, you’re saying that there’s a possibility that Astra, the head of Krypton’s military guild, is still alive and in need of your help.”


“That’s what it sounds like yes.”


“Okay, I’m going to go wake up Eliza, Alex and Maggie so we can all talk about this before you decide to run off like a lone cowboy, okay?”


“Okay,” an emotional Kara said shakily before adding, “I wouldn’t run off like that though. I know that’s what I always did but we’re a family now and any decisions I make about potentially acting as Supergirl again, even temporarily, will be made together. If you’re not comfortable with me doing something then I won’t do it, plain and simple.”


“Kara, I cannot imagine how overwhelmed you’re feeling right now but no matter what is going on we will tackle it as a family and everything will be okay and I do appreciate you wanting to make decisions together. I love you, Kara.”


“I love you too and thank you for being here with me.”


“Always,” Lena said before kissing Kara chastely and making her way back upstairs as quickly as she could.





“Eliza, Eliza, I need you to wake up; Kara needs you,” Lena said as she lightly shook her mother-in-law.


“L…Lena,” a groggy Eliza said before jolting up realizing something was wrong. “What’s wrong?”


“Can you please just join Kara in the living room? She has Elle with her but she needs you and I need to get Alex and Maggie because she needs them too before we talk about what’s going on,” Lena implored.


“Okay. Go wake your sisters and I’ll go sit with Kara until the three of you come downstairs,” Eliza said just before Lena rushed from the room so she could wake Alex and Maggie.




“Alex, Maggie, I really need you guys to wake up,” Lena said as she shook the shoulders of the sleeping couple.


“Go away…too early,” Alex mumbled while swatting Lena’s hand away.


“No, I really need you both to get up right now.”


“We’re sleeping, go away,” Maggie mumbled before turning away from Lena.


“Why do you two both have to be such major anti-morning people,” Lena asked herself as she decided drastic measures were needed since this was an emergency.


Walking into the guest bathroom, that was across the hall from the guest room, Lena grabbed the bucket she knew was under the sink with cleaning supplies, dumped the cleaning supplies and filled the bucket with ice cold water before reentering Alex and Maggie’s room.


“Remember that you both brought this upon yourselves,” Lena said before swiftly dumping the bucket of cold water on the couple.






“What the fuck was that for Lena,” Alex growled.


“Seriously couldn’t you have woken us up in a gentler manner,” Maggie asked.


“I tried,” Lena exclaimed exasperated. “I tried and you two stubborn mules refused to wake up. I need you both to get up and get downstairs now, Kara needs you, she needs all of us so move it before I fucking drag you out of this bed myself,” Lena sternly said before leaving the room so she could return to her wife and daughter.


“What do you mean Kara needs us,” Alex called after Lena, but Lena was already gone.





Less than five minutes after Lena came back downstairs, Alex and Maggie came rushing into the living room to the sight of Kara holding Elle close while Lena had the pair wrapped in her arms while she and Eliza tried to console a sobbing Kara.


“Kara, Kara what’s wrong,” Alex asked as she rushed to the couch and knelt down in front of her sister with Maggie close behind her.


Unable to speak, Kara looked at Lena with pleading eyes and Lena took the hint and began to explain.


“A message was sent to the fortress’ communication system and forwarded to Kara’s tablet. She found it while feeding Elle this morning. It’s probably best you just listen to it,” Lena said as she touched the screen to get the message to play once more.


“This is an urgent message for Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton. We need your help. Please travel to the following coordinates, 139-65 within the next twenty-four hours. We need your help you are our only hope.”


“Oh Kara, no wonder you’re so affected by the message. Sweetheart, I promise everything will be okay,” Eliza reassured.


“Wait, who would even know to refer to Kara as Queen? And what do those coordinates mean,” Alex asked.


“You recognized the voice, didn’t you,” Maggie said as she watched how Kara cried harder upon hearing the voice.


“A…Ast…,” Kara tried to get out but couldn’t, instead once again turning to Lena, she silently asked her to continue explaining.


“The coordinates are where Kryptonians were told to meet in the event something happened and they had to get off-world,” Lena began before being interrupted by Alex.


“So, are you guys saying there’s at least one more Kryptonian out there who survived?”


“Alex, let Lena finish explaining, please,” Maggie pleaded with her girlfriend.


“We think at least two more Kryptonians survived, yes. The message says ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ but more importantly, Kara recognized the voice in the message as Maggie guessed,” Lena explained before looking to Kara for consent to reveal who the voice belonged too.


“Who did the voice belong to,” Eliza asked after a moment and realizing that the young couple were almost afraid to say the name as if it would suddenly change something.


“Astra. Astra In-Ze, Kara’s aunt.”

Chapter Text

Everyone was silent for several moments as they processed the news just revealed to them. No one could believe that another member of Kara’s family managed to survive the death of Krypton. Eventually though, Maggie spoke and asked a question Lena didn’t because she already knew the answer.


“Kara, do you want to go to the coordinates and see if this really is your aunt,” Maggie carefully asked.


“Y…yes. I…I wouldn’t for…forgive myself if…if I didn’t go and at…at least ch…check th…things out but I…I don’t want to…to leave Le…Lena and Elle alone, th…they come first al…always,” Kara choked out.


“Baby, I want you to find out if this is your aunt or not. Elle and I will be fine for a few hours or however long it takes. Eliza’s here and I’m sure J’onn would come down if it would make you feel better but I also don’t want you going alone just in case it’s a trap.”


“I wouldn’t forgive myself if…if something happened to you or Elle while I’m gone if I go,” Kara said as she composed herself once more.


“What if I stayed with Lena and Elle too,” Alex suddenly asked.


“You would stay here with them,” Kara asked taken aback by the offer having expected Alex to demand to accompany her to the coordinates.


“They’re your family so as much as I want to go with you because you’re my sister, yes, I will stay here to keep them protected.”


“I could go with you if you want backup though,” Maggie offered.


“I appreciate the offer but I think I need to do this alone.”


“Kara, no, we don’t know for sure what’s waiting for you at those coordinates and I can’t lose you and Elle and Jeremiah can’t lose you too,” Lena said as she began to panic about the possibility of losing Kara.


“That’s not what I…ugh I’m saying this all wrong. I meant that I need to face my aunt alone if it’s her. I would accept your offer to accompany me so long as you waited by the portal in the fortress, Maggie, since I’m not sure if those coordinates are hospitable for human life and I won’t risk your life. And Lena, zhao, I will never leave you. If this is my aunt though, she’s a General and head of our military guild so she would be able to help us defeat Lillian and Cadmus once and for all, I just know it. If it will make you feel better though, I’ll wear my suit you made that has every feature imaginable, including protection from kryptonite, a yellow sun booster to supercharge my powers and a camera with audio so you can watch and hear everything on my tablet from here. And I will take J’onn with me but Maggie can accompany us to the fortress and monitor everything from there and be available as backup if needed and if the coordinates will support human life. Would that be agreeable, Lee? I will not do this is you are even a little unsure about it,” Kara said sincerely.


“I can agree to this compromise. It’s a smart one and it means a lot to me that you aren’t just running off by yourself like you used to have a habit of doing as Supergirl. But, I want you to use the suit’s signal watch feature to send me a message that you are okay every thirty minutes even though I’ll be able to see everything on the camera, okay?”


“Okay, that’s reasonable. Thank you for being so supportive, Lee.”


“You don’t need to thank me, Darling. If I wasn’t pregnant I’d be going with you but this is the next best thing. I’d never stand in the way of you potentially reuniting with you aunt; I know how close you always were to her and I know how much it would mean to you to be able to introduce her to your children. Before I knew you were Supergirl you told me all about Astra and her desire to be a mother that later turned into a desire to see you become a mother so I know how much this reunion would mean to you both and selfishly I know I’d love to meet the woman who helped raise you and inspired you to want to help people. Hopefully, it is Astra and you can bring her home to her family because she’s our family too, even though she has no idea who we are,” Lena said with a soft smile.


“I already text J’onn, he’ll meet you at the fortress,” Alex suddenly said breaking Kara and Lena from their moment.


“Okay, I guess that’s my cue. Alex, Eliza, please take care of my family. If there’s any sign of trouble I want you to go to the underground bunker below the basement, I had installed when I first came out as Supergirl. I promise to be back as soon as possible and I promise to check in every thirty minutes, Lee.”


“We’ll take care of them. Be careful Kara and you too Maggie, don’t do anything stupid, either of you,” Eliza said.


“I’ll be careful, Eliza, I promise,” Kara said.


“And I promise to think with my head and not run in guns blazing unless it’s actually necessary,” Maggie promised.


“Don’t worry about things here, Kar, we’ve got them,” Alex added.


“Thank you. I love you Elle. Be good for Mam while I’m gone but don’t worry because Jeju will come home to you soon,” Kara said before placing a kiss to Elle’s head and transferring her into Lena’s arms. “I love you Lena. I promise to retreat if there’s any sign of danger, I promise to check in ever thirty minutes and I promise I will come back to you; I will always come back to you and our children,” Kara passionately said before claiming Lena’s lips with her own and kissing her soundly.


“I know baby and I love you too. Now go be a hero, my hero, Supergirl. We’ll be here when you get back,” Lena said before passionately kissing her wife herself and less than thirty seconds later, Kara, with Maggie in her arms, was gone and on her way to the fortress.





“Holy shit! I just flew with Supergirl! That was…that was awesome! How does Lena keep from asking you to fly with her all the time?!”


Chuckling as she checked in with Lena via the signal watch, Kara said, “I’ve flown with her nearly every day I’ve been with her or seen her since telling her the truth. She doesn’t react so exuberantly as you but she enjoys the flights as well. I’m actually hoping to fly her up here again once we’ve ended this war with Lillian and Cadmus to ask her to have a formal Kryptonian bonding ceremony and Earth wedding with me,” Kara admitted as a light blush covered her cheeks.


“That’s awesome, Kara; I’m happy for you, both of you. I know you’re technically already married but since there isn’t really anyone else to give you a shovel talk I think it’s my duty as Lena’s chosen sister to tell you that if you ever hurt her, intentionally or not, I will find a way to end you,” Maggie said in a steely voice that made Kara a little afraid of the shorter woman.


“Understood,” Kara said after a moment before adding, “I will never hurt her though but if I do I will deserve whatever wrath you feel appropriate to rain down on me,” before adding thoughtfully after a moment, “I’m glad she has you looking out for her, Mags.”


Maggie’s face softened hearing the sincerity behind Kara’s words but before she could say anything further, J’onn landed next to them.


“I apologize for my tardiness. Alex notified me that you would be joining us Maggie so I grabbed this suit for you. In the event you either come with us, or are needed as backup later, I wanted to ensure your safety. This suit is made of the same material as Kara’s but has a human life support system so you will be able to survive wherever the coordinates lead us,” J’onn explained.


“Wow, this suit is awesome, thank you J’onn! And it’s black; totally love the color! It’s like it was made for me and holy shit! Kara, it’s got your family crest on the top of both shoulders.”


“Don’t thank me, thank Lena.”


“What do you mean,” Maggie asked slightly confused before the truth dawned on her. “Lena made this?”


“Before I told Lena the truth she told me, well Supergirl me, that you and Alex should have suits like mine to better protect you in any environment while helping me. We even talked about adding a human life support system and the design of them. She had asked me that day what, if any, crests she would put on suits like that and I told her that since technically neither of you would be considered members of the House of El because you don’t come from our lineage nor were you married to a member of the house you wouldn’t be able to have the crest on your chests like it is on my suit but, I told her that on Krypton we did believe in chosen families as well and that you would be recognized as chosen family of the House of El so that entitled you to having the house crest on the tops of the shoulders of any suit you may have. I didn’t know she actually made them though, but I’m glad she did,” Kara said with a soft smile as she thought about how truly amazing her wife really was.


“Lena made suits for you and Alex while she was away. When I found her banging on Kara’s apartment door I brought her to the DEO, but before she left for Midvale she pulled two identical suits out of her bag and told me they were for you and Alex when the time came. I thought today would be an excellent opportunity for yours to be used,” J’onn said.


“I’d love to stay out here and marvel at how amazing my wife is, because she is, but let’s head inside and I can show you where to change Maggie then we can head to the portal room and see if we can get a read on the coordinates and learn anything before activating the portal,” Kara said as she lifted the large golden key out from hit’s hiding place and opened the fortress before leading them inside.





“Okay, this suit just topped my list of my top ten favorite work gear items. This helmet has an x-ray scanner, so it’s almost like I have x-ray vison, and it keeps track of my biometrics and identifies the people I see. Oh, and it even has a holster custom made for my favorite DEO issue gun that I won from Alex! Alex is going to be so jealous when she hears about this! You may have to take her someplace to try hers out,” Maggie excitedly rambled as she continued to try out all the features of her suit.


“Mags, I’m glad you’re happy but focus; you’re an ace detective and I need that now. The system is picking up on a lot of heat signatures at and around the coordinates but it’s not able to decipher what species they are. There seems to be something at the coordinates jamming much of the signal in and out of the area surrounding the coordinates.”


“Is the system able to scan for the presence of kryptonite or other weaponry,” J’onn asked.


“Normally, yes, but whatever is interfering with the signal is very powerful. The only thing other than heat signatures I can pick up is that the solar radiation present indicates a red sun orbits the coordinates so I will not have my powers there, unless I use the yellow sun booster in my suit, but even that won’t last forever.”


“I would still have my powers but with the number of heat signatures present I am not confident I would be able to take all of them on should this be a trap or simply end badly. I know you don’t have a relationship with him but perhaps we should bring your cousin in on this. Even without powers you both are stronger and faster than most beings so it would be helpful for us…”


“NO,” Kara growled. “You know that I do not want him anywhere near me or my family. He abandoned me when I finally arrived here. Then, when I asked him if he was okay after I risked my life to save his, and Lena was seriously injured by jumping in front of me, he did not say thank you or anything. Instead, the great Superman told me I was weak for not ending Lex myself and a sorry excuse for a Kryptonian because I let a Luthor step in and save our lives. Then, to top it all off, he made an effort to reach out to me for the first time since abandoning me, I might add, the day Lena helped you rescue me from Lillian and Cadmus and instead of being concerned for my wellbeing he took advantage of my weakened state and choke slammed me against a wall while he delivered a diatribe about how I once again soiled the House of El by requiring a Luthor’s assistance to escape Lillian and Cadmus. He has shown he has no respect for Krypton nor our traditions, including the fact that I’m the Queen so I want him nowhere near me. The day will come when he learns that I am stronger and faster than him, and he learns what happens when you cross your queen on Krypton, but I’m biding my time for the right moment, especially now that I have Lena and children to think about. Until then though, I want absolutely nothing to do with him and I want him nowhere near my family and should anyone go against my wishes and bring him anywhere near my family they will be subject to Kryptonian law and punishment; I do not mess around where my wife and children are concerned. So, no, J’onn, we will not be calling him.”


“I’m sorry, Kara, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just…you are like a daughter to me Kara and I’m worried about it being only the two of us going to the coordinates given the number of heat signatures. If you don’t want to call Superman perhaps we could bring M’gann in,” J’onn suggested.


“M’gann has never been here before and I would like to limit it to just family who know of the fortress’ existence unless absolutely necessary. I know you trust her, J’onn, but you only met her just before Lena left and I have only met her once since I was so closed of these last five months. I have a wife, a daughter and an unborn son to get home too so I’m not willing to surround myself with backup I cannot trust. But, we have Maggie and she has a suit now so my decision is that Maggie will come with us to the coordinates.”


“She may have a suit Kara, but she doesn’t have powers,” J’onn said dryly.


“Ah, but that’s the thing. When Lena described the concept of the suit to me all those months ago she said it would give the wearer enhanced abilities. Maggie, ask the suit’s systems to show you its combat measures,” Kara instructed the detective.


“Okay, sure. Please show me all combat measures,” Maggie spoke into the suit’s helmet she was still wearing.


“All combat measures are online and functioning at one hundred percent. Simply tell me to initiate combat measures to activate increased strength and speed capabilities. To fly, simply tell me to activate flight mode,” the suit’s system told Maggie.


“Damn, Kara’s right! This suit somehow has increased strength and speed capabilities and somewhere is hiding the hardware necessary for me to fly. This suit is fucking awesome!”


“See, J’onn? Between the three of us we should be able to conquer any obstacle we face, even without my powers but to add even more power on our side I will take the special gun Lena made for me that I’ve been storing here. Like with Maggie’s suit there’s a holster in this one when I activate it. I’ll be right back,” Kara said as she left the room to retrieve the gun in question before returning with it holstered at her side less than a minute later. “We do need to get going now since the message requested my presence within twenty-four hours. Let me start the portal activation sequence and check in with Lena through my signal watch again so she doesn’t worry and we can go,” Kara said as she sent the check in message to Lena and began activating the portal.


“The odds are most certainly more in our favor than they were before I knew of Maggie’s suit’s capabilities,” J’onn said.


“Not to be a downer or anything but how are we going to be able to come back here? If something’s jamming signals up there isn’t it possible it will affect the port’s ability to bring us back here,” Maggie asked.


“That is a possibility, which is why I’m bringing a pocket-sized breach device so no matter what we can get back home,” Kara assured her companions.


“Okay, good to know,” Maggie said as she began psyching herself up for her first mission with as close to super powers as she’d ever get.


“Alright, the portal is ready, the video and audio feed from my suit is working and has been since we arrived here, although I have concerns it may stop working once we’re at the coordinates as a result of whatever is interfering with signals but for now everything is working as it should. Before we go though, I do want to thank you both for doing this with me. It means a lot to me and I know it’s easing Lena’s worries some, so thank you.”


“We will always be here for you, Kara,” J’onn assured the blonde.


“Yeah, you and Lena are stuck with us so you’re better off just getting used to the fact that you and Lena no longer need to face things alone. So, let’s do this and try and get you some answers,” Maggie said.


“Alright, let’s do this,” Kara said as she led J’onn and Maggie through the transmatter portal and straight to the coordinates provided in the message.

Chapter Text

Back in Midvale, Lena was watching the video and audio feed from Kara’s suit with rapt attention.


“Lena, sweetie, maybe you shouldn’t watch the feed; it’s clearly agitating you,” Eliza said as she watched Lena nervously bouncing her leg up and down and biting her bottom lip.


“No, I’ll be more stressed if I don’t watch. Watching and listening shows me that Kara’s okay and that’s what I need to know. As long as Kara’s okay, I’m okay.”


“I’m with Lena on this one, Mom, but I am incredibly jealous that Maggie has a suit.”


“Did you miss the part where Kara mentioned that I mentioned suits for you and Maggie both,” Lena asked with a slight chuckle and a raised eyebrow.


Jaw going slack jawed, Alex said, “I…wait, what?!”


Lena couldn’t help but chuckle at the look on Alex’s face that was a mixture of hope and surprise.


“I made suits for both of you, but, we can talk about that later because right now I want to focus on the camera feed.”




In what seemed like an eternity later to Lena, but was really less than an hour, Lena, watched the transmatter portal come to life while Alex and Eliza were nearby but had decided not to watch the video stream.


“This is it, guys! The portal is running and any minute now Kara will step through and be face-to-face with whoever sent the message; although I am hoping it was truly Astra who sent the message because I don’t want Kara crushed again,” Lena said as she grew increasingly nervous.


“Hey, everything is going to be okay. J’onn and Maggie are both going with her as backup so she won’t be facing whatever is waiting for her alone,” Alex said in an attempt to ease the raven haired woman’s worries.


“I know but I’m still nervous. She’s my person, Alex, and I can’t lose her and our children can’t lose her,” Lena said emotionally.


“Sweetheart, Kara won’t leave you or your children. We don’t even know if she will face hostiles at the coordinates. It is possible that the voice truly was Astra’s. So, why don’t we try to relax and be patient while Kara does what needs to be done,” Eliza said gently.


“I know you’re right but I’m still worried.”


“Because you love her. You will always worry about her wellbeing,” Eliza said knowingly.


“Yeah…they’re going through the portal now,” Lena exclaimed before her expression turned to one of pure terror.


“Lena, what’s wrong,” Alex asked immediately upon seeing Lena’s face.


“Th…the feed stopped. We can…can’t see or hear anything. They walked through the portal and…and then nothing. What if som…something happened,” Lena said as tears began to fall.


“Sweetie don’t think like that. Maybe the coordinates vibrate at a different frequency or there’s interference and it simply prevents any signal from getting back to us,” Eliza said in an attempt to comfort Lena.


“Yeah, I’m sure Mom’s theory is right. I may not have had my eyes glued to the feed but I heard what was being said and they talked about there being signal interference so it’s probably just that,” Alex said calmly even though she was panicking on the inside.


“I hope you’re right,” Lena quietly said as she continued to stare at the tablet as if she was willing it to begin working again. Please be okay Kara. I love you and I can’t do this without you; please come home to me.





When they stepped through the portal, Kara, Maggie and J’onn found themselves in a field with no one else around. Kara immediately noticed the red hue to everything, confirming that the coordinates had a red sun. As she began looking around the field she began moving in a circle so she could take everything in. Once she was turning to face her left, she noticed a city in the distance, but it was not just any city.


“Oh my Rao,” Kara gasped.


“Kara, what is it,” Maggie asked.


When Kara stayed silent for a few more moments, J’onn said, “Kara are we where I think we are?”


Nodding her head, Kara said in disbelief, “Argo…we’re in the City of Argo.”


“But how is that possible? You literally watched Krypton explode,” Maggie said clearly confused.


“I know but this is the City of Argo, Krypton’s capitol. See the tallest building there? That’s where I grew up. The building is our version of a royal palace. The top four floors made up our living quarters while the rest housed the government, throne room, ceremonial rooms, ballrooms and all sorts of other rooms you’d expect to see in a palace. And those dome shaped buildings that form a circle around all the skyscrapers? Those are each of our guilds. I don’t know how this is possible but we’re in Argo,” Kara said in disbelief. “J’onn have you ever seen anything like this before? I know you’ve been to other planets that later were destroyed but did you ever see any of the cities from those planets again?”


“No. This is the first time I am seeing something like this.”


“Guys, look up,” Maggie said as she pointed to the sky.


“There’s a force field of some sort around Argo. There was no force field present before…before Krypton died,” Kara said as soon as she noticed the shimmering of the force field.


“Everyone get ready, there’s a small aircraft coming in,” J’onn said causing Kara and Maggie to stop looking at the force field and look towards the city center where, sure enough, a small aircraft was approaching.


As the aircraft got closer, Kara instantly recognized it, however, and gasped, having thought she’d never see that ship again.


“What is it, Kara,” Maggie asked having noticed Kara’s reaction to the aircraft.


“The aircraft approaching us has the House of El crest on the side; it’s the official vehicle for the royal family to use when traveling locally. It’s the only aircraft I ever spent time in before the pod,” Kara admitted.


“Kara, I’m so sorry if this is bringing up painful memories but we are here for you and love you,” Maggie said genuinely.


“I agree but, Kara, now is not the time to get lost in your memories or pain from the past because we do not know who is on that ship,” J’onn said.


“I know, it just took me by surprise. It’s almost time to check in with Lena again so I guess I better do that before whoever is approaching arrives, just in case,” Kara said as she hit the signal button twice instead of once so that instead of Lena receiving an alert that everything is okay she would receive an alert that there is possible danger and she would check in again in ten minutes instead of thirty.





Lena was freaking out internally with both the video and audio feed from Kara’s suit no longer coming in. She knew stress wasn’t good for her or baby Jeremiah and she could tell Elle was picking up on her distress but she couldn’t help it. At that moment, Lena was terrified that something had happened to Kara. She was running through the worst case scenarios in her head when suddenly she got an alert from Kara’s signal watch.


“No, no, no, no, no,” Lena said, her voice growing more frantic by the second.


“Lena, what’s wrong? Is something happening with the baby,” Eilza rushed to ask.


“No, baby Jeremiah is okay it’s just…it’s just…ugh…it’s just that Kara managed to get a signal watch message through. Normally, she sends a single alert to say everything is okay but just now she sent a double alert which means there is possible danger but she will check in again in ten minutes.”


“Kara’s smart and strong so I’m sure she will be able to handle whatever it is that may be headed her way,” Eliza said in an assuring manner.


“Yeah, Lena, Kar is not going to let anything take her away from you and the kids so try not to worry unless it’s absolutely necessary,” Alex added.


“I know you both are right but I won’t stop worrying until Kara is back here, safe in my arms.”





As the aircraft made its final approach, Kara, J’onn and Maggie took defensive stances just in case they needed to defend themselves as Maggie also lowered her helmet after her suit informed her that the atmosphere was safe for her. Ultimately, the aircraft landed about twenty yards away from them. The ramp was immediately lowered and Kara recognized some of Krypton’s Royal Guard’s exit aircraft before a lone figure dressed in traditional Kryptonian robes, robes Kara recognized like it was yesterday. Once the figure was off the aircraft, they approached Kara, Maggie and J’onn, stopping when they were only a few feet away from Kara where they proceeded to bow, as was customary when greeting the Queen of Krypton or another member of the royal family.


“Hello, little one,” the figure said once they rose once more, a smile spreading across their face.


“A…Aunt Astra? Is it…is it really you?”

Chapter Text

“It’s me, little one, I swear it,” Astra said with tears in her eyes as she looked at her niece for the first time in decades.


“I don’t mean to doubt you but I believed all of Krypton to be lost so I’m finding it hard to believe that you, that any part of Krypton is still here. Tell me something only my aunt would know. Tell me what you told me before my parents took me to put me in the pod.”


“I pulled you in for a hug and whispered in your ear, ‘Kara, I love you and remember that I will be watching over you from Rao’s light. Do not let your parents desire for you to care for Kal-El to overtake your life because your life is important too. I may not be there to see it in person, but I know you will do great things. I look forward to watching you grow up and have a family of your own from Rao’s light. I wish I could be with you when you meet you zhao and become a mother but know that I will always be watching over you and the beautiful family I know you will have. Now go, little one; go and be great. I love you.’ Then you were practically dragged from the room by your mother but just before you reached the door you ripped your hand away and ran back to me and hugged me tight and said, ‘I don’t want to go without you Aunt Astra. I love you,’ and I pulled back from the hug and knelt down and with my hands on your shoulders said, ‘I know little one, and I’d be with you if I could be but this is all part of Rao’s plan. I will always be watching you from Rao’s light and even when you lose faith I will still be watching over you. You may not be my daughter but I could not love you anymore even if you were. You will always be a daughter to me in my eyes. I may not be able to leave with you but you have a chance at a new life, a life that will allow you to grow up and have a family of your own so go little one, go be amazing Kara Zor-El. I love you.’ And then as we both had tears streaming down our faces you finally left the room with your mother.”


“Oh Rao! Thank Rao, it is you! C…Can I hug you,” Kara asked as tears welled in her eyes that threatened to spill over.


“You are my Queen, so you may do as you please, but as an aunt, I would very much welcome a hug from my niece,” Astra said with smile slowly spreading across her face.


As soon as the words left Astra’s mouth, Kara was running towards her until finally, after years of never thinking this would happen again, she was wrapped in a tight hug by her aunt.


“I have missed you so much, little one. There is so much to tell you and you! Rao, you look like you’ve barely aged all and you must share your secret! I’m so happy you came Kara. I love you, my dear niece,” Astra said once the hug broke but while maintaining physical contact with Kara.


“I love you too and I missed you so much. Rao, I never thought I’d see you or anyone from Krypton, other than Kal, again. But how? How are you here? How is Argo here? I have so many questions and I have so much to tell you, but in your message, you said you needed my help so what’s going on and if you’ve been here all this time why didn’t you try to contact me sooner,” Kara asked with an edge of hurt in her voice.


“As I said, there is much to discuss. I have been leading our people in your absence so perhaps we can move this to our home and we can talk about everything? First though, would you introduce me to your companions? Are one of them your zhao? I can tell from your wrist that you have found your zhao, like I always knew you would.”


“No, neither of them is my zhao, they are family though. Aunt Astra,” Kara said as she turned to face Maggie and J’onn, who had maintained his human form, “this is Maggie Sawyer, she’s my sister-in-law, although she hasn’t made that official yet but she’s my sister just the same and this, is J’onn Jones, who I affectionately call my Space Dad because he’s like a father to me and is also an alien on Earth. Maggie, J’onn, this is my Aunt Astra,” Kara finished with a huge smile gracing her lips.


“It is a pleasure to meet you both. I have many questions, as I know you do for me, but we unfortunately have time sensitive matters to attend too. Before we get to that though, I want to extend my thanks on behalf of not only myself but the people of Krypton for being there for my niece, our Queen. Now, please come with me and we can return to our home, the home where Kara grew up, and discuss everything,” Astra said as she led Kara, Maggie and J’onn onto the ship.






Once they arrived on the platform that granted access straight to the living quarters of Krypton’s palace, Kara couldn’t help it when her breath hitched as she saw that everything looked just as it did when she was there last. The wall colors, décor, everything was the same as Kara remembered it. Maggie and J’onn meanwhile, took in the home with wide eyes. They both knew Krypton was far more advanced than Earth but they weren’t expecting all the technology they saw and everything that reminded them of homes on Earth.


Astra led them to the living room, once she had allowed them a few moments to take everything on the first floor of the living quarters in, before she encouraged them to sit so they could talk.


“Kara, I have much to tell you but first, I want to hear about your life on Earth. Tell me everything.”


“When Mom and Dad launched my pod, I got caught up in the explosion and ended up in the Phantom Zone for twenty years. Somehow, I got out and landed on Earth but as twenty years had passed for everyone but me, Kal-El was already grown up and had revealed himself as Earth’s hero, Superman. He um…he wanted nothing to do with raising a thirteen year old, or with me in general, so he abandoned me with the Danvers family. The Danvers family consisted of Eliza and Jeremiah, who were married and both held the highest degrees in their fields. They had been the ones to help Kal with his powers once he developed them. They also had a daughter, Alex. They became my family on Earth and with time I saw Eliza and Jeremiah as my parents, although I’ve never called them mom or dad, and Alex became the best older sister I could ask for eventually too. Maggie is Alex’s girlfriend but I expect them to join me in the happily married club soon enough,” Kara said with a smile as she instantly thought about her wife and sent her an ‘I’m okay’ message through the signal watch even though she knew she was late sending it by about ten minutes. “Anyway, I kept my powers hidden for years but about two years ago, Alex was on a flight and the plane was going to crash so I used my powers to save her and everyone on the flight and ever since I’ve been Supergirl; that’s why I have this suit but I haven’t actively been Supergirl for nearly half a year. When I was Supergirl, I worked with J’onn and a military organization he leads to protect National City, which is where I live. Something happened seven months ago though. I was taken by an organization that is anti-alien but Lena, my zhao, my zrhemin, found me and brought the appropriate people with her to get me. She didn’t know I was Kryptonian then but I found the courage to tell her a couple months later and we bonded at that time, but we didn’t know it. We’re happy though, incredibly happy, and Rao, Lena she’s…she’s amazing and everything I ever wished for and so much more. She’s my soulmate, and I cannot wait for you to meet her. We um…we have a daughter, Lorelei, but we call her Elle and we’re expecting a little boy in a few months who we’re naming Jeremiah. This is a really condensed version of all that has happened to me; there’s so much more to tell you and explain but that can wait. You said in your message that you needed my help so please, Aunt Astra, explain to me why you need my help and how Argo is still here, please,” Kara implored.


“I’m happy you found your soulmate Kara,” Astra said genuinely. “To answer your questions though, I must start with the day Krypton as we knew it died.”



Flashback – The Day Krypton Died


“Kara, I love you and remember that I will be watching over you from Rao’s light. Do not let your parents desire for you to care for Kal-El to overtake your life because your life is important too. I may not be there to see it in person, but I know you will do great things. I look forward to watching you grow up and have a family of your own from Rao’s light. I wish I could be with you when you become a mother but know that I will always be watching over you and the beautiful family I know you will have. Now go, little one, go and be great. I love you,” Astra emotionally told her niece before Alura grasped her daughter’s arm and pulled her away from her aunt only for Kara, to pull away and run back to her aunt moments later.


“I don’t want to go without you Aunt Astra. I love you,” Kara cried as she clung to her aunt.


Astra then pulled back from the hug and knelt down and with her hands on Kara’s shoulders said, “I know little one, and I’d be with you if I could be but this is all part of Rao’s plan. I will always be watching you from Rao’s light and even when you lose faith I will still be watching over you. You may not be my daughter but I could not love you anymore even if you were. You will always be a daughter to me in my eyes. I may not be able to leave with you but you have a chance at a new life, a life that will allow you to grow up and have a family of your own so go little one, go be amazing Kara Zor-El. I love you,” Astra said before Kara was finally led from the room by her mother, Astra’s own twin sister.


As soon as Alura and Kara were gone from the room, Astra composed herself and went back to her stoicism that she was known for as the head of Krypton’s military guild.


“Non! It is time to enact the fail-safe,” Astra bellowed causing her husband to enter the room.


“Of course, General,” Non said as he initiated the fail-safe protocol from his tablet before growing worried when the protocol didn’t start. “It’s not working, Astra. It’s going to need to be manually activated.”


“But Non, whoever we send to manually activate it won’t be inside the shield when Krypton finally explodes, that’s why we added the remote activation.”


“I know but it has to be done. No one else is close enough to be able to manually activate it and I won’t ask someone else to lose their life because the remote activation I created wouldn’t work so I will manually activate it so you and everyone here in Argo has a chance at surviving this,” Non said firmly.


“If you do this you won’t survive, Non. As it is, my own sister is unlikely to make it back within the shield’s boundary in time since the pods are just outside the shield’s radius and now you’re saying I will lose you too?”


“Astra, we knew when we developed this fail-safe behind Alura and Zor-El’s backs that we might not be able to make it large enough to save everyone in time and we knew that there was a chance the remote activation wouldn’t work because we never got a chance to test it. That is why we didn’t fight for Kara to stay here with us, or give her hope that she would see us again, but I wish your sister and brother-in-law had listened to us when we told them Krypton was dying. Had they, we could have had the entire science guild working on this and not just you and I as the heads of the science and military guilds and a handful of our most trusted guild members. I know our families arranged our marriage to strength our line but I did grow to love you and I know you grew to love me and I want you to live. Astra, you are amazing and maybe your soulmate is not Kryptonian, maybe they are out there in the universe waiting for you. I want you to live and I want you to have the opportunity to find Kara again. I know we were never blessed with a child from Rao but Kara will always be like a daughter to me just as she is to you and if we cannot save Alura and Zor-El then I will save you so our girl has at least one of the four of us. I will go manually activate the fail-safe protocol. I will make sure you and as much of Argo as the shield can cover survive. The Harun-El is strong and will keep the shield running and Argo afloat indefinitely so once this is over, find a way to get to coordinates 139-65. Get to those coordinates and then you will be close enough to Earth to get a message through the interference we know the shield causes and then Kara will come find you. Find our niece and bring her home to her people. She’s only thirteen, Astra, and she’s about to become Queen. She’s going to need you. No matter how many years it takes, find her and be there for her and make sure she knows how much her parents loved her and how much her Uncle Non loved her. I love you, Astra. May Rao always guide you,” Non said before embracing his wife and placing a final kiss to her lips and rushing from the room to manually initiate the fail-safe protocol.


“I love you too, Non,” Astra said once Non had left the room before adding, “I pray that Rao leads you home to his light.”




For the next ten minutes, Astra sent alerts to the tablets and watches of every citizen of Argo to urge them to come as close to the center of Argo as possible. Astra then rushed to the streets of Argo to help usher men, women and children inside the palace where she knew they’d be safe if the fail-safe worked. As she helped the citizens of Argo, she couldn’t help but look for Non, Alura and Zor-El, and hope that they somehow could make it back in time. After a few more minutes she finally got a hologram call on her watch from her sister, which she answered immediately.


“Alura! Alura, where are you? Did Kara’s pod take off safely?”


“Astra, yes, the pods have taken off. We’re trying to get back to you but I don’t think there’s time. The smaller explosions are already happening. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you and Non and let you work on a way to save us. I am so sorry.”


“Alura, Non and I did it. We built our fail-safe behind yours and Zor-El’s backs. We don’t know if it will work and we were only able to make it large enough to save most of Argo. Alura, you only need to reach the field on the south side not far from where you launched the pods, to be within the range of our shield. Please, try to get there, please Alura. I know it’s on your path home so please try to get there.”


“We’ll try. I don’t know if we will make it though, sister. Thank you for trying to save our people. If I do not make it back in time, find Kara and be there for her. Please, find Ka…,” Alura began to say before Astra watched a large explosion take place on the hologram and then her sister was gone.




Astra kept screaming for her sister but the hologram signal was gone and she knew, she knew her sister and brother-in-law were gone. Less than a minute later, Astra watched as the fail-safe shield shimmered to life mere seconds before she watched Krypton explode all around her while the shielded portion of Argo separated and pushed away from the debris, in the opposite direction of Kara and Kal-El’s pods. Astra stood there for what seemed like hours, sobbing over what she just lost, what they all just lost, when she finally forced herself to stop crying and opened the system for the fail-safe. Seeing all systems online, she schooled her features and walked back into the palace knowing it would be up to her to lead her people until she could deliver them to their Queen and she could be reunited with her niece.


End Flashback



“The fail-safe had flaws but we didn’t have time to correct them before Krypton exploded. We had to build the primary system for activating the fail-safe outside the fail-safe’s range so it could project the shield but we created the remote activation so no one would have to die activating the shield but the remote activation failed. Once the shield was up, the secondary system automatically came online so Argo could continue to function as it did before Krypton perished. When Krypton exploded though, we were sent in the opposite direction of you, so we spent years drifting further and further away from you and Kal-El. We spent those years trying to find a way to somehow get Argo to move toward these coordinates. We were unsuccessful for many years but then one day a wormhole appeared and it pulled Argo in. I am not sure how much time passed between us entering the wormhole and exiting it but when we exited it, we discovered we were on a path to these coordinates. We arrived here two months ago and I’ve been trying to get a message to the fortress ever since. I only knew you would have the fortress because your mother told me it would be, and well it worked because you’re here,” Astra said with a small smile.


“That’s a lot to take in. It sounds like you are doing well here though, so what exactly do you need my help with,” Kara asked curiously.


“As it turns out, the Harun-El will not keep us afloat indefinitely as we had originally believed. There is a way to create more but most of the science guild was outside the fail-safe shield’s range on a mission when Krypton perished so we need help creating more. You were the youngest member of the science guild Kara, so we are hoping you can create more so we can all remain here on Argo and rebuild Krypton now that we have our Queen back.”


“It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in any scientific field, Aunt Astra. On Earth, I am a reporter; I write news articles that are published for citizens to read. I can try to create more Harun-El but my wife, Lena, might be able to help more than me. She’s a genius and I swear her proclivity for science rivals even Uncle Non’s. If we can’t create more though, you could come with us through the portal back to Earth. Speaking of, why haven’t you just come to Earth?”


“The transmatter portal yours connected too to bring you here lost its memory banks during our separation from Krypton so we have not had the proper codes to connect to any other transmatter portal but now that you have come through it, the necessary information for your portal will be stored so I suppose we could come to Earth but I think we’d rather stay on our planet, or at least what’s left of it, if we can.”


“I understand that. I want what’s left of Krypton to survive too but if we can’t make more Harun-El, you should come to Earth with me. I didn’t mean to imply you should abandon what is left of our planet; I meant why didn’t you come to Earth to find me but you answered that in your explanation. Is it just the Harun-El you need help with?”


“That is our only issue currently, yes.”


“How much time does Argo have left? I want to help, and I believe my wife can help, but she is pregnant so I will not bring her here if there isn’t much time, no matter how much I want to save what’s left of Krypton,” Kara said seriously.


“Our calculations estimate we have four to six weeks until the Harun-El is too unstable to support Argo.”


“Okay, I’ll go and get Lena then. If I leave now I can be back before nightfall. Is that alright, Aunt Astra?”


“You are the Queen Kara, you may do as you wish, but yes that’s okay little one. I am grateful you are willing and able to help. I shall accompany you back to the transmatter portal and await your return there,” Astra said before they left and made their way back to the portal.

Chapter Text

When Kara, Maggie and J’onn walked through the portal and back into the fortress, Kara collapsed on the floor, the second it closed behind them, and finally let her feelings out over everything she just learned. Maggie immediately joined Kara on the floor and pulled her into her arms.


“Shh, it’s okay Kara, everything will be okay. I am so sorry, Kara, I am so sorry you had to experience losing your planet and relive it just now when you heard about the final moments of Krypton. Let it all out, Kara,” Maggie cooed as she held the blonde close.


“Le…Lena…Le…Lena,” Kara kept saying over and over as she cried.


“J’onn, can you go to Midvale and bring Lena and Elle here? I don’t think she’s going to talk to anyone except Lena and maybe Elle’s presence can help calm her too.”


“I think you may be right Maggie. I suspect Alex won’t stay behind though; you know how protective she gets of Kara.”


“I know. Your car is still at Eliza’s so if Alex won’t stay in Midvale maybe it will be easier to bring her and Eliza here with Lena and Elle in your car. If you have to do that, I should be able to control Alex enough to give Lena and Elle time alone with Kara but if we don’t get Lena here soon I’m worried we may not get her out of this state anytime soon,” Maggie said, clearly worried about Kara.


“I’ll go now and return as quickly as possible. Keep doing what you’re doing, Maggie; it may not seem like it but you are helping her,” J’onn said before kneeling down and touching Kara’s shoulder while Kara kept saying Lena’s name over and over again and said, “Kara, I’m going to go get Lena and bring her here. I’ll be back soon.”


When Kara didn’t acknowledge J’onn’s words and just kept repeating Lena’s name, J’onn took his leave and flew as fast as he could to Midvale.





Meanwhile, back in Midvale, Lena was growing more frantic with every passing second.


“Lena, you really need to try and calm down; Kara wouldn’t want you in this state,” Alex tried to reason with her sister-in-law.


“I know that, Alex! I fucking know that but she hasn’t checked in in over two hours. I don’t know where my wife is or if she’s even okay! How are you so fucking calm, Alex?! Maggie’s with Kara! How the hell can you be calm when your girlfriend is gone too?!”


“Internally, I’m panicking and I’m scared but I know my sister and I trust that she, Maggie and J’onn will come home to us. Before we lost the video and audio feed, they talked about interference so it’s possible that when they arrived at the coordinates the interference stopped the video and audio feed and as they got further away from the portal it prevented even the signal watch notifications from coming through.”


“Honey, I know it’s hard. Every time I knew she was out as Supergirl, I was terrified but Kara always comes back and there is nothing that will keep her from coming back to you, Elle and Jeremiah. She won’t leave you and the kids alone and she won’t miss Jeremiah’s birth,” Eliza said.


“Lena, I need you to come with me; Kara needs you,” J’onn said as he flew straight into the house from the open back door.


“What happened,” Lena asked worriedly.


“I do not have time to explain everything but I’ll give you a quick summary. Part of Krypton survived the planet’s destruction and made it to the coordinates. It was Kara’s Aunt Astra who sent the message. She is the only member of Kara’s family that was left on Krypton who survived. Astra told Kara what happened in those final moments before Krypton died and then she asked for Kara’s help to save what is left of Krypton. When we got back to the fortress everything she was holding in while we were there started coming out. I left her with Maggie, but she won’t talk to us, the only thing she has said since we got back is your name, Lena. She actually hasn’t stopped saying your name since we got back. Lena, where are you going,” J’onn asked as he watched Lena, with a very determined look on her face, place Elle in her carrier and make her way towards the front door, only stopping to grab a set of keys.


“My wife needs me and we are going to her. You can come if you want but I’m going and your car is the quickest way I know because no offense, I do not trust any person, other than Kara, to fly with Elle,” Lena said as she made her way out the front door leaving everyone in the house slack jawed.


When they heard Lena start J’onn’s car up, Alex jumped into gear and grabbed her jacket, and gun, which was hanging by the front door and ran to the car, jumping in just before Lena took off.




“I guess you’re taking me, J’onn, because if we don’t get up there quickly I’m worried Alex may go off. She’s trying to be better but she loses it when Kara’s hurting and I’m not sure even Maggie will be able to keep her at bay so Lena and Elle can comfort Kara,” Eliza said a few moments after J’onn’s car disappeared from their view.


“I’m afraid you may be right. Maggie had similar concerns about Alex. It’s bad Eliza. You weren’t there, but the way…the way Astra described the finals moments of Krypton it was hard even for me to hear and I watched my race be extinguished by White Martians. Kara learned that Astra was on a hologram call with Alura when Alura died, Eliza. The last thing Alura said to Astra was asking her to find Kara and be there for her and Kara just found all of that out on top of the fact that Argo, which all that’s left of her home planet, is dying unless she and Lena can find a way to recreate the substance keeping Argo alive. She’s going to need all of us Eliza. I fear what will happen if she cannot save what’s left of her people; what’s left of her planet.”


“Let’s go then. I’m not going to leave my daughter alone during this time,” Eliza said just before J’onn picked her up and quickly exited the home before taking off for the fortress.





As soon as Lena landed J’onn’s ship, she got Elle out of the backseat and practically ran into the fortress with Alex not far behind. Lena ran through the fortress until she stopped in her tracks when she saw Kara, her sweet, wonderful Kara, with her knees tight to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees as she sobbed while saying her name over and over again with Maggie holding the blonde close but clearly at a loss for how to make things better.


Lena immediately rushed to Kara’s side and Maggie, knowing the couple needed time alone, moved so Lena could take her place, which she did while setting their daughter, who was still in her carrier, in front of them. Lena immediately wrapped her arms around Kara and began comforting her. Maggie meanwhile, pulled Alex, who had just entered, out of the room and back towards the entrance of the fortress so Lena could have time alone with her wife.


“Kara, I’m here, I’m here baby. Everything is going to be okay, I’m here Kar, everything will be okay.”


“Le..Lena? Lena, you’re…you’re here,” Kara croaked out.


“Of course I’m here. You needed me so there isn’t any place I’d rather be. Can you tell me what happened, Darling?”


Before Kara could say anything else, Elle began to fuss, causing the blonde to jerk her head until she laid eyes on her daughter and immediately jumped into “mom mode” and picked Elle up and cradled her close to her chest.


“Shh, it’s okay baby girl, JeJu’s here, JeJu’s here. That’s it,” Kara cooed as Elle instantly stopped fussing the moment she was in Kara’s arms, “yeah, that’s it, you just needed JeJu, huh? I love you baby girl.”


“Kara,” Lena prompted after a moment.


“Can we…can we go to the living quarters to talk, please,” Kara pleaded.


“Of course we can,” Lena said before getting up and extending a hand for Kara, who instantly took it, and then led her little family to the living quarters.





“Maggie, I need to see her! I need to see my sister,” Alex exclaimed as she fought Maggie’s hold around her.


“Alex, I know you want to see your sister but the only name she’s been saying since we got back is Lena’s. As much as you love Kara, she needs her wife right now. If the roles were reversed wouldn’t you want me to comfort you before Kara, despite how close you are?”


“Yes, but I still need to see her,” Alex insisted.


“No, you don’t, Alexandria, not yet. We all love Kara but right now she needs Lena. When she’s ready, I’m sure she will talk to all of us but from what J’onn has told me, we may be waiting some time for her to talk to us because what’s left of Krypton is dying once more and it appears that Kara and Lena are the only hope for saving it. You need to prepare yourself to be supportive and understanding, Alex, even if Kara doesn’t want too or isn’t able to talk to you before leaving again to try and save what’s left of her home world. Got it?”


“Yes, Mom, but what do you mean what’s left of Krypton is dying?”


“Alex, when we were on Argo, that the city that’s all that’s left of Krypton, Kara’s aunt told us about the final moments of Krypton and how they survived. Alex, Kara’s aunt was on the phone with Kara’s mom when she died in one of the explosions. Astra and her husband had worked on a plan to save Krypton but they didn’t have time to make it big enough to save more than most of Argo. They’ve been floating around space since then until a wormhole sucked them in the put them close to the coordinates they are currently at but the only reason they’re surviving is because they have a substance called Harun-El. However, they need to make more to survive and most of their scientists perished with Krypton so Astra needs Kara to find a way to make more. Kara suggested that together she and Lena may be able to find a way so we came back to get Lena, but, as soon as we got here she collapsed. I think once she was back here she felt safe enough to show her emotions. She was so strong while we were there but I imagine she’s reliving everything like it just happened again and I know she’s terrified of losing what’s left of Krypton and her family. She is going to leave again, Alex and she may be gone for weeks and you are going to have to let her go,” Maggie said while exchanging a hesitant look with J’onn.


“What is the look between you two for,” Alex asked.


“Alex, Eliza, while we were in Argo, Astra used Kara’s royal title more than once and the way she talked…I think…I think she thinks Kara will be coming home to Argo to lead their people,” Maggie hesitantly said.


“No, no, no, no, no, no. My sister will not be leaving us; there’s no way Kara leaves us. What about Lena and their family?”


“Alex, if Kara goes, Lena and Elle would go too. Like it or not, Kara is their Queen and technically so is Lena, who I might add is now partially Kryptonian due to her bonding with Kara. So, if they choose to go back to what’s left of Kara’s home planet and people then we will need to support them and adjust to only seeing them on occasion,” Eliza said sadly.


“No, I don’t accept that,” Alex said as she stormed off in search of her sister.





“Kara, what happened when you went to those coordinates? I know just the little bit J’onn told us but I want to hear it all from you,” Lena said as they got comfortable on the couch, snuggled together.


“A lot. The short and to the point version is that my aunt is alive but what’s left of Krypton is once again facing extinction unless we can help,” Kara said sadly as her shoulders slumped.


“Kara, tell me everything, please,” Lena asked.


“It all started almost immediately after we walked through the portal…,” Kara began before spending the next thirty minutes filling Lena in on everything in explicit detail.


“Okay, wow, that was a lot to take in. I’m so happy to hear your aunt is alive but I am so sorry you had to learn about those final moments of Krypton and of your parents and uncle’s lives. I’m so sorry they’re not still here, Kar. I’m sorry this is bringing up all your memories from back then.”


“Thank you. I’m just…I’m so afraid we won’t be able to make more of the Harun-El and then I’ll lose my planet all over again,” Kara admitted.


“Kara, I will do whatever I can to help recreate the Harun-El. We can leave immediately and have J’onn, Alex, Maggie or Eliza pack up some of our clothes and Elle’s things for us and bring them to us so we can stay on Argo while we figure this out. If after two weeks we can’t figure it out though, I think we need to evacuate everyone here so that even if we cannot save Argo, we can save your people. I never told you this but I own a lot of properties thanks to my father and some that I bought myself, and one of those properties I bought myself, that not even Lillian knows about, is a large private island in the Pacific. If we can’t save Argo, we can use that island and call it New Argo or New Krypton or something of your choosing so your people have a place to call their own.”


“Our people, they’re our people Lena. You are as much their Queen as I am because we’re bonded and clearly you are already thinking like their Queen. Thank you for offering your island, Sunshine, I really appreciate it but I hope we can recreate the Harun-El and keep Argo right where it is. If we can do that, it could be the solution to all our problems here on Earth.”


“What do you mean, Kar?”


“I told you how Astra kept using my royal title and reminding me that I’m Queen, right? Well, it got me thinking, if we can save Argo, our people will expect us to come home and rule as it was always intended. If we were to do that, if we were to move to Argo and rule, we would no longer be anywhere where Lillian and Cadmus can reach us and our family. We could set the portal so that only certain people could cross into Argo. It would be an adjustment but in my heart, I think this is the right move for us. I know you have L-Corp but we could find a way for you to still run things from Argo. I still want to take down Lillian and Cadmus, and be able to spend at least part of our time on Earth, but we could figure out a plan from Argo while knowing our family is safe. If you think it’s a silly idea, we won’t do it but I think it’s an option we should consider.”


“That’s honestly something that’s been in my head since the moment J’onn said part of Krypton survived, that your aunt survived. I know how much you’ve missed Krypton, Kara, and if I’m being honest, I’ve never felt at home here, not until I met you. My home is where you are so, if you want to move to Argo once we save it, then we will move to Argo, and if I’m being truly honest, I think we should do it for every reason you just gave. But first, I think we need to tell the family that we are going to Argo immediately to try and save it and then we need to get to Argo because we are on a clock, Darling, and once we save Argo we can talk further about our next steps.”


“You’re my home too, you know. I love you, so much.”


“I love you too,” Lena said before leaning in and sweetly kissing her wife before they stood up so they could find their family and tell them they were going to Argo.


Little did the couple know, Alex had overheard the portion of their conversation pertaining to moving to Argo and the second she heard her sister was in fact thinking of leaving, she fled the fortress without saying a word to anyone, and took off in J’onn’s ship since Lena had left the keys in it as she had been solely focused on reaching Kara when they landed.

Chapter Text

When Kara and Lena left the living quarters, they found Eliza, J’onn and Maggie waiting for them just outside the portal room. Immediately, Kara was filled with so much love for her family and couldn’t help the fond smile that spread across her lips at the knowledge that they all chose to be there with her in this moment. As she took the time to make eye contact with each of them as a way to reassure them that she was okay, it did not go unnoticed that Alex was missing. This caused Kara to furrow her brow as she listened for her sister’s heartbeat and she frowned instantly when she heard it moving further and further away at a high rate of speed. Knowing she didn’t have time to waste worrying about Alex’s choices though, Kara shared a look with her wife and then began addressing their family members before them.


“I wanted to say thank you for giving me the space and time I needed to speak with Lena privately and work through my emotions about everything that has happened today. Looking at your glum faces is it safe to assume everyone in this room now knows the peril Argo is facing?”


“Yes. J’onn and Maggie told your sister and I. I am so sorry Kara but you and Lena both have an affinity for science so I am sure you will find a way to save Argo,” Eliza said with an encouraging smile.


“Thank you for saying that. I chose to become a reporter here because at the time working in any scientific field brought back my memories of working in the science guild with my Uncle Non, doing experiments with my mother and many other memories of Krypton that were too painful to relive. As soon as I’d smile at the fond memories, I’d be reminded that I lost everyone who encouraged me and helped me find my love for science. That’s why I was always so against my science courses in school and acted like they were the absolute worst thing on the planet. I wasn’t acting that way because I was bored with science courses here because we were much more advanced in every aspect of science on Krypton, even though that was the case, but rather I acted that way because it hurt to be reminded of everything I lost and anything dealing with science reminded me of the loss. Even when my aunt told me what she needed my help with I was scared and hesitant because I have spent so many years distancing myself from science. Now though, after talking with Lena about everything that happened today on Argo, I feel hopeful that our joint love of science will allow us to save Argo and I feel strong enough to face the memories knowing she is by my side. With all that in mind, I can smile now when I think about science because I know that some of my people survived, my aunt survived, all because Uncle Non and Aunt Astra fought for Krypton until the very end and found a way to save some of our people. Now, it’s mine and Lena’s turn to save our people and ensure that Uncle Non’s sacrifice the day Krypton died wasn’t in vain. To do that though, Lena and I need to be in Argo so momentarily we are going to take Elle and go to Argo to save it.”


