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Twisted Wonderland x Dominant! Fem! Reader Birthday One-Shots

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Cater was thrilled. He never thought on his wildest thoughts that he would have you, the girl he loved bending him over the table. He was trembling in excitement. He knew what was about to come. He asked you to do it. After all, it was your pleasure to make him feel good and pleasure him all over, and he wanted nothing more than be gently wrecked to his core by you.

You were surprised when Cater asked you to peg him as his birthday present. On the outside, your face looked as calm as ever, but inside you were slightly panicking. While you expected Cater to be one to openly ask you to peg him on his birthday, you weren’t quite expecting him to want to do it on the table much less near his birthday cake and presents. 

But you couldn’t deny that bending him over the table and pegging him there was very exciting for you and send shivers down your spine at the thought of him moaning underneath you. So here you were.

You two waited until the other Heartslabyul resident’s left the room to start your doings. Cater was swiping through Magicam on his phone, and you took that opportunity to approach him. You tied up the strap-on around your hips and under your skirt. Why take off your skirt when Cater would probably find it even more erotic you doing him in your school uniform? And quite honestly, you also find it annoying to waste time getting everything off.

You went behind him and titled your head slightly to the side. He didn’t seem to notice you were standing behind him. 

You thought about what would be your next move. Should you just push him roughly onto the table or make him at your strap and make him ride it. Both of them seemed like a good idea to you but you decided to go with the former. It was his birthday, after all, there was no way you’re going to make him do the whole work. At least this time.

Noting your presence behind him, Cater put his phone down and turned around with a smile. “Hey~a (Y/n)-chan~✰ How—" Before he could finish he found himself bent over the table, your hand on his back. 

His breath was caught on his throat for a moment. His mind clouded with lust as he realized that you were doing what he asked you to do for his birthday.

He pouted, already impatient and wanting nothing more than you pounding into him.

You put our face near his and saw how red his face was and how deep he was breathing. You were sure that if you could see your face it wouldn’t be that much different from his.

He turned his head slightly, looking at his eyes with yours. You could see the desire in his eyes and decided not to make the birthday boy wait anymore.

Your free hand fondles his butt, his pants already halfway to his knees.

Finally, you put a finger near his entrance and you could hear him whine inpatient for you to do more than just tease his hole.

And so you decided to grant his wish and put your finger deep inside him. Cater gasped his eyes widen, drool dripping down his chin and he gritted his teeth as to not let anyone hear him. It would be embarrassing if someone were to catch the two of you on this act. Much worse if it was the dorm leader that caught you! If that happens it would be off with his head!

The sudden movement of your finger hitting his spot brought in back from his thoughts. His back arched and it was getting more and more difficult to hold his moans back.

You put your hand on top of his hand, gripping the table cloth tightly, and hold it gently in your grip. Cater looked at you moved his head to kiss you. You kiss him back, your tongue easily overpowering his, both your breaths mixing together with each other. 

Your finger still inside of him stretching him out for your dick. 

You turned away from him, a string of saliva connecting your mouths together. You lift yourself from his back, now admiring the way his hips moved back trying to chase after your finger.

With both your hands on his butt, you spread his buttcheeks apart, your gaze fixed on his little hole clenching around nothing. You bit your lip in anticipation. 

You aligned the tip of the trap on his hole and in a swift movement, you pushed it deep inside him. Cater let out a surprised yelp out of his mouth and quickly covered his mouth. He arched his back and pressed even more onto you to try and take in what was left of you.

You stood still for some seconds to let him adjust to the feeling of being stretched so much. You close your eyes with a smile "It’s alright Cater. Look at you taking my dick so easily, what a good birthday boy you’re being.”

He looks so cute right now I think I’m gonna pass out.

“You don’t need to cover your mouth, as long as you don’t moan loudly no one will come here!”

Cater slowly lowered his hand from his mouth and let out a breathless moan as quietly as he could. He nodded his head for you to move.

You pulled your hips out, then thrust back in. Cater moaned softly, trying not to yell too loudly. You pressed yourself on his back again watching his bright red face and the tears that started to appear in the corner of this eyes.

With one hand on his hips, you started stroking him with the other. Both actions being too much for Cater to handle ad he felt himself be closer and closer to cumming. But he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to cum while you looked down on him and hopefully say how pathetic he looked at that moment.

He reached his hand out to you, his body moving in rhythm with your thrusts, and tried to put his hand on your shoulder. You stop your thursts and saw the look of want in his eyes. You knew what he wanted.

You turn him around his arms envelop around your neck and his finger intertwined together behind your neck. He leaned in to kiss you again. Legs wrapped around you, pants were already forgotten on the floor and his underwear dangling from his ankle wrapped around your waist. Your hands wrapped around his waist as you started to thrust into him once again. Leaning down to press a kiss to his neck, you trailed the kisses up, until you reached his mouth, without disturbing the fast pace of your thrusting.

Cater moaned and whined against her ear with each thurst, each time hitting against his prostate making him almost losing control and cumming all over both of them.

You laid him again onto the table, him never breaking the hold he had onto you. Still thrusting into him you put your hands on each side of his head to support your weight and not coming crashing on top of him. His cock twitched between both of your pressed bodies and you knew it would be just a couple more thrust before he cums.

Moaning into your mouth, pressing slightly to suppress it, Cater came undone, white ropes shooting out of his dick, painting his stomach and even a bit of the table white. He continued to press onto your lips until he rides his high down.

Once he came down of his high, you detached yourself from his mouth, another string of saliva connecting the two of you, only disappearing when you hoisted yourself up and he lies down on the table breathing deeply. Tears run down his face and drool driving down his chin.

You look at him, splatter on top of the table, his cum spilled on his cum and the table. Cater took deep breathes all the while smiling and blushing as his eyes were fixed on you.

“Hey, where’s your phone?” You asked him as an idea come to your mind.

“Here!” He eagerly took his phone out of his pocket and gave it to you making you wonder how it didn’t fall off during the pegging and why was it there in the first place.

“Don’t tell me… You were recording?” You teased him. Cater laughed as he still to get his breath steady. “Couldn’t let the opportunity pass could I (Y/n)-chan?”

You shake your head “That’s actually kind of cute! But now to the main topic.” You point the phone camera at him, making sure to catch all of him from his head to his hips where her strap was still attached to him. “Smile.” Cater looked at you with loving eyes as he complied with your request and thrown a peace sign with his hands still weakling resting on the table.


The bright flash of the camera showed that a picture of him in that pathetic figure was now saved on his phone gallery, where anyone could see it if they got their hands on his phone, and honestly, that thought excited Cater even more.

“You look so pretty in this picture!” “We can take more pictures of me like this right? Please?”

Seeing the eager look on his face, you give nibble his cheek “Of course! Anything for the birthday boy!” And with that kiss him again, his back around your neck and thrusting again into him.

“Happy Birthday, Cater.”

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Azul ran his hand over his forehead, wiping it off the beads of sweat that stuck to his skin, and ran his hand through his silver-blue hair. After everyone in the dorm congratulated him on his birthday, he opened his presents. You stood there on the other side of the table in front of him, with a small camera recording everything. After all, this was one of the many yet-to-come events you wanted to engrave in your memory forever.

Even though he tried his best to mask it, you could see the happiness that sparkled in his eyes. Like a kid receiving the present he always longed for.

Only the two of you were present in the lounge now, everyone left already leaving the two dorm leaders alone to enjoy their private time. You sat on the chair elegantly shaped like a blue shell, very similar to the chair the mermaid princess had in a certain movie. With a leg crossed over the other one, you cut a piece of the slice of birthday cake before stabbing it with a fork. Lifting it, you guide the fork gently into Azul’s mouth.

Azul made a sound of delight as the creamy, fluffy piece of cake invaded his mouth. He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet taste of the small piece of cake. Good cake and you’re the one feeding it to him. What more could he ask for?

Well, it would be a lie if said he didn’t want more for his birthday He wanted much more. He needed more, he was impatient. He longed for her wrecking him, this time without Jade and Floyd wanting to join in on their playtime. 

It was his birthday, this time he would be wrecked by her alone. He was greedy and everyone knew that. Just the thought of it was enough to make him hard.

Opening your eyes, you didn’t need to look down to see his dick aching painfully inside his pants. “Ne Azul…” Startled by the sudden sound of your voice Azul raised his trembling eyes to look into your own “Do you want to start right now? That looks really uncomfortable.”

You stretched your leg and placed it on his leg, trailing it up until you reach his dick. You pressed down a bit gently and watched as it twitches, wanting to be freed from his briefs.

Azul gasped and a blush formed on his cheeks. His eyes widen and look at your foot stepping on his dick. Azul clutched one of the pillows laying on the couch, his hands turning white from how hard he was grabbing it.

You leaned in close to his face “You’re getting turned on aren’t you?” You smirked mischievously “Then I guess I can give you the present you wanted now.”

As you leaned further Azul leaned back, his back hitting the back of the couch. His eyes looked into your own. 

Azul was getting more and more worked up. You pinning him against the couch? Pure bliss. He grabbed your arm desperately. A sign that he wanted you to start doing something to him right now. You kiss his lips fervently, letting your tongue explore his mouth. You could feel his warm cheeks were. You pulled away from him, saliva connecting your mouths while you both breathe deeply making your hot breath visible.

While you put on the harness, tightening around your hip, Azul quickly unbuckled his belt and took his pants off. When the strap was firmly put on top of your skirt you turn your look to Azul direction again. He was already leaning against the arm of the couch. Your eyes looked him up and down, stopping when they arrived at his butthole clenching around the small pink vibrator inside him he put in advance.

Shoving your fingers inside him searching for the vibrator. You take your time doing it noticing how stretched out he is. As expect from Azul, always thinking ahead.

He trembled and whined with each movement of your fingers teasing his walls when you knew the vibrator was inches away from your fingertips, feeling him so warm inside like this. Some more teasing from your fingers later, you took a hold of the small bead and pulled out slowly making sure to shift it around a bit more before pulling out completely, him whining all the way.

