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Ohio Slayer Base
Faith POV

As soon as I arrive back in town, I feel the need for a smoke. I drag my fingers through my hair and make my way towards the hidden castle in the woods. Heh. A castle in Ohio. What a fucking joke. As I get closer, I decide to sneak in through the side entrance that’s mostly used for deliveries.

It would be better if I could just do what I came here for and head back out. I sneak my way through the kitchen and make a beeline for my bedroom. Just as I’m about to open the door, a hand grabs my shoulder and roughly turns me around. Xander pulls me in for a hug.

“Ugh, dude…” He chuckles and lets go, “It’s really good to see you, Faith. Were you trying to sneak your way in and out again?” I chuckle, “Good to see ya too buddy. Listen, can you keep this just between us?” He frowns, “But we haven’t seen you in months. I’m sure the girls would be really happy to see you.”

I groan and plead with him, “I know. I miss them too. But I’m really only back for, like, a day. Probably better if they just keep missing me, yea?” He sighs but nods reluctantly, “You know we don’t hate you for leaving, right?” I smile sadly, “You don’t...but she does.” He places a hand on my shoulder, “She doesn’t hate you. She’s just...being Buffy.” I chuckle and open the door to my room, “I’ll catch ya later, Xan.” He waves, “It was good to see you. Call more.” I nod and close the door.

I exhale loudly and make my way to the bedside table. Opening the top drawer, I grab a box of cigarettes and make my way to the window. I open it slightly as I light up what I suspect is the first of many cigarettes for this trip. As the smoke makes its way into my lungs, I can feel my shoulders relax a bit. Damn. It really is fucking hard to quit these.

I check the time: 6:49 am. Still too early. I should’ve just taken a later flight. I throw the bud of my cig out the window and head back towards the door. I make my way towards the enormous backyard/woods, undetected until, “Faith?” I halt and slowly turn to my left to see Buffy standing there, hands on her hips. Shit. I grin and nod my head in her direction, “Hey, B.” She scowls, “What are you doing here?!” I sigh and step closer to her, “Keep your voice down, yea? I don’t want anyone else knowing I’m here.”

She looks pissed, “Are you kidding me? You’ve been gone for months! Half the time, we didn’t even know if you were alive!” I take another step, as close as I can get without touching her. “Jesus, B. Lower your damn voice. I get it, you’re pissed. No need to yell about it.” She punches me hard on the arm. I clench my jaw but don’t move, “Really?” She glares at me, “Where the hell have you been? We haven’t received any slayers on your part for weeks. Where were you?”

I groan, “B… I can’t-” She shakes her head, “Don’t. Do not give me that crap. Just tell me where you’ve been.” I sigh and step back. “I’m going for a run. I’ll catch ya later, B.” I can feel her staring a hole on the back of my head but I keep walking towards the woods. I need to calm my racing heart. Being so close to her still affects me like a damn fool. I reach the trees and begin to sprint, warming up my muscles.

After a few seconds, I hear footsteps running behind me. Shit. I take off on a run, making my way towards the river that’s nearby. My lungs are on fire as I make my way through the woods and reach the river. She’s gaining up on me. If I’m going to lose her, I need to make the jump from one side of the river to the next. She could never make that jump. One of the many things she hates about me. Heh. It’s too far for her to reach the other side and there’s no way in hell she’ll chance getting wet when it’s so chilly out.

I grin as I close in on the river. As I begin to jump, Buffy comes from the side and tackles me, mid-air, to the ground, “Oomph!” We fall right next to the river, rolling around for dominance. I end up on top, grinning like a kid, “Damn, B. If you wanted me all over you, all you had to do was ask.” She rolls her eyes and pushes me off her, “Why are you running away from me?”

I get up and swipe all the leaves and dirt off my clothes, “Because I don’t wanna have this talk.” She gets up, walks towards me, and smacks my shoulder, “Too bad. Where have you been?” I glare, “Stop. Hitting me.” Her defiance doesn’t back down, “Where. Were. You?” I sigh, “What does it matter? It’s not like we’re friends or anything. Why the fuck do you care?” An emotion flickers through her eyes. Anger? Sadness? “You know I care, Faith.”