“Kara, none of us doubt yours and Lena’s ability to save Argo and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are incredibly proud of you, both of you, for choosing to try and save Argo,” J’onn said with a smile that conveyed just how proud of Kara and Lena he truly was.


“Thank you, J’onn we appreciate it,” Kara said as she began to grow nervous knowing the time was nearing for them to say goodbye.


Sensing her wife’s nerves, Lena took over speaking.


“Argo has approximately four to six weeks left based on the Harun-El they currently have. Before we leave today, I am going to program the portal to only allow the three of you and Alex to use it to enter Argo, and we were hoping one of you wouldn’t mind packing up some clothes for Kara and I as well as some of Elle’s things and delivering them to us on Argo, if it isn’t too much trouble.”


“It’s no trouble at all. I can pack some items for the three of you when I arrive home and then I would like to deliver them to you so I could see Argo as well and perhaps I could even stay with you there to help with Elle,” Eliza suggested hopefully.


“Y…you’d be willing to come to Argo to stay and help with Elle while we work on the Harun-El,” Kara asked clearly not having expected that offer.


“Of course! You are my daughters and Elle is my granddaughter so I want to help. I know you two will be busy trying to save Argo so the least I can do is bring you some of your belongings and stay to help with Elle so you don’t have to worry about her being watched solely by people she doesn’t know yet. I would also like to meet your aunt, if I’m being entirely honest,” Eliza admitted.


Kara didn’t say a word in response but instead shared a brief silent conversation with Lena and then closed the distance between herself and Eliza and hugged her adoptive mother close.


“Thank you for that offer, Eliza, we gratefully accept your offer, if Kara’s hug wasn’t an obvious enough answer,” Lena said with a chuckle.


“Yes, thank you. I know Elle will love Aunt Astra as much as I do but you’re right she doesn’t know anyone on Argo yet so having you there, to help care for her, will put our minds at ease and I know Aunt Astra would love to meet you too,” Kara said when she finally released Eliza.


“I’m happy to help. I hate to put a damper on things but, I’m your mother and I have to ask, do you have a plan in place in case you can’t save Argo?”


“Yes. Our daughter will be with us and we will not risk her life, so, we are giving ourselves two weeks to save Argo. If after two weeks we are unable to produce more Harun-El, we will evacuate every citizen of Argo through the portal and relocate them to an island in the Pacific that I own, that no one other than the people in this room, knows about. If we can’t save Argo, we will at least save our people.”


“That seems like a reasonable plan. I know time is of the essence for you, so is it safe to assume from the somewhat glum looks on your faces that it’s time to program the portal and say goodbye,” Maggie asked.


“Yes,” Lena said simply as she moved to quickly program the portal.


While Lena worked on programming the portal only a couple of feet away, Kara decided it was time to address the elephant in the room, Alex.


“Do any of you care to tell me why Alex left without saying a word?”


“What do you mean she left? She said she was going to find you so I thought she was around here sulking because she refuses to see the bigger picture right now,” Maggie said, clearly irritated with her girlfriend.


“She never found us,” Lena said from her place at the portal’s mainframe.


“And when Lena and I came to speak with you all, I listened for Alex’s heartbeat, when I noticed she wasn’t here, and I heard it moving away from the fortress at a rather high rate of speed.”


“Fuck, she must have taken J’onn’s ship and run off then,” Maggie said.


“But why would she do that? I thought she and I were in a good place,” Kara said clearly hurt that her sister left without saying anything.


“You are, she’s just…Alex is struggling with the idea of you going to Argo because she knows there’s a chance you may choose to stay after you save it. When the possibility was raised that you and Lena may want to go to Argo on a more permanent basis her instantaneous reaction was that that wasn’t a possibility. At the end of the day, it comes down to her being afraid of losing you, even if she’s not ready to admit that that’s why she’s reacting the way she is,” Eliza told her daughter.


“She won’t lose me just because I go to Argo.”


“We all know that and deep down so does Alex,” J’onn assured.


“Ugh! I wish she would have stayed and at least talked to Lena and I instead of running off like a petulant child. She promised me that she’d be better and running away because of the idea that I might want to not only help save what’s left of my planet, but possibly live in the place I never thought I’d see again, is selfish and the exact opposite of being better. If the roles were reversed I’d encourage her to return to what’s left of her home planet, even temporarily. And on top of that,” Kara began as her anger at Alex became very apparent to everyone in the room, “Alex knows that I’m the Queen since my parents are gone and I have a duty to my people now that I know some are alive. She said she used the kryptonite darts on me, in part, because she had a duty to her nation but what about my duty to my planet? How can she be allowed to follow through on her duty to her nation while expecting me to stay here and ignore my duty to my planet? That’s entirely hypocritical!”


“Kar, take a deep breath and try to calm down. I know you’re incredibly hurt by Alex’s actions right now but we need to focus on our people in Argo right now. They have to be the priority in this moment and once we save Argo then we can come back here and you can talk to Alex,” Lena said soothingly as she finished programming the portal. “Also, the portal is officially programed so we can leave at any time, Darling,” Lena said in an effort to divert Kara’s attention from the topic of Alex. When she met Kara’s blue eyes though, she noticed the blonde had a goofy smile on her lips, which caused Lena to quirk a brow. “What’s that smile for, Darling?”


“Nothing, I just really like it when you call the people of Argo ‘our people’.”


“Well, they are our people and as much as I hate goodbyes, even temporary ones, I think it’s time we do just that,” Lena said sadly as Kara nodded her agreement.




They ended up spending ten minutes saying goodbye, even to Eliza who they would see again in a few hours. After a final round of hugs, Kara picked up Elle’s carrier, where the little girl was sound asleep, and walked with Lena towards the portal, that was now activated once more. When they were only a few steps from the portal, however, Kara paused and turned to address her family.


“I think this goes without saying, but for now please keep all of this to yourselves and don’t tell the others you’ve spoken to me or that Lena returned. Let the status quo continue for them where Lena and I are concerned. After we save Argo, Lena and I will return and talk to everyone but there simply isn’t time to do that right now.”


“Don’t worry about it, Kara, we won’t say anything to anyone,” Maggie said as Eliza and J’onn nodded in agreement.


“Thank you, and Lee?”


“Yes, love?”


“Can you remove Alex from the list of people able to use the portal to visit Argo? As much as it pains me to say this, we’re better off if she can’t come to Argo right now. You were right when you said our people on Argo have to be the priority right now and that won’t happen if Alex has the ability to just show up and spew her anger at me; and in all honestly I think I need some space from her right now,” Kara sadly said with pain clear in her eyes.


“I never included her on the list, Kara. I listened to everything that was said pertaining to Alex and I knew you’d need some space before trying to talk to her, so I didn’t include her for now,” Lena admitted.


“Thank you,” Kara said before turning to address their family once more. “I know it may seem harsh to deny Alex access to Argo but I need time and I need to focus on the crisis Argo is facing right now. Thank you all for your love and support. We will send messages here to the fortress as we can to update you and Eliza, we’ll see you when you get to Argo. I love you guys and I’ll see you soon.”


“Thank you, guys, for everything and I love you too. Goodbye for now,” Lena added before she and Kara walked hand in hand through the portal with their daughter.





True to her word, when Kara walked back through the portal, this time with her wife and daughter in tow, Astra was there waiting for them.


“Welcome back home, little one,” Astra said warmly as soon as she saw her niece.


“Hi Aunt Astra. Before we go home, I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Lena, and our daughter Elle,” Kara said with a huge smile on her face.


“It is an honor to meet you. I want to get to know you, Lena, and if you will allow it, I’d like to spend some time with my great-niece but first, would it be okay for me to hug you?”


Not having expected that question, Lena simply nodded her head a moment before she found herself wrapped in a welcoming embrace by Astra.


“Thank you for loving my niece and giving her the family she always dreamed of and welcome to the family Lena,” Astra quietly said while hugging Lena.


“Loving Kara is the easiest thing in the universe and it is I who should be thanking her for giving the family I never thought I’d have. Thank you for welcoming me into your family; I hope I can prove myself worthy of the House of El,” Lena said once the hug broke.


“Lena, you have already proven yourself worthy of the House of El by leaving behind everything on Earth to come here, at the drop of a hat, and try to save what’s left of Krypton. Now, as much as I want to continuing chatting, we do have a planet to save, so how about we head back to the palace, have a little supper and then we can talk more about the situation before you both get some much needed rest before you begin working on creating more Harun-El tomorrow, my Queens.”


The moment Kara and Lena heard Astra say, “my Queens” they knew she truly was accepting their marriage and with wide smiles gracing their faces, the two young Queens, with their daughter, followed Astra aboard the ship so they could return to the palace.





Four hours after Kara, Lena and Elle walked through the portal, Eliza found herself saying goodbye to Maggie and J’onn before walking through the portal herself. The Danvers family matriarch had no more than walked through the portal, that shimmered closed behind her, when a hysterical Alex came running into the room.


“Kara! Kara,” Alex yelled as she came running into the room.


“Alex, you’re too late. Kara, Lena and Elle left for Argo four hours ago and your mother just left moments ago,” J’onn told the woman who was like a daughter to him.


“No! No, I can’t be too late! I need to talk to Kara and apologize for running away and what do you mean my mom went too?!”


“Eliza went so she could take some necessities to them and then stay to help with Elle,” Maggie told her girlfriend.


“Oh, well if Mom can go through the portal then so can I. I’ll just go to Argo and talk to Kara and make things right,” Alex said as she moved towards the closed portal.


“No, Alex, you won’t,” Maggie said sadly knowing she was about to hurt her girlfriend.


“What do you mean, no I won’t?”


“Alex, the portal is programmed to only allow certain individuals to cross into Argo. Due to your actions, however, Kara determined that she needed space and time away from you so she and Lena can focus on saving Argo; so you are not on the list of people allowed to cross into Argo,” J’onn said so Maggie didn’t have to deliver the news.


As soon as she heard Maggie’s words, Alex collapsed on the fortress floor and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Chapter Text

When Alex left the fortress, she found herself flying towards the one person she thought would understand her position, Samantha Arias. Sam was a longtime friend of Lena’s and the CFO of L-Corp. When she moved to National City with her daughter Ruby, she was quickly introduced to Lena’s friends, namely Kara. Kara then introduced her to Alex, Maggie and all their friends and Sam and Ruby were part of the group ever since. When Lena disappeared though, so did Sam. Sam never gave a reason for leaving National City other than to say with Lena gone it was easier for her to handle the day-to-day operations from L-Corp’s Metropolis office as most of the board still resided there. Sam did not know where Lena disappeared too but she did receive weekly encrypted emails from the CEO who managed to always know what was going on at L-Corp even when half a world away. Lena would also send Sam updates on projects she was working on for L-Corp while away.  What only Alex knew though, was that Sam also happened to be a former nemesis of Supergirl’s and that was part of why she left for Metropolis.


About a month after Kara revealed herself as Supergirl, and began her friendship with Lena, a rogue alien named Reign began terrorizing National City and Kara ultimately discovered that Reign had been created on Krypton although she wasn’t truly Kryptonian. Without access to the science guild and history guild’s databases though, Kara wasn’t able to determine exactly what Reign truly was. Despite Kara and the DEO’s best efforts, they were never able to capture Reign but Alex did see her face once but she never told anyone that. During one battle with Reign, Kara solar flared, after being severely injured by Reign, leaving only Alex and her team to face Reign. Alex had ordered her team to retreat but she stayed behind and continued to fire at Reign with a gun meant to subdue Kryptonians for a few minutes so red sun bracelets could be put on them. When Alex managed to hit Reign in the neck, she fell backwards and her mask fell off revealing Sam’s face. Alex was shocked to discover that her friend was Reign but she chose to make it look like Reign had knocked her unconscious so when reinforcements arrived they didn’t question how Reign got away even after Alex subdued her temporarily.


After that day, Alex approached Sam about her alter ego and learned that Sam had been experiencing blackouts and had no idea she was National City’s newest villain. She begged Alex to help her, and Alex did by giving Sam gold kryptonite that had been recovered by the DEO after Lena uncovered another one of Lex’s hidden bunkers. The gold kryptonite worked as intended and stripped Sam of all Kryptonian powers her creators had given her, leaving her human. Alex ran test after test after the administration of the kryptonite and each test revealed that Sam’s DNA was now 100% human and a quick blood test on Ruby revealed the young girl was all completely human.


Once she was sure Sam was human again and no longer a threat, Alex made a pact with Sam in which they both agreed to never speak about Reign again, and most importantly to never tell anyone that Sam had been Reign. When Reign disappeared, and never resurfaced, the DEO closed their file on her and deemed her as missing with a designation that she was believed to have left Earth as she was nowhere to found on the planet. When Lena disappeared mere months later, it gave Sam the perfect opportunity to leave National City and start fresh with Ruby. She had tried to make things work in National City but it was hard for her to move on knowing what she did to the city and Supergirl as Reign. Since she left National City she had ceased contact with everyone, except Alex and Lena, but Alex was the only one she still spoke too as a friend minus one letter she sent to Kara.





It was mid-afternoon when Alex landed in a field outside of Metropolis, where she transformed J’onn’s ship back into a car and drove to Sam’s home. When she arrived at Sam’s house she saw Sam’s car in the driveway and quickly parked being her before making her way to the front door. She only made it three steps from the car when the front door swung open and Ruby came running towards her.


“Aunt Alex,” the twelve year old yelled happily as she ran straight into her aunt’s arms.


“Hi sweetheart. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you and you’ve grown like a foot,” Alex said after hugged the young girl.


“You’re being silly; I haven’t grown a foot, only six inches according to Mom.”


“Oh, only six inches, how dare I say something else,” Alex said dramatically with a chuckle that caused Ruby to laugh too.


“Come on, let’s go inside. Mom just took a batch of her homemade brookies out of the oven and I know how much you love them,” Ruby said as she dragged Alex into the house and to the kitchen. “Mom! Look! Aunt Alex came to visit us,” she said as soon as they reached the kitchen.


“Oh my God! Alex! What are you doing here? Did I forget a scheduled visit,” Sam asked with furrowed brows as she tried to think if she had forgotten Alex was going to visit.


“No, this wasn’t a planned visit. I…I just needed to talk to someone about Kara and well Lena too and I can’t talk to Maggie because she’s on Kara and Lena’s side and you’re the only person who may understand.”


“Did you find Aunt Lena?”


“Rubes, why don’t you take a couple brookies and a glass of milk up to your room while you work on your homework so I can talk to Aunt Alex privately,” Sam said with her “this is not up for discussion” look.


“Fine,” the preteen grumbled before doing as told.


“So,” Sam began once she was sure Ruby was in her room, “I take it you did find Lena?”


“I’m not supposed to tell anyone what’s going on but I don’t know how to talk to you about things without telling you.”


“Alex, anything you say to me will stay between us. It’s not like this would be the first time we talk to each other with an agreement to not discuss it again and I won’t even ask you to tell me everything but please tell me, did you find Lena?”


“Kara did a few days ago but only myself, Maggie, Mom and J’onn know and now they’re leaving.”


“What do you mean they’re leaving?”


“They’re leaving…they’re leaving Earth and going to Krypton.”


“To be clear Alex, who is they?”


“Kara and Lena. They’re going to Krypton.”


“Alex, I think you must have misunderstood them because Krypton died years ago, you know that and even if it didn’t die, why would they being going there?”


“Part of it survived. Kara’s aunt and uncle created a fail-safe but there wasn’t enough time to make it capable of saving the whole planet so only the City of Argo survived.”


“Wait, you’re saying Kara’s aunt and uncle…Kara’s Kryptonian?!”


“Fuck, I forgot you didn’t know. Great! Now Kara is going to kill me for telling someone her secret especially after everything I did in an effort to make her keep who she really is a secret, even from Lena,” Alex said exasperated.


“So, Kara’s Kryptonian? OH MY GOD! She’s Supergirl! That’s why you knew so much about kryptonite and why you looked so scared when I hurt…OH MY GOD! I hurt Kara! Oh my God! Fuck!”


“Sam, calm down. Kara doesn’t know Reign was a part of you and even if she did, she’d forgive you and you know it. But please don’t tell her you know she’s Supergirl, or rather was Supergirl.”


“What do you mean was Supergirl? I’ve seen reports as recent as two days ago of Supergirl protecting National City.”


“That’s all J’onn shapeshifting so that the public doesn’t worry about Supergirl disappearing. Sam, she hasn’t been Supergirl since Lena disappeared and with them leaving now I doubt she’ll ever return to being Supergirl,” Alex said sadly.


“Okay, I need time to process that Kara and Supergirl are one in the same but why are they leaving Earth and why is Lena going?”


“That’s a very long story that I’m not supposed to be sharing; they want to tell it on their own terms. What I will say, is that seven months ago Lillian and Cadmus kidnapped Kara and Lena is the reason we were able to rescue her then five months ago, two months after the kidnapping, they got together romantically and they bonded so they’re a package deal now more than they were before.”


“What do you mean they’re bonded?”


“They’re married under Kryptonian law and they’re happy about it. I’m happy for them too, Lord knows it took them long enough to figure their shit out, but, now I’m losing my sister.”


“Alex, you don’t honestly expect me to believe you’re happy for them, do you? Sure, we would all hangout as a group but you made it clear most of the time that you were mistrustful of Lena because of her last name. It seemed like you were making progress before Lena disappeared but before then you made a lot of snide comments about how you couldn’t believe your sister clearly had feelings for a Luthor even if she wouldn’t admit it.”


“I know I was horrible towards her okay? And before you ask yes I was horrible to her when I first saw her again but I began to make amends and Lena was willing to give me another chance although I still have to earn forgiveness but none of that matters now because I’m losing Kara since they’re going to Argo,” Alex huffed.


“Alex, you’ll never lose Kara. Are they going to Argo to visit or are they relocating?”


“It sounded like they’re relocating.”


“It sounded like? Alex, what aren’t you telling me,” Sam signed.


“I hate how you know when I’m not being upfront about everything,” Alex grumbled.


“Deal with it. Now explain before I call Maggie and tell her that her girlfriend committed grand theft spaceship because she was too much of a wuss to just talk to her damn sister.”


“How did you? Who says I?”


“Alex, you’ve used J’onn’s ship that’s disguised as a classic car more than once to get here and I can literally look out the window and see said car in my driveway. Now, since you’re not really being forthcoming I’d dare to say that you eavesdropped on a conversation, likely between Kara and Lena, made assumptions and then ran away without telling anyone instead of being an adult and talking to your sister. Am I close?”


“Yes,” Alex mumbled quietly.


“I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t quite hear you,” Sam said with a smirk knowing full well what Alex had said.


“I said yes,” Alex huffed.


“I thought so. Now, tell me everything about the conversation you overheard and why you think Kara and Lena are leaving.”


Alex spent the next twenty minutes explaining everything starting with the message received asking Kara to go to the coordinates, through the conversation between Kara and Lena that Alex overheard, including the detail about the couple being Krypton’s Queens, but leaving out the detail about the couple’s children. She then explained her feelings about it all. By the time she finished speaking, she realized that her friend was glaring at her instead of expressing sympathy like she expected.


“You realize you’re a fucking douche bag, right?”


“What?! I am not!”


“Yes, you are. You’re here, in my kitchen, whining about Kara and Lena going to Argo and how it makes you feel but not once have I heard you speak about Kara’s feelings. She thought she lost her entire planet Alex; and now she finds out that part of Krypton still exists and is now facing annihilation again and she and Lena are the only people with a shot at saving what’s left of her planet. Don’t you think it’s reasonable that she’d want to do everything in her power to save Argo? And don’t you think she’d want to honor her duty to her people and take her place on the throne? You act like it’s Kara’s job to be on Earth and protect National City, but she wasn’t sent here to be Earth’s savior. She was sent here to be given a chance to live because her parents thought the alternative was certain death. Kara deserves to be happy Alex; yet you haven’t stopped for a single moment to ask her what would make her happy. From what you overheard though, it sure sounds like going to Argo with Lena and taking her place on the throne would make her happy and knowing what Lillian and Cadmus did to Kara they’d probably be safe there too.”


“But she’s my sister and she has a duty to the citizens of this planet now,” Alex insisted.


“What is it with you and your fucking distorted view of duty?! She’s your sister, yes, but she has no duty to the citizens of Earth. Alex, you have a duty here because you took an oath with the DEO but Supergirl, she’s always been an independent contractor that simply works with the DEO not for it. She did not take an oath and accept a formal duty here Alex, only you have done that.”




“No buts, Alex. You’re being selfish and at the rate you’re going you’re going to lose your sister, not because she goes to Argo, but because you’re a fucking douche. I love you Alex, but I do not like this version of you.”


“But, she can’t leave!”


“Jesus Alex! If the roles were reversed, and you found out part of your dead planet survived, can you honestly say that you would not want to go to Argo, save it and rule?”


“I…I…,” Alex stuttered as she grew emotional.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought; you’d do exactly what Kara and Lena are doing.”


“But she can’t just leave.”


“You know, had you not slipped and told me Kara was Supergirl, I’d have never believed it because you treat Supergirl like she’s the property of the DEO. God, Alex, you’ve convinced yourself that to protect your sister you have to lock her away like she’s fucking Rapunzel or something, only to be let out when she’s doing something that benefits you, the DEO or this planet but what about her planet? It seems to me that her planet wants to welcome home their Queen and let her finally feel truly free again. Kara is an adult and she’s her own person capable of making her own choices and you need to let her make her own decisions. Furthermore, she’s a married woman now and the only person she is obligated to discuss things with and make decisions with is Lena, not you. You may not want to admit it, but you know I’m right.”




“No buts Alex. Be honest with yourself and you’ll realize I’m right. And I’m sure Maggie has tried to make you realize this but you’re too stubborn to listen to the woman who loves you more than anything else in the universe. If you don’t want to think about Kara’s feelings, think about Maggie’s. She was literally abandoned by her family for being a lesbian and refusing to bend to their will and be straight, so she holds the non-traditional family you all have formed with your family and friends dear. How do you think she feels knowing that you are essentially abandoning your sister for being herself and refusing to bend to your will and be the perfect little solider on Earth that you want her to be? At the rate you’re going, you’re going to lose Maggie and your sister.”




 “No, Alex. You’ve fucked up and running away doesn’t solve anything. I remember you telling me how Superman abandoned Supergirl when she landed here but how is you running away, from what could be your only chance to say goodbye, any different? By running away, you’ve abandoned Kara, just like her own cousin abandoned her. I don’t know how many other ways I have to say it before you get it through your thick skull that you’re abandoning Kara right now and being a fucking asshole. You can stay for dinner, but after that you need to leave and seriously think about your past actions and what you want your relationship with Kara to look like in the future because she may be the walking ray of sunshine but sunshine only shines so bright; and if you keep doing what you’re doing that sunshine is going to go away and then you will have lost your sister for good,” Sam said before getting up and beginning to work on dinner while Alex sat at the kitchen table deep in thought.





While Alex was at Sam’s, Kara and Lena had changed into traditional Kryptonian robes, with the House of El crest on the shoulders, and were enjoying a wonderful meal with Astra in Kara’s childhood home, full of stories about when Kara was younger, much to the blonde’s chagrin.


“So then, she comes up to me and says, ‘Aunty Astra, Uncle Non says I have a brain that’s too big for my head but I don’t get it cause my brain is inside my head so how is that possible?’”


“Oh my God, that’s adorable! I can see it now, a younger version of Kara with her brows scrunched together trying to figure out how Non’s statement was truthful,” Lena said through bouts of laughter.


“Hey! I was only five so it was a very reasonable question at the time. I mean how could my brain have been too big for my head when it was fully encased in my head? There was no logic to that statement,” Kara insisted.


“Oh, I know Darling but it’s still adorable to picture a five year old you having that conversation with your uncle,” Lena said with a fond smile on her face.


“Wait until you hear this one, Lena. Kara was always very advanced, so she had finished her schooling at the age of nine then spent the next year as an apprentice in the science guild before she became a full member on her tenth birthday. The next day, the school brought the upper school students to the science guild for a tour, and presentation on careers within the guild, as our children would traditionally pick a guild to begin an apprenticeship with by the age of thirteen and I just so happened to be at the science guild at the time so I had the pleasure of seeing one of the best comebacks I’ve ever seen. During the presentation one of the older students asked about the birthing matrix and Non gave Kara the opportunity to answer the question on behalf of the guild. The student interrupted her, of course, and said something to the effect of, ‘sorry but I want an actual guild member to answer,’ and Kara looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘I am an actual guild member so I am qualified to explain the inner workings of the birthing matrix but perhaps I should postpone answering your question because clearly the matrix needs some sort of reprogramming if it allowed such an ignorant boy to be created.’ Non’s jaw fell to the floor as did everyone else’s but I was just so incredibly proud of Kara in that moment,” Astra said with a twinkle in her eyes as she reminisced.


“Awe, that’s adorable. I hope I get to witness some of your sassy side myself one day,” Lena lovingly told her wife.


“I think that can be arranged, but enough about me and my past. How have you been all these years, Aunt Astra? I want to know everything.”


“It has been challenging to go on without Non, but I am committed to finding my soulmate because he wanted me too and I would be lying if I said I was not at least curious about who my soulmate is.”


“That’s amazing, Aunt Astra. Whoever your soulmate is, is a very lucky person.”


“Thank you for saying that little one. Lena, I am so very happy to meet you and welcome you into our family but perhaps after Argo is saved, your family could join us for dinner here or on Earth?”


“Oh um…,” Lena began before trailing off, unsure how to explain her family situation but Kara knew she was struggling so she simply squeezed Lena’s hand before fielding the question herself.


“Lena’s mother passed away when she was very young and her father has passed as well. The other members of her family are anti-alien and just not very good people so we don’t associate with them but that’s a conversation for another time.”


“I see. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience such loss so early in life, Lena, but I vow to you that you have a family here on Argo,” Astra said sincerely.


“Thank you, Astra, that means a lot, truly.”


“Aunt Astra, I’ve really enjoyed all of us having dinner together like this but I don’t think Lena and I will truly be able to enjoy being here until we’ve created more Harun-El. What can you tell us about the substance?”


“Ever the science guild member you are. Even after all these years, you are committed to solving the problem before moving on to other things,” Astra said with a fond smile gracing her lips. “Our current head of the science guild will give you both a full debriefing in the morning but essentially, it is a geological substance that was originally discovered deep inside the mines on the northern continent. Prior to Krypton’s destruction the guild had been looking into whether Harun-El could be used as a renewable energy source after it was discovered that it could be engineered to power entire buildings. We are hoping you can find a way to make synthetic Harun-El since the mine where it was discovered was destroyed when Krypton died. Normally this would be a simple task for the science guild but with the guild now being manned by those who were unable to study under the best minds of the guild as they perished with Krypton, there is something about the Harun-El that is proving difficult for them to crack. There appears to be a compound in it that we cannot identify and we are hoping that between the two of you, you can identify it and then finish creating a synthetic Harun-El so we can remain here for generations to come.”


“Hmm, it sounds like this will be quite the puzzle to solve but I am optimistic that between Kara and I we can find a way to create Harun-El. But Astra, if we are unable to create Harun-El or another alternative, we would like to bring every citizen of Argo through the portal to Earth so you may all build a home on an island I own. It is a large island and would allow for everyone here to still live as their own civilization, a civilization we could mold into anything we wanted. No matter what, we will not lose anymore Kryptonian lives, that’s my vow to you and the people of Argo,” Lena said seriously.


Smiling Astra said, “I can see why my niece loves you; you’ve only been here for a matter of hours and already you are acting like the Queen these people deserve, one who is committed to their people. You chose well, little one.”


Blushing Kara said, “thank you. Lena always puts the needs of others before herself and she never seeks recognition for her efforts. I am very lucky to be loved by her and have the honor of loving her in return. I love you, Lena.”


“I love you too, Darling.”


“My apologizes, Your Majesties and General, but we have received word that the transmatter portal has come online and a lifeform is crossing from the fortress on Earth.”


“Thank you, Kelex, that would by my adoptive mother, Eliza Danvers. Please have our ship readied for takeoff so that we may go meet Eliza once she has fully crossed through the portal.”


“Right away, Your Majesty and may I say it is wonderful to finally have you and your wife home.”


“Thank you, Kelex, we are very happy to be here as well,” Kara said before the Kelex of the palace left to do as instructed. “I guess that’s our cue. Are you prepared to meet my adoptive mother from Earth, Aunt Astra?”


“Yes. I would very much like to meet the woman who raised you when Alura, Zor-El, Non and I could not be there and I am sure our people will declare her a hero for ensuring our Queen’s safety.”


“Let’s go meet Eliza then,” Kara said as she gently picked Elle up from her carrier and led Lena and Astra to the ship so they could go meet Eliza.





Back in Metropolis, Alex spent dinner mulling over everything Sam had said but it was not until Ruby spoke that she truly allowed the words to resonate with her.


“I know I wasn’t supposed to listen in but, I did, and Aunt Alex, you were mean to Aunt Kara by leaving without saying a word. She’s struggled with being left behind for like most of her life and you left her like everyone else by coming here without saying a word. That’s why I got so mad at Mom for making us leave the way we did but Mom agreed to write Aunt Kara a letter so she knew we weren’t abandoning her too. Aunt Kara may be super strong because she’s a Kryptonian and Supergirl but her feelings get hurt just the same as ours.”


“Wait, Rubes, how are you so calm about Aunt Kara being Supergirl? And you know better than to eavesdrop,” Sam said to scold her daughter.


“I know but I knew you were talking about Aunt Lena and Aunt Kara so I couldn’t help myself! And I’ve known Aunt Kara is Supergirl for like ever; glasses and a ponytail are not exactly a great disguise. Plus, Aunt Kara and Supergirl have the same scar on their face above their eye so it’s really not that hard to figure out,” Ruby said nonchalantly.


“I can’t believe my twelve year old figured out Kara is Supergirl while I didn’t,” Sam said with a shake of her head.


“Um..I um…I need to go. I need to go back to the fortress and talk to Kara. I’ve handled this all wrong,” Alex said suddenly before practically running from the table and outside to J’onn’s car where she peeled out of the driveway like a bat out of hell.


“I guess Aunt Alex finally realized she was being a douche bag.”


“Language, Ruby!”


“What?! I heard you call Aunt Alex that.”





By the time Alex reached the fortress, she had been gone for about four and a half hours. She practically jumped from ship and ran into the fortress, as the biometric scanners had been programed to grant certain non-Kryptonians entrance, and began calling out for her sister.


“Kara! Kara,” Alex yelled as she came running into the room.


“Alex, you’re too late. Kara, Lena and Elle left for Argo four hours ago and your mother just left moments ago,” J’onn told the woman who was like a daughter to him.


“No! No, I can’t be too late! I need to talk to Kara and apologize for running away and what do you mean my mom went too?!”


“Eliza went so she could take some necessities to them and then stay to help with Elle,” Maggie told her girlfriend.


“Oh, well if Mom can go through the portal then so can I. I’ll just go to Argo and talk to Kara and make things right,” Alex said as she moved towards the closed portal.


“No, Alex, you won’t,” Maggie said sadly knowing she was about to hurt her girlfriend.


“What do you mean, no I won’t?”


“Alex, the portal is programmed to only allow certain individuals to cross into Argo. Due to your actions, however, Kara determined that she needed space and time away from you so she and Lena can focus on saving Argo; so, you are not on the list of people allowed to cross into Argo,” Maggie explained.


“I’m sorry, Alex, but what’s done is done and now you will have to wait for Kara to come to you, if she ever chooses too,” J’onn said sadly before leaving Maggie and Alex alone.


As soon as she processed the words Maggie and J’onn said, Alex collapsed on the fortress floor and began sobbing uncontrollably.





As Alex sobbed on the floor of the fortress, Eliza was looking at Argo for the first time. Wow this place is beautiful.


She had only been standing in the field for about fifteen seconds when a ship landed in the clearing and Kara and Lena exited, wearing what Eliza presumed were traditional Kryptonian clothes.


“Welcome to Argo, Eliza. Before we take you on a flight tour of the city, I’d like to introduce you to my Aunt Astra. Aunt Astra, this is my adopted mother, my mom, Doctor Eliza Danvers. Mom, this is my Aunt Astra,” Kara proudly said as Eliza’s eyes filled with tears at hearing Kara call her ‘mom’. “Why are you crying,” Kara asked suddenly concerned.


“You called me Mom. You’ve never called me that before,” Eliza said clearly touched by Kara’s words.


“Of course she called you ‘mom’ for you are her mother; you raised her as your own and you continue to care for her to this day so, I believe you have earned the title and my sister is certainly nodding in agreement from Rao’s light. It is a pleasure to meet you Eliza. On behalf of my sister, brother-in-law, husband and myself I would like to thank you for taking in our Queen and loving her as your own. We will never be able to repay you for what you have done for us by raising Kara.”


“No thanks are necessary; I’m simply grateful to have Kara in my life. She was the missing piece of our family.”


“I am still thankful for you, Eliza. Let’s take you on a quick flight around the city and then we can talk further back at the palace.”


“That sounds like a wonderful plan,” Eliza said as the group made their way onto the ship.

Chapter Text

The next day, Kara woke with a smile on her face because her wife was in her arms; and that smile widened when she felt their son kick against her palm that was resting on Lena’s bump. Carefully sliding out from her position, Kara moved down the bed so she could talk directly to their son.


“Good morning Miah, I hope you and your mam don’t mind that nickname. Today’s a big day for Jeju and Mam; we have to start figuring out a way to save Argo. I know you probably don’t understand what it is I’m talking about but, I want you to know that no matter what, Mam and I will make sure you have a loving and safe home but I do hope we can save Argo so you can experience it. I want nothing more than for you and your sister to be able to experience the things I did here. But, to make that wish a reality, I do have one tiny little favor to ask you. Mam and I love feeling you kick but do you think you can take it easy on Mam today while we work? I promise to read you and Elle my favorite books, that my jeju and Aunt Astra read to me, tonight if you take it easy on Mam today. Khap zhao rrip, Miah, that means I love you,” Kara said before placing a loving kiss to the place where she had felt Jeremiah kick.


“I like watching you to talk him,” a sleepy Lena suddenly said.


“Lena! Hi, I didn’t realize you were awake. I hope I didn’t wake you.”


“You didn’t. So, you want to call him Miah for short,” Lena asked with a soft smile.


“I do. I know we’re naming him after Jeremiah and your grandfather and that could be a lot of weight on his shoulders so I want him to know from day one that he’s his own person and we love him for him. Jeremiah didn’t go by any nicknames so I researched all possible nicknames for Jeremiah and I liked Miah best. If you don’t like it we can think of something else,” Kara said as she began to ramble.


“Kar, I like Miah,” Lena rushed to assure her wife.


“Oh good. I love you, Lena,” Kara said as she moved back up the bed and sweetly kissed her raven haired goddess.


“I love you too,” Lena said smiling into the kiss.


“Kelex requests entrance into Your Majesties’ chambers,” the AI technology that was present in each room announced.


“Entrance granted,” Kara said as she and Lena moved to sit up in bed, both leaning against the headboard with Kara’s arms wrapped around her wife.


“Good morning, Your Majesties. Breakfast shall be served in the dining room at seven o’clock sharp. Is there anything in particular that either of you would like on this morning’s menu,” Kelex asked.


“Lena, do you trust me with answering this on behalf of us both?”


“Of course I do, Darling.”


“Perfect! Kelex, we would like a traditional Kryptonian breakfast and while our usual beverage is suitable for my wife, I trust you remember my distaste for it for it,” Kara said with a smile.


“We could never forget your distaste for that drink, and I shall alert the chef and his staff of your preferences.”


“Thank you Kelex,” Kara said before dismissing him.


“Any chance you’re going to tell me what a traditional Kryptonian breakfast is?”


“Nope,” Kara said being sure to pop the “p”. “I promise that our food is not that different from what we ate on Earth. Should you not like anything though, I will arrange for J’onn or Maggie to make deliveries of food here.”


“Kara, you don’t have to go to all that trouble. This is our kingdom and I want to fully immerse myself in our culture. I am sure I will like whatever it is we are having for breakfast.


“I’d do anything for you, love.”


“I know you would, and the feeling is mutual, but I do have one request.”


“What is it,” Kara asked curiously.


“After we save Argo, would you show me around your favorite spots as a child? I want to actually experience Argo not just see it from a tour onboard the ship.”


“Nothing would make me happier than sharing my favorite spots with you,” Kara said as she leaned in and joined their lips once more.





After breakfast, which turned out to be nearly identical to breakfast foods on Earth, albeit some things were different colors than Lena was used too, Kara and Lena said goodbye to Elle and left her with her grandma while they joined Astra for a briefing with the head of the science guild.


“So, this is the science guild,” Lena asked as they walked inside the large building.


“Yes, each of the guilds are housed in near identical buildings exterior wise but the interiors are all different and designed specifically for each guild’s needs. I spent the most time here. There are labs on every floor and testing rooms. Oh! There are classrooms too for advanced technical training and even one for teaching children and meeting rooms and…”


“Kara, breathe. I get the point and I hope to have a proper tour of the guild, and all the other guilds for that matter, once we save Argo,” Lena said to stop Kara from rambling.


“That can be arranged,” Kara said with a dopey smile on her face as Astra led them into a lab on the main floor.


“Kara, Lena, this is….”


“Van-Lo! I can’t believe my eyes,” Kara said as she took in the man before her.


“Your Majesty, it is a pleasure to see you again. Non would be proud to see you here ready to take up his charge to save our planet,” Van-Lo said.


“Van, you have known me since I was a little girl; I think Kara will do just fine when we’re in private. Lena, this is Van-Lo. He was Uncle Non’s assistant before…you know. Van, this is my wife Lena.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty,” Van said as he respectfully bowed before Lena.


“Please, call me Lena and it is a pleasure to meet you as well.”


“If you will follow me, I can bring you both up to speed on everything concerning the Harun-El,” Van said.


“If it is alright with you both, I will leave you with Van and return to the palace to spend time getting to know Eliza and my great-niece. I may have helped with the fail-safe’s creation but military strategy and troop deployments are my forte, not scientific endeavors so I fear I would not be much help here.”


“Of course! You are always welcome to spend time with Elle. Perhaps you and Eliza could take her to the park you and Uncle Non used to take me too, if it is still there.”


“It is there and we recently added some elements to the playground for infants that I believe Elle would enjoy,” Astra said as she smile grew as memories of taking Kara to the park flashed before her eyes.


“She will love that. Thank you for bring us here Aunt Astra.”


“Yes, thank you for bringing us here, Astra, and if possible please take some photos of you and Eliza with Elle at the park. I know Kara and I would love to see how much fun she has.”


“Of course. I will be sure to take photographs and I will see you both at dinner,” Astra said before taking her leave.





Two hours later, Van-Lo had finished briefing Kara and Lena on everything related to the current Harun-El problem. Both women remained silent for some time as they processed everything Van had told them.


“Essentially what you’re telling us is that the Harun-El is degrading on a biological level when it was previously believed that such levels of degradation were not possible and you have been unable to find a way to either reinforce the Harun-El so it stops degrading or create synthetic Harun-El that would be immune to degrading,” Kara asked.


“Basically, yes.”


“Have you been able to identify what component of the Harun-El is degrading or is every component degrading,” Lena asked.


“We…we never considered the possibility that only one thing could be degrading. Harun-El is a geological substance and would not have multiple components as you are suggesting.”


“That’s not accurate though. The composition of geological substances is quite simple, really. Harun-El is a form of a rock and rocks are composed of one or more minerals or a body of undifferentiated mineral matter. For example, granite, a substance we have used here for centuries, that is also common on Earth, is a rock but it is composed of quartz, feldspar and minor amounts of mica, amphiboles and other minerals. The specific mineral composition to each granite rock is what determines its color. Harun-El, would be the same and I suspect that it’s specific mineral composition is why the coloring of each rock you have shown us pictures of is slightly different. We need to determine what the composition of the Harun-El is then study a piece of the Harum-El that is degrading to determine which part of its composition is degrading so we can fix it or find a replacement,” Kara said.


God my wife is sexy when she talks about scientific topics. Her intellect is being wasted at CatCo. Maybe once this is over we can find a way for her to work on more scientific projects but God, how did I get so lucky to call Kara my wife?


“I..I’m sorry Kara, we did not consider that. We never treated the Harun-El as a rock.”


“Van, I do not say this to be cruel but we both know you were never meant to run the science guild. You are incredibly intelligent when it comes to genetics and physics but basic skills were never your forte. I understand that most of the guild was outside of Argo when Krypton, as we knew it, died and I know that has weakened the guild’s strength, but I hope that with Lena and I here now we can properly train guild members and return the science guild to its former glory. But first, we must save Argo. Can you have a sample of both degrading Harun-El and not yet degrading Harun-El so Lena and I can get to work?”


“Right away, Kara,” Van said as he quickly left the room.


“I guess Astra wasn’t kidding when she talked about the state of the guild,” Kara said once Van was gone.


“Darling, I don’t say this to be rude but I thought Krypton was supposed to be far more advanced than Earth, yet the head of the science guild didn’t even know the basic composition of rocks. I’ve known that since I was four.”


“We are light years ahead of Earth, and I will show you just how far advanced once we save Argo, but I took a look at the list of science guild members last night and I recognized half the names. Out of the names I recognized not a single one was employed as anything higher than an assistant or lab technician before Krypton died. The names I don’t recognize are people who were likely too young to be working at that time. Krypton is like Earth, not everyone possesses the same level of intelligence. Here, those who had some skills in a certain area but did not possess the intelligence level necessary to be high achieving guild members generally, were employed as assistants and lab technicians then if a project came up that did cater to their particular skill set they would be put on that team and upon its completion return to their normal role. Van is very gifted with genetics so when it came time to advance the birthing matrix, he was one of the lead researchers and once the work was completed he returned to be an assistant. I fear that without one of our top scientific minds leading the guild our apprentices are not gaining the education they need to truly succeed. Our top science guild members have always been the ones who possess an intellect that allows them to handle issues across a wide spectrum of topics not only those pertaining to one or two topics. Perhaps this is a problem we can work on once we solve the Harun-El problem?”


“I think it is,” Lena said just as Van returned with the requested samples.


“Is there anything else I can do or would you prefer to be left alone to your studies of the Harun-El?”


“I think it will be easier if we are left to our own devices. Are lab coats and other safety equipment still stored in the same place,” Kara asked.


“Yes, everything is where it was before,” Van said before going to take his leave.


“Van,” Kara called out just as he reached the door.


“Yes, Kara?”


“It really is good to see you. Is Tara here too?”


“She is; she is studying to join our guild in fact. With everything that has happened she has elected to studied far longer than required. She was very happy to hear of your return yesterday, but did not wish to disturb you while you are doing such important work.”


“Rao, I haven’t seen her since the day before I was sent to Earth and I have missed her every day since. How is she?”


“She’s doing very well. She was bonded just last month to Xel-Ir and Rao has blessed them with a naturally conceived pregnancy, as I see Rao has blessed you as well.”


“I’m really happy to hear that. Please tell her to stop by; I’d love to see her and introduce Lena to her as well.”


“She is actually upstairs studying one of your old projects.”


“Which one,” Kara asked curiously.


“Your wormhole project. You hypothesized that we could learn to control wormholes and use them to open up trade routes and form potential alliances in galaxies lightyears away from our own. Ever since a wormhole brought us here, she has been studying your project hoping to finish it. Maybe one day you can find the solution together. I will tell her to stop though. If either of you need anything please do not hesitate to ask.”


“Thank you, Van,” Kara said before the man finally left the room.


“So, who is Tara to you,” Lena asked with a hint of jealousy in her voice.


“Sunshine, there is no reason to be jealous. Tara has only ever been my friend. She was the first best friend I had actually.”


“Was there ever anything…”


“Are you trying to ask me if we were ever more than friends,” Kara asked with a knowing look.


“Yes,” Lena sighed out.


“The answer is no. I never saw Tara in that way. Lee, you are the love of my life and my soulmate and you have nothing to worry about. Tara is simply a friend and after thinking everyone I cared about was dead for so long I just want to reconnect with those I once knew. You understand that, right?”


“Kara, of course I understand that! I’m sorry I let my hormonal jealousy get the better of me for a minute. I think it will take me some time to get used to the people here knowing a part of you I was never able to know,” Lena admitted.


“Lena, I promise you will be able to learn as much about my childhood on Krypton as you want but I need to be very clear about something. My life did not truly begin until the day I met you. Everything before then was just the very long prologue to the greatest story of my life, our story,” Kara said as she looked at Lena with nothing but love and adoration.


Sniffling Lena said, “I hate these hormones making me all emotional but dammit Kara, that was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. I love you.”


“I love you too.”


“Good,” Lena sad as she composed herself and flipped her CEO mode on. “Now, let’s get our protective gear and figure out exactly what makes Harun-El, Harun-El.”





Five hours after they began working, Kara and Lena had identified three of the four components that made Harun-El. One was granite, which could be found both on Argo and Earth, while the other two known components were minerals native to Krypton that happened to be found in Argo. Kara knew that the three components identified could not grant Harun-El the power it possessed to preserve Argo’s ecosystem, artificial gravity and keep Argo functioning overall, but either she nor Lena could not figure out what the final component was when finally, something her mother used to tell her dawned on Kara.


“Lena, do you remember when Reign was terrorizing National City,” Kara seemingly asked Lena out of the blue.


“How could I forget? She nearly killed you. What makes you bring her up now though, Kar?”


“When I was a child, my mother would tell me stories about Yuda Kal. Yuda Kal was a Kryptonian deity before she being replaced by Rao. Rao proclaimed that Yuda Kal and her cult of followers were witches with magical powers. Yuda Kal’s followers were scientists who used science and dark magic to create harbingers and we know one of those harbingers, or we did.”


“Kara, what are you talking about? And how would we know one of these harbingers?”


“Reign was a harbinger for Yuda Kal. The cult of Yuda Kal called their harbingers the Worldkillers. I never told anyone because the only time I heard Reign say she was a Worldkiller was the day I solar flared when she injured me and then disappeared.”


“Okay, but what does this have to do with the Harun-El?”


“The cult of Yuda Kal had a rock, the rock of Juru, which could only be found on the northern most continent of Krypton. Juru were what the first people of Krypton were called and the Juru are who largely became the cult of Yuda Kal. Anyway, the rock was said to be all powerful and the Worldkillers were each said to have part of the original rock of Juru. I think the Harun-El is derived from the rock of Juru and if we can find Reign we can get her piece of the rock of Juru. A piece of the genuine rock of Juru would solve our problems because it is indestructible. None of the Harun-El components we’ve identified could give the Harun-El the powers it has and the Harun-El coloring reminds me of a picture I saw in a storybook of the rock of Juru. So, my best guess is that the Harun-El is a hybrid between the rock of Juru and the three components we’ve identified. If I’m right, the Harun-El somehow came into contact with these other components and they fused together thereby weakening the rock of Juru, or what I guess we’d call the pure Harun-El, which would explain our current situation,” Kara said with a smile on her face.


“So, what you’re saying is that we’re not looking at pure, unaltered Harun-El but rather what is essentially a poorly constructed synthetic imitation?”


“Yes! I never considered it before because I was looking at this as identifying a rock but the rock of Juru makes sense. It is the only think I know of that can do everything the Harun-El does.”


“Kara that’s amazing! But, how are we supposed to get Reign’s piece of the pure version of Harun-El? I can’t even think about you facing her again, Kara. I can’t lose you and our children can’t lose you either.”


“Lena, you won’t lose me. Reign is no longer a threat to me or anyone,” Kara said confidently.


“Kara, how can you possibly say that?! She nearly killed you last time,” Lena shouted completely flabbergasted by Kara’s statement.


“Because, I know who Reign is…or rather who was Reign,” Kara said dejectedly knowing she was about to reveal something she was asked to never tell a soul.


“Kara, what do you mean you know who Reign is?”


“I got a letter in the mail about a week after you disappeared and that letter disclosed the truth behind who Reign is.”


“Kara, you are beginning to scare me. Please, just tell me who Reign is.”


“Lee, I need you to promise not to freak out and to stay calm because stress isn’t good for Miah or you.”


“Kara, I appreciate you concern for Miah and I but I need to know who Reign is and the way you’re acting tells me it’s someone I know and that terrifies me.”


“It is someone you know, someone we both know actually. Lena…Lena I was not supposed to tell anyone I knew. She…she begged me not to tell, so that none of our friends would look at her differently, so you wouldn’t look at her differently. She was given gold kryptonite after she realized she was Reign so her Worldkiller abilities are gone for good and she’s completely human now. She’s still the person you were friends with, I swear.”


“Kara, who the hell is Reign,” Lena bellowed.


“Sam…it’s Sam. Sam was Reign.”

Chapter Text

“Kara, who the hell is Reign,” Lena bellowed.


“Sam…it’s Sam. Sam was Reign.”


“What do you mean Sam was Reign? I’ve been friends with Sam since college and I would have known if my friend was hiding a secret identity from me all of that time.”


“Lena, honey, you didn’t know I was keeping a secret identity from you. I don’t say that to belittle you or make you feel bad but it’s the truth. I just mean that it’s not always as easy as you’d think to tell of someone has a secret identity. Plus, Sam, Sam isn’t like me. She didn’t always present as Kryptonian; you couldn’t always tell she wasn’t human. I don’t know a lot about Worldkillers, but what I do know is that Worldkillers don’t know they’re Worldkillers. The Worldkiller side of them takes over and the host, for lack of a better word, doesn’t remember anything they did while the Worldkiller side of them was in control.”


“Kara, I know I have a genius level IQ but if they don’t know they’re Worldkillers who do they become one? Or I guess the better question is how is the Worldkiller side able to begin taking over their host?”


“I don’t know the specific mechanics of it but somehow Worldkillers are automatically activated when they become an adult; but it has been rumored that certain life events can delay activation. Sam’s activation as Reign was later than normal, so, I suspect getting pregnant with Ruby delayed it. Until her activation there would have been no signs of her being created on Krypton or possessing any powers or being a Worldkiller.”


“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about how a Worldkiller becomes a Worldkiller but you said the host doesn’t know they’re a Worldiller earlier so how did Sam know she was Reign?”


“Honestly, you’d have to ask Sam for the full explanation; all I got was a single paragraph in a letter giving me what I believe to be an extreme cliff notes version of everything. All the letter said was that she was sorry for disappearing, especially right after you had left. It said she wanted me to know she and Ruby loved me and weren’t abandoning me, but that she felt they had to leave because she couldn’t live in National City knowing what she had done, knowingly or not, and that’s when she told me she was Reign. She said she had been experiencing blackouts and not long after someone discovered she was Reign and gave her the gold kryptonite to permanently subdue Reign permanently. Gold kryptonite is hard to come by though, Lee, and as you may remember not long before Reign disappeared you discovered another one of Lex’s hidden bunkers and…”


“And there was both green and gold kryptonite inside. I remember because that’s when I learned that green kryptonite isn’t the only type of kryptonite.”


“That’s right. With that discovery though, the DEO is the only group I know of that has gold kryptonite. Due to dangers of all types of kryptonite, the DEO’s entire stock of each kind is in a single bunker and only two DEO agents have clearance to enter that bunker.”


Sensing Kara’s hesitation to continue, Lena prompted her wife to finish by asking one question. “Kara darling, who are the agents who have access to that bunker?”


“J’onn and Alex,” Kara said plainly after a moment but it was clear to Lena that the blonde was thinking deeply.


“Kara, to be clear, J’onn and Alex are the only two people who have access to the bunker?”


“Yes. Even I am not allowed in it but given the harm green and red kryptonite especially cause that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But that means only…,” Kara began before trailing off as her face turned into a grimace as the thoughts in her head crossed her mind loud and clear.


 “Kara, are you saying that J’onn or Alex knew Sam was Reign and hid it from you even though she nearly killed you,” Lena asked incredulously.


Nodding sadly while a hint of anger and hurt were present in her eyes Kara said, “yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Whoever gave Reign the gold kryptonite had to know Sam and they had to know where to find gold kryptonite and how to access it. J’onn and Alex are the only people who fit those requirements and as much as it hurts to think this, I think it was Alex.”


“What makes you say that?”


“When Reign almost killed me, Alex and her team were the only ones left to try and subdue her, but according to the reports, Alex ordered her team back while she stayed behind. When reinforcements arrived, Alex reported that she had subdued Reign but was knocked unconscious and Reign was gone when she woke. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say Alex somehow found out Reign was Sam that day and covered for her when she allowed her to escape. I imagine Alex then sought her out and they talked about everything leading to Sam discovering she was Reign and the use of the gold kryptonite to end Reign. I could be wrong, but, Lee, that’s the only logical explanation I can think of.”


“I don’t know how to feel about all of this, Kar. It angers me to think that your sister could keep the identity of the person who almost killed you secret but on the other hand I think we both can agree Sam would never harm you like Reign did. As painful as it may be to think about this though, it does make sense that Alex would do this. Alex and Maggie did split not long before Sam moved to National City after they had that argument about kids since Maggie said she didn’t want them. Then when Sam and Ruby did move her Alex grew extremely close to them and I honestly thought Alex and Sam would get together but then she and Maggie reconciled after Maggie said she’s have ten children if that’s what it took to be with her. Even after she reconciled with Maggie, she was close to Sam and Ruby. Keeping all of that in mind, I could see Alex trying to help Sam. J’onn would have helped too, I think, but he would have reported it or at least told you. He’s too by the books to have done something this secretive but we can figure out exactly what happened later.”


“Yeah, we can figure it out later. Right now, we need to get Sam’s piece of the rock of Juru so we can save Argo.”


“What makes you think Sam would even know where it is since she never knew she was Reign to begin with? And even if she did know where it is what makes you think she kept it?”


“I’m not sure if she does have it or even know where it is but it’s the best lead we’ve had since we started studying the Harun-El,” Kara said as she shrugged her shoulders simply.


“You’re right; it is the best lead we’ve had so we should explore it. I suppose the next question is how do we approach Sam?”


Looking slightly nervous, Kara fiddled with her fingers and said, “I actually think I should go alone as Supergirl. Sam doesn’t know I’m Supergirl, Lee, so if we show up as Kara and Lena she’s going to have questions about where you’ve been firstly and then how we know what we know about her, Reign and the rock of Juru and given the time sensitivity of our situation we don’t have time for an inquisition right now. If I go as Supergirl though, it should be easier to explain my interest in the rock.”