Holding the vibrator close to your face, you smiled innocently at him “How cute. I knew this was the perfect one.” “Phwaa…” “I thought you were perfect the first time I saw you.” You looked at him with half-closed eyes and a blush covering your face although smaller than Azul “It’s such a nice coincidence you and I met.”

Leaning on his side with his left leg up, Azul turned his head at you. You hoisted his leg up, holding it with your hands under his inner thigh on his side, and with a swift push, you push it in in one go.

He could feel his insides being stretched out once again, liking the feeling of being full.

Mouth dripping with drool, eyes, and face full of tears and hot breath coming out of his mouth and fogging his glasses, Azul shivered and gripped the arm’s couch tighter. His dick already leaking with precum. You pulled out and eased back in. 

“Haa…” “Hngh…”

You keep hitting that spot repeatedly, Azul nudging his hips up meeting yours. Each thurst making the octo man sob loudly, panting. In between wails and whines, you could hear him crying out “D-do it more…” “More what?” “… harder. Do it harder…” You thrust unto him harder and grabbing his hair, you turned him to you, shoving your tongue inside his mouth, both of your tongues moving together inside. Dool dripping in the corner of your mouths. Pulling away, you whispered near his ear “Azul, you’re so beautiful.” And that did it for him.

Eyes widen with the sudden praise made him come, drops of cum dirtying the Octavinelle couch. You let out a deep sight and looked down at the squirming boy underneath you riding out his orgasm.

Ahh I knew he was cute but he’s going to kill me with it.

You picked up his hand, bringing it to your lips and pressing a kiss to the tips of his fingers. Azul blushed, his eyebrow twitching he adverted his eyes to the side. You pressed another kiss to his wrist making him squirm again. He thrusts his hips into you again, “You’re still hard Azul,” you said while getting close to his rosy cheeks “ Do you want to come again?” Azul whined and nodded his head, his eyes closed with stray tears appearing in the corner of his eyes again.

You looked down at the white mess on the couch. You sweatdropped We’ll need another place to do it. My shell-shaped chair? An image of Azul gripping the top of the chair while the other hand gripped the arm, one leg on the ground and the other knee pressed into the chair seat appears in your head. As tempting as it is let’s save that for another time.

Looking around for another place, You caught sight of the banner saying “Happy Birthday” and the aquarium glass behind and on each side and got an idea. Hmm yeah, that might work. Taking his hand in yours, you pulled him to the aquarium glass behind the couch you were both previously in. Pressing him gently into the glass, you entered him again Azul moaning softly. You shoved his hips up making his dick press against the cold surface making it twitch. 

You put your hands under his shirt, your fingers reaching to tease his nipples, pulling them gently and rolling them between your fingers. All the while, while sinking your teeth into his neck making teeth marks into his neck and hickeys on his skin. It felt good to Azul the sensation of his warm cheeks pressed against the cold glass. His breath creating a small cloud of fog onto the surface and you took the opportunity to make a little heart, finishing it with a smile looking at him as he looked at you with half-opened eyes, leaning in again for a kiss.

“You’re so pretty.”

Making short thrusts with your hips, you reached deep into him. His fingers trying to desperately cling around the glass. You began thrusting faster as you felt him getting close by the whines muffled by your mouth and he come again, painting the aquarium glass in white.

Resting his forehead against the glass trying to cool down his warm face, you pulled out and turned him around gently. Azul rested his back against the icy surface, sliding down until he sat on the ground panting.

“We’re not done yet Azul.” he opened his dazed eyes to see you untying the strap and throwing it to the side. Putting your hands under your skirt, you pushed your panties down and off of your legs and took them off. Each leg on Azul’s side you lowered yourself down into him.

“W-Wait… I-I’m still sensitive—Hngh.” You took his hands and wrapped them around your waist, while you wrapped yours around his neck. You moved fast, making him feel too good and you both leaned forward and kissed. You sucked on his tongue. Then Azul came, gripping his hold desperately around her waist.

You got up, a trail of saliva that connected your mouths together disappeared as you got further away from him. You picked your phone from the table and took a picture of his panting form, bushed checks, teary eyes, mouth full of drool, and his body stained with small puddles of cum mixed with yours on his crotch area. 

Azul was overwhelmed after all of that. Noticing his tired and sweaty shape, you decide to help him get dressed. It was the least you could do after the whole session. Azul opened his eyes when he felt your hands move his legs. With your panties in your hands, you lifted his legs for a bit, lifting them until they covered his crotch area and his now flat dick, making sure that both of your cums would stay inside his pants for the rest of the day. Smirking as he shivered from the cold sensation pressed against him, you proceeded to put his pants on.

After his pants were in place and his belt buckled up, you picked him up in bride-style, him snuggling close to you, and brought him to the other side of the couch. Making sure his head is comfortable against the pillows, you let your hand trail his face contemplating how beautiful he looked right now. He put his hands on top of your now completely relaxed. 

Looking at your phone’s screen you saved Azul’s picture together with the other 11 pictures you took of the boys during their birthdays.

You smiled and kissed his forehead.

Happy Birthday, Azul.

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With the gentle push you gave him in the chest, Sebek fell on his bed. Lifting himself up on his elbows, he looked at you with dazed eyes and a blush covering his cheeks. 

You felt his gaze on you while you searched his drawers looking for a specific item. You knew he was hiding it somewhere in his bedroom. It took some time, but he admitted that he liked being tied up. And who are you to refuse him, especially on his birthday? He would get the chance to be tied up and you had the chance to mess him up again. It was a win-win situation for both of you.

After some time looking in the drawers, you found the red rope you were looking for perfectly wrapped and took it out of the drawer, and went back to his bed. The few seconds you spent without blinking an eye at him must have cleared his head since his eyes cleared.

“Oi human! What are you planning to do? And why are you taking so long ?!” he asked with that loud voice of his. I don’t know if he is impatient to be tied up or is sulking from the lack of attention I gave him while searching for the rope. You sweat-dropped before your cheeks tint with a red hue. He’s just way too cute for me not to tease him!

Raising a hand to rest it on their green hair, you patted his head gently. Startled by the sudden action, Sebek looks up to find you smiling at him. “You’re so cute, Sebek.” As you continued patting his head, he adverted his eyes to the ground, his blush intensifying. His lips trembled in nervousness. The longer your hand stayed in his hair, the more comfortable and relaxed he became.

Sebek lifted his head a bit once he felt your hand leave his head, only to feel it again against his cheek. Closing his eyes, he leaned more into the warmth of your hand. You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his nose. Getting on the bed and behind him, rope in hand, “Can you put your hands behind your back?” And he did so. You start tying the rope on his body. Slowly passing over his right shoulder and over his chest, repeating the same with his left side, interlacing it into his chest and then through the back again.

“Are you okay?” you lean in close to him, making him tense up. He nodded his head, “I’m okay, you don’t need to worry about me, human.”

Picking another bit of rope, tying his wrists together, making sure it’s not too tight. With a final tightening on the rope knots, you take advantage and pull the rope gently towards you, making him fall against your chest. Blushing, he looks at you with tenderness in his eyes. To the best of his abilities, he snuggles against your chest, almost falling asleep to the sound of your heartbeat. You wrap your arms around him for a few seconds and ask him “Is it too tight?” Sebek shakes his head. You lowered your head to his neck and bit softly on his skin.

He flinches, trying to look at the mark you just left on his neck in vain. You put your hand on his shoulder and push him gently onto the mattress, making sure he doesn’t hurt himself in that position tied up, and climb on top of him. You lift one of your hands up to his face and caress it with the tips of your fingertips. You took a moment to admire how pretty he looks right now. How his cheeks warm up when he feels your eyes on him, how his cock stands up in excitement. You lie down gently on top of him, just relaxing there for a few moments.

You lean down to grope his chest and he flinches. Sebek blushes furiously, “O-Oi, h-human! What do you think you’re doing!?”

“I’m touching your chest.”

“I can see that! I’m asking why are you doing it?”

You brought your face close to his chest, sticking your tongue out, near his nipple, while your hand pinched his other nipple. Sebek let out a startled yelp as he looked at you wide-eyed, “You know?” you look into his eyes, licking his nipple with the tip of your tongue. 

“K-Know what?” he stutters “Boys can have boobs too. And you have pretty big ones.”

You keep licking his nipple, circling your tongue around it, and occasionally biting into it. Keeping your eyes on him and fondling his chest, you say “I’m jealous Sebek. Your boobs are so big. It almost feels as if milk will come out of them.”

Biting around his nipple, licking and sucking a little more, you do the same to the other one and grope the other. Trailing down, planting more kisses and bites on his stomach, hips and inner thighs.

Once you situated yourself between his legs, you grabbed them and turned him around so that he stood on his knees, face down and ass up.

Moving his head, Sebek saw you standing there unmoving, staring at his butt like a child looking at something seeming innocently for the first time.

He turned his eyes back to his pillow. How long is she going to stand there and do nothing? I want her to do something fast- 

A yelp came out of Sebek’s mouth and he quickly looked behind him seeing fresh teeth marks on one of his ass cheeks. “What do you think you’re doing human?”

“Marking you.” before he even got the time to ask why you said “Your butt looks so good so, I couldn’t help but bite it!” your fingers traced the skin around the teeth mark, feeling him flinch at the sting.

Finger coated with lube, you shove them inside his hole, making Sebek let out a shaky moan. Thrusting them inside for some time, stretching him enough for your strap.

Once he was stretched enough, you positioned the strap and pressed it until you were all the way in. Loud whimpers slip out of him as you fuck him hard, grinding down against his prostate. Both of your hands dip under his body and find his chest again. Sebek yelps at the feeling of you pinching his nipples. His cock twitches.

You lean against his ear “How cute, the ‘always proper’ Sebek being reduced to a moaning and whimpering mess. Well, that was what you wanted for your birthday, after all.”

You picked up the pace, hitting his prostate was all it took for him to come hard. Sebek could feel his cock dripping pre-cum onto the mattress.

You untied the ropes and tossed them aside. You took his head into your hands, caressing it, you brought it to your lips, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead.

