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Jamie was bored. She had been playing a game on her phone to pass time but it seemed to not be having the desired effect. It was one of the slower days at The Leafling and it was taking everything in her not to close up early. As she contemplated whether she would or not, the bell above the entrance rang and two women entered the shop arm in arm. “Welcome in,” Jamie greeted them. “Can I help you with anything in particular?”

One of the women, a brunette, looked to Jamie with a smile. “Only looking. Thank you.”

Jamie fought the urge to roll her eyes. Who came into a flower shop just to look? She smiled back as a response and decided to put away her phone and pretend to at least look busy. She grabbed a spray bottle from nearby and got to spraying a few of the plants. As she set about her task, she glanced at the women occasionally, taking note of the other woman, a blonde wearing sunglasses. This time she did roll her eyes.

A melody from a ringtone sounded and Jamie overheard the women speaking.

“You can answer that, Rebecca,” the blonde said.

Jamie noted the American accent and wondered what had brought the woman all the way out to England. She glanced at the two women who were still standing with their arms linked and figured they were dating.

“It’s work,” Rebecca sighed. “Kind of don’t want to.”

The blonde chuckled. “I’ll be fine. Go ahead.”

Rebecca unlinked her arm from her friend’s before taking the blonde’s hand and placing it just over some flowers in front of them. “I like this one. Be back in a moment.”

The bell sounded again as Rebecca left and Jamie found herself staring at the woman in the sunglasses as she gently felt the flowers before leaning down to smell them.

“Mm, they smell nice,” the blonde said, quietly, to no one in particular.

“You could appreciate them better without the sunglasses on,” Jamie said, casually, but realized that might’ve come off a bit rude. “I mean, the colors. You can’t really see how bright and lovely they are with your glasses obscuring your view.” Jamie was relieved when the woman smiled and found herself thinking it was a beautiful smile. She could also tell, even with the sunglasses on, that the woman had definitely won in the gene department.

The blonde moved her hand from the flowers and looked in Jamie’s direction. “Can you describe them to me?”

Jamie frowned as she set her spray bottle down. “Describe them to you?”

“Yeah, how do you see them?”

Jamie wasn’t sure what kind of kink this was. Maybe it was an American thing. Either way, she at least had someone to talk to while she waited to close up for the day. “Well,” she began as she moved to stand on the opposite side of the woman, the flowers between them, “there are bright pink hyacinths that remind me of cotton candy. Then you have white daffodils that I guess look like popcorn now that I’m thinking about it and yellow tulips mixed in.”

“Yellow tulips? They don’t remind you of anything?” the woman asked.

“I dunno,” Jamie replied as she studied the flower. “Cheese, perhaps. No one’s ever asked me to describe flowers.”

“Cotton candy, popcorn and cheese?” The woman chuckled. “I think someone’s hungry.”

Jamie found herself smiling, amused by this conversation. “Someone is.”

The bell rang out through the store as Rebecca reentered. “Sorry, Dani,” she said moving back to her friend’s side. “Call took longer than I thought it would.”

“No worries. I was just talking to…,”

“Jamie,” Jamie filled in. She held her hand out to Dani but Rebecca was the one to reach out to shake it.

“Nice to meet you, Jamie,” Rebecca smiled. “Lovely shop you have here.” She released Jamie’s hand and placed a hand on Dani’s lower back. “Let’s have a look around.”

“No need,” Dani responded, carefully gesturing in front of her at the flowers. “I want these.”

“You sure?” Rebecca asked. “You don’t have to pick them just because I said I liked them.”

“Jamie sold me on them,” Dani informed her, smile spreading across her face. “I think I’ll put them on the table in the kitchen.”

Jamie couldn’t stop her smile at Dani’s obvious teasing. “Haven’t seen you ladies in my shop before. Are you new to the area?”

“Grew up here, actually,” Rebecca answered. “And Dani moved here from the states three years ago.”

Rebecca had studied abroad, meeting Dani her first day in the U.S. and they had become fast friends. They had been roommates and when Rebecca had moved back home, it had taken her years to convince Dani that she should join her.

Jamie pulled the flowers Dani had chosen out of the vase. “Well, I hope to see more of you,” she said with a smile before moving to wrap the flowers in tissue paper.

Rebecca smirked as she leaned in to whisper to Dani. “I see you’ve made an impression.”

“She was talking to both of us,” Dani said, exasperated with Rebecca constantly trying to set her up with anyone who had a pulse.

“She’s pretty,” Rebecca continued. “Brown curly hair to just around her shoulders.”

“I’m not interested,” Dani whispered back. “And even if I was, she might not be.”

“She’s wearing plaid,” Rebecca stated as if that told them all they needed to know.

“Becs, for the hundredth time, plaid isn’t a gay calling card,” Dani sighed. “And again, even if she was into women, that doesn’t mean she’d want to go on a date with me?”

“You’re stunning. Anyone would be lucky to go on a date with you,” Rebecca insisted.

“I’ve sworn off dating, remember?” Dani had gone on a few dates in the last couple of months and they had all fallen flat. She wasn’t connecting with anyone and had become jaded by the whole dating process.

“See, you say these things but I know you don’t mean them,” Rebecca said. “You haven’t been with anyone intimately since… well, you know, and that just won’t do.”

“Rebecca,” Dani’s exasperation grew. “Not a conversation for a flower shop.”

“All right, all right,” Rebecca relented. “I’ll go pay for the flowers.”

Once the flowers were paid for, Jamie watched Rebecca link her arm with Dani’s before making her way to the door.

“Bye, Jamie,” Dani called out. “Hope you can get something to eat soon,” she added, playfully, before she left.

Jamie smiled to herself hoping that she would see Dani in her shop again soon.




Soon turned out to be the very next day. At the sound of the bell, Jamie had been surprised to look up and find Dani and Rebecca entering her shop.

"More flowers already?" Jamie asked.

"It appears so," Rebecca answered. "Dani was quite taken with the ones from yesterday."

Jamie smiled as she looked at Dani, who was once again wearing sunglasses. "I'm glad to hear it."

The shop phone rang out and Jamie excused herself before answering it.

Rebecca guided Dani over to some flowers at the other end of the shop that caught her eye, really just wanting distance between them and Jamie so she could speak freely. "She's wearing her hair up today. It's cute."

"Flowers, Becs. That's it."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I'm not an idiot, Dani. We're not here because of flowers. We're here because of The Leafling shop-owner. You're smitten."

Dani couldn't deny that. The short interaction had stuck with her and Jamie's voice had captivated her. "See any flowers you like?" She asked, ignoring Rebecca's statement.

Rebecca noticed Jamie hang up the phone and smirked. "Not yet and unfortunately I have to make a work call. Maybe Jamie could help."

Dani could hear the mischief in Rebecca's words. "You're a horrible liar."

"I resent that. I'm a fantastic liar," Rebecca joked. "You'll be okay?”

Dani was a little nervous. After a lot of thinking yesterday, she thought that maybe she could dip her toe back into the dating world. She couldn't tell that to Rebecca, though. She loved her best friend, but she could be pushy at times. Dani wanted to try this at her pace. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just flowers."

Rebecca grinned. "Right, just flowers.”

Dani heard the bell in the shop signal Rebecca’s temporary departure and she took a deep inhale of breath to calm her nerves. “So,” she began, hoping Jamie could hear her from wherever she was. “You really like flowers, huh?”

Jamie grinned as she moved to stand near Dani. “I fuckin’ hope so or I’m not gonna last long runnin’ this place, am I?”