“I don’t like the idea of you going alone but I understand the logic behind it. If it’s alright with you, I will stay here and continue our research just in case while you visit Sam. I only ask that you take J’onn with you as backup just to be safe.”


“That’s reasonable. Due to our time constraints, I am going to head straight there now but I will call Aunt Astra on the way so she and Eliza know what’s going on and so I can tell Elle I’ll see her later tonight so they don’t worry or hammer you with questions when you go home without me. I promise to come straight back home to you as soon as I can though,” Kara said seriously.


“You better. Now, go be Argo’s hero, Darling, and get us that rock,” Lena said with a playful smirk before softly adding, “I love you and come home to me and our family safely.”


“I love you too and I promise to come home to you all safely,” Kara said before softly kissing her wife’s lips and making her way out of the lab.





Once Kara was aboard the ship she placed a hologram call to her aunt and explained what was going on and where she was going. Astra had immediately offered to accompany Kara but she declined stating that Astra should stay with Eliza and Elle but that she would bring J’onn to Metropolis with her. As soon as she crossed into the fortress from Argo, she contacted J’onn, as she said she would, and they met in the air on the way to Metropolis. When they finally touched down in Sam’s backyard, it was already 8 p.m. due to the time zone changes.


“J’onn, I am only picking up on Sam and Ruby’s heartbeats so I think it is safe here. Given what city we’re in, could you keep watch from above in case Kal decides to make an appearance if he figures out I’m here?”


“Of course. I know things are tenuous at best between you and your cousin but should he try and disrupt whatever conversation it is you need to have with Miss. Arias, I will handle it. Hopefully Ms. Lane is able to occupy his time, if he’s in the city, however.”


“We can only hope but thank you, J’onn. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to head out,” Kara said before J’onn took to the skies once more.


As soon as J’onn was out of sight, Kara approached the backdoor and knocked. About a minute later she heard footsteps approaching the door along with a racing heartbeat, likely from being concerned about why someone was knocking on the backdoor. The heartbeat only raced faster when the door opened revealing Sam, who stood with her mouth agape as she looked at Supergirl standing before her.


“K…Kara what are you doing here,” Sam stammered as her heartbeat continued to race.


“Sam…wait wh…what did you just call me?”


“Crap, uh…I think you should come inside before we continue this conversation,” Sam said as she ushered Kara inside and directly to the living room, only speaking once they were both seated. “Alex was here yesterday and she accidently let it slip. She was upset and I truly don’t think she meant to tell me. But, while we are on the topic of people knowing your secret, I should probably mention that Ruby knows too but she apparently figured it out for herself because she says a ponytail and glasses aren’t a good disguise. As much as I want to be properly caught up on what’s going on though, I know there’s a reason Supergirl paid me a visit, so spill,” Sam said as her heartbeat slowly began to return to its normal beat.


Sighing Kara said, “Sam, I’m not going to beat around the bush so pardon my bluntness. When you left National City you sent me a letter; do you remember that?”


“How could I forget? Speaking of,” Sam said as she grew emotional, “I am so sorry Kara. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I…I can’t believe I hurt you like that! I…I could have killed you and I’m so so incredibly sorry. I know can never apologize enough for what I did, but I…”


“Sam, stop; it’s okay. I know it wasn’t really you. If you need forgiveness though, I give it to you.”


“Kara, I could have killed you,” Sam said clearly distressed.


“But you didn’t and you’re okay now. I may not know everything about Worldkillers but I know that you didn’t know what was happening when Reign was in control.”


“That may be true but Reign was still a part of me and that part of me hurt you! How can you forgive me so easily?”


“Because I know you had no control over what Reign did. But Sam, I know there is so much we need to talk about, especially when it comes to Reign and Supergirl, but unfortunately, I’m here on very time sensitive business,” Kara said with urgency clear in her voice.


“Promise me we’ll talk properly at some point then?”


“Absolutely, Sam.”


“Okay then; what’s going on?”


Kara then spent the next twenty minutes explaining the situation on Argo and Kara’s theory about the Harun-El. Needless to say, Sam was left in a state of utter disbelief by the time Kara finished explaining everything.


“So, you think that I have a piece of this pure version of the Harun-El?”


“Yes. Each Worldkiller has a piece so you should have one too. I know you don’t remember anything from when Reign was in control but is there any place you can think of that your piece of the rock is? Maybe something you’ve had your whole life or something that’s meaningful?”


“I don’t know Kara. I would have had to have gotten it while on Krypton but the only thing Patricia said I came to her with was a necklace…wait, Kara, what does this rock look like?”


“It’s kind of black but it looks like it glows purple,” Kara said but before she even finished speaking Sam was on her feet and rushing from the room.


When Sam came back into the room less than five minutes later she had a jewelry box with her that she was opening before handing a lone necklace to Kara.


“Is there any chance this is what you are looking for? Patricia said I had it around my neck when I came to live with her and it matches the description of Harun-El you have me. I always thought it was a tad gaudy because the stone is so big and shaped like a big wide icicle but if it’s what you’re looking for I guess it makes sense,” Sam said as she gestured towards the necklace she had handed Kara.


Kara looked at the necklace that was a simple silver chain with about a three inch long and three inch wide stone that the blonde immediately recognized as the rock of Juru piece she was looking for.


“This is it! This may be the answer to saving Argo, Sam!”


“Really? I’m glad I could help then and I hope this gives you and Lena what you need to save Argo. Perhaps Ruby and I could come visit you and Lena there once you do save it?”


“We haven’t made definitive plans for after we save Argo but I’d love to show you and Ruby the last remaining piece of my home and I know Lena would like to share that experience with you too.”


“We’d like that as well. You have to go now don’t you,” Sam asked knowingly.


“I do. Sam, there’s so much I want to say to you right now, and I know Lena wants to see you too, and we both want you to meet…,” Kara said as she trailed off not knowing if she should mention Elle or Lena’s pregnancy with Jeremiah.


“You both want me to meet who,” Sam asked curiously.


“Sam, I really do want to explain everything but I don’t know how long it will take Lena and I to recreate this and Argo doesn’t have much time left. I swear to you that when we save Argo we will come visit you, together, and we will explain everything,” Kara said in a pleading voice hoping Sam would let it go until she and Lena could return to explain everything.


“I don’t like being in the dark, Kara, but I understand why you are saying there’s no time to explain right now given what you’ve told me about the Argo situation. I will hold you and Lena to that promise to explain later though. I do have two requests before you leave, however.”


“What are they, Sam?”


“Please say hi to Ruby before you go; she misses you.”


“I can do that,” Kara said with a smile. “What’s the second request?”


“Is Lena happy?”


“Yeah, she is,” Kara said as her smile grew larger as she glanced at her hands in her lap and smiled as she took in her engagement and wedding rings and her engagement bracelet.


Sam immediately noticed where Kara’s eyes went and gasped when she saw the rings on Kara’s left ring finger.


“Holy shit, Alex wasn’t joking, you and Lena are married, aren’t you?”


Smiling goofily Kara said, “I am. Lena’s going to kill me for telling you without her but I don’t really have a choice now, although you technically already knew so she really should be mad at Alex,” Kara grumbled even though Sam could tell she was actually more than happy to talk about her marriage. “Lena and I have been married for five months. Before you ask about the timing, we’ll explain that later too, but the important thing is that we’re happy; we’re truly happy.”


“AUNT KARA,” Ruby screamed as she came running down the stairs and jumped into her aunt’s arms.


“Hi Rubes. I wish I could stay and spend some time with you but I need to return home to Aunt Lena now. I promise Aunt Lena and I will come back here to properly catchup as soon as we can, okay?”


“Okay. I would have come down sooner but I had my headphones on so I didn’t hear you until just now. I heard Aunt Alex tell Mom a little about Argo yesterday though, so I know you have to go. I love you and miss you and Aunt Lena both and tell Aunt Lena I said that please.”


“I will sweetheart. I love you too and you’ll see me again before you know it but I do have to go now. Sam, thank you for giving this to me; if we can use it to save Argo you will be a hero to our people. I’ll see you both soon,” Kara said before hugging Ruby close once more and then hugging Sam before speeding out of the house and straight into the sky.





Kara had said goodbye to J’onn as soon as they exited Metropolis airspace, as she flew towards the fortress and he towards National City. As Kara exited the general Metropolis area, she was full of hope for Argo’s future but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched ever since she left Sam’s house. About one mile outside of the greater Metropolis area, she finally heard who was watching her loud and clear. Before she could turn to her side to face what was coming though, Kara found herself being pulled out of the air and straight towards the ground as she was caught by surprise.


When Kara and her assailant landed on the ground only two words were heard, two words said with more venom and hatred than she had ever heard before.


“Hello Cousin.”

Chapter Text

“Hello Cousin,” Kal-El aka Clarke Kent and Superman said venomously.


“Kal,” Kara said dryly.


“I attempted to visit the fortress earlier but I was denied entry. The key no longer seems to work and the biometric scanner denied me access. Kelex appeared when I didn’t stop trying to gain entry and said the fortress is now under the sole care of the Head of the House of El, but that’s me. So, Cousin,” Kal-El grit out, “care to explain why the Head of the House of El cannot access what is rightfully his?”


Steeling herself and rising to her full height, Kara scoffed and said coldly, like a true monarch, “I am the Head of the House of El. You may be older than me on this planet, but I was born first. And, I, unlike you, was raised on our planet according to Kryptonian tradition. I am the daughter of King Zor-El and Queen Alura Zor-El. Until the moment Krypton as we knew it died, I was the Crown Princess of Krypton. When Krypton died, I automatically became Queen Kara Zor-El. Perhaps you would know this already had you chosen to learn of your true heritage, once you knew you weren’t human, instead of continuing to play human or perhaps you would have known this had you taken me in instead of abandoning me with the Danvers family because your only known blood relative was an inconvenience to you.”


“I am the Head of house of El! You are nothing! I am the oldest and I am male! I…”


“SILENCE! I was not done speaking Kal-El, and you may have forsaken Krypton, but I have not and like it or not you are Kryptonian so you are my subject and you will listen to what I have to say,” Kara said firmly, leaving no room for discussion. She could tell Kal wanted to argue further but she continued speaking, so he never had the chance to utter a single word. “At thirteen, I was in no position to put you in your place as your Queen but I am not thirteen anymore. You abandoned me. You tossed me aside like I was nothing. Then, to top it all off, you never even tried to check-in on me. After you dumped me with the Danvers family, I never heard from you or saw you until the day your ex turned the sun red and I came to your rescue. I did this even though I knew I wouldn’t have my powers and in the end, it was Lena who saved us both and she suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of her bravery. I can then count the number of times I’ve seen you since that day on one hand, Kal. I have been on this planet for nearly ten years and because of your actions, or lack thereof, during that time, you have committed treason according to Krypton’s Constitution. And since we both know you have never taken the time to learn about Krypton let me remind you that the punishment for treason is banishment, life imprisonment or even death.”


“I have done no such thing and you are no Queen, Kara, because Krypton was not a monarchy!”


“You think you know how Krypton was governed,” Kara asked with an arched brow.


“Of course I know. It was a democracy and their leader was elected,” Kal-El said as she crossed his arms over his chest with a smug look on his face.


“No, Kal, that’s the United States you described; you know the country you lived in your entire life, minus a few days. Your entire life you have lived as a human. You don’t defend your city or this planet as a Kryptonian but rather a human with super powers. I saw the log at the fortress five months ago and I saw that you have never accessed the historical archives and you’ve never asked me to teach you about Krypton either. That means you truly know nothing about Krypton. Krypton is governed by a monarchy, a constitutional monarchy really. The House of El, is the royal family of Krypton. We are to Krypton what the Mountbatten-Windsor’s are to the United Kingdom. Our grandparents were King and Queen and my father was their heir to the throne. Although your father would never ascend to the throne, he was still a prince as his father was on the throne. When my father and mother were crowned King and Queen, your father maintained his royal title, as did your mother, as they had married before our grandparents passed but as your parent or grandparent was not on the throne when you were born, you received no royal title. I, however, as the daughter of the reigning monarchs became the Crown Princess and after my parents perished with Krypton, I automatically became Queen. So, Kal, you say I am nothing but in reality it is you that is nothing.”


“Even if what you say is true, it doesn’t matter because there is no more Krypton. Earth is our home now and I am a God here.”


“I knew you were self-absorbed and way too into yourself but it is so much worse than I thought. You are no God, Kal-El; what you are, is a traitor. As I said, you committed treason due to your treatment of your Queen. I may not have time to bring you to justice now but I will be back and you will answer for your betrayal.”


“I committed no treason and no betrayal. You can’t commit treason against a planet or betrayal against a supposed monarch when neither exists. The fortress is rightfully mine and you need to give it back to me now!”


“It is not your fortress and it never truly was. The fortress was always meant to be mine. Aren’t you curious how it came to be here on this planet?”


“It was put here for me!”


“No, it was brought here for me. The fortress was sent here by my parents so that I would have part of Krypton here and so that one day I could teach you about our heritage but as we’ve already established you had no interest in that or me.”


“The fortress is mine and when I get back into it, I will make sure you can never access it again!”


“I don’t have time to explain things to your simple one track mind but know this, if you’re being denied access to the fortress then the updated House of El protocol was activated which says only the Head of the House of El and those of their choosing are to be granted unrestricted access to the fortress.”


“Kara, give me the fortress back; you do not want me as your enemy,” Kal seethed.


“No, Kal-El, it is you who does not want me as your enemy. I have the fate of what’s left of Krypton to deal with but mark my words, your days of freedom on Earth are coming to an end. When we meet next you will face judgement day at the hands of myself, my wife and the entirety of Krypton’s military and judicial guilds,” Kara said fiercely, leaving no doubt that she meant every word she said.


“You’re bluffing. You’re not married and we are the only living Kryptonians,” Kal said with a smug smile on his face.


“No, Cousin, I am not bluffing. Argo survived and along with it many of my people, including the military and judicial guilds and you will face judgement, but, it is not their judgment I would fear the most.”


“And whose judgement do you think I should fear?”


“Mine and my wife’s, for there is no power stronger than that of a Super and a Luthor, and in case your tiny wannabe human only brain couldn’t figure it out, Lena Luthor, now Lena Zor-El, Queen of Krypton, is my wife,” Kara said with a smug smirk of her own before adding, “and don’t even think about following me to try and gain entry to the fortress by force because everyone knows you are nowhere near as fast as me.” Kara then launched into the sky moments before she heard Kal-El screaming.







When Kara returned to Argo a short time later, she went straight to the science guild, knowing Lena would still be there as it was not yet dinner time, thanks once again to the different time zone. Walking through the lab door, Kara couldn’t help but stop and stare at her beautiful wife, who was talking to herself and their unborn child as she continued to work with the Harun-El samples.


“I don’t know Miah, I just can’t figure out what makes the Harun-El so special. I hope Jeju is able to get the pure form from your Aunty Sam. If she can get it, I think we can analyze it and run it through the synthesizer so we know how to create more pure Harun-El. Knowing Jeju though, she won’t return until she has found what she’s looking for. Your jeju is one of the good ones, Miah. She loves deeper than anyone I know and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her family and right now that means making sure you and your sister have Argo to live on or visit.”


“I can see why you love listening to me talk to him; it’s magical watching you talk to our son,” Kara said with a loving smile on her face.


“Kara! Darling, I’m so happy you’re back! You were barely gone three hours though, so does that mean.” Lena asked hopefully.


“It does. Sam had it and I think it’s time we put this,” Kara said as she revealed Sam’s piece of the rock of Juru as she closed the distance between herself and Lena, “in the synthesizer and see what we need to do to create more artificially.”


“Oh my God! Kara! This is amazing. I really think we’ll be able to save Argo once the synthesizer has analyzed the Harun-El’s pure form. I tried running a non-degraded piece of the current Harun-El through the synthesizer but it kept coming back with an error code. I think it couldn't recognize the components since I don’t think the Harun-El was ever meant to fuse with anything.”


“I agree with that hypothesis. But before we put Sam’s part of the rock of Juru or pure Harun-El or whatever we want to call it into the synthesizer, I want to do this,” Kara said before pulling Lena in for a passionate kiss that conveyed all of her love for her wife.


“Not that I’m complaining, but, what was that for,” Lena asked when the couple was forced to part for air.


“No reason in particular other than wanting to kiss my gorgeous wife,” Kara replied with a loving smile on her face as she moved to place the pure Harun-El in the synthesizer.




Twenty minutes later the synthesizer beeped indicating it had completed its task.

Chapter Text

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting the synthesizer to be done this quickly. Usually this would take hours on Earth,” Lena said in amazement.


“I told you we were more advanced than Earth, Sunshine,” Kara said before growing quiet and nervously biting her bottom lip. I guess the moment of truth is here,” she said after a few more moments of silence. “Can you look first though? I don’t know if I can handle it if it’s bad news.”


“Kar, this is your moment; you’re the one who figured out where we could find pure Harun-El so you should be the one to look first,” Lena said but seeing her wife’s truly distressed expression she said, “how about we look together?”


“Yes, together,” Kara said clearly relieved.


The couple then made their way to the synthesizer, hand-in-hand, and hit the button on the screen to read the report. It was eerily silent in the lab as the couple read the one page report summary before skimming through the more detailed scientific report. By the time they reached the end of the report, however, Kara was in tears.


“We…we ca…can’t sa…save Argo, Le…Lena. We…we can’t m…ma…make Harun-El; we do…don’t have the right co…com…components,” Kara said through tears as she wrapped herself in Lena’s arms and clung to the raven haired woman’s blouse.


“Kara, sweetheart, what are you talking about? Why can’t we make more Harun-El? From my reading of the report we can make as much Harun-El as we need, quite easily in fact.”


“We have everything to make the Harun-El rock, but, we don’t have a way to make the Harun-El capable of doing everything it does because the facility that could do that was located in the science guild’s field office on the northern continent near where Harun-El could be found naturally. I know how to make another facility to do it but there’s no way I could complete it in time to save Argo, even with your help,” Kara said dejectedly after taking a moment to compose herself.


“Kara, Darling, we can save Argo. This report says that the Harun-El has the capabilities it does because it functions as a sentient being once Q Waves are introduced. I understand what you’re saying about the Q Wave facility here but I can introduce Q Waves to every Harun-El rock we make in my lab at L-Corp or, if someone is willing to go to L-Corp, they could bring my Q Wave device here because it’s portable.”


“You have a portable Q Wave device?! Uncle Non wanted to make a portable one for years but never managed to do it. I am in awe of you Lena Zor-El,” Kara said dreamily before placing a loving, yet chaste kiss, to Lena’s lips. “But wait, why do you have a Q Wave device to begin with? Q Wave research is still in its very early stages on Earth.”


“Before I moved to National City, I was working with Q Waves to see if they could be used to help trauma victims move on from the trauma they suffered. I mainly was focused on helping sexual assault victims. I think I’m close to a breakthrough, but right now my research has only yielded short-term positive results and I want my results to be permanent. The Q Wave device itself works though; my issue is with the application on the human brain. Based on the data given by the synthesizer, I should be able to reprogram my Q Wave machine within a couple of hours to interact with the Harun-El. While I do that, it would give you time to make some of the Harun-El rocks. By the way, are we sticking with calling it Harun-El instead of the rock of Juru?”


“I’m very interested in your Q Wave research, Lee. Maybe once things have settled down I could take a look and maybe we could find a way to achieve permanent results together,” Kara suggested hopefully.


“I’d really like that Kara,” Lena said with a genuine smile as she looked at her wife adoringly.


“Awesome! As for the Harun-El, yes, I would prefer that we continue to call it Harun-El. The rock of Juru reminds our people of a dark time in our history so I think it is best if we just let that name die.”


“Harun-El it is then. If I leave now, I could have the Q Wave machine back here within a few hours so we can get to work on producing functioning Harun-El tomorrow morning.”


“Lee, I love how enthusiastic you are about this but Lillian and Cadmus are still at large, and I had a confrontation with Kal on my way back here, so I really don’t feel that it’s safe for you to go back to Earth right now. I know you can take care of yourself, and I probably sound like a neurotic overprotective wife, but I can’t help it; I just want you and Miah to be safe. Plus, it’s nearly dinner time now so why don’t we go enjoy dinner with our daughter then we can send a message to the fortress asking J’onn or Maggie to retrieve the device and bring it here in the morning so we can begin work then. How does that sound,” Kara asked nervously, unsure if Lena would be agreeable to someone else transporting her device.


Deflating slightly Lena said, “I understand your point of view, and we will be talking about your run-in with your cousin later, but you’re right about it not being the best idea for me to retrieve the machine myself. After dinner, I’ll write up instructions for J’onn and Maggie so they can retrieve the device and bring it to us.”


“Perfect. Let’s clean up here and then head home to our little girl for some much needed family time before we get a good night’s sleep so we’re well rested for tomorrow.”





After dinner, Kara and Lena got Elle ready for bed and put her in her crib before rejoining Astra and Eliza downstairs. As soon as they sat down the older women were on them with questions they had been dying to ask throughout the course of dinner.


“What happened today when you went to Earth,” Astra asked.


“Were you able to find what you were looking for,” Eliza asked at the same time.


“One question at a time please,” Kara said with a light chuckle. “To answer your questions though, J’onn accompanied me to Metropolis but I met with Sam alone. She had her part of the rock of Juru, which we are officially only referring to as Harun-El from now on by the way. When I got back here Lena and I put the pure Harun-El into the synthesizer and…”


“And what, Kara,” Astra asked expectantly.


“And we now know how to create more pure Harun-El,” Kara said with a wide smile.


“Oh, that’s wonderful news sweetheart,” Eliza said with a smile on her face.


“Are you sure? Have you truly found a way to save Argo,” Astra asked hopefully.


“Yes, we’re sure. At its base, the Harun-El is a simple quarry rock, and we have everything here in Argo. The Harun-El you have now, however, is the simple quarry rock but there are other mineral elements fused in which are likely what’s causing it to degrade,” Kara explained.


“If it is a simple rock, how does it possess the capabilities it does,” Astra asked.


“What truly makes the Harun-El special is how it changes after Q Waves are introduced. We’d have to study it further to learn how Q Waves are able to interact with the rock to make it function almost like a sentient being, but what’s important is that we know what to do to make the Harun-El function properly in its pure form,” Kara continued to explain.


“Kara, if Q Waves are needed we won’t be able to create the Harun-El. The only facility we had that worked with Q Waves was lost when Krypton as we knew it died,” Astra said sadly.


“Astra, we don’t need your old facility in order to introduce Q Waves to the rock,” Lena said.


“What do you mean? Did you figure out how the original Harun-El rock became exposed to Q Waves without use of the facility?”


“No, Aunt Astra, we still don’t know how that happened but Lena has another way to introduce Q Waves to the rock,” Kara said proudly as she gave Lena’s hand a reassuring squeeze.


“How is that possible? I thought Q Wave research is very new on Earth,” Astra said clearly confused.


“I have been working with Q Waves for a while now, actually. I’m fascinated with what they can do and I have been working on a project to help trauma victims truly move on from what happened to them. To work on this research, I created a portable Q Wave machine and in the morning, we will be sending a message to the fortress with clear instructions for J’onn and Maggie so one of them can retrieve the machine from my personal lab at L-Corp and bring it here. I will have to recalibrate it for the Harun-El but once that’s done we should be able to produce fully functioning Harun-El fairly quickly.”


“I will admit I am not well versed in Q Waves but this sounds like fantastic news! The two of you together truly will change the world, I believe that,” Eliza said sincerely.


Blushing, Kara said, “Thank you, Mom. We just want to do right by our people and I finally truly have hope that we are going to save Argo.”


“You will save Argo; of that I have no doubt. As a mother, I am so incredibly proud of both of you,” Eliza said making sure to make eye contact with both Kara and Lena.


“Thank you for saying that, Eliza; it means more to me than you know,” Lena said as she grew misty eyed.


“Aunt Astra? You’ve been quiet ever since Lena explained about her Q Wave machine. Are you alright,” Kara asked clearly concerned.


“Lena, your portable Q Wave machine is something we have only been able to dream of creating for decades. If this works, if your portable machine is able to properly deliver the Q Waves to the Harun-El you will always be remembered as the Queen who saved Argo from a second death sentence,” Astra said genuinely in awe of Lena after a moment.


“No, Kara and I will be remembered that way together because we wouldn’t have figured out how to make Harun-El without each other. We’re stronger together after all. El Mayarah.”


“El Mayarah indeed,” Kara said as Astra echoed the sentiment.





When Kara and Lena finally got into bed that evening, Lena could tell that something was bothering the blonde.


“Darling, what’s bothering you? You’ve been off ever since you returned from Metropolis, despite us figuring out how to save Argo.” When Kara still remained silent after a few moments Lena continued to speak. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too, or aren’t ready yet, but I am here for you,” Lena said before leaning in and lightly kissing Kara.


When several more moments passed without Kara uttering a single word, Lena began to tell the house AI to turn off the lights but Kara stopped her by uttering four words she didn’t expect to hear.


“I fought with Kal-El.”


“I’m sorry, what?”


“When I was leaving Metropolis, he collided with me midair. He must have been coming from somewhere and heard my heartbeat or something. Anyway, once we were on the ground he said he had been to the fortress but was denied access. The only way that would have happened is if the House of El protocol was activated but I don’t remember activating it.”


“Oh, Kara, I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to see him, considering your history, but I fear I’m the reason he was denied access to the fortress.”


“You activated the protocol?”


“I did. When everything happened with Alex it made me think about your cousin so I activated the protocol and when prompted to allow him entry I said no. It can be changed at any time but I thought it was for the best, all things considered,” Lena explained nervously.


Kara didn’t answer Lena verbally, but instead crashed her lips together with Lena’s in a passionate kiss.


“I love you,” she murmured against Lena’s lips when the kiss broke.


“I love you too, Darling. So, you’re not mad about the protocol?”


“Absolutely not. It was the right call and his actions today only proved that.”


“What did he do exactly?”


“He acted like an entitled man child to be honest. I needed that confrontation though, because it allowed me to deliver some hard truths to him and stand up to him. I also made it clear that judgment day is coming for him over his decision to abandon me,” Kara began before spending ten minutes relaying every detail about her confrontation with Kal-El to Lena.


“I’m glad you were able to have that confrontation, Kara. I do wish I could have seen his face when he found out you married me though,” Lena said with a chuckle before growing serious once more. “Kara, I know we have to save Argo and then deal with Lillian and Cadmus but we will bring Kal-El to justice too. We can do anything together, Kar.”


“I know, Lee, I know. We can worry about Kal after we save Argo though. Let’s get some sleep though before we start to actually try to make Harun-El tomorrow.”


“Okay. Goodnight, love.”


“Goodnight, Lee,” Kara said before the couple fell asleep in each other's arms as they dreamt of a future where Argo was saved; a future they hoped to make a reality the following day.

Chapter Text

As soon as they woke the following morning, Lena sent the message to the fortress asking J’onn and Maggie to retrieve the portable Q Wave machine. After spending a couple hours of quality time with their daughter, after sending the message, the couple got to work on producing the Harun-El rock in the lab. They had been at work for about an hour and a half, with much success, when they received word that the portal had been activated and a human female was crossing over. Immediately, Lena left with the guards to meet who they knew had to be Maggie while Kara stayed behind to oversee the creation of some more Harun-El rocks.


When the ship landed in the clearing by the portal, no one was surprised to see it had in fact been Maggie who crossed over. Lena also knew immediately that the retrieval of her portable Q Wave device had been successful due to the semi-large square object covered in a protective black covering sitting on the ground next to the detective.


“Good morning, Maggie,” Lena said as soon as she stepped off the ship and made her way towards her friend.


“’Morning, Lena.”


“I take it the retrieval went well?”


Hesitating Maggie said, “it did yes.”


“Maggie, why did you hesitate just now? Were my instructions not written as easily as I thought they were?”


Sighing Maggie made a choice, that she might regret later, and began to explain everything. “Lena, your instructions were very clear but J’onn and I are not science people like you, Kara, Alex and Eliza so J’onn and I weren’t completely sure we’d be able to safely unhook the machine and then transport it here without assistance.”


“What do you mean by ‘without assistance’? Who exactly assisted you?”


“I mean I probably went against your unspoken wishes and called Alex and she’s the one who removed and packaged the machine from your lab.”


“I’m sorry, you did what now?”



Flashback – Four Hours Earlier


“Director, there appears to be a message coming through from Supergirl’s fortress but it’s listed as being addressed to you and Maggie,” Winn said clearly confused from his station in the command center at the DEO as he looked at the two individuals in question.


“Thank you Agent Schott, I will review it in my office with Detective Sawyer,” J’onn said.


“But, Sir, does this mean? Is Kara at the fortress? Is she being Supergirl again? Is Lena with her? Are they both okay,” Winn asked before J’onn could leave the room.


“Agent Schott, I am afraid details about each of their current whereabouts are classified,” J’onn said before quickly leaving the command center.


“But, Sir! They’re my friends! Maggie, please tell me what’s going on,” Winn pleaded as Maggie made to follow J’onn.


“I’m sorry, Winn, but I can’t have this conversation with you right now and you cannot mention this message to anyone,” Maggie said before quickly following after J’onn.


“Fine, if those two won’t tell me anything I’ll call Alex. Surely, the eldest Danvers sister knows what’s going on if her girlfriend is being included on messages sent to the fortress,” Winn muttered before calling Alex.


“Assistant Director Danvers speaking,” Alex answered the phone as soon as recognized the DEO’s number.


“Alex, why would J’onn and Maggie be receiving a message from the fortress? Is something going on with Kara?”


“Winn, what are you talking about? Kara’s been holed up in her loft since Lena disappeared, you know that,” Alex answered immediately even though she immediately grew concerned upon hearing of the message knowing that her sister and sister-in-law were on Argo.


“Cut the bullshit, Alex. I know something must be going on because no one other than Kara would think to send a message to the fortress addressed to anyone other than Kara or I suppose Superman.”


“Winn, I’m sorry but this is not something I can discuss with you. Where are J’onn and Maggie now?”


“They’re in J’onn’s office to review the message,” Winn said but before he could say anything else, Alex had ended the call.




Ten minutes, and several broken speed limits later, Alex parked her motorcycle in her assigned parking place and ran to J’onn’s office where sure enough he and Maggie were reviewing whatever message had been sent.


“Alex, what are you doing here,” Maggie asked, clearly surprised when her girlfriend came running into the room without knocking first.


“Winn called to ask what was going on and mentioned the two of you received a message from the fortress. What’s going on? Are Kara, Lena, Elle and the baby okay,” the older Danvers sister asked clearly concerned about her family.


“Alex, you know Kara needs time right now,” Maggie tried but was immediately cut off by Alex.


“Maggie, I know that but she’s my sister and no matter how much I’ve fucked up I will do everything in my power to make sure she and her family are safe. If something’s going on, tell me and maybe selfishly I can start to prove myself to her and Lena.”


“Maggie, I know you are trying to honor Kara’s wishes, even though it puts you in a tough spot with your partner but looking at this, I’m not sure we have the skills needed to do it properly and if we…”


“If we screw this up and damage it, we may be condemning Argo to death like the rest of Krypton, I know,” Maggie said morosely.


“Okay, can one of you please tell me what the fuck is going on?!”


“Kara and Lena sent us a message to tell us they know how to save Argo but they need a Q Wave device, whatever that is, and Argo no longer has one because the only one on Krypton died with the rest of the planet. But, it turns out that Lena has a portable one in her personal lab at L-Corp so she sent us very detailed instructions for removing it from the lab and transporting it to Argo. The problem is, these instructions require us to run certain protocols on the device but not being particular scientifically incline we’re both afraid we’d do it improperly and according to the instructions, any error could cause the device to malfunction or even self-destruct,” Maggie explained.


“If you let me take a look, I’m sure I could figure it out. I may not be on Kara or Lena’s level when it comes to science but I do have a proclivity for it; my degrees are all in various scientific fields after all.”


“We know, Alex. It’s just we’re trying really hard to honor their wishes but this task is too important to leave any margin of error so if you wouldn’t mind we would appreciate you taking a look,” J’onn said as he and Maggie moved to allow Alex room to review the screen.


Alex immediately moved to the screen and read through Kara and Lena’s message and then Lena’s extremely detailed instructions for disconnecting the Q Wave device from the wall and then transporting it to Argo. Within seconds she knew it was a task she could complete.


“I’d need to actually see the setup but this is something I could have done this morning,” Alex said confidently.


“You’re sure, Alex,” Maggie asked.


“I’m positive, but, I have one condition if I do this.”


“And what condition is that,” J’onn asked curiously.


“I don’t want Kara and Lena to know it was me who retrieved the device.”


“But Alex, if they knew it could be a step towards repairing your relationships with them,” Maggie said.


“That may be, but, if they think I did this to earn brownie points, which is not my motivation, they may not believe that I’m trying to genuinely make changes.”


“We understand, Alex; we won’t say a word,” J’onn assured her while Maggie remained silent and bit her bottom lip in contemplation.


“Mags? Will you keep my involvement a secret too?”


“I won’t lie to them, Alex. If they ask, I won’t lie.”


Sighing Alex said the only thing she could, “okay, let’s get to L-Corp then so I can get started.”


End Flashback – Present



“Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I knew when I wrote the instructions that you may need to have someone help you. Despite my anger over how she’s hurt Kara, I’m glad she stepped up today though. Maybe there’s some hope for her yet,” Lena said hopefully.


“I don’t want to influence your thoughts one way or the other but she’s cried herself to sleep every night since you guys left. I think she’s finally realizing she needs to make some changes. But, Lena, not to change topics but I need to get back to National City; an alien was murdered last night so I’m working with J’onn and the DEO to solve it.”


“That’s horrible about the alien but of course, go Maggie. Thank you for bringing this to us. And,” Lena began as she contemplated her next words, “tell Alex I said thank you.”


“I will. Maybe, we can all try dinner together once you’ve saved Argo?”


“I’m not sure if Kara will be ready to have dinner with Alex by then but you are more than welcome to join us here one night.”


“I understand. I’ll talk to you soon, Lena,” Maggie said before turning to return to the fortress through the portal.





As soon as Maggie was gone, Lena had a guard pick of the Q Wave device and they made their way back to the lab. When she arrived back in the lab, Lena saw that Kara had made far more Harun-El rocks than she thought possible. Lena couldn’t help but smile at her wife though, when she saw her surrounded by a pile of Harun-El rocks.


“Kara, I’ve got the Q Wave device,” Lena said as she fully re-entered the room.


“That’s amazing! All we need to do is set it up then because we have plenty of the rocks made.”


“Give me about ten minutes and I’ll have everything set up and then another maybe thirty minutes to program the device to power the Harun-El,” Lena said as she got to work hooking up the machine.


Thirty-five minutes later, Lena announced that the device was recalibrated, re-programed and ready to interact with the Harun-El. Kara immediately gathered one of the Harun-El rocks and placed it in the proper position for the device to interact with it. Once it was placed, the device automatically wrapped it in a force field you could not see the rock through. Lena then turned the device on and the couple waited with bated breath to see if it worked, even though they knew it would take some time.





After an hour went by, the Q Wave device finally announced that it had completed its process on the Harun-El rock. Kara and Lena immediately walked to the device where the force field had now lifted and the rock was once again visible. As soon as the couple saw the Harun-El rock they had a feeling that the Q Wave device had successfully interacted with the rock because the coloring was now completely identical to what they expected true Harun-El to look like. Not wanting to get their hopes up too high though, Kara immediately picked the rock up, after putting on protective gear, and took it to be analyzed.


Kara analyzed the Harun-El for about ten minutes while Lena tried to stay quiet so as not to distract her wife. After ten minutes though she turned around smiling and told Lena, who also had protective gear on, to take a look at Kara’s findings.


“Do you see what I see, Lee,” Kara asked hopefully.


“I see that this Harun-El seems to be reacting the same as the original piece we got from Sam. Kara, this means we did it! We can make true Harun-El,” Lena excitedly exclaimed.


“Yes, we can and we couldn’t have done it without working together. I am so happy you’re back in my life and not just because of this or the kids but because I love you,” Kara said as she drew her wife in for a kiss.


“I love you too, Kara,” Lena said when the kiss broke. “As much as I want to celebrate right now though, I think we should use the maximum capability option on the device and turn all of these into true pure Harun-El. We only need ten to power everything and the other can be reserves, just in case they’re ever needed.”


“Yes, I agree with that plan,” Kara said as she began moving the rocks so they could go through the Q Wave process as well.


Once each rock was covered by the Q Wave device’s force field, Kara immediately opened a hologram call to her aunt so they could share the news.


“Little one, has something gone wrong causing you to call me directly,” Astra asked concerned.


“No, no, nothing like that. Lena and I have some news to share,” Kara said as she adjusted the device so both she and Lena were visible.


“Hello Astra,” Lena greeted the woman.


“Hello Lena. Not to cut pleasantries short but what news do you two wish to share?”


Both women began to smile widely before Kara said, “we think we did it. Preliminary tests show that our Harun-El is acting just as the original piece we got from Sam does. We have the rest of the rocks we made interacting with the Q Waves now but we will be ready to install our Harun-El and restart the system with it in about an hour. I think the degrading Harun-El should be kept just in case the system restart doesn’t yield the results we think it will though.”


“I…I don’t know what to say. I knew you had the mind for this Kara, and Lena, I knew the moment I heard about you that you had a mind to rival my niece’s but I never expected results this quickly. I will alert all necessary parties to begin preparing for the new Harun-El to be installed and I will send Van-Lo to help in the transportation of the Harun-El as well and I will meet you both in an hour as I would like to be there when you restart the system.”


“Of course, we want you there too Aunt Astra. Thank you for getting everyone moving so we can install the new Harun-El as soon as it’s completed. We will see you in about an hour,” Kara said as she ended the call.





Two hours later, ten of the recently created Harun-El rocks had been installed and they were finally ready to restart the system and see if the new Harun-El worked as preliminary tests said it would.


“Your Majesties, we believe you should have the honor of initiating the system restart,” Astra said as she slipped back into formalities as there were about twenty of Argo’s science and engineering guild members as well as elders present.


“Lee, shall we do it together?”


“Of course, Darling,” Lena replied as she and Kara moved and had their hands hovering above the system restart button.


“On the count of three then. One…two…three,” Kara said and when she reached three she and Lena pushed their hands down at the same time and initiated the system restart.


The system had been designed to residually keep Argo powered during the one minute restart but that didn’t stop Kara and Lena especially from worrying about whether the restart would be successful or not. After a minute though, the restart was complete and the only sound heard were the gasps of everyone in the room as the system AI announced whether the restart was successful or not.

Chapter Text

“System restart successful. Harun-El status is one hundred percent,” the system AI announced causing cheers within the room as Kara and Lena embraced and shared a sweet kiss.


“You did it, Darling! You saved Argo,” Lena said with a smile as soon as the kiss broke.


“No, we did it, Lee. We saved Argo together,” Kara said sincerely.


“Argo, owes you both more than it can ever repay you, my Queens,” Astra said as she respectfully bowed before the two Queens as everyone else in the room followed suit.


“Hail the Queen Kara and Queen Lena Zor-El, saviors of Krypton,” someone in the room called out causing everyone to say in unison, “Hail the Queen Kara and Queen Lena Zor-El, saviors of Krypton,” three times while still bowed before their queens.


“Please rise, everyone. We are happier than I can express that this was a success. We did what any of you would have done had you had the proper training and resources. We’re just happy that it worked and I think this calls for a city-wide celebration. General Astra, please alert the heads of each guild to gather in the formal meeting room of the palace in twenty minutes so a celebration can be planned for tomorrow given that it is already getting late today. As the citizens of Argo are not aware we did a system restart I implore you all to keep the news of what has been accomplished to yourselves for the time being. My wife and I will make a formal announcement tomorrow morning at nine sharp from the balcony of the palace. After we meet with the heads of each guild we will have word spread that Lena and I will be making an announcement tomorrow morning but again the topic of the announcement will be kept secret. You are all dismissed for now and I hope to see you all among the crowd tomorrow morning,” Kara said before leading Lena from the room and quickly making their way back to the palace so they could prepare to meet with the heads of each guild.





Twenty minutes after calling for a meeting with the heads of each guild, every one of guild heads, were present in the meeting room on the second floor of the palace.


“Good evening everyone. As you should be aware my wife and I, your rightful Queens, have been on Argo for a few days now. I apologize that we left you without your Queens for so long but I came as soon as word reached me that Argo had survived. However, Queen Lena and I have not called you here today to discuss the past but rather the future. As you know, Queen Lena and I have been working to solve the Harun-El crisis since arriving on Argo. What you all do not know is that earlier today we were able to successfully create pure Harun-El, as opposed to the altered Harun-El that has been powering Argo since Krypton as we knew it perished. And a short time ago we installed the new Harun-El and successfully restarted Argo’s systems. All checks show that the new Harun-El is functioning at one hundred percent and even if that should ever change we have extra prepared Harun-El stored safely and we can make more whenever it is needed now,” Kara said as a smile spread across her lips.


“To be clear, you are saying that Argo is saved? That we will not perish in a few weeks’ time,” the head of the justice guild asked.


“That’s correct. Argo is safe once again and now we can truly begin to work towards either rebuilding Argo in Krypton’s image or making it into something new or even a combination of the two. No matter what direction we choose to take Argo in, Queen Kara and I are committed to the rebuilding effort,” Lena said with a smile on her own face.


“What’s left of our planet is really saved,” the head of the education guild said.


“Yes, what’s left of Krypton really is saved,” Kara said. “I know you all want to go home and share this wonderful news with your families but we do have to ask that you not tell anyone tonight. Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock sharp, Queen Lena and I speak to all of Argo from the palace balcony, much like my ancestors have done for generations when there is big news to share, and only then will this joyous news be shared. We will then have a day of celebration. So please prepare your top guild members to begin preparations for a celebration tonight. When they ask what we are celebrating tell them we are celebrating my return or anything you think will keep them from guessing the true reason and spoiling the surprise.”


“I do not mean to speak out of turn, Your Majesty, but will you and Queen Lena be having a formal bonding ceremony now that you are here,” the head of the marriage and family guild asked.


“Queen Kara and I have not discussed that since coming to Argo, with our daughter, but we have always intended to have a formal ceremony. As soon as we decide when that will be we will let you know.”


“Your Majesties, does this mean you will be remaining on Argo permanently,” Van-Lo asked.


Sharing a knowing look with Lena, Kara said, “Queen Lena and I will be staying on Argo indefinitely. We will return to Earth periodically as we do still have friends, family and affairs there but there is no timetable for us to return to living on Earth nor do we know if we will ever return to living on Earth. I know you all want a more definitive answer to that question but we cannot give you one right now. We will be here indefinitely though and no matter what happens in the future we will always be devoted to our duty here.”


That answer seemed to satisfy the heads of the guilds, as they knew their queens would not be immediately leaving, and not long after all, except Astra, left. When the two young rulers and Astra were alone, Astra finally asked a question she had been wanting to ask from the moment she was reunited with her niece.


“I know you told everyone you would be here indefinitely but I have to ask, do you two think you may choose to stay here more permanently and raise your family primarily here? I know you both have many connections to Earth, and I would never ask you to severe those, but you could visit and they could visit here. I just…I just don’t want to lose my family again not now that I know I have not only my niece but her wonderful wife and a great-niece plus a great-nephew on the way.”


“Aunt Astra, I cannot tell you where Lena and I will primarily live and raise our family because that’s a conversation we need to have privately. I meant it when I said we would be committed to our duty to Argo no matter where we settle though and no matter what you could never lose us,” Kara said as she hugged her aunt tightly.


“Actually,” Lena said softly when Kara and Astra pulled back from their hug, “I have been thinking about the future a lot since being here. Argo is the only place where I’m not looked down upon for being part of the Luthor family. We’ve only been here a few short days but everyone I’ve met has been welcoming and some have even been sending handmade gifts to the palace for Elle and even little Miah and a few even sent things for me while I’m pregnant. This never would have happened on Earth. If we were in National City, I’d receive hate mail for having a child and bringing another into the world and I’d receive death threats not only for myself but our kids, and you know that’s the truth Kar. That doesn’t happen here though. I feel normal here; I feel like I finally belong somewhere. I feel normal here. Kara, I know it’s not just my feelings that matter here but I’ve truly given this a lot of thought. I’ve even thought of possibly opening a branch of L-Corp here to promote inter-planetary commerce. The possibilities for advancement both here and on Earth would be endless. And if she’s willing, Sam could run L-Corp on Earth and I could run the branch here and oversee things generally from here. And we could keep my penthouse or your loft in National City and still have weekly game nights there or just keep one so we had a place to stay when we visited. We could make it work so we still saw our family and friends we want to see on Earth. And I know we still have some foes to defeat on Earth but we can mount our takedown from here. I guess what I’m saying is, if you want to come home permanently, then I support that. I’d be more than happy to make the move here,” Lena said genuinely.


With eyes shimmering with tears, Kara said, “Lena, you are my home not some place. But, if you are one hundred percent sure this is what you want, I cannot think of a better place to raise our family than here on Argo.”


The moment the words left Kara’s mouth, she and Lena closed the distance between them and hugged as tightly as they could while being mindful of Lena’s baby bump.


“I love you, Lee. You have made me so happy by being my wife and the mother of my children but knowing you want to build our lives on what is left of my home world means more to me than you will ever know,” Kara whispered in Lena’s ear while they embraced.


“I love you too, Kar. You have made me happier than I have ever been and I couldn’t imagine having a family with anyone else. I can’t wait to build our lives here in a place where we both get to just be ourselves; where we can be just Kara and Lena not Supergirl and a Luthor,” Lena whispered back.


The couple continued to embrace for another moment before they broke apart upon hearing a sniffle from Astra.


“Aunt Astra, are you okay?”


“Oh, don’t mind me, I just find myself incredibly moved by the pure love you have for one another. And…and I’m just so happy you wish to stay on Argo.”


Before Astra knew what was happening, she found herself pulled into a group hug with Kara and Lena. Needless to say, all three women shed a few tears over the newfound knowledge that Kara and Lena were going to stay on Argo. Finding the solution to the Harun-El crisis ultimately became one of the best things to happen to the young couple because it meant they not only had a home in each other but a true home on Argo; they finally had a home where they were just Kara and Lena. Now all they had to do was tell their family and friends on Earth, and the citizens of Argo, everything, but that could wait until after they properly celebrated solving the Harun-El crisis with their people.

Chapter Text

Kara and Lena had decided to break their decree of silence regarding solving the Harun-El crisis to tell Eliza so they could have a small celebration that night as a family. Kara had wanted to invite J’onn and Maggie to the celebration the following day as well, but, she knew Krypton’s ways and such celebrations were sacred and outsiders were not typically invited; Eliza was of course an exception as the adoptive mother of Kara. Instead, she and Lena decided they would have a little celebration when they returned to National City to speak with all their friends.


When they told Eliza the happy news she began to cry tears of joy for her daughter and daughter-in-law. She was incredibly proud of the pair for solving the crisis and for doing so so quickly. She hugged them for what seemed like hours as she kept telling them how proud and happy she was and how much she loved them. After their hug broke though, the couple felt they should tell Eliza the last piece of news so she wasn’t blindsided or told by Astra accidentally.


“Mom, there’s something else Lena and I would like to discuss with you,” Kara said gently as she steered her adoptive mother towards the couch in the living room before she joined Lena on the couch opposite Eliza.


“You have decided to move her permanently, haven’t you,” Eliza asked cutting to the chase to the shock of Kara and Lena.


“Wh…h…how did you know,” Kara finally settled on asking after some of the shock wore off.


“Kara, you’re my daughter and I know you. You have a duty to your people, yes, but more importantly you have a duty to your wife and family and I have seen how happy Lena has been here. I’ve seen how everyone is kind to her and accepting and we both know that sadly it is the exact opposite on Earth. And you, Kara, here you get to just be Kara; you don’t have to be Supergirl or anything else other than yourself. So, to me it was really a foregone conclusion that you two would ultimately settle here,” Eliza said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.


“And you’re okay with your daughter moving to another planet with me and our children,” Lena asked to be sure.


“Yes, I’m happy for you both, truly. I wish I could join you in the move and never miss a day in Elle or Miah’s lives but my home is on Earth but the two you are currently in yours. You both deserve to be set free of the burdens that Earth places on you. My only request is that I be allowed a residence in Argo so that I may visit often. I’m thinking weekly dinners, perhaps on Wednesdays to make the middle of the week a little happier, and bi-weekly weekend visits plus holidays and other special occasions and I also hope you will visit Earth as well,” Eliza said hopefully.


“You already have a residence here. The suite of rooms you have here in the palace are the ones usually reserved for the nearest family members of the reigning monarch. You are my only living parent who can be in my life regularly, at least until we take down Cadmus and Jeremiah can come home, so the suite will always be yours,” Kara said sincerely.


“And of course we’ll still visit Earth. We won’t as much right now given the situation with Cadmus and Lillian but once we know it’s safe for our children we will visit more. Perhaps we can arrange bi-monthly visits in addition to alternating holidays,” Lena suggested as she tried to reassure her mother-in-law that they would not be disappearing from her life.


“That sounds wonderful. God, I am so proud of you girls and the women you’ve become. Your birth mothers would be extremely proud as well, I just know it,” Eliza said as she got up and moved to pull the women into another group hug.


“Thank you for supporting us always, Mom,” Kara said sincerely.


“I will always support you, sweetheart. But, enough talk, let’s celebrate. You both solved the Harun-El crisis and you’re preparing to officially embark on a new journey here and that deserves to be celebrated, but first you both need to promise me something.”


“What’s that,” Kara asked.


“Promise me you will return to National City to tell the rest of our family and your friends in person. They need to hear it from the two of you.”


“We promise. We actually planned to go back to National City the day after tomorrow to tell everyone everything so there won’t be any secrets between us,” Lena said seriously.


“Good. I’m glad to hear that now, where’s Astra so we can celebrate as a family,” Eliza asked.


Once Astra joined them a few minutes later, the group celebrated together until it was time for Elle to be put down for the evening. After that they all spent another hour going over how everything would go the following morning. When Kara and Lena finally collapsed onto their bed, they were exhausted but happy as could be and excited to share the news that they solved the Harun-El crisis with every citizen of Argo the following morning.





The next morning was full of pre-announcement activity for the young monarchs. After being awoken at 4 a.m. sharp by Kelex, they were served a full breakfast before being fitted for traditional Kryptonian monarch robes. Elle was also fitted as well so she could match her moms. Even Eliza found herself being fitted for a traditional Kryptonian robe that bore the House of El crest to show that she was a member of Kara and Lena’s house. Once everyone dressed their robes, a lighter but vibrant blue for Kara, Lena and Elle and a darker navy blue for Eliza to signify her role as Kara’s mother, Kara and Lena went over their speech one last time before heading out to the balcony where they already knew all of Argo City was waiting for them on the ground.


At 9 a.m. sharp, the top two royal guards stepped onto the balcony and took their positions before Kara and Lena walked out with Astra and Eliza, who was holding Elle, following after them and a final three guards brought up the rear. The assembled crowed cheered loudly as the pre-set-up feed livestreamed Kara and Lena on the balcony so everyone could see and hear no matter how far from the balcony they were. After a moment, Kara motioned for the crowd to fall silent and only once they did, did she speak.


“Good morning citizens of Krypton. My wife, Queen Lena, and I thank you all for being here today as we make a very special announcement, two announcements in fact. First, let me begin by saying how amazing it is to be back here. When I was sent to Earth at thirteen years old I never thought I’d see Argo or any of you again and after being stuck in the Phantom Zone for so long I truly believed I’d never see anything again but here we are. My parents, King Zor-El and Queen Alura Zor-El would be incredibly proud of each and every one of you,” Kara began before pausing to compose herself so as not to cry. “Now, as I am sure you are all aware by now, the Harun-El powering Argo, for lack of better wording, since Krypton’s death has been degrading and without a solution to the problem, we would not be able to stay here. However, together my wife and I have worked on finding a solution since our arrival and I am overcome with joy to announce that yesterday we found the solution,” Kara said before pausing as the last true citizens of Krypton cheered at the glorious news just delivered to them.


Once the crowd quieted down once more, Kara nodded for Lena to continue.


“We were able to learn the exact composition of pure Harun-El and learned that the Harun-El powering Argo was in fact not pure Harun-El but rather, it was combined with other minerals that caused the breakdown of the substance. Once we were able to figure out that pure Harun-El was not being used here, Queen Kara found one of the last remaining pieces of the original Harun-El, then known as the rock of Juru. As soon as we had that piece, my wife was able to analyze the pure substance and a short time later we were able to successfully produce pure Harun-El. And at this time, we are thrilled to announce that yesterday we restarted Argo’s systems with the new pure Harun-El and everything is functioning perfectly. Argo has been saved and will be here for many, many generations to come,” Lena said passionately causing the crowd to cheer once more as they became overjoyed at the news.


“To celebrate this momentous occasion, today will forevermore be known as a national holiday as we celebrate the end of the Harun-El crisis. But, the end of the crisis is not the only thing we will be celebrating today,” Kara began before growing nervous about telling everyone their decision. After allowing for a semi-dramatic pause, Kara took a deep breath and continued. “Today we also celebrate my wife and I’s decision to permanently move to Argo with our daughter. We mean it when we say we are devoted to you, our people. We know the past few decades have been hard but we promise you, your queens are here to stay and together we will make what is left of our planet truly great once more.”


If the crowd erupting in cheers for the Harun-El crisis being over were loud, the cheers for Kara and Lena moving to Argo were thunderous. It was immediately clear that the people of Argo were more than excited that their queens would be living on Argo permanently. Looking at each other, Kara and Lena broke into huge grins at the knowledge that their announcements were well received by their people. As much as they enjoyed listening to the cheers of their people though, the couple knew they needed to get the official celebrations under way so begrudgingly, Lena raised her hands to call for silence and spoke only once the crowd had ceased its cheering.


“To celebrate the end of the Harun-El crisis, please join Queen Kara and our family in a daylong celebration. As you look about our city, you will see numerous food stalls and in the square and the clearing just outside the city there are dance floors set up and live music will begin in about ten minutes. The celebration will go until the clock strikes midnight and we are excited to share this celebration with you all. May we all continue to walk in Rao’s light so that he may continue to smile upon us,” Lena said as she ended with a traditional Kryptonese saying.


With a final wave, Kara and Lena left the balcony before changing into more celebratory traditional Kryptonian attire and joining their people in the streets to celebrate.