Breathing becoming softer, Sebek drifted off to sleep in your hands. Carefully you lowered his head onto his pillow and stroked his hair.

Happy Birthday, Sebek.

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Vil moaned into your mouth as you kissed him. Both of you blush and drool is falling from the corners of your mouths. You pressed forward harder, licking his tongue and the inside of his mouth. Saliva connected your mouths as you pulled away. You traced your thumb over his bottom lip, smudging the lipstick more on his lips.

“How pretty!” you laughed. “Don’t laugh!” “I mean it though!”

You trail your finger down his chest, slowly tearing the buttons of his shirt open, occasionally pocking his nipple making him whimper. Hand over his mouth, Vil tried hard to conceal his moans. He was afraid that he would let out a girlish moan if he took his hand off. You were kissing his inner thighs, occasionally biting his skin. You left purple lipstick kiss marks all over his thighs. With each kiss, you caressed his thighs warmly.

The queen threw his head back in pleasure, both his hands now covering his mouth as he found it harder and harder to suppress his moans. Tears spurted from his eyes, hot against his fingers. He felt your warm mouth around his cock. Your hands grab his butt, pulling him closer to you, and then grabbed the back of his thighs. Your arms go through the back of his thighs and then settle on his knee, almost as if hugging his legs. Leaning back with one of his elbows supporting his weight, he tried to look at you as you gave small licks to his length. 

With eyes half-closed with tears, cheeks red with pleasure, he sees you sucking his dick, making sure that it stayed with lipstick marks while you fingered him with your middle finger. After a few more seconds of teasing him, you climb onto the bed, forcing Vil to lie down completely in bed, head resting on his pillows.

You lean over him, body pressed against his, you kiss each other fervently. A hand caresses his cheek, red with embarrassment. The other hand goes down between your bodies and grabs his cock and your strap, wrapping them together in your hold. Vil whimpered against your mouth as you squeezed your grip onto both dicks, rubbing them together against each other.

Pre-cum falls from his tip, lubing your hand, and you quicken your pace. The friction of both of your members rubbing together leaves him in a bigger whimpering mess than he already is.

You look at his face seeing his pleading eyes. With all the amount of pre-cum on your strap. You aligned your strap and he hugged you and brought you close to him again. He wants to be flushed against you. You push him against the pillows, kiss him, sliding the strap inside his hole. Vil trembles.

“It’s going in more smoothly than expected.” “MM…MM… he twitched.

You start moving, keeping a steady rhythm. Small moans fall out of his mouth. The harder you push into him, the harder he finds to keep his voice down and maintain his composure. You look at him. His eyes were closed, head turned to the side ad his pillow, a small puddle of drool near his mouth.

You wind your fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling a soft sound of satisfaction from his throat as you draw his lips to yours once again. His arms wrap around your back as his mouth returns the kiss with ravenous hunger and need. You tighten your fingers in his hair, and he groans. Pulling away, you lowered your head to his chest, moving his open shirt aside, and licked his nipple with the tip of your tongue.

Vil arched his back from the pleasure, pushing his nipple more into you as you wrapped it around your mouth and suckled on it. You continued to thrust into him, sucking tenderly and biting softly on his breast. One of his hands gripped the blankets tightly beside him, almost tearing them apart, and his other went to the back of your head, fingers tangled in your hair, pushing your head more into his chest, almost as afraid that you would pull back.

A particularly hard thrust and a pinch on his nipple followed by you dragging his nipple in your mouth were all that was necessary for him to come, his cum splattering between your bodies and dirtying his stomach.

You both stood in that position for a moment, coming down from your highs. A whine left his mouth as you took the strap out of him, making his hole try and clench around nothing. With whatever strength was left in his body, Vil turned to his side, lying with his head on his pillow, breathing deeply. You detach the strap from your waist and clean his stomach with some tissues you bought beforehand.

After he’s cleaned, you lie down behind him and wrap your arms around him. Vil puts his hand on top of yours close to his chest. He kisses your other hand’s wrist before letting you stroke his hair and nuzzles into the warmth of your hand, gently lulling himself into sleep.

"Happy Birthday, Vil.”

Chapter Text

You spread his hole with your thumbs and stared at it. “How cute,” you said teasingly, your finger traced around his hole before putting it inside slowly, “Don’t you think so, Ruggie?”

You try to look at the hyena’s facial expression on top of you. Ruggie sucked on your strap, coating it with saliva, face with a red hue. A small whimper left his mouth when he felt you put your finger inside him. He opened his eyes, half-lidded and focused on sucking you while you fingered him.

You take your finger out of him after a few more thrusts. Ruggie whine was muffled by your strap. You smiled as you lifted your eyes and saw his ears twitching slightly. How cute could he be? It reminded you of when you told him you had his present waiting in his room. How his fluffy ears twitched, and his little tail wagged in happiness. Once he got there, he saw a pink apron with a heart in the middle lying on his bed. He picked the apron up and held it in his hands while staring at it. You watched him with uncertainty. You meant to tease him by saying that that present was something he could use when the two of you get married. That way, he would be an adorable housewife. But he hasn’t said a word since he saw it. Maybe he didn’t like it? Maybe it was too girly for him?

“Do you dislike it?” you asked hesitantly, poking your fingers together.

“If I dislike it?” he turned around, smiling at you and tail wagging “I loved it!”

He gave a little twirl, leaning his apron close to his body, stopping in front of you to give you a view of what he would look like in the apron. “So, how do I look?”

“You look so cute! You’re the cutest thing alive!” you said, hearts on your eyes. How could you not when he was so adorable like that! You gave a silly smile and imagine Ruggie with that apron on, greeting you when you get home and saying the usual ‘Do you want dinner, a bath, or perhaps me?’ all the while his ears twitched with every word.

Ruggie’s annoyed voice and slapping of his tail softly against your face bought you back from your daydream to see him looking at you. “Oi, you stopped moving.” his tail hit you again as if telling you to hurry up and lick him again. You laughed and grabbed his tail, pulling it slightly towards you. Ruggie yelped, soon turning into a moan. He looks at you with needy eyes.

You hoist yourself to your elbows, Ruggie sliding down in between your legs, turning around to face you completely. You lean closer to each other and kiss, tongues tangled together.

The hyena climbed onto your lap and reached behind him to grab your strap, lining it into his hole and lowering himself into it. He moaned into your mouth as he felt himself being spread by you. You pulled away and he continued moaning as you ran your fingers through his hair, reaching his ears and scratched behind his ears. His eyes fluttered close and leaned into your touch.

Your other hand went to grab his hips, indicating that he could start moving. And he did it. Supporting his hands on his chest, he started to move, riding on your dick. Moans spilled out of his mouth and his ears twitched. You could feel his small tail wagging in happiness and hitting your thighs softly.

He lifted himself until only the tip was inside of him and lowered himself onto it. He kept shoving himself into you, in and out systematically. You watched him with half-lidded eyes, both of you had hearts in your eyes. He pressed his hands on your chest, gripping them carefully so as not to hurt you with his claws.

You push him down and turn him around so that he could lie down on all fours. You kept thrusting into him, never breaking the pace he set from the beginning. He lifted his head, and you took the opportunity to nuzzle into his head near his ear. A loud moan erupted from Ruggie’s mouth when he felt your teeth sinking into one of his ears, nipping his ear.

In between biting and licking his ear and pulling his tail faintly, the hyena could feel himself tightening around your dick. It was times like these that both of you wished that the strap was real so that you could feel him tighten his hole around you and he could feel you pulsing inside him and even feel your cum inside of him. Was is it too bad that he wanted you to breed him? To fill him up so that he could have your cute little hyenas? Perhaps he could try to search for a potion that could change your genitals and make that thought a reality.

“(Y-n)-n)…!! I-I’m cumming…!” and he came undone onto the mattress, ropes of cum falling from his cock and dirtying the bedsheets. You pull out of him, grabbing his waist to make sure he doesn’t just slump into the bed. 

You pull him up to you, cradling his face into your hands. You smile brightly and say “You’re so adorable, my cute wife Ruggie!” his tail wags as you shower him with compliments. You open your eyes as a sudden idea appears in your head. “Ruggie.” “Hm?” “Give me your left hand.”

He does as you said, putting his left hand on top of your extended right one. Once his hands touched yours, you suddenly pulled it closer. He gave a small surprised yelp at the sudden movement and another surprised yelp left his mouth right after as he felt you bite on his ring finger. He watched as you sucked on his finger for some seconds and then took your mouth off from around his finger. He brought it close to his eye level and gazed at it.

On his finger, there was now a hickey in the form of a ring. Ruggie stared at it in awe. Even though it was just a hickey, it almost seemed as if she just put a ring on his finger.

“Do you like it? It’s not a real ring, but it’ll do for now!”

He nuzzled his nose into yours, ears twitching in excitement and tails wagging in happiness. “Of course I like it! No, I love it! Are you going to give a real one once we graduate?”

“Of course! I promise you that I’ll ask you for your hand in marriage once we graduate, so wait a bit until that day, okay?”


“Good boy!” you pat his head and he leans closer to you, letting out a sound of satisfaction. “But you know?”

He smirked at you, lifting his left hand to you again and blushing. “I’m afraid that this ring may disappear with time, so you should put it on my finger again some other time, okay? So can you keep marking me as your future male housewife until then, please?”

You gave him a smile of your own, taking his hands in your hands and caressing it gently, “Of course!” and then you both kiss again, enjoying the thought of your future together.

Happy Birthday, Ruggie.

Chapter Text

A high-pitched moan left Epel's mouth as he tried to close his legs only to be stopped by your head in between his legs. He almost fell on top of your head if it wasn't for your hand grabbing his blazer. Poor little Epel was shaking in pleasure. How cute he looked, but-


He's squeezing my head too hard!


He was back to reality once he felt you lightly slap his thighs. He lifted his upper half back up and went back to straddle your chest and looked at you with eyes trying to focus, a thin line of drool in the corner of his mouth and cheeks set ablaze.