Dani fiddled with the ring on her left middle finger. It was one of those rings with a spinning band. Rebecca had gotten it for her after her sight had gone because she had the habit of messing with whatever was around her when she felt her nerves getting the best of her and that led to a few broken items. The ring grounded her; the feel of it turning helped her to remember to breathe and not get overwhelmed by new places and new situations...and new people. New people who had a voice Dani wanted to get lost in. “No, I uh, guess you wouldn’t,” she blushed. “Sorry, I’m not good at this.”

Jamie raised a brow. “What is that exactly?”

“Making friends,” Dani clarified, turning her head slightly to the right where she could hear Jamie. “Rebecca’s always trying to get me to branch out.”

“I'm shite at it myself,” Jamie admitted. “Only have one friend, really. Reckoned that was enough, but… I could make an exception.” Jamie really didn’t make it a habit of trying to befriend her customers but there was something about Dani that made her feel lighter somehow and this was only their second time meeting. “You and your girlfriend seem like nice people.”

Dani’s eyebrows shot up. "Oh, Rebecca’s not my girlfriend. She’s my best friend slash roommate.”

Jamie couldn’t believe she had gotten that wrong. “Sorry, I thought…,” She rubbed at her shoulder, needing something to do to quell her embarrassment. “Well, my apologies.”

"I'm gay, though," Dani quickly added, not wanting Jamie to think she had been completely wrong. "Just not gay with her. What about you?"

Jamie was surprised by the admission and a grin found its way to her lips. "Am I gay with anyone?"

Dani could hear the amusement clear in Jamie’s voice. "No,” she chuckled, “Um, just… are you seeing anyone?"

“Can’t say that I am,” Jamie replied, wondering if Dani was just making small talk or if this conversation was headed in a certain direction.

Dani continued to spin her ring as she turned carefully to face Jamie. "So… do you want to?"

"Be gay with you?" Jamie teased.

A laugh ripped from Dani that made Jamie's heart skip a beat. Jamie wanted to hear that sound again.

Dani brought her hand up to press her fingers lightly over her lips, surprised by her own laughter. "No," she smiled. "Do you want to be friends?"

"I'd like that, yeah," Jamie answered, mesmerized by Dani’s smile. She pulled her phone out of her back pocket, unlocking the screen and going to her contacts before holding it out to Dani. "I'll get your number and we can talk about your new obsession with flowers."

When she didn't make a move to take it, Jamie frowned and lowered it. "Or I could give you mine?"

The entrance bell sounded in the shop and Rebecca made her way over to the two. "Pick something out?"

"Not yet," Dani replied. "Got distracted. Um, my number," she said, addressing Jamie. "It's…"

Jamie quickly raised her phone and unlocked the screen once more as Dani told her the number. Once Dani was inputted as a new contact, she looked up at her, waving the phone a bit in the air. "All right, it's official, then. You'll have to endure all my pictures of plants and flowers."

"Oh, Dani's-,"

"I look forward to it," Dani said, cutting Rebecca off. "We have to get going, but this was fun."

"No flowers today?" Jamie asked.

"I'll just have to come back," Dani smiled.

"I look forward to it, Dani," Jamie replied with a smile of her own.

Dani reached out beside her where she felt Rebecca's arm pressed against hers and linked their arms. She allowed her friend to guide her towards the entrance and once outside, Rebecca began to laugh.

"She hasn't realized you're blind? That's rich."

"I guess not," Dani replied, finding that she was actually relieved. People who learned she was blind tended to treat her differently even without meaning to.

"Why didn't you let me correct her?" Rebecca asked as they walked down the sidewalk towards where she had parked.

"You know how people get when they realize I'm blind," Dani sighed. Overly helpful or not helpful enough because they were afraid to offend her. One of her dates a few months back spoke to her slowly as if being blind made her hearing impaired as well.

"She's gonna realize eventually," Rebecca stated as she stopped at her car, pulling the passenger side door open.

"Well I'll enjoy my time before then," Dani stated as she got into the car. Her phone chimed with a text and she pulled her phone out to hear it.

A robotic voice read the text aloud to her as Rebecca got into the car.

Hey, it's Jamie. Just texting so you'll have my number too.

Also, next time you stop by, I have the perfect flowers for you.

Dani smiled and said, "can't wait" into her phone before sending the text.

"It appears the florist is quite taken with you as well," Rebecca stated as she started the car.

"This is just a friendship thing," Dani insisted.

"Right," Rebecca smiled as she pulled out of her parking space. "A friendship thing."




Jamie was sitting on her couch splitting her attention between the movie she was watching with her best friend, Owen, and her text conversation with Dani. It had been almost two weeks since they started texting and Jamie was enjoying Dani’s presence in her life wholeheartedly.

She was currently smiling at her phone as she typed out a response to Dani when she felt Owen’s foot bump her own.

“You really fancy this Dani. Why haven’t you asked her out yet?"

Jamie looked up from her phone. "Who says I'm talking to Dani?"

"That smile plastered on your face. You've got it bad, haven't you?"

Jamie couldn’t even deny it. She hadn’t been this interested in someone in a long while. “She’s really funny, Owen. And smart. Absolutely the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” Dani almost always texted her throughout her work day to keep her from dying of boredom and it was honestly one of the highlights of Jamie’s day. “Suppose I do.”

“Then ask her out,” Owen urged.

The thing was, Jamie had dropped hints suggesting they go to one place or another together, but Dani hadn’t really seemed interested aside from an agreement that it would be nice to do something together one of these days. Dani hadn’t even been to the shop since they exchanged numbers.

“I don’t know if she’s interested,” Jamie sighed. “I don’t want to go and make a bloody mess of things.”

“Then ask her out platonically,” Owen suggested. “Do you want me to do it for you?” He reached for her phone and she slapped his hand away.

“I can do it myself,” Jamie muttered as she returned her attention to her phone. She wrote out a message and deleted it before trying again. She wanted to get the wording just right. After a couple minutes, she rolled her eyes at herself and looked over at Owen. “A platonic outing. And don’t make me sound like a twit.”

Owen grinned and held his hand out for the phone. “Nothing but charm. Don’t worry.”

Jamie handed the phone over before getting up. She needed a drink. Usually this wasn’t so hard for her but she really liked Dani and didn’t want to get anything wrong.

Owen glanced over his shoulder to see where Jamie was before quickly typing out a message to Dani.

Hello. This is Jamie’s best friend. You’ve probably heard tons about me since I’m the best thing to ever happen to her. Anyway, I digress. Our friend seems to fancy you quite a bit and would like to ask you on a date but appears to think you wouldn’t be interested. I would like to find this out so I can inform her what her next move should be. Kind regards, Owen.

Dani found herself smiling widely after having heard the message from Jamie’s friend. She bit her lower lip as she thought about what this could mean. Well, what it could mean if she was willing to step out of her comfort zone with Jamie. They had established something nice the last two weeks and Dani didn’t want to disrupt it. That’s why she hadn’t committed to anything whenever Jamie mentioned wanting to hangout.

Dani got up from her bed and easily made her way out of her room and down the hall, a few short steps to Rebecca’s. She went to knock but froze. She already knew what her best friend would say. She would tell her to go for it.

“Danielle, why are you standing outside of my door like a lunatic?” Rebecca asked as she approached her.

Dani jumped at the sudden sound and lowered her hand, which had still been poised to knock at Rebecca’s door. She turned in the direction she had heard Rebecca’s voice and held up her phone. “Jamie wants to ask me out… according to her best friend.”

Rebecca grinned. “And you should definitely say yes when she does.”

“That’s the thing,” Dani began, wondering if it was normal to want Jamie to ask her out but also dread it at the same time. "What if-,"

“I can already tell you're overthinking," Rebecca interrupted. "Jamie's a beautiful woman who you obviously enjoy talking to. Go out with her, Dani, so you can also enjoy her in bed."