Kara and Lena spent the rest of their day celebrating in the streets of Argo. They began the celebrations by getting some traditional street fare for themselves and a traditional formula drink with a little extra flavor for Elle so she could have something special too. After that, they made their way through the streets and stopped to talk with various people along the way. In fact, it seemed like they were stopped every few minutes by citizens of Argo who wanted to thank them for saving Argo or otherwise celebrate with them.


Eventually, they met up with Astra and Eliza, the former having offered to show Eliza around the festivities to give the small family some bonding time. From there, the whole family enjoyed dancing, first in the square and then the field. They danced together as a family and they danced with the people of Argo. For the first time ever, Kara and Lena truly felt like they belonged as they danced the day away and celebrated alongside their people. Kara was pretty sure she and Lena didn’t stop smiling the whole day.


When it was finally time to put Elle to bed later that evening, Eliza offered to take the young infant so her moms could continue to celebrate but they declined wanting to spend the time with their daughter. As they laid her down in her crib, Kara had a thought she couldn’t help but share.


“Hey Lee?”


“Yeah Kar?”


“How would you feel if we repainted this room as a mural of the National City skyline so Elle can have a piece of National City here with her? I know she’s too young to remember the city but National City is such a huge part of our story that I thought she might like to have a piece of it with her,” Kara asked quietly.


“I…I think that’s a wonderful idea Kara. National City is where her moms fell in love so it’s only fair she has a piece of the city with her. I think Miah should have a Midvale mural though,” Lena said thoughtfully.


“A Midvale mural, why,” Kara curiously asked.


“He’s being named after his grandpa, who is from Midvale so it seems fitting. Plus, Midvale is where we were when we found out we’re expecting a boy,” Lena said with a soft smile.


“I love it. These murals will just be the first step towards truly making the palace our home.”


“Yes, they will. Now, come Darling, we need our rest if we are to face our friends tomorrow.”


“Everything will be okay, Lee.”


“What makes you think that, Kara?”


“Easy. El Mayarah, Lee; El Mayarah.”

Chapter Text

The following morning, Kara and Lena were quiet as they gathered what they needed for their trip to National City. While neither admitted it verbally, both women were nervous about facing all of their friends together for the first time in five months. Kara was nervous about how they would react not only to her marriage and children but to her decision to leave National City for good. Lena meanwhile, was nervous about how much she’d be blamed for Kara’s decisions; she was preparing to be called horrible names and blamed for Supergirl hanging up her cape for good and she was also scared she’d be accused of manipulating Kara into their marriage or worse helping orchestrate Elle’s creation. Once everything was prepared though, and they triple checked that they had everything they would need for Elle especially, the little family made their way to the platform to board the ship for the short trip to the portal. However, when they stepped onto the platform they saw that Eliza and Astra were waiting for them, each with a bag in their hands.


“Mom? Aunt Astra? What are you two doing,” Kara asked the women.


“Sweetheart, I know we decided I would remain on Argo until Miah is born but there is no way I’m letting you two face everyone alone. You two have made the best decision for yourselves and your family and if anyone has anything negative to say about it, or about the past five months in general, they will answer to me,” Eliza said seriously.


“And I only just got you back, little one, and I’m not willing to send you and your wife into potentially hostile territory alone. Additionally, the threat to you is still present on Earth so I, along with my top soldiers will be accompanying you as well,” Astra said as she gestured towards the ship where her top soldiers were. “My people know to detain anyone attempting to reach your loft who isn’t on the list of expected and approved visitors. Lethal force will only be utilized in the event it is unavoidable or necessary to protect you and your family. We will stay out of sight so no one knows we are there though, but we will be watching and we will be prepared to step in if needed,” Astra firmly added.


Kara and Lena both felt themselves grow emotional over how much Eliza and Astra cared for them and their family. Both women weren’t sure they could trust their voices so they simply nodded in understanding before leading the way onto the ship.





When they walked through the portal and into the fortress, Kara couldn’t help but smile at her aunt’s facial expression when she realized she felt different on Earth.


“It’s the yellow sun, Aunt Astra. Here you have super strength, can fly, have super hearing, have laser vision and freeze breath and are bulletproof. Perhaps Lena or I can create a yellow sun emitter to install in the military guild’s training facility so I can teach you, and anyone who wishes to learn, how to use and control the powers Rao blessed us with when under a yellow sun,” Kara suggested.


“I think I would like that very much. I feel…I feel so much stronger here; this is a feeling I only briefly felt before when passing through the Koa system but I would like to learn about these powers. Perhaps if I can learn, I can return here with you to fight by your side as you take down Cadmus, Lillian Luthor and that despicable Kal-El. Jor-El and Lara would be so disappointed in him if they were here to see what he has become, but I digress. Kara, while I am familiar with the fortress itself since your mother did create it, I am curious as to how we will travel from here to National City. It was my understanding that National City is thousands of miles away from here.”


“I would be honored to have you fight by my side Aunt Astra but we will have plenty of time to plan for that once we return home. For right now though, everyone who has not experienced the powers we get from a yellow sun, please be mindful of your strength and your emotions. Try not to use your powers unless it is absolutely necessary so we don’t alert anyone to our presence here today. As for how we will travel, my jeju, the late Queen Alura, made sure I would always have a way to travel through space if I needed it. There is a secret sector of the fortress that only I was told about that houses various ships. Until now I have never had to tell anyone about that sector or utilize any of the ships because I either flew myself or used J’onn’s ship. If you all would follow me, I will take you to the hangar bay,” Kara said before she interlaced her fingers with Lena’s, held her daughter in her free hand, and led everyone to the hangar bay.


When they stepped through the entrance to the hangar bay, that was hidden in the wall and completely unnoticeable unless you knew where to look, everyone gasped when they saw what was before them. The hangar easily has at least twenty different ships, all of various sizes, colors and designs. After giving everyone a chance to take in the hangar, Kara led them to a medium sized ship that was the same shade of blue as Kara’s Supergirl suit with the House of El crest on the side in the same color scheme as the one on Kara’s super suit.


“This will be the ship we use during this trip. Like J’onn’s ship, it transforms into an automobile with the click of a button,” Kara said as she retrieved what looked like a key fob from the wall and clicked a bottom causing the ship to take on the shape of a modern large SUV before Kara clicked the button again so it returned to its true form. “It also has Krypton’s top cloaking software so we will be invisible both to the eye and any radar or other systems meant to detect objects in the sky.”


“Darling, this technology is amazing. This all is amazing,” Lena said in awe.


“Wait until we’re back on Argo and Kara can give you a proper tour. I think you will be quite impressed by the technology we have and with you and Kara taking your rightful places as our Queens, I know you will lead us into a new era with even more technological advancements,” Astra said sincerely.


“Thank you for saying that. I cannot wait until we are home and I can fully immerse myself in not only our culture and I can only hope that Rao finds Kara and I fit to lead our people into a new, more prosperous era.”


“Queen Lena, may I speak freely,” one of the soldiers asked.


“Of course. You are Ben-Ur, correct?”


“Yes, I am my Queen.”


“Well, Ben, please say whatever it is you wish to say,” Lena encouraged the young man while Kara looked on lovingly.


“Rao has already ruled that you and Queen Kara are fit to lead us. We have spent my entire life trying to figure out how to not only return to our former glory before the rest of Krypton perished but to enter a new era with more advancements and more prosperity. You and Queen Kara have been with us for only a short time but already, the Harun-El crisis has been solved and the people are more energized than I have ever seen them. It is an honor to serve under your leadership,” Ben said before bowing before his queens, a gesture which everyone else, including Eliza and Astra, joined in as a sign of respect to both Kara and Lena.


“Thank you all for your faith, loyalty and service. It is our honor to be your queens,” Kara said even as she and Lena found themselves feeling emotional at the display of loyalty and respect.


After another moment passed, everyone returned to their feet and Astra put her General mask back on. “When we arrive at your loft, what are our orders, my Queen?”


“When we arrive at my loft, you can position your men on the rooftop, lobby, hallway, outside my door, in the adjoining buildings or wherever else you see fit, General. I do however, expect you all to utilize your personal cloaking devices so you remain unseen and undetectable by everyone even when outside of the ship. The last thing we need is Kal-El realizing there are more Kryptonians on Earth than there should be in existence or for Lillian and Cadmus to realize we’re here. This is also why Lena, Elle, Eliza and I will also be wearing personal cloaking devices until we are in my loft at which point I will activate security protocol 159 so that no systems, other than our own, may see into the loft, hear anything occurring inside or even pick up our heat signatures. Once Lena and I are ready to return to Argo, I will send an encrypted message. Are there any questions before we leave?”


“Kara, how was your mother able to send these ships with you to Earth,” Lena couldn’t help but ask.


“Oh! It’s simple really. When I was a young girl, she and my father met a Coluan who told them about how their people could bottle entire worlds. They learned how to do it and so she bottled the fortress and everything that would be in it then sent it to Earth so it would be here waiting once we arrived. Once it reached Earth’s atmosphere and landed it automatically unbottled and the fortress has been here ever since. I’m not well versed on exactly how the bottling and unbottling process works but I know where my parents stored all the information on it.”


“Interesting. When it is a better time, I’d like to learn about this bottling process,” Lena mused.


“Of course, Sunshine, anything you want,” Kara said sincerely.


“Your Majesty,” one of the guards asked.


“Yes, Hal-Ve?”


“We have reviewed the information pertaining to everyone who you expect to appear at the loft later today but I noticed your sister, Alex Danvers, was not listed. Should she show, do we allow her to make her way to your loft or do we detain her?”


“I have spent some time thinking about this and my wife raised an excellent point that Alex should hear of our choice to reside on Argo from me so if she shows up she may enter. If she later turns hostile I can handle the situation myself. I appreciate you all being here but I have my powers here as well so I am not defenseless. Now, if you’ll all follow me we can head to the loft and get set up.”


Once everyone was aboard the ship, which Kara was piloting, she and Lena took a moment to send the necessary text to their friends. Opening up what Kara had jokingly called the “SuperFriends Chat”, that consisted of Kara, Lena, Alex, Maggie, J’onn, Winn, James and Sam, Kara sent the message and hoped everyone would attend.


Kara to SuperFriends: My loft, 6 p.m. today, don’t be late. Everything will be explained then.


As soon as that message was sent, Kara sent one more to someone who also deserved to know what was going on.


Kara to Cat Grant: Hello, Ms. Grant. I know I have essentially disappeared over the past five months but I believe it is time you receive an explanation. If you are able, please come to my loft at six o’clock this evening and I promise to explain everything.


With both messages sent, Lena supportively squeezed Kara’s hand and gave her a reassuring smile before Kara fired up the engines and began the journey back to National City.





By mid-afternoon, Astra’s men were all positioned according to their orders and keeping an eye on the area while Astra, who seemed to master flying immediately, flew above the city to keep an eye on things from above. Eliza however, had returned Midvale with one of the warriors who had spent time under a yellow sun before, so that she could gather more of her belongings for her officially extended stay on Argo. Kara and Lena meanwhile, had everything prepared for that evening and decided to enjoy some quality time together while Elle napped before their guests arrived. While alone, the couple found themselves cuddled together on the couch with a movie on, like they so often did before. Kara had her back against the side of the couch and her arms wrapped around Lena and resting on her baby bump while Lena was settled between her legs and leaning against her chest. Both women were completely content in their positions and basking in the rare opportunity to just be together.


“I like this,” Lena said after a moment.


“What’s that,” Kara asked.


“This, just being able to be together and just be us. We haven’t really been able to have much quality time together since I came back and I’m realizing how much I truly missed this.”


“I know what you mean. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to do this much since you came home but I promise to make time for this, for us, going forward. I know we have a lot of responsibilities on Argo now but I want us to be able to enjoy this pregnancy and have plenty of time together and together with Elle before Miah is born.”


“Kara, you don’t need to be sorry. We had to handle the Harun-El situation and you have found moments to have quality time with me and the kids. I’ve heard you talking to Miah in the mornings when you think I’m still asleep too and I’ve heard you telling Elle stories when you get up with her in the middle of the night and I’ve definitely reveled in how you make sure to pull me close at night and tell me you love me. So, Darling, please don’t think you’ve neglected any of us because you haven’t. I do look forward to more quality time with you though,” Lena sweetly said, causing Kara to blush, before she tilted her head so Kara could kiss her soundly.


“I’m going to continue doing those things too but I promise we will have more time together, love. I love you and our children more than anything.”


“I love you too, Darling,” Lena replied before growing silent for a few moments. “You know I had a dream last night,” she finally said.


“Yeah? Was it a good dream?”


“The best dream,” Lena said as a smile spread across her lips and she cuddled into Kara more.


“Tell me about it? Please?”


“We were at home and you were running around with Elle and a little boy I just knew was Miah. You were all giggling and having a grand time and I was sitting nearby with two infants in my arms, telling them how silly their jeju and siblings were. Then after a few more moments you came over to me and kissed me before placing a kiss on each of the babies’ heads. Then you sat with us as Elle and Miah played and right before I woke up you told me thank you for giving you this life and you said our family was perfect. It was a perfect dream.”


“It sounds perfect. But, Lee, I need you to know that our family is already perfect. You, Elle and Miah are all I need to be happy,” Kara said sincerely.


“You and our children are all I need to be happy too, Kar.” Then, after a moment Lena continued. “He was so beautiful Kara. In my dream, Miah looked just like you. I hope he looks just like you when he’s born,” she said as she looked at her baby bump and smiled lovingly.


“No, I hope he looks just like you,” Kara said as she too looked at Lena’s baby bump.


“Can you tell who he looks like with your X-Ray vision?”


“I don’t know. I’ve been dying to look since we crossed back through the portal but I didn’t want too without your permission,” Kara admitted shyly.


“You have my permission, Darling. Tell me what you see, please?”


Nodding her head, even though Lena couldn’t see it, Kara focused on Lena’s stomach and used her X-Ray vision. What she saw made her gasp.


“Oh Rao! He’s so beautiful! It’s only been a matter of days since our last ultrasound but he’s already grown so much. He definitely has your facial structure though. I really think he’s going to look like you, love. I may not be able to see his hair or eye color or his skin tone but I can tell, he looks like you. I can’t wait to meet him, Lee,” Kara said as happy tears welled in her eyes.


“He has my facial structure? You’re sure,” Lena asked as she grew emotional too.


“Yeah, he does, I’m sure. He’s going to be so beautiful just like his mam,” Kara said as she placed a kiss to Lena’s temple.


“I can’t wait to him, Kar. You hear that Miah? Mam and Jeju can’t wait to meet you. Jeju says you look like me but I hope you at least have Jeju’s eyes; she has the best eyes. I hope you have her compassion too. I can’t wait to hold you and see who you become baby boy. Mam and Jeju love you so much, Miah.”


“That’s right, we love you and your sister more than anything Miah. We can’t wait to meet you baby boy but I do have to disagree with Mam about your eyes, I hope you have her eyes,” Kara said as she softly smiled down at Lena’s bump just as Miah kicked against his mothers’ hands which caused both women to break out into huge grins.


When Miah settled down after a couple of minutes, the couple settled back into the couch to finish their movie even though neither watched it, as they momentarily forgot about what was to come that night, as they instead thought about how blessed they were as they enjoyed cuddling on the couch.





Just before 6:00 p.m., Kara was pacing the length of her loft’s living room as Lena, Eliza and Astra sat on the couch watching her.


“Darling, please come sit; pacing isn’t going to solve anything.”


Hearing Lena’s voice, Kara suddenly stopped and looked at her wife before nodding and joining her on the couch the second she saw Lena’s serious expression.


“I’m sorry. I’m just nervous. Everyone, except Alex, text back that they were coming and J’onn should be on his way back with Sam and Ruby and I’m scared. I know it’s really only James, Winn and Cat that need to be fully filled in but we still have to tell everyone we’re not coming back to National City and I’m scared how they’ll react, especially Alex if she does show up,” Kara rushed out as she began to ramble.


“Little one, if these people care for you as much as you say they do they will be happy that you have found your soulmate, created a beautiful family and are moving to the place that is best for you and your family,” Astra assured her niece.


“Astra’s right, Kara. Yes, they will have a lot of feelings about everything but if they all care about you as much as I believe they do, they will support you. Now, why don’t you, Lena and Astra go wait in your bedroom and you’ll know when each of you can come out just as we talked about,” Eliza said as she ushered the other three women to the bedroom, where Elle was in the pack and play they brought with them.





Kara, Lena and Astra had only been in the bedroom for a couple of minutes when everyone slated to attended that evening managed to arrive at the same time. As soon as Eliza opened the door she saw J’onn, Maggie, Alex, James, Winn, Sam, Ruby, Cat and a very sheepish and nervous looking Alex. Eliza also couldn’t help but notice the confused looks on everyone’s faces, as Eliza clearly wasn’t who they expected to have opened the door.


“I can tell by the looks on all your faces you were expecting Kara. Please come in and everything will be explained soon,” Eliza said as she stepped aside so everyone could enter and take seats in the living room. “Now, before we get to why you are all here tonight, we need to go over some ground rules. Tonight, you all will be learning truths that may be hard to hear and accept but to stay here you must listen with an open mind and heart and no matter what you are feeling you must be respectful at all time and to everyone. Most importantly though, you all will sign ironclad nondisclosure agreements before leaving here and James, if you are in contact with Clark at all, you need to leave now and if you speak a word to him you will earn a fate far worse than death,” Eliza said deadly serious.


“I’m not in contact with Clark; I haven’t been for months. Feel free to check my call, text and email logs for proof,” James replied seriously without an ounce hesitation in his voice.


“Good. And one last thing; you do not interrupt until the full story is told and you will refrain from making any judgments until you have heard everything. Do you all agree to these terms?”


After hearing a chorus of “yes”, “yeah” and “yeps”, Eliza nodded her head and took a seat herself, knowing the first speaker would have heard that it was time for her to enter. Sure enough, moments later, Kara appeared and nervously walked to the front of the group, some of whom she hadn’t seen or spoken to in five months.


“Hi everyone. I know I have a lot of explaining to do and I know some of you know more than others so please bear with me as I bring everyone up to speed,” Kara began and seeing that some wanted to interrupt already she continued on quickly. “I want to start by saying I’m sorry for how I have acted towards each of you over the past five months. I was lost after Lena disappeared and I completely withdrew from my life and in doing so I shut you all out and I’m sorry. I’m me again though; I’m my true self now and I could not be happier. I stand before you a married woman and a mother and I can only hope that you all know the happiness I have, if you do not know it already. Before I go any further, please let me introduce you to my wife,” Kara said with a huge smile on her face as Lena walked out from the bedroom while James, Winn and Cat looked shocked and the others simply smiled as they already knew who Kara’s wife was.


Kara met Lena half-way and kissed her chastely before walking hand-in-hand back to the front of the room. Kara knew her wife was nervous but the second she kissed Lena and held her hand, Lena felt some of the nerves leave her body as she knew she’d be okay with Kara by her side.


“Hi, everyone. Clearly, Kara isn’t the only one who has some explaining to do tonight. First, let me express how sorry I am for the pain I have caused by disappearing the way I did. At the time, I thought I was doing what I had to do to protect the woman I love but I should have remembered that she and I are always stronger together. I will understand if some of you cannot forgive me, but I hope you will at least listen to what Kara and I have to say,” Lena said as she slowly made eye contact with every person present to ensure they knew she meant every word she spoke.


“Lena and I have always been close, that is no secret, but five months ago we married in accordance with Kryptonian law when we bonded. We love each other very much and that will never change. We are soulmates,” Kara said as she looked at Lena lovingly before continuing. “I want to be explicitly clear when I say this,” she began as she looked everyone in the eyes. “I know some of you have had issues with Lena in the past because of her last name but she is not one of them. If you have a problem with me being married to Lena, you can sign the nondisclosure, leave and never return,” she firmly said while giving Lena a reassuring hand squeeze as she could tell Lena was nervous. After seeing everyone nod their heads or simply remain silent, Kara continued. “The night we bonded, we created our unexpected but wonderful surprise baby, our little Jeremiah Matthew, or Miah as we have chosen to call him,” she said as she lovingly placed her free hand on Lena’s baby bump for a moment. “However, before we knew we were expecting him, Lillian sent Lena a text message threatening my life if she stayed so…”


“So, I left the morning after we bonded because I thought it was what I had to do to protect Kara, the person I love more than anything or anyone, except our children of course. I let my fear of what Lillian could do keep me away from Kara and my life for five months but I’m done being afraid. Kara and I are stronger together and we will find a way to take down Cadmus and Lillian once and for all. I know many of us have had a complicated past and I know I messed up when I left but there is nothing and no one that will ever take me from Kara and our family again,” Lena said resolutely.


“Lena and I are going to take Cadmus and Lillian down, not only because of the time Lillian caused us to miss spending together, or because of my kidnapping, but because Lillian used DNA she obtained from Lena and I to create our eldest child, our daughter Lorelei Kieran, who we call Elle. She is just over a month old and she has been with me since she was a week old and Lena joined us a month later, immediately after she learned of our daughter’s existence,” Kara said as she gave Lena another reassuring hand squeeze. “I can tell that at least a few of you want to ask questions right now and I’m sure they all have to do with how Lillian was able to create our daughter. It turns out that mine and Alex’s father did not die like we were led to believe; instead he fell into the hands of Cadmus and Lillian. Lillian threatened him and forced him to recreate Krypton’s birthing matrix. Once that was created, all Lillian had to do was add the DNA she collected from me while I was held captive and the DNA she gathered from Lena while she worked to save me and six months later our daughter was born. Jeremiah however, knew he could not allow Lillian to raise our child to be the perfect weapon so he bided his time and when Elle was a week old, he managed to escape with her and bring her to Eliza who called out for me until I came to her and the rest is history. As of right now, we do not know where Jeremiah is, only that he is on the run from Cadmus and Lillian.”


“We know this is a lot to take in, and trust me it has been for us as well, but our daughter is a blessing. Neither Kara or I ever thought we’d have the family we now have. We’ve been blessed to find our soulmates in each other and we’ve been blessed with an absolutely perfect daughter and we have a son on the way. We couldn’t ask for a better life,” Lena said as she looked at Kara lovingly before placing a sweet but chaste kiss to her lips.


“I know we’ve already given some of you quite the shock tonight, and although many of you in this room know this already, I need to now tell you a truth about myself that you must know to understand the rest of what we have to tell you,” Kara said before continuing after taking a deep breath and receiving a reassuring hand squeeze from Lena. “My name is Kara Zor-El and I hail from the planet Krypton; I am Supergirl.”


The only one in the room who didn’t know Kara’s true identity was Cat, but one look at the woman was enough to tell Kara that the Queen of All Media, already knew, or at least suspected. After sharing a look with Cat, she looked at everyone individually once more, with her eyes lingering on Alex for a moment before taking a deep breath so she could continue explaining everything, or at least everything that was needed to be known.


Before she could speak again though, Lena gave her another reassuring hand squeeze and whispered low enough that only Kara could hear her, “it’s going to be okay. No matter what happens remember, we are stronger together.”


Smiling, in gratitude to her wife, Kara turned her attention back to those gathered in the room and spoke. “Lena and I had been staying with Eliza when a message came through to the fortress. For those unfamiliar with the fortress, it essentially is a piece of Krypton my mother sent here for me so that I’d have a bunker of sorts. Anyway, a message came through asking for my assistance. Lena and I were wary of the message but the coordinates I was asked to travel to meant something to me. Before Krypton as we knew it died, we had a planet-wide emergency plan. In the event we had to leave Krypton emergently, we were all to meet at a set of coordinates, the very coordinates I was asked to travel too. The coordinates weren’t the only thing I recognized in the message though. It was a voice message and the voice sounded like that of my Aunt Astra, who I believed to have died with Krypton. For obvious reasons, I did not want Lena accompanying me to the coordinates just in case it was a trap, but, J’onn and Maggie did go with me. When we arrived at the coordinates, we found ourselves in Argo City, the very city I grew up in, and moments after our arrival, Aunt Astra appeared. She and my Uncle Non, along with some of the brightest minds of Krypton, had been able to create a failsafe to save Argo so that all of Krypton was not lost. Unfortunately, my parents were not able to get within the area that was saved before it was too late nor was Uncle Non,” Kara explained as she felt herself growing emotional as she once again thought about the loved ones she lost. Before she could succumb to the tears however, Lena let go of her hand and pulled her into her side, and placed a kiss to her temple which gave her the strength to continue. “After reuniting with my aunt, I learned that the substance used to essentially power Argo was degrading and they needed me to find a way to fix it. I ultimately returned to the fortress and spoke with Lena and together we decided to go to Argo, with our daughter, in the hopes of saving it. Eliza also came with us in the end to help us with Elle.”


“We spent days working on the issue but finally Kara had an epiphany. As a result of that epiphany, Kara was able to retrieve what we believed was needed to create more of the proper substance needed and we immediately began to work on creating the substance in its pure form. It took some time, but after a device from my lab here was brought to us, we were able to create the pure version of the substance yesterday,” Lena said with a smile.


“After testing the substance we made, we installed it in Argo’s systems and as of last night, Argo is no longer facing extinction,” Kara said triumphantly and immediately everyone lit up, while Eliza simply looked at her daughter and daughter-in-law proudly since she already knew.


“So, does this mean you guys are back in National City for good,” Winn asked hopefully but deflated almost instantly when he saw the somber looks on Kara and Lena’s faces.


“I’m sorry, but no, it doesn’t,” Kara said which caused everyone, minus Eliza, to look stunned, confused and even hurt, but before they could say anything Kara continued. “In fact, we will never be returning to National City for good because we are moving to Argo permanently.”



Chapter Text



As soon as they heard the outburst, Kara and Lena shared a look before the both took a deep breath so they could address the speaker.


“James, I understand that hearing all of this, all at once, must be difficult but Lena and I have made the best decision for our family. We’re not saying we will never visit, because we will, and you will be able to visit us too.”


“How can you do this?! People need Supergirl! You chose to wear the cape so you have a duty to National City now,” James insisted.


“But that’s just it James. You say people need Supergirl, but not once have you said people need me, Kara. Supergirl was a part of me but Supergirl is not all of me. I am Kara Zor-El, wife of Lena Zor-El, mother of Lorelei and Jeremiah and Queen of Krypton, presently known simply as Argo. I am a person, just like you, and it is time for me to be just that, me. Lena and I both deserve that chance,” Kara said resolutely.


“This is all your doing isn’t it, Luthor,” James said venomously.


“No, James, this was a decision that my wife and I made together, something you would understand if you had ever had a healthy relationship in your life,” Kara spit back.


“I know how to have a healthy relationship!”


“Really? Do you want to call Lucy to ask her about that or should I,” Kara asked with an arched brow.


“Kara and I made this decision together with our family’s best interests at heart. We don’t just have ourselves to think about anymore, we have a daughter and soon we will have a son, and we must do what’s best for our children,” Lena said imploringly.


“Living on another planet is not what’s best for your children! How are they supposed to live up to their full half-Kryptonian destiny of protecting the planet if they don’t live here,” James yelled making Lena and Kara livid.


“Living on Argo is what’s best for our children but it is also what is best for Kara and I. We are the Queens of Krypton and our people need us but, more importantly, we need Argo. As you’ve already demonstrated tonight, Earth wants Supergirl at their beck and call, and if anyone finds out she has children they will want them at their beck and call as well, but what about Kara? What is life on Earth really like for her? She can’t be her true self all the time, rather she has to hide parts of herself and that’s not okay. Depending who her audience is she has to hide Supergirl, her Kryptonian origins and powers or she has to hide Kara Danvers but at all times she has to hide her full true self, Kara Zor-El. As for me? Again, as you’ve demonstrated tonight, I am automatically hated because of the Luthor name. I face multiple assignation attempts a month, I’m spit on by people who have been wronged by Lex and Lillian, I am smeared in the press daily no matter how much good I do and I face more death threats than I can count and so much more. Do you really think Elle and Miah wouldn’t face these things too once it came out that they are my children,” Lena asked in her steely CEO voice but the emotion behind her words was still clear as day.


“When we’re on Argo we get to just be Kara and Lena. Yes, we are the reigning monarchs, but we are still able to be ourselves because we are accepted for exactly who we are. I don’t have to hide any part of me and Lena doesn’t face any negativity because of her name. We’re truly free on Argo and our children are too. Maybe you all can’t understand this because you haven’t seen what it’s like for us on Argo but Argo is our home now,” Kara said firmly, leaving no room for discussion.


“I’ve seen them on Argo,” Maggie said after a few moments of silence. “There is something different about them when they’re there. They are visibly freer and they’re themselves. Here, I’ve seen them both build walls around themselves higher than Mount Everest but on Argo those walls don’t exist. It’s a beautiful thing to see them both so happy and free. So Kara and Lena, I support you completely but be warned Aunty Maggie will be visiting often,” she said sincerely.


“Thank you, Maggie,” Lena said as Kara offered the woman a small smile.


“I have seen it too. Even in Midvale, where they were only with family, I saw how they were still more reserved, and their daughter’s behavior mirrored that, but none of that exists when they are in Argo. Argo is their chance to not only be who they were meant to be, but their chance to be able to be themselves one hundred percent of the time. So, I too support your decision ladies,” J’onn said thoughtfully.


“Thank you, J’onn,” Kara said sincerely while Lena offered a soft smile.


“I…I have so many questions that I cannot think of any to ask right now. I wasn’t expecting tonight to turn out this way. I thought I’d come and be angry at you, Kara, for completely shutting me out for five months. But, then you started talking and neither of you said it, but it seems pretty clear you shut us out because Lena left and you didn’t want to continue living without her and I get that. And Lena, I can’t be mad at you knowing you left because you thought it was the only way to keep Kara safe. I wish you both had talked to me but I understand. I just…I feel like I’ve missed so much in your lives. You’re supposed to be one of my best friends, Kara, and I didn’t know you had a wife, a daughter or a son on the way. I’m afraid that now that you are moving to another planet, you will completely disappear from my life and I don’t want that,” Winn said honestly.


“Winn, I know I handled the past five months horribly but I never want us to disappear from your life. You can visit us on Argo anytime you want and we will come back to visit as well. Granted, we won’t come back much until after Miah is born and we find a way to deal with Cadmus and Lillian but we will visit too eventually. You will always be one of my best friends, Winn,” Kara said as she felt herself growing emotional.


“Winn, I know we are not nearly as close as you and Kara are, but after your initial worries about me, we became friends. You were one of the few people who didn’t tell Kara she shouldn’t be friends with me, and I will always remember that. I haven’t asked Kara about this yet, but to me, you’re a great friend to both Kara and I, so you will always be Uncle Winn to our children,” Lena said sincerely.


“I agree with Lena, you’ll always be Uncle Winn to our kids.”


“Uncle Winn,” Winn said as if he was trying the title out. “I like that. I like it a lot,” he said happily.


“I have not seen either of you on Argo but I understand why you would wish to return home with your family. But Kiera, please explain that pesky little detail about you being a queen,” Cat asked.


“Yeah! How did that happen,” Winn asked suddenly realizing that that detail was never explained.


“Ah, I suppose we didn’t explain that part of the story did we,” Kara said with a nervous chuckle. “Krypton has a governing system that is most similar to a constitutional monarchy here. The House of El, our house, is the royal family of Krypton. My father, Zor-El, was King and as his wife, my mother, Alura Zor-El, was Queen. As my parents’ only heir, I was automatically the Crown Princess. I knew my entire life that I was going to be Queen one day but when I was sent to Earth, I never thought I’d get to be anything other than Queen in name only. See, under Kryptonian law when my parents died, I automatically became Queen just as Lena automatically became Queen when we bonded. Lena and I have accepted our roles, we are eager to fulfill them and we have already begun to do that.”


“And you’re happy, both of you,” Cat asked.


“I’ve never been happier,” Kara said as she looked at Lena lovingly and placed a kiss to her knuckles.


“This is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Lena said immediately after as she looked at Kara just as lovingly and placed her own kiss to Kara’s knuckles.


“Then that settles it for me. I do hope you keep in touch, and I would like to visit on occasion, but so long as you are happy then I am happy for you, Kara,” Cat said sincerely.


“You guys cannot seriously be okay with this?! Kara is moving to ANOTHER PLANET with a LUTHOR!! Her brother nearly killed Clark and Kara and now we’re all supposed to be okay with her moving to another planet with no one to rely on except a Luthor?! This is insane,” James loudly said.


“Lena Zor-El, is not the same as her so-called family. As I recall, it was Lena who sacrificed herself to save not only her now wife, but that despicable heathen Kal-El, when she didn’t even know either of them. Lena nearly lost her life saving theirs and a ‘Luthor’ as you like to refer to her as would never have done that. Lena is good and we are very lucky to have her as one of our Queens,” Astra said firmly as she entered the room with a wide-awake Elle in her arms. “She woke up a few minutes ago and I think her super hearing has kicked in because she’s been making grabby hands towards this room as if she’s asking for you both,” Astra more softly said as she transferred Elle into Lena’s arms before turning to face James once more. “If you have a problem with Lena Zor-El, you have a problem with me and unlike my niece, I will fling you into the sun if that is what is needed to put an end to your rather pathetic diatribe. I can see why Kal-El calls you a friend, however. Perhaps you should return to his side if you wish to be amongst like-minded company,” Astra sneered.


“I don’t know who the hell you think you are lady but I’ve known Kara since she came to National City and I’ve known Clark for even longer so I know what’s good for Kara and being married to a Luthor and moving to an alien planet is not what is good for her,” James snarled.


“I am General Astra and I am the aunt of Queen Kara Zor-El and Queen Lena Zor-El. You will not continue to speak as you are unless you wish to lose your tongue,” Astra said seriously.


“Oooo, I like this one,” Cat said quietly as she watched Astra’s exchange with James.


“Whatever you say G.I. Jane. You all know this is absurd! A Super and a Luthor can never be anything more than enemies.” James insisted.


“That’s enough, James,” Alex sternly growled, much to everyone’s surprise.


“You cannot seriously be okay with this Alex!”


“I actually am. I’ve messed up with my sister more ways than I can count but I’ve been forced to take a hard look at my actions thanks to some people who refused to let me continue getting away with how I’ve acted for far too long,” Alex said as she looked to Maggie, Eliza, Sam and lastly Kara, “and I now see how wrong I’ve been. Kara has never been allowed to be herself here, not really. We’re all guilty of only letting Kara be a shell of herself. And Lena, God, we’ve treated her like shi…shiitake mushrooms,” Alex changed course to say as soon as she saw Lena’s arched brown, “and it’s not right. Yes, we had reason to be concerned in the beginning because we didn’t know her but she risked her life to save Kara’s when she didn’t even know her. She’s proven herself over and over again and we all refused to acknowledge that; I refused to acknowledge that even after seeing them together with their daughter and I could see how much they love each other with my own eyes. Their reasons for moving to Argo are sound and if that’s what will make them happy we should all be supporting them, we owe them that much. I know I support them and if you can’t do that you should sign the nondisclosure and leave and not bother coming back,” Alex said in a steely tone that said there would be no arguing with her words.


“You all are crazy if you think this is a good idea,” James said as he took the nondisclosure that was handed to him and signed it. “I’ll keep quiet but soon enough you’ll realize you should have listened to me, Kara, and gotten away from this Luthor scum while you could.”


“That’s it! I’ve tried to stay calm and not engage with you James, but you will not call my wife that or any other derogatory name. You need to leave my apartment and never come back. Do not attempt to contact me in any way and if I so much as sense that you are so much as googling Lena’s name I will find you. You only know the purely good version of me but if you think a Luthor can be vindictive you haven’t seen anything until you see Kryptonian royalty doing whatever it takes to protect their family,” Kara said in the most venomous tone anyone had ever heard her use which caused James to gulp and quickly flee the apartment.


As soon as James left, Lena pulled her wife into her arms, while being mindful of their daughter between them, and whispered in her ear, “it’s okay, Kara. Khap zhao rrip, khap zhao rrip, khap zhao rrip.”


“I love you too, Lee. I’m sorry I lashed out just now,” Kara whispered back.


Pulling back to look Kara in her beautiful blue eyes, Lena said firmly, “you have nothing to apologize for, Darling. I know you would do anything to protect us just as I would. I love you,” Lena said before placing a sweet kiss to Kara’s lips.


“Alright, I think we all can tell you’re in love but can we skip the romance so we can all be properly introduced to your little girl? Aunty Cat would like to meet her,” Cat said as she marched up to the couple.


“Aunty Cat, huh Ms. Grant,” Kara asked with a quirked eyebrow of her own.


“You can call me Cat, Kara,” Cat said as she rolled her eyes before adding, “and yes Aunty Cat because I am far too young to be called Grandma or Nana no matter how much I may view you as a daughter. Now, may I be properly introduced,” Cat asked expectantly, completely ignoring the shocked look on Kara’s face at hearing Cat admit she viewed Kara as a daughter.


When Cat continued to look at the young couple expectantly, Kara finally was brought out of her shock and spoke. “Of course! Of course, you can be introduced. Elle, this is Aunty Cat. Aunty Cat, this is Elle, our daughter.”


Elle looked at Cat curiously for a few moments then surprised everyone when she held her arms out towards Cat. Knowing their daughter only did that when she connected with someone and wanted to be held by them, Lena carefully placed Elle in Cat’s arms much to the media mogul’s surprise.


“Oh! Well hello little one. You look so much like your…Kara, what name do you go by?”


“Jeju, it means mom in Kryptonese.”


“I like that. You look so much like your jeju, but I can see your…”


“Mam, it means mom in Irish,” Lena supplied.


“That makes sense given your heritage. Well, little one, you look like both your jeju and mam. You may live on Argo but I’m still going to spoil you. I may not see you often but I hope you will always know Aunty Cat loves you and will always be there for you, no matter what,” Cat cooed at Elle with such softness that Kara had only heard when listening to Cat speak to her son, Carter. Before Kara or Lena could say anything though, Cat turned her attention to Kara and Lena. “I don’t like that you both shut us out for five months, but I understand. I know you have to return to your people, but I will always be here if you need me. And you,” she said as she turned to face Astra, “I don’t know you but Kara once spoke of an aunt who was fiercely protective and based on what I saw today, I’d say that aunt was you. I trust that I can rely on you to look out for them, all four of them?”


“Until my last breath,” Astra said without hesitation.


“Good. I am entrusting you with them then. Elle, remember Aunty Cat loves you,” Cat said as she turned her attention back to Elle before handing her over to Kara. “Now, I can see that you are going to be just fine, Kara, so I must go; I am a busy woman after all,” she said as she grabbed her handbag and made her way to the door. “And, Kara, do remember to contact me when Miah is born and be prepared for me to visit then.” Then just like that, Cat Grant was gone.


“I like her,” Astra said simply after a few moments.


“Yeah, Cat is something special. She can come off as cold and uncaring but she really cares more than almost anyone I know,” Kara said as she turned back to face the group.


“She’s always had a soft spot for you, Kara. I worked for her for five years and she never once took me to lunch like she did you sometimes,” Winn said before turning serious. “I think I’m going to head out as well though. I think you all could use some family time but please promise to stay in touch and congratulations, both of you, your daughter is beautiful, just like her moms,” he said before giving both Kara and Lena a hug, and stealthily slipping a little something in Kara’s pocket, before taking his leave.


“I’m going to head out as well. You both know you always have my support. I’ll be sure to visit soon and if we get any leads on Cadmus or Lillian, I will let you know. I will also keep an eye on James just to make sure he doesn’t reach out to Clark and try to cause problems,” J’onn said before he too hugged the women and took his leave.


“We’re going to leave too. Kara, Lena, I meant everything I said to James today and I hope one day you both believe it. I know I’m not currently allowed to visit Argo but I hope one day that will change. I do love you guys and I love your family and I’m going to prove it,” Alex said before heading to the door while Maggie gave the couple a hug and congratulated them on saving Argo while also promising to visit within the next few days.


Just before Maggie and Alex walked out the front door though, Kara called out to her sister.


“Hey, Alex?”


“Yeah, Kara?”


“Thank you for making sure the Q Wave device got to us safely; we wouldn’t have been able to save Argo without it.”


“You don’t have to thank me; I’m your sister, and even though I’ve been a sh..terrible one if you ever need my help I’ll be there even if we haven’t talked for years. I love you Kara and I hope you finally have all the happiness you deserve on Argo,” Alex said sincerely.


“Thank you, Alex. I am happy and I hope you find a way to be happy without the burden of always thinking you’re responsible for me or having to follow orders that pertain to me. I just want you to be as happy as I am with Lena and our little family.”


“I’m getting there,” Alex said before she and Maggie finally left the loft.


The door had only just closed behind Alex and Maggie when they heard a voice that hadn’t spoken the entire evening.


“You’re both leaving me? For good this time,” a teary-eyed Ruby asked before running to Kara’s room and slamming the door behind her.


“I’m going to go check on her. I wish you had told me you weren’t planning to come back here full-time though so I could prepare her before tonight,” a defeated Sam said before making her way to Kara’s bedroom to check on her daughter.


It was only then that the couple realized that Sam and Ruby both had not said a single word the entire evening and they knew the Arias women only remained that silent when they were incredibly hurt.

Chapter Text

Ruby Arias was twelve years old. For as long as she could remember it had always just been her and her mom, Sam. When Ruby was eleven though, her mom moved them to National City where she had accepted a job with longtime friend, Lena Luthor. Ruby knew of Lena; she sent gifts for each of Ruby’s birthdays and Christmas but Ruby had never actually met Lena, that she could remember at least. When they moved to National City though, that all changed. Suddenly she had aunts and uncles and even grandparents. Ruby was happier than she had ever been once they moved to National City and Aunt Lena truly became Aunt Lena and with her came Aunt Kara, Aunt Alex, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Winn, Uncle James (although Ruby didn’t really care for him too much), Grandpa J’onn and Grandma Eliza. Ruby was always closest to Aunt Lena and Aunt Kara though. She would spend one weekend a month with Lena and Kara and during that weekend they’d go away on a weekend trip or do something fun in National City. If they stayed in National City they’d let her pick which house they stayed at too. One time, they even took Ruby to NASA’s training facility for astronauts and Ruby was able to sit in the space simulator and feel what it’d be like to be in space with no gravity. It was one of the best weekends of young Ruby’s life. Then, when Ruby turned twelve, her two favorite aunts, with Sam’s approval, took Ruby and Sam to Puerto Rico, a place the young girl had been dying to visit after learning about its culture in school, and she had the best birthday ever, but not because of what they were doing or where they were but, because she got to spend her birthday with her three favorite people in the whole world.


Everything changed for Ruby though, when her two favorite aunts disappeared. Not long after Ruby had been told Lena left National City and may never return and Kara had shut everyone out, Sam packed up all of their belongings and moved them back to Metropolis. Ruby thought she’d at least be able to still talk to her other aunts, uncles and grandparents but Sam cut off communication with everyone, well everyone except Alex. Hurting from the pain of losing her two favorite aunts, Ruby began to grow closer to Alex, who would call her once a week and visit once a month. If Ruby asked Alex about Kara or Lena though, the elder Danvers sister would shut down and become sad, so Ruby stopped asking. Instead, she had asked her friend Shelby, whose father was a police officer, if her dad could help her find her aunts. Shelby’s father tried because it was clear to him how much the women meant to the girl but he quickly learned that everything dealing with Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers had been marked as highly classified by the US government. The day he told Ruby he wouldn’t be able to find her aunts, was the day she stopped hoping she’d see them again but she never stopped missing them.


About a week ago though, Ruby got a call from an unknown number on the brand-new cell phone Sam had just purchased for her. Her mother had told her not to answer calls from unknown callers but something told Ruby to answer, so she did and she was not disappointed.



Flashback – One Week Ago


“Hello,” Ruby had answered the call.


“Rubes? Hi sweetheart, it’s me, Aunt Lena.”


“Aunt Lena?! Is it…is it really you,” Ruby asked hopefully even though she’d recognize her aunt’s voice anywhere.


“It is sweetie, it’s me.”


“You left me,” Ruby sniffled. “You left me and then Aunt Kara left, probably because she’s totally in love with you and you broke her heart when you left but still you left us, you both did! Why did you leave without saying goodbye,” Ruby asked as her sniffles turned to full-fledged sobs.


“Ruby, I am so sorry I left the way I did. I should have handled it better but I promise you one day I will explain why I left the way I did. I promise you I will never leave you again. I’ve seen the error of my ways and I’m going to fix things, with everyone. I just…I just needed you to know that I’m sorry and I love you and I will fix things,” Lena implored the girl to believe her.


“Wh…What about Aun…Aunt Kara?”


“You’re right, sweetheart, she is or at least was in love with me just as I am in love with her but sometimes adults make bad decisions when they think they’re doing it for a good reason and that was the case with me. You should know something though; your Aunt Kara never gave up on me. It turns out that while she did shut all of you out these past five months, she kept looking for me every single day and she found me. She found me and shared some big news with me in a letter she left and I’m coming home Ruby; I’m on my way to the airport right now and I’m coming home.”




“Yes, sweetheart. I don’t know when I’ll be able to come see you because I need to have some time with Aunt Kara to figure things out but I wanted you to know I’m coming home and I will not leave you again. When I read the letter, Kara left me, I realized how horrible it was of me to leave you the way I did and I thought about how I’d feel if someone left my…”


“Your what, Aunt Lena,” Ruby asked curiously.


“Can you keep a secret Ruby? One that you can’t tell anyone, not even your mom?”


“Yes! You know I’m a good secret keeper!”


Chuckling Lena said, “I do know that. Well, the truth is, the news Kara told me about in her letter is that she and I have a daughter. She’s a month old.”


“I have a cousin?!”


“You do,” Lena said once again amazed at how children just accept certain news without asking how it’s possible. “As soon as I read Kara’s letter my entire life changed and I fully realized how wrong it was of me to leave you the way I did and I thought about how upset I’d be if someone did what I did to my daughter. So, maybe I shouldn’t have called my twelve year old niece with this news but I needed to call you and tell you how sorry I am and that I’m coming home. I love you Ruby and I promise to never, ever, leave you again. I hope you can forgive me one day, Rubes,” Lena said as she herself grow emotional.


“Mom always says you should forgive someone you love when they say they’re sorry and mean it, so I forgive you but if you leave me again I don’t think I’d be able to forgive you,” Ruby said honestly.


“That’s fair. I do love you Rubes and Aunt Kara and I will both prove that we’re not going to leave again.”


“I believe you.”


“I’m glad. Now, I do have a favor to ask you.”


“What is it,” Ruby asked skeptically.


“Once Aunt Kara and I work things out, do you think you can handle being there for our little girl like a big sister would? She’s just a little baby and needs someone other than her moms looking out for her.”


“I’ve always wanted to be a big sister! I’ll look out for her, promise! I won’t let you down, Aunt Lena, I swear.”


“I know you won’t Rubes. I hate to cut this short but we’re pulling up to the airport now but I promise to come see you as soon as I can. Remember to keep mine and Aunt Kara’s daughter a secret and maybe for now don’t mention that you talked to me, okay?”


“Okay! I won’t tell anyone anything. I love you Aunt Lena! Oh! And tell Aunt Kara I love her too and tell my…wait, what’s the baby’s name?”


“It’s Lorelei but we’re calling her Elle.”


“I like that! Tell Elle that her big cousin Ruby loves her and can’t wait to meet her!”


“I’ll pass the message along to both of them. I’ll see you as soon as I can, Rubes. I love you,” Lena said before ending the call and then stepping out of the car so she could begin the journey home, to her family.


End Flashback



True to her word, Ruby didn’t tell anyone about the phone call or Elle’s existence. She didn’t even say anything when Alex visited a matter of days later or when Kara came a couple of days after that. She was getting impatient to see Lena and her baby cousin though, but then finally her mom got a text asking them to come to Kara’s loft in National City. Ruby just knew that she was finally going to get the proper reunion with her aunts she wanted and that she’d get to meet her baby cousin and she was so excited for that. Of course, things did not go the way she thought they would when her aunts announced they weren’t just moving away from National City but were moving to a whole other planet. In that moment, young Ruby felt crushed, but kept it together until almost everyone left.


When it was just her, her mom, Lena, Kara, Elle, Eliza and Astra left, Ruby couldn’t hold her feelings in any longer and finally spoke for the first time since entering the loft.


“You’re both leaving me? For good this time,” a teary-eyed Ruby asked before running to Kara’s room and slamming the door behind her.


“I’m going to go check on her. I wish you had told me you weren’t planning to come back here full-time though so I could have prepared her before tonight,” a defeated Sam said before making her way to Kara’s bedroom to check on her daughter.


It was only then that the couple realized that Sam and Ruby both had not said a single word the entire evening and the Arias women only remained that silent when they were incredibly hurt.





As soon as Sam closed the bedroom door behind her, Kara and Lena deflated knowing they were the cause of Ruby’s pain.


“We were so focused on explaining that we didn’t stop to think about how Ruby was going to react. Maybe we should have met with her and Sam separately,” Kara said, clearly upset with herself.


“No, I don’t think the manner she found out in is the problem, I think it’s me,” Lena nervously said.


“What do you mean, Lee,” Kara asked as Eliza and Astra excused themselves to the kitchen to give the couple some semblance of privacy.


“I called Ruby the day I left Ireland to come back here,” Lena admitted as she hung her head down.


“What? Not that you can’t call her but you weren’t talking to any of us so why did you call her?”


“After I read your letter and found out about Elle, I knew I had to come home and Elle was the only thing I thought about and the more I thought the more I thought about what I’d do if anyone ever hurt her. Then I…”


“Then you realized we hurt Ruby by ghosting her especially after she told us in Puerto Rico about how everyone always leaves her, except Sam, but she was happy to know she now had us too” Kara said sadly.


“Yeah. So, on the ride to the airport I called her and I told her about Elle. I slipped up when explaining things to her and she caught it so I told her, but she promised not to tell anyone. She was so excited to have a cousin and I asked her to look out for Elle like a big sister and I kept…I kept telling her I wouldn’t leave again. She has always thought of us as a packaged deal so I know she took it as me promising that we both wouldn’t leave her again and then we…”


“And then we announced we’re leaving the planet and our promise to visit and have them visit doesn’t erase the fact that to her we’re leaving her again,” Kara said clearly crestfallen.


“Yeah. God, I can’t believe we didn’t think of this possibility sooner! And it’s not just Ruby that’s hurt, it’s Sam too. You saw her, she was upset and she and Ruby didn’t speak until everyone left and those two are only ever that quiet when they’re really hurt. We’re supposed to be back home in time for Elle’s bedtime but I don’t think we can fix this before then,” Lena said as she ranted, clearly upset with herself.


“Your mother and I promised to never leave each other when we were around Ruby’s age,” Astra stoically said as she reentered the living room, clearly having listened in to Kara and Lena’s conversation. “When she met your father, however, she made plans to leave our home in Kandor to move to Argo City with him. I reacted much like young Ruby did to your news. All it took to make it better was Alura’s promise of regular calls and visits and Alura following through on that promise. In the end, I followed them to Argo City within a few years but before that those regular calls and visits helped maintain our relationship and I never felt left behind the entire time we lived in different places. Perhaps you can do something similar for Ruby? Yes, you mentioned visits generally when everyone was here but maybe she needs to hear about visits specifically pertaining to her,” Astra mused.


“I agree with your aunt girls. You both had regular visits with Ruby, and Sam for that matter, when you all lived here in National City and then that all stopped when you left Lena, and you shut everyone out Kara. I think it’s reasonable to assume Ruby thinks you living on Argo will be a repeat of the past five months. You need to reassure her that you are not abandoning her. As for Sam, she’s faced abandonment most of her life so you need to make sure she knows you’re not abandoning her either,” Eliza gently said.


“We didn’t plan on abandoning them. When we said we would visit and they could visit we meant Sam and Ruby too,” Kara said.


“We know, sweetheart, but think about it, you and Lena have faced abandonment yourselves with your biological families and if the roles were reversed would you have reacted to the news any differently than Ruby and Sam did,” Eliza asked.


“No, we would have reacted the same and probably lashed out, or at least I would have,” Lena said.


“Exactly. Don’t beat yourselves up over this. You were trying to think about everyone but now you need to fix it so get in there and talk to them,” Eliza encouraged.





While Kara, Lena, Eliza and Astra were talking in the living room, Sam and Ruby were talking in the bedroom.


“Mom, they’re leaving again! They just came back and they’re leaving again and this time they’re not coming back,” Ruby said through tears.


“Sweetheart, I know you’re upset, I am too, but I don’t think they’re trying to abandon any of us.”


“But they’re leaving. If they loved me they wouldn’t leave the planet!”


“Rubes, I wish they had told me ahead of time so we weren’t blindsided but we don’t control this situation. We’ve tried to keep a lot of your aunts’ lives from you but I think it’s time to tell you a few things.”


“Like what?”


“Aunt Lena’s mom died when she was a little girl; that’s how she came to live with her birth father and the Luthor’s. Lillian was never very nice to Lena and she’s hired bad men to go after her more than once. And her brother, Lex? He’s done the same thing. They’ve also hurt Aunt Kara. Lillian and Lex do not like aliens and they really don’t like Kryptonians. They also know that Aunt Kara is Supergirl and seven months ago when she disappeared for bit, and we told you she was on assignment for CatCo, she had actually been abducted and it Lillian and an anti-alien organization she runs that did it. They hurt Aunt Kara then, and while Lex may be in prison, Lillian and her anti-alien organization are still out there and they pose a danger to both your aunts, especially now that they have a daughter and a son on the way,” Sam explained.


“But why does that mean they have to leave?! Aunt Kara is Supergirl, she can protect all of us,” Ruby insisted.


“Ruby, as parents, our children are our whole world and we would do anything to protect them. I can’t say this for sure, but I have a feeling your aunts have a way to control who can and can’t visit Argo, given what Alex said, so if Lillian and her organization can’t go to Argo then that is the one place where your aunts, Elle and little Jeremiah, once he’s born, will be completely safe. As much as it pains me to think about them leaving, if the roles were reversed, I’d move to another planet if that’s what it took to keep you safe.”


“I know I sound like a little kid throwing a tantrum but I haven’t had dinners or movie nights or game nights or our weekends for five months, Mom, and I thought…I thought they were coming home and I’d get to have all those things again.”


“Maybe you can still have those things. You didn’t give your aunts a chance to say anything before you came storming in here in all your pre-teen glory,” Sam said teasingly causing Ruby to smile slightly.


“Yeah I guess. Why are you upset at them though, Mom?”


“I’m more sad than upset. Lena was in contact with me while she was gone because of L-Corp but she never mentioned she’s pregnant or that she can Kara finally admitted their feelings. And Kara, well I’m just sad that she didn’t think she could come to me about any of it. I’m sad neither of them told me about Elle too. I’m just sad, but I plan to talk to them both about my feelings and hopefully I’ll stop being sad about it.”