"W-Why did you stop?" he whimpered.


"You were squeezing my head too hard. I couldn't breathe!" you released his dick from your mouth, making him whine as the warmth of your mouth didn't envelop him anymore. "I'm s-sorry but, it was so good that I almost came." he cried out.


You smirked sarcastically at him, "What a kid! You can't even last long, is that it?"


He furrowed his eyebrows annoyed, "Who are you calling a kid ah-" he bit his lip to stop his moan midway when you bite on the head of his dick and then wrap your tongue around it. He felt your hands grabbing his waist and watched as you sucked on his already slightly red cock.


A few more sucks and bites made him throw his head back with a whine leaving his lips, followed by a sob and tears rolling down his cheeks as he spilled his seed inside your mouth. You swallowed it and smiled, looking at his breathless figure on top of you. You climb upwards, making him slide down to your lap. Small tears fell from his eyes, sliding down his ruby cheeks and falling on your legs and near your strap.


Getting up, you envelop your arms loosely around his waist and watch his tears sliding down his face as he sobs. A small smile curls up on your lips, and you bring your hand to pinch his cheek, squeezing it in between your fingers, making him complain and momentarily forget his tears that have stopped rolling down thanks to the sting he felt.


"Ouch, that hurts!" he put his hand on his cheek to try and relieve the pain on his now red skin, glaring at you, he continued, "why did you do that for?"


"Because you look really cute! That expression on your face just now was adorable!"


His brows furrowed in annoyance after that phrase left your lips. Cute? You thought he was cute? Again? In normal circumstances, it wouldn't bother him. After all, it would only make him happier. But, calling him "cute" on his birthday made him feel like he hadn't grown up as a man and was still a little boy in your eyes.


It irritated him a lot.


"'Cute' is it?" he asked, his bangs covering his eyes.


"Yes, you-"


You felt your back hit the floor, your eyes open in shock at Epel's sudden action. You kept looking at him in shock, your brain still trying to process what just happened to do. His sudden grip on the back of your knees brought you back from your surprising state to see him pushing your knees close to your face. 


He gave you a smirk, that country boy smug expression on his face. Only then did you understand what he was trying to do with you. He straddled you, hands still holding your legs, positioning the tip just a shove away from his entrance. And in one swift movement, he pushed himself down, impaling himself on your plastic dick. 


You gasped at the sight. It seems that you calling him 'cute' on his birthday instead of 'man' angered him quite a bit. You laughed in your mind.  How precious.  Your half-lidded eyes studied him, engraving in your mind every detail of this situation. 


How his cute, now red-colored cock twitched at the feeling of suddenly being spread open. How the corner of his mouth slightly trembled in ecstasy. If it weren't for the slight body trembles and ruby red cheeks, one would think he was the one in control. But he wasn't. Since it was his birthday you're going to let him be on top like this, doing the amazon position with you on top.


Not wanting to waste any more time, he pushed himself into you, staring at your expression under him.


"W-What do you think n-now? D-Do I s-still look like a cute l-l-little boy to you?"


Yes  "I guess you're becoming more like a man." you smirk. If it wasn't for the stuttering in his voice you would maybe take him a little more seriously.  Maybe.


He continued thrusting himself into the strap, smirking smugly and head occasionally thrown back with a loud moan in euphoria.

Delightful. He truly looked delicious like that. It almost made you grab his hips and thrust back into him, but you decided against it, opting for just resting your hands on his waist. Your touch making him more excited and pushing up and down even harder and quicker. You just stared at him with a smile and your cheeks pinkish.


More thrusts and he closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth, smirk still present. Electricity web through his body as he felt the strap hit that little spot inside him. He was close to his orgasm. His hole clenched the strap so tightly that he was having a bit of difficulty moving. But he didn't want to stop. He couldn't stop! Not now that he was so close to his climax. And with that, he thrust himself a couple more times, and he could feel himself coming. Eyes open, red cheeks and teeth clenched into a smirk. His cum spurting out of his cock and up to his face, dirtying it full of cum along with his chest and a bit of your stomach.


Still smirking at you, he took deep breaths of air, coming down from his high. You finally lean up, took a tissue from near you, and brought it to his face to clean a bit of the white pearl liquid off his face. Cleaning a small spot near his eye, you proceeded to lick his face, slowly dragging your tongue across his face cleaning him.


"So? Do I look like a man to you now?" he asked. Dazed eyes, drool falling from the corner of his mouth. His tongue collects a bit of cum near his mouth and shows it to you. You patted the side of his hair.


"You always looked like a man to me." And you kiss him, tangled his tongue with yours, and push the cum into his mouth, both of you smirking.


" Happy Birthday, Epel. "

Chapter Text

It was his birthday, his special day. He knew that, of course, he knew that, but he couldn't wish for anything better.


When you asked him what kind of present he would like, he said, "the only gift I want and could ever wish for is to serve you." You liked to have him serve you, he liked serving you so much he even asked for it as his gift. It was a win-win situation, right? Of course, it was!


Sitting on the side of his bed, you watch his kneeling figure in front of you, him placing a delicate kiss on your foot. "It was a symbol of loyalty," he said. Running your finger through his hair as he trails his kisses up slowly. He lightly presses a kiss on your knee, quickly pressing another one right after that. He lingered on that spot continuing to kiss your knee. You cradle his head affectionately, bringing it close to your stomach, leaning down to lightly embrace it fondly.


Your foot touched his cock, your toes touch his head, playing with the pre-cum oozing out of it. His eyes twitch and open slightly, a red shade forming on his face. With each stroke you did with your foot on his dick, he planted another smooch on your knee. More and more pre-cum leaked out of his dick. 


At some point, he moved his head, now squished in between your legs, as your foot continued to stroke his dick spreading more pre-cum while your other leg wrapped around his head tightly. He licked your insides with his tongue, matching your rhythm with his. He came, eyes twitching open and tongue stopping momentarily from licking. He directed his eyes to his still leaking cock, watching as his cum made a small puddle on the carpet and how your foot was covered with his seed. You took deep breaths of air. You hummed once you felt him lift your foot in his hand and watched with slightly open eyes him licking his cum off of your foot.


He looks at you with hearts in his eyes. You put your index finger under his chin, tilting it up and looking deeply into his aurora-like eyes with love and adoration. Your finger lifted his chin higher, causing him to rise from the floor and onto the bed, urging him to sit down. You kissed him and he kissed back needly, letting your tongue lick every part of the inside of his mouth. And in one stiff move, you sank down on his cock. He whimpered against your lips.


Pulling away, a string of saliva followed your tongue. You leaned on his shoulder and Silver leaned on your's, quick breaths falling on the skin of your neck. He bites into your skin, carefully not to pierce your skin as he tries to contain his moans that grow louder and louder by the minute as he thrusts into you. The wet sounds of your hips slapping echoed in the bedroom. He almost moans out loud at the feeling of your hand tangled in his silver locks and pull his head back a bit from your shoulder. He felt a smooth sensation on his lips, seeing your right-hand finger poking his lips. He understood what you wanted him to do, and so he opened his mouth letting your fingers inside and licking and sucking them thoroughly. How adorable. He looked like a baby suckling on his thumbs and drool coating your fingers and dripping from his mouth to your shoulder.


You dig your knees into the mattress, thrusting him deeper inside you and forcing him to lean back a little. Your fingers held his hand on the mattress as he continued to whine into your fingers. All of a sudden, he accidentally bites your fingers, making you wince in pain. You watched his expression of pure bliss as he came undone inside you. You watched fondly as he stopped biting your fingers, a very small pearl of blood starting to appear on them, and threw his head back letting his moan fall out of his throat.


After he came down from his high, he slumped down, letting his body fall into the mattress and his head falls from the end of the bed, taking deep breaths. You moved forward, his cock still stuffed inside you, the back of your hand caressing his face in a slow-motion as he leaned towards it and his breathing slowed down as he slowly drifted off into sleep.


" Happy Birthday, Silver. "

Chapter Text

Slow and steady, Deuce’s breathing becomes even, his closed eyes trembling. One of his hands sits on your shoulder. Slowly, he sinks down, taking your middle finger inside with a delightful moan. The wet sound of your finger spreading his hole open, turning him on, even more, his cock twitching. Taking in the sensation of your finger inside he started moving, your finger spreading him, making him shudder. His other hand flying to his mouth as he bit in one of his fingers to conceal some of his loud moans from escaping, instead only small whimpers escaping.


You keep your eyes on him, observing each twitch, each gasp, each whimper. The way his half-lidded eyes tried to look at your finger on his butt but finding only his hard cock in his line of vision. Precum oozing out of it, trailing a line down to the base of his cock. Head drowning in pleasure, he quickened his pace onto your finger, his dick slapping against his tummy with the fast rhythm.


His sounds were starting to get too loud to hide, and you pulled his hand away so he wouldn't continue to bite with the risk of breaking his skin and bleeding. Lifting his chin with your fingers, you make him look into your eyes. His eyes have little tears streaming from the corners of his eyes. Eyes dazed with pleasure, drool dripping from the corner of his mouth made clear of a mess he was.


With each push on your finger, he immersed himself more in the pleasure that you presented him. His moans started to get louder, he didn't care who listened, as he was so focused on your actions. As if hypnotized, his hand moved to grab onto your wrist, pushing your finger as deeper as it could go inside him, shuddering in delight as hit his prostate. Matching his movements with his hips, he whimpered in bliss.


Leaning your head forward, you wrap his nipple in your mouth, nipping slightly, triggering a louder groan from him. Your tongue licks the pink bud, sometimes poking it with the tip of your tongue.


Sucking on her nipples, pulling close to her orgasm. Both parts of his body being stimulated, his brain couldn't think straight, now focused on reaching his orgasm. With a last groan, white came out of his dick, dirtying your chest and the blankets between you two. Whimpers escaped through his gritted teeth as he spurted more cum.