"That's your advice?" Dani asked in disbelief. "Get laid?"

"It's top-notch advice," Rebecca assured her.

Dani let out a breath and unlocked her phone so she could send a message back. "Tell Jamie I'll come by the shop tomorrow. Thanks, Owen."

Rebecca grinned, proudly. "Thatta girl. One step closer to giving that vibrator a break."

"Rebecca," Dani chided, sheepishly, but smiled as she returned to her room, nervous but excited for tomorrow.




Owen let out a breath of relief at Dani's text back. He had thought for a moment he had been too bold in his actions. "Great news, Jamie."

"Yeah, what's that?" Jamie asked as she exited the kitchen with a glass of champagne.

"So I let Dani know that you're interested in asking her out and to let me know if that's something she would want and she said she'd see you tomorrow at the shop."

Jamie rushed over to Owen, sloshing her champagne about in her glass as she grabbed her phone from him. "Owen, you wanker," she said as she read the messages. "She didn't even say if she's interested in me or not."

"If she was going to say no, she'd have said it in the message," Owen assured her. "You've nothing to worry about."

Jamie let out a frustrated huff before bringing her champagne glass to her lips. Tomorrow was going to be a very good or a very bad day.




Jamie wouldn't admit to anyone that she had gotten up two hours earlier than she usually would've in order to put some extra thought into her look today. Okay, and maybe to run what could happen today through her head a few times. She had to plan for every scenario.

She hoped things went the way she felt they would. She and Dani clicked. They could literally talk about anything. They had a very intense discussion about pizza toppings just the other day.

Jamie let out an anxious breath as she checked her watch for the umpteenth time. She hadn’t spoken to Dani since Owen went rogue in her text messages so she wasn’t sure when to expect her but she was closing in a few minutes and felt herself getting disappointed that maybe Dani had bailed on her. She contemplated texting Dani to at least make sure she was all right and as she began to type out a message, she heard the bell sound in the shop. Her head shot up and she smiled as she saw Dani walking in. Her smile turned to a confused frown when she saw the walking stick. She quickly pulled herself out of her confused daze and moved from behind the counter.

“I was starting to think you changed your mind,” Jamie said.

Dani smiled at the voice and lifted her walking stick, folding it before clutching it tightly in her hand. “Sorry, I had to talk to a parent of one of the kids I teach and that took a little longer than I thought it would.”

“A difficult parent?” Jamie asked, as she tried to figure out how she was going to state the obvious without offending Dani.

“No, just… very involved,” Dani answered. She taught blind and visually impaired kids and she truly loved her job but the parents could be a bit much sometimes.

“Well if anyone’s givin' you trouble, you let me know. I can sort them out for ya.”

Dani smiled. “I will keep that in mind.”

“So,” Jamie began, deciding to just get it out in the open. “I’m a right twit apparently.”

“You’re not,” Dani assured her.

“The sunglasses,” Jamie pointed out. “At first I thought it was a fashion choice and then I thought maybe you were just sensitive to light. It never crossed my mind why you really wore them.” Thinking back on it now, she really didn’t understand how she hadn’t realized from day one. “The pictures I’ve been sending you…,”

“Rebecca describes them for me,” Dani explained.

“Glad I never sent any nudes,” Jamie joked.

Dani snorted out a laugh. “She would’ve had a field day with that one for sure.”

Jamie smiled at Dani’s laughter, happy to be the reason for it. “I believe I told you I’d have flowers for you the next time you stopped by.”

“That is true,” Dani said, her nervous grip on her folded walking stick loosening.

“Well,” Jamie gestured to the flowers that she had set aside on the counter and then rolled her eyes at herself. “Fuckin’ git,” she whispered to herself.

“I’m sorry?” Dani frowned.

“No, not you. Me,” Jamie explained. “Not that I make it a habit of talkin’ to myself.”

“Jamie,” Dani grinned, relieved that Jamie seemed just as nervous as she was, “the flowers.”

“Right.” Jamie moved closer to Dani. “They’re on the counter a few steps ahead of you. May I?”

Dani nodded her response and she felt Jamie’s soft hand take her own, placing it in the crook of her arm.

“This okay?” Jamie asked.

“You smell nice,” Dani replied. It was a light scent, not overpowering. It was warm and comforting.

“Thanks. Just something I had lyin' around," Jamie said as if she hadn't spent an ungodly amount of time trying to figure out which of her fragrances to put on that morning. She had even kept the perfume bottle behind the counter to spritz it on herself when she felt that the scent was fading.

Jamie guided Dani a short distance to the counter. "It’s a mix of flowers. We’ve got yellow-um… does that mean anything to you if I say colors?”

“I have twenty-seven years of color knowledge,” Dani assured her.

“Oh, a scholar of the colors,” Jamie teased.

“It’s very intellectual stuff,” Dani said, feigning seriousness. “I must admit, though, I haven’t been able to grasp blood orange.”

Jamie chuckled. “Lucky for you, I don’t describe anything as blood orange.” Jamie gently took Dani’s hand, which had still been resting in the crook of her arm, and moved it to one of the flowers. “So this is a yellow rose. It symbolizes friendship.”

Dani smiled as she ran her finger tips over the flower.

“And,” Jamie guided Dani’s hand to the next flower, “I just added these this morning. This is called a Crocus. It’s purple… well, lavender to be more specific.”

“And what do they stand for?” Dani asked, gently, lost in this moment with Jamie.

“Gladness and joy,” Jamie answered. “That’s… that’s what I’ve felt these last two weeks getting to know you.”

“Jamie,” Dani began, her heartbeat speeding up.

“There’s one more addition,” Jamie cut in as she moved Dani’s hand over to one of the other flowers. Pink Chrysanthemum.”

“Pink? From my deep well of flower knowledge,” Dani joked, “pink’s usually a sign of something promising.”

Jamie grinned. “Flower knowledge? You’ve been holdin’ out on me, Dani?”

Dani’s racing heart now fluttered in her chest. She was really fond of the way Jamie said her name.

“Well, you’re not wrong,” Jamie continued, starting to feel a little anxious again. “They stand for attraction and romance.” A couple seconds of silence passed and Jamie quickly forged on. “I was going to add flowers for beauty and intelligence but didn’t want to cram too many flowers together, you know? Besides, I would need to save something for next time. I’ve got-,”

Dani let out a light laugh as she turned to face Jamie. “Jamie, you’re rambling.”

“Right, um, you just make me nervous. I had this whole thing I wanted to say. Kind of forgotten it now it seems.”

Dani reached a hand out to Jamie carefully, her hand finding her shoulder. Jamie remained silent as Dani’s hand tentatively glided up her neck, finger tips stopping at her jawline. Dani wanted to kiss Jamie but had quickly lost her nerve. Instead, she let her hand drift back down to Jamie’s neck. She smiled as she felt Jamie’s racing pulse beneath her touch.

“Dani,” Jamie began in a whisper, not wanting to break this trance they found themselves in, “would you like-,”

“Yes,” Dani rushed out before Jamie could finish. “Sorry,” she said, sheepishly. “Please, continue.”

“Dani,” Jamie began again, amused by Dani’s outburst. “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I would love that,” Dani replied.

The bell to the shop rang out and Dani quickly dropped her hand from Jamie’s neck. Jamie watched Owen, freeze at the door as he looked between the two.

“Leave,” Jamie mouthed at him.

A grin made its way to Owen’s face as he realized who was standing in front of Jamie.

“You must be Dani,” Owen began, causing Jamie to roll her eyes. “I’m Owen.”

Dani smiled as she turned in the direction of the voice. “Owen, so nice to meet you.”

Owen moved in closer. “So are you two a thing yet? I really do hope so. Jamie has been going on and on about the pretty blonde with a killer smile for ages.”