“I’m scared to lose them, Mom. Everyone always leaves and these past five months have sucked without them and I didn’t just lose them, I lost all my other aunts, uncles and grandparents too,” Ruby admitted.


Before Sam could respond though and explain that it wasn’t Kara and Lena’s fault Ruby lost the other too, there was a knock on the door. Moving to answer it, Sam stepped aside so Kara and Lena could enter the room.


“Hey guys, we know you’re both upset but we were hoping we could talk some if you’re up for it,” Kara said softly.


When the Arias women nodded their heads, Kara and Lena took it as their go ahead to talk.


“Ruby, Kara and I are not leaving you. I meant it when I told you on the phone last week that I would never leave you again and Kara’s not leaving you either.”


“Yeah, I hate to break it to you Rubes, but you’re kinda stuck with me and Lena,” Kara said playfully. “Plus, we need someone to help us watch over our kids and be a role model for them and the only person we can think of to fill that role. Think you’re up for it?”


“Of course I am!”


“Wait, did you say you talked to Ruby on the phone last week?! How did I not know about this, Lena,” Sam asked clearly hurt that Lena talked to Ruby but not her.


“Sam, when I found out about Elle, I immediately got everything together to come back here and I called Ruby on the way to the airport since you had included her number in your last email about L-Corp. Thinking about my own daughter, I thought about how poorly I treated Ruby by leaving like I did and how upset I’d be if someone did that to my daughter. We had a good talk and I promised Ruby that I’d never leave her again and I plan on keeping that promise. And before you say something else, I asked Ruby not to tell you and I know that was wrong, but I wasn’t ready to talk to you about my actions when I knew I needed to focus on talking to Kara, fixing things with her, meeting my daughter and telling Kara about our son.”


“I understand but you have to understand that given recent history it’s a little hard to believe you won’t leave when you’ve relocated to another planet,” Sam couldn’t help but spit out.


“And that’s what we wanted to talk with you about. Sam, when I was at your house we talked about you and Ruby coming to Argo sometime to see it and Lena and I desperately want to share Argo with you. We know it’s going to be a little tricky but we were hoping you would allow Lena and I to have our monthly weekends with Ruby on Argo and we were hoping you’d both join us for dinners on Fridays and after dinner we could have a movie night or a game night and maybe Ruby could spend some school breaks with us too,” Kara said.


“And before you ask about getting to Argo, we have travel methods to get you to the fortress where the portal is so all in all it would only take maybe an hour to travel to and from the fortress,” Lena quickly added.


“Really? You still want to do our weekends and a weekly dinner with a movie night or game night and see me on school breaks,” Ruby asked surprised.


“Of course we do! We’ve missed our weekends these past months and Elle and Miah are going to need their big cousin around for them to spend time with,” Lena said.


“Can we do all that, Mom? Please,” Ruby begged.


Pretending to think about it, Sam hummed as she tapped her fingers on her chin for a couple of moments before finally saying, “I think we can make those things happen.”


“YES! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you,” Ruby chanted as she hugged her mom and then her aunts, clearly overjoyed at the knowledge that she was not losing her aunts.


After Ruby’s celebration calmed down and Sam mouthed a quick “thank you” to Lena and Kara, the couple had one final question for the mother-daughter duo.


“So, would you two like to be formally introduced to Elle,” Kara asked.


“Yes,” the Arias women said immediately.





Sam and Ruby were immediately taken by Elle, and the little girl even wrapped her hand around Ruby’s finger. Sam was thrilled to finally be an aunt herself, while Ruby was ecstatic to have a cousin, even if she was already behaving more like an older sibling. After each of the Arias women had the change to hold Elle, Kara finally got to properly introduce them to Astra as well. Both women were thrilled to meet the aunt that Kara often spoke of. But, like all good things, the night had to come to an end far quicker than anyone wanted as Kara and Lena needed to get Elle home and to bed. With promises to see each other that Friday for dinner, the Arias women made their way to Lena’s penthouse where they were staying for the night and Kara, Lena, Eliza, Astra and Elle regrouped with Astra’s soldiers and made their way back to the fortress and then through the portal home. All in all, everyone was pleased with how the evening turned out, even if there were a few hiccups.





Things may have gone relatively well at the loft, all things considered, but the troublemaker of the night was already causing more trouble. As soon as he was back in his apartment, James retrieved the burner phone her had from his wall safe and dialed the one number programed into it. It only took one ring for the call to be answered.




“It’s me. We need to meet. Kara’s gone off and married a Luthor and she even has a child with her and another on the way.”


“Meet me on the pier, twenty minutes.”

Chapter Text

“You’re late,” James growled when his companion joined him five minutes late.


“I had to ensure I wasn’t being followed. Now, tell me what was so urgent we had to meet tonight.”


“I told you, Kara has gone off and married a Luthor, Lena, to be specific and they have a daughter and another child on their way,” James hissed.


“I already knew about the marriage and daughter but the second child is news.”


“You knew?! Why didn’t you tell me then so I could have been better prepared!”


“Of course, I knew. One does not work with my associates and not know of certain things. They will be most interested to know the pair have somehow found a way to produce another child. What else did you learn tonight, James?”


“Argo City survived the death of Krypton. I don’t know how it survived, exactly but it did. Kara’s Aunt Astra, was among the survivors and she came here with Kara and Lena but they were returning to Argo with her as they have decided to relocate permanently.”


“Kara Danvers aka Supergirl has decided to leave our planet for good AND she took Lena Luthor with her?”


“Yes, but Lena was more than willing to go. Apparently, they’re the leaders of what’s left of Krypton.”


“And the child returned to Argo with them as well?”


“She did.”


“Interesting. Do you know if they are planning an attack?”


“I only know that they intend to take down Cadmus and Lillian Luthor.”


“Did they reveal their attack plan?”


“No, I don’t think they have one yet or they simply didn’t want us to know they have one.”


“That won’t do. We will need to infiltrate Argo and eliminate them before they have a chance to enact their plan. Can you get us access to Argo?”


“No, I do not know where their portal is located exactly and, even if I did, they appear to have a way to control who is able to cross into Argo and vice versa and I am not on that list after tonight.”


“What do you mean?”


“You told me should Kara ever reach out, it was my directive to get her to return to National City because you wanted her to work with you again to keep our city and planet safe. You also told me that if she showed up with Lena, I needed to try and separate them. So, I tried to reason with Kara that she was needed here but I came on too strong and it caused an argu…wait, you said ‘that won’t do’ when I said they plan to take down Cadmus and Lillian Luthor. If you wanted Kara to be Supergirl and keep us safe why wouldn’t you want her taking down Cadmus and Lillian,” James asked as the pieces began to fall into place as he looked at his companion’s smug smirk and the evil glint in his eyes. “You never wanted Kara to help you; you’re working with Cadmus and Lillian, aren’t you? You plan to kill her and her children for being alien,” James said in horror as he suddenly realized what was really going on.


“I should have known you’d get there eventually, Mr. Olsen. Under Lillian Luthor’s leadership, Cadmus will rid the earth of the vermin that are aliens.”


“No! You can’t do that; they help us! It’s the Luthor’s that are vermin not all aliens!”


“Ah you are right; there is one alien who isn’t part of the vermin.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Hello, Jimmy, long time no talk.”


“Clark?! What? Why?”


“Jimmy, Cadmus is the future; the sooner you see that the better. Alien scum, like my disgraceful cousin, are ruining our planet. Earth is for humans not aliens,” Clark said.


“Clark, YOU are an alien!”


“That may be true, Mr. Olsen, but Superman here has committed himself to protecting humans. He has dedicated himself to the cause.”


“Supergirl protects humans too!”


“No! That sorry excuse of a Kryptonian protects aliens. She doesn’t focus on the human race; if she did she could be seen as a God too,” Clark said


“You really are delusional. The Clark I was friends with truly gone. What would Lois say if she knew you were involved in this anti-alien plot?”


“Lois knows she has no choice but support me and do as we say if she ever wants to see her child when it is birthed in five months,” Clark hissed.


“What are you talking about? Lois is a public figure and she does not look pregnant.”


“With your precious Supergirl having her daughter that Cadmus created under Lillian’s vision, we had to make a replacement, just in case. But, with no more of Supergirl and Lena’s DNA we had to use alternate genetic material. In the end, although not ideal, it was Superman and Lois’ DNA that was able to create a viable embryo using the birthing matrix Jeremiah Danvers built during his time being held by Cadmus. But none of that matters. What matters is that together Superman, and ultimately the child, will help us rid this planet of all aliens.”


“This is crazy! I won’t be part of this,” James said adamantly.


“You’re right Mr. Olsen, you won’t be part of this. Superman, you know what to do.”


“I’m sorry it came to this Jimmy, but we can’t risk you telling anyone about our plans,” Clark said before his eyes glowed red and he shot his laser vision straight through James Olsen’s heart, killing him before his body even hit the ground.


“Put the body in his car and light it up. Make it look like an assassination attempt in retaliation for that article CatCo is rumored to be publishing about Morgan Edge this week. When it’s done, meet us back at headquarters.”


“Yes, General Lane.”


While General Lane and Kal-El thought they had committed the perfect crime, and tied up a loose end, what they didn’t know was that not only had the entire event been observed but it had been recorded as well.





Kara and Lena had been back on Argo for a few hours and were enjoying quality time together when suddenly Kelex appeared.


“Your Majesties, Major Tor-Ur requests an immediate audience.”


“Is he here,” Kara asked immediately.


“No, he is still on assignment but says he needs to speak with you immediately. He has requested a hologram call. He says he must show you something as well.”


“Understood. Kelex, we will take the call in the communications hub downstairs. Please have General Astra join us as well,” Kara replied without hesitation.


“Of course,” Kelex said before promptly leaving the room.


“That was quick. We weren’t expecting to hear from him until morning though, were we?”


“No, Lee, he was not due to check in until the morning. He must have found something,” Kara said clearly worried.


“Hopefully it’s something that can help us.”


“Hopefully, but I have a bad feeling. I can’t describe it, but I have this gut feeling that he does not have good news for us,” Kara said as she and Lena made their way to the communications hub.




Less than two minutes later they were in the communications hub and Astra joined them not even thirty seconds later. With everyone in the room, and top level encryption enabled, Kara initiated the hologram call.


“Your Majesties, thank you for accepting my request for a call at this hour,” Tor-Ur said as soon as he answered the call.


“Major, we were not expecting to hear from you until your check-in tomorrow morning. Has something happened,” Kara asked, not having time for pleasantries when she had a bad feeling.


“Something has happened. I followed James Olsen after he left the loft as ordered. As soon as he entered his apartment he made a phone call. I did use my powers to listen to his call and he was speaking to a man about the two of you and they arranged to meet. I followed Mr. Olsen to the meeting and there a man in a military uniform appeared and I recorded the entire meeting. I am transmitting the video footage now but I must warn you that the end, especially, is disturbing to watch.”


“Major, can you give us a summary of events while we await the video,” Astra asked.


“Yes, General. It appears that Mr. Olsen was tasked with convincing, Her Majesty, Kara Zor-El, to return to Earth and retake the mantel of Supergirl to protect National City and Earth. He was also to separate both of our queens. However, Mr. Olsen was lied too. He was being used as a pawn in the plot by Cadmus and Lillian Luthor to eliminate all aliens. Mr. Olsen refused to go along with the plan once he realized he had been manipulated but then Superman, aka Kal-El, appeared. Your Majesties, I regret to inform you that Kal-El is working with Cadmus and he…he…,”


“What did Kal-El do,” Kara growled as she felt her anger rise with every passing second.


“Kal-El used his laser vision and executed James Olsen. He was gone before he even knew what was happening.”


“No, no, no, no, no. Kal…no…Kal is not a murderer. We may not agree on anything but he’s always refused to kill; that is the one thing we had in common,” Kara said in disbelief not wanting to believe that her cousin would actually cross that line.


“I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. I am sorry to have to deliver this news to you.”


“Kar, the video is ready to be viewed; do you want me to play it” Lena quietly asked.


Not trusting her voice, Kara simply nodded her head. Everyone was silent as they watched the conversation between James, General Lane and Kal take place. Kara was disgusted by the conversation and Lena wanted nothing more than to return to National City and destroy her so-called mother for wanting to not only kill her wife but now her children too. When they watched Kal’s eyes glow red, Kara automatically reached for Lena’s hand and clutched it tightly as tears welled in both their eyes. The moment they saw the laser vision erupt from Kal’s eyes though, they both steeled their faces, hardened their jaw lines and knew that formulating a plan to take down Cadmus and Lillian couldn’t wait, it needed to happen now, and they needed to include taking General Lane and Kal-El down as well.


“My Queens, what are your orders,” Astra asked her nieces in her steely General voice a couple of moments after the video finished playing.


All it took was one look between the couple and nod from Lena for Kara to go into full-fledged monarch mode.


“Major, continue to monitor the situation. Report in every hour. When you learn the location of Cadmus headquarters let us know. General Astra will be your contact person for your check-ins. Additional units will be deployed within the hour so that once located we can have teams tailing Kal-El, General Lane and Lillian Luthor. And Major, you may use lethal force if necessary but it is still a last resort. Understood?”


“Understood, Your Majesty. I will check-in in an hour,” Tor-Ur said before disconnecting the call.


As soon as the call disconnected, Kara turned to Astra and spoke in a tone that told Astra her niece was ready for war.


“Aunt Astra, I want our top spies sent to rendezvous with Major Tor-Ur within the hour. Then, at nine o’clock sharp tomorrow I want the war council convened. I trust most of the war council is here?”


“Yes, all but one survived the death of Krypton and the next generation war council members are currently being trained.”


“Have the trainees attend as well. I also want J’onn called and asked to join us for this meeting and ask him to bring Maggie and…and…,” Kara said before sharing a silent conversation with her wife before Lena finished the statement.


“And ask that Alex join us as well. I’ll take care of approving her to enter Argo. We may have our issues with Alex but she is a soldier, and a good one at that. I would also suggest bringing Cat Grant as well. She may not be a soldier but with James’ death she will need to make some rather quick decisions for CatCo and depending what course of action we decide to take, we may need her to get news out to the public as quickly as possible for us. Are you alright with Cat coming as well, Kara?”


“Yes, you’re right Lena, Cat should be included too. Never tell Winn I said what I’m about to say, because I will deny it until the end of time, but it’s time to assemble the SuperFriends. It’s time for war.”

Chapter Text

At 9:00 a.m. sharp, Kara and Lena strode into the war council room at the military guild. Looking about the room, Kara was pleased to see that every council member was present as were J’onn, Alex, Maggie and Cat while Winn was available via a communication device Kara had given to him so he could remain at the DEO to monitor things from there.


“Good morning everyone and thank you all for being here on such short notice. I know some of you may be unsure why we are here and why I have invited non-Kryptonians and all will be explained shortly. First though, I would like everyone to briefly introduce themselves as we will all be working together until the current threats are eliminated. I’ll start. My name is Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton.


“Good morning, everyone. I am Lena Zor-El, Queen of Krypton.”


“I am General Astra In-Ze and I am the top-ranking General of the military and head of the military guild.”


“I am General June Lo-Xo and I am the second in command of the military and military guild.”


“I am Lieutenant General Han-Le and I oversee our special forces.”


“I am Lieutenant General Lee Van-Ir and I oversee our infantry forces.”


“I am Lieutenant General Zo Tye-En and I oversee our air and space forces.”


“I am Major General Torren-Vi and I am in charge of training our military.”


“I am Colonel Val Zen-Ro and I am the commanding officer on the ground for Special Forces Teams One, Two and Three.”


“I am Colonel Ray-Or and I am the commanding officer on the ground for Special Forces Teams Four, Five and Six.”


“I am Colonel Mae Lee-Ur and I am the commanding officer on the ground for infantry groups A, B, C, D, E and F.”


“I am Colonel Larz-Zo and I am the commanding officer on the ground for infantry groups G, H, I, J and K.”


“I am Colonel Marv-Ker and I am the commanding officer for all air forces.”


“I am Colonel Ri Si-Urk and I am the commanding officer for all space forces.”


“I am J’onn Jonzz, Director of the DEO on Earth.”


“I am Alex Danvers, Assistant Director of the DEO on Earth.”


“I am Maggie Sawyer and I am a Detective with the Science Division of the National City Police Department.”


“I am Cat Grant, Owner and newly reinstated CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media. I may not have a military type background but I can get information out to the masses quicker than anyone else.”


“Hello, I’m Winn Schott and I am an Agent with the DEO on Earth. I am the technology expert here,” Winn said through the hologram call.


“And from left to right we have Kon-Kai, Alana Val-Er, Owen-De, Ren-So, Pia Larz-Mi, Gal Dre-Uk and Jai Han-Li who are military guild apprentices who will likely join this council one day when they have earned it,” Astra said by way of introduction.


“Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the reason we are here today. As many of you know, prior to learning Argo survived, I was on Earth where I was known as Supergirl. I spent my time there working to keep National City and the planet safe from threats both human and alien. However, not everyone on Earth is welcoming of non-humans. One such group is known a Cadmus and is run by Lillian Luthor. Cadmus’ goal is to rid the planet of all aliens and at this point both myself and Queen Lena as well as our children are on their kill list. It is also important to note that Lillian Luthor is my wife’s adoptive mother but they do not have a relationship; Lillian has ordered more attempts on my wife’s life than I can count. The Luthor family and Cadmus unfortunately have a long history of hatred of aliens, especially Kryptonians. Nearly eight months ago, they abducted me and I was tortured. If I went into detail about everything Cadmus and Lillian Luthor have done to deserve our declaration of war we would be here far longer than we have time for, but the fact is we must eliminate the threat of Cadmus and Lillian Luthor for not only my family’s safety but all of ours,” Kara began to explain before being cut off.


“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but you and Queen Lena control who can and cannot enter Argo and therefore you and your family are safe here so why does this problem require our intervention,” General June asked.


“If you would allow your Queen to finish explaining you would understand why,” Lena said with a glare that caused the woman to visibly shrink.


“My apologies.”


“While it may seem that this is just an earth problem it is not. Last night, Tor-Ur followed a man named James Olsen after he left the meeting we held with our friends on Earth disgruntled and upset about the news of our move. He was observed meeting with a General in the US Army named Sam Lane who is working with Cadmus. General Lane made a remark about coming here to stage an attack and knowing him as I do, I know he will not rest until he finds a way to come here and mount an attack. We must eliminate the threat before they have the opportunity to come here and mount an attack of their own. Additionally…,” Kara explained before she had to pause to rein in her emotions. “Additionally, while observing James’ conversation with General Lane another individual appeared, specifically a Kryptonian appeared.”


“If there’s already a Kryptonian fighting against this threat we should let them finish the job for us,” Colonel Val Zen-Ro said.


“The Kryptonian in question is working with Cadmus, Lillian and General Lane,” Lena grit out.


“Who would betray us by working with an organization and people responsible for, at the very least, abducting one of our queens and wishing to murder our queens and their family,” Colonel Ri Si-Urk asked.


“It was Kal-El,” Kara said simply.


“This is impossible,” Major General Torren-Vi said.


“It is not impossible. Kal-El is working with Cadmus, Lillian and General Lane but that’s not all. It pains me to inform you all that Kal-El is a traitor to Krypton and last night he committed murder in cold blood on behalf of Cadmus,” Kara said sadly.


“That’s blasphemy! No member of the House of El would commit murder in cold blood,” Lieutenant General Han-Le said outraged.


“The House of El members who were raised on Krypton wouldn’t commit murder but Kal-El was not raised here; he may as well be human and we know they commit murder regularly,” Colonel Mae Lee-Ur shouted back.


“I was one of Jor-El’s closest friends and his son would never do this,” General June Lo-Xo insisted.


“SILENCE,” Lena bellowed causing everyone to fall silent. “Unless you have been on Earth and seen who Kal-El has turned into, you have no right to comment on whether or not he would commit such a heinous act. My wife was stuck in the Phantom Zone for years and when she finally made it to Earth instead of caring for her, since he was an adult and her only family, he abandoned her with the Danvers family. He ignored her existence for years, even after she charged head first into battle against my brother, who was going to kill him with kryptonite, even though she knew she would not have her powers as the sun had been turned red. Any time he has interacted with her it has been to yell at her, berate her and put her down. He committed treason a long time ago by abandoning our Queen and treating her as he has. And last night? Last night he was captured on video using his powers to murder James Olsen in cold blood so that he could not tell anyone that Earth’s beloved Superman is really a villain nor tell the masses of the plot to murder my wife and family. He does not deserve to wear the House of El crest. We must not only eliminate the threat of Cadmus, but we must eliminate the threat that is Kal-El, no matter how much it pains us,” Lena said with such conviction that it caused everyone in the room to truly let her words sink in.


“I know none of you know me but Queen Kara, is my sister and has been since the day Kal-El literally dropped her in our yard and left. I can count the number of times Clark, that’s the name Kal-El goes by on Earth, contacted Kara between the day he abandoned her and today on one hand and any time I’ve seen him speak to her he’s been cruel,” Alex began before being cut off.


“But that does not mean he committed murder,” Colonel Val Zen-Ro said.


“Perhaps, but as you were just told, there’s video footage and one of your own witnessed the murder,” J’onn said.


“I think it’s time you all watch the video and see for yourselves,” Kara said before adding, “Kelex, play video file of Kal-El, General Sam Lane and James Olsen.”


Immediately the video began to play. As each second passed, Kara and Lena watched as everyone grew more disgusted and angered. Then, when Kal-El appeared, in all his Superman glory, and revealed he was working with General Lane the anger skyrocketed. But when he used his heat vision to murder James, moments later, jaws were on the floor as no one, not even those from Earth, thought they’d ever actually see Superman murder someone. Before anyone could say anything though, Winn interrupted the silence.


“I’m sorry to interrupt but there’s something you all need to see,” he said as he moved so they could see a broadcast currently airing in National City.


“Good morning, National City. Before we dive into our first story I must advise viewers that the content can be painful to watch and hear. With that being said, last night, Acting CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, James Olsen was killed in an assassination attempt. His body was recovered from his car that had been set on fire overnight. National City PD has yet to name a suspect. However, this morning James Olsen’s longtime best friend, Daily Planet Reporter Clark Kent, has spoken out,” Leslie Willis said.


“My fiancée and I are heartbroken at the news of James’ death. He was always dedicated to uncovering the truth and Lois and I vow not to rest until those responsible for his death are brought to justice. You will always be my best friend and my brother, James and I will miss you every single day,” Clarke said in a pre-recorded segment with fake tears welling in his eyes.


“In addition to Mr. Kent, Metropolis’ own hero, Superman, has issued a written statement as well that reads, ‘I am sickened that I was not able to reach James Olsen in time to save him. By the time I reached National City, he was already gone. Had Supergirl been present, perhaps he could have been saved. May you find peace, James, knowing that we will get justice for you.’ It sure seems like Superman is blaming the Girl of Steel for James Olsen’s death. As of this broadcast we do not have a statement from Supergirl but should we receive one you will be the first to know. To the family and friends of James Olsen, we here at WKRTV offer our deepest condolences. James was a friend of this network and he will be missed,” Leslie said before sending the show to commercial.


The room was full of resounding silence for several moments before Kara steeled herself and took charge like any good monarch would.


“Cat, as soon as we’re done here, go with J’onn and prepare for a live broadcast from the fortress. We cannot allow Kal’s statements to dictate the narrative.”


“Kara, what are you planning,” Maggie asked.


“I’m going to tell the truth and I’m going to release the footage from last night. It’s time they all know who their beloved Superman really is. But, for this to work, I need eyes on Lillian Luthor, Kal-El, General Sam Lane, Lois Lane and Lucy Lane. If I’m revealing the truth, Lois and Lucy will be in danger or they will be used as leverage by Cadmus, Lillian and/or Kal. General Astra, when our team on Earth checked-in this morning did they have eyes on everyone and Cadmus Headquarters?”


“They did. Lois Lane is proceeding with her days as normal but we did identify two guards following her; our team could easily take them out however. Lucy Lane, meanwhile, landed in Metropolis this morning and immediately went to Kal-El and Lois’ apartment. Both women appear to be visibly upset about Mr. Olsen’s death. There also has been no movement at the Kent farm in Kansas but if the full truth is being revealed, I suspect the farm may soon have activity now that Kal-El is the sole owner ever since his adoptive parents passed.”


“Alright, this is the proposed plan then. While I’m at the fortress conducting a live broadcast exposing Kal-El both as Clark Kent and James’ murderer, Special Forces Teams One and Two along with Assistant Director Danvers and her team from the DEO will move in on Kal and Lois’ apartment. With the truth revealed those two need to be brought to safety. Additionally, if the truth is coming out, the full truth must come out and that includes the truth about me.”


“Why would you reveal yourself now after protecting your identity for so long,” Alex asked worriedly.


“If I don’t reveal myself during this broadcast, Kal will later and then we will lose credibility. Anyone close to me or my wife though needs to be extracted and brought here for safety until the threat is eliminated. All extraction teams are to subdue any threats and lethal force will be authorized only if absolutely necessary. In addition to Special Forces Teams One and Two, Special Forces Team Three, will be going to Metropolis and extracting Samantha Arias and Ruby Arias. Special Forces Team Four meanwhile, will be headed to National City to extract Carter Grant. If any teams are able to identify the birthing matrix chamber currently growing Kal-El and Lois Lane’s child, extract the chamber if able to do so. Once every team has accomplished its goal, they will return to the fortress and everyone will be brought back to the palace and set up in the various guest quarters until more permanent accommodations can be sorted out. General Astra, I also want a contingent of soldiers outside the fortress in case Kal-El shows up and you will be running point on the ground while I’m conducting the broadcast. As soon as I’m done with the broadcast, I will return here as well. J’onn, Alex, Maggie and Winn, I know you will need to stay on Earth but I ask that you remain inside the DEO as much as possible for your own protection and Cat I hope you stay here with us and Carter so we know you all are as safe as possible. Cadmus will use anyone they can against us and we don’t want them using any of you.”


With everyone nodding their heads in understanding and in agreement with the plan so far, Astra took advantage to ask a question that had been on the tip of her tongue.


“Shouldn’t we be trying to move on Cadmus, Lillian Luthor and General Lane as well,” Astra asked.


“No, not tonight. My mo…Lillian will be expecting that. I know Kal-El’s statements were made at Lillian’s command and were meant to draw Kara and I out to fight them now. They are expecting Supergirl to come in hot and heavy to end things so they won’t be expecting us to only go after Lois, Lucy and everyone close to us to protect them. Once they realize what we did they will hide for a while. Knowing Lillian, this plan buys us at least two months of planning time. They also won’t move from the location they choose to hide at which means we can better plan our attack against them to maximize our chance of success,” Lena said.


“But what about the child of Lois Lane and Kal-El,” Lieutenant General Zo Tye-En asked.


“They won’t harm the child. We learned they planned to use Elle as a weapon against me and all aliens and it seems most likely that is their goal with this child. Regardless though, as we know, once a child is developing in the matrix, there is no way to terminate so we still have a few months before they’d be able to do anything to the child in the event we are unable to locate and transport the matrix today. Remember regardless if we are able to rescue the child tonight or later, we will not allow our enemies to have the child,” Kara said.


“Before we head out, is everyone fully in agreement with this course of action,” Lena asked.


After everyone nodded in agreement, they immediately got to work on the exact plan for each team. It took most of the day to finalize plans, but, just before 4:00 p.m., plans were solidified and, after a short temporary goodbye with Elle, Kara, Lena and everyone going to Earth for the mission made their way to the portal.





Just as the evening news broadcasts were beginning a 5:00 p.m., CatCo Worldwide Media went live across every channel from the fortress thanks to Lena’s engineering skills while every deployed team worked to extract their assigned individuals.


“Good evening National City. As you have all heard, last night James Olsen, a member of the CatCo family, was murdered. What you do not know is the truth surrounding his murder. This morning you were told a lie, and with the help of a dear friend, the truth will come out,” Cat said before the video turned to Kara, who was wearing her super suit.


“Good evening National City. This morning my cousin, Kal-El, better known as Superman deceived you not once but twice. First, he implied that it is my fault James Olsen died but that is not the case. Second, Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, portrayed himself as a grieving friend, which again is not the case. I know this will be another shock but I have proof that James Olsen did not die due to an assassination attempt ending in a car fire, but rather he was murdered in cold blood by Clark Kent aka Superman,” Kara said as images showing Clarke ripping his shirt open and flinging off his glasses to reveal his super suit were shown. “I know this is hard to believe but we do have proof,” Kara continued once the cameras were back on her. “Before I play the footage, please be warned that it is extremely graphic and not suitable for children to view,” Kara said before playing the video for viewers. Only once the video had played in its entirety did Kara continue with the broadcast. “I know seeing this is a shock; it shocked me too. For years Superman has been a symbol of hope, not only in Metropolis but across the globe, but that was all a façade. As the video shows, Superman has been working with General Sam Lane and the anti-alien terrorist organization Cadmus, which is led by Lillian Luthor. Clark Kent aka Superman has betrayed us all and poses a risk to all of us and must be stopped. If you see him, Lillian Luthor or General Sam Lane take shelter immediately and contact authorities,” Kara said before pausing and growing even more serious. “I am sure as you watch this, some of you are wondering how you can trust me given that it is well known that Superman in my cousin. With that in mind, I must share one more secret with you as a gesture of good will and trust. It has been an honor to be Supergirl, just as much as it has been an honor to be able to bring you hard-hitting honest reporting at CatCo, where I have been employed as a reporter, where you know me as someone else,” Kara said before deactivating her super suit to reveal her true self. “My name is Kara Zor-El but you know me as Kara Danvers and I am Supergirl.”

Chapter Text

Thirty Minutes Before Broadcast


“Lee, I would feel more comfortable if you went back to Argo and stayed with Elle and Eliza.”


“Kara, I want to stay here with you to support you. I know you’re scared about mine and Miah’s wellbeing but I’m not going to leave the fortress. Plus, with all the protocols in place there’s no way anyone can enter without one of us granting them access so I am perfectly safe here with you.”


“I know but just the thought of you being on this planet scares me right now especially knowing that I’m about to out myself as Supergirl. Do you understand how much that one reveal is going to change everything?”


“I know that revealing who you are means that everything will change for us on Earth. We will not be able to return here, even for a short visit, without everyone knowing who we truly are. I also know that it means there will always be a risk of someone who hates aliens or a former foe or even family members of former foes trying to hurt us, and our family and friends who choose to stay on Earth full-time, once our relationship and who is close to us is discovered. But here’s the thing Kara, we were always going to face risks because of my maiden name. And as soon as it becomes public knowledge that we’re married, everyone you’re worried about facing risks because of the reveal will face risks because of their connection to a Luthor.”


“I just want us and everyone we care about to be safe.”


“I know, Darling, but we cannot protect everyone from everything. Right now, everyone will be on Argo with us except J’onn, Alex, Maggie and Winn but they can take care of themselves and we are leaving a small contingent of guards behind for them as well. When the time comes for the others to return to Earth we will make sure they’re protected too,” Lena reassured her wife.


“I know. I just hate that people we love will be at risk because of who I am.”


“Because of who we are. You’re not in this alone, Kara. We face everything together, El Mayarah, right?”


“Yeah, El Mayarah,” Kara said as she finally cracked a small smile for the first time since finding out Kal-El murdered James.





Fifteen minutes later, Kara and Lena found themselves standing before everyone for a final talk before enacting their plan.


“You all know the plan so I won’t make you listen to it be explained for the hundredth time. Instead, I want to thank each and every one of you for being here and helping Queen Lena and I accomplish this goal. We hope to keep Argo’s existence, and especially how many people was have, as much of a secret as possible after tonight so that when we come to attack Cadmus and Kal-El head on we still have the element of surprise so please use your powers sparingly tonight. You each are dressed like DEO Agents so act like it. DEO members who are here helping us, thank you. I know that you did not have to help us but we are forever grateful. If any of you come into contact with Kal-El, Lillian Luthor, General Sam Lane or any other member of Cadmus, you are authorized to use lethal force if you see fit, otherwise lethal force is only authorized when absolutely necessary.”


“Remember that only Sam Arias, Ruby Arias and Carter Grant know we are coming for them. Lois and Lucy Lane have no idea as we are unable to get a message to them. Reassure your targets that everything will be okay and in the case of the Lane sisters, make sure Lois knows we will get her child back to her safely and make sure they both know that they are being taken to Queen Kara but you may need to use her Earth name, Kara Danvers. If they are still hesitant to come make sure Assistant Director Danvers sees them if she isn’t the first to reach them. Both Lane sisters trust my wife and her sister explicitly and should come willingly once they know who has come for them. Under no circumstances are you to reveal that we are going to Argo though until you are back here. We cannot risk Kal-El’s super hearing picking up on our destination. Simply tell your targets you are taking them someplace safe which is what we told the Arias’ and Carter Grant. Are there any questions?”


“No Queen Lena,” every Kryptonian said in unison while the DEO contingent said, “no ma’am.”


“Alright then, let’s get going. Everyone please remember to stay on comms and try to have your targets before the broadcast ends. El Mayarah,” Kara said before the Kryptonians present, including Lena, as well as the DEO members who knew the phrase’s meaning, repeated the phrase back before heading towards where their targets were known to be.





Special Forces Team Three


By the time the broadcast started at 5:00 p.m. sharp, Special Forces Team Three had landed just outside of Metropolis and transformed their ship from the fortress into a standard looking black SUV so they could drive the rest of the way. By 5:08 p.m., they were pulling into the Arias’ driveway. Even though they knew it was unlikely that anyone would be watching the Arias’ at that time or expecting a team to come extract them, three members of the six member team, took strategic positions on the exterior of the house to keep watch, while the member driving the car/piloting the ship remained behind the wheel for a quick getaway and the team leader made her way to the front door. Once the doorbell was rung, it only took Sam about ten seconds to answer the door.


“Good evening Miss Arias, I am Captain Pia Lor-Xa, the leader of Krypton Special Forces Team Three. I believe their Majesties Kara and Lena Zor-El warned you of my team’s visit?”


“Yes, hello. Please call me Sam. Ruby and I are ready to go we just need to grab our bags. Please come in,” Sam said as she stepped aside so the captain could step into the house. “Please make yourself at home. I only need a moment to get Ruby and our bags.”


“May I be of any assistance?”


“Actually, if you wouldn’t mind could you help me with our bags? Ruby adores her Aunt Lena and Aunt Kara and as soon as I told her about the different guilds on Argo she decided she had to pack every science gadget she has. She says she needs it all to be prepared for all the new experiments she hopes to do with her aunts,” Sam said with a chuckle as they walked towards Ruby’s room.


“She sounds like a very curious girl. I do not mean to pry but you’re Kryptonian aren’t you?”


Stopping in her tracks Sam turned around and said, “I…what makes you think that?”


“Your wrist. You have the mark of the Juru. I swear I am not judging but, you’re a Worldkiller, aren’t you?”


“Not anymore,” Sam said firmly.


“How is that possible? I’ve never heard of a Worldkiller host being successfully purged of the Worldkiller portion of themselves.”


Sensing that Captain Lor-Xa was curious and did not mean any harm, Sam decided to briefly explain how she was no longer a Worldkiller.


“I still don’t know much about Worldkillers but Kara’s sister, Alex, used gold kryptonite to strip me of my Kryptonian powers and by doing that, it removed the Worldkiller side of me. She ran tests afterwards and my DNA was completely human.”


“That’s not possible. You may be part human depending on the genetic sample put into the matrix to create you, but you cannot erase your Kryptonian heritage. It makes sense that the gold kryptonite could erase the Worldkiller within you but you are still Kryptonian.”


“You seem to know a lot about this,” Sam said curiously.


“My mother was a Worldkiller. After my birth my father devoted most of his time to searching for a way to get rid of the Worldkiller portion of my mother but his attempt was unsuccessful and my mother died a few hours after. To this day my father is researching Worldkillers and his research says that at their core all Worldkillers are Kryptonian. I know we are pressed for time tonight, but perhaps once you and your daughter are safe on Argo he could examine your blood and see what your DNA profile truly reveals. Of course, you are not obligated to do this,” Captain Lor-Xa rushed to assure.


“Are you saying I may have a biological parent on Argo,” Sam asked in utter disbelief as she had long since given up on knowing who her biological parents were.


“It’s possible. But as I said, you do not have to do any of this and I will not reveal your heritage to anyone, of that you have my word.”


“It’s a lot to think about but I have a daughter to think of so if I can learn about my heritage and maybe even find out who my biological parents are or were, I have to take that opportunity, so yes, I would like to meet with your father.”


“Wonderful. We can talk more once you are settled on Argo, but let’s get your daughter and get out of here before anyone figures out what we are doing.”


“That sounds like a plan.”




Less than five minutes later, Special Forces Team Three was on the move back to the fortress having not run into any issues. As they soared through the sky in their cloaked ship, Sam and Ruby couldn’t get enough of not only the ship and how it transformed seamlessly with them in it but the view of the sky. When they landed in the hangar bay for the fortress though, the mother-daughter duo couldn’t help but take in the sight with slack jaws.


“Wow. Mom this place is awesome! It looked like we were flying into ice but it’s not ice! If this place is this cool, Argo must be even cooler!”


“It certainly is. I think you and your mom will really like Argo.”


“Aunt Lena,” Ruby squealed before running straight into her aunt’s arms while being mindful of the growing baby bump between them.


“Come on, I think you two may want to see the end of the broadcast, Kara’s going to do something I didn’t think we’d ever see happen,” Lena admitted as she led the pair towards the room where they had staged the broadcast after nodding her thanks to Special Forces Team Three for bringing Sam and Ruby back safely.





Special Forces Team Four


It took a little longer to get to National City than Metropolis from the fortress but by 5:15 p.m., while the broadcast was still airing, Special Forces Team Four was landing their fully cloaked ship on the helicopter pad on the roof of Cat Grant’s building. Cat had wanted to accompany the team but Kara and Lena explained that if they waited to leave until after Cat’s portion of the broadcast they risked not being able to get Carter without being noticed. Knowing the young couple was right, Cat agreed to let the team retrieve her son without her but only if Winn went with them. Carter was not responsive to strangers, due to years of dealing with the paparazzi, but he knew Winn and everyone knew it would be easier on Carter if he left with someone he knew and was comfortable with.


When they landed on the roof, the pilot remained in his seat while two team members took strategic positions on the roof, two took positions in the hallway leading to Cat’s penthouse door and the final member used his power of flight to take a position on Cat’s balcony while Winn went to the front door. Knocking three times on the door, it only took Carter about five seconds to come to the door.


“Who is it,” Carter called from the other side of the door.


“It’s me, Winn, buddy.”


“If it’s really you, answer me this. Who did Momma let me fly with to visit her in LA for her birthday last year?”


“She let you fly with Supergirl, but regretted it the second you arrived eating a large container of potstickers with her,” Winn said with a chuckle recalling when Kara had told him about the incident the year prior.


“Winn,” Carter happily said as he opened the door with a big rolling suitcase behind him.


“I see you’re ready to go.”


“Yep! I even packed some of Momma’s favorites.”


“And that is why you’re everyone’s favorite little dude. Now, come on, we still have some traveling to do,” Winn said as he led Carter up to the roof and aboard the ship.




Special Forces Team Four arrived back at the fortress safely with Winn and Carter just before the end of the broadcast. Cat was anxiously waiting for them and wrapped her son in a tight embrace the second she reached him.





Special Forces Teams One and Two and DEO Strike Team


Special Forces Teams One and Two and the DEO Strike team were moving into position at 5:05 p.m. They knew they’d be cutting it close to retrieve both Lois and Lucy and check for the birthing matrix before the broadcast ended but they were going to try their best. They were all determined not to fail their mission and the two young queens.


“Team One and Two, Strike Team is in position,” Alex said once she and her team were in position in the back stairwell of Lois’ building.


“Team One is in position. We have eyes on both Lois and Lucy Lane and it appears only their guards are also present. None of us can see or hear Kal-El, even when using our powers,” Captain Ger-Al, head of Special Forces Team One said from their position in the black van outside.


“Team Two is also in position and ready to breach. There are no hostiles in the hallway and we also cannot see or hear Kal-El,” Captain Hei Rod-Ul, head of Special Forces Team Two said.


“Team One, Team Two and Strike Team have permission to proceed with the plan. I repeat all teams have permission to proceed,” Colonel Val Zen-Ro, the ground commander for three Special Forces Teams including Team One and Two said.


As soon as the all clear was given, Special Forces Team Two began their breach of Lois and Kal-El’s apartment with the DEO Strike Team right behind them to deal with Lois and Lucy once the guards were taken care of. Having caught the guards by surprise, Team Two was able to subdue them within minutes and the Strike Team then quickly made their way inside and began to search for Lois and Lucy.


“Strike Team, it looks like Lois and Lucy Lane are in the last room on the left side of the apartment now,” Team One’s Captain Ger-Al said.


“Copy that,” Alex said as her team continued to clear the apartment before finally reaching the back room. “Lois and Lucy, it’s me, Alex. We’re here to take you to Kara. We’re here to get you both to safety,” Alex called out so the women knew who was entering the room.


As soon as they entered the room though, Alex stopped dead in her tracks, with Maggie and the rest of the team running into her back, and gasped not believing the sight before her.

Chapter Text

“Oh my God! Wha…what is this,” Alex asked as she looked at a bright blue force field that she could not see through before taking in the appearance of the sisters.


“That’s my baby…mine with Clark, or at least that’s what I’m told is in there,” Lois said.


“But why can’t we see the baby then,” Maggie asked as she fully came into the room.


“I’m not entirely sure. All I know is that Clark said no one can see in and no one can even detect that it’s in here. I think it’s some sort of Luthor technology because the control stick thing has the old Luthor Corp logo on it from before Lena took over and renamed the company. You have to know though, that I didn’t ask for this but Clark…he’s not…something’s changed with him; he’s not the man I fell in love with and he’s working with Lillian Luthor of all people!”


“What do you mean, Lois,” Alex asked wanting to hear from someone else’s point of view how Clark has changed.


“The man I fell in love with is kind and cares about protecting the city and world against all threats, especially those caused by the Luthor’s who are positively evil,” Lois began before Maggie cut her off.


“Watch it Lane, not ever Luthor is evil. Lena’s not like them and you should know that by now with how many times she’s helped you when you needed a quote or proof for an exposé on Lex or Lilian,” Maggie growled.


“I didn’t mean it like that, Maggie. I know Lena’s different that’s why I wasn’t even thinking of her when I said that. I mean let’s be honest she’s basically an El even if she and Kara refuse to realize it.”


“Oh if you only knew,” Alex mumbled under her breath realizing Kal hadn’t told Lois about Kara and Lena being married.


“If I only knew what?”


“Nothing. What were you saying about Clark being different,” Alex quickly covered.


“He used to be good but then I’m not even sure when it happened but slowly he began to speak less about how outraged he was at the various anti-alien activity from Lillian Luthor and Cadmus and other copycat groups and instead would make comments on and off about aliens ruining the planet. It made no sense to me seeing as he is an alien even if he doesn’t remember ever being on Krypton. Then one night, he said we were going to a special place for a date but instead he took me to some warehouse where Lillian and some of her thugs were waiting. I thought it was an ambush but then Clark walked straight up to Lillian and they shook hands and she even called him ‘my boy’. She behaved towards him like she does towards Lex and I don’t know when that happened but then…then they…”


“Then they what,” Maggie gently said to prompt Lois to continue.


“Then they took blood from me then the next thing I know, I’m being told that my child with Clark is growing in that thing but I’ve never been able to see the child and now I have Luthor thugs following me everywhere and it’s like I’m a prisoner and as soon as Lucy showed up unexpectedly it was like she became a prisoner too.”


“There’s a lot to explain but we don’t have time to do it now. Kara and Lena will explain everything once you both are safe. But first, Lois, do you know how to deactivate this force field so we can see what’s inside,” Alex asked.


“I don’t. But I know that tablet controls it. From what I’ve overheard though, Lillian is the only one who knows the passcode,” Lois said as she pointed to a small tablet on a stand near what was believed to be the birthing matrix.


“Okay, I’m going to contact Lena and see if she knows what it might be,” Alex said before activating the comm in her ear. “Lena, it’s Alex. We’ve subdued the guards and located Lois, Lucy and the birthing matrix but they’re using some sort of blue force field like thing from Luthor Corp that’s controlled with a passcode. We can’t see through it and no one can even detect that it’s in here but that’s all we know. Do you have any idea what the passcode may be? Lois said Lillian is the only one who knows it.”


“It sounds like they’re using a modified version of tech Lex was creating so he could do his work in secret without the risk of thermal scanners or cameras being able to see or detect what he was doing. I discontinued the project as soon as I took over. Back then Lex used the same passcode for all of his secret projects so try six six six. For a genius, he wasn’t very original. He always said that was the devil’s number but he’d show the world that the devil was really the hero; talk about delusional,” Lena said through the comms with a scoff as Alex immediately went to try the passcode.


As soon as Alex entered 666 into the control device the blue force field began to slowly shimmer away until finally a three foot high cylinder like object with a digital front plate display that had a countdown that currently read “4 months, 28 days and 15 minutes” was revealed. Inside the object was a clear liquid and multiple tubes that were connected to the small form of a growing infant that was just starting to look like a baby and was only the size of a passion fruit.


“It worked! Thank you, Lena. We will be back with Lois, Lucy and the birthing matrix as soon as possible. Is the broadcast still going?”


“It is but we’re near the end so hurry. I imagine they’ll be sending reinforcements once they realize you have incapacitated their guards and especially once Kara reveals all,” Lena said.


“Copy that. We’ll be back soon,” Alex said before turning to address the Team Two soldiers behind her. “Do any of you know how to transport the matrix pod?”


“I do,” Corporal Vi In-Ar said as she stepped forward. “My grandmother was an engineer on the matrix and my mother worked on them as well and they both taught me all they know. I am confident I can’t prepare the pod for safe transport. I’ll only need five minutes.”


“Good. Please work carefully but quickly because I suspect Clark…I mean Kal-El will show up sooner rather than later because of the broadcast. You two, while she works on preparing the pod for transport, I’d like to speak to you privately,” Alex said as she motioned for Lois and Lucy to follow her to another room while making sure to grab Maggie’s hand and drag her along too.





As soon as the door was closed, Alex rounded on the Lane sisters.


“I know there is a lot that needs to be explained to you both but first, Lucy, how far along are you?”


“Five months give or take a couple weeks,” Lucy meekly said.


“So, the baby is…,” Maggie began to ask but couldn’t bring herself to say the name.


“James’ yeah. Happened the night we broke up for good by my calculations. That’s part of why I came here; I wanted to get Lois’ advice before heading to National City to tell James. He may be a douche half the time but it’s not right to keep this from him.”


The second the words were out of Lucy’s mouth, realization hit Alex and Maggie, Lucy didn’t know James was dead. The couple turned to looked at each other, seemingly having a silent conversation, but the Lane sisters knew how to read people, and they could tell something was wrong.


“What is it you’re not telling us,” Lois asked.


“Lois, there is a lot to explain, but Kara and Lena should be the ones to explain it. Our goal is to get the two of you and the birthing matrix pod back to them safely then once you’re in your new temporary home they will explain everything, I promise,” Alex implored the sisters to believe her.


“Fine, we will hold our questions until we see Kara and Lena but will James be there,” Lucy asked causing Alex and Maggie to shoot each other another subtle look but Lucy caught it. “There’s that look again. Both times James has been brought up you two share that look. What are you not telling me about James,” the former Judge Advocate General for the US Army asked.


“Lucy, you really need to hear everything from Kara and Lena, please,” Maggie practically begged.


“No! I may not love him anymore but he is this baby’s father so I deserve to know whatever it is you’re hiding!”


“Lucy, we need to get you, Lois and the birthing matrix pod to safety. As we speak Kara is broadcasting across all channels and she’s calling out Clark for his lies and allegiance to Lillian Luthor, your father and Cadmus. As soon as Clark sees the broadcast we expect him to come here to ensure we don’t try getting to you so we need to be gone before that happens,” Alex quickly explained.




Knowing there was no way out of telling her, Alex took a deep breath so she could give a rough summary of what happened.


“Lucy, James was working with your father too but he didn’t know the extent of what he and Clark were up too. He eventually found out what they were doing and he did say he wouldn’t be part of it but…,” Alex trailed off finding it hard to continue.


“But what,” Lucy asked as Lois began rubbing soothing circles on her sister’s lower back.


“But Clark showed up and on an order from your father, shot James with his heat vision, killing him instantly,” Alex rushed to finish saying.


“No, no Clark wouldn’t kill anyone in cold blood, this has to be a mistake,” Lois insisted as her head kept shaking from side to side.


“I’m sorry Lois, but it’s true and we have a witness and the video recording to prove it,” Maggie said gently.


“No, I know he’s changed but the man I love wouldn’t do that,” Lois said still in disbelief while Lucy continued to stare blankly, clearly in shock.


“We’re so sorry, Lois, but he’s not the man you love not anymore just as you said earlier. Once you are safely away from here with Kara and Lena they will explain everything fully but right now we need to go,” Alex said gently but sternly.


“Okay,” Lois finally said quietly before Lucy said, “James…is…he’s really dead?”


“I am so sorry Lucy, but he is. I know this is a shock but your baby will always be a part of him we can still have, this baby will be the best parts of him and you, but there is a lot to explain. For now, please come with us; the sooner you do the sooner Kara and Lena can explain everything and the less chance of Clark finding us,” Alex said.


“Okay,” a dazed and still stunned Lucy said as she allowed herself to be led from the room, Lois trailing behind still in shock that the man she loved had turned into a villain.





As soon as they were out the room, Corporal Vi In-Ar approached.


“Ma’ams the pod is ready for transport.”


“Good. Let’s get out of here then before we have company and this turns into a fight we do not want to have yet,” Alex said before turning to her comm to speak with Special Forces Team One who were still keeping an eye on the situation outside. “Captain Ger-Al, are we still all clear outside to begin transport of Lois and Lucy Lane and the birthing matrix pod?”


“We’re all clear Assistant Director Danvers but we will be cutting it close; Her Majesty Kara Zor-El should be concluding her broadcast any minute now,” Captain Ger-Al replied.


“Copy that. We will have to move quickly then,” Alex said as she, her strike team and Special Forces Team Two began to make their way from the apartment and to Team One.





While Alex, the DEO Strike Team and Special Forces Teams One and Two were working on escaping with Lois, Lucy and the birthing matrix, Kara was finishing up her broadcast that would change things for her, her family and everyone she and Lena cared about on Earth forever.


“My name is Kara Zor-El but you know me as Kara Danvers and I am Supergirl. I know this a shock, and I apologize for keeping my true identity from you, but I had to protect those I love. But know that together, my wife, Lena Zor-El who you know as Lena Luthor, and I will protect you from the threat of Lillian Luthor, Cadmus, General Sam Lane and the traitor Kal-El. We will get justice for James Olsen when we capture these terrorists and we will end the threat they pose. And to these terrorists, know that this is the beginning of the end; you have plagued this planet for too long but soon enough justice will come at the hands of the people you hate the most, Kryptonians,” Kara firmly said before the broadcast returned to Cat Grant.


“You heard it here first, Supergirl and her wife have declared that justice will be served and the threat we have faced for far too long will be eliminated. If you see or have any information on Lillian Luthor, General Sam Lane, Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman and/or Cadmus contact authorities at the number on your screen. No matter how scary this situation may be, remember that Supergirl has never let us down and she won’t start now,” Cat said confidently before the broadcast ended.





Meanwhile, Lillian Luthor, Kal-El, General Sam Lane and top members of Cadmus had just finished watching the broadcast from their secret headquarters.


“NO! This will not stand. We cannot have that vermin controlling this narrative! Superman, do your job and end this before she and my disgrace of a daughter have the chance to do any more damage to our cause,” Lillian seethed.


“Yes ma’am,” Kal-El said but before he could leave a Cadmus member rushed into the room.


“Mrs. Luthor, we have a situation,” he said.


“What now,” Lillian barked at the man.


“We’ve lost contact with our men guarding the Lane sisters and the birthing matrix pod.”


“Superman, get there and make sure our special guests are safe. We don’t want them falling into enemy hands,” Lillian said but before she had even finished the sentence, Kal-El had used his powers to begin speeding towards his apartment in Metropolis.





While Kal-El sped towards Metropolis, the DEO Strike Team and Special Forces Team One and Two had left in the van, Team One had been using for surveillance, less than two minutes before the broadcast ended. Team One’s driver/pilot sped away from the apartment and as soon as they reached the outskirts of the city, the van transformed back into their ship with their cloaking technology activated. Knowing they could face opposition leaving, they made sure to use Krypton’s most sophisticated technology that not only cloaked the ship but made it utterly impossible to detect it and those aboard, even with Kryptonian powers, meaning Kal-El would not be able to detect their presence.


Having been lucky enough not to face any opposition during their escape, they had made it about half-way back to the fortress when Special Forces Team Two Leader, Captain Hei Rod-Ul, spoke.


“We may want to use the turbo boost to get us back to the fortress quicker because the hidden cameras I placed in the apartment just picked up Kal-El’s presence.”


“You placed cameras in the apartment,” Alex asked clearly surprised.


“Of course. I felt it was important to know when anyone returned to the apartment and who returned. And considering the audio just picked up Kal-El cursing Queen Kara’s name and mentioning the fortress before bolting from the apartment, I have a feeling he may be headed for the fortress and we need to be safely inside before he arrives,” Captain Hei Rod-Ul said.


“And we need to alert my sister that Kal’s coming,” Alex said as she activated her comm to contact her sister.


Seconds later, the ship’s turbo boost was activated, sending them towards the fortress faster than ever before.





Ten minutes later, the ship landed safely in the hangar bay at the fortress and Kara, Lena, Astra and Cat were waiting for them, clearly on edge. Before anyone could properly greet each other though, Kara got straight to business as time was of the essence.


“Get everyone through the portal now! Only the DEO Strike Team, all Special Forces Teams and General Astra are to stay here with two exceptions. Alex and Maggie, I want you to return to Argo as well. I need people I can trust watching over my wife, children, Lois, Lucy and the birthing matrix. Get them to the palace immediately and let Eliza know what is happening. After I am done dealing with Kal-El I will join you,” Kara authoritatively said.


Before anyone could raise any objections though, Kelex came whizzing into the room.


“Your Majesties, you need to see this,” Kelex said before activating live hologram footage.


As soon as the footage began to play, Kara and Lena saw a very angry looking Kal-El flying towards the fortress at top speed. Seeing how close Kal was to the fortress, Kara began shouting orders.