When he finally came back from his high, taking a deep breath he finally realized how loud he moaned and how needy he must have seemed to your eyes. He shoved his head on your shoulder, cheeks burning with embarrassment, smoke almost coming out of his ears from how flustered he was. You chuckled, bringing your hand to tenderly rest it on his navy blue locks and running your fingers gently on his scalp. He leaned more into you, still a bit flustered but a bit more relaxed, and embraced his arms around your shoulders softly. He nuzzled his head into your neck, the scent of your hair calming him a bit and little by little making him fall asleep with soft breaths leaving his parted lips.


" Happy Birthday, Deuce. "


Chapter Text

Kalim's whimpering voice could be heard throughout his room. He lowered himself down on your strap slowly, taking you inside him inch by inch. His whines got louder once you were fully inside him, filling him up nicely.


You traced your fingers along the golden chain connecting each nipple clamp perfectly. You trailed along the middle and up to the clamp, tracing the small jewels embroidered on it. You tugged on the clamp lightly, eliciting a moan out of him as he throws his head back. You hook your finger under the chain and pull it towards yourself, making him open his eyes and stare directly at your own. His face felt hot. His head filled with delight and anticipation of when you would move your hips against his own.


As if reading his mind, you complied to his silent wishes, shifting your hips at an agonizingly slow pace. The poor thing was a pool of tears. More tears and moans slipped out as you pulled on the chain, taking the clamps off of his red, swollen, and perked-up nipples. You pocked them, Kalim whining from sensitivity.


"N-Nee..." you arched your eyebrow at him. "C-Can you m-move, please..." he pleaded with a shaking voice. Teary eyes locking into yours. Lips quivering ever so lightly. How could you resist him when he looked that adorable?


Grabbing his butt cheeks, you lifted him and brought him down at a fast pace. He leaned close to you and wrapped his arms around you in a tight embrace, bringing your bodies close to each other. His hot breath tickled your ear as he moaned into it, and his eyelashes rubbed against your cheek. He shuddered when he felt your lips leaving kisses on his neck, followed by the feeling of your teeth biting his skin, carefully enough not to pierce through his skin. Cries leave his lips as he clings harder onto you, and his moves give the impression of desperation to cum as his thrusts grow more frantic. In a matter of seconds, Kalim cums, and his seed splashes in between your bodies. The sticky substance glues Kalim's naked body to the shirt you're wearing. You keep holding on to his legs, based on the warm temperature of your bodies, and slowly your breathing returns to normal. He leans back and looks into your eyes with half-closed eyes. You place your hand under his chin, your thumb running over his lower lip, wiping the drool off his lips.


With eyes now focused, he gazed at you with happiness, his joyful persona coming back, and he beamed at you, throwing his arms around your shoulders and kissing your cheeks many times. He looked like a puppy happy to see his owner after a long time. He nuzzled your cheek as you laughed and caressed the back of his head as you would do to a dog.


" Happy Birthday, Kalim. "

Chapter Text

"You don't want me to peg you?" that surprised you. For as long as you remember, Leona loved it when you fucked him in the ass. You were sure he would like to be fucked senseless on his birthday. It caught you by surprise when he said he didn't want to be pegged on his anniversary.


Leona was leaning on his elbows, his ass wiggled up, and he looked at you over his shoulder, his tail swinging side to side. "You heard me, herbivore." you felt the tuff of fur of his tail hit softly on your cheek as his tail was waging, hitting you on each side of your face as if to say 'think about something already, I don't have all day.' "Think about another thing. Preferably, one that doesn't require much work."


You could already feel an irk mark appearing on your head. You sighed. Your nose twitched as his fur tickled your skin. Suddenly, you grabbed his tail with an iron grip on it, making Leona yelp and look at you surprised with widening eyes. Angry, you pulled his tail a few more times with a little more force, making him grip the bed blankets with his claws. You smiled devilishly and laughed in your mind.


He lifted his head and looked at you, eyes with a little irritation in them. You looked at him, grinning. An idea popped into your mind. Carefully, you brought his tail up to his mouth and bit his tail. A yelp came out of the lion's mouth. Whether it was a surprise or pleasure, you don't know. Maybe both. Leona sank deeper into the bed, losing almost all strength in the elbows that supported him. You both knew his tail was sensitive, and you biting it would give Leona a rush of pleasure.


Your eyes lowered to his cock, seeing him twitch with each passing second. Poor thing. He desperately wants you to do something, doesn't he? How could you refuse when he looked at you with those eyes that silently asked you to do something.


You let go of his tail and grabbed his shoulder, turning him towards you. His eyes were half-closed, filled with adoration. You led him to lie down on the bed, caressed him behind his ears, and swore you could hear a purr. How adorable!


But the purr was quickly stopped when you pushed your legs up either side of his face. Green eyes widen at the realization of what you were about to do.


He lifted his gaze, locking it into yours, full of mischief. You sank into his cock, and his back arched from the new angle and from how deep he could reach inside you. Slowly, you moved up and down, riding his dick. Leona gritted his teeth, sweat coated his skin, moans threatening to leave his lips. He had his eyes closed. He gripped the sheets with his claws, tearing them in the process.


Your lips curled into a trembling smile as you watched each of his expressions, each ear twist of his. He was close. You could see the way his nose twitched, and his ear flickered. And true to your observation, he came as you tightened around him, reaching your orgasm.


A small sound of a moan came out of his mouth, almost inaudible. You stood still for a couple of seconds before lifting yourself from him and placing his legs gently on the bed.


He placed his arm over his eyes and took deep breaths. You lay down, kissed him, and put one of your hands on the back of his head and led him gently to his collarbone and with the other hand stroked his hair, uncoiling knots in his hair and moving up until he reached the back of his ears and scratching behind them. You felt the warmth of his arms enveloping you as he nuzzles into your warmth.


" Happy Birthday, Leona. "

Chapter Text

Perfectly colored pastries on top of the table and red roses adorned vases near you. Carefully, you took one of them out of the vase and brought it under your nose, smelling the pleasant smell emanating from the flower.


On your lap was Riddle himself, a bright red coloring his cheeks. With you distracted with the flower's perfume, he knew what you wanted him to do. Prior you two had been kissing with you teasing his nipples restlessly. Those actions alone were enough to make him hard and dripping precum from his dick. Dirtying his underwear and pants, a wet spot appearing.


His delicate hand spread one of his buttcheeks, taking your strap inside him slowly. You open your eyes briefly to see your fake dick disappearing inside him, making you smirk. He soon started pulling out slowly and shoving it back inside of him hard.


Your arms circle around his chest, your right hand resting on his left shoulder while your left hand hugged the underside of his chest. All the while holding the rose. His arms gripped your forearms gently.


Riddle moved his waist up and down in a steady rhythm, feeling your strap going deeper into his puckered hole and hitting his prostate deliciously.


In your hand, there was a rose, and you were moving it over his body, the red petals of the rose caressed his skin giving shivers through his body, the cold sensation contrasting with the warm heat of his body.


Soft moans and whines escaped his gritted teeth as he leaned back. His back perfectly leaning against your chest and just moving away when his back arched as he came hard, his head threw back onto your shoulder as he felt you put the rose behind his ear.


He slowly opened his eyes to see the mess he made on the table. Cum was still dripping from his dick onto the floor. He shuddered at the feeling of your strip leaving his hole.


Carefully you moved it so that you could hug it from the side, being careful not to crush the rose. Despite being tired, he sketched a small smile and threw his arm around your neck, and joined his cheek with his like a puppy asking for affection from its owner.


"You are so cute and adorable, Riddle!"


He pouted obviously, not very fond of being called 'cute' and 'lovely' but when you call him like that, he can't be upset for long and with a little giggle he pressed a kiss to your cheek making you laugh too and hugs it with more force.


'How adorable!'


" Happy Birthday, Riddle. "

Chapter Text

"Do you trust me?" he asked, staring deeply into your eyes. If you trusted him? Perhaps, after the Scarabia incident, you didn't know if you could trust him 120%. But he wouldn't do anything to harm you, right? Maybe you could trust him at least 100%. So with your mindset, you nodded your head.


"Yes, I trust you." you could see the relaxation in his eyes, and his tense shoulders are now relaxing forward. He let out a sigh he didn't know he was holding. He wasn't sure if you would accept what he would propose for his birthday present, but now that you agreed, all of his concerns were gone. You wouldn't need to worry at all! He made a mental promise not to hurt you, and he would keep it!


He took your hand in his and held it in the middle of you two. "Just look into my eyes. Don't worry. I won't hurt you," he promised as he placed his hands on your shoulders, "the one you see before you is your master. Answer when spoken to, lower your head when ordered.  [Snake Whisper] ."


Once again, you felt under his spell. Using his unique magic and bewitching you, and your eyes turned red. Your eyes turned red. You were now under his control. Jamil looked at you with his eyes widening and a blush tainting his face.


"Finally, I did it! Now listen closely to your master's orders alright, (Y/n)?"


"... Yes, master."


"You'll do everything I tell you too, right?"




"Then you won't be able to deny my wish! Hear closely (Y/n) what I want for my birthday is you to control me!"


It seems that what Jamil desired was a (Y/n) with a little rougher in her. You were always so kind to him, not that he minded, of course! You were probably one of the best things that ever happened to him. But there was that small want inside him that needed to be fulfilled. The need for you to be harsh for even a second. He trusts you, and it means so much to him that you have that much faith in him.


You sit on the floor and lean against the many pillows laid there. Your head propped up on your hand, your hawk-like eyes watching Scarabia's Vice Dorm Leader licking your feet and giving kisses to them plus with his hot red cheeks and dazzled eyes were a clear sign of adoration.


His mind was so fuzzy that he almost forgot the buzzing sound coming from his rear, the numerous vibrators vibrating inside him.


"How much longer are you going to do that?"


Jamil whined as you yanked the leash around his neck, pulling away from your feet and closer to your hips. He opened his mouth, drool falling onto your plastic dick. He was about to envelop you inside his mouth, but your tight grip on the cord stopped him, and he soon understood what you wanted. 


He reached behind him, fingers gripping the vibrator's wires and pulling them out. A little yelp escaped his mouth at the sensation his hole twitched, missing the feeling of being full.