“It’s been two weeks, Owen, you twit,” Jamie sighed, knowing Owen wouldn’t miss an opportunity to embarrass her in front of Dani. “Now piss off, mate. I’m busy.”

“Now that’s rather rude,” Owen said, feigning offense. “I came all this way to make sure you weren’t heartbroken on the floor of your shop and this is how you treat me?”

“Definitely no heartbreak,” Dani assured him, amused by the best friends’ banter.

The bell to the shop sounded again as Rebecca walked inside. She had been waiting in the car but once she saw someone else enter, she figured she’d check to see how things were going.

“It’s Rebecca,” Jamie infomed Dani as the woman approached them.

“Sorry, Becs. Have I been too long?” Dani asked.

“Oh, you’re fine. I was just making sure everything was okay,” Rebecca answered, looking between the two. “Is everything okay?”

“You must be Dani’s friend, then?” Owen said, remembering Jamie mentioning her a couple times. “I’m Owen, Jamie’s best friend.” He gestured back at the other two. “I think they’ve made progress here.”

“We have,” Jamie said, exasperated. “We’re going on a date.”

“Brilliant,” Rebecca said, pleased by the news. Before she could say anything else her phone chimed and she pulled it out to see a message from work. “I swear these people are useless without me,” she sighed.

“Work?” Dani asked, knowingly.

“Work,” Rebecca confirmed. “I need to head back to the office. Were you ready to go?”

“I can get her home,” Jamie offered. “I mean,” she brushed her shoulder against Dani’s so she would know she was addressing her. “If that’s something you’re all right with. I just figured we could hangout. Talk.”

Dani felt her nerves bubbling in the pit of her stomach but she did her best to push them down. The thought of being somewhere new without Rebecca’s guidance just left her feeling a bit panicked.

“I should get going, too, actually,” Dani said, a little disappointed in herself, “but I’ll definitely text you later.”

Jamie smiled, brushing her shoulder against Dani’s once more. “Next time, then. You enjoy the rest of your day, Dani.”

Dani felt relieved, hearing the sincerity in Jamie’s voice. “You too, Jamie. Bye Owen.”

“Bye, Dani,” Owen replied. “It was a pleasure meeting you both.”

Once they made it into the car, Rebecca reached over, placing a hand on Dani’s knee. “You all right?”

“Overthinking,” Dani sighed as she let her folded walking stick rest in her lap. She began to turn the ring on her finger as she spoke. “I wanted to stay.”

“Like Jamie said, maybe next time,” Rebecca said. “There’s no rush.”

Dani let out a calming breath. Rebecca was right. There wasn’t a rush. She would just take things a day at a time. “Oh, my flowers.”

“I’ll go grab them,” Rebecca said before exiting the car. She went back inside The Leafling, interrupting whatever conversation Jamie and Owen were having. “Dani says she forgot her flowers.”

Jamie smiled and moved to pick them up by the vase they were in. She had thought about running them out to Dani but figured she could instead use them as an excuse to see her tomorrow.

“These are gorgeous,” Rebecca said as she took the vase. “Good job.”

Jamie let out a chuckle. “Thanks.”

“And here.” Rebecca hugged the vase to her with one arm as she fished a business card out of her pocket to hand to Jamie. “That’s my cell. If you have a question or anything, just shoot me a message.”

Jamie tucked the card into her back pocket. “Thanks, Rebecca.”

“Dani really likes you,” Rebecca stated. “Just want to make sure you don’t mess it up.”

“I’ll do my best not to,” Jamie assured her.

Rebecca smiled and gave a resolute nod. “Good.”

Once Rebecca was gone again, Owen looked to Jamie. “I feel that A Batter Place should be your obvious choice for a first date.”

Jamie thought about it for a moment and an idea struck her. “I think you’re right. Can I borrow one of your menus?” She asked as she pulled Rebecca’s card from her pocket along with her phone.

“What’s brewin’ in that head of yours?” Owen asked, curiously.

“Hopefully somethin’ decent,” Jamie answered, excited as she began planning for her first date with Dani.




“Okay,” Rebecca said as she plopped down next to Dani on the couch a few days later. “I adore your girlfriend.”

Dani pulled the earbud from her ear and paused the book she had been listening to on her phone. “We’re not official. We haven’t even been on a first date yet.”

Dani knew Jamie and Rebecca had been texting back and forth, she just didn’t know about what. She was simply glad they got along because Jamie really was the sweetest person. Most of the time now, Jamie would send her voice messages or call instead of texting. It was a small thing but it was huge to Dani. Besides, she much preferred Jamie’s voice to that of the robotic text-to-speech feature.

The previous people she had dated hadn’t bothered to adjust their behavior in a way that would make things easier for her. She was used to being the one who needed to adapt so Jamie truly was a breath of fresh air.

“I’m sure that’ll change after tonight,” Rebecca said. “Are you still nervous?”

“No, not as much.” The last few days had given her time to get to know Jamie even more and that had made her feel more confident about their upcoming date tonight. Jamie had even asked what most people avoided; how’d she lose her sight? It was a genetic condition that had gradually worsened her sight and with a timeline of maybe a year before it was completely gone, Rebecca had finally convinced Dani to uproot to England. It had been the best decision Dani had ever made. “I’ll admit to still being a little worried about being in a new place.”

“The restaurant or…,”

“Jamie’s place. I don’t know if tonight will lead there or if I’ll be as ready as I’m feeling now. Jamie might not even want to so I’m probably overthinking this for no reason. I just know that if an opportunity presents itself, I might be willing to take that step.”

“So what I’m hearing is that I shouldn’t wait up for you tonight?” Rebecca joked before scooting closer to Dani, putting an arm over her shoulders so she could give her a hug. “Hey, however this date goes, just remember you’re deserving of the very best. If that turns out not to be Jamie, I want you to be proud that you at least put yourself back out there.”

Dani rested her head on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Thanks, Becs. I have a really good feeling about this one, though.”

“So do I,” Rebecca admitted, happy for her best friend.




Jamie had picked Dani up from her apartment and was absolutely taken aback by how beautiful she was. Dani had decided on a simple black dress with spaghetti straps that rested just above her knees. Jamie, herself, had gone for brown checkered dress pants and a black button up shirt with the sleeves folded to her elbows and her hair was more wavy than curly like it was usually worn.

They entered the restaurant, Dani’s hand resting in the crook of Jamie’s arm and a waiter greeted them, already knowing Jamie was a friend of Owen’s. He showed them to their table in the far back corner of the restaurant, which Owen had saved just for them.

“It smells so lovely in here,” Dani said.

“Wait until you try the food,” Jamie said as they reached the table. “We’re at the table. It’s a booth so bench seating.”

Dani smiled, grateful for the information as she reached a tentative hand out to the back of the leather chair. She slid into her seat, pulling her arm from Jamie’s, instantly missing the other woman’s closeness.

Jamie quickly took her seat across from Dani and the waiter placed a menu down in front of each of them before asking if they’d want anything to drink to start. Jamie asked for a few minutes to decide and the waiter departed, leaving her alone with Dani.

“If I haven’t said it,” Jamie began, “you’re an absolute vision, Dani.”

Dani laughed lightly. “I think that might be your third time, actually.”

Jamie reached out to place her hand over Dani’s, giving it a light squeeze. “Well, it’s true.” Jamie pulled her hand away and opened her menu. “Any idea what you want to drink?”

“Oh, can you read me the options?” Dani asked. “No alcohol. I don’t drink. Being tipsy and blind isn’t the experience one might think it is."

“I hear a story there,” Jamie replied, amused.