“Everyone to the portal now! I want you all safely back on Argo before he arrives. Notify the war council that we are engaging Kal-El on Earth and to send our remaining Special Forces Teams as reinforcements along with the portable containment unit so we can fully restrain Kal-El for transport back to Argo to answer for his crimes. Now go,” Kara said as she activated her super suit.


“Kara, no, I don’t want to leave you,” Lena said as she clung to her wife.


“Lena, I need to do this to ensure our family’s safety. I’m not staying here alone, but even if I was, I am stronger and faster than him but most importantly I will always come home to you. Now go, please; it’s time I take the trash out once and for all,” Kara said before kneeling down to kiss her wife’s growing baby bump and then her lips before Alex and Maggie began to usher Lena away and towards the portal room.


“I love you,” Lena called out to Kara as she was whisked away.


“I love you too and I will come home to you and our children,” Kara called back mere seconds before her focus was drawn back to the live footage Kelex was still showing.




With a look at her aunt and the special forces teams with her Kara grew steely faced and said, “It is my honor to go into battle with you but this fight is my own. You are to stay hidden here until the remaining special forces teams arrive. Kelex will continue to show the live feed and once everyone is here you may join the fight and help me trap Kal-El in the containment unit. Until then, I will keep him occupied and wear him down. If, however, my life is in immediate danger you are authorized to intervene no matter what. Understood?”


Even though it was clear her forces, especially her aunt, wanted to face Kal-El with her from the beginning, it was also clear that they understood this was a battle their queen needed to face herself. As soon as they all nodded their heads in understanding, Kara flew to meet Kal-El outside the fortress and end things with him once and for all.

Chapter Text



“My daughter is not a weapon, Kal, but for the love of Rao, will you stop with the shouting already? You’re going to give yourself a stroke the way that vein in your forehead it bulging out,” Kara drawled as if she couldn’t care less about the works her cousin was screaming at the top of his lungs from her place about twenty feet in front of Kal-El.




“Your things? Are you really so far gone that you are referring to living, breathing people as things? Your parents would be ashamed of you,” Kara said as she shook her head in disgust.


“I am the man Jonathan and Martha Kent raised me to be; a man who stands up for what’s right!”


“I was talking about your parents, Jor-El and Lara. They were kind, compassionate and good people who always strived to protect the defenseless and ensure that no one was taken advantage of no matter their station in life. They would be ashamed of you and so would Jonathan and Martha for that matter.”


“Jor-El and Lara sent me to Earth to reach my fullest potential and I have done that and you know nothing of my parents here!”


“That’s where you are wrong Kal. Your parents sent you here to have a chance to live while our planet was dying. They gave their lives so you could live. Did you ever listen to the information crystal they sent here with you? I was there when they recorded it and I will always remember them saying that you would have great powers on Earth and it was their hope you would only ever use those powers for good to continue the House of El legacy of ensuring equality for all, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender, home planet or anything else. You are an embarrassment to the El name,” Kara said making it clear she was embarrassed of him.


“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Kara.”


“But I do. As for the Kent’s, while you may have abandoned me they phoned monthly to ensure I was okay. They shared advice with the Danvers’ in times when they didn’t know how to help me. They were good people. They never would have supported who you have become. The only blessing is that they and Uncle Jor and Aunt Lara are no longer here to see what you have become.”




“They do not belong to you Kal and I will not allow you to hurt them or use them as leverage anymore and I certainly will not let you get close to my wife and our family. This ends here and now, Kal.”




“That’s where you are wrong again, little cousin. I am your Queen, no matter how much you try to erase your Kryptonian roots, and I say this ends now,” Kara said calmly and coolly which only angered Kal-El further.




“My name is Kara Zor-El, Queen of Krypton, and I charge you, Kal-El of the House of El, with abandonment of your queen, unlawful imprisonment of a developing Kryptonian child, unlawful imprisonment of the mother of a developing Kryptonian child, conspiracy to commit terrorism, treason against Krypton, treason against your queen and the intentional murder of James Olsen By the authority granted to me by Rao, and as a Queen of Krypton, you are under arrest, Kal-El, and you will answer for your crimes. Will you come willingly or will we be doing this the hard way,” Kara said firmly but with an air of a threat making it clear she would not be taking no for an answer.


“I’m not going anywhere with you, Kara,” Kal-El spit out.


“Then I suppose we are doing this the hard way,” Kara said as she readied herself for an aerial fight.


“You don’t have what it takes to actually hurt your own flesh and blood; you’re not a Luthor,” Kal hised with glee as if he had already won.


“That’s where you are wrong yet again, Kal. Had you ever bothered to learn about our culture, you’d know that when soulmates bond, in accordance with Kryptonian customs, each partner physically gives a piece of themselves to their partner to complete the bond, to seal the marriage. Lena and I bonded six months ago so for all intents and purposes, I am a Luthor, and above all else, I am a wife and mother and I will do absolutely anything to protect them, even end the likes of you,” Kara said to a stunned Kal-El before shooting her heat vision directly at him.


Kara had taken Kal by surprise when she shot her heat vision directly at him. He was thrown backwards the second the heat vision hit him square in the face, but he immediately recovered and shot his own heat vision. The two Supers were then locked in a battle of wills as they each used their full power to aim their heat vision at the other. It was clear though that Kara’s heat vision was stronger as her beams were overpowering Kal’s. Kal couldn’t stand that his cousin was overpowering him and attempted to exert more power but Kara saw the move coming and just as Kal exerted more power, Kara shut down her heat vision and flew straight at Kal’s torso faster than a speeding bullet. Before he knew what was happening, Kal felt Kara crash head first into his torso literally knocking the air out of his lungs as the two Supers hurtled towards the icy ground of the Arctic.


Kal-El was sent crashing into the icy tundra of the Arctic with the force of his back hitting the ground causing a crater in the ice. Kara meanwhile, had pulled back moments before Kal hit the ice and hovered above him, willing to give him one more chance to come willingly before things truly got ugly.


“Surrender now Kal or I will be forced to use any means necessary to bring you in.”


“I will never surrender to you, Supergirl,” he hissed as he spit a tooth, that had been knocked out due to the force of the fall, onto the ground.


“Remember that I tried to do this without hurting you.”


“Like you could truly hurt me,” Kal insisted, even as he struggled to his feet.


“Famous last words,” Kara muttered before diving straight for Kal and punching him square in the jaw, causing him to be thrown backwards about 100 yards.


This time though, Kara didn’t give Kal a chance to get back up. Instead, she flew at him once more and connected another punch to the opposite side of his face. Before she could get a third hit in though, Kal kicked her in the stomach sending her back about ten yards. Kal smiled evilly as Kara caught her breath but that smile was soon wiped from his face as Kara used her super speed to speed behind Kal, without him noticing, and kicked him hard behind his right knee causing him to fall onto that knee. Kara then took out the other knee before grabbing a handful of brunette hair shoving Kal head first into the ice. Kal wasn’t one to go down easily though and shot himself straight into the air to create some distance as he recovered his strength but Kara pursued him and due to being fast she caught up to him before he could even turn around and attempt any counter-measures. Once Kal-El was within arms reach, Kara grabbed his left leg and flung him straight into an ice cliff face before using her heat vision to break off a piece of the cliff face, causing it to fall on top of where Kal fell after crashing into it.




Knowing it would take Kal at least a minute to gather enough strength to push the ice off of himself, Kara used the brief lull in battle to inquire about the status of the containment unit.


“General Astra, what is the status of reinforcements and the containment unit?”


“Queen Lena reports they have just left for the portal. Estimated arrival time in less than three minutes.”


“Good, you know what to do once everyone has arrived. It’s time Kal-El gets a taste of the might of Krypton’s Armed Forces.”


“El Mayarah, little one.”


“El Mayarah,” Kara responded before reading herself for the next round of melee as Kal began to emerge from beneath the ice rubble.




As soon as Kal was free he immediately shot his freeze breath at Kara but she countered by using her heat vision. Then, in a move she had learned from Caitlin Snow’s alter ego, Killer Frost, while helping solve a metahuman problem, Kara used her freeze breath to create a long dagger shaped icicle and threw it straight at Kal with all of her might. Expecting the dagger like icicle to be unable to truly harm him, Kal didn’t even bother to move out of the way and was shocked when the tip penetrated the skin of his abdomen, impaling him completely.


Kal-El was beyond shocked that he had actually been injured. He stared at the place where he was impaled and watched as blood trickled out around the object. Looking at Kara with wide, questioning eyes he spoke in a completely shocked tone.


“H…how did you do that? How did you of all people cause me to bleed,” he asked incredulously.


“When are you going to get it through your head that I am stronger than you,” Kara asked clearly tired of having to repeat that tidbit of information over and over.


“You are not stronger than me,” Kal insisted.


“Only a stronger being could injure either of us to the point of having visible injuries and you are the one bleeding and impaled by an object of my creation so yes, I am stronger than you.”


“No! I am Earth’s mightiest hero; I am the strongest,” Kal insisted once more as he pulled the icicle from his abdomen before charging for Kara landing a weakened kidney punch.


Kara immediately recovered with a swift roundhouse kick that connected with Kal’s chest. With that kick, the two Supers began to exchange blows. Blow after blow was exchanged but Kara still did not bleed, but Kal-El did. He was growing more and more frustrated with every passing minute that he forgot to remain aware of his surroundings. So, when Kara throat punched him, a move Maggie had been quite proud to teach her, and he was sent careening into another cliff of ice, he failed to notice he and Kara were no longer alone and that he was surrounded.


“Kal, I am giving you one final chance to turn yourself in before extreme measures are used,” Kara said as the man in question stumbled to his feet before floating to be at the same level as Kara.


“I’m not going any…who the hell are all of you,” he asked confused upon seeing the ring of Kryptonians surrounding him.


“These are only some of Krypton’s Armed Forces, all of whom are led by General Astra In-Ze, sister to the late Queen Alura Zor-El and my aunt.”


“No! That’s impossible. Krypton’s dead; we’re the only ones left!”


“You know that’s not true, Kal. When we last saw each other I told you that Argo survived so this should not be a shock. “


“It doesn’t matter because you are not winning this fight, Cousin.”


“I already have, you just don’t see it. You’ve also been narrow-minded, Kal, never quite seeing the bigger picture and that is your downfall. NOW,” Kara said as she shouted the final word.


As soon as that final word left Kara’s mouth she, Astra and every member of Special Forces Teams One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six shot their heat vision at Kal-El. He tried to fight back and use his own heat vision against them but with so many people hitting him across nearly every inch of his body, he didn’t stand a chance. Kal tried to withstand the barrage of heat vision but within thirty seconds he was writhing and screaming in pain. After a minute, he was falling unceremoniously to the ground, creating a new large crater when he landed hard. It was only once he was on the ground that Kara gave the order to stop using their heat vision.


After waiting a few moments to see if Kal-El would attempt to fight further, Kara gave the order to utilize the mobile containment unit.


“General Astra, you may have the honor of cuffing Kal-El. Teams Five and Six, proceed with deployment of the containment unit as soon as the cuffs are on.”


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Astra and Teams Five and Six said as the remaining teams and Kara remained in the air, keeping watch.


Just as Astra got within fifty feet of Kal-El though, he began to move and Kara instantly recognized his meditation face he used anytime he was focusing on gathering all of his strength to launch a final attack against a foe that believed they had the upper hand. Not being familiar with Kal’s fighting style though, the others didn’t know that he was preparing to use all of his energy to blast them with the full force of his powers that he could muster.


“Look out! He’s powering up,” Kara yelled just as Kal pulled a yellow sun booster from a hidden compartment in his suit and used it, immediately restoring him to full strength and then some.


Before anyone could do anything though, a new figure came flying in at a speed rivaling Kara’s.


“Kara, catch,” the person yelled as they threw a Kryptonian style pistol, with the safety on, to Kara who caught it flawlessly.


Even though Kara was shocked by who had just shown up in the midst of battle, without a second thought, she flipped the safety off and fired directly at Kal-El, somehow knowing that that shot would be what ended this battle. As the bullet flew through the air, Kara recognized it as a kryptonite bullet, but not just any kryptonite bullet, a gold one. Kal-El didn’t even see the bullet coming until it penetrated his suit on its path to lodge in the right side of his chest, missing any vital organs.


As he fell back against the cold ice of the Arctic, Kal-El finally met Kara’s eyes and, realizing what was happening to him, looked utterly betrayed and crestfallen. Within a minute, he was unconscious from both the bullet causing new injuries and stripping him of his powers under any yellow sun. Once he was unconscious though, Astra slipped the cuffs on and Special Forces Teams Five and Six deployed the mobile containment unit, once Astra was out of the containment zone. Thirty seconds later, everyone was flying back inside the fortress to begin preparing to transport Kal-El to Argo to face the consequences of his actions but Kara hung back to thank the last minute addition to the fight.

Chapter Text

“I never wanted to use any form of kryptonite against another but he needed to be stopped, so thank you. But, I have to ask, how?”


“Before we could go through the portal, we were each scanned by Kelex to make sure there weren’t any hidden weapons, trackers or anything else untowardly. When I was scanned though, Kelex recognized me as Kryptonian and said I had access to the fortress as a member of the Royal House of El. I’m not sure why it recognized me that way, unless Kelex knew we were close. But, as soon as Kelex said that it was like some instinct or reflex kicked in and I was on autopilot. I searched for a way to boost latent powers, and I’m not sure how I knew to do that, and before I knew it Kelex was giving me a yellow sun booster then I don’t know how to describe it but the power I felt before came back and I knew I had powers. So, I listened and heard the battle and I had a feeling he would try something so I asked Kelex about gold kryptonite since it worked on me and it turns out the fortress has a secret safe and inside it was various types of kryptonite, including a gun with gold kryptonite bullets. I took the gun and you know the rest.”


“That’s a lot to unpack. I had my suspicions that your base Kryptonian genetics couldn’t truly be eradicated. We will need to run a lot of tests once we’re back on Argo, Sam, you understand that, right?”


“I know, and I want them run. Pia, mentioned her father had done some research into separating a Worldkiller from their host’s body so I suspected he’d want to run some tests and after being able to get powers back I want them run to make sure Reign is still gone. I also want to know why Kelex said I was part of the House of El,” Sam admitted softly.


“I would like to know that as well. But Sam, no matter what we find out on Argo, know that I’m thankful for your help today and I love you and you will always be family. El Mayarah, it means stronger together,” Kara said with a soft smile.


“El Mayarah, Kara. Now, in case these powers are temporary, what do you say to a little race, Your Majesty,” Sam asked with a cocked eyebrow.


“You’re on,” Kara said as she took off for the fortress.


“Kara! Not fair,” Sam shouted after the heroine as she sped off trying to catch up to the girl once known only as Supergirl and now know for who she really is, Kara Zor-El.





Kara had beaten Sam back to the fortress by a longshot, but the brunette had immediately demanded a rematch due to Kara’s head start. But, their jovial moods abruptly ended when they were brought back to the reality of the situation at hand.


They had only been in the hangar of the fortress for about five seconds when they heard Kal’s screams.




“Duty calls. Please get to Argo, and join Lena. When I return, I promise we will get answers for you, Sam.”


“I know. Go deal with him, Kara.”


With a final hug, the two friends said farewell for now as Sam went to go through the portal and Kara, went to deal with Kal-El.




“Stop with the theatrics Kal; the battle is over and you have lost whether you are ready to admit it or not.”


“Nothing is over until I say it is, Kara,” Kal spit out.


“That’s where you are wrong, Cousin. It is over and where you are going, no one will ever be able to come rescue you, especially Lillian and your Cadmus buddies. Kelex, is Kal-El safe to transport to Argo?”


“Yes, he is. All scans came back clean as did the body cavity search. All that was found was one communication device which has been fully destroyed per our protocols. The prisoner is ready for transport and the Judicial Guild are awaiting your arrival,” Kelex said.


“Good. Let’s bring the prisoner home so we can all return to our families,” Kara said as she led those remaining in the fortress through the portal and into Argo where the Judicial Guild was waiting.


“Your Majesty,” Xi In-Zo, the interim head of the Judicial Guild greeted Kara as soon as she stepped through the portal.


“Xi, it is good to see you but I do wish it was under less formal circumstances.”


“As do I, but it is our honor to ensure Kal-El faces the consequences of his actions so that justice may be done. The tribunal is scheduled to meet at noon tomorrow to render our findings based on the evidence provided. Does that time work for you, Your Majesty?”


“It does. The prisoner is officially yours, but do make sure he remains in his current attire,” Kara stated firmly.


“As you wish. Kal-El, son of Jor-El of the House of El you are under arrest and will face judgment tomorrow,” Xi said before she motioned for four of her officers to take Kal-El and lead him away to the Judicial Guild holding cell.


“You will never be able to hold me! My powers will come back and when they do I will end all of you! This is not the end, Kara,” Kal yelled as he was literally dragged away by the officers.


As soon as the Judicial Guild members were gone with Kal-El, Kara thanked the soldiers with her and dismissed everyone for the evening. With everyone gone, Kara and Astra made their way to the palace where their family and friends would be waiting for them.





“Mrs. Luthor, we have another situation,” one of Lillian’s minions said as he came rushing into the room.


“What now,” Lillian growled.


“We have lost contact with Superman.”


“What do you mean we’ve lost contact with him?!”


“His comm is offline and we cannot locate his heat signature anywhere.”


“What about the Lane sisters and the weapon?”


“Our men posted at the apartment were subdued and the Lane sisters and the weapon were gone. Their trackers were all destroyed as well and left in the apartment for us to find.”


“I knew I should have killed Supergirl when I had the chance! We need to disappear and regroup. If they have Superman, the Lane sisters and the weapon, it is only a matter of time before they find out where we are. Notify everyone important to meet us at the hideout and kill anyone else; we cannot afford any loose ends,” Lillian ordered.


“Right away, Mrs. Luthor.”


“This is not the end. You can take from me, you can run and hide somewhere where I can’t find you but you will never win, Kara Zor-El. You and my disgrace of a daughter better enjoy your happiness while you can because I will take everything from you, all in due time,” Lillian said menacingly once she was alone again.





As soon as Kara stepped into the living quarters section of the palace, Lena was by her side pulling her into a hug.


“Are you okay,” Lena whispered in her ear, clearly worried about her wife.


“As long as I have you and our children I will always be alright.”


“How did things go with Kal? I don’t know what happened Kara, but one second Sam was with us and the next she was flying off to help you. When she got back, she said I’d have to ask you what happened,” Lena said clearly annoyed that her best friend refused to tell her anything.


“Why don’t we all sit down and I can tell everyone at once,” Kara suggested as she looked around at their family and friends in their living room.


Ten minutes later everything, including her fight with Kal, had been explained and everyone who wasn’t present for the fight between Supergirl and Superman was slack jawed. They all knew Kal was not the good ole all American country boy he held himself out to be but they didn’t realize how far gone he truly was.


“What will happen to him now,” Lois asked after a moment.


“The Judicial Guild is reviewing all the evidence in the matter and they will render a ruling tomorrow at noon. At that time, Lena and I as the reigning monarchs will be able to provide statements regarding our opinions but you will also be able to speak as his partner, Lois. They will likely take a few moments to deliberate but in all likelihood he will be found guilty. There may not be video footage of most of his crimes against me and my family but there is video proof of him murdering James. For that charge alone the punishment is death, life imprisonment or a lifetime in the phantom zone,” Kara explained.


“It…It may sound crazy but I don’t want him to die even knowing what he did,” Lois quietly admitted.


“Lois, I understand that. Lex did horrible things but no matter his crimes I can still remember the Lex that was nice to me sometimes and I didn’t want that person to die. I think you’re experiencing the same feelings towards Kal,” Lena said understandingly.


“Yeah…I’m angry about what he did though. I can’t believe he did what he did and that he worked with Lillian and my father of all people! I mean how many times did my father try to kill him and then he turns around and works with him?! I just don’t get it.”


“Lois, Clark was clearly very good at crafting an image for you, me and everyone else to see. You couldn’t have known he’d go as dark as he did,” Lucy rushed to assure her sister.


“I know but…wait, Kara, you said you shot him with a gold kryptonite bullet, what does that mean,” Lois asked suddenly remembering that detail of Kara’s explanation.


“Lois, gold kryptonite strips a Kryptonian of their ability to develop powers from the yellow sun or any other sun that grants us powers. He’s still Kryptonian but he will never have powers again,” Kara said.


“So, he’s basically human?”


“In a sense yes, but his DNA will always be Kryptonian. Lois, I’m sorry if this upsets you but it had to be done,” Kara said as she looked at Lois nervously unsure how the woman would take the news. Moments passed with Lois not uttering a single sound but then suddenly she began laughing hysterically. “Lois? Lois, why are you laughing,” Kara asked clearly confused.


“It…It’s just that…that I asked him once wh…what he’d do if…if he lost his po…powers and he said he’d rather di…die than not ha…have his powers,” Lois said through her laughter causing everyone else to laugh when they realized what she had just said.


“Oh my God, this is great. Superman would rather die than be ordinary and now he is ordinary! God, I wish I could have seen his face when he found that out,” Cat said through rare laughter as she had never liked Metropolis’ resident Super or his Daily Planet alter-ego.


“That’s the best part,” Kara said with a hint of mischievousness in her tone, “Kal thinks it’s only temporary. He thinks his powers are coming back.”


“Wait, so you’re saying we can see his face when he learns the truth,” Alex asked hopefully.


“He will find out tomorrow when judgment is rendered, so yes, you can see his reaction,” Kara said.


“Kara, how exactly does the Judicial Guild work here? It seems to be vastly different from our justice system in the US,” Lucy mused after a moment.


“That’s because it is different. Here, the tribunal, which is made of the highest ranking guild members, review all the evidence themselves, then they place the suspect under a truth seeker to hear the truth from his or her lips then they convene in front of the public and permit key witnesses or victims or other involved parties to issue statements along with the reigning monarch if they so wish. Then judgment is rendered and the judgement rendered is final,” Kara explained.


“Ah, I see. I suppose it makes sense that there would be no trial like we have if you use a truth seeker,” Lucy said.


“Only when the truth is clear is judgment rendered. We ensure that only the guilty are punished in our lands,” Astra proudly said.


“It does seem to be a better system than ours. I am just happy to know Clark…I mean Kal-El, will have to face the consequences of his actions,” Lucy said.


“No one can hide their crimes from Rao,” Kara said before adding, “I know it has been a long day for everyone so why don’t we all go to bed and we can talk more at breakfast before heading to the Judicial Guild.”


“I think that sounds like an amazing idea, Darling,” Lena said as the group assembled nodded their heads.


“Wonderful. Kelex, would you please show everyone to their rooms and please ensure that that birthing matrix is allowed to stay with Lois so she is not separated from her child.”


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Kelex said before flying off to do as instructed.


Everyone seemingly followed Kelex, or retired to their rooms if they already knew where they were, except for Alex. When it was only Kara, Lena and Alex in the living room, the nervous looking Assistant Director of the DEO took a deep breath and finally spoke.


“Are you both sure it’s okay for me to stay here? I know you only allowed me on Argo because of the situation.”


“Alex, our issues are honestly the least of my concerns right now,” Kara said causing Alex’s face to drop instantly. “But, you ensured the Q-Wave device got here safely and without that we may not have been able to save Argo and you asked not to be given credit which gives me hope for you, Alex. You are not forgiven but we do want you here tonight. I need to know everyone we care about is safe tonight,” Kara admitted.


“Okay. I do love you Kara and you too Lena. Sleep well,” Alex said as she left the room, presumably to find Maggie and their room.


“Come on Sunshine, I think it’s time for us to go to bed too,” Kara said as she held her hand out for Lena who eagerly took it.


“Sounds wonderful, Darling.”


“I want to stop and check on Elle first though.”


“No need, my love, I had the portable crib put in our room so she could sleep with us tonight. I thought after everything that happened today you would want her close.”


“You read my mind. Thank you, Lee, I love you,” Kara said with a classic Kara Danvers smile.


“I love you too, Darling.”





After the two women had spent about forty minutes watching their little girl sleep peacefully, completely unaware of everything that had occurred that night, Kara and Lena found themselves cuddling in bed talking softly.


“How are you doing really after everything, Kar?”


“Honestly? I’m relieved that everything with Kal is almost over. He’s lost to us Lena, he truly is. I know he’s the father of Lois’ unborn child but I can’t help but believe that Lois and the baby are better off without him,” Kara admitted.


“I know what you mean. Speaking from experience, sometimes it’s better not to have a parent than to have one who only wants to use you for their nefarious purposes. But, Lois and her child will have all of our support and she and Lucy both won’t have to raise their children alone. They’re family now, right?”


“She, and by extension Lucy, were always family despite my lack of a relationship with Kal. But now, now it’s our duty to make sure both of them and their babies are taken care of. They’re both going to need our help and on Krypton you don’t turn your back on your family, especially when they are in need.”


“I agree. We can figure that out later though.  Are you prepared to deliver the judgment rendered tomorrow?”


“Yes. I know it is our duty at monarchs to see that the judgment be carried out and I’m okay with that.”


“Astra mentioned that you asked them to leave him in his super suit. Why did you do that,” Lena couldn’t help be ask a moment later.


“Because, Lee, I want to rip our family’s crest off his chest myself. I want him to know it was me who took the crest from him and removed him from the House of El before all of our people. I want him to know what it’s like to be abandoned and cast out.”

Chapter Text

After Kal-El was placed in a holding cell at the Judicial Guild, with no less than eight guards guarding him directly, the tribunal retired to their chambers to review the evidence before bringing in the truth seeker the following morning. They watched video after video, including video from Kara’s pod showing how Kal-El reacted to her arrival on Earth, video of him as Superman proclaiming himself a God, the video of James Olsen’s murder and even surveillance video recovered from Kal and Lois’ apartment showing his mistreatment of Lois and his statements indicating he viewed his child as a weapon to be used against Kara and other aliens. They also read Eliza’s journal, that the doctor had provided so the tribunal could read her entries regarding raising Kara and Kal’s lack of involvement in her daughter’s life. They also read DEO reports J’onn had provided detailing his organization’s experience with Superman. It was nearly 3:00 a.m. when they had finished going through all of the evidence and to say they were disturbed was an understatement. As they all retired for the night, every member of the tribunal was disgusted with what they learned but, in true Kryptonian fashion they would not voice their opinions until after the truth seeker had been utilized and any involved parities and/or their queens were able to be heard, even if they wanted to provide a victim impact statement of sorts instead of further evidence.





Four short hours later, the tribunal once again gathered, but this time they were the formal interrogation room with the truth seeker ready to be used. At 7:00 a.m. sharp, guards brought in a shackled Kal-El, who was still in his super suit as requested. Naturally, he was fighting against his restraints but he was unable to break free of them. Once he was forcefully pushed into his chair at the table where the truth seeker was, the tribunal got to work.


“Kal-El, son of Jor-El and Lara Jor-El you stand charged with multiple crimes under the laws of Krypton. Do you wish to have the charges explained,” Xi In-Zo, Interim Head of the Judicial Guild asked.


“No,” Kal spit out. “I have committed no crime so why would I need charges explained to me when they will just be dismissed soon?”


“Regardless of your opinions you do stand charged of multiple crimes, which do carry the possibility of a death sentence. Do you know why you are here?”


“I don’t care why I’m here; I will be out of here before you know it,” he said confidently.


Ignoring Kal-El’s arrogance, Xi In-Zo continued.


“Kal-El, on the table before you is a truth seeker. Momentarily, the truth seek will latch onto your forearm and we will ask you a series of questions. You may fight the truth seeker as much as you want but you will be forced to answer truthfully. Once we are done here, you will be returned to your cell until noon when involved parties, including Their Majesties Kara and Lena Zor-El, will have an opportunity to be heard. We, as the tribunal, will then meet and deliver judgment and sentence, if found guilty, shortly thereafter unless we determine that you acted so egregiously that Their Majesties should decide your sentence, if found guilty. Their Majesties will then ensure our judgment is carried out. Do you understand?”


“I won’t say anything. I refuse to tell you anything you want to know,” Kal defiantly said.


“I’m afraid the choice is not up to you. Guard, please engage the truth seeker with Kal-El’s right forearm.”


“Yes, ma’am,” the guard in question replied before placing long black gloves on his hands, picking the truth seeker up out of its circular containment unit and placing it on top of Kal-El’s right forearm where the truth seeker immediately latched on despite Kal’s attempts to avoid the truth seeker from doing so.


“Get this thing off of me!”


Once again ignoring the man before her, Xi In-Zo, began the interrogation.


“What is your full Kryptonian name?”


“Kal-El,” Kal answered automatically much to the man’s surprise as he had clearly not intended to answer.


“Good. What is your name on Earth?”


“Clark Kent.”


“Good. Now, Kal-El, what did you do upon finding the pod containing then thirteen year old Kara Zor-El on Earth?”


“I dropped her off with Doctors Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers then left. That inconvenience wasn’t my problem to deal with; I had my own life to worry about,” Kal hissed.


“You made no effort to raise her yourself?”


“No, I didn’t have time for that. I had my own life to live.”


“But Kara Zor-El is your blood family, is she not?”


“She is, but I didn’t have time for a teenager.”


“But at the age of thirteen, Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth to take care of you, when you were only an infant, was she not?”


“Of course she was! She is a woman and a woman’s place is at home, rearing children and supporting the men in their lives.”


“You feel this way about all women?”


“No. The most exceptional women can do extraordinary things outside the home but Kara Zor-El is not one of those women.”


“But Lillian Luthor is?”


“Yes. She has a vision that will save Earth from the threat of aliens. But, like any good woman, she is simply following through will plans originally made by her son who is no longer able to execute them himself.”


“I see. Perhaps our queens will wish to speak with you further about Lex Luthor but for now, let’s continue our conversation regarding your crimes. Did you make attempts to remain in contact with Kara Zor-El after leaving her at the Danvers’ residence?”




“Have you had any contact with Kara Zor-El since she landed on Earth?”


“Only a couple of times.”


“Do you have a relationship with Kara Zor-El?”


“Of course not. I have no need for a relationship with her.”


“Moving on. Earlier you mentioned Lillian Luthor. Do you actually know her?”


“Yes. Everyone knows Lillian Luthor or has at least heard of her.”


“How do you know Lillian Luthor?”


Kal visibly tried to fight answering that question more than he had any question before it, but alas, the truth seeker forced him to answer much to his chagrin. “I work with her.”


“What do you work with her on?”


Once again fighting against the truth seeker, Kal forcibly said, “I work with her and her organization Cadmus to eliminate the vermin that are aliens from Earth. Aliens are a disease on Earth that must be eradicated. We also develop weapons to combat our alien foes. When she gives an order I follow it, no questions asked.”


“You are an alien, are you not?”




“So, how are you different from the aliens Lillian Luthor wants to eliminate?”


“I’m different; I work with Lillian and Cadmus for the greater good. I am the only alien to protect Earth from all aliens. I am Earth’s mightiest hero and always will be.


“Your cousin, Kara Zor-El, protected Earth too, did she not?”


“My so-called cousin and her cronies defend aliens and are the reason Earth has so many issues.”


“I see. What weapons do you develop with Lillian Luthor and Cadmus?”


“Kryptonite based weapons, ray guns, military grade weapons and most recently, a partially Kryptonian child that is to be raised to serve the cause and eliminate any and all aliens who are no on Cadmus’ payroll,” Kal grit out as he tried to shake the truth seeker off to avoid answering the question.


“Who are the biological parents for the child you mentioned?”


“Which one? There have been more than one,” Kal said with a devilish grin.


“How many have there been?”


“One successful birth and a second that is currently in gestation.”


“Who are the biological parents of both children?”


“The first child is genetically Kara Zor-El and Lena Luthor’s but the child was stolen from us and is no longer available to us. The currently developing child is mine and Lois Lane’s,” Kal grit out as he continued to fight the truth seeker.


“What did you plan to do with both children?”


“I was to train them to be the best they could be. I would train them to use their powers and ensure they knew who our enemy was, aliens. They would have been the best of both genetic parent’s capabilities while having the minds of a Luthor to boot. They were to be the perfect weapons,” Kal sneered but it was clear he was proud of the plan to use the children as weapons.


Hiding her disgust with Kal’s latest answer, Xi In-Zo moved on to her next question.


“Have you acted against aliens through your work with Lillian Luthor and Cadmus?”




“Have you killed any aliens during your work?”


“Yes, and they all deserved it because they do not belong on Earth. Their deaths were for the good of Earth and Cadmus,” Kal said proudly of his actions.


“Do you plan to commit further crimes again aliens on Earth?”


“Yes. We will not rest until all alien threats are exterminated,” Kal proudly stated.


Again hiding her disgust, Xi In-Zo continued as the rest of the tribunal was beginning to have difficultly hiding their disgust and mortification.


“Are you in a romantic relationship with Lois Lane?”


“Yes, I love her.”


“You love her,” Xi In-Zo asked clearly not having expected that answer.




“Have you ever hit Lois Lane?”


“Yes. She’s a woman and I’m a man; it is my job to ensure she is obedient and when she is not obedient it is my job to correct her behavior by any means necessary.”


“Have you ever used the powers granted to Kryptonian’s under a yellow sun against Lois Lane?”


“Yes. I must correct her behavior and ensure she knows her place as a woman and human who is below me on the hierarchy of life as I am a God and she is ordinary,” Kal said with a sneer.


“Did you tell Lois Lane you would raise your child together as a family?”


“Of course I did, I had to keep her in line and the thought of being allowed to raise the weapon helped achieve that.”


“Did you ever intend to raise the child with Lois Lane?”


“No,” Kal growled as he once again fought the truth seeker with more force. “The child is not a true child but a weapon made to eradicate aliens from Earth and help Cadmus achieve its goals.”


“Did you murder James Olsen?”


“I followed orders and ended his life,” Kal hissed as he tried harder than ever to fight the truth seeker.


“Why did you murder James Olsen?”


“He knew enough to damage our goals and he put our plans at risk so he had to be eliminated,” Kal said as he thrashed against his restraints.


“Do you have plans to kill anyone else?”


“Yes. I will kill everyone I must for the good of Cadmus and Earth.”


“Do you have plans to kills anyone else specifically?”


In that moment, Kal-El grew eerily still and looked Xi In-Zo in the eye with an evil murderous glint in his eyes. He then took a deep breath and spoke slowly, clearly and with a murderous venom dripping from his tone that made everyone’s hair stand on end.


“I will kill Kara Zor-El, Lena Luthor, and the abomination they call a daughter. I will end their family, every last member of it from now until the end of time.”


“Thank you, Kal-El. I think we have heard enough in regards to the charges currently pending and have the necessary information to issue the final list of charges. Please return him to his cell until noon,” Xi In-Zo told the guards.


As Kal-El was dragged from the room, as soon as the truth seeker was removed from his forearm, he once again fought against his restraints and attempted to break free from the guards to no avail. Everyone in the room knew in that moment that the truth seeker ensured Kal-El spoke nothing but the truth, but, the truth he revealed was chilling and made them wonder how a child of the House of El could become what Kal had. Without saying a word, every member of the tribunal knew that there was no redemption to be had for Kal-El.





Meanwhile, across Argo, Kara was enjoying having a few minutes alone with her daughter as Lena continued her peaceful slumber. They had been up until 1:00 a.m. so it came as no surprise to Kara when her pregnant wife was still asleep at 7:00 a.m.


“Good morning baby girl,” Kara whispered as she picked her daughter up from the portable crib.


The two month old clung to her jeju’s shirt and nuzzled into her, clearly having missed cuddles with her the day before. The sight made Kara swoon and think, not for the first time, that she was the luckiest woman in the universe to be Elle’s jeju.


“I missed cuddling you too, Elle. I’m sorry Jeju has been so busy lately but I promise everything I do, I do to keep you, Mam and little Miah safe. But, after today, we’re going to take a much needed little break to spend time together as a family. I want to take you and Mam all over Argo to really show you everything. I want to take you camping like my parents took me. There’s so much I want to do with you and Mam. We’re finally going to have some much needed family time, I promise. I love you, Elle,” Kara continued to say as she prepared a bottle for her little girl and began to feed her before carefully settling back on the bed next to Lena who instinctually cuddled closer to them.


As Elle chowed down on her bottle eagerly, having clearly inherited her jeju’s appetite, Kara couldn’t help but smile at the look of amazement on her daughter’s face as if she were tasting the best thing in the universe. After Elle finished her bottle though and Kara burped her, the blonde couldn’t help but admire her wife and her growing baby bump. Wrapping her free arm around Lena’s back, as the raven haired woman had moved so her head was on Kara’s lap, Kara couldn’t help but wonder if Lena would want to have a proper bonding and wedding ceremony even though they were already married under their laws. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face as she pictured Lena wearing either a classic Kryptonian bonding gown or a wedding dress from Earth and the pair reciting vows to each other.


“Do you think Mam would ever want to have a proper bonding ceremony with Jeju, Elle? Hmm? Do you think she would? What about you, Miah,” Kara softly said as she rested her hand on the side of Lena’s bump, “do you think Mam would? We’ve mentioned having one in passing but that’s it and I’d love to have an actual ceremony where we can honor both our traditions and declare our love in front of everyone we love and care for. Maybe I will ask after we deal with that pesky Kal-El; yeah, I think that’s what I’ll do,” Kara mused before switching gears completely. “I can’t wait to meet you Miah and, Elle, I know you’re going to be the best big sister ever. I know things aren’t perfect right now and Mam and I still have some things to deal with but the four of us, our family, we are perfect. I love all of you so much,” she said before placing a kiss to Elle’s head and lovingly caressing Lena’s baby bump which earned her a hard kick from Miah.


“Ow,” Lena groaned when Miah kicked a second time but she still didn’t wake.


“I know you’re just trying to say hi baby boy but your mam needs her rest; growing you takes a lot of energy you know,” she softly said with a slight chuckle. “We both love you, so much, but can you go a little easier on Mam while she’s resting?” A moment later she felt a barely noticeable kick and smiled, knowing that as far as she was concerned that was her son indicating he understood his jeju. “Thank you, Miah.”


“How do you do that,” a groggy Lena asked.


“Lee! Baby, I just settled Miah down so you could sleep some more,” Kara pouted.


“I heard you talking to him and I couldn’t help but wake up. Plus, those kicks were pretty strong, except that last one. But seriously, how do you do that?”


“Do what?”


“Get Miah to calm down so easily. He never calms for me as instantaneously as he does when you ask, which really isn’t fair seeing as I’m the one carrying him and the one who will have to push him out of a very small opening,” Lena said with a pout of her own.


“I guess Miah is just a jeju’s boy,” Kara replied while attempting to kiss Lena’s pout away and then murmuring against her lips, “and that small opening is perfect, just like every inch of you is.”


“Kara,” Lena exclaimed as she swatted at Kara’s shoulder, only for Kara to crash their lips together once more. “It’s just so not fair. I have to do all the hard work to make him and you just got to have the fun and he listens to you,” she grumbled as her pout only deepened once their kiss broke.


Arching her eyebrow mischievously, Kara said, “I remember you had a lot of fun that night too, my love.” When Lena simply gaped at her and playfully swatted at her shoulder once more, Kara grew serious again. “But, I do know this is hard on you and I swear to Rao, if I could switch places with you so you didn’t have to go through all of this I would.”


“I love you, Kar,” Lena said as tears welled in her eyes at the amount of love laced in her wife’s words and clear in her perfect blue eyes.


“I love you too, Lee,” Kara said as she joined their lips together in a sweet kiss. “How about we all cuddle together a bit before we get up?”


“You read my mind, Darling.”





At 12:00 p.m., everyone was seated in the Hall of Justice awaiting the arrival of Kal-El, the tribunal and Kara and Lena, who would enter last due to their position as the reining monarchs. The only family members not present were Elle, Ruby and Carter. They were back at the palace under the watchful eyes of Astra’s most trusted soldiers and Winn, who has offered to stay with the kids and keep an eye on the birthing matrix pod.


Just as their nerves were starting to get to them though, Kal-El was dragged out, his hands and feet shackled, looking almost feral in his super suit with crazed wild eyes. Once he was unceremoniously shoved into his seat, Argo’s version of a bailiff, Ky-Zi, announced the arrival of the tribunal and everyone stood. As the nine member tribunal walked out, they took their assigned seats on the sides of a semi-circle at the front of the hall. As soon as the tribunal were standing in front of their seats, the bailiff announced the entrance of Their Royal Highnesses Queen Kara Zor-El and Queen Lena Zor-El. Like the tribunal before them, Kara and Lena stepped into the hall together, dressed in their full royal regalia, and they took their seats at the top of the semi-circle that were duplicates of their official thrones.


“You may be seated,” Lena said confidently and firmly after she and Kara had taken their seats.


Once everyone took their seats, Kara spoke next; “I call into session this meeting of the tribunal. Today, we are gathered to render judgment on Kal-El. Interim Chief Tribune Xi In-Zo, you may proceed.”


“Thank you, Your Majesties. Kal-El, son of the late Jor-El and Lara Jor-El, of the Royal House of El presently stands accused of the following crimes following our review of the evidence available to us and the information learned through use of the truth seeker: Abandonment of Queen Kara Zor-El, Unlawful Imprisonment of a Developing Kryptonian Child, Unlawful Imprisonment of the Mother of a Developing Kryptonian Child, Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism, Treason Against Krypton, Treason Against your Queen, the Intentional Murder of James Olsen, Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of Queen Kara Zor-El, Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of Queen Lena Zor-El, Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the Developing Prince, Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the Crown Princess and Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the extended family of Queen Kara Zor-El and Queen Lena Zor-El,” Xi In-Zo began as some gasped hearing that Kal-El had been planning to murder Kara, Lena, Elle, Miah and their family while the two young monarchs maintained their stoic faces, or as Alex would call them “their Luthor faces”. “At this time, we open the floor to any of those gathered here today to make a statement before we deliberate and issue judgment.”


“I wish to speak,” Eliza said as she stood from her seat. “The day Kal-El dropped Kara off at our home, he quite literally dropped her in the backyard. She was scared and the one person she knew abandoned her and flew away after saying on a few words to my husband and I. It took so much time for her to become comfortable with us and to see as family but she always looked for Kal. She’d brush getting caught staring at the sky off as thinking about Krypton but we knew, she was looking for Kal because she was always looking out in the direction you would have to go to reach Metropolis from our home. Each year on what we called her ‘Earth birthday’ she would always ask us if he was coming. I had to watch my daughter get her heart broken every time Kal-El failed to be present for her and even acknowledge her existence. He is not the upstanding man everyone thinks he is and it is my opinion that he is not worthy of wearing the House of El crest. Thank you.”


“Thank you, Doctor Danvers. Would anyone else wish to speak, Xi In-Zo asked.


“I would like to echo my mother’s words. Because of Kal-El’s actions, Kara felt alone in this world for far too long. No matter how close we became she was saddened at being alone in the sense that she was the only Kryptonian she knew and the one person she thought would be there to help her, especially with her powers, abandoned her like she meant nothing while she had been willing to do her best to raise him as an infant when she was only thirteen. What Kal has done to my sister is despicable, but what he has done to the woman he claimed to love is even worse. No one should have to be treated as Lois has been or have their unborn child used against them as a bargaining chip. He is not worthy of the House of El,” Alex said firmly before mouthing an “I love you” to Kara, which was quickly returned.


“Thank you, Assistant Director Danvers.”


“I would like to say a few words. Despite what he has done, I still love the man I first knew as Clark Kent, but I have come to learn that that man is nothing more than a façade used to hide who he really is, Kal-El betrayer of family and planet. I have been held captive by this man and only allowed to leave my home if Cadmus guards accompanied me under the guise of being security due to articles I have written. My DNA was also stolen from me to create a child without my permission. Do not interpret my words to mean I do not love my child, because I do, but the choice of creating my child was taken from me. My child is my world now, and Kal-El is a threat to that world. I am also sickened by the footage I have seen of Kal-El murdering Jimmy Olsen, who was supposed to be his best friend. Because of his actions, my sister must raise her child alone because their father has been taken from them,” Lois said before taking a deep, calming breath. “Kal-El deserves to be punished for his actions and I understand death is a possible judgment but I do ask that he not be executed. A person like him does not deserve death, for death is easy. He deserves to pay for his crimes and spend each day a prisoner, knowing there is no escape. He deserves to live out the rest of his days knowing his is no longer Superman but rather that he is nothing more than a has been criminal who no one cares about. Thank you.”


“NO JAIL CAN HOLD ME! YOU’LL SEE LOIS YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE OF ME! YOU OR THE WEAPON,” Kal screamed, no longer able to remain silent but before he could launch into a full diatribe, the guards gagged him, effectively shutting him up.


“Kal-El, you will respect the judgment process. Now, would anyone else like to speak,” Xi In-Zo spoke firmly. “Seeing no further witnesses wish to speak, I turn to you, Your Majesties. Would you like to be heard?”


Looking at each other intently, Lena leaned in and whispered in her wife’s ear, “this is your time to speak, my love, not mine. This is your chance to gain closure with him.”


Kara felt overwhelmed by her wife’s words and after a moment, she pulled back and nodded before turning her steely gaze to her cousin.


“You don’t deserve to hear how your actions made me feel, Kal. What you do deserve though, is the judgment coming your way. I have the utmost faith in the tribunal and their ability to hand down an appropriate judgment. What I will say, is that you have betrayed everything we stand for as Kryptonians and as members of the House of El. You have committed crimes of treason, terrorism, crimes against family and murder. You have made your bed Kal-El, now you must lie in it,” Kara said firmly, yet eloquently, the perfect image of the monarch she was.


Kal attempted to fight the gag but all that could be heard was his muffled scream as he presumably screamed out of frustration at not being able to say whatever he wanted to say. When he wouldn’t stop screaming against the gag though, the guard closest to him used an electro staff to shock him, rendering him temporarily unconscious. Alex and Maggie couldn’t help but chuckle softly at the sight of the so called “Superman” being rendered unconscious after one measly electric shock.


“At this time, the tribunal will retire to deliberate. We will return to pass judgment as soon as we reach a unanimous decision,” Xi In-Zo said after a moment before Kara and Lena left the hall of justice first followed by the tribunal.





It only took the tribunal one minute to determine Kal-El’s guilt or innocence. What took time to decide was his sentence. But, two hours later, Xi In-Zo as the interim head of the tribunal requested an audience with her queens to notify them of their decision. Afterwards, everyone returned to the Hall of Justice and once the tribunal was called back into session, Xi In-Zo rose to deliver the verdict.


“Kal-El, please rise,” she began as the guards forcibly hauled Kal to his feet, even as he attempted to fight them. “Having had sufficient time to review all facts, evidence, results of the truth seeker and statements of those impacted the most, we have rendered judgment. On the charge of Abandonment of Queen Kara Zor-El, we find you guilty. On the charge of Unlawful Imprisonment of a Developing Kryptonian Child, we find you guilty. On the charge of Unlawful Imprisonment of the Mother of a Developing Kryptonian Child, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism, we find you guilty. On the charge of Treason Against Krypton, we find you guilty. One the charge of Treason Against your Queen, we find you guilty. On the charge of the Intentional Murder of James Olsen, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of Queen Kara Zor-El, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of Queen Lena Zor-El, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the Developing Prince, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the Crown Princess, we find you guilty. On the charge of Conspiracy to Commit the Intentional Murder of the extended family of Queen Kara Zor-El and Queen Lena Zor-El, we find you guilty.”


“Members of the tribunal, we thank you for your service. Is the finding of guilt on all charges the true judgment of all tribunal members,” Lena asked immediately, just as Kara had told her to do, and just as quickly each tribunal member stated that it was.


“THIS IS BULLSHIT! I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE; AS SOON AS MY POWERS RETURN I WILL END ALL OF YOU,” Kal screamed as the gag had been removed for the rendering of justice per Kara’s orders.


“You will watch your tongue in the Hall of Justice, Kal-El,” Kara sternly said as she glared at her cousin. “Interim Chief Tribune Xia In-Zo, what is the judgment sentence on these matters?”


“After due consideration, we have decided that Your Majesties should issue the judgment sentence in this case.”


“Thank you,” Kara said as she turned her gaze back to Kal as she and Lena had already deiced what they would do and that Kara would be the one to do it. “Kal-El, having been found guilty on all charges, you are hereby sentenced to an eternity in the Zeta Quadrant of the Phantom Zone where no one can escape. Only the worst of the worst criminals are sentenced to the Zeta Quadrant where each person is sent into their own little hell where they will never see the face of another soul or hear the sound of another’s voice. This sentence will commence following a second interrogation under the truth seeker to determine what, if any, information you can share with us regarding Lillian Luthor, General Sam Lane and Cadmus. Additionally,” Kara said as she rose from her throne and moved to the center of the room before gesturing for guards to bring Kal before her.


“You won’t get away with this Kara! You cannot get rid of me,” Kal sneered as soon as he was before Kara.


“No, Kal, it you who cannot get away with this. Kal-El, son of the late Jor El and Lara Jor-El, from this day forward I renounce you as a member of the Royal House of El. Your name shall be removed from the family tree as if you never existed. Any assets here on what is left of Krypton, that you would have inherited shall now transfer directly to Lois Lane as the mother of the unborn child who is now the sole heir of Jor El and Lara Jor-El. You are now only to be known as Kal, convicted criminal and houseless,” Kara steadily said as she forcibly ripped the House of El crest from Kal’s super suit before walking to Lois. “Lois, I hereby present to you this crest of the House of El, your child’s house and from this moment on, your house. You and your child will forevermore be placed in the official register for House of El members and fully recognized as members of the Royal House of El and granted all privileges and rights that come with being a member of the House of El.”


“Th…thank you, Your Majesty,” Lois said in utter shock as she accepted the crest once worn by the man once known as Kal-El.


“You can’t do this Kara! I am the House of El not you and not her,” Kal sneered as soon as Kara was standing in front of him once more.


Ignoring Kal’s words, Kara continued. “Additionally, applicable portions of the recording of this proceeding will be broadcast across Earth so its citizens may know that you have been punished for your crimes there and will not be able to harm anyone again. You will go down in history as being nothing more than a criminal. This is the judgment rendered against you,” she finished before turning on her heel and retaking her place on her throne.


“YOU CAN’T DO THIS KARA!!! I AM THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE OF EL! YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!!!! I WILL END YOU AS SOON AS MY POWERS RETURN,” Kal shouted as he struggled against his shackles and guards.


Smirking devilishly Kara looked Kal in the eyes and spoke slowly and crystal clear.


“That is where you are wrong again, Kal. You will not be getting your powers back; not today, not tomorrow, not a year from now, not ever. In case you didn’t notice, we are under a red sun here and Kryptonians do not have powers under a red sun.”




“You will never see a sun, of any color, again, Kal, for there is no sun in the Phantom Zone. But, even if you were to ever see a yellow sun or any other sun granting Kryptonians powers, which again you will not be, you still would not have your powers returned.”


“What are you talking about?! I just need a little booster and my powers will come back stronger than ever,” Kal confidently and smugly said.


“No, they will not. When I shot you during our battle, I shot you with bullets containing gold kryptonite. Gold kryptonite strips Kryptonians of their powers permanently. You are now nothing more than a powerless, ordinary person. Your days of saying, ‘up up and away’ are gone forever. Guards, please return the prisoner to his cell and ready the truth seeker. It is my decree that Kal be sent to the Zeta Quadrant as soon as possible.


“NO! NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS! HOW COULD YOUR USE KRYPTONITE AGAINST ME! I’M FAMILY! KARA! KARA STOP THIS! NO!! NO,” Kal screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked utterly terrified of what was waiting for him, especially knowing that he’d never have powers again.


“I could and I did, Kal. And you are no family of mine, Kal the houseless,” Kara said in a cold but even manner.


Once a slack jawed Kal had been dragged from the Hall of Justice, Lean squeezed her wife’s hand lovingly and whispered low enough for only Kara to hear her.


“It’s over, Kara. It’s over now. Kal can never cause harm to anyone ever again, my love.”

Chapter Text

A few minutes after Kal had been dragged away, Kara and Lena found themselves alone in the Hall of Justice processing everything that had just happened. Lena felt relieved that one threat to her family had been eliminated. However, she also couldn’t help but wonder what counter-attack Lillian was planning now that her apparent favorite alien enforcer had been reduced to a mere mortal no one would ever hear from again. Kara meanwhile, was lost in her thoughts. She knew she did the right thing, but she couldn’t help but feel like she failed her parents by not being there to watch over Kal, because had she been there maybe she could have prevented him from becoming what he became, or so she thought at least.


“Kara? Kara, darling, where’s that beautiful mind of yours at right now,” Lena asked her wife as it wasn’t like Kara to be silent for so long.


“Hmmm? Oh! Sorry, Lee, I guess I was caught up in my thoughts a bit.”


“What were you thinking about?”


“Kal. I know I did the right thing; I know that rationally and logically…”


“But,” Lena supplied when her wife trailed off.


“But I can’t help but wonder if things would have turned out differently had I never ended up in the Phantom Zone and had arrived on Earth on time and been able to take care of him and watch over him like I was supposed to,” Kara quietly admitted.


“Kara, what Kal became is on him. He was given every opportunity to be the upstanding person he held himself out to be and he chose to work with Lillian, General Lane and Cadmus. He made his bed and now he has to lie in. You have nothing to feel bad about, okay?”


“Logically, I know that but I can’t help but wonder what if…”


“Babe, for all you know he still could have turned out the way he did even if you had been with him his whole life. If we let ourselves get caught up in the what ifs we will waste away our entire lives with those thoughts. I think our time is better spent looking to the future, don’t you?”


“You’re right, love, as you usually are. I just wish things didn’t have to end this way with Kal.”


“I know, but you made sure he can’t hurt anyone ever again. You did that Kara. I once told you Kara Danvers was my hero, and I meant that then, but what I know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that while Kara Danvers may be a part of my hero, my true hero is you, Kara Zor-El.”


Looking into her wife’s gorgeous green eyes, Kara looked for any hint of a lie, but she knew from her wife’s voice that she was only telling the truth. She continued to gaze into her wife’s eyes for another moment, completely overcome with love for her. So, Kara did the only thing she could think of, she kissed her…hard.


“I love you, Lena.”


“I love you, too, Kara.”


“Let’s go home, Sunshine.”


“I thought...don’t you have to go interrogate the ingrate,” Lena asked confused.


“No, Aunt Astra, J’onn, Alex and Maggie are handling it. We won’t be seeing him again until we are the ones to push the button to send him to the Zeta Quadrant. So, let’s go home to our little girl; it’s about time we had some family time, don’t you think?”


Smiling widely as she looked at her wife with so much love, Lena couldn’t help but bring their lips together for another kiss.