I scoff at that, “You hate my guts, B. Don’t be shy now. It’s just us out here. Say how you really feel!” She takes a step closer, and I hold my breath, ready for another smack. But she just grabs my shirt and pulls me in, crashing her lips against mine. I frown and open my eyes wide in shock. Before I can register what’s going on, she pulls away. I stare at her, astonished by what just happened, “Uh...what?”

She lets out a breath and looks me in the eyes, “I don’t hate you, Faith. I’ve been really into you for a while now. And it’s hard to admit, ok? I’ve never been with a woman before. And I certainly never thought I’d be into you, of all people. I mean, not that you’re not hot, but we kind of have this love-hate history, relationship thingy. Not that I hate you. Obviously I don’t hate you-”

I cup her cheeks and pull her in for a kiss. She immediately wraps her arms around my shoulders, pulling me closer. Feeling her lips on mine is enough to drive me wild. I never dreamed this could actually happen. And now I have her in my arms. And it feels amazing. I slide my tongue over her lower lip, asking for permission to go further. She moans and opens her mouth, letting me in. We both groan as soon as our tongues meet, dancing together as we explore each other’s mouths.

I pull back and kiss down her neck. My hands move down to cup her ass. She moans again, “Oh God, Faith.” Her voice is breathy and has me turned on in seconds. I suck on her pulse as my right hand moves to the front of her pants. I slide my hand inside, dying to know how she feels. Buffy places her hands on my shoulder and gently shoves me back, “Mm..Wait.” I halt my movements and stare at her, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

She bites her lower lip nervously, “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just...This is going a bit too fast for me... And I-” I silence her with a soft kiss, “It’s ok. We can go as slow as you need. You don’t gotta explain yourself, B.” She smiles and places her forehead against mine. We stay like that for a minute or two before she breaks the silence, “Well...this is new.” I chuckle and kiss her nose, “Yea. I kinda like it though. Better than you beating the crap outta me.” She smiles sheepishly, “Sorry. I didn’t know how else to let out my frustrations.”

I grin, “I can think of a few, better ideas.” I lean in and kiss her neck again, sucking on her soft skin. “Mmm, Faith.” Her fingers run through my hair as she pulls me closer. I nibble softly on her flesh and kiss my way up to her ear, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” She shudders in my arms, “Faith...take me to your room.” I pull back, “Seriously? I thought we were going too fast?”

She pouts, “’re right. I’m sorry. I mean, how can you expect me not know...when you’re talking all sexy like that?” I chuckle and find her lips again, trying to memorize what she tastes like. A vibration breaks our make-out session as Buffy pulls back and grabs her phone from her pocket. She frowns as soon as she sees who it is, “Shit. Sorry. One sec.” She turns around and takes a few steps away, “Hey Jake…”

I groan internally. Why the fuck is Jake still in the picture?! Feeling upset and, to be honest, vulnerable, I feel myself reverting back to my asshole self. I step behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I begin to kiss her neck as she struggles to get away from me, “No, Jake, I’m fine… Yes, I’ll be there…” Bite. “Mhmm” Shove. “Of course. I understand…” Suck. “Listen, I have to go. Something just came up.”

She gently elbows me in the stomach, “Yea, I know... I’m sorry. I’ll call you back later... Promise.” I hunch over slightly and step back. As soon as she hangs up, she whirls around, anger back in her eyes. “What the hell was that?!” I glare back at her, “Are you still with him?” Her irritation dissipates as she whispers, “...Yes.”

I scowl at that, “Fucking perfect.” I turn around and walk away. She follows me, trying to explain, “Faith, please. It’s not what it looks like.” I turn to face her, “And what does it look like to you? Cuz from where I’m standing, you’re dating beefstick over there while throwing yourself all over me.” Her anger returns yet again, “It’s not like that. I’m finally allowing myself to explore my feelings for you, Faith. I know I’m still dating Jake, but obviously that will end now. And I know I should’ve told you before. But we were standing alone. In the woods. By a ridiculously romantic river. I couldn’t help it.”

I let out a heavy sigh, “You’re cute when you babble.” She grins at that, “Forgive me?” I stare into her green eyes and can’t help but melt, “Shit. Fine. But you’re breaking up with him.” She nods enthusiastically, “Absolutely. I’m meeting with him later on. I’ll do it then.” I grab her by the waist and pull her close, “Good.” I kiss her hard on the lips, trying to claim her as my own. This wasn’t exactly what I had come here to do but, this is way better. Heh.

The End.