"Not a real exciting one." Dani had thought a few drinks at home after a trying day would be fine. It had been her first time drinking since losing her vision and it also became her last. She had knocked over so many things and when Rebecca returned home to the scene, she had thought someone broke in and kidnapped her. Luckily Rebecca searched the place before calling the police. She found Dani asleep in the bathtub, which Dani had insisted was the best place for her so she didn't have to leave her room to keep finding her way to the bathroom while inebriated.

Dani told the story to Jamie and they both shared a laugh over it.

“Well, there are great non-alcoholic beverages. Go ahead and touch the front of your menu.”

Dani frowned but placed her fingers on the menu, running them down the laminated material until her fingers felt small bumps.

Jamie smiled as Dani seemed to lighten up at this revelation. She didn’t comment on it, though. She didn’t want to make it a big deal. She just wanted Dani to enjoy herself. Rebecca had connected her to someone at the school Dani taught at; with their help and the help of a braille printer from the school, she had a menu for Dani.

After finally ordering and receiving their drinks, Jamie and Dani began to talk about growing up and how they basically ended up where they were.

Jamie had bounced around foster homes and gotten into some trouble here and there before cleaning her act up. Gardening had been an activity assigned to her as an anger management tool and she found that she loved it quite a bit.

Dani had never been close to her family and her mother hadn't been prepared to be a single mother. When she was diagnosed with her condition the woman had made it all about herself, complaining about how she would have to make sacrifices to take care of Dani. Dani made sure that would never be the case. She didn't want a thing from her mother.

"Well we're quite the pair," Jamie joked before sipping the non-alcoholic beverage she had settled on.

"That's why I'm so grateful to have Rebecca. She's been amazing," Dani stated. "She's a sister to me."

"I'm glad you have her in your life," Jamie said, "And I'm glad that I'm in it now as well. Honestly, you're amazing, Dani. An absolute delight, really. Tryin' my damndest not to fuck it up."

Dani smiled widely, her heart now racing, fueled by her affection for Jamie. "You're doing a pretty amazing job of not doing that."

Jamie reached across the table, fingertips gently running over the top of Dani’s hand. "What's the acceptable amount of time to wait before I can ask you to be my girlfriend?" Jamie was nervous and she felt kind of like she was in high school again, navigating her feelings and trying not to embarrass herself by saying the wrong things.

Owen approached the table at that moment to check in on them. "Has everything been to your liking, Dani?"

"Everything's been amazing," Dani assured him, pleased that Jamie hadn't pulled her hand away from hers. "I love that you have a braille menu."

"Oh, that was all Jamie's doing, but rest assured, I plan on updating the menus so they'll have braille from now on."

Jamie's finger, which had been drawing random patterns on the back of Dani’s hand, stilled.

Dani placed her free hand over Jamie's, giving it a light squeeze. "You created a braille menu for me?"

"Really just did some gluing. No big thing."

It was a big deal to Dani, though. It meant everything to her that Jamie would put so much effort into making sure she could read the menu. And the fact that Owen wanted to now officially have braille on his menus warmed her heart. She would definitely be recommending his restaurant to the people at her school.

"Thank you, Jamie.”

"Of course," Jamie replied.

Owen smiled at the two, happy for his best friend. "Should I bring back the menus so you can pick out a dessert?"

"Dani?" Jamie asked.

"We can split something," Dani suggested.

"Perfect," Owen said. "I'll be back. And Dani, I apologize for the… oversight."

"Owen," Jamie sighed at the pun as Dani laughed.

Owen walked off to grab the menu, giving the two a moment before he'd return.

"Sorry, he loves his puns."

“That was a good one,” Dani admitted.

“Please don’t tell him that. It’ll go to his head.”

Dani began to trace her fingers over Jamie’s hand like Jamie had been doing with her earlier. “Tonight’s been great. I’m starting to think this is an elaborate dream because there’s no way someone so right for me exists.”

Jamie had definitely had a similar thought. “The dating world must be quite an experience for you. I mean, I can see and I’ve barely been able to deal with it.”

Dani chuckled. “It’s been something. The last date I went on--well, I didn’t even go on the date. She showed up to the apartment wearing yoga pants and Becs answered the door.”

“Rebecca closed the door in her face, didn’t she?” Jamie didn’t know Rebecca too well, but she had a feeling that would be her reaction.

“She definitely did,” Dani confirmed. “The fact that my date didn’t make an attempt to dress up to take me out just because I couldn’t see her really pissed her off.” When Dani hadn’t been as bothered by it, Rebecca had insisted she set her standards higher because her best friend wasn’t going to date just anyone.

“Well, I’m glad she messed up her opportunity,” Jamie said.

“I am too.” Dani felt the texture of Jamie’s skin change where her thumb was connected and she ran her finger over the small scar. “What happened here?”

Jamie chuckled as she thought of the memory. “When I was a teen, I saw these beautiful flowers and I wanted to give one to this girl I fancied. Got cut by a thorn reaching for it.”

Dani stopped running her finger over Jamie’s scar. “I feel like you’re leaving something out.”

Jamie grinned. “I had to jump a fence to get to the backyard housin' said flowers,” she admitted. “The woman whose garden I was in started yellin’ at me from her house so I quickly reached into the bed of flowers and that’s when the thorn cut me.”

“From flower stealing deviant to flower shop owner,” Dani stated. “I think you’ve come full circle. Anymore interesting scar stories?”

“Plenty.” Jamie grew up roughhousing and getting into fights with the boys who wouldn’t let her play with them because she was a girl. She had even more scars from showing off doing tricks and the like in order to impress some girl or another. “You find the scars and I’ll tell you the stories.” Jamie replayed her words in her head and a blush rose up her neck. She pulled her hand from Dani’s as she straightened up in her seat. “Not that I think you’ll just be touching me in places where you’d find all my scars. I mean, not yet, anyway.” Jamie willed herself to stop talking so she could stop further embarrassing herself.

Dani laughed lightly. “Scar touching at my own pace. Noted… and definitely something I look forward to.”

Jamie’s eyes widened and just as she was about to comment, Owen returned to the table. “Sorry about the wait. Had to put out a small fire… literally. All is well, though.” He placed Dani’s menu down on the table. “Also figured since you were sharing a dessert, you could share a menu. Might have to sit right next to Dani to get a better look, Jamie.”

Jamie really felt that Owen was leaning into his embarrassing best friend role today and before she could say just that, Owen said bye to Dani and was off to deal with something else in the restaurant.

“I think he was onto something,” Dani began. “You should sit beside me.”

Jamie smiled and moved around to the other side of the table, leaving some distance between herself and Dani as she sat down. "This okay?”

“Yeah,” Dani answered before scooting closer to Jamie so that their thighs pressed against each other, “but this is better.”

Jamie smiled, pleased by Dani’s bold move. “I’d have to agree with you there.” She turned the menu to the dessert section. “Have an idea what you might want?"

"A slice of cake, maybe." Dani brought her hand to the menu and began to run her fingers along the braille.

Jamie stared at Dani as she read over the menu, her fingers pausing on a dessert option before changing her mind and moving on.

A smile spread across Dani’s lips after a few seconds. “I can feel you staring.”

“How am I supposed to help it, as beautiful as you are?”

“That’s four,” Dani stated, amused.

"I've said it a lot more in my head," Jamie assured her.

Dani bit at her lower lip as she thought about how she hadn't ever felt this way with anyone before. It felt like she had known Jamie for a lot longer than a little over two weeks.

"Did you want to get dessert to go?" Jamie asked, wanting to spend time with Dani uninterrupted. "I have several movie choices waiting for us back at my place if that's something you're interested in."

Turned out that Dani was very interested.