“Quality family time sounds perfect, Darling. But, can we check on Lois and Lucy first?”


“Yea, we can do that. I really do love you, Lena. You and our kids are the best thing to ever happen to me.”


“You and our kids are the best thing to ever happen to me too. Let’s go home, Darling.”


“Yes, let’s.”





When Kara and Lena arrived back home, it was so silent you could hear a pin drop and not a single member of their family was in sight. Before they could wonder too much about where everyone was though, Kelex appeared.


“Greetings, Your Majesties. May I be of service?”


“Kelex, where is everyone,” Kara asked.


“Doctor Danvers has taken Miss Lucy Lane, Miss Grant and Young Master Carter to explore the market. Miss Arias and Young Lady Ruby have gone to the stables after learning we have horses here too. Miss Lois Lane is with Princess Elle in Miss Lois’ room. Miss Lois is in quite a state but the princess seems to be calming her.”


“Thank you, Kelex. We will call you if we need anything,” Lena kindly said and after Kelex left, she turned to her wife. “Should we check on them or give them some time?”


Nervously chewing on her bottom lip, Kara said, “I…I think we should peak our heads in and see how they are and play it by ear.”




A couple short minutes later, the couple found themselves standing outside Lois’ room. The door was closed but they could hear what was being said.


“Elle, I don’t know how to do this on my own. Your mommies are doing such a great job with you, I can tell that already. But, your mommies have each other and I don’t have anyone. I don’t know anything about raising a baby. You’re so sweet and you don’t fuss when I hold you but what if your baby cousin doesn’t like when I hold them? What if they don’t like me?”


“Kar, I think we need to step in and help reassure her,” Lena whispered quietly enough so only Kara could hear.


“I think you’re right,” Kara whispered back.


“Lois, it’s me and Kara, we’re coming in,” Lena said loud enough for Lois to hear before they stepped through the automatically opening door.


“Oh! Lena and Kara; I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take Elle without asking. I just…I just needed some time and it’s hard to stay sad with her around,” Lois said as she wiped her tears as best she could while holding Elle.


“Lois, it’s okay. You’re Aunty Lois, so you can have as many baby cuddles as you want,” Kara said, hoping Lois would understand the double meaning behind her words.


“Aunty Lois?”


“If I wasn’t clear enough earlier, you are part of this family. You will always be Aunty Lois to our kids and we’d love to be Aunty Kara and Aunty Lena to yours too,” Kara nervously said.




“Yes, really. Lois, you may find this hard to believe but you are our family. We don’t judge people based on their biological family or who they once were in a relationship with. If we did, well, Kara and I wouldn’t be married right now,” Lena said with a soft smile.


“How can either of you stand to look at me or let me be around your child? All this time I’ve been with a man who wanted to kill you all. He wanted to kill you both and he wanted to kill this perfect little angel and yet I was still with him. I don’t even know how Lucy will be able to look at me. I was with the man who murdered the father of her child,” Lois said as tears began to well in her eyes once more.


“Lois, you did not know the extent of what Kal was doing. None of what he did or planned to do was your fault and we get that and so will Lucy,” Kara said genuinely.


“I’ve been looking at her face and tracing all the lines and taking in all the details and I…I just don’t understand how he could look at this face and see her as anything other than Elle. And I know our baby is developing still but it took me one look at them to know I love them and I’d do anything to protect them. I just don’t understand how he could view them as weapons.”


“We may never know why his brain works the way it does but, Lois, he cannot hurt anyone anymore. He will never be able to get near the kids. We’re safe, Lois, we’re all safe,” Lena assured the woman.


“Do you…do you think we could stay here for a while? Me and my baby and Lucy too if she wants too? Everyone knows Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same now and I don’t think I can handle the media attention and potential threats from those with an axe to grind with Clark or Superman. Plus, this is all that’s left of my child’s Kryptonian culture and I’d like to actually learn it and be able to share it with them. So, if it’s not too much trouble, could we stay a while?”


Without an ounce of hesitation Kara and Lena spoke at the same time, showing just how in sync they were. “You can stay forever,” they said in unison causing Lois to laugh.


“You two really are like two people who share one brain. I didn’t get what Alex meant by that but now I do. I don’t know if we’ll stay forever but for now, we will.”


“Yes! Did you hear that, Elle,” Kara said as she took her daughter over as the infant had begun reaching for her, “Aunty Lois is going to stay with us! We’re all going to have so much fun together, yes we are.”


“You do realize she’s going to be celebrating us being one big happy family for a while, right,” Lena asked Lois.


“I believe it.”





Lena and Lois continued to speak for a few minutes while Kara sat with Elle, next to the birthing matrix pod telling her daughter all about how it worked, as if the infant could understand. Then she began telling them about their family, the whole story, and when she got to telling them about her parents, Jor-El, Lara Jor-El and Non, a thought dawned on her.


“Lee, can you take Elle for a minute?”


“Sure, Darling,” Lena said slightly perplexed as it wasn’t like Kara to willingly hand their daughter over, even to her.


“Thanks. I need to get something but I’ll be right back,” she said before handing Elle over then practically sprinting from the room.


“If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was trying to run off and be Supergirl,” Lois said with a chuckle.


“What can I say, I married a dork.”


“Hey! I heard that,” Kara said as she ran back into the room.


“I don’t hear you denying it though, Darling. But, do tell, what was so important that it sent you running from the room and giving up cuddles with our daughter?”


“This,” Kara said as she pulled a small circular device from her pocket.


“And what is that, exactly,” Lois asked confused while Lena observed the item closely then gasped.


“Kar, is that…is that what I think it is?”


“Yea…Winn slipped it in my pocket when we had everyone over at my loft; he thought I’d want it one day. He told me it was your idea, Lena.”


“I…while we were apart, I wanted to learn everything I could about Krypton and I kept coming back to one thing, your mom’s AI. I only very rarely talked to Winn while I was gone but I asked if we could make a pocket-sized version so you could always have your mom with you. I didn’t know he had finished it though; I only came up with the final specs and coding a couple days before you found me in Ireland,” Lena explained.


“I know, he told me. When I realized what he had left in my pocket I messaged him to ask about it. He told me you had rough specs for Kal’s mom too from something you managed to find in the archives. I haven’t tried this out yet, but, I thought maybe we could do that now?”


“What was Lara, like,” Lois couldn’t help asking.


“She was amazing. I was always closer to Aunt Astra but Aunt Lara had a special place in my heart too. One time, she snuck me out of school so we could have an ‘aunty and niece day.’ She took me to this secret hidden waterfall where there were a couple wild horses and it was beautiful. I even got to pet one of the horses! And when she found out she was going to be a mom, she took me out for another special date to tell me about the new baby and she was so careful to make sure I knew that she would still make time for me too. She was amazing,” Kara said as memories of her aunt flashed before her eyes.


“I wish I could have met her. It sounds like she would have been an amazing grandma,” Lois said as she grew emotional.


“I think she would have been; they both would have been. I know it’s not the same but, would you both be okay with seeing them, well the hologram AI version of them? And we can introduce the kids to them too. It was very common to introduce children to their grandparents and other elders before the birth or soon after and…,” Kara said as she began to ramble.


“Darling, it’s okay. I’d love to introduce your aunt to our children. Your mom has already met our children but we can tell her Miah’s name and I would like to meet Lara too,” Lena assured her.


“I’d really like to meet them both too and I’d like to introduce them to my child. Thank you for this, Kara. After everything that’s happened, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to learn anything about this part of my child’s ancestry.”


“Lois, I swear to you that I will always answer any questions you have about the House of El and myself, Aunt Astra and everyone here who knew my parents, Non, Jor-El and Lara will be happy to share their memories with you too. We value family here and you are part of our family,” Kara said sincerely as she set the disc on the floor. “Are you both ready?”


“Yes,” Lena and Lois said in unison before Kara hit the button and two blue shimmering figures came to life as Kara moved to stand in between Lena and Lois.


“Hello, my darling daughters and granddaughter,” Alura said once her AI came to life.


“Hi Jeju,” Kara said as Lena said, “Hello Alura. Elle, can you say hi to your uzheiu?”


“Hello, my dear niece,” Lara said a moment later when her AI came to life.


“It’s good to see you, Aunt Lara. I’d like to introduce you to my wife and soulmate, Lena, and our daughter Elle.”


“Oh my God,” Lois lowly said not having fully believed such technology was possible.


“And who do we have, here, my daughter,” Alura asked.


“Jeju, Aunt Lara, this is Lois Lane but as of this afternoon she’s officially known here on Argo as Lois Jor-El, to signify her standing as a legitimized member of the House of El in Uncle Jor-El’s line,” Kara explained.


“And how exactly has she become part of our line,” Lara asked.


“She was Kal’s partner and she is the mother of his child; although he will never know his child as Kal is no longer a member of the House of El. Kal is officially houseless and has been sentenced to life in the Zeta Quadrant. Lois and your grandchild are now the only members of your line,” Kara sadly explained.


“While, I am happy to welcome a daughter and grandchild, they are not the only members of my line,” Lara said.


“What do you mean, Aunt Lara?”


“Kara, I am sorry but I am not able to reveal that information. But, think about the day I told you I was to become a mother. Think, my dear niece, and the answer will reveal itself. Now, I presume you wished to have a proper introduction between us and the newest members of the family?”


“Y…yes,” Kara stammered having been stunned by her aunt’s earlier statement.




They spent the next thirty minutes talking to Alura and Lara’s AI holograms, which spoke much more like people instead of AI’s unlike the version of Alura at the fortress. Overall, the meeting went well but Kara couldn’t shake what her aunt had said about Lois and the baby not being the only members of their line and the answer revealing itself. As she laid in bed, with her arms wrapped around Lena, later that night, she couldn’t help but replay her memories from the day she found out her aunt was going to be a mother. She ran through her memories of that day over and over again until suddenly the answer hit her, just as her aunt said it would.


“Oh my Rao!”

Chapter Text

“Kara? Darling, what’s wrong,” Lena asked having awoken at the sound of Kara’s shout.


“I’m sorry, Lee, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Kara said apologetically.


“You don’t need to apologize. Talk to me, Kar,” Lena implored.


Looking at her wife with tears in her eyes, Kara spoke so softly Lena questioned if she heard correctly.


“Kal has a twin.”


As soon as those words were out of Kara’s mouth, words Lena wasn’t even sure she even heard correctly, not a sound was heard in their bedroom. One minute of silence turned into two that turned into three.


“Come again,” Lena finally said after three minutes of silence.


“I said Kal has a twin,” Kara said as she looked at Lena with sad eyes.


“Kara, what makes you say that? I know Lara said Lois and the baby weren’t the last of their line but what makes you think Kal had a twin?”


“Not had, Lee, has.”


“I won’t pretend that the thought he had, has, a sibling didn’t cross my mind because it did and I can see you believe this fully this, so how about you walk me through your thoughts so I can understand them and we can work through this together?”


“Thank you for not just shutting me down and saying it’s crazy to think this.”


“I would never outright dismiss your thoughts or opinions, love, but I do want to understand.”


“Well, it goes back to the day Aunt Lara told me she was going to be a mother. Being part of the royal family, I was sheltered from the people to a degree so I was close to my family. My aunts and uncles were always spending time with me as a result. Don’t get me wrong, my parents spent a lot of time with me but my aunts and uncles did too. I spent the most time with Aunt Astra and Uncle Non, but Aunt Lara made sure to spend a lot of time with me too. Uncle Jor was the only one I didn’t spend much time with because he was always working on his secret projects.”


“I’m glad you had those types of familiar relationships, Darling. I can only hope our children have that same type of bond with their aunts and uncles,” Lena said sincerely.


“I hope they have that bond with their aunts and uncles too,” Kara said with a soft smile as she thought about her daughter and son having strong bonds with their aunts and uncles.


“What happened when you found out Lara was expecting,” Lena prompted after Kara didn’t continue her explanation.


“One day, Aunt Lara knocked on Aunt Astra and Uncle Non’s door, because I was spending the weekend with them, and she seemed really happy and asked if she could take me out for a couple of hours. Not long before she took me back to Aunt Astra and Uncle Non’s, she sat me down and got really serious and that’s when she told me she was going to me a mother and in hindsight, I should have known that she wasn’t talking about being pregnant with Kal.”


“Kara, what did your aunt say to you,” Lena asked as she rubbed soothing circles on the back of Kara’s palm.


“She said she hoped her baby girl would be just like me…”



Flashback – Argo City Six Months Before the Death of Krypton


“Kara, you know I love you very much, right?”


“You love me all the way to Titan and back and then some,” Kara said with a smile on her face.


“That’s right. You are very important to me and you always will be. You’re like a daughter to me and you always will be and getting to be your aunt, is truly one of the greatest joys in my life and I can only hope that my baby girl is just like you.”


“A baby girl,” Kara asked with her signature confused head tilt.


“That’s right, a baby girl just like you. Uncle Jor and I are having a baby!”


“I get a cousin? Finally?!”


“Yes, sweetheart, you’re finally getting a cousin,” Lara said with a slight chuckle that gave way to a huge smile the second Kara’s eyes lit up and the biggest smile she had ever seen spread across the young girl’s face.


“This. Is. The. Best. Day. Ever! I’ve been asking for a little brother or sister or even a cousin for forever! I can teach her all about our family and how to braid her hair and and science! I can teach her all the sciences and we can do experiments together when she gets big enough and make new discoveries together! I’m going to be her best friend too even though I’m older. It’ll be like I’m her big sister,” Kara happily rambled.


“Kara, slow down,” Lara said with a chuckle. “I’m so glad you’re happy to be getting a cousin but I have to ask you something, or rather I want to ask your permission for something.”


“What is it, Aunt Lara,” Kara asked clearly confused.


“Do you remember when you told me what your dream baby sister would be named?”


“Yes! Samara or Sam for short cause Kara and Samara go together.”


“That’s right. I was wondering if you’d be okay with Uncle Jor and I calling our baby Sam?”


“Really,” Kara asked with a twinkle in her eye.


“Yes really.”


“I’m going to have a baby cousin named Sam! Is Sam in a matrix pod or is she in your tummy?”


“She’s in my tummy. Pretty soon you’ll even be able to feel her kick as she moves around.”


“Wow,” Kara said in wonder. “Can I talk to her?”


“Of course you can,” Lara said before she found herself tearing up when Kara began speaking to her stomach.


“Hi Sam! I’m your cousin, Kara but you can call me Kar. We’re going to be best friends. No, we’re going to be sisters! I can’t wait to meet you. I love you already.”


“You’re going to be so good with her, I can already tell my dear niece.”


End Flashback – Present



“But then when the baby came, Uncle Jor came out and told us they somehow got it wrong and the baby was actually a boy, Kal. We had no reason to question it but now…”


“Now you’re wondering if your aunt did actually have a little girl. Perhaps even a little girl who’s now a grown-up with a daughter of her own and sleeping down the hall from us as we speak,” Lena questioned with a quirked brow.


“How do you always know what I’m thinking,” Kara asked with a soft smile.


“Everyone does say we share a brain, Darling,” Lena said cheekily before growing serious. “In all seriousness though, here’s what we know for sure. First, your aunt told you she was having a baby girl she wanted to name Sam because you had picked that name. Second, at the fortress Kelex said Sam is a member of the House of El meaning Zor-El or Jor-El would have to be her father. Third, your aunt’s hologram told us Lois and the baby are not the last of her line and given that you had mentioned them being part of the House of El, we can assume she was also referring to the House of El and not the house she was born into bringing us back to Zor-El or Jor-El being her father; but, it would be more likely that Jor-El was her father given the fact that Lara said ‘my line’. Finally, Sam and Kal are the same age and in hindsight there are some physical similarities between them. When you add all those together it seems likely that Sam is your aunt and uncle’s daughter, but, that begs the question, if Sam is the baby Lara gave birth to then where did Kal come from?”


“If our theory is correct, I think the only plausible explanation is that Kal was born through the birthing matrix not a natural birth. It’s the only explanation that would fit, Lee. He was recognized as a blood member of the House of El so he has to be Uncle Jor and Aunt Lara’s.”


As soon as the words left Kara’s mouth a thought crossed Lena’s mind but knowing her wife was in a bout of emotional turmoil, she chose to keep her thought to herself until such a time that she could prove she was correct. So instead, she held her wife close and told her everything would be okay so long as they were together.


In the end, they decided not to say anything to Sam, or anyone else, until they could prove their hypothesis was correct. They both wanted to know if Sam was in fact Kara’s cousin but they also knew Sam had enough to deal with between adjusting to Argo, helping Ruby adjust to Argo and finding out how she got her powers back after gold kryptonite was used to defeat her Worldkiller alter ego, Reign, and it was best not to add to her plate unless they were one hundred percent sure they were right. So, they agreed to set aside the questions surrounding Sam’s parentage, for at least a week or two, and instead focus on their family. In reality though, Lena had a secret plan of her own so she could try and protect her wife and best friend from any pain the truth may cause.





The next morning, Lena woke first and thanks to the red sun, was able to slip from bed without rousing Kara, although the blonde did whine in her sleep at the loss of her wife in her arms. After checking on Elle, and giving her her morning bottle, Lena made her way to the Judicial Guild to do something she knew her wife would not approve of.


“Your Majesty, we were not expecting you this morning.”


“No, I expect not. I need to see the prisoner.”


“Your Majesty, with all due respect, you are pregnant and I not think Queen Kara…”


“Queen Kara is my wife and my equal here; she does not rank above me so you would be wise to watch your tongue and take me to the prisoner,” Lena said in her cold CEO voice.


Visibly gulping the guard simply nodded his head and led Lena towards the holding cells.


“Prisoner 319, you have a visitor,” the guard gruffly said before taking his place nearby.


“What do you want, Luthor,” Kal sneered as soon as his eyes met Lena’s.


“Oh Kal, I really thought we had settled this once and for all in your tiny tiny brain. My name is Lena Zor-El, of the Royal House of El and I am Queen of Krypton alongside my wife, Kara Zor-El, perhaps you’ve heard of her? She is a rather big deal on Earth, you know the planet you choose to identify yourself as from most of the time,” Lena said with just the right amount of bite and sass in her voice.


“You are no Queen. I am the rightful King. I am the Head of the House of El!”


“You are nothing. As my wife decreed you are no longer a member of the House of El; you are houseless, you are nothing and will be forever more,” Lena said leaving no room for argument.  “Now that that’s settled, I’d like to get to the point of this visit.”


“And why exactly are you here?”


“I need a sample of your blood.”


In that moment, Kal laughed, and he laughed loudly, while Lena simply stared her Luthor glare without losing her composure.


“No. I don’t consent to that.”


It then became Lena’s turn to laugh, but not just any laugh, a laugh commonly described as mischievous.


“Oh Kal, I wasn’t asking. Having been found guilty of numerous charges and sentenced to life in the Zeta Quadrant, you are a ward of the state and no longer have any rights afforded to law abiding citizens of Argo. Now, guard, please extract two vials of Prisoner 319’s blood.”


“Yes, Your Majesty,” the guard said before he extracted the blood while two other guards held Kal in place.


“What are you doing, Luthor?!”


“What needs to be done to protect my family; a family you are no longer part of,” Lena coolly said before turning on her heel and leaving as soon as the vials were in her hand.


Before Lena left the Judicial Guild, she ensured that no one would know of her visit to see Kal. She didn’t want to keep secrets from Kara, but she didn’t want to worry her wife or get her hopes up until she had definitive answers.





After leaving the Judicial Guild, Lena quickly made her way home and to the home lab Kara had had installed for her in the basement. Kara had had it set up to be nearly identical to her personal lab at L-Corp with some Kryptonian upgrades naturally. Those upgrades included four separate closed-circuit connections. Those closed-circuit connections were between the lab and the Science Guild servers, the lab and the L-Corp servers, the lab and the the fortress and the lab and the DEO. Lena had ensured would be unhackable, but even if the unhackable became hackable due to the closed circuits the hacker would not be able to access anything other than what was on the particular closed circuit hacked. With communication outside of Argo having been restored, it had had been easy to set up the closed-circuits. It turned out that once the pure Harun-El was being used, the interference seemingly disappeared as well, and after a little boost from Winn to clear up the signal, Argo could officially communicate with Earth.


Once in her lab, Lena set up an enhanced in-depth DNA test between Kara, Kal and Sam. Using Kara’s DNA profiles from both the DEO and Science Guild, a portion of the first vial of Kal’s blood and Sam’s DNA profile from her L-Corp employment records and the DNA profile scan Kelex took in the fortress she set the test to identify whether Kara, Kal and Sam were related. The test would also determine how closely related the they were. She then set up a separate test using profiles from the Science Guild, DEO and the fortress to compare the strength of Kryptonian genes in Kara, Sam and Kal before the gold kryptonite was used on the latter two and another test to compare the three after Sam and Kal were exposed to gold kryptonite. As soon as the tests were underway, Lena ensured a message would be sent to her tablet as the results of each test became available. She then left her lab and returned to her bedroom, where she stripped back down to her bra and panties and slipped back into bed before Kara woke up.





When Kara woke up about half an hour after Lena snuck back into bed, she smiled and kissed the top of her wife’s head.


“Good morning, Sunshine.”


“Good morning, Darling. How did you sleep?”


“Beautifully. I always sleep well when you’re with me but you disappeared for a but early this morning,” Kara said and Lena could tell the blonde was pouting.


“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I gave Elle her morning bottle then spend some time enjoy the beautiful view of Argo. I didn’t mean to worry you,” Lena said as she rolled over to face her wife and place a chaste kiss to her lips.


“Next time wake me. I’d love to sit with you and our little miracle girl as she eats and then enjoy the morning view with you.”


“You just looked so peaceful sleeping but, I can think of something else we can do while we’re still alone this morning,” Lena said seductively as her arousal spiked, in part due to her raging hormones, as her eyes raked over her wife who was clad only in a tank top that had ridden up revealing her abs and tight boxer briefs.


“And what did you have in mind? A morning stroll around the market or maybe we could cook together oh! We could go to the stables with Elle,” Kara suggested excitedly ever oblivious to the true meaning of Lena’s words.


“I would love to go to the stables with you and our daughter but I had something else in mind; something that we do only with each other,” Lena purred as she moved a hand down Kara’s body until she could cup her center.


“Oh,” Kara said suddenly very aroused. “Wh…what about Elle?”


“Elle is fine and if need be one of our family members can tend to her.”


“Are you sure, Lee? We haven’t done much since you came back I don’t want you to feel pressured. We can wait as long as you want and need before truly being together in that way again,” Kara assured her wife.


“And I appreciate how caring and considerate you’ve been but I’ve wanted to truly make love to you every single day since our first time. I’m more than ready, Kar, but if you want or need to wait we can.”


“Rao, no! Lee, I always want you but I didn’t want to pressure you.”


“Babe, I assure you, I more than want this,” Lena said as she guided one of Kara’s hands in-between her legs.   


“Rao, Lee, I can feel how wet you are,” Kara said in awe as she felt her wife’s wetness through her clothed center.


“It’s what you do to me. Just one look at you and I’m wet. I want you, Kara; I want you right now,” Lena husked.


“You have me. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, until the end of time you have,” Kara said as she gazed into Lena’s eyes with so much love and adoration that Lena felt overcome with emotions.


Gazing back at her wife with just as much love and adoration, Lena decided in that instant that she had to have Kara and she had to have her right then. She pulled off her bra and panties so fast that Kara would have sworn Lena had super speed.


“You are the finest work of art in all the galaxy, my love,” Kara said in awe as her eyes took in her wife’s breathtaking form while a light blush colored Lena’s cheeks.


“I wish I could say the same but you’re a tad overdressed, Darling.”


Before Lena knew it, Kara had removed her bed clothes as well and both women appreciated the sight of their lover completely bare before them.


“You are a vison, my love, and I am so incredibly lucky to call you mine,” Lena said with an overwhelming amount of love in her voice as she felt the absolute need to kiss her wife.


Crashing their lips together in a passion fueled kiss, Lena reached backwards and felt around until her hand reached her tablet where she immediately touched the button on the top left corner that Kara had told her would alert the AI in the home that they were not to be disturbed and would not allow entry into their room. The couple didn’t break their kiss until the need for air became too great, but, before Kara could rejoin their lips she found herself pushed onto her back with Lena hovering above her.




“Let me take care of you, love.”


“Babe, I don’t want you to strain yourself. You’re six months pregnant and...,” Kara began but was silenced by Lena’s lips once again on hers.


“Darling, I’m pregnant not injured and I want to take care of you,” Lena husked as she trailed open mouth kisses and love bites down Kara’s neck and chest as she raked her fingers down rock hard abs.


Kara felt herself grow impossibly aroused as Lena worked her way down her body. Her wetness was becoming uncomfortable but she would never dream of stopping her wife’s ministrations. When Lena reached her breasts, Kara released an ungodly moan as Lena drew a nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it with just the right amount force, while using one hand to knead the other breast making sure to punch and tweak the nipple, stiffening both peaks immediately. When Lena swiped her tongue around the areola of Kara’s left breast before roughly sucking the nipple back into her mouth and between her teeth while simultaneously tugging on the right nipple, Kara felt a new wave of arousal shoot through her and she felt the telltale signs of her anatomy preparing to shift.


“Fuck, Lee. I’m going to shift, I can feel it.”


“That’s okay, love; it’s okay to shift. I love every inch of you no matter which genitalia you have or use. I love you, Kara. I love you so much,” Lena said with nothing but love in her voice before moving back up Kara’s body to rejoin their lips once more.


When the kiss broke this time though, Lena didn’t return to Kara’s chest. Rather, she kissed all the way down her love’s body until she settled between Kara’s legs while being mindful of how she positioned herself so as to not add any pressure to her protruding stomach. Parting the blondes toned legs, Lena took in the sight of her dripping wife. Grabbing a pillow to place under her stomach, Lena bent down, held Kara’s legs open and leaned in slowly. She leaned in so slowly in fact, that Kara bucked her hips up more than once and reached for Lena’s head in an attempt to guide her to no avail though as the raven haired beauty was determined to take things at her pace as she worked her wife up. A short minute later, Lena began to kiss Kara’s inner thighs, while also leaving the occasional love bite, causing the blonde to moan loudly as she felt more wetness gathering at her center.


Kara’s extreme arousal did not go unnoticed, nor did her twitching sex, signaling that Kara’s cock was preparing to make an appearance. Determined to make her wife cum before her anatomy shifted, Lena dove in and swiped her tongue along the length of Kara’s slit, being sure to circle her clit before licking back down. Lena repeated that motion three more times before sucking the hard bundle of nerves into her mouth and lightly scraping her teeth along it, causing Kara to shudder.


“Shit, Lee. Fuck that feels so…so good. OH MY RAO,” Kara screamed when Lena thrust two of her long fingers knuckle deep while sucking on the blonde’s clit.


“You’re so tight, so perfect. I love how wet you are for me, Darling, and the way you’re clenching around my fingers, it’s so good. I love you, Kara.”


“L…love you too. Rao! I’m not go…gonna last,” Kara moaned on a particularly rough thrust.


“It’s okay; I want you to cum. Cum for me, Kara,” Lena said as she picked up her pace and began curling her fingers on every other thrust.


“Oh Rao! Oh Rao! OH RAO,” Kara screamed as Lena continued to hit her g-stop each time she curled her fingers, causing more wetness to rush from Kara’s opening.


“You feel so good, Kara. I can feel you clenching around my fingers. Let go for me, Kara, let go,” Lena husked as she felt her own arousal dripping from her sex.


Lena thrust her fingers five more times before roughly sucking Kara’s clit into her mouth as she thrust one more time and curled her fingers. As soon as Kara felt all those sensations at once, her walls clamped down on Lena’s fingers as she instantly came around her wife’s fingers.


“I’m coming! Oh Rao, I’m coming! LENA!!!!”


Kara continued to cum around Lena’s fingers for what felt like an endless amount of time. As she helped her wife through her high, she continued to lightly suck on Kara’s clit but suddenly, the hardened bundle of nerves began to shift. Lena knew what was happening the second she felt Kara’s clit begin to extend but instead of removing her mouth, she began to swirl her tongue around the growing length making sure to lightly suck around the tip. Just as Kara’s cock reached its full length, Lena removed her fingers and within seconds, Kara’s anatomy completed its shift. Releasing the erect member with a pop, green eyes locked with blue, both women conveying their love for the other.


“Rao, that was amazing, Lena. I’ve never...I didn’t know I could shift during active stimulation.”


“I certainly am a fan of it, and I’m a fan of you coming around my fingers too,” Lena said cheekily. “I love you, Kara,” Lena said as moved to lie next to her wife.


“I love you too, but now it’s my turn to pleasure you,” Kara said mischievously before moving to hover over Lena.


As Kara brought their lips together in a loving kiss, that quickly turned heated as both women moved against each other, Lena’s tablet lit with a new notification; the DNA test results between Kara, Kal and Sam were in.

Chapter Text

“I want to be inside you, Lee,” Kara husked when their kiss broke.


“I want to feel you, Kar, every inch; it’s been far too long.”


Rejoining their lips as soon as the words were out of Lena’s mouth, Kara settled herself between her goddess’ legs, while being mindful of the swell of their child between them. Lena moaned into the kiss as her fingers tangled in blonde hair holding her wife close as their tongues danced together in perfect harmony. As their arousal grew, their bodies worked in tandem grinding against each other with Kara’s member rubbing against Lena’s slick folds.


Knowing that neither one of them could handle prolonged teasing, as it had been six long months since they felt each other in this way, Kara pulled back from Lena’s luscious lips and began trailing kisses down her neck, leaving a few love bites along the way. Ignoring her wife’s breasts, knowing that due to their heightened sensitivity the raven haired beauty would not be able to handle further stimulation there, Kara continued to trail kisses all the way down Lena’s torso. When she reached her baby bump though, she took extra care to litter kisses all around it, being sure to pay close attention to the three faint stretch marks that had only recently appeared.


“You are so, so beautiful, Lena. You are a goddess,” Kara lovingly said as she continued to kiss the length of each stretch mark causing Lena to blush.


“You don’t have to do that Kara, I know they’re hideous.”


“No, they are beautiful. These marks are a badge of honor showing that you gave life to our son. They only enhance your natural ethereal beauty, my love,” Kara said with so much love in her voice that Lena simultaneously felt tears well in her eyes and an overwhelming urge to have Kara inside of her.


“Ka…Kara I need you inside now,” Lena emotionally said.


Knowing her wife was serious, Kara placed a final kiss to Lena’s stomach and moved down the bed to make sure her raven haired goddess was ready to take her.


“Kara, inside…please,” Lena begged.


“I will be soon baby, but I need to make sure you’re properly prepared first,” Kara said as she sunk two fingers into Lena’s soaked tight walls.


“Fuck, Kara,” Lena moaned as Kara scissored her fingers inside her.


“Mmhmm, you’re so wet for me, Sunshine. You feel so good,” Kara said as she continued to thrust her fingers in and out, scissoring them on each inward thrust. After only a half-dozen or so more thrusts, Kara added a third finger and moments later decreed her wife was most definitely ready for her.


“Kara, please. I need you,”


Without saying a word, Kara withdrew her fingers, and crawled back up her wife’s body to present her soaked fingers to her. Lena took the hint and wrapped her hand around Kara’s wrist and sucked the fingers into her mouth, being sure to give Kara a smoldering look. Once she had sucked her juices off Kara’s fingers, her blonde wife quickly rejoined their lips while she fisted her erect shaft being sure to spread her pre-cum along it. When satisfied, Kara lined her tip up with Lena’s entrance and pulled back from their kiss as she slowly pushed inside, pausing once the head was fully seated within to give Lena time to adjust to her size.


“Oh Rao, I almost forgot how much you stretch me. Fuck, Kara,” Lena moaned.


“I love when say Rao, Lee. Oh Rao, you’re so tight for me, love. I will never tire of being inside you this way. I love you so much, Lena,” Kara genuinely said before slowly slipping a couple more inches in.


Within a couple of minutes, Kara had all eight inches sheathed, her tip brushing against Lena’s cervix, as she awaited Lena’s okay to begin moving. As much as Kara wanted to move the second she was fully inside, she knew her wife would need time to fully adjust as it had been some time since they were together in this way. Feeling Lena’s walls pulse around her though, the urge to move continued to grow but just as the urge became almost unbearable, Lena spoke.


“Move, baby, I need you to move.”


Not needing to be told twice, Kara withdrew until only the tip remained before slamming back inside and setting a steady pace. In no time at all, Lena began to cant her hips to meet Kara thrust for thrust causing her clit the slide against Kara’s length on each thrust which elicited filthy moans from the CEO.


“Fuck, Kara! Yes, baby; you’re so fucking big. Rao, I can feel you stretching me wide open,” Lena loudly moaned as Kara hit her sweet spot.


“You feel so good, love. So tight around me,” Kara grunted as she gave Lena everything she had.


Both women were rushing towards release but neither wanted to cum too quickly. So, Kara slowed her pace slightly while also ensuring she moved her rock-hard member just right so it scraped across Lena’s g-spot on every thrust. After several minutes though, Lena began to try and speed Kara’s thrusts up by locking her ankles behind Kara’s back, just above her ass. Taking the hint, Kara sped up her thrusts and slipped one hand between their bodies to rub tight circles, with just the right amount of pressure, around Lena’s clit.


Lena’s moans grew louder and louder until she was nearly screaming in ecstasy each time Kara roughly thrust all the way inside her. Feeling her release approaching quickly, but wanting Kara to cum with her, Lena slipped one of her hands between them as well to cup Kara’s balls, that would recede back into her body after she orgasmed, and gently squeezed knowing that would sent the blonde hurtling to her own release just as quickly as she was approaching her own.


“I’m going to cum! KARA!!!!”


“Me too, Lee! I can’t hold it much longer,” Kara grunted as her cock began to twitch signaling her impending release.


“Let go, Kar, let go,” Lena said as she massaged Kara’s balls some after giving them another squeeze.




All it took was three more thrusts and a slightly firmer squeeze of Kara’s balls for Kara root herself as deep as she could before rope after rope of thick virile cum erupted from Kara’s member painting Lena’s walls white. As Kara began to fill Lena with her seed, she managed to continue stimulating Lena’s clit as well and those ministrations, combined with the feel of the blonde’s seed filling her, sent Lena hurtling over the edge as her walls clamped down on Kara’s shaft, milking it, as her release gushed out of her, coating the blonde’s abs and pelvis in her cum.


The couple helped each other work through their respective highs for what seemed like forever. When they both had calmed, and Lena’s walls had relaxed, Kara slowly and carefully pulled out of her wife and was instantly mesmerized by the view of her wife’s gaping entrance that was clearly full of their combined release as some dribbled out. Before she realized what she was doing, Kara used one hand to gently push the fluids back inside, much to Lena’s amusement. Once satisfied, Kara bent down and placed a loving kiss to her lover’s mound before moving to Lena’s side and crawling back up the bed to join their lips in a sweet kiss once more.


“That was amazing, Lena. I love you so much, Sunshine.”


“It was the best. I will never tire of making love to you, Darling. I love you more than you know,” Lena replied before bringing their lips together for another kiss.


The couple cuddled and exchanged kisses languidly for a few moments, as they basked in their post-coital bliss, before Kara rose from the bed and made her way to the ensuite, much to Lena’s chagrin. When she saw her wife return with a cloth, one the blonde ultimately used to gently clean Lena’s thoroughly fucked folds, though, she smiled softly and felt her heart soar with affection for her thoughtful wife. Once they were both cleaned up, the blissed-out couple cuddled together in their bed and fell into an orgasm induced nap with huge smiles adorning both their faces.





When Kara and Lena failed to appear downstairs by 10:00 a.m., their family and friends began to grow concerned.


“Should we be worried about them,” Lucy asked as she helped herself to some sliced Twellian, a fruit native to Krypton that tasted unlike any fruit available on Earth but was also the most delicious fruit she had ever tasted.


“Perhaps we should. It is unlike my niece to sleep in, especially when there is work to be done. Even as a child she was the first one up and ready for the day,” Astra said as she entered the room.


“I don’t think we need to worry about them,” Maggie said as she entered the room with Elle in her arms.


“Maggie, how can you say that? You know as well as I do that Kara would never fail to show for a meal and she missed breakfast! Breakfast, Maggie,” Alex said making it clear she believed Maggie’s words were utterly ludicrous.


“Kara does love breakfast. She used to drag me to Noonan’s with her before work just to get her sticky buns,” Winn said having recently returned to Argo after reporting to the DEO before dawn to check on things there.


“And Lena is always up before everyone too. I’ve never known her to remain in bed later than seven and she only sleeps that late once in a great while,” Sam added.


Soon, nearly everyone was bickering about whether or not they should check on Kara and Lena while Maggie, Cat and J’onn, who had read Maggie and Cat’s thoughts, sat back and said nothing. When Alex declared that she was going to go check on her sister and sister-in-law minutes later, Kelex interrupted the group mere seconds before Maggie would have.


“Their Majesties have initiated the do not disturb protocol as of seven o’clock this morning.”


“Do not disturb protocol? What is that,” Eliza asked.


“Essentially, it is a program that ensures no one will be granted entrance to the room in which the protocol was activated. Historically, it has been used by couples when they ah wish to have um relations without the risk of being interrupted,” Astra awkwardly explained before Kelex could attempt to do so.


The moment the words left Astra’s lips, Maggie, Sam and Lucy burst out in laughter, while Cat chuckled lightly, as Eliza and Alex’s faces grew ghostly pale. Everyone else either had reddened cheeks, looked out of place or still had no clue what was going on. Maggie, Sam and Lucy’s continued laughter ultimately brought Alex out of her stupor though as she rounded on her sister’s aunt.


“You’re telling us that my sister…my baby sister and Lena are having ‘relations’ as we speak,” Alex asked using air quotes for the word relations.


“I will not speculate as to what my queens do within the privacy of their home and bedroom but,” Astra said as a mischievous smirk spread across her lips, “seeing as Lena is with child it is quite clear they do engage in marital congress.”


“OH. MY. GOD,” Alex exclaimed as she clamped he hands over her ears in an attempt to block out the words she already heard, causing Maggie, Sam, Lucy and even Cat to only laugh louder. “No! I do not need to hear about my little sister engaging in marital congress as you put it.”


“Oh, come on Danvers, how else do you think Lena ended up with a bun in the oven? I say good for them. They deserve to reconnect fully after everything they’ve been through,” Maggie said as she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend before adding cheekily, “plus, we’re not even married and we have plenty of premarital congress so it’s only fitting that the married couple of the group gets some action too.”


“That’s enough! I love you all but I do not want to hear about the activities my daughters engage in with their partners,” Eliza said, clearly not a fan of the current conversation.


“Mom, what’s marital congress,” Ruby asked Sam causing the woman to instantly pale as her laughter abruptly ended as well.


“Yeah, what is it, Mom,” Carter asked Cat causing the formidable Cat Grant to blanch as well.


“Um…um,” Sam stuttered as she struggled to come up with an answer that was age appropriate.


“Well, you see, when two people really love each other, in a romantic way, they want to express that love and that’s what marital congress is,” Cat explained to her son.


“Oh, so Kara and Lena are telling each other they love each other right now,” Carter asked.


“Yes, that’s exactly right,” Cat rushed to say and thankfully both Carter and Ruby accepted that answer and Sam mouthed a “thank you” to Cat as well.





“Good morning, everyone,” Kara chirped happily as she and Lena walked into the room, fingers intertwined with matching goofy smiles on their faces, about five minutes later.


“About time! Did you two enjoy your private time,” Alex huffed but it went unnoticed by the couple who were still riding high after their morning activities and long nap.


“We had a wonderful morning, thanks for asking Alex. Now, where’s my babygirl,” Lena cooed as she released Kara’s hand to approach Maggie and quickly pluck her daughter from her aunt’s arms causing the Latina to pout. “Hello my beautiful girl. Have you had a good morning,” Lena continued to coo as she made her way back to Kara who rubbed the little girl’s back and placed a kiss to her head as soon as she was close enough.


“Well, now that we’re all here, what’s the plan for today,” Eliza asked.


“Um, I know we said we would all spend time together as a family but Lena and I would really like to spend the day just us and Elle. With everything going on we haven’t gotten to spend much time together just us and we know Aunt Astra, Alex, Maggie and J’onn have their final interrogation with Kal today as well so we thought the rest of you might want to explore Argo some. We also thought that tomorrow we could take you all on a proper tour and then go horseback riding, and for those unable to ride right now our land speeders could be used so you could still come out with us. And…”


“Kara, you don’t need to ramble,” Lois said with a chuckle. “We all completely understand why you and Lena would want to spend some time just you two and your daughter. I think your plan sounds like a good one; I would love to just explore some today before a proper tour tomorrow. I was also hoping to use the communications center to contact Perry to check-in given recent events.”


“Yeah, I approve of your plan too,” Alex said.


“Me too,” Winn said.


“I think it sounds like an excellent plan. However, if it is alright with Sam and Cat, I was hoping I could bring Ruby and Carter to the Military Guild training facility. Today we’re teaching some of the children how to operate land speeders on our indoor track we use to train our soldiers on evasive maneuvers with various ships. I thought the children might enjoy interacting with other children and getting to use the land speeders,” Astra said.


Seeing that Sam and Cat were unsure about letting their children do that, Kara stepped in to explain what the Earth equivalent to this activity was.


“For us, land speeders are like go-carts or ATVs on Earth,” Kara explained and instantly Sam and Cat sighed in relief.


“If Ruby wants to go, she can then,” Sam said and Ruby was instantly hugging her and thanking her for allowing her to go with Astra.


“It is okay with me if Carter goes as well, but I would like to accompany you if that is alright,” Cat said.


“Yes! Thanks, Mom,” Carter excitedly said.


“That is certainly alright. Perhaps I could convince you to let me teach you how to use a land speeder too,” Astra replied and Kara could have sworn she saw a glint in her aunt’s eyes she hadn’t seen since she was a child.


“Hmm, perhaps you could convince me,” Cat coyly replied.





Within an hour, everyone went their separate ways for the day. Kara first took Lena and Elle on a walk around the market where they visited the various stalls. After visiting every single stall, where Kara somehow managed to remember the names of every single stall owner, even though she hadn’t seen some since she was thirteen.


After the market, Kara took her wife and daughter to a hidden clearing in the part of the forest that survived Krypton’s death at the edge of the city. In the clearing was a beautiful waterfall that fed into a small pond with the most perfect shade of blue-green water Lena had ever seen. There were even lily pads in the water that were as beautiful as the ones found in Vincent van Gogh’s artwork that Lena and Kara both had always admired. While Lena took on the beautiful natural before her, Kara set out a blanket by the water and unpacked the basket she had gotten at the market so they could enjoy a picnic lunch together. Their picnic lunch was perfect, but as perfect as their meal was, what made the experience truly magical was sharing it together as a family and watching Elle’s reactions to everything around her. The infant’s eyes followed the tiny frogs on the lily pads and she cooed at the colorful birds that flew amongst the trees.


As Elle took in all the sights around her, Kara and Lena talked about everything and anything. Kara shared memories of Krypton from her childhood, including memories of her parents, while Lena shared memories of her birth mother and Ireland. The conversation flowed easily and neither woman stopped smiling all day. They laughed throughout the day as well, and at least some part of them was always touching. Before they knew it, the sun was slowly starting to set and the couple knew they needed to head back to the palace soon. Kara began to pack everything up and asked Lena to send a message to Kelex at the palace that they would be arriving home within the hour. Lena immediately reached into her bag for her tablet, that she hadn’t looked at since initiating the do not disturb protocol that morning, to send the message but when she turned it on she was immediately greeted with the notification that the DNA test results between Kara, Sam and Kal was completed. She also saw a second, newer notification, indicating that the tests pertaining their Kryptonian genes were estimated to be completed by the next morning.


Lena instantly grew nervous when she saw that the DNA test results were in and quickly fired off the message to Kelex so she could open the results and face the music with her wife. With the message to Kelex sent, Lena opened the DNA test results and gasped, loudly. Kara immediately stopped what she was doing and rushed to her wife, who had Elle cradled in one arm and her tablet in the other.


“Lee, what is it?”


“Kara, I did something today that you likely won’t approve of, but I swear to you on our family, that I only had good intentions.”


“Sunshine, what did you do?”


“I ran a DNA test on you, Sam and Kal. And I also ran a test to compare the strength of all of your Kryptonian genes including Sam and Kal’s both before and after they were exposed to gold kryptonite. The gene testing won’t be finished until the morning but the DNA test results are in,” Lena explained but when Kara remained silent she decided to try and further explain herself. “I know we talked about tabling these questions for now but you all deserve answers, especially Sam. I didn’t want to deceive you but I didn’t want to get your hopes up about Sam possibly being related to you; so, I thought I could protect you by holding off on telling you until the results came in. Please tell me I haven’t ruined things by keeping this from you,” Lena said pleadingly which was what got Kara to come out of her stupor.


“Ruin? Lena, no, Rao, no; you haven’t ruined anything! I know you only had pure intentions, like you always do, and I love that you were trying to protect me. I kept a rather large secret from you to protect you and you did not hold it against me. Instead, you still confessed your feelings to me and ultimately bonded with me and we created our little Miah. So, of course you didn’t ruin anything, Lee. I understand and I swear to you, I’m not mad. I do want to hear the full story on how you were able to conduct the tests, but right now, I’m more interested with what the results are. Have you looked at them yet?”


“I have.”


“And what’s the verdict,” Kara nervously asked.


“We need to speak with your mother and Lara’s AIs as soon as possible.”


“Why do we need to speak with their AIs,” Kara asked more confused than ever.


“Because according to the DNA test results, Sam is Kal’s sister but she’s your sister too.”

Chapter Text

“Come again?”


“Kara,” Lena said gently, “Sam is Kal’s sister but she’s your sister too.”


For the first time since meeting Kara, Lena watched the talkative blonde not utter a single word for more than five minutes. After seven minutes of silence, Kara reached for Lena’s tablet and stared at the DNA results herself. After another five minutes passed without Kara making any sound whatsoever, Lena began to really worry.


“Kara, talk to me; don’t shut me out, please,” she implored as she gently and reassuringly squeezed Kara’s hand she had been holding the whole time.


“S…Sam is my sis…my sister?”


“Yes, she is.”


“I know a lot about science but I was just beginning to be taught how to read our genetic codes when Krypton as I knew it perished. I know there’s a way to tell who a person’s biological parents are from our genetics but I don’t know how to read that in our genetic code. Can you tell who Sam’s biological parents are?”


“Yes, but I would need to look at the DNA sequences for all possible biological parents to compare them first.”


Kara nodded her head in understanding as she sat and thought for a moment before the reality of the situation hit her.


“Kelex said she was a member of the House of El. For that to be true one of Sam’s parents has to be a blood member of the House of El meaning…meaning…,” Kara began as angry tears welled in her eyes, “meaning in order for her to be my sister, my father had to have had a child with another woman….no he had a child with his brother’s wife while bonded to my mother. My father cheated on my mother, Lena. Soulmates aren’t supposed to do that! And no one in general should cheat on their partner!”


“Darling, we don’t know that for sure. There is so much we don’t know about soulmate bonded couples.”


“What do you mean, Lee?”


“We each gave a piece of ourselves to each other when we bonded and now my DNA resembles yours but it is still unique to me and you have DNA that resembles mine but is still unique to you. Your parents were bonded soulmates as well so wouldn’t they have given a piece of themselves to each other as well?”


“You’re saying that both my parents would have DNA components from each other in addition to their own DNA so…OH MY RAO! You’re saying that my mother may have sired Sam but because of her soulmate bond with my dad, Sam would still have gotten some of his DNA too?”


“I don’t know; but, I think it could be possible. I’d have to do a lot more research into the topic, but, we have two resources we can ask right here, right now because I know you have the device on you.”


“You mean my mother and aunt’s hologram AIs?”


“Yes, their AIs. We can ask them right here, right now, or we can return home and ask them in the privacy of our bedroom or I can even give you space to ask them privately.”


“No,” Kara rushed to say but upon seeing Lena’s furrowed brow she quickly elaborated. “I mean, I want you with me when I confront them in the only way I can. And I think we should do it here where there’s no chance of Sam walking in while we’re in the middle of a conversation regarding her parentage.”


“Alright, if you’re ready Darling, I’m right here and so is this little cutie pie,” Lena said as she tickled her little girl’s tummy making her giggle her adorable baby giggles that brought a smile to Kara’s face instantly.





Not even two minutes later, Kara had activated the device and she and Lena watched the hologram forms of Alura Zor-El and Lara Jor-El come to life. The AI seemed sense that Kara and Lena were sitting on the grass though, because unlike the last time they activate the two AIs, Alura and Lara’s figures appeared smaller so they were all able to be at eye level with each other. The couple was curious about that adaptive feature of the AIs but before they could think about it too long, Alura spoke.


“Hello, Kara and Lena and little Elle too. I am happy to see you all.”


“Hello my beautiful nieces,” Lara said a beat later.


When Kara and Lena remained silent though, the AIs could tell something was wrong.


“Kara, what troubles you,” Alura asked her daughter.


Ignoring her mother’s question, Kara turned her head to look her aunt straight in the eyes, and if Kara didn’t know better, she’d have thought she saw fear in her aunt’s eyes as if she knew what was coming.


“Kal is not the only child you had, is he,” Kara asked coolly.


“No, he is not. I should have known you would connect the dots after the last time we spoke.”


“You did give birth to a little girl naturally, didn’t you, Aunt Lara?”


“I did.”


“And Kal was born from the matrix, wasn’t he?”


“He was.”


“I need to know what happened. I need to know everything and I mean everything,” Kara said as she affixed both women with Lena’s signature Luthor glare.


“Your uncle and I had been trying to have a child for years, Kara. We tried the matrix after natural conception did not happen but after seven failed attempts to create a viable child in the matrix, I had given up all hope of having a child. After the seventh failed matrix attempt, we both were tested and learned that your uncle had only a two percent chance of ever being able to have a natural child even with our advanced technologies; his DNA just wasn’t strong enough they said.”


“So how did you end up with both a naturally conceived child and one born from the matrix,” Lena couldn’t help but ask.


“Jor-El was determined to give us a natural child. He spent days on end in his private lab doing his experiments to try and find a way for our DNA to form a viable child. After he failed to do so four times, we finally told your parents of our struggles, Kara. Much to our surprise, they offered to help us. We wanted our child to be a blood member of the House of El and we wanted them to at least be biologically related to your uncle once it became clear Jor could not have a child, but your father could not help us conceive because he…he just couldn’t help us.”


“What do you mean my father couldn’t help? He could have kids, I’m living proof of that,” Kara said clearly perplexed.


“Your father had testicular cancer, Kara, that spread to his blood. He was diagnosed before we found a cure for the disease only a few months before Krypton died. Because of that diagnosis he was not eligible to have his DNA submitted in the matrix and his treatments made it impossible for him to donate sperm for insemination because it was no longer viable. We were going to tell you of his diagnosis, Kara, but we just didn’t know how to tell you,” Alura explained.


“I…I…I am going to need some time to let this all sink in. I’m so confused right now and I feel heartbroken that Dad was going through that and I didn’t know. I…I don’t know what to think right now.”


“It’s okay, Darling. I’m here and so is Elle,” Lena said as she attempted to comfort her wife; but, seeing that she was having a hard time processing, she knew she would need to continue seeking answers regarding Sam’s parentage while Kara processed what she just learned. “Alura, you and Zor-El were soulmates who bonded, yes?”


“We were,” Alura said before adding, “you’ve figured it out, haven’t you?”


Nodding her head slightly, Lena said, “I think so. Alura, when you bonded with Zor-El your DNA fused with his making you a blood member of the House of El, didn’t it?”


“It did.”


“So any child you had after that bonding would also be a blood member of the House of El, even if Zor-El was not their other parent,” Lena stated as a fact not a question.


“That’s correct, Lena. My daughter certainly did choose well.”


“The daughter Lara gave birth to was sired by you, wasn’t she?”


“She was,” Alura said and Lena could have sworn she saw a fondness for the child in Alura’s eyes.


“So, you shifted and donated your…you donated the necessary ingredient for the baby to be created via insemination,” Kara awkwardly asked her mother as the pieces began to click for her as well.


“Not exactly,” Alura hesitantly said.


“Mom, what do you mean not exactly?”


“Kara, you have to understand…,” Lara began only to be cut off by Kara.


“I don’t have to understand anything and I want to hear the truth from my mother,” Kara hissed suddenly feeling angry at the thought of her mother cheating on her father even if it was to help her aunt and uncle have a child.


“Kara, are you familiar with the term triad,” Alura asked.


“Yes, but I do not understand what that has to do with anything,” Kara huffed as Lena transferred Elle into her arms in an attempt to keep the blonde calm.


“Kara, there was a prophecy long ago that there would be a triad among the highest house and that that triad would bring into the world a child with great potential but who could also destroy us all. After centuries of the prophecy never coming to pass, most subscribed to the belief that it was a false prophecy,” Alura began to explain.


“I still don’t understand,” Kara said.


“Darling, perhaps we should let your mother finish her explanation before speaking ourselves.”




“I did attempt to simply donate my genetic material, I swear to you I did, but after two failed insemination attempts, your father, aunt, uncle and I all sat down to discuss the matter. We knew we could not use the matrix because it was forbidden for a non-legally recognized bonded couple to use the matrix together so we agreed that when Lara was next ovulating she and I would engage in…”


“NO! No no no no no nope! I don’t want to know the details. I get the picture; you two did the horizontal mambo to make a baby, I get it,” Kara rushed to say as her cheeks turned crimson at realizing what her mother way saying.


“I do not understand that expression,” Alura said as Lara said, “I do not know what the horizontal mambo is.”


“It’s a euphemism on earth for sexual intercourse,” Lena supplied.


“I understand now. Kara, my darling girl, I know you do not wish to hear the details but you must know what happened. Lara and I did engage in the ah horizontal mambo, if you will, but when we joined, I felt the same spark with her that I felt with your father. I was able to tell instantly that Lara and I were bonding just as Zor and I had over a decade earlier. It should not have been possible but it was. Afterwards, we talked about it and Lara had felt the same spark I felt.”


“But how is that possible? I thought you and Uncle Jor were soulmates, Aunt Lara?”


“Everyone assumed we were and we never corrected them. We were not soulmates but we had reached an age where we were ready to settle down and we did love each other in our own way so we had a bonding ceremony but we were never able to spiritually and physically bond. We were one of the couples on Krypton to only be legally bonded but never spiritually and physically bonded; that’s why we had to have such a large bonding ceremony. Without being able to spiritually and physically bond we had to have a more formal ceremony for our union to be recognized as legal.” Lara explained.


“This is too much information to handle all at once,” Kara said clearly overwhelmed.