Whining, he climbed on top of you and aligned himself onto your strap. Impatient that only your head was inside his hole, you grabbed his waist and forcibly pushed it down, shoving yourself in. A pleasured moan escaped his lips, his head thrown back, and his back arched at the feeling of you tearing his insides and hitting his prostate altogether. You stare blankly at him.


Without waiting for him to adjust to you, you lifted his hips and thrust into him, watching as his entrance sucked the strap perfectly. He shivered under your intense gaze. You continuously shove your strap harshly, making him feel like electricity was spreading through his body. His cock bounced, causing pre-cum to stain your abdomen.


With a final strong and deep thurst, Jamil came thick ropes of seed shooting, hitting his face slightly. Your firm gaze embarrassed him further.


Grabbing his long locks of hair and tugging them hardly, bringing him close to the cum stains on your skin. "Clean up your mess, Jamil. You can do that at least, can't you?"


Whimpering, he put out his tongue and shakily licked off the stains off your body. After he licked off the last spot, he leaned close to you and placed his head on your bosom. It was when he felt your hand at the back of his head that he remembered that he had to stop  [Snake Whisper]'s  effect on you.


"?" you blinked to see that you were laying down on the pilows with Jamil laying on top of you, holding you close to him. "Huh? Jamil, what happened? What about the present you wanted?"


"Don't worry. I think I had the best birthday present ever." he said sleepily. Seeing his peaceful form, you smiled and stroked his hair. "I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm glad that you're happy!"


" Happy Birthday, Jamil."


Chapter Text

"A-Are you sure about that?" he asked with a twitching smirk despite his trembling voice.


"You're the one who asked for this, so stop bitching around."


He shuddered when he felt the touch of your fingertips on his cock, it twitching in response.


Sweat cascaded down his face in anticipation. He almost couldn't sit still as he waited for you to push the rod into his cock. With a firm grip, you grabbed the base of his manhood as a warning for him to keep still for a moment. His breath quickened in a fraction of a second. 


You caressed his leg gently with your thumbs and took the sounding rod from the gif box you previously gave to the birthday boy. You aligned the metal stick with the head of his cock and slowly pressed it down.


He shuddered at the sensation and chewed on his lower lip as an excited smile made its way to the corner of his mouth. You slide the rod further inside of him, the pressure drawing a loud and strangled moan out of him. When it was nearly all of it inside him, you moved your index finger and your thumb making the rod twirl inside him causing further stimulation to run through his body. 


He abruptly trowed his head back, letting out a resounding cry from his cherry lips. Ace closed his eyes, and tears flowed down his cheeks. Hands gripped tightly the ruby red tablecloth underneath him. He tried to close his legs, but your presence between them enabled him. The feeling of the rod inside him, making him full, and stopping him from cumming was both pleasant and painful.


He was sensitive all over, yet he didn't want it to stop. Every time you twisted the rod his head would sway to the sides, and his body squirm. His eyes snapped open when he felt you press the trap on his entrance and pushed it in all the way.


Now he was full on both ends. And genuinely, he wouldn't wish it any other way. You pound into him while tapping the metal stick, making it go deeper bit by bit enabling him to cum. He could feel his side inside, begging to be released.


Sweat glued his hair to his skin as his body rocked forward and back in a consecutive rhythm alongside yours with ecstasy. A content smile splattered itself on his face, and a red blush bloomed on his face matching the heart on his eye. Your face shouldn't be that different from his.


Seeing him nibbling his lip, you decided to finally grant his silent wish. Grabbing the rod first, lifting it slowly, and watching him squirm you then took it out swiftly. As soon as it was out, together with you hitting his prostate hard, a jar of white erupted from his dick, dirtying his stomach.


He was breathing deeply and slowly with a smile on his face and his arm resting over his eyes. Taking the strap out and unbuckling from your hips, you put a strand of your gorgeous hair behind your ear and lean forward and when he takes his arm away from his face as he feels you approaching, you press a tender kiss just under his eyes which instantly closed.


" Happy Birthday, Ace. "

Chapter Text

"Are you sure about this?" came the wolf's unsure voice as he lifted his head to look at your back as you straddle his waist. "Don't worry about it! I know what I'm doing. Just sit back and enjoy!" came your cheerful voice.


Jack visibly relaxed with your words, sinking slightly more into the sheets but still keeping his head up to peer at you. You told him to bend his legs for you to lean into when you felt like it and also to prevent him from closing his legs and trapping you in between them. None of you would like you to be crushed like that. He, on the other hand, wouldn't mind being crushed between your legs (but that you would do that next time).


Picking the gauze tissue on his side, you dip it carefully into the bowl full of liquid. You hover the gauze above his dick and grinned mischievously, as you imagined his reaction once it made contact with him.


Without waiting for another second, you pressed it down firmly onto his cock. He yelped at the feeling it caused upon him. He wriggled and twisted his body, his feet lifted slightly from the mattress, and his sharp claws clenched the bedsheets, threatening to tear them if he gripped them with too much strength.


His head twitched to the side, and his eyes were closed tightly. Without turning around to look at his expression, you continued to apply pressure, occasionally applying more on the right side, then switching to the left side. Almost like you're shining a shoe.


Quivering, the wolf struggled where to place his shaking hands without scratching you accidentally with his claws. A few more twitches and he decided to finally decide to put his hands onto your shoulders praying that he would not hurt you.


Your shoulders perked up when you felt his hands on your shoulders. Poor thing, the pleasure must be too much for him to take. "Wait for a little bit more~"


Grinning happily, you take the gauze off of his cock, snickering at the red swollen tip that managed to ooze a small drop of cum from the small opening. Jack's eyes fluttered open. "W-What are you doing now?..."


His only response was your lightly chuckling as you picked an unknown object that was a little further away from the others. He tried to see, but your hair blocked his view. 


When you had the object grasped in your hand, you turn your upper body to look at him devilishly. "This time, we'll be using this!" You showed them what the mysterious thing was. Eyes widen at the onahole on your hand. It was pinkish and somewhat transparent in the middle. Turning around, you grabbed his swelled dick and aligned the onahole before pushing it down, squeezing him hard.


The new and unexpected sensation caused him to throw his head back and close his eyes tightly. His sharp nails were threatening to break through your skin but you paid it no mind. You were too focused on the sight of his dick plunged into the onahole. Since it was transparent in the middle, you were able to see every twitch his dick gave and how cum dripped down his staff. Your hand was getting sticky too. You could feel it too. His dick was jerking uncontrollably in your hand, and his grip on you was getting tighter. Well, perhaps you should let him go for now, shouldn't you?


And with that, you tighten your grasp onto it, and with a groan from the wolf, cum shot out of his tip and moved it to it would white would splatter in the mattress between his legs.


Falling onto his back, Jack let out a couple of deep breathes but his eyes snap open when felt you turning around still on top of him. You gave a sly grin and took off your underwear without taking your eyes off of his.


"You weren't expecting this to be over so soon, were you?~"


He could only gulp excitedly as his tail wagged beneath him, and you sank onto his staff, decided to make him cum again and again.


" Happy Birthday, Jack. "

Chapter Text

Trey walked towards your room. After you told him you would give him his birthday present when he arrived at your room in Ramshakle Dorm. And so that's what he did.


When he entered the Dorm, he noticed that neither the ghosts nor Grim were there. It looked like probably the only person who would be inside was you. Now all I was talking about was crossing the hall and knocking on your bedroom door.


Standing in front of the door of said room, Trey gently knocked three times on the door. A few seconds later, he heard footsteps echoing and approaching the door. The handle turned, and the door opened, revealing you in your school uniform dressed except for the coat.


With a smile, you said. "Hi, Trey. I'm happy that you arrived. Please enter!" you walked away to let him in. When he walked in, his eyes widened as you closed the bedroom door.


Sitting on the bed, you were looking at him with a curious little smile.


Surprised, he looked back to see you still at the door with a smile on your face. Then he looked again at the you who was on the bed. There were two of you in the room. His eyes weren't playing tricks on him. 


"(Y-Y/N), what are you planning to do?" he asked with a drop of sweat falling down his face as he gulped in hopes that his amusement and excitement weren't very noticeable. Both of you approached him, you#1 putting your hands on his shoulders and you blew in his ear making him shiver. You #2 hugged his waist, bringing their faces closer. The red on his face darkened, and his glasses went down a little. The corners of his mouth twitch.


"Well, what do you think I'm planning?" to you behind him spoke.


"As you can see, I plan on giving you twice the fun on your birthday. If you don't mind, of course."


"Of course, I don't mind. After all, you did it thinking of me, right? If it's a gift from you, I'll always accept it."


That was all the confirmation the two of you needed before you jumped into bed, your straps tied around your waist and your skirts discarded on the floor. Trey was sitting on your#2 thighs, the strap deep inside him. Holding him gently, you#2 moved inside him while you#1 kissed him fervently, occasionally pulling apart for breath but quickly resealing them.


While his prostate was being constantly hit by the strap, his front was being wrapped in pleasure. You wrap your tongue around his as you tighten around him and move up and down at a swift pace. You#2 sucked his neck and played with one of his nipples.


He could feel himself cumming, but before he could, you lifted yourself off of him and quickly strapped the fake dick and harness around your hips. Helping the position so he wouldn't hurt himself and guided his mouth to your strap and made him suck it, his mouth working rhythmically to the pace that you#2 was going.


"Nee Trey, go slowly otherwise you'll choke. But be sure to take everything in so you can take this one too. Though I doubt you'll need anymore stretching," you locked eyes with your clone "after all, you're already taking "my" second strap completely."


Both of you laughed. A gagged sound came from below you, Trey wanted to laugh too but couldn't with his mouth full. He felt himself close again, but once again, you denied him. You#2 took the strap out of him making his hole clench around nothing as if begging to be fille dup again. Fortunately, you weren't going to leave him empty for long.


He let his back hit the soft fabric of the couch. You rested your palms against his hips and bring him towards your strap and insert yourself in one go. Wet sounds followed each of your movements against each other. 