Jamie opened her apartment door and guided Dani inside with a gentle touch to her lower back. “It’s not much,” Jamie stated as she flipped on a light, “but it’s cozy… or at least that’s how Owen describes it. “You can take your shoes off or leave them on. Doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Dani unfolded her walking stick. “Is it okay if I just wander around and you tell me where I’m at?” Dani liked to get a feel of new places so she could be a little confident moving around on her own. She hoped Jamie’s home was a place she’d be occupying on more than just this one occasion.

“Of course,” Jamie said as she moved to the kitchen to place the take-out bag from the restaurant on the counter. “I’ll be near. Do whatever you need. There are labels around to help.”

Dani frowned. “I’m sorry?”

“Um, Rebecca gave me a Braille label maker and helped me label the place,” Jamie explained. “Like the front door. There’s a label on it so you know it’s the front door. I, uh… I hope that’s okay.”

Dani wanted to cry. In fact, she was pretty sure she was going to. Yep, she was.

Jamie saw a single tear glide down Dani’s cheek from under her sunglasses and she worried that she had done the wrong thing. “It was a bad idea wasn’t it?” She asked as she moved back to Dani. “I didn’t mean to offend you, Dani.”

Dani let out a tearful laugh. “Offend me? Jamie this is one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever done for me. I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all. Actually had fun with the label maker,” Jamie said. “Might’ve gotten a bit carried away. Labeled the fridge and the drinks inside of it. You know, in case you get thirsty and I’m sleepin’ or somethin’.” Jamie realized how presumptuous that sounded and quickly back pedaled. “Not because of sex reasons. Just… I figured you might be coming over a lot and want to know what’s in my fridge.”

“Jamie,” Dani laughed lightly, wiping the wetness from her cheek. “Breathe.”

“Right,” Jamie let out a breath. “Sorry.”

“Come here,” Dani beckoned in an almost whisper as she raised her free hand.

Jamie moved in closer, letting Dani’s hand come in contact with her shoulder. Dani moved her hand over Dani’s shoulder and up her neck. She brushed her fingers along her jawline and stopped when her fingers found Jamie’s chin. Dani gripped Jamie’s chin gently between her thumb and pointer finger before turning Jamie’s head slightly as she leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Jamie was pretty sure she’d need medical attention with the way her heart was racing, beating erratically in her chest at the feeling of Dani’s soft lips on her skin.

Dani lingered for a moment before pulling away with a smile. “I’m going to walk around now.”

“Yeah, okay… yeah, that’s… yeah.” Jamie rolled her eyes at herself for being rendered speechless by a kiss on the cheek. But it wasn’t just any kiss, it was a kiss from Dani and Dani was a goddess.

Dani chuckled and moved past Jamie to begin the tour of the apartment.




“The girl just ran into the closet.” Jamie was sitting beside Dani on the couch in the living room narrating the movie for her whenever things happened that were too vague for Dani to know what was going on without explanation.

“Of course she did,” Dani scoffed. “What an idiot.”

Jamie grinned, glad Dani seemed to be enjoying herself. Rebecca had told her that Dani enjoyed horror films but that had turned out to be false information. Dani only watched scary films once in a blue moon when Rebecca begged her. Jamie had been willing to watch something entirely different but Dani had insisted she’d be fine with a psychological thriller.

Once the film ended, Jamie turned off the TV but Dani's hand remained on her knee where it had been for the duration of the movie, squeezing tightly whenever an abrupt sound had come from the TV, startling her.

Jamie checked her phone briefly. "It's a little past eleven." She didn't want their night together to end and hoped Dani would be up for another movie. "Should we do another movie?"

Dani turned in her seat so that one leg was bent, resting on the couch. "I've been thinking about kissing you all night.”

Jamie smiled as she turned off the TV before setting the remote on the coffee table. “Full disclosure. I’ve been thinkin’ about kissing you for days.”

“Seems like this is something we should look into.”

“Oh, for sure,” Jamie agreed as she mirrored Dani’s position. She brought a hand up to Dani’s face, brushing her fingers along her cheek before stopping at her sunglasses. “May I?”

Dani nodded and soon after, she felt her sunglasses sliding from her face.

Jamie smiled at the sight of Dani unobscured. “You really are so beautiful, Dani,” she let out in a whisper as she took in the blue of her eyes. She folded the sunglasses carefully. “I’m gonna put the sunglasses on the coffee table. Is that all right?”

“That’s perfect,” Dani replied.

Jamie placed the sunglasses down before returning her full attention to Dani, cupping the side of her face as she leaned in slowly.

Dani could feel Jamie's warm breath against her lips and her heartbeat quickened in anticipation. When she finally felt the press of soft lips against her own, Dani’s breath hitched. She moved a hand to Jamie's waist as she kissed her back, reveling in the feel of Jamie's lips against her own.

Jamie’s tongue snaked out, running along Dani’s bottom lip as she slid her hand to the back of Dani’s neck. Dani parted her lips, a light moan escaping her as their tongues met causing her to move her hand from Jamie’s waist to her lower back, pushing her in closer.

The kiss intensified and before she realized what she was doing, Jamie had guided Dani onto her back. She broke the kiss, pushing herself up, but hands clutching the sides of her shirt stopped her from getting up completely.

“Got a little carried away,” Jamie breathed out. “We should slow down.”

Dani’s hand trailed under Jamie’s shirt and she caressed her stomach as she spoke. “Is that what you want? To slow down?”

“I want whatever you want,” Jamie answered, trying to ignore the way Dani’s touch was setting her ablaze.

Dani smirked. “And if what I want is for you to be kissing me?”

“I can be very accommodatin',” Jamie assured her before pressing their lips together once more.

Minutes passed with them on the couch kissing and touching feverishly. It wasn’t until Jamie pressed a thigh to Dani’s center, lost in their lust, that she finally registered where things were headed.

“Dani,” Jamie began as she tried to catch her breath, “you have to tell me what you want.”

Jamie was the first person Dani wanted to have sex with in two years; the first person she felt comfortable enough around to even entertain the thought. She definitely wanted this to happen. She didn't care that it was only the first date. She wanted Jamie and if Jamie felt the same way, then she didn't see a reason for them to wait. "We should move this to your room."

"You sure?"


Once in the bedroom, Jamie and Dani started kissing again. Jamie brought her hands up to the straps of Dani's dress before breaking the kiss. "Is this okay?"

"Go ahead," Dani replied.

Jamie slipped the straps down Dani’s shoulders and watched in awe as the dress slipped down her body. The moonlight from outside lit the room enough for her to admire Dani.

"Jamie?" Dani called out after a few seconds ticked by with no utterances or touches from Jamie.

"Sorry." Jamie reached out, running a hand up and down Dani’s arm. "Just admirin' you."

Dani smiled as she fully stepped out of the dress before kicking it from her feet. "Help me undress you?"

Jamie took Dani’s hands and moved them to the buttons on her shirt.

Dani easily unbuttoned the shirt and pushed it down Jamie's shoulders. She felt around the back of Jamie's bra before unhooking it from the back.

Jamie stood quietly as Dani ran her hands slowly over her shoulders, chest and back getting to know every birthmark and-

"What's this scar from?" Dani asked, running a finger over Jamie's upper arm.

"A fight when I was maybe seventeen. Got a knife pulled on me. It was dumb."

Dani continued to trace her finger over the faint scar. Jamie had told her she had a rough upbringing but she had never imagined knife fights.

Jamie felt vulnerable as Dani continued her journey across her skin. No one had ever paid this much attention to her body before. It wasn’t a bad thing just something she wasn’t used to.

Eventually Dani’s hands moved to Jamie’s pants. She undid the button and slowly pulled the zipper down. As Jamie went to remove her pants, Dani undid her own strapless bra, letting it drop to the floor.