“Darling, do you wish to take a break? I don’t want you to be too overwhelmed,” Lena said clearly worried about her wife.


“No, I need to rip the Band-Aid off and learn everything now,” Kara insisted.


“Alright, Darling.”


“Could you and Uncle Jor not have lied and simply said you were soulmates who bonded spiritually and physically,” Kara asked.


“No, sweetheart, we could not have done that. Soulmates did not have to have a formal bonding ceremony for their union to be deemed a legally binding marriage because when a couple bonds on that level, their DNA is altered just enough to show the presence of their soulmate’s genetic code. As you know, we had biometric scanners at the entrances to our buildings and those scanners, or Kelex units who did similar scans, would detect when soulmates had bonded and that information was immediately be sent to the Marriage and Family Guild where the union would be automatically recorded. The couple would then be alerted that their union had been recorded and they would be given the option of having a formal ceremony or in the rare occasion where soulmates did not want to be bonded they could go through a rather painful procedure to remove the bond but I am not aware of any couple ever doing that. Learning they were bonded never came as a surprise to the couple’s though because when you bond spiritually and physically you have a moment where you see a blinding light and feel a spark within that tells you that person is your soulmate. Surely you both felt that when you bonded,” Lara said.


“We did…or at least I did feel that when Kara and I bonded, I just didn’t know what it was at the time,” Lena admitted.


“I experienced it as well but I didn’t know what it meant at the time,” Kara admitted.


“And you wouldn’t have known, my darling daughter. We did not teach our children of how soulmate bonds occurred until they were sixteen years old, the age of maturity among our people,” Alura explained.


“I see. This does explain how Kelex was able to tell we were bonded immediately though,” Lena said.


“It does. It also explains why we were asked if we wanted to have a formal ceremony not long after arriving on Argo,” Kara said.


“True. We can discuss that later though. Alura, to be clear, you’re saying that you and Zor-El were soulmates but you and Lara were soulmates too,” Lena asked for clarification.


“Not quite,” Alura replied.


“What do you mean not quite?! Mom, please just tell me the full truth for once,” Kara demanded of her mother.


Seeing how uncomfortable the two AIs somehow managed to appear, the truth dawned at Lena and she couldn’t believe that she didn’t see it sooner. With a gasp, she turned to her wife and spoke. “Kara, I think she means that she, your aunt and your father were the triad referenced in the prophecy,” Lena said.


“No, that’s not possible, it’s just not,” Kara insisted. “My parents loved each other; they were soulmates and…and…and,” Kara stuttered struggling to come to terms with everything she was hearing.


“Kara, I know this is a lot but you need to know the truth. We…we were never sure if you’d even find out about your sister and in the end, we never got the chance to tell you about her or us and that will always be one of my deepest regrets, second only to not being able to find our daughter before it was too late,” Alura said sadly.


“Mom,” Kara choked out. “I need to know. Is Lena right? Are you, Dad and Aunt Lara the triad from the prophecy?”


“I believe we were, yes.”


“Kara, after your mother confessed what we felt when we joined we sat down with your father and uncle and discussed it. When Jor and I married we both agreed that should one of us find our soulmate we would not stop each other from having a relationship with them. I know that was not our way on Krypton but you would be surprised how many non-soulmate couples had such agreements; it just wasn’t publicized. So, when we told them, your uncle encouraged me to explore that bond even though we were married and still did love each other,” Lara explained.


“How did you figure out that Zor-El was your soulmate as well, Lara,” Lena asked curiously.


“He and my husband were shocked when we told them of our connection but after a few minutes Zor said he should have known because everyone knew Alura and I had a closer than normal bond for sister-in-laws and that my bond with Kara mirrored a mother-daughter bond more than an aunt-niece bond at times. Then he stood up and told me that he harbored no ill will towards me and knew that the bond between soulmates was undeniable and he would not stand in my way if I wished to explore that bond and when he finished speaking he hugged me. Believe it or not, Zor had never hugged me before that night; it had always been curt nods. When we hugged though, there was this energy between us and we knew. We just knew.”


“I’m confused. Soulmates are automatically deemed married once they spiritually and physically bond so if you and my parents were soulmates, you would have deemed married to them but were already married to Uncle Jor so how is that possible,” Kara asked confused.


“Such situations were rare and never publicly discussed. As reigning monarchs, your father and I were made aware of such situations when they arose though. Since we did not believe in divorce, when a legally only bonded couple later found their soulmate bond was recorded in an encrypted private file within the Marriage and Family Guild but the bond was not added to the roll of marriages. If the legally bonded person later became a widow or widower however, their soulmate bond was then automatically recorded as a legal bonding unless the other soulmate was legally bonded already. It was not the best system. We should have allowed divorce so that soulmates could openly be together if they wished but as advanced as we were in some regards we were behind the times in others. Your father and I had introduced legislation to allow legally only bonded couples to dissolve their bond so they could be legally recognized as bonded but we were never able to bring the legislation to a vote. Perhaps you and your wife can finish what we started,” Alura said.


“I see. For such a smart people, we really were stupid sometimes, weren’t we,” Kara rhetorically asked as she rolled her eyes at the foolishness of her people at times.


“Alura,” Lena said after a moment, “you said you believe the three of you were the triad from the prophecy but the prophecy said the triad would have a child. If only you two joined, how is the child you created together able to be the child mentioned in the prophecy,” Lena asked.


“After Lara and I joined that first time, she did not get pregnant. The next month, while we were trying again, Zor walked in,” Alura began but paused when Kara began making dry heaving noises as she was not okay hearing of her mother and aunt’s private activities. “Kara, sweetheart, I’m sorry; I know you do not want to hear details and I wish you never had to hear about my private life but you have to hear some of the details to understand.”


“It’s fine Mom,” Kara said after she stopped dry heaving. “I need to know the truth. I’ll just have to bleach my ears later,” Kara grumbled while Lena gave her a reassuring squeeze to her thigh and Elle wrapped her little hand around her jeju’s finger.


“Zor walked in and said he couldn’t explain it but he felt drawn to the room. He ultimately joined us that night and it became clear to us all that we were a soulmate triad; the three of us bonded spiritually and physically that night,” Alura said.


“A few weeks after that night, I began to feel nauseous constantly. One blood test later and it was confirmed that I was with child. Alura had managed to give me the one thing I wanted most in the world but had begun to think I would never have,” Lara explained.


“I know you said Dad could no longer have children but soulmate bonds are the strongest bonds amongst our people; they’re said to make even the most infertile person fertile when joining with their soulmate. Are you absolutely sure he did not sire your daughter, Aunt Lara?”


“We’re sure, Kara. We had DNA testing done while I was pregnant. We knew there would be traces of Zor’s DNA because of his soulmate bond to Alura and that that would allow any child Alura and I created to be deemed a blood member of the House of El. Once I bonded with Zor as well though, we weren’t sure how that would reflect in our child’s DNA. The test revealed that Alura and I were our daughter’s parents but she did have traces of Zor’s DNA that was embedded in DNA she got from both Alura and I making her a blood member of the House of El even though Zor or Jor were not her sire,” Lara said.


“That’s why you wanted to name your daughter, Sam, isn’t it? You knew I wanted my sister to be named Samara, and Sam for short, so you wanted to use Sam because even though you would have raised her as my cousin she would have been my sister,” Kara quietly said as everything began to click into place for her.


“Yes. We weren’t sure how we would explain everything to you since Jor and I were going to be the ones raising the baby, but I thought naming her Sam would be a way to honor your true relationship even if you never knew what it was.”


“I became Queen because I was believed to be the only heir of my parents,” Kara said thoughtfully after a moment. “The eldest child is not always the heir under our laws, so, am I even the rightful heir to the throne?”


“Yes, you are. Kara, your sister may have had DNA components from your father but she was my child, not his, and she would have been ineligible to ascend to the throne as a result,” Alura explained.


“Okay, but why did I never meet Sam then? And how did Kal come to be?”


“Kara, after I failed to get pregnant after the first attempt with your mother, your uncle began to work on a secret project with those who were part of the Cult of Jeru. He did this unbeknownst to me. I didn’t learn of his work with them or Kal’s existence until the day I gave birth. Even though I had conceived on the second attempt with Alura, your uncle still tried to create a child that was his and mine. He said he supported your parents and I and our soulmate bond but I think it was harder on him that he let on. He changed during my pregnancy and became obsessed with his experiments. When I gave birth to my little girl, your uncle was not there even though we told you he was. It was your parents who were there. She was perfect and we did name her Sam. When Sam was only two hours old though, your parents left to get you so you could meet Sam but while they were gone, your uncle arrived with a second baby in his arms, a boy, Kal. It was then that he confessed what he had done.”


“What had he done,” Lena asked when Lara’s hologram didn’t automatically continue to explain.


“He made a deal with the Cult of Jeru. If they helped him create a child in the matrix that was half him and half me then he would agree to allow them to make the child into a Worldkiller. The Cult of Jeru believed that a Worldkiller from the House of El would be the most powerful Worldkiller ever seen. Your uncle knew that the Cult of Jeru would use our child to destroy worlds and that we would not even get to properly raise the child but he still went along with it because he was that desperate to have a child that was truly his. He spiraled after your parents and I revealed our soulmate triad bond, he really did.”


“You were bonded to my parents spiritually and physically by that point though so how was Kal only yours and his? Wouldn’t Kal have traces of my parents’ DNA as well?”


“Your uncle was using DNA samples we had cultivated from before I bonded with your parents so only his and my DNA was present.”


“Lara, if Kal was meant to be a Worldkiller how did you end up with Kal while Sam seemingly disappeared from your family,” Lena asked.


“Jor made his deal with the cult of Jeru before anyone knew of my pregnancy. He had promised to pay whatever price the Cult of Jeru set for their assistance in creating a child that was biologically his and allowing that child to be made into a Worldkiller was just one part of that price. When they learned of my pregnancy they did not rest until they learned how I got pregnant. From what Jor told me, they approached him after they somehow learned of Sam’s parentage and demanded that Sam be given to them upon her birth for them to raise as they saw fit. The Cult of Jeru knew of the prophecy so it didn’t take much for them to realize my daughter was the child the prophecy spoke of and could be their greatest weapon. They agreed to allow us raise the child they helped create, Kal, without him being a Worldkiller so long as Sam was turned over to them. Jor agreed without consulting me because he actually only wanted to raise a child that was biologically his despite what he said before Alura and I ever tried to conceive.”


“You just let him hand your daughter over to the Cult of Jeru?! How could you do that, Aunt Lara?! And Mom, how could you and Dad allow that to happen?! My sister deserved better from all of you,” Kara yelled startling her own daughter, who began to whimper before Kara quickly softened and soothed her.


“None of us had a choice Kara. When your uncle brought Kal to the hospital he told me everything and he said that our goal was to have a child together so I should be perfectly fine giving my daughter, who was not sired by him, over to the Cult of Jeru. I fought him, I did. I told him he agreed to the way I got pregnant and I told him I would never give up my daughter. He then approached me and hugged me, saying everything would be okay. The next thing I knew, I felt something prick my neck and then when I woke up he told my daughter was where she belonged and we needed to focus on our son.”


“Lara contact your father and I immediately upon regaining consciousness and we happened to have just been entering the hospital with you. We rushed to the room and we searched for Sam but the Cult of Jeru were experts at staying hidden and we didn’t know if they had even kept Sam on Krypton or if they sent her off-world. Jor also did not know where she had been taken, and a truth seeker confirmed that. We had no leads to find her, Kara. We never stopped looking for Sam though but Krypton perished before we could find her and as you know we perished then too. We do not know if our daughter is alive or if she perished along with us and Krypton,” Alura explained.




It was silent for several minutes as Kara and Lena processed everything they had just learned. They still had questions, but for now they knew what they absolutely needed to know.


As the silence dragged on, Lena wrapped her arms around her wife in comfort while Elle, seemingly realized something was amiss and nuzzled into Kara’s chest further, causing the blonde to softly smile. After about ten minutes, Kara finally spoke.


“I know you are not really my mom or my aunt. I know you are AIs but I still need to say this,” Kara began.


“Say whatever it is you need to say, my daughter.”


“Sam’s alive. Your daughter is alive and she has a daughter of her own, Ruby. She was a longtime friend of Lena’s on Earth but became my friend as well. I always felt a connection to Sam and Ruby and it makes sense now. The Cult of Jeru did make her into a Worldkiller though but, Alex, my adoptive sister from Earth, used gold kryptonite to eliminate the Worldkiller part of her. Sam is here on Argo now. She’s alive and she’s amazing. I may not have fully processed everything yet, and I still have questions, but I am grateful to you both for giving me a sister as amazing as Sam,” Kara said emotionally before pressing the button to deactivate the hologram AIs of her mother and aunt.





“Kara, darling, are you okay,” Lena asked after Kara was silent for some time after deactivating the holograms.


“I…I have a lot of feelings right now, but it’s like I can’t begin to really process them because my brain is on overdrive or something, if that makes sense.”


“It makes perfect sense to me. You learned a lot today and even I feel overwhelmed by it all.”


“I have a sister, Lee. I know I already had a sister but I have another, one who shares my Kryptonian heritage. I have another piece of the family I lost when Krypton died and she’s been in front of me this whole time,” Kara said as tears welled in her eyes. “Do you think she’ll be happy to know I’m her sister, like really her sister not just her sister in the ‘you’re my chosen sister’ sense?”


“Kara, Sam has spent her entire life wondering about her birth family and you can finally give her some real answers and the AIs can give her even more answers. She’s going to be shocked, but, she’s going to be thrilled that you’re her sister, I just know it,” Lena said genuinely.


“Can we find her and tell her now,” Kara asked hopefully.


“Babe, you can tell her whenever and however you want too. I support whatever decision you make.”


“I want to tell her now; she deserves answers.”


“Then you should go tell her.”


“I should go…you’re not going to come with me,” Kara asked with a crinkled brow and tilted head.


“Kara, I will always be here to support you but I think this is a conversation you need to have with your sister alone.”


Sighing after a moment, Kara said, “I know you’re right but I’m just scared to tell her. What if she rejects me?”


“Kara, she will never reject you. I’ve known Sam for a long time and she always wanted a sister. She’s going to overwhelmed at the news but she’s going to be so happy to have you as her sister.”


“I hope so. Can we head back now? I think I should talk to her before dinner because I’m not very good at keeping secrets like this.”


“Darling, you kept your true identity a secret from me for like a year, so yes, you can keep secrets,” Lena said with a chuckle to try and ease some of the tension in the room. “In all seriousness though, I think talking to her now is a good idea if you’re ready for that.”


“I am. Let’s go home, Lee.”





Half an hour later, Kara, Lena and Elle were back in the palace. Lena had taken Elle to her nursery to wind down some while Kara found herself in the library with Sam who immediately set down the book she had just retrieved from the shelf, as she could tell the blonde had something to say.


“Kara, I can tell you need to say something so why don’t you just spit it out already,” Sam drawled with a chuckle.


“Sorry, I’m just nervous is all,” Kara said before taking a deep breath and launching straight into the purpose for their private meeting before she lost her nerve. “I know who your biological parents are,” she blurted out.


“What,” Sam said shocked. “Wh…Who are they?”


“Sam,” Kara began as she took a deep breath, “your biological parents were Lara Jor-El and Alura Zor-El.”


“I’m sorry, what?”


“My mother and my aunt are your biological parents. You’re my sister, Sam,” Kara said with a soft smile as tears once again welled in her eyes, but this time they were happy tears because she was talking to her sister, the little sister she had always wanted.


Sam was silent for several moments as she simply gaped at Kara. The moment, the blonde’s words seemingly set in though, Sam fainted but Kara managed to catch her before she could fall to the ground.


“Oh Rao, that went swimmingly, didn’t it,” Kara said to herself as she held her passed out sister close.

Chapter Text

When Sam began to come to a few minutes later, she found herself lying on what felt like the couch in the library with her head in someone’s lap. As she was about to open her eyes though, she realized that Kara was speaking, and that Kara was whose lap her head was in, and she decided to keep her eyes closed to listen to the blonde speak.


“I know I shocked you with the news, Sam, but I promise to always be there for you and Ruby. I just hope you know that this reveal doesn’t change anything between us, it just gives us the knowledge that we’re not just chosen sisters but biological ones too. I know you’re older than me now because I got stuck in the phantom zone but you’re always going to be my little sister. I was twelve when I found out Aunt Lara was expecting you and I was thirteen when you were born so like it or not you’re the little sister in this dynamic,” Kara said with a soft chuckle as she continued to stroke Sam’s hair. “You are a big sister though. You’re older than Kal probably only by a few minutes but you are older. I’m sorry you have to be burdened by being his sister too. But, it does mean that you’re gaining another niece or nephew when Lois’ baby is born. They never bonded, but Lois is family too now. We’ll deal with it all though, as a family. El Mayarah, that’s our family motto and it is definitely true now.”


“So, I didn’t dream it? You really are my sister,” Sam quietly said as she finally opened her eyes.


“Hey, I’m glad you’re awake,” Kara said with a soft smile. “And yes, it’s real but, Sam, I was always your sister,” Kara said before pausing clearly in thought for a moment. “You look so much like them you know,” Kara mused a moment later. “I can’t believe I never realized it before. You and Ruby both look like them and Ruby, Rao, Ruby looks like I did when I was younger just with brunette hair and it just never clicked.”


“You had no reason to think there was a biological connection between us, Kara,” Sam said as she sat up but stayed close to the blonde. “For most of our friendship you didn’t even know I was Kryptonian, hell, I didn’t know I was Kryptonian. Then even after you found out about Reign, you still had no reason to think we were related.”


“I should have though. When Aunt Lara told me she was pregnant, she told me she was expecting a little girl then when I met my new cousin, I met Kal, who was clearly a boy. I should have known something wasn’t right. In hindsight, they all were acting weird but I was so happy to have a cousin, a cousin who I could hopefully be close to like a sibling, that I was oblivious to the weirdness,” Kara said clearly beating herself up.


“Kara, you were a child back then. Whatever exactly happened back then is not on you. I know I fainted when you told me we’re sisters…God, I can’t believe you’re actually my sister, like my biological sister! I always wanted a sibling but Patricia, well you know how she was towards me, so that never happened and then I met Lena and I had a chosen sister which led to having you, Alex and Maggie as sisters and then I even got Eliza, J’onn and Winn and it was amazing but for me, knowing I have a biological family, is just it’s everything I ever wished for and it has been right in front of me this whole time,” Sam said with a chuckle of her own. “God, this is all just so surreal but can you tell me how the hell you managed to figure out your mom and aunt are my parents?”


“Oh Rao, I guess I should have started there, huh,” Kara said with a nervous chuckle. “Lena knew you wanted answers and knowing that Kelex said you were part of the House of El, she somehow managed to get everything she needed to run a DNA test between Kal, you and me. She did it without telling anyone because she didn’t want to get your hopes up for answers and she didn’t want to get mine up either. Anyway, when Lena checked her tablet to send a message before we headed back from our family day she saw that the results were in and she told me about the test.”


“Leave it to Lena to do that in an attempt to spare us from unnecessary pain if she could. I’m grateful she did it though; I’ve always wanted to know where I came from and now I know and I’m just…I’m shocked and I think it’s going to take some time before it truly sets in. But, how did she have all of our DNA to run it in the first place?”


“Honestly, I don’t know. I have my suspicions but we never got a chance to talk about that. After I knew the truth, and had spoken with their AIs, all I wanted to do was come back here and tell you,” Kara said sheepishly.


“We’ll put aside how the test was run for now then. You said you talked to their AIs? Who are you talking about and what does that even mean?”


“Oh, that’s right you don’t know about those yet. When I was sent to Earth, I was sent with a hologram AI of my mother, well our mother. It had her memories and was programed with as much information about Krypton as possible. The idea was she could still guide me even though she couldn’t actually be with me. Lena knew about the AI and how much it means to me to be able to talk to her, in whatever form I can so while she was gone she was working on building a more portable version of our mother’s AI so I could talk to her whenever I wanted. She had been working on it with Winn and after giving him the final specs he was able to make one for both our mother and my aunt, who’s your other mother. The AIs are made up of everything we had on any file for either of them and since they both had memory crystals created before Krypton exploded the AIs have all their memories too. They even were able to make these ones able to converse more naturally so it doesn’t feel like we’re talking to a AI. It’s not them, not really, but they know what they knew and they know how they felt so we can still get answers from them. You can talk to them too if you want. I’m sorry if this all makes no sense whatsoever by the way.”


“No, it does make sense. You said you talked to both their AIs today about this? About me?”


“Yeah. I wanted answers because I didn’t understand how you could exist given that my parents were soulmates and my aunt and uncle were married.”


“You’re upset I exist then,” Sam asked as she worried her bottom lip, her tone betraying the heartbreak she felt.


“No! Rao, no! Sam, I’m so happy you’re my sister. I just…when the test said we’re biological sisters I thought that meant that one of my parents had an affair with my aunt and I couldn’t wrap my head around that because people didn’t have relations outside of their marriages on Krypton, at least that’s what we were taught. It appears that there were some things I didn’t know about though.”


“Oh,” Sam said clearly relieved. I…I think I’d like to talk to the AIs too if you’re okay with that but I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to them just yet. There’s just so much to process and wrap my head around but, can you explain to me how…well how I came to be if your parents were soulmates and your aunt and uncle were married,” Sam asked nervously.


“I can do that but I need you to stop worrying. No one had an affair; no one went behind anyone’s back or anything like that. Before I jump into that though, I need to tell you about soulmates on Krypton and then I can tell you how you came to be…”




Forty minutes later, Kara had explained everything she knew about soulmates and how Sam came to be to Sam. Sam was understandably, at a loss for words when Kara finished her explanation. Knowing her sister would need time to process, just like she did, Kara sat silently until Sam was ready to speak.


After about twenty minutes of silence, Sam laid her head on Kara’s shoulder and began to cry. Kara immediately wrapped her arms around the little sister she never knew she had, and tried to soothe her. A minute later, Sam finally started to speak.


“It…it’s heartbreaking, Kara. My moms and your dad were soulmates and they weren’t even able to…to be open about it all be…because Kryptonians don’t believe in di…divorce. Our mom and your dad were going to be…to be in pain every single day had my other mom and your uncle raised me. It…it’s not right, Kara…it’s not fair,” Sam said through her tears.


“I…I hadn’t considered how hard it would be for them. When they explained everything to me I was just so shocked and had such a hard time wrapping my head around everything that I never stopped to consider what it must have been like for them. Lena is my soulmate and the thought of not being able to be with her openly and raise our children together...Rao that thought terrifies me. My parents had to feel that pain every day of Aunt Lara’s pregnancy and they were prepared to feel that pain every day for the rest of their lives. Rao, that’s awful,” Kara said as the reality of her parents’ situation hit her like a ton of bricks.


“Yea…hey, Kara?”


“Yea, Sam?”


“If they were all soulmates and I have some form of your dad’s DNA, what would your dad be to me?”


“Honestly, I’m not sure but I know my dad, and had they been able to live openly as soulmates he would have been your father. I can’t speak for him, but they were all soulmates and you have parts of his DNA as a result so as far as I’m concerned, you have three true parents, Lara Jor-El your ieiu, Alura Zor-El your jeju and Zor-El your ukr. When you’re ready for others to know who your parents are, I will make sure our people recognize you for the members of this family you and Ruby are. You are royalty here and when you’re ready, our people will know it too,” Kara said determinedly.


“Y…You mean that,” Sam asked through her sniffles.


“Completely. You deserve to be recognized for who you truly are but if you never want to be publicly recognized as a member of the House of El, if you never want our true relationship revealed, then that’s what will happen. You decide what happens with this truth because it is your truth to tell.”


“Okay…I’m not sure I’m ready to tell anyone, just yet. This is…it’s just a lot to process,” Sam said clearly overwhelmed as she cuddled closer to her sister before speaking further. “I spent my whole life thinking my birth parents didn’t want me. Patricia…she…she said I was abandoned and they didn’t want me, so that’s what I believed,” she quietly said as more tears began to fall.


“Oh, Sam, you were wanted, you were so wanted. Your ieiu wanted a child for so long, Sam. She prayed to Rao daily for a child. I used to find her praying for a child all the time, in fact. And our jeju, Rao, she wanted another child desperately and she would have been there for you every day even if she only ever got to be known as Aunt Alura and our ukr would have adored you. And Ruby, they all would have been thrilled to have her as a granddaughter. If they were all here right now they’d want to spend so much time with Ruby and Elle and Miah when he comes that we’d probably have to tell them no sometimes just so we could see our own kids,” Kara said with a watery chuckle as tears silently spilled from her eyes as she thought about what she and Sam had lost with the death of their biological parents. “I wish you could meet them all, Sam, but I will always tell you my memories of them if you want to hear them.”


“I want to hear your memories. I want to know them as much as I can given the circumstances, but I need time to process. I just have so many questions and so many emotions right now that I feel like my brain is going to explode from an information overload, to be honest.”


“I know that feeling. Sam, you can take as much time as you need to think about this. I meant it when I said it’s up to you if we tell anyone the truth. You control this situation.”


“I know and I appreciate that, I truly do. I think I need to see Ruby now; I just…there’s so much to process right now. Can we talk later?


“Of course! Whenever you’re ready, you know where to find me,” Kara said as she got up to leave so Sam could be alone with her thoughts before going to see her daughter.


“Hey, Kara,” Sam called out just as Kara reached the library door.


“Yeah, Sam?”


“I really am glad you’re my sister; not so thrilled Kal is my brother, but, really happy you’re my sister. I couldn’t have asked for a better big sister,” she said with a soft smile.


Smiling widely, Kara said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better little sister either and as for Kal, once he’s in the phantom zone I fully intend to forget he ever existed.”


“That sounds like an excellent idea. Love you, sis,” Sam said mirroring Kara’s smile.


“Love you too.”





After leaving the library, Kara went to look for her wife. Something told her to check Elle’s nursery first, so that’s what she did. When she reached the doorway, she stopped in her tracks as she took in the scene before her. Lena was sitting in the glider rocker, with Elle on her chest, both fast asleep. Kara couldn’t help but just stare at them for a few minutes with a smile on her face as she thought about how lucky she was to have them in her life. As she continued to watch her sleeping family, one thought kept coming to the front of her mind. I love that woman and I want a proper bonding ceremony. I want to share our love with our family, friends and people. I’m going to ask Lena to marry me or rather, recommit to me and our marriage.


“Kar,” a sleepy sounding Lena said.


“Hey, sleepy head,” Kara playfully said as she closed the distance between herself and Lena.


“How did everything go with Sam?”


“She needs some time to process everything and wants to keep the news to herself for now, but, she did say she was happy I’m her sister,” Kara said as a smile graced her lips.


“Of course she’s happy you’re her sister! You’re the best person I know and anyone would be lucky to call you their sister.”


“Just as anyone would be lucky to call you their sister. I know Sam’s been a chosen sister to us both for a long time but, Lee, she’s your sister-in-law now. Like how awesome is that?!”


“It is something, isn’t it,” Lena said with a smile of her own before grimacing.


“Sunshine, are you okay?”


“Yeah, your son is just using my ribs as targets while he practices his super kicks,” Lena said wryly.


“Oh, so he’s just my son now, is he?”


“You are the Super in this relationship so super kicks so, yes, he’s your son,” Lena said as she lovingly caressed her bump with her free hand. “Can you take, Elle and put her in her crib though so I can try and find a more comfortable position?”


“Of course,” Kara said as she carefully took Elle from Lena before kissing her head and gently laying her in her crib. “Why don’t you come to our room with me, love? I can draw you a bubble bath and then you can lie half on top of me in bed to relieve some of the pressure.”


“Mmmhmm, that does sound nice. Help me up?”


“You don’t even have to ask,” Kara said as she helped her wife stand, before swooping her into her arms bridal style and carrying her to their bedroom while Lena giggled at her wife’s actions.





Once in their room, Kara gently placed Lena on their bed before going to the ensuite and drawing her wife a bath, making sure to use Lena’s favorite bubble bath. When Kara was satisfied that the bath had just the right water to bubble bath ratio and was at the perfect temperature she carried her beloved to the bath before helping her out of her clothes and into the bath. As Kara turned to leave though, she felt Lena grab her wrist.


“Aren’t you going to join me, Darling,” Lena said in her raspy bedroom voice.


“I drew the bath for you but if you want me to I can; I’d never turn down a chance to share a bath with you,” Kara said as she quickly stripped her own clothes and slipped in the bath behind Lena. “This is nice,” she said as she wrapped her arms around Lena, her hands coming to rest on her wife’s growing bump.


“It is. We haven’t had much time to simply enjoy being together since…well since I came back but a girl could get used to this.”


“Get used to it. This is our reality now, Lee. I know our reunion has been full of various issues we have had to handle but you and our children are my priority and I swear to you that I will always make sure we have time for each other, for our children and for all of us together as a family,” Kara said seriously as she placed a tender kiss to Lena’s bare shoulder before moving her hands so she could begin massaging Lena’s back.


“Kara, you already do that. Even at our busiest you’ve made sure to make time for all of us. Whether it’s talking to Miah when you think I’m still asleep or sneaking off right after Elle’s bedtime to hold her and read her one more bedtime story or simply holding me. You always make time for us, babe.”


“Be that as it may, I swear we’re going to have more time together. I think making our life here on Argo will enable us to truly have the best of both worlds. We can reach our potential professionally as leaders and within our own interests and we can raise our children in a safe and loving environment where they will never have to wonder why their parents don’t spend time with them because we will always spend time with them. I’m really happy we chose to come here.”


“So am I. I’ve only been here a short time and I already feel more at home here than I ever did on Earth. How I’m treated here reminds me of how I was treated in Ireland as a little girl with my mother so in a weird way I feel more connected to her here too because of those memories. I honestly cannot imagine raising our kids on Earth. They’d always be in danger there and they’d always face hatred and ridicule for being Luthors,” Lena said sadly.


“There is nothing wrong with being a Luthor. I proudly bear Luthor as one of my Earth surnames. I still believe that one day they will see that you are everything Lex wasn’t. You, my queen, are kind, generous, charitable and always strive to do the right thing. I knew that the second you put yourself between me and Lex’s kryptonite blade. You didn’t even know me then yet you risked your life to save me even though it left you critically injured. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; you once said Kara Danvers was your hero but you, Lena Zor-El, are mine,” Kara said with conviction before gently turning Lena’s head so she could join their lips in a sweet kiss.


“You always say the sweetest things to me. But, as amazing as this is and as amazing as that massage feels, how are you feeling about what happened today, really,” Lena asked clearly concerned.


“Honestly, I still don’t think it has really set in. I mean I know that Sam is my sister and she’s Kal’s sister too but it’s the stuff with our parents that I’m really struggling with. My whole life I believed my parents were this perfect couple, or at least as perfect as a couple can be, when in reality the last year or so of their lives they had to live a lie. They had another soulmate who they could not openly love or be with and when they created a child together my parents were going to have to watch that child be raised without being able to be her parents too. It’s just…it’s just not fair. They deserved more and so did every other Kryptonian who had to suffer through a similar situation and so does every Kryptonian who will have to face that pain. We have to do better than those before us, Lee.”


“I agree with you completely. I know you need time to process and let everything truly sink in but, Kara, we can change the law. It may take time to make it happen but we can make it happen.”


“You mean that?”


“Of course I do. We will make sure the law is changed so no one else has to go through what your parents and Lara did. We will do better, Kar, I believe that.”


“I love you, Lena, so much.”


“I love you too, but do you think you could work on the tension in my lower back next?”


Chuckling, Kara said, “I’d do anything for you.”




For the next half hour, Kara pampered her wife in the bath and only once they were both clean and all of Lena’s trouble spots had been worked on did they leave the bath. Once they were both out of the bath, Kara gently dried them both before carrying her wife back into their bedroom so they could prepare to head to bed themselves.


As they laid in bed that night, Lena lying half-way on top of Kara to get comfortable, the blonde couldn’t shut her mind off. She was still reeling over what she had learned that day but she was also more determined than ever to give her wife the bonding ceremony she deserved. Watching her beautiful wife sleep, Kara began to think out exactly how she would propose to her wife to ask her to renew their commitment to one another in a formal bonding ceremony. As her eyes began to droop some time later, Kara’s proposal idea came together and the blonde went to sleep that night thinking about how she would execute her plan in the morning.

Chapter Text

Kara woke extra early the following morning so she could prepare everything and enact her proposal plan. It was 4:00 a.m. and Lena was sleeping peacefully, half on top of Kara. Knowing Lena would wake immediately if Kara simply slipped out of bed, she instead took her pillow and slid it onto the bed so it replaced her as she got out. Since the pillow smelled like her, Lena automatically clung to it and Kara was able to quickly get dressed and slip out of the room unnoticed.


Once out of her bedroom, Kara made her way to the kitchen, where the staff were already milling about as they prepared everything to be ready to cook for breakfast. She had no more than stepped into the kitchen when the palace chef spotted her.


“Your Majesty, you are up rather early this morning,” the chef stated.


“Today is a very special day. I know it is rather late notice but I was hoping you could create a special breakfast, to be served in bed, for my wife, myself and our daughter.”


“Anything for our queens! Did you have a specific menu in mind?”


“I did. Lena is a fan of healthy foods but she does have a sweet tooth now that she is carrying our child. I was hoping you could make some of those rainbow pancakes you created and I was hoping you could make them heart shaped with plenty of that maple-honey syrup we have here on the side. I was also hoping to have plenty of sliced Twellian; it has quickly become Lena’s favorite fruit. Then I was hoping for a side of that colorful egg, ham, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and that aged Kryptonian cheese made with goat milk and tastes like a combination of cheddar and Monterey-Jack cheese on Earth. Lena loves those foods and I really want this breakfast to be special. Then for Elle, we just need her usual breakfast bottle.”


“I’d be happy to prepare those items. Do you wish to have it delivered to your room or will you be taking it up yourself?”


“I will be taking it up myself on a cart, if it’s not too much trouble. I have a few other items to gather still so the cart will be helpful for transporting everything to our room. Can you or the staff also ensure that our family and friends know we are dining separately this morning? Our room will be on do not disturb mode but I would still like to make sure they know so they aren’t caught off guard.”


“That is not a problem. We will notify them when they come downstairs for breakfast. Is there a particular time you would like your breakfast prepared by?”


“I was hoping for six, Lena is usually an early riser but if that’s not enough time for you we can make it later.”


“No, no, six is perfectly doable. We will have everything prepared by then.”


“Thank you, I great appreciate it,” Kara said before leaving the kitchen and making her way out of the palace and over to the market.





Normally, Argo’s market sector would not open until 8:00 a.m. but Kara had sent a message through her tablet to the owners of two specialized shops and arranged to meet with them just before 5:00 a.m. Her first stop was to Argo’s finest jeweler, who just so happened to be the very jeweler who crafted her parents’ bracelets for their bonding decades earlier. When she arrived at the modestly sized shop, Kara was greeted by the shop owner, Hans Rel.


“Kara Zor-El as I live and breath. It is good to see you, Your Majesty,” Hans said as he greeted Kara with a warm smile.


“Hans, it really has been too long and I cannot thank you enough for opening at such an early hour for me.”


“It is my pleasure. You are always a joy to have here. I still remember the first time you came here with your aunt, Lara, may she always be in Rao’s light. It is a shame we lost her, your parents and so many others when our home exploded but I digress. When you came here that first time, you found a pendant with a horse on it and you decided you had to get it for your aunt Lara because she loved spending time at the stables. You didn’t have any way to pay for it though but it was so clear that you really wanted that pendant for her so…”


“So you told me that as long as I promised to be the best queen I could be when the time came that I could have the pendant for free because you knew I had a good heart and that that was a quality needed in a monarch,” Kara said with the hint of a smile as she remembered that day.


“Precisely. And so far, you have kept your word. You and your wife have done us proud already so, just as it was my pleasure to help you get that pendant so many years ago, it is my pleasure to open early for you now.”


“Thank you, I do appreciate it,” Kara said as the man led her to a counter at the back of the shop.


“When I got your message, an idea came to me and I’ve been working on it all night,” Hans said as he pulled a jewelry box out.


“Hans, you did not have to create something new.”


“I know, but inspiration struck and I couldn’t help it. Plus, Queen Lena does deserve the best. You already have bracelets so another seems redundant and then it hit me, a necklace is also an infinite circle, like our bracelets and like your ring. With that in mind, I created this,” he said as he revealed the nth metal infused platinum necklace that had an infinity sign shaped clasp with “El Mayarah” inscribed within the infinity sign and a House of El crest shaped pendant that listed Kara, Lena, Elle and Miah’s names on the back.


“Hans, this is…this is beautiful,” Kara said stunned by the beauty of the piece before her.


“You had mentioned that something understated would be best as it would be more personal to your wife instead of flashy for others to notice and the infinity clasp with the inscription signifies your infinite bond both together as members of the House of El. The pendant then serves as a constant reminder that you are of one house, not separate houses and the back of the pendant lists your names so she can always have you all close to her heart and there is room to add more names should you choose to have another child after your son is born.”


“It’s perfect. I could not have dreamed up anything more perfect. Lena is going to love it. How much do I owe you for it?”


“You don’t owe me anything.”


“I cannot accept this for free, Hans,” Kara said seriously.


“I will not accept any form of money from you. However,” he began when he saw Kara was about to protest once more, “you can pay by promising to always do right by your family and promising to bring little Princess Elle and Prince Miah, once he is born, to see me sometimes. It has been far too long since children have been here.”


“That’s still too generous,” Kara insisted.


“Nothing is too generous for our queens who saved Argo from perishing like the rest of our planet did. You and your family have brought new life to Argo and for that we will never be able to repay you so please accept the necklace and make the promises.”


Incredibly touched by Hans’ words, Kara couldn’t help but get a little choked up. Smiling at the man she slowly began nodding her head before saying, “I promise to always do right by my family and to bring Elle and Miah to visit sometimes after Mia’s born.”





After leaving the jewelers, Kara made her way down the street until she reached the florist. Argo City Flowers was the most popular flower shop on Krypton when Kara was a little girl so there was no other florist she trusted more to handle flowers for what she hoped would be a very special day. When she arrived, she was greeted by Vera Jon-Ir, who owned the shop.


“Your Majesty, it is good to see you this fine morning.”


“Vera, it is good to see you, but, you can still call me just Kara.”


“That may be but you are my queen now and I will show you the respect you deserve as such. Now, come inside, so we can get you set up with only the best,” Vera said as she led Kara inside. “You mentioned that your wife is a fan of plumerias and it just so happens that we have plumerias on Argo. But, I also had something else in mind.”


“Lena does love plumerias but what else did you have in mind?”


“I thought that we could gift your wife with a Dar-Essa with plumerias set around the base.”


“A Dar-Essa, just like I was given when I turned one?”


“Yes. My mother gifted your grandmother with that Dar-Essa, and while you didn’t get the chance to spend your whole life growing with yours because of what happened, I thought that this Dar-Essa could grow as you and your wife grow in your relationship and as your family grows as well.”


“That’s…That’s perfect. The pink buds of the Dar-Essa will go nicely with the pink and yellow of the plumerias too. Lena will love this,” Kara said in awe of the flower arrangement she’d be able to present Lena with.


“Wonderful. Let me put it all together and then you can get home to your wife.”





At 5:45 a.m. Kara returned to the palace and quickly changed back into her sleepwear, wanting everything that morning to feel like a natural breakfast in bed so that Lena would not automatically be suspicious that Kara left the house or had something other than breakfast in bed in mind. Once changed, Kara made her way to the kitchen, where their breakfast had been beautifully arranged on a breakfast cart and the chef had gone a step further to beautifully place the plumeria and Dar-Essa arrangement on the lower level of the cart so Kara could easily transport everything. After thanking the chef immensely, for not only preparing breakfast but arranging everything on the cart, Kara made her way upstairs, courtesy of the elevator in the palace, and went to Elle’s nursery so her little girl could join them. When she walked into the nursery, a smile spread across her lips as she heard her little girl’s gurgles indicating she was wide awake.


“Good morning, Elle! Did you have a good sleep, my little princess,” Kara cooed as she picked her daughter up from her crib. “I swear you look more and more like your mam every day but you still have Jeju’s eyes, huh? Yes, you do. Your eyes are the exact same shade as mine which are the exact same shade as my jeju and I know your mam loves them. Speaking of Mam, guess what, baby girl? We are having breakfast in bed with Mam! And Jeju has a very important question to ask Mam, so how about we go wake her up for breakfast,” Kara asked as she playfully tickled her daughter’s stomach and as soon as she got a happy gurgle, Kara changed her diaper and then the mother-daughter duo made their way from the nursery, gathered the cart and made their way to Kara and Lena’s bedroom.


Reaching, the master bedroom, which was only a few short steps away from the nursery, Kara took a moment to make sure everything was just right before entering. As they stepped into the bedroom, Kara smiled at the sight of Lena still sleeping cuddled with her pillow. Not wanting Lena to wake up too soon though, Kara quietly moved further into the bedroom until the cart was set up next to the bed. With the cart in place, Kara carefully sat on the bed and settled with her back against the headboard and Elle on her chest. As soon as she was settled, Kara couldn’t help but chuckle lightly at how Lena automatically sensed her presence and seemed to move over the pillow to cuddle into Kara.


“Good morning, Sunshine,” Kara quietly said as she settled Elle in one arm so she could run her free hand through Lena’s hair just like the ravenette liked.


“Mmhmm, ‘morning Kara,” Lena groggily said as she slowly woke up.


“Did you sleep well, sweetheart?”


“I always sleep well with you next to me.”




“Oh my Rao,” Kara exclaimed at the same time as Lena shot her eyes wide open and gasped, “Elle?!”


“Oh my Rao! She’s trying to talk! She’s trying to talk, Lee!”




“H…How is this possible?! She’s just barely two months old,” Lena said completely flabbergasted.


“Kryptonian babies advance at a far faster rate than humans. I said my first word around Elle’s age too. I should have said something earlier but with everything going on I didn’t even think about it, and I wasn’t sure how quickly Elle would advance since we haven’t really looked at her DNA or yours for that matter to see how Kryptonian it is…,” Kara said as she began to ramble but was cut off by Lena’s lips on her own. “Not that I’m complaining, but what was that for,” Kara said as the kiss broke.


“You were rambling, darling. It’s okay that we didn’t talk about this sooner. I should have known she’d advance quicker given that you are the youngest member of the science guild ever and we both have genius level IQs. This is an amazing way to wake up for sure!”


“Yes, it is a great start to our morning, but I think I can make it even better,” Kara said slyly.


“Better how? Wait, do I smell food,” Lena asked as she began to look around the room before her eyes settled on the cart. “Kara, what did you do?”


“I got us breakfast in bed. After everything we’ve been through lately, I felt that we’ve earned this.”


“Kara, this is…Rao, this is amazing. You got all my favorites and…are those Chef’s rainbow pancakes in the shape of a heart,” Lena said growing more emotional with each word thanks to her pregnancy hormones.


“Only the best for you and I love that you say Rao now,” Kara said as she handed Elle to Lena so she could grab the tray that their breakfast was on the top of the cart. “I hope you enjoy breakfast, my love,” Kara said as she cut a piece of the pancakes and held it to Lena’s mouth for the ravenette to eat.


“Mmmmm, this is amazing! Really, Kara, this is all perfect.”





Twenty minutes later, Kara and Lena had eaten every last bit of the breakfast that had been prepared for them and Elle had finished the bottle that the chef had prepared for her too. As Kara placed the now empty tray back on the cart, she prepared to transition into her prepared speech to ask Lena to have a bonding ceremony with her. Picking up the Dar-Essa that was surrounded by a shallow circular vase that contained the plumerias, Kara took a deep breath and began her spiel.


“Lena, I love you and our children more than anything and I wanted to do something special for you. This morning, I slipped out of bed to prepare everything for this morning and while out I stopped by the florist to pick this up for you. The centerpiece is a Dar-Essa, it’s native to Krypton, and grows until it eventually becomes a tree. When I turned a year old my grandmother gifted me with one so that I could grow alongside it. Now, I present you with this baby Dar-Essa so that it can grow as we grow in our relationship and love for each other. The plumerias surrounding it meanwhile represent birth, love and new beginnings and I know they are your favorite as well. Right now, we are experiencing everything that the plumerias stand for so I could not resist getting these for you. I hope you like them,” Kara said nervously as she presented the arrangement to Lena.


“Kara,” Lena said in awe as tears welled in her eyes. “This is…this is amazing. I love that you combined my favorite flowers with something that clearly means so much to you. What have I done to earn all this though?”


“Lena, you don’t have to do anything to earn this. You are my wife, and I love you and I want to do things like this for you. You are everything to me and you are such an amazing mother. Sometimes, I watch you with Elle or catch you talking to Miah as you caress your bump and I’m just in awe of you. You are amazing, my love, and you deserve this and so much more just for being you,” Kara said as she leaned in and joined their lips is a chaste, yet love fueled kiss.


“Charmer,” Lena said as her cheeks were brushed with pink.


“I only speak the truth Lena. Sunshine, six months ago, we bonded and didn’t even realize it but I’ve never once regretted that we’ve been married since that day. Being your wife is one of the greatest joys of my life and I am so happy you wanted to stay married to me even though you didn’t choose to be married to me, not really at least.”


“Kara, our bonding may have not been something that was planned but had you proposed to me that day I would have said yes. I’ve wanted to be with you since we met. And when we exchanged bracelets and rings when I first came back that was basically a wedding ceremony, and I chose to participate in that. I am so happy to be married to you, Kara,” Lena said with nothing but sincerity in her voice.


“I know that, Lee, I know all of that and I feel the same but we still missed being able to have a wedding in front of our family and friends. Lena, I love you and I want to have a bonding ceremony. I want us to be able to mesh Kryptonian traditions with Earth traditions. I want to stand before our family and friends and publicly declare how much I love you. We’ve talked about having a ceremony before but we’ve never really talked about when that would happen,’’ Kara said before taking a deep breath. “Lena, my amazing and beautiful wife, will you marry me again but this time in a ceremony before our friends and family? Will you do me the honor of renewing our commitment to each other,” Kara asked with tears in her eyes as she presented Lena with the necklace she had gotten her.


“Kara,” Lena choked out as happy tears began to fall. “Yes…yes, baby, yes,” Lena said as she crashed her lips against Kara’s.


“M…m…ma…mam! M…Mam!”


“Oh Rao! This moment could not get any better,” Kara said as happy tears of her own streamed down her face as she and Lena looked at their daughter in awe before they both kissed her and praised her for saying her first full word.


“I love you, Kara, and I cannot wait to renew our commitment,” Lena said a few minutes later, after they had showered Elle with love for saying her first full word.


“I love you too, Lena. I can’t wait to stand before our friends and family and renew our commitment either. It will be one of the best days of my life.”

Chapter Text

When Kara, Lena and Elle emerged from the master suite, it was nearly time for lunch. The couple had spent all of the morning talking about their wedding and enjoying quality time with their daughter. It was the perfect way to spend their morning.


Since they were already married, they didn’t feel the need to rush to have the ceremony, but both wanted it to occur relatively soon but also on a date that meant something to them. However, they also agreed that they wanted their son with them, so, the ceremony would not occur until after Jeremiah’s birth. With Miah expected to be born in the first half of March, the couple had set their bonding ceremony date for June 22, 2022, roughly three months after Miah’s expected arrival date and the anniversary of their actual bonding. Even though it meant they still had six months to wait before their ceremony would occur, they were ecstatic that they could not hold their wedding ceremony on the anniversary of their marriage but that both their children could be part of their special day.


With a date picked, they began to discuss the details of the ceremony and it was clear both women were already full of ideas. They knew they wanted to have the ceremony on Argo, as it was their home, but they wanted to combine Kryptonian and Earth traditions. They planned to stand on the jewel of truth and honor and exchange true traditional bracelets during the ceremony. They also wanted to exchange vows that they each wrote. While they wouldn’t reveal their thoughts on what they would wear, both were planning on dresses that combined traditional Kryptonian and Earth wedding attire elements. They also decided they both would also carry a bouquet and have a wedding party per Earth traditions. Kara and Lena knew they still had many details to hammer out but they were thrilled with the progress they had made in only one morning.


After beginning their wedding planning, the couple enjoyed quality time with their little girl. The two month old was advancing quickly and they were amazed that not only could she now say “Mam” but she could roll over, hold her head up and sit up unassisted. As they enjoyed family cuddles that morning, Elle chose to showcase her head holding and sitting abilities for her mommies during their cuddle time and Kara and Lena couldn’t have been happier to see their daughter display them. They praised Elle and showered her with kisses to show their love and pride for her. Eventually though, the couple knew they had to leave their chambers. They wanted to share their happy news with everyone, but, they also had their final meeting with Kal that afternoon before he would be sent to the Zeta Quadrant of the Phantom Zone and then Kara, would once again take to the airways of Earth to tell the people of what had become of the man formerly known as Superman.





At exactly 11:57 a.m., Kara, Lena and Elle entered the living room where conveniently everyone was already gathered.


“Well will you look at what the cat dragged in,” Maggie said with a smirk.


“Maggie, hush; leave them alone,” Eliza chastised.


“Good morning, my dear nieces,” Astra greeted as the rest of the group murmured their own greetings.


“Good morning, everyone. We apologize for not joining you all this morning but I had something very important to ask Lena and then we spent our morning with our daughter celebrating,” Kara said with a wide grin on her face.


“And what did you have to ask Lena,” Sam asked curiously.


“Kara asked me to renew our commitment to each other in a formal bonding ceremony,” Lena said gleefully.


“Yes! Now I can finally have a wedding to help plan! This is so exciting,” Eliza said happy causing her daughters and their partners to chuckle.


“About time, Kiera! I was wondering how long it would take you to propose holding an actual wedding. Now, before you get too far into the planning phase, I would like to remind you that CatCo has been your place of employment for some time, I gave you the moniker Supergirl and I am the one who had the brilliant idea to send you to interview Lena that first time. So, with that being said, I trust that CatCo will receive the exclusive on the ceremony,” Cat said ever the businesswoman even though her happiness for the couple was clear in her tone.


“I don’t know, Ms. Grant. I’m not sure I can give the exclusive to someone who still defaults to calling me Kiera instead of Kara,” Kara said with a playful smirk.


“Now, Kara, you know I only do that because I care. I truly am happy for you both; you deserve to have your marriage celebrated in a proper ceremony before your family, friends and people. I only hope to be invited to witness the occasion.”


“Cat, you know you and Carter will be there. You’ve been like another mother to Kara, anyone with eyes can see that, so of course you’ll be there and I think I can speak for Kara when I say CatCo is the only media outlet we would allow to cover our ceremony,” Lena said genuinely.  


“Lena’s right; I could never let another outlet cover the ceremony.”


“That means a lot. So, when exactly are planning to hold the ceremony or have you not had a chance to think that far ahead yet,” Cat asked.


“We know it is unconventional to hold such ceremonies during the week, but, Kara and I have chosen June 22, 2022, for our ceremony,” Lena said with a soft smile as she looked at her wife lovingly before chastely kissing her.


“Why June 22nd,” Lucy asked curiously.


Blushing Kara said, “June 22, 2021, is the date Lena and I bonded and officially were married under Kryptonian law so we thought it was only right that we hold our ceremony on the one year anniversary of our bonding.”


“Also, by then Miah will be about three months old so we can have both of our children there with us to celebrate the occasion.”


“Meaning celebrating the day Miah was conceived,” Alex said with a chuckle.


“Alex,” Kara and Lena chastised just as Carter asked, “How is that possible? They’re both girls.”


“Kryptonians can have both parts. They use the parts needed to reproduce with whoever they’re having sex with. That’s what Kelex said,” Ruby said matter-of-factly.


“Ruby,” Sam hissed, “This is not the time nor place for this discussion.”


“Wait, you have a penis like me,” Carter asked Kara while looking her in the eye.


“Carter! I know we’ve had the talk but you don’t just go around asking people what genitalia they have,” Cat chastised her son. “Kara, I apologize for my son’s insolence.”


“It’s okay, really,” Kara assured. “Sometimes I do. I’m a girl so I normally have female genitalia but because I’m Kryptonian I can shift and have male genitalia. We evolved this way so couples could have biological children together no matter if they were a heterosexual or LGBTQ couple. Does that make sense?”


“Yea, but why can’t humans do that?”


“Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe one day humans will evolve to be able to shift as Kryptonians do,” she told the boy.


“Hmm, maybe I can be a scientist like Aunt Lena and find out a way to make that happen,” Carter said thoughtfully.


“A…Aunt Lena,” Lena asked shocked.


“Well, I um I just thought we’re all kinda like family now so…,” Carter said as he stumbled over his words.


“It’s okay, Carter, I like it; I just wasn’t expecting it,” Lena reassured the boy before adding, “But, I’m not the only scientist in this family.”


“I know. Aunt Kara is too, even though she was slumming it working for Mom,” Carter said as Cat shot him a glare. “Sorry, Mom, but it’s true. Scientists can make bank, like seriously, and CatCo can’t compete with that.”


“Alright, I think we get it. Now, as riveting as this conversation is, I think it’s time for lunch and then Lena and I have to ensure Kal’s sentence is imposed on him.”


As soon as the words left Kara’s mouth, everyone grew serious and more tense before simply nodding their heads and moving towards the dining room. Just as Kara and Lena were about to follow though, Lois and Lucy approached them.


“Can we speak with you both for a minute before we join the others,” Lois asked.


“Sure. What’s up,” Kara asked as she and Lena moved to sit with the Lane sisters.


“First, congratulations; we’re both really happy for you, you deserve to be able to have an actual ceremony,” Lois began.


“Thank you, we’re excited,” Lena said with a smile.


“As you should be. But, we uh we were wondering if we could accompany you to see Clark today,” Lucy said.


“You both want to see Kal,” Kara asked with an arched brow.


“Yes. If nothing else it gives us closure and I think we both want to be able to tell our children that we personally saw the man who was a threat to us all be sent to the Zeta Quadrant,” Lois said.


“And I need to be able to tell my child that the person who murdered their father can never harm them,” Lucy added.


“I was hoping I could join you all as well,” Sam said as she entered the room again.


“Sam,” Lois and Lucy asked perplexed.


“Sam, are you sure,” Kara asked her sister carefully.


“Kara, if I don’t go with you now, I will never have the opportunity to speak to my brother and I would like the opportunity to speak to him.”


“Wait, brother,” Lois asked.


“Lena ran a DNA test between myself, Kara and Kal and we discovered that Kal is my brother…”


“And Kara is your cousin,” Lucy finished having assumed being Kal’s sister automatically made Kara her cousin.


“No, Kara is my sister.