You smirked. Of course, your clone knew exactly what to do to stretch him nicely. Now you just needed to make him cum. 


You lean down and take his nipple into your mouth and bit and suck living light bite marks around it. Your clone tilted his head to the side and kissed him, swallowing down his moans. He grabbed the back of your clone's head as if to prevent any retraction movements.


With one final hard push, he was cumming against his stomach, and his moans gulped up by the clone's mouth. You#2 let go of his lips as he let out a blissful breath with closed eyes. He only opened them again when he felt your hand caressing his face.


"You like happy right now," you said with a small.


Still taking deep breathes, he stared at you with flushed cheeks, "You gave the best present I could ask for. Of course, I'm happy. But I have a question. Where is the second you?"


When he looked to his side, he didn't see the other you there. "Oh, I searched in the library how to make a clone of myself. It said the clone would disappear once it fulfilled the purpose it was created to do."


Gently guiding his face in your direction, you kissed his lips tenderly.


" Happy Birthday, Trey. "

Chapter Text

"This is what you want for your birthday?" 


Floyd rested his head against your chest and Jade laid his own on your lap, both of them smiling. Hugging you tighter, Floyd answered, "That's right shrimp-chan!"


You placed your hands on their heads, running them through their turquoise locks. Your mind wondered. Laying on your lap and chest. Was that the only thing they wanted? They could do this any other day. Why did they want this as their birthday present?


You looked at the side contemplating when Floyd's voice pushed you out of your thoughts. "Ne ne shrimp-chan did you try the cake yet?" he raised his head to stare right into your eyes with a smile gracing his face.


"Eh? No, I haven't."


"You don't need to worry about that (Y/n)-san." this time Jade spoke. He too lifted his head from your lap and raised to his feet. He went to the table that contained the cake, cut a slice, and placed it on a plate accompanied by a fork. He then returned to you and his twin brother.


Sitting beside him, he carefully cut out a small piece of the slice, stabbed it with a fork, and brought it to your lips. You felt the fluffy texture of the cake against his lips and then decided to open your mouth and let him feed you.


You tasted the cake in his mouth. It had a certain weird flavor but other than that it tasted like a normal cake. The twins looked at you with anticipation, sly smiles on their faces, and their yellow eyes sparkled.


You noticed the look they gave you. Swallowing the food in your mouth you started, "What's-" but was interrupted by a sudden pain in your stomach. Scared, you put your hands on his face, held back in pain. That pain soon moved from her stomach to his groin. It was like something was growing but you still didn't know what.


Lifting your gaze to look at the two guys in front of you you noticed they were looking at you with excitement, cheeks flushed red.


"What did you guys do?"


"Don't worry (Y/n)-san," Jade said "There's nothing wrong. This pain will go away quickly."


And she stopped. But you still felt weird. Suddenly you saw her skirt lifting a little. You looked incredulous. Could it be that?


You pulled your skirt aside quickly and confirmed his thought. You had a dick in your crotch. But how?


"What did you guys do?" when you looked at them again, they had come closer and you could see hearts in their pupils.


"Look Jade it worked!"


"Yes, I can see that Floyd."


You were getting more and more angry and confused. "Explain what happened to me!"


"We're sorry (Y/n)-san. We wanted a special kind of gift. And in a way, we also wanted to surprise you."


Well, they did it!


"That's right shrimp-chan! We wanted to surprise you so what do you think?" 


This was indeed a surprise to you. But you weren't about to let this opportunity pass. A smile cracked on your face, and that seemed to be the answer they were hoping for as their heart pupil seemed to grow.


On their knees in front of you, they both pulled their tongues out and wrapped them around your cock.


Their long wet muscles swirled around, like when they wanted to hug you in their eel form. When one was below, the other licked above. The sharp tip of the tongue licked a bit of precum that was coming out of your cock as if it wanted to enter.


You patted their heads, a silent sign that they were doing well and could continue. "Doesn't it smell weird?"


"It doesn't !" "Of course not." They stopped momentarily to answer and then resumed coating your member with saliva.


It looked like they had decided beforehand who would go first, you thought. Floyd sat on your cock and his expression felt like he was feeling the most pleasurable sensation ever, rivaled only by your strap. His blush increased, his tongue came out more, drool ran from the corner of his mouth, and a dazed look was expressed on his face.


It was a very distant feeling from what you were used to. Now you could feel him perfectly tightening around your now real cock. And it didn't take long for you to feel yourself reaching his prostate making him moan with pleasure. Your skin was pink from hearing the sounds that escaped his lips. If he made this kind of sound with just the motion then you couldn't wait to hear the sound he was going to make when you got inside him.


As he moved up and down, Jade sucked on your nipple and his other hand lightly touched his other breast. One of your hands rested on the waist of the bouncing twin on your lap and your other hand rubbed the hair on the back of his head.


A while later, you squeezed his hair tightly in your hand and a moan through clenched teeth, causing Jade to moan around your nipple.


Floyd let out a moan and threw his head up, eyes focused on the ceiling and eyes widening as he felt your cum invade his insides. His own cum dirtying his belly.


He kept you buried inside him until you just finished cumming. When it finished flowing inside, he lifted his hips feeling your cum ooze out of his hole. He almost went back to take you inside him again but remembered that his twin still had his turn.


They switched places, with Floyd now sucking and licking your other nipple while Jade rode your cock.


Your eyes stared into theirs that looked at you with desire and need. The only thing that worried you was whether your stamina could handle theirs. They looked like they could handle several rounds. You just prayed mentally that they would get tired after each one had their turn and that they would decide to stop there. If they wanted another round with your "real" dick, they would have to wait another time.


With a few movements up and down, repeatedly touching his prostate, you felt yourself coming again, painting his insides white, just like his brother.


"Please tell me the effects of the potion have already faded..." you mumbled to yourself, the twins snuggling into either side of you, pressing small kisses to your cheeks adoringly.


You let out a low laugh, your fingers tangling in the boys' hair gently stroking them.


"Shrimp-chan can we do this again?"


"That sounds like a good idea Floyd."


"Not today! Another day!"


" Happy Birthday, Jade and Floyd. "

Chapter Text

A predator looking at her prey.

That’s at it felt like to him. The way you watched his every move was like a hawk staring at her victim as he sucked on her dick. It seems that the potion the twins used on you still proves its effectiveness. Since the feeling of last time was very pleasing you decided to continue using the potion more often.

When the hunter’s eyes fell on your crotch, he immediately fell to his knees in front of your groin, looking at it loveling. He took your skirt and underwear without taking his eyes off of your groin, and you could swear you saw literal hearts in his eyes.

Sticking his tongue out, he licked your head and proceeded to wrap his mouth around your cock and sucked on it as if it was the most exquisite thing he had ever had in his life.

You looked at him fondly with a blush adorning your cheeks feeling your body’s temperature rising while he put a lock of hair behind his ear. 

Suddenly, your eyes closed tightly and your hands went to his head and grasped his hair in your fingers as a signal that you were close. Rook moaned at the sensation, the sound vibrating in your cock but he didn’t stop sucking, instead going faster. With your grip tightening, you cummed, dirtying white his mouth insides.

He didn’t let go of your thighs nor did he take his mouth off his cock until all the cum was inside his mouths and then he swallowed every last drop of the milky substance.

He looked up at you, his gaze held nothing more than neediness affection. You placed one of your hands on his checks, your thumb tracing his lower lip and wiping away some of the cum that had been left behind. Not wanting to waste any drop of it, he opened his mouth and let your thumb fall inside before letting his tongue lick your finger clean, taking the opportunity to suck it as he looked at you, making sure he was looking into your eyes. You took deep breaths. This man was beautiful no matter what situation he was in. Even if he was the prey around you.

You felt your back hit the bed. Rook pushed you softly against the sheets and got on top of you. His fingers reached out to his needy hole, widening it nicely to take your dick. He shuddered. How pleasant would it feel?

He took a hold of you, and very slowly as to enjoy each bit that inside him, he lowered himself on your cock. A delightful sound escaped his mouth once you were all the way inside him. Palms resting against your shoulders and yours resting on the back of his tighs, he started moving, savoring the sensation of your stretching his insides more than usual.

Both of you shuddered in pleasure and you bit your lip. Getting a real dick made everything more erotic somehow.

Despite not being particularly loud, his moans echoed in his bedroom, making you twice as aroused as you were a few seconds ago. So you turned him around, Rook now laying on his back, and looked at you surprised. You were still deep inside of him.

“You look really cute, you know?” you caressed his face gently with a smile. He rubbed his cheek against your hand smiling. His eyes snapped open when you started moving again. He was about to let out a gasp when you put two fingers inside of his mouth and leaned down to blow hot air into his ear, making him shiver. His moans were silenced by your fingers, and drool ran down his mouth and coated your fingers.

“When you were waiting for me, you did the same thing. You put your fingers in your mouth to hide your moans while you fingered yourself.”

His eyes widened more if possible. You saw him while he pleasured himself. He was so immersed in pleasure and thoughts of you that he didn’t even notice. A moan was muffled, this time in embarrassment.

“Honestly, the sight was so cute that I had to resist the urge to jump on you and do you right on top of the table. If the potion had taken effect sooner, I would have.”

The physical pleasure he was feeling plus your words that stirred up fantasies inside his head made him cry out and cum, smearing white on your stomachs as you came inside him. You can feel a trickle of cum coming out of his hole and running down your leg.

Withdrawing your fingers from inside him, you put your hand on his hair, pulling him closer to press a loving kiss against his flushed cheek.

He snuggled close to you, arm going around you to press you closer to him. He had a delightful smile on his face, but your mocking words made him redder than he already was.

“Next time, shall we play tag in the forest with this potion?”

Well, he couldn’t deny that a game of hunter and prey was a bad idea, especially when you were the hunter and he was the prey. He tried to close his legs as he was starting to get hard just for imagining that scenario. After all, the result would always be the same. You fucking him or, if he was lucky, him fucking himself on your dick.

Happy Birthday, Rook.

Chapter Text

W-Where am I? Did (Y/n) do something?


When he opened his eyes, Idia could only see darkness. The soft sensation on top of his eyes made him realize that he was blindfolded by a sleeping mask. He felt the sleeping mask rise from his eyes and blinked against the bright light shining directly upon his eyes.


When they adjusted to the brightness he could make out that he was in his room, but something felt different. He felt different. But when he tried to move his arms to get up, he realized they were securely tied up above his head, and lifting his head a little bit he could see that his legs were also tied up by ribbons as well as spread. But that wasn't the only thing that surprised him. Instead of the outfit he was wearing at his birthday party, he was now wearing a maid outfit. How -and when- did this happen?


The only thing he remembers was you telling him that you had his gift in his room-






Could you be recreating  that  fantasy? How did you find out? He never told you about this manga he read once so how??? Did you discover a spell that could his mind-


"Don't worry I didn't read your mind!" Huh?


Lifting his head the best he could he saw you there, sitting on a chair placed beside the bed with its back towards it. With your elbow propped on the chair and face resting on your hand, you looked at him, making sure to burn this sight on your eyes and brain forever.


Idia's face heated so much under your gaze that you worried for a second that he would actually combust and set the bed on fire. You brought an extinguisher and hide it closely just in case...


"(Y-Y/n) what is the meaning of this? H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-How-"


He  almost  set the bed on fire.


"Calm down! I'll explain everything to you!" you wait until he visibly calmed down and began explaining. "Some weeks ago forgot to turn off your computer before going to the Board Game club. When I entered your room to search for you and saw your computer on so I went to turn it off. When I got close I saw this..." you positioned your thumb and index finger under your chin, looking at the side as you remember the content on the computer.


Idia's face visibly paled. He knew exactly where this was going. "...18+ visual novel you created. The two main characters looked similar to us. And the scene that was currently being displayed on the screen was of the male lead pinned down by her futanari girlfriend."


You suddenly got up from your position on the chair and moved close to him. The dorm leader let out a yelp once you got on top of him. "A scene similar to this current one we are in.~" you smirked deviously. 


He peeked down when he felt something pocking his thigh ad gasped once he saw your erect cock hitting his skin. His rosiness rose, and his hair tips turned red. He soon averted his eyes back to yours.


"You understand what I'm implying, don't you?"


He trembeld under your domiant gaze. That gaze made his legs shake and wetness formed between them. He felt he was about to combust any second now. Your words, your gestures. All of them made his cock twitch and leak a trickle of cum from it. Plus, the fact that you found about the secret novel he kept hidden well - or so he thought. The novel was about a pair of lovers who changed jobs for a day and, after getting home, couldn't resist after the male lead wore a maid outfit and then proceeded to get fucked nicely by his futa girlfriend.


Another cry escaped his mouth when he felt you sink your teeth on his stomach. He was so focused on those thoughts that he didn't even notice your lips trailing down his body. His body was now covered in small bright red marks from your bites.


At his loud shriek, you lifted your head to see tears in the corner of his eyes, threatening to slide down his burning cheeks. 


"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" you asked genuinely worried.


"N-NO!" he quickly answered. "Y-You didn't hurt me! I was just lost in my thoughts and didn't notice you!"


"Then should I-"


"You can continue!"


His face reddened more at his fast response, and you covered your mouth in hopes of concealing the chuckle that came out. Reassured that you weren't hurting him, you direct your head to his crotch. Sticking your tongue out, you licked his cock over his underwear, which caused him to squirm. Then you pulled his underwear with your teeth, and his dick sprung out, the cold air hitting his skin that was previously suppressed by his underwear.


"Your dick is so cute!"


There it was. His whines of pleasure were starting to slip out and he clenched his fists as he had nothing to cling to given that his hands were still pinned on top of his head.


After you fingered his hole for it to be spread wide enough for your cock, you aligned it against his entrance and pushed the head inside. Right then he started clenching around you tightly. You rubbed his thigh as a sign for him to relax. That seemed to do the trick as he relaxes under your touch.


You pushed all the way inside and after a moment of being still, you start moving in and out with a certain speed in your movement. Having caressed his body beforehand, you were already close to the edge. Seeing him full of pleasure filled you with contentment and excitement. After all, what wouldn't you do for a cute little thing like him? Even more, now that he had put his arms around your neck with his hands still tied to bring you closer to him?~


With a few more thrusts he came up with such force that some of his cum landed in his face. You only came a few minutes later, pushing it in and painting his insides in milky white.


You peppered his face with kisses while he tried to cover it with his hands, which you eventually untied. Discarding the cum filled maid dress and the ribbons around his legs, you wrapped him in your arms and continued giving him little kisses on his face while he hugged your waist tightly.


"Ne Idia, this scenario we just experienced was chapter number 9 of the novel."


Uh oh.


"What do you think we recreate the other 8?~"


This time all his hair turned red.


" Happy Birthday, Idia. "

Chapter Text

This little-


Your eyes widen in astonishment at the sudden movement. Lilia, a cat-like smile plastered on his face, climbed on top of you and straddled your waist. He didn't even waste a second and pierced himself on your cock, letting out a loud and slutty moan. 


The smile was still stuck on his face as he bit his bottom lip, and his tongue slipped out of his mouth moments later. Had his head not been tucked back, you could see his eyes rolling to the back of his head in pleasure.


An amused look crossed your eyes.  Eh, so he is really a giant pervert despite his size.


A small laugh escaped you. Your hands placed themselves on his waist while his own set themselves on your stomach. He finally brought his head down, allowing you to see the lovesick gaze in his eyes. You could even swear you saw a heart in his eyes. Was that just your imagination, or was it something the fairies have when they were extremely in love with another?


You let out a giggle once he started moving, each thrust trying to push you deeper and deeper. He once again threw his head back in delight as he felt your tip hit that delicious spot inside him, over and over again without rest.


You let your head fall against the pillow beneath and gazed to the ceiling, seeing your reflection looking right back at you. You were in a mirror room, making it possible for you to see his expression from every angle imaginable.


The only thing annoying right now was how loud Liia was moaning as it revibrated against the walls creating a big eco in the room. Wow, he really looked like a whore.


He continued his movements, leaning down and moving his head closer to yours. You hadn't noticed, since you were so busy watching his expressions through the mirrors, but now that your bodies were pressed against each other, you could undoubtedly feel a small bulge in his tummy, likely caused by your cock inside him.


Eh, this whole situation was proving to be very erotic.


His curious eyes darted to your hands, he felt your touch upon his arms lifting him off of you and then pushing him down, making his back hit the cushions, and his head falls from the edge of the bed.


Now he was face to face upside down, staring at his reddened reflection in the mirror. Once he made eye contact with it, very so slowly a small creeps on the corners of his mouth.


You also couldn't help the grin that emerged on your face, and so you started moving back and forward inside of him again, rocking against his prostate, making him moan in satisfaction.


If he wasn't looking at his reversed image in the mirror, he would be gazing at his reflection in the ceiling. 


The next particular thurst was all it took for him. His eyes became smaller and rolled back with the euphoria of the feeling of his dick ejecting his white sperm into his equally fair skin. And seeing the blissful look on his face was all it took for you to release inside him as well.


When you went to brush the hair out of his eyes and wipe the sweat that clung to his forehead, he threw his arms around your neck, bringing you closer to him. His eyes still had hearts in them. You know that from his look, you still had a long way to go before he was satisfied.


" Happy Birthday, Lilia. "

Chapter Text

Your hands softly touch his arms, rubbing against his skin in a warm gesture. You traced them behind his neck and into his ebony hair. Climbing up to the back of his head, you brushed your fingers against the opaque silk ribbon tied nicely around his eyes.

His pale hands hold your skin gently in them, pressing your bodies proximate to each other and giving quick, lovely kisses on your ear with you bitting the pointy tip of his ear. He then nuzzled into your neck affectionately and jokingly pinched his red cheeks. The vermillion color contrasted well against his pale skin.

Holding your back, he bent down making you lie down on the bedsheets. You lashed out at him while he tilted his head back to look you in the eye.

“You know, (Y/n) I masturbated some time ago,” he admitted bashfully. You looked at him with a curious yet playful expression on your face as you show him a small smile after seeing his trembling lips at his confession.

“You did? The front or the back?”

“The front but, after doing it with you, I also started doing the back too.”

The vision of Malleus revealing that to you was endearing. And accompanied with such an adorable face, it was absolute heaven for you. However, when you thought both of your faces couldn’t get redder, his next move proved you wrong.

He straddled your waist and gazed at you, and lifted his hips a little. His hand went to his hole, circling the rim before pushing his long finger inside, stretching him.

His back arched, and a moan left his mouth. Thanks to his lengthy fingers, it didn’t take him long to find his prostate, but he only grazed it with the tips of his finger. After all, nothing could compare to you hitting that spot inside him over and over.

When he thought he was stretched enough, he impaled himself into your cock. You quivered at the feeling of being involved by his warm interior. Through lidded eyes, you could see him moving up and down with his eyes closed, savoring every hit your dick gave against his prostate and his cock eating firmly against his stomach and smudging it with white fluid.

He looked so stunning with his tall structure moving in an unsteady and needy rhythm with closed eyes and with his hands settled on your abdomen. If only he was a couple of centimeters smaller, you could touch his horns even if for just a few seconds.

The squish sounds were getting louder and more intense caused by Malleus swift movements, and then he came with one final thrust, whining at the feeling of your dick empty itself inside him and filling him with your fluids, with some of them escaping through his hole and smearing your thighs and the sheets beneath you.

You tried to sit up with Malleus height sifting to your thighs. His head nuzzled your face, his arms hugged your waist, and his legs clutched your hips. Like this, he looked more like a puppy and less like a dragon. A puppy dragon? A small dragon? Anyway, whatever it was, it would always be a cute Malleus.

Wait, could his tail wag too? Perhaps that is a question for another time.

For now, you’ll just hold him and stroke his hair with all the affection you could muster.

Happy Birthday, Malleus.