Jamie brushed Dani’s hair behind her shoulder before leaning in to place kisses along her neck. Her kisses trailed along her chest, stopping just above one of her breasts. “Can I?”


Jamie kissed along Dani’s breast before taking a nipple into her mouth, smiling at the moan it evoked.

“Bed,” Dani gasped out.

Jamie guided Dani to the bed, lowering her down gently onto her back before hovering over her. “Still good?”

“Yes,” Dani answered as she pulled Jamie down so she was flush against her.

“Okay, just tell me if you want to stop at any moment,” Jamie said before returning her mouth to Dani’s breasts.

“Oh god,” Dani moaned out as Jamie sucked hard at her nipple. She laced her fingers through Jamie’s hair, gripping lightly as she got lost in the sensation.

Half an hour went by with them taking turns exploring each other’s body. Currently Jamie was on her stomach while Dani pressed kisses to her back as she trailed a hand over her skin, committing every detail to memory. Dani let her hand move up to Jamie’s neck, pushing her hair away so she could place a kiss on the nape of her neck.

Jamie shifted a bit turned on by the feeling of Dani’s breasts pressed into her back. The action caused her ass to press into Dani’s center and she smiled as Dani let out a harsh breath. Jamie did it again and Dani rested her forehead between Jamie’s shoulders as she enjoyed the pleasure coursing through her even with her underwear still on. She began to push her hips down to meet Jamie’s movement and within seconds Dani’s thrusts became frantic as she felt an orgasm nearing.

Catching herself, Dani stopped and carefully moved off of Jamie so that she was lying beside her. She inhaled and exhaled slowly as she tried to get herself under control.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie frowned, worriedly as she looked at Dani.

Dani sighed, embarrassed about almost humping herself into an orgasm against Jamie’s ass. “Got carried away,” she explained.

Jamie grinned, realizing the issue. “Could’ve kept going. Would’ve been hot,” she assured her. “It’s all right, though. I’ll take care of you now.” She moved on top of Dani, trailing kisses down her stomach until she reached her underwear.
Dani felt Jamie’s breath against her hips and then teeth running gently against her skin before she realized Jamie had captured her underwear between her teeth. She let out a pleased moan and raised her hips to help with the removal of the material.

Jamie moved back up her body, again pressing kisses along the way before she captured Dani’s lips in a kiss.

“You’re so wet for me, Dani,” Jamie said against her lips as she ran her hand down between Dani’s legs. Dani spread her legs wider and Jamie grinned. “That’s it, baby.” She gathered the wetness on her fingers before moving to rub against Dani’s clit.

Dani’s hips bucked at the action and she let out a small cry of pleasure. “Jamie, I want to touch you, too,” she rushed out as she pulled at Jamie’s underwear. “Soon,” Jamie promised her. “Just be good for me now, yeah?”

Dani nodded and spread her legs a bit more as she felt Jamie’s finger at her entrance. “Do it, Jamie,” she begged.

Jamie entered Dani with a finger before pulling out and reentering with two. She watched Dani’s face contort into pleasure as she moved in and out of her at a steady pace. “Good, Dani,” she said, softly. “Just feel me.”

Dani felt Jamie everywhere. Her touches and kisses were etched into her skin, never to be forgotten; her encouraging whispers and tenderness with her body finding a place in her heart.

“So beautiful,” Jamie whispered before placing a kiss against Dani’s lips. “You feel so fuckin’ good,” she said of the warmth encompassing her fingers.

Dani dug her nails into Jamie’s shoulders as her fingers and words brought her closer to the edge. “Close,” she gasped out.

Jamie redoubled her efforts and added her thumb to the mix, circling Dani’s clit. The action ripped a moan from Dani and her body froze momentarily before her orgasm rushed through her. Jamie kissed Dani as she positioned a thigh between her legs, pushing down into her experimentally.

“Ohmygod.” Dani jolted at the stimulation to her already sensitive clit.

“Can you handle it?” Jamie asked, breathing heavily.

In response, Dani moved her hands down to Jamie’s ass and thrusted up into her thigh.

Jamie grinned and kissed Dani again as she moved against her. After a few minutes, Jamie heard the hitch in Dani’s breath. “That’s it, Dani. Let go.”

“You’re so good, Jamie,” Dani let out as she willed herself not to climax. She could feel Jamie’s slickness against her own thigh, where Jamie had been grinding against as she pleasured Dani. Dani tugged at Jamie’s underwear. “Take it off, Jamie.”

Jamie obeyed, quickly pulling her underwear off before repositioning herself against Dani. “Fuck,” Jamie breathed out. Now that she had direct contact to her clit, she wouldn’t last much longer.

“Jamie,” Dani’s voice cracked as she felt herself nearing the edge. One more hard thrust had Dani reaching her peak and she cried out in pleasure. Jamie found her release seconds later and grunted out her orgasm before collapsing on Dani, burying her face in the crook of her neck.

Dani smiled, grazing her fingers up and down the length of Jamie’s back as she enjoyed the feel of her breath against her neck.

“Can you go again?” Jamie asked minutes later when she felt Dani’s hand still against her back. “Dani?” Jamie chuckled, realizing Dani had fallen asleep. She pressed a kiss to her neck and carefully shifted so that she was no longer resting on top of her. She pulled the bed sheet over them, making sure Dani was properly covered before relaxing at her side.




Jamie woke to the feeling of gentle fingers running along her face. She smiled and pressed a kiss to Dani’s fingers as they glided over her lips. “Did you sleep well?”

Dani let her hand come to a rest at the crook of Jamie’s neck. “I did.” Dani drew circles with her finger over Jamie’s neck. “You sleep like the dead.”

Jamie laughed. “What time is it?”

“No idea. I can’t remember where I left my phone,” Dani replied.

Jamie frowned. “Sorry, I should’ve set an alarm. Do you need anythin’?” She asked, voice hoarse from sleep.

Dani gently pushed Jamie down as she went to sit up. “We were kind of too busy to worry about an alarm,” she reminded her. “And no, just you here next to me.”

Jamie relaxed before leaning up, ghosting her lips over Dani’s, causing her to smile. She kissed Dani briefly before lying back down. “Are you sure? Do you need something to drink?”

“I managed,” Dani assured her. “Good job with those labels, babe.” She had been slightly panicked at first when she realized her walking stick had been left folded on the kitchen counter but she had easily made it to the kitchen without breaking anything or hurting herself.

Jamie smiled at the nickname as she gently pushed Dani to lie on her back. She placed a kiss on her forehead before peppering kisses along her face, ending at her nose, causing Dani to giggle. “So last night… my question never got answered.”

Dani grinned, she had been wondering when Jamie was going to bring this up again. “Which question was that?” She asked, feigning ignorance.

Jamie chuckled before nipping at Dani’s collarbone. “Well, there was “can you go again?” but you answered that by fallin’ asleep on me.”

“Sorry about that,” Dani said, sheepishly. “Guess my stamina needs some work.” To be fair, though, two orgasms back-to-back after two years of no action had really done her in.

“Only teasin’,” Jamie assured her before placing a kiss on her jawline, “but I can definitely help you improve your stamina.”

Dani trailed her hands up and down Jamie’s sides. “You’re getting distracted.”

“Kind of hard not to be with you naked underneath me,” Jamie replied.

“Well, the time to ask me to be your girlfriend would’ve been before you got me into bed,” Dani quipped. “You’ve got to make a respectable woman out of me now.”

“Feelin’ scandalized are we?” Jamie asked before placing a line of kisses from Dani’s neck to her stomach. “Didn’t hear any complaints last night.”

“Won’t hear any complaints now either,” Dani breathed out as Jamie settled between her legs.

