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Twisted Wonderland x Dominant! Fem! Reader Birthday One-Shots

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"Are you sure about this?" came the wolf's unsure voice as he lifted his head to look at your back as you straddle his waist. "Don't worry about it! I know what I'm doing. Just sit back and enjoy!" came your cheerful voice.


Jack visibly relaxed with your words, sinking slightly more into the sheets but still keeping his head up to peer at you. You told him to bend his legs for you to lean into when you felt like it and also to prevent him from closing his legs and trapping you in between them. None of you would like you to be crushed like that. He, on the other hand, wouldn't mind being crushed between your legs (but that you would do that next time).


Picking the gauze tissue on his side, you dip it carefully into the bowl full of liquid. You hover the gauze above his dick and grinned mischievously, as you imagined his reaction once it made contact with him.


Without waiting for another second, you pressed it down firmly onto his cock. He yelped at the feeling it caused upon him. He wriggled and twisted his body, his feet lifted slightly from the mattress, and his sharp claws clenched the bedsheets, threatening to tear them if he gripped them with too much strength.


His head twitched to the side, and his eyes were closed tightly. Without turning around to look at his expression, you continued to apply pressure, occasionally applying more on the right side, then switching to the left side. Almost like you're shining a shoe.


Quivering, the wolf struggled where to place his shaking hands without scratching you accidentally with his claws. A few more twitches and he decided to finally decide to put his hands onto your shoulders praying that he would not hurt you.


Your shoulders perked up when you felt his hands on your shoulders. Poor thing, the pleasure must be too much for him to take. "Wait for a little bit more~"


Grinning happily, you take the gauze off of his cock, snickering at the red swollen tip that managed to ooze a small drop of cum from the small opening. Jack's eyes fluttered open. "W-What are you doing now?..."


His only response was your lightly chuckling as you picked an unknown object that was a little further away from the others. He tried to see, but your hair blocked his view. 


When you had the object grasped in your hand, you turn your upper body to look at him devilishly. "This time, we'll be using this!" You showed them what the mysterious thing was. Eyes widen at the onahole on your hand. It was pinkish and somewhat transparent in the middle. Turning around, you grabbed his swelled dick and aligned the onahole before pushing it down, squeezing him hard.


The new and unexpected sensation caused him to throw his head back and close his eyes tightly. His sharp nails were threatening to break through your skin but you paid it no mind. You were too focused on the sight of his dick plunged into the onahole. Since it was transparent in the middle, you were able to see every twitch his dick gave and how cum dripped down his staff. Your hand was getting sticky too. You could feel it too. His dick was jerking uncontrollably in your hand, and his grip on you was getting tighter. Well, perhaps you should let him go for now, shouldn't you?


And with that, you tighten your grasp onto it, and with a groan from the wolf, cum shot out of his tip and moved it to it would white would splatter in the mattress between his legs.


Falling onto his back, Jack let out a couple of deep breathes but his eyes snap open when felt you turning around still on top of him. You gave a sly grin and took off your underwear without taking your eyes off of his.


"You weren't expecting this to be over so soon, were you?~"


He could only gulp excitedly as his tail wagged beneath him, and you sank onto his staff, decided to make him cum again and again.


" Happy Birthday, Jack. "