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One Moment Changes Everything

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It had been four months since Kara Danvers saw her best friend, Lena Luthor; her best friend who she was also hopelessly in love with. Four months Kara had spent trying to find Lena but to no avail. Each time she searched for the raven-haired woman’s heartbeat she heard nothing at all. For the first month, Kara feared the worst; she feared Lena was dead but given the circumstances leading to her disappearance Kara couldn’t help but believe her friend had found a way to mask her heartbeat so Kara couldn’t find her. See, prior to her disappearance, Kara had confessed her secret to Lena. Kara told the youngest Luthor that she was actually Kara Zor-El, better known on Earth as Supergirl. Thankfully, Lena had taken the news well and swore it didn’t change anything between them but less than twenty-four hours later, Lena was gone, only leaving behind a note and a heartbroken Kryptonian.

Kara was a shadow of her former self ever since Lena disappeared. Everyone was worried about her. She had stopped showing up to work at CatCo, but James was able to put her on a leave of absence so she didn’t lose her job. She had also stopped being Supergirl, leaving J’onn to assume her form so National City’s population didn’t know their hero had just stopped being their hero. Kara also wasn’t talking to Alex, Maggie, J’onn, James, Winn or even Eliza. For all intents and purposes, Kara had secluded herself from everyone and everything, with only one exception, Lena. The only time Kara would leave her apartment was when she’d take her daily flight to search for Lena. Kara was determined to find her friend, no matter how long it took and she was also adamant that she would not return to being Supergirl until Lena was found because despite what Lena’s letter had said, Kara couldn’t help but think that her alter ego was at least part of why Lena left and if giving up Supergirl was what it took to get Lena back, then she’d give up being Supergirl, because all Kara wanted was her best friend and the woman she loved more than life itself back.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Kara wanted nothing more than to find Lena and bring her home. This was supposed to be the year Lena finally didn’t have to spend a single holiday working the day away or being ignored by her family and Kara was determined to make sure Lena still got a happy holiday season but she had to find her first. In the past four months, she had searched every corner of the earth to no avail, but she still had hope.

Just as she was about to don her super suit for her daily flight to search for Lena, her cell phone began to ring. Kara knew the only people calling would be her family and friends but on the off-chance Lena had finally decided to reach out Kara looked at the screen. To her disappointment, it was Eliza calling so, leaving her phone where it sat on her coffee table, Kara donned her super suit and flew out her window to begin her daily search for Lena.


Kara had been in the air for less than a minute when she honed in on her adoptive mother calling out for her.

“Kara, sweetheart, I know you can hear me. I know you don’t want to see or speak to any of us right now because you’re hurting but I need you to come home to Midvale immediately. I promise this isn’t a ploy to get you to talk to me or your sister. Please Kara, come home,” Eliza begged.

Choosing to ignore her mother’s pleas, Kara continued her flight, which coincidentally took her closer to Midvale that day. Several minutes passed in silence before Kara once again heard Eliza call out to her.

“Kara, please stop ignoring me. I need you to come home right now. I promise this isn’t a joke or a lie to get you to come home but I need to talk to you and it has to do with Lena so please come home so we can talk,” Eliza begged.

Kara’s ears perked up at the mention of Lena and hearing her mother’s tone she knew she wasn’t lying so she immediately changed course to head directly to the Danvers home in Midvale, California, right along the coast. What could Eliza possibly have to tell me about Lena? Is it possible she somehow found her? Or has she heard some terrible news about her? Oh Rao, I need to get to Midvale and find out. Please Rao, don’t let Eliza have bad news for me. I don’t think I’d survive if something bad happened to Lena.


Kara landed quietly in the secluded backyard of her childhood home on Earth mere minutes later. Her adoptive mother had heard her land though and rushed out into the backyard to greet her daughter.

“Kara, I’m so glad you came,” Eliza said relieved as she pulled Kara into a hug.

“You said it was about Lena so of course I came; you know I’ve been looking for her every day since she disappeared. So, what is it you have to tell me about Lena,” Kara asked clearly impatient to be filled in.

“We need to have a conversation first. I know I’m not making much sense but I need to verify some facts from you before I tell you because I don’t want to give you false hope. So please, Kara, can we sit on the deck and talk for a few minutes first?”

“If it’s truly necessary then yes but let me change out of my suit first,” Kara said as she moved behind a large tree and used her super speed to change back into her regular clothing before moving to the deck and taking a seat next to Eliza.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about, Eliza?”

“Kara, I know this is a sore subject for you but what do you remember of your time as a prisoner with Cadmus?”

“I remember everything, how could I not? Is there something specific you’re wondering about?”

“Yes. Do you remember if they ever took any of your blood or hair or any other DNA sample?”

“Yes, they did,” Kara grit out as she remembered exactly when it happened.


Flashback – Six Months Ago

“Kara Danvers, or should I say Supergirl, we finally formally meet,” a middle-aged woman, Kara, who was dressed as Kara not Supergirl, had seen once before said.

“I know you. I’ve seen you before, in Lena’s office. What’s your connection to her?”

“Ah yes, I should be asking you the same question. What were you doing in my daughter’s office?”

“Y…your daughter? You’re Lillian Luthor, Lex and Lena’s mother,” Kara said in slight disbelief as the puzzle pieces of who was behind Cadmus also started to come together.

“Correct you are. Now tell me, why were you in my daughter’s office?”

“You spent years telling Lena she wasn’t good enough, that she wasn’t a ‘real’ Luthor, that she didn’t matter so you lost your right to know why I was in her office. So, tell me why am I here? What do you want from me?”

“What? You’re not going to ask how I know you’re Supergirl when you’re not even wearing that hideous blue suit and red cape,” Lillian asked with a sneer.

“No, I’m not. Your son had files on my cousin and I imagine those files extended to me as well. So, why am I here, Lillian? What do you want from me?”

“It’s rather simple really. I want your blood but no needle can penetrate your skin so you are going to wear this helmet, which will absorb the radiation from when you use your powers, and will ultimately cause you to temporarily lose your powers so that I may collect what I need from you.”

“And why would I willingly wear that helmet?”

“I thought you’d resist so look at this,” Lillian said as she held a tablet with a live feed up to the bars of Kara’s cage for her to watch. “As we speak I have three snipers directed at your sister, Dr. Alex Danvers. Either wear the helmet voluntarily or I give the order to shoot and as you can see, my snipers are tracking your sister with each step she takes. So, what will it be? Will you wear the helmet or will you be telling dear old mom that another member of her family has died because of you?”

“Don’t you ever speak about Jeremiah again! He was killed in the line of duty and was an honorable man,” Kara seethed.

“Yes, but he was only an agent of the DEO, and yes of course I know about the DEO, because they found out about you so really who’s fault is it that he’s dead? Oh well, I guess you’ll be telling Eliza that you got her daughter killed as well. Ta…” Lillian bated Kara.

“STOP! Don’t give the order. I…I’ll wear the helmet, just don’t hurt Alex,” Kara said defeated.

“Very well,” Lillian said before speaking into an inner ear communications device. “Stand down and return to base. We have what we truly wanted.” Turning her focus back on Kara, as the cage door opened, she added, “Now you, come forward and place the helmet on your head then use your heat vision to trigger the helmet and your loss of powers.”

Obeying the order, Kara stepped out of her cage, placed the helmet on her head and used her heat vision until she felt herself solar flare and collapse from doing so. Lillian immediately had one of her goons pick Kara up and take her to the lab. As soon as they had Kara strapped to the table, Lillian immediately took four vials of Kara’s blood while Kara was helpless to stop her. Once done, Kara was thrown back in her cage until she was recused.

End Flashback – Present


“She never came to my cage again after she got what she wanted. I sat there for I don’t even know how many hours until Lena showed up with Alex and the DEO to rescue me but she didn’t know about the DEO yet so she thought it was the FBI that helped her rescue me. She had made Lillian believe she believed in the ‘Luthor cause’ but instead of giving Lillian what she needed, she gave her a fake that Lillian believed to be the real thing. As soon as Lillian showed her the Cadmus facility, Lena called Alex and they assembled a strike team to rescue me but Lena refused to be left out and insisted she come too. In the end, it was Lena who unlocked my cage and helped me walk out of that facility. That was also the day everyone saw what I had been trying to tell them since becoming Lena’s friend; they finally saw that Lena was good and could be trusted. After that we were closer than ever and two months later I finally worked up the courage to tell her who I really am and well you know the cliff notes version of what happened after that,” Kara said sadly.

“Oh, Kara, honey I do not blame you for or anything that happened with Jeremiah but Kara, do you know if Lillian also had any of Lena’s DNA?”

“Yes, she did. Once I recovered from the solar flare, I was finally ready to talk about what happened and Lena told me exactly how she got Lilian to reveal the location of Cadmus. Lillian took some of her blood to add it to the database of profiles that were permitted access to the facility. Lena was surprised Lillian added her to it so quickly and that move never did make sense to me,” Kara admitted.

“It seems then that the news I have to share is in fact legitimate. Come on inside there’s something you need to see,” Eliza said as she led her confused daughter into the house just as the sound of the early stages of an infant beginning to cry met Kara’s ears.

“Eliza, you know I have super hearing, right?”

“Of course I know that.”

“Then can you explain why I’m hearing the beginnings of an infant crying coming from the living room?”

“I should have known you’d pick up on her presence before I said anything. I’m actually surprised you didn’t hear her heartbeat first,” Eliza said as they walked towards the living room.

“Lena’s heartbeat is the only one I listen for these days. I keep hoping the time will come where she slips up and I can catch it and find my way to her,” Kara sadly admitted.

“Oh honey, I know these last few months have been hard for you but I have faith that you will find Lena, especially now,” Eliza said as they entered the living room and Eliza went straight to a bassinet where she bent down and picked up an infant who was in fact beginning to cry. “Shh, it’s okay sweetie, Nana is here, Nana’s here,” Eliza cooed at the infant.

“Eliza, why are you holding a baby and why did you just call yourself Nana,” Kara asked firmly.

“Sweetheart, there’s a letter on the coffee table; you need to read it then I will answer any questions to the best of my ability,” Eliza said pleadingly.

Hearing the pleading nature to her adoptive mother’s voice and the look in her eyes, Kara did as asked and retrieved a regular sized envelope from the coffee table. Looking at it, it was addressed to, “My Shining Star.” Immediately, Kara gasped because “my shining star” was what Jeremiah always called her and only Jeremiah called her that. Looking at the writing closer, she also realized it was Jeremiah’s handwriting. How is this possible? Jeremiah has been dead for eight years but that’s definitely his handwriting. Maybe I should read the letter and see if it answers any of my ever-increasing number of questions.

Opening the envelope, a very confused Kara, found a letter and quickly began to read it.

To my Shining Star,

I know this is hard to believe but it is me Kara, it’s Jeremiah, it’s Dad. I didn’t die in Peru like everyone thought. I was gravely wounded but Cadmus had been tracking our movements and they found me. For the past eight years, I’ve been a prisoner of Cadmus, forced to work for them to keep you, Alex and your mom safe. Cadmus is run by Lillian Luthor, although I know you already know that. She threatened to reveal who you really are and I cannot let that happen so I have done what she has asked for me. When you were captured she conveniently had sent me to another Cadmus facility in Nevada so I was not there to protect you but I am so glad that Lena is not like her mother and led the charge to rescue you. But, your capture and Lena’s decision to find you herself have led to the reason for this letter.

Six months ago, Lillian collected four vials of your blood and two of Lena’s. She also had several vials of Lex’s blood. She made me re-create the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix and I finished it seven months ago. After escaping police custody, Lillian used the matrix to attempt to create a child using your blood and Lex’s. However, for some reason it was unsuccessful. After two failed attempts, Lillian decided to use Lena’s blood to see if it would be successful and it was. It was Lillian’s plan for this child to possess your powers but the intellect of a Luthor so she could raise the child to be the ultimate weapon against you and Clark.

Kara, the matrix has a gestation period of six months and a week ago, the child created using your blood and Lena’s was born. I have included the DNA report showing you and Lena are both the biological parents of this child as well. I could not allow my first grandchild, I hope you do not mind me calling your child my grandchild by the way, to be raised by Lillian and used against you. You and Lena deserve the chance to raise your child. I have seen the news and seen what wonderful things you two have accomplished together and I know you will both teach your child to be the very best of the both of you.

I finally found my chance to take your child last night but I wasn’t sure where you, Lena or even Alex lived exactly so I brought your child, your daughter, to your mother. Kara, Lillian and Cadmus will come for your daughter but I know that together you and Lena, with the help of Alex and the DEO, can and will keep her safe. For now, I am on the run from Cadmus but if the day comes when you are able to defeat Lillian for good, I will come straight home to you all.

I love you Kara, and I know you and Lena will do right by your child.


“Oh my Rao!”