Jamie never did get around to asking.




Three years later...

“Jamie this is beautiful!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“Yeah? It’s not too simple?” Jamie asked as Rebecca admired the ring. They were sitting across from each other at Owen’s restaurant while Dani was home, relaxing after a week-long visit from her mother.

Rebecca looked at Jamie in disbelief. “Too simple? Jamie, this is perfect.” She looked down at the ring again, the diamonds on the band were laid out in Braille. “What does it say?”

“Love,” Jamie answered. “What I really wanted it to say was entirely too long.”

Rebecca placed the ring back in the box and handed it over to Jamie. “She’s going to absolutely love it. When are you asking?”

Jamie let out a breath. “Was going to be this weekend but maybe I’ll wait. You know Karen visiting always leaves Dani out of sorts.”

“That I do,” Rebecca sighed before refocusing her attention to the matter at hand. “She won’t want a big wedding. Absolutely no chance of her wanting Karen there either. Honestly, she may even want to elope. She’s not much for fanfare. Oh, are you going to wear a dress or a suit because I know someone who makes the most amazing suits. They fit like a dream.”

“Rebecca,” Jamie smiled, “let me ask the question first and then we can go from there.”

“Right,” Rebecca laughed. “This is just all so exciting!” Rebecca perked up again as another thought struck her. “Remember that meal Owen made when you celebrated your first-year anniversary? That has to be at the reception. Blimey, you can’t elope now, I have so many ideas.” Rebecca pulled a notepad from her purse and began jotting things down.

Jamie shook her head in amusement, glad to know that she at least had a wedding planner figured out if they ended up needing one.




Jamie entered her apartment and was immediately greeted by the sound of glass shattering against the floor. “Dani?!” She called out as she rushed to the kitchen.

“Damn it,” Dani huffed as she stood in the kitchen looking agitated.

“You all right?” Jamie asked as she entered the kitchen, stepping over broken glass.

“She rearranged the fucking cabinets,” Dani answered, clearly upset. Her mother had mentioned that she thought things weren’t where they should be but she didn’t think the woman would actually change anything.

Jamie had been surprised the first time she heard Dani curse. It had been months into their relationship and it had also been due to Dani’s mother; a phone call about when Dani planned to return home before she got herself hurt in England.

“Three years. Three fucking years and she still thinks I can’t take care of myself.” Dani had said after the call.

Jamie had listened and consoled where she could before leaving to get Dani her favorite ice cream.

Jamie moved to Dani, being mindful of the glass as she placed her hands on the counter on either side of Dani. “Hey,” she began, softly. “She’s gone and we won’t have to deal with her for another year or so. I’ll fix everything back, okay?”

“I’m not incompetent,” Dani snapped. "I can do it."

“I know that, Dani,” Jamie assured her, knowing the anger wasn’t meant for her. “We can fix it back together if you want but something tells me you need ice cream and your favorite movie after this week.”

Dani relaxed her shoulders and let out a breath. “I’m sorry.”

“Come here.” Jamie pulled Dani into a hug. “You don’t need to be sorry, love.”

“I don’t know why I still care what she thinks,” Dani said, feeling her anger dissipate as Jamie held her.

“She’s your mother,” Jamie said, simply. She placed a kiss on Dani’s temple. “Go ahead and relax, I’ll clean up.”

“What did I break?” Dani asked, guiltily.

Jamie looked down at the floor, scrutinizing the broken glass before she realized it was her favorite teacup. “Just a mug. We have so many, we probably needed to lose one.” She gave Dani another kiss, this time on her cheek. “I love you.”

Dani smiled, raising her hand to touch Jamie’s face. Jamie stood silently as Dani traced her fingers along her face until she eventually stopped at her lips. She leaned in and kissed Dani, lingering for a few seconds before pulling away. “I love you, too.”

Once Dani was out of the kitchen, Jamie thoroughly cleaned up the glass before putting ice cream in a large mug. She grabbed a spoon and made her way out to the living room where Dani was running her fingers over the Braille labeled DVD cases until she found the right one.

“The ice cream’s on the coffee table,” Jamie said as she placed it down.

“Thanks, babe,” Dani replied as she placed the DVD into the player. “Forget the cabinets for now. Want to sit with me?”

“Always,” Jamie replied with a smile. “Give me a moment to get something to drink.” Jamie headed into the kitchen and opened a cabinet, rolling her eyes when she didn't see champagne glasses where they were supposed to be. Karen really was a piece of work.

She opened another cabinet and found the champagne glasses. She quickly poured herself a drink and sipped it to help calm her nerves. She had every intention of waiting until next week to propose but coming home to an upset Dani didn’t sit well with her. However Karen had made Dani feel, Jamie wanted to make her feel the exact opposite.

Jamie fished the ring box out of the pocket of her plaid jacket and sipped the champagne once more before setting the glass down on the counter. She removed her jacket and quickly hung it up in the closet by the front door before moving into the living room.

Jamie smiled at the sight of Dani sitting on the couch, humming along to the opening of Pitch Perfect while ice cream ran down her chin. She sat down beside Dani, using her thumb to wipe the ice cream away before sucking it off her thumb.

Dani smiled her thanks but then frowned when the movie stopped playing. “Did it freeze? Have I finally played it too much?”

“Sorry, that was me,” Jamie answered. “Can we talk?”

Dani’s frown deepened as she went to place her mug down. “Um, yeah, what about?”

“I’ve got a problem,” Jamie began, “or rather, we’ve got a problem, Dani.”

“Oh no,” Dani began, worriedly. Had her mother said something to Jamie? Had she scared her off somehow?

“You see, I’m not sick of ya,” Jamie stated, “at all. I’m actually wantin’ to marry ya, turns out.”

Dani opened her mouth to speak several times but she couldn’t form a proper thought. Jamie wanted to marry her?

“Ah shite,” Jamie said, nervously fidgeting with the ring box. “Not romantic enough, yeah? Thing is, I’ve thought about what I would say for so long and sittin’ here in front of ya, I’ve lost all sense. I could try again later.”

“No,” Dani said, quickly. “You don’t need to try again." Dani reached out to feel for Jamie’s hand and when she felt the ring box, tears sprang to her eyes. “I would love nothing more than to get married, Jamie.”

Jamie let out a relieved breath and leaned forward to press several kisses on Dani’s lips. She pulled away from Dani to open the ring box, setting the box aside before taking Dani’s left hand into her own.

“Hold on.” Dani pulled her hand away to remove the ring from her middle finger. “Okay,” she said, holding her hand back out.

Jamie slid the ring on Dani’s finger before pressing a kiss to it. “Whaddya think?”

“Fits perfectly,” Dani noted before touching the ring. She felt the bumps on the ring and smiled as she realized it was Braille. “Love,” she whispered out happily. “Jamie… this…”

Jamie cupped the side of Dani’s face, using her thumb to brush the tears away. “I’m crazy about ya, Dani Clayton. The moment I met you I knew you’d be someone special to me. Loving you comes more naturally to me than breathin’.”

Dani brought her hand up to place over Jamie’s, rubbing her thumb over her knuckles. “You’ve come into my life and shined such a light of love into it, Jamie. I hope everyone can find someone who makes them as happy as you have made me these last three years.”

“I think if they can find someone who makes them feel even an ounce of how you make me feel, they’ll be pretty well off,” Jamie stated.

Dani leaned forward, Jamie meeting her in the middle for a kiss. “We’re engaged,” she let out happily.

“Figured it was time I made a respectable woman outta of ya,” Jamie joked.

Dani laughed and pulled Jamie into a hug, grateful that she had decided on a whim that she needed flowers in her life; the bonus she got out of that decision would make her happy for